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# 2038
9 Rabi al Awwal 1445 AH - September 24 2023 Issue # 39, Newsletter #2038
  1. Looks like India is following the Israeli example but facing disaster
  3. The Ill Effects of Gentrification
  4. Facing the Biggest Myth
  5. The Signs of Allah's Love for a Person
  6. Sit down Strike in front of Governor's House
  7. Palestinians mark Prisoner's Day
# 2037
2 Rabi al Awwal 1445 AH - September 17 2023 Issue # 38, Newsletter #2037
  1. Large Rally in Faisalabad
  2. Children being taught to hate Muslims
  4. The Struggle of Muslim women
  5. Political Prisoner
  6. Biggest Myth Challenged
  7. Who's Allah
# 2036
25 Safar 1445 AH - September 10 2023 Issue # 37, Newsletter #2036
  1. Corruption Mismanagement and Inequitable Resources Challenged by Jamaate Islami
  2. The early Struggle of Br Imam Ali Siddiqui a Founder of Jamaat al-Muslimeen USA
  3. Mumia Jamal
  4. Should we blame God
  5. Great Islamic Scholar & Egyptian Martyr
  6. UFOs Sura Fatiha and German National Anthem
  7. Lagos
# 2035
18 Safar 1445 AH - September 3 2023 Issue # 36, Newsletter #2035
  1. Pakistan Countrywide Strike against PPP and PDM
  2. Bangladesh A woman can be a tyrant too
  3. Unusual Khutba on Jinn
  4. USA Human Trafficking
  5. Coup in Gabon
  6. Unity of Minorities in India Needed
# 2034
11 Safar 1445 AH - August 27 2023 Issue # 35, Newsletter #2034
  1. Critical Questions about the future of Muslims
  2. The rise of autocratic China and the US complicity
  3. With Imran Khan in Prison what next
  4. Al Shibli mosque attacked
  5. How Transwomen Use Testosterone to Get an Unfair Advantage Over Biological Women
  6. Treacherous Daily Dawn
# 2033
4 Safar 1445 AH - August 20 2023 Issue # 34, Newsletter #2033
  1. Why I could not Celebrate Pakistan Day
  2. Aafia Siddiqui and Pakistani Celebrations
  3. With Imran Khan in Prison, what next
  4. Jamaate Islami Seriously concerned about the Masses
  5. 12 000 Palestinian Children in Israeli Prisons
  6. Are Muslims that Naive
  7. Muslims in India Wanted Pakistan
  8. The Struggle of Muslim women
# 2032
26 Mohurram 1445 AH - August 13 2023 Issue # 33, Newsletter #2032
  1. Too much suffering
  2. Serabi Medina
  3. Critique of some of the language used in New Trend and in other Publications
  5. Top Indigenous Leaders Press Biden On Why He Hasn't Freed Leonard Peltier
  6. Horrific Atomic Crimes
# 2031
19 Mohurram 1445 AH - August 6 2023 Issue # 32, Newsletter #2031
  1. Why do we mourn Prof. Shabbir Akhtar
  2. Imran Khan Faces Grim Injustice
  3. Revisionist Personality
  4. Nigeria vs Niger
  5. Many Paradises
  6. US blacklists two China-based firms over Uyghur forced labour concerns
  7. Nadrat Siddique is urging readers to Support Fawzia Siddiqui
  8. Sinead O'Connor / Shuhada' Davitt
  9. Africa is the richest continent in the world and the poorest
# 2030
12 Mohurram 1445 AH - July 30 2023 Issue # 31, Newsletter #2030
  1. What is Wrong with Shiaism
  2. Tyrone West was murdered by 16 cops
  3. Hindu mobs assaulted Christian women in Manipur
  4. Resistance is the only way
  5. Innocence of Ziyad Yaghi
  6. This was what Ashura was meant to be
# 2029
5 Mohurram 1445 AH - July 23 2023 Issue # 30, Newsletter #2029
  1. Pakistan JI concerned about security and Afghanistan
  3. Islamic New Year & Karbala
  4. Palestinian Youth Movement
  5. East Turkistan condemns Pakistan’s 'support' for China’s ongoing Uyghur genocide
  6. Trust in Allah
# 2028
28 Zulhijja 1444 AH - July 16 2023 Issue # 29, Newsletter #2028
  1. How the power structure works through the media
  2. Islamic Leader Addresses Seminar on Pak Economy
  3. This Black Man Leads attacks on Muslim nations
  4. The war on Imran Khan
  5. Paradise and hell-fire
  6. Serial KIller seemed Normal Guy
  7. Unexpected Truth from an Unexpected Source
  8. Betrayal of Islam & Muslims by the Leaders
# 2027
21 Zulhijjah 1444 AH - July 9 2023 Issue # 28, Newsletter #2027
  1. Hindu Nationalism Popular at both ends of US Politics
  2. Yazidis and BBC
  3. Imam of Red Mosque attacked in Islamabad
  4. Jamaate Islami organized rallies in all cities to condemn the desecration of the Qur'an
  5. Latest Israeli War Crime against Defenseless People
  6. Honesty, Honor, and Trust. No to Slavery
  7. Leonard Cohen and Pornography in the Bible
  8. China Systematic campaign
# 2026
14 Zulhijjah 1444 AH - July 2 2023 Issue # 27, Newsletter #2026
  1. Canada Prisoners Seek Justice for Illegal Torture and Solitary Confinement up to 1400 days
  2. Five Days of Widespread Disturbances after Police Shooting of a Muslim Youth
  3. The Leading Critic of the Biggest Zionist Myth under New attack
  4. Qur'an burning is part of Cultural Genocide
  5. Qur'an Burning in Europe Led to United Global Muslim Outrage
  6. Are LGBTQ homos Becoming stronger
  7. We urge freedom for Kashmir and Freedom for Khalistan
# 2025
7 Zulhijja 1444 AH - June 25 2023 Issue # 26, Newsletter #2025
  1. A woman was Founder of Makka
  2. Africa Hijabis Making Us Proud
  3. Fasting on the 9th Day
  4. Celeberatng his 80 Years
  5. LGBTQ Targeting Hip Hop Rapper
  6. Manipur on Fire 200 Churches 17 Temples Destroyed
# 2024
28 Dhu al-Qidah 1444 AH - June 18 2023 Issue # 25, Newsletter #2024
  1. Muslims don't study Hadith and Wasted their efforts
  2. Karachi Elections were Rigged Jamat will appeal to the courts
  3. Aggressive Censorship in Pakistan Critics of regime Targeted
  4. 12000 Palestinian Children in Israeli Prisons
  5. Africa These are not real Hajjis They Should be Taught Before Going to Makka
  6. New Tyranny in Tunisia
  7. Outreach First time to this Masjid in Delaware
  8. INSIDE AMERICA 40 % have no dads
  9. India has banned Documentaries from Al Jazeera and BBC
# 2023
21 Dhu al-Qidah 1444 AH - June 11 2023 Issue # 24, Newsletter #2023
  1. How did the Jamaat al-Muslimeen start
  2. Christians are waking up
  3. Yasir Qadhi of Texas
  4. Palestinian toddler shot by Israeli soldiers dies
# 2022
14 Dhul'qidah 1444 AH - June 4 2023 Issue # 23, Newsletter #2022
  1. Islamic Eating Habits
  2. Top Australian Officer Committed Horrific Crimes in Afghanistan
  3. Slow but steady growth of Islam in Yorubaland
  4. After 20 Years Dr. Fowzia met her sister Aafia in Prison
  5. Student at CUNY Charges Israel with Genocide
  6. Bring the People Together with Kindness
  7. Islamic Pakistan
# 2021
7 Dhul'qidah 1444 AH - May 28 2023 Issue # 22, Newsletter #2021
  1. Look at the Suffering of Others and Help them
  2. How did most of Africa become Muslim
  3. Trump's Trumped-Up Charges
  4. Who is Bashar Assad
  5. India's G20 Meetings in Kashmir Camouflaging Settler Colonialism
  6. Auschwitz Cannot Withstand Scholarly Analysis
  7. Return to Pakistan. Media Perspectives on Bush's Iraq and Afghanistan wars
# 2020
30 Shawwal 1443 AH - May 21 2023 Issue # 21, Newsletter #2020
  1. Occupied Pakistan and its Failed People
  2. Lagos Nigeria Defeating Idol Worship
  3. Br Salahuddin's info on Christianity
  4. The word Hindu is Arabic
  5. Hindus Attacking Christians & Facing Retaliation
  6. Always Remember Allah
  7. For Pakistanis with love
  8. The Essence of Running Gaza 5k
  9. Islamic Core in Pakistan is Still Strong
  10. Return to Pakistan. Media Perspectives on Bush's Iraq and Afghanistan wars
# 2019
23 Shawwal 1443 AH - May 14 2023 Issue # 20, Newsletter #2019
  1. The Qur'an puts the mother second only to God
  2. Serious decline of Christianity in America
  3. Trump and CNN Biden is no Match
  4. Plans for Large Scale Demolition of Mosques in India
  5. Iraq Islamic State Women
  6. The Saga of Imran khan
  7. Jamate Islami's view on the arrest of Imran
  8. New York Murder on the Subway Update
# 2018
16 Shawwal 1443 AH - May 7 2023 Issue # 19, Newsletter #2018
  1. Al-Aqsa Mosque waiting for Arab Leaders
  2. Another Great Muslim I met Imam Badi Ali
  3. USA From Behind the Walls of Prison
  4. Three Men Murder MJ Impersonator
# 2017
9 Shawwal 1443 AH - April 30 2023 Issue # 18, Newsletter #2017
  1. Our Philosophy On the Importance of Politics
  2. JI says Fair and Free Elections are Required
  3. Dreams of Hope
  4. The Rights of Women & Imam Shafai
  5. Infamous American Spread the Dirt
  6. Why was Masjid al-Aqsa attacked
# 2016
2 Shawwal 1443 AH - April 23 2023 Issue # 17, Newsletter #2016
  1. Support Political Prisoner Ed Poindexter
  2. Rally For Sis. Aafia at Pak Embassy was a Success
  4. The Tolerant Man Who Could Not Be Tolerated
  5. Great Pioneers of Islam I have Met
  6. Jamaate Islami leader Advises both Opposing Parties
  7. Texas Pediatrician Involved in Legal Kidnapping
# 2015
25 Ramadan 1443 AH - April 16 2023 Issue # 16, Newsletter #2015
  1. 'Free Assange' Rally
  2. Baltimore City Wide Iftar
  3. htikaf: Monetization or Segregation
  4. 8 Basic Mistakes Muslims make when Paying 'Zakaat Al-Fitr'
  5. IAMC condemns Indian Minister's shameful denial of Muslim persecution seeks retraction
  6. NPR radio vs Pakistan
  7. What did Famous Preacher Shaikh Faisal do to get 18 Years
# 2014
18 Ramadan 1443 AH - April 9 2023 Issue # 15, Newsletter #2014
  1. Rallies across America against Zionist attacks on Al-Aqsa in Occupied Palestine
  2. Terrible Suffering in Bangladesh Emanating from Pro-India Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina
  3. The Thriving Fascism and the Death of Democracy and Civil Rights in Bangladesh
  4. Progress in Yoruba land Despite Prejudice & Atrocities
  5. Alvin Bragg People Power Overrides Political Power
# 2013
11 Ramadan 1443 AH - April 2 2023 Issue # 14, Newsletter #2013
  1. Rally at Pakistan Embassy
  2. Mumia Abu-Jamal Denied New Trial
  3. Porno Prostitute Being Used To Disqualify President Trump
  4. Christians Rising Against LGBTQ
  5. Christians and Muslims
  6. Unmasking Anne Frank
  7. Poor People Stampeding to get Flour
# 2012
4 Ramadan 1443 AH - March 26 2023 Issue # 13, Newsletter #2012
  1. Free Aafia Siddiqui
  2. Brutal Closing of big Mosque in Raleigh North Carolina
  3. Muslim World in the New Global Order
  4. India looking for Sikh Hero stirs up Protest Rallies in Canada
  5. Jamaate Islami Offers Refuge to Imran Khan
  6. Virtues Of The Month Of Ramadhan
  7. Did the Prophet, pbuh, and the Sahaba, r.a., pray taraweehs
# 2011
26 sha'ban 1443 AH - March 19 2023 Issue # 12, Newsletter #2011
  1. Free Aafia Siddiqui
  2. Forced LGBTQ Acceptance Among Teens
  3. Holocaust Skepticism. 20 Questions and Answers about Holocaust Revisionism
  5. Sight the New Moon for Ramadan and Shawwal
  6. They want to Arrest Imran Khan and Destabilize the Country
# 2010
19 sha'ban 1443 AH - March 12 2023 Issue # 11, Newsletter #2010
  1. Inside USA Washington DC
  2. Mental Problems are Widespread
  3. Teaching Fear & Humility in Prayers
  4. Revolutionary Khutba
  5. Massive Rally by Women in Islamabad
# 2009
12 sha'ban 1443 AH - March 5 2023 Issue # 10, Newsletter #2009
  1. Inside USA Washington DC
  2. Islam Not Christianity Biggest in the World
  3. Fly Air Janaza
  4. Nigeria Sectarian Conflict
  5. Rushdie and Imam Khomeini
  6. Disney's Power Blocked
  7. Pakistan Great Work by Volunteers
# 2008
5 sha'ban 1443 AH - February 26 2023 Issue # 9, Newsletter #2008
  1. Shocking News for India In Canada Khalistan Movement
  2. Strongly Recommended by Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  3. Distinguished Attorney Responds to Nadrat Siddique's Report on the Suffering of the saintly Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman
  4. Muslim Activist on Death Row
  5. Pakistan JI vs PPP Corruption
  6. President Biden went to Ukraine and pledged open ended unlimited support to the Jewish leader of Ukraine
  7. UIghur Muslims Getting Organized in Exile
  8. Bombing Civilians is Barbaric
  9. Latest Israeli Atrocity Back Fired
# 2007
28 Rajab 1443 AH - February 19 2023 Issue # 8, Newsletter #2007
  1. Latest from Doctors without Borders
  2. The Only Person Killed in the 'Uprising'
  3. Afrikan brother Behind the World Wide Publicity of New Trend's and Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  4. I am as My servant thinks I am
  5. Israeli Diplomat Ejected from African Summit
  6. India Hate against Muslims
  7. Greatest Miracle in the history of mankind
  8. New Book Just Arrived
  9. Lest we forget this crime against Humanity
# 2006
21 Rajab 1443 AH - February 12 2023 Issue # 7, Newsletter #2006
  2. Terrible Earthquakes & Muslim Response
  3. Mass March against New Taxes & Inflation
  4. We Stand with Uighur Chinese Muslims
# 2005
12 Rajab 1443 AH - February 5 2023 Issue # 6, Newsletter #2005
  1. Extraordinary Focus on Kashmir
  2. Sudan Betraying its people hooks up with 'Israel'
  3. Why are the claims in favor of the holocaust not valid
  4. At our Mosques the Problem is Sexism not Racism
  5. Heavily Armed Israeli Jewish Troops Assault Refugee Camp
  6. We Stand with Uighur Chinese Muslims
# 2004
3 Rajab 1443 AH - January 29 2023 Issue # 5, Newsletter #2004
  1. Symbolic Rejection of Domestic Violemce
  2. Police Brutality in Memphis Countrywide Protests
  3. Correct Understanding of History frees us from Zionism
  4. Nigeria KEYAMO SUES ATIKU: Internal Squabbling
  5. Over 1.5 billion Muslims hurt: Reaction to Quran desecration in Sweden
  6. Learning from Memphis & Somalia
  7. Palestine Counters Israeli Attack on Jenin with one in Occupied Jerusalem
# 2003
26 Jamada al-Thani 1443 AH - January 22 2023 Issue # 4, Newsletter #2003
  1. New Attorney for Dr. Aafia brings new hope
  2. JI leader says Rulers are Depriving the masses of their rights even stealing Relief Funds
  3. Correct Understanding of History frees us from Zionism
  4. Oppose the munafiqoon
  5. She Sent Charity to a homeless Family in Syria
  6. Apologies for Slavery without Reparations are not Enough
# 2002
19 Jamada al-Thani 1443 AH - January 15 2023 Issue # 3, Newsletter #2002
  1. Big move by Zionists
  2. Nuremberg: The Last Battle
  3. Against the Symbol of Inhumanity
  4. Muslim-Muslim Presidential
  5. How Islamic Architecture Shaped Europe
  6. Jesus- A Prophet of Islam
# 2001
12 Jamada al-Thani 1443 AH - January 8 2023 Issue # 2, Newsletter #2001
  1. Enemies Trying to Create Sri Lanka & Ukraine Type Situations
  2. Correct Understanding of History frees us from Zionism
  3. Drinking is not Good for you
  4. An American Muslim's Hopes for the New Year
  5. Islam does not begin with hijab. It teaches
  6. Regardless of Hijab they are our Daughters
  7. Deadly Result of Blasphemy
# 2000
5 Jamada al-Thani 1443 AH - January 1 2023 Issue # 1, Newsletter #2000
  1. Entire belief system in one verse
  2. Child Victims of Gun Violence
  3. Please call to support Hasan and Jason on hunger strike
  4. Food 7 Human Rights in Guatemala
  5. Pakistan Must Help Baluchistan
  6. Shirk [associating others with Allah] closes off Human creativity and endeavor
# 1999
28 Jamada al-Awwal 1443 AH - December 25 2022 Issue # 52, Newsletter #1999
  1. Sura Ikhlas
  2. Night Patrol of Umar ibn-al-Khattab
  3. Soft Targets
# 1998
21 Jamada al-Awwal 1443 AH - December 18 2022 Issue # 51, Newsletter #1998
  1. Christianity in Serious Decline
  2. Christian Academy Administrator Stole $579,000
  3. Bali Bomber Released
  4. Bangladesh: A Tale of Success of a Robber and the Failure for the Opposition
  5. International Kashmir Congress
  6. Why was the Qur'an Revealed for Prayers towards the Ka'aba
  7. Pakistani Woman Runs Dallas Marathon for Dr Aafia Siddiqui
  8. Iran: A Country Which Fights its Women and Punishes Men Who Support Women
  9. Widespread Murders and Dismemberment
  10. Pravalli welfare Trust 22nd year of service to humanity
# 1997
14 Rajab 1443 AH - December 11 2022 Issue # 50, Newsletter #1997
  1. America is Now Under Fascist Rule
  2. Large Crowds Gathering against Dhaka Regime
  3. Muslim Scientists and Scholars of Medieval Years
  4. Basic Facilities Not Available to the Masses
  5. Friday prayers are Obligatory on all Muslims men and women
  6. Persecution of Sunnis Continuing
# 1996
7 Rajab 1443 AH - December 4 2022 Issue # 49, Newsletter #1996
  1. Russia's lower house of parliament has approved unanimously a bill that effectively outlaws any expression of LGBTQ life
  2. Attempts to Crush Protests by Christians
  3. Why Pakistan's Army cannot Liberate Kashmir
  4. In an Islamic Regime a woman should be able to travel alone
  5. Morocco shocked the Western World by Defeating First Belgium then Canada
  6. Blatant Crime
# 1995
2 Rajab 1443 AH - November 27 2022 Issue # 48, Newsletter #1995
  1. Farewell to America's Leading Imam
  2. Wear Your Seat Belts: This Happened to 3 Muslims
  3. Goebbels and World War II Propaganda
  4. Orchestrated Persecution of Christians in India
  5. Justice for Ziyad
  6. Why does Islam Strongly Discourage Interfaith Activities
  7. Qatar showing the Right, the Healthy Path to the World
  8. Iran's Leader has rejected any Gentle moves Crackdown Continues
  9. End of Interest-Based Economy is Essential
  10. What is Jamaat Al-Muslimeen
# 1994
25 Rabi' al-Thani 1443 AH - November 20 2022 Issue # 47, Newsletter #1994
  1. Saudi Ruler Getting Immunity from the US
  2. Prisoner rights in the United States
  3. Controversial but low key revolutionary Khutba
  4. The World Cup in Qatar is receiving a storm of criticism from Western sources
  5. Call for For Rule of Law
# 1993
18 Rabi' al-Thani 1443 AH - November 13 2022 Issue # 46, Newsletter #1993
  1. What can Muslims learn from the recent mid term elections
  2. Scores of Israeli settlers break into Al-Asqa
  3. Who are the sahaba
  4. 30,000 Rapes in India this Year
  5. Regime Forcing Women to wear Hijab has Seriously Damaged the Islamic Cause
  6. Pakistan Finding a Way Out
  7. The Horrific Tragedy of Poland in World War 2
# 1992
11 Rabi' al-Thani 1443 AH - November 6 2022 Issue # 45, Newsletter #1992
  1. A US woman who admitted leading an all-female battalion of the Islamic State group
  2. Sikh Response to Blasphemy and desecration
  3. Muslims make serious errors in the supplication [du'a] when their dear ones die
  4. Imran Khan Should be the Prime Minister but
  5. Brief modern Iranian history
  6. Historic Crowds in Mali against Blasphemy
# 1991
4 Rabi' al-Thani 1443 AH - October 30 2022 Issue # 44, Newsletter #1991
  1. Overview of the National Shoora by African American leader Br. Salahuddin in Denver Colorado
  2. What is our message
  3. Unarmed People protesting in all 31 Provinces
  4. After juma in Newark, Delaware, on October 28, a five page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document taken from New Trend was given to 64 Muslims
  5. Wipe Out of the Holohoax Story
  6. Holocoust Memorial interfering in Ethiopia
# 1990
27 Rabi al-Awwal 1443 AH - October 23 2022 Issue # 43, Newsletter #1990
  1. Running Chicago for Aafia
  2. Widespread arrests in Bangladesh
  3. Malala Sneaking Support for Transgender into Pakistan
  4. After the Catastrophic Floods Volunteers are hard at Work
  5. Why Israel
  6. Jamaat Al-Muslimeen's National Shoora by Zoom held on October 23
  7. Nuremberg: The Last Battle
  8. Ethiopians Given TPS
# 1989
19 Rabi al-Awwal 1443 AH - October 16 2022 Issue # 42, Newsletter #1989
  1. The Foundations of Islam
  2. Bodies of teenage Dalit sisters found hanging from tree in India
  3. Sikh Family Murdered in California
  4. National Islamic Shoora coming up by Zoom
  5. Historic and Extraordinary effort to Spotlight Support for Dr Aafia Siddiqui
  6. We Stand with Uighur Chinese Muslims
  7. Algeria Helped in Palestinian Unity
# 1988
12 Rabi al-Awwal 1443 AH - October 9 2022 Issue # 41, Newsletter #1988
  1. Books Worth Reading
  2. Iran Regime Seems Determined to Crush its People
  3. Support Assange who Uncovered what US was doing in Iraq
  4. Indian Muslim Leader Questions Modi on Uighur Muslims
  5. United Islamic Rally in Lahore's Main Street Opposes use of transgender issue to Undermine our culture
# 1987
5 Rabi al-Awwal 1443 AH - October 2 2022 Issue # 40, Newsletter #1987
  1. How to deal with Indian aggression against India's Muslims
  2. Iran Fighting its Women
  3. Kashmiri Americans held huge rally at the United Nations in New York
# 1986
28 Safar 1443 AH - September 25 2022 Issue # 39, Newsletter #1986
  1. Palestine has been Occupied by Military Force
  2. Forcing Women to Wear Hijab is not a part of Islam
  3. Millions are Homeless owing to floods but Ruling Elites are living in luxury
  4. National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen is coming up
  5. We Stand with Uighurs
# 1985
21 Safar 1444 AH -September 18 2022 Issue # 38, Newsletter #1985
  1. September 22 is the anniversary of Maulana Maudoodi
  2. Divine Decree is always a Bounty message
  3. How did Shaikh Hasina slide into Power
  4. Outreach through New Trend's Web Sites
# 1984
14 Safar 1444 AH -September 11 2022 Issue # 37, Newsletter #1984
  1. 9.11 and 500,000 Iraqi Children
  2. Reaching out into Neglected areas Small Group Doing wonders
  3. Br. Mansour Ansari Atlanta's Finest Muslim needs our Help after he Helped everyone else
  4. Israeli Navy Stopped Fishing by Unarmed Palestinians
  5. Teaching Qur'an at Home is a 'crime.'
  6. Day of Terror in Memphis Tennessee
# 1983
7 Safar 1444 AH -September 4 2022 Issue # 36, Newsletter #1983
  1. Why is ISNA claiming to be Islamic
  2. Devastating Floods and Petty Politicians
  3. Child Left to die in Hot car
  4. Niece of Israeli Sniper's victim wants Justice
  5. Prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal Horrifying Glimpses of what they are Doing to Him
# 1982
30 Mohurram 1444 AH -August 28 2022 Issue # 35, Newsletter #1982
  1. Banned books vs popular books
  2. 2000 Islamic Volunteers Tackling Countrywide Floods
  3. The Pope Apologizes
  4. Why Do Israelis Fear Palestinians
  5. Toronto Students Support Uighur Muslims of China
  6. Rate of conversion to Islam in Prisons 30,000 to 40,000 every year
# 1981
23 Mohurram 1444 AH -August 21 2022 Issue # 34, Newsletter #1981
  1. European Imperialism and How India and Pakistan Won and Lost August 14-15 1947
  2. JI leader says 'Stop Looting the people: It is Cruel & Sheer Injustice'
  3. Mourning our Christian Friend Top level Palestinian Journalist Murdered by Israel
  4. Women's Rights in Pakistan Serious Situation
  5. Inconvenient truth about AIPAC
# 1980
16 Mohurram 1444 AH -August 14 2022 Issue # 33, Newsletter #1980
  1. Why is Palestine Most Important
  2. At this time Imran Khan is addressing a huge crowd in Lahore
  3. New rallies in Bangladesh
# 1979
9 Mohurram 1444 AH -August 7 2022 Issue # 32, Newsletter #1979
  1. The case of Ayman al-Zawahiri
  2. Bold Statement on US Drone strike
  3. Two Pakistanis and an Afghan murdered in New Mexico
  4. UK Enabling Modi's India
  5. Six Children and 4 Women among 31 Palestinians killed in Israeli Air Strikes
  6. MonkeyPox
  7. Why is the case of Imam Jamil so Important
# 1978
2 Mohurram 1444 AH -July 31 2022 Issue # 31, Newsletter #1978
  1. The Islamic New Year: for Struggle and Victory
  2. Masses Abandoned by new Rulers as they were by PTI
  3. Covid Vaccine Adverse Events
  4. The Real Auschwitz Chronicle
  5. Hidden History of Massacre
  6. Four Million Displaced
  7. Stop Attempts to Erase Muslim Identity in China
  8. Early History of Aafia Siddiqui
# 1977
24 Zul hijja 1443 AH - July 24 2022 Issue # 30, Newsletter #1977
  1. Can a Muslim woman marry a Catholic or Christian man
  2. Without Rule of Law nothing can change
  3. The Destruction of the European Jews
  4. Muhammad Aziz Exonerated after 20 years in Prison
  5. Poorly Armed Palestinians Resisting
  6. Anti-Blasphemy Protests Continue
  7. Tesla & BMW in Xingiang
# 1976
17 Zul hjjah 1443 AH - July 17 2022 Issue # 29, Newsletter #1976
  1. Many or most Muslims don't know that Eid al-Adha also requires Local Sighting
  2. A novel which cleverly Supported War in Afghanistan
  3. Jamaate Islami Wants Peaceful Transformation
  4. State of Religious Minorities in India
  5. Victim of Zionism Released
  6. Tigray are planning to separate from Ethiopia
# 1975
10 Zul hjjah 1443 AH - July 10 2022 Issue # 28, Newsletter #1975
  1. Many or most Muslims don't know that Eid al-Adha also requires Local Sighting
  2. Powerful Khutba at Masjid in Baltimore
  3. Somalis are no Longer Fooled by Ilhan Omar's Head Cover
  4. Some of the Greatest Muslims were once Enemies of Islam
# 1974
3 Zul hjjah 1443 AH - July 3 2022 Issue # 27, Newsletter #1974
  1. Ramsey Clark Great Friend of Muslims
  2. Aafia Siddiqui and Pakistani Counsular Deception
  3. Stalin's War: A New History of World War II
  4. Indian Americans commend Rep. Ilhan Omar for introducing House resolution to condemn persecution of Muslims in India
  5. The Most Perfect Days for Perfect Ibadah
  6. Eid al-Adha
  7. Palestinian Women in Israeli Prisons Latest Death
  8. Sis Aafia Siddiqui's mother passed away
  9. Horrifying Suffering of a Bangladeshi American in US Prison
# 1973
26 Zulqid'ah 1443 AH - June 26 2022 Issue # 26, Newsletter #1973
  1. Serious Misguidance by secularized US Muslim
  2. Dr. T. Reports
  3. Why are Young People so desperately against the ban on abortions
  4. India has to restrain itself
  5. Abduction & Oppression
  6. Ban on Sinkiang Forced Labor Goods
# 1972
19 Zulq'ida 1443 AH - June 19 2022 Issue # 25, Newsletter #1972
  1. Rebuttal of the Saudi-UAE Narrative Does Islam Teach the Wife to Obey the Husband
  2. Triple Price Increase
  3. US woman accused of leading all-female ISIL unit pleads guilty
  4. Masjid ISWA Silver Spring
  5. Occupation forces attack Palestinian workers near Tulkarm
  6. Second Wave of Protests in Bangladesh
  7. International Concern about China's Oppression
  8. Biggest Rohingya Muslim Rally in Bangladesh.
# 1971
12 Zulq'ada 1443 AH -June 12 2022 Issue # 24, Newsletter #1971
  1. Attacks on Ayesha, r.a, by Shias & Hindus, Defense by Muslims, are both based on ignorance of Hadith
  2. Maulana Maudoodi passed away years back but his message is being reignited by Jamaate Islami leader Sirajul Haq and many others.
  3. Hindu Group within Google Got Dalit Speaker Blocked
  4. Speaking Against Homos is Difficult in USA
  5. Canada is treating Immigrants includfing children like Criminals
  6. India's Muslims no longer Fear Brutal Modi Regime
  7. Boycott Indian Goods Blasphemers must be Punished
  8. A Warning To The Muslim Community And A Call To End Complaisance Culture
# 1970
5 Zulq'ada 1443 AH -June 5 2022 Issue # 23, Newsletter #1970
  1. No Cooperation with Oppressors
  2. Kabul Government Shows Its Diplomatic Skills
  3. Comedy used as a cover for Zionist Ideology
  4. At MIT University Such a Creative Effort for Aafia Siddiqui
  5. Yasin Malik: The most recognizable leader of Kashmir
  6. Monkey Pox came from Male to Male in Nigeria and is now in Israel, UK and Singapore
  7. Palestinians seem to be Helpless
  8. Chronic Abuse & Brutality
  9. Latest Report on the Horrific Suffering of Rohingya Muslims
# 1969
28 Shawwal 1443 AH - May 29 2022 Issue # 22, Newsletter #1969
  1. Trump Made Some Good Points in his pro-Gun Speech
  2. Analysis of Imran Khan's Drama in Pakistan
  3. The Workings of Israeli Propaganda & Provocation
  4. Kashmir: A case of world apathy panel held in Istanbul
  5. Protestants : Abuse and Cover up
  6. ASHG Statement Regarding the Warping of Genetic Knowledge to Feed Racist Ideology
  7. Settlers attack Palestinians' homes in Burin
  8. Photos and Official Documents Obtained thru Leaks
  9. Helpless Rohingya Muslims The Tula Toli Massacre in Burma
# 1968
21 Shawwal 1443 AH - May 22 2022 Issue # 21, Newsletter #1968
  1. Who is Sundiata Acoli
  2. Army Chief Praises his men
  3. New York Tragedy Milions can be affected
  4. We can never forget Malcolm X
  5. Palestinians slam US removal of radical Jewish group from terror blacklist
  6. Abdul Malik Mujahid Chicago leader and Rohingyas
  7. Highest Imprisonment Rate in the World
  8. India's Deception is Deep
# 1967
14 Shawwal 1443 AH - May 15 2022 Issue # 20, Newsletter #1967
  1. New York Times Caught in Action about Shireen Abu Akleh
  2. Jamate Islami Urges early support for the Suffering Masses
  3. Blatant Evil in Buffalo
  4. Gambia, brought the Rohingya Muslim tragedy to the ICJ
  5. Our Christian Friend Laid to Rest
  6. TRT News Voices from Turkey
  7. Boycott all products which support Israel
  8. Muslims do not Tolerate Blasphemy
# 1966
7 Shawwal 1443 AH - May 8 2022 Issue # 19, Newsletter #1966
  1. Libya is one of the most important countries in the Arab world
  2. Pak-Taliban brotherhood
  3. Will legality of abortion be stopped
  4. Eid in America
  5. Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemns Israeli PM's statements on al-Aqsa Mosque
  6. As a human being and a Muslim Don't Ignore these Facts
# 1965
29 Ramadan 1443 AH - May 1 2022 Issue # 18, Newsletter #1965
  1. Moon sighting is required for Eid
  2. Imran Supporters Desecrated Islamic Sanctities in Masjid Nabawi
  3. The Kashmir Files: Myth or reality
  4. Kashmir and India's Extreme Occupation and Aggression
  5. Flashpoint al-Aqsa
  6. Boycott is peaceful Resistance
  7. A massive asteroid passed by the Earth on Thursday
  8. JI notes Imran Khan Wasted 4 years
  9. Over 20 killed in anti-Muslim attack in Ethiopia
# 1964
22 Ramadan 1443 AH - April 24 2022 Issue # 17, Newsletter #1964
  1. Islamic Understanding of the war Ravaged World in which we live
  2. New government back to the old Begging Style
  3. Wisconsin man charged with hate crimes after FBI investigation
  4. Baltimore city Maryland masjid al-Haqq
  5. Hamas holds rally in Gaza over Israeli raids at Al-Aqsa Mosque
  6. Mass rally for Palestine in Dhaka
  7. Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges boycott of products which support Israel
# 1963
15 Ramadan 1443 AH - April 17 2022 Issue # 16, Newsletter #1963
  1. Do Not Imitate the Unbelievers
  3. 2 shootings Most Violent Country in the World
  4. News Out of this World
  5. The Dhaka regime has sentenced 4 people to death
  6. Boycott products which support Israel
  7. India Police Join Mobs Attacking Muslims
# 1962
8 Ramadan 1443 AH - April 10 2022 Issue # 15, Newsletter #1962
  1. Father and Daughter for Islam
  2. Pakistan One Surprise after the Other
  3. Please support Muslim & Black businesses
  4. IS is a Serious threat
  5. The betrayal of the role and the failed Muslims
  6. Appeals for the Children of Africa
# 1961
1 Ramadan 1443 AH -April 3 2022 Issue # 14, Newsletter #1961
  1. The first day of Ramadan was April 3 a Sunday
  2. The Pakistani national assembly has been dissolved
  3. Two Amazing Black Women Ripped up Ketanji Brown Jackson female candidate for Supreme Court
  4. Native American tribe gets its land back after being displaced nearly 400 years ago
  5. Iconoclastic views on controversial topics
  6. Islamic State Affiliates killed 11 Israelis including 2 from Ukraine
  7. What happened to Turkey's Erdogan
  8. Don't buy from any business which supports Israel
# 1960
26 Sha'aban 1443 AH - March 27 2022 Issue # 13, Newsletter #1960
  1. My visit to Iraq with Imam Badi Ali
  2. Jamaate Islami held massive rallies in Upper Dir and Lower Dir
  3. Secularism and the crime of secularists
  4. Israel is committing apartheid
# 1959
14 Sh'aban 1443 AH - March 20 2022 Issue # 12, Newsletter #1959
  1. How Should Muslims Decide between Russia and Ukraine
  2. Mass rallies by JI are being held in Gwadur and parts of Karachi after "authorities" broke their agreements
  3. Uyghur Student at Cornell
  4. Forecasting the War in Ukraine. It was Ignored.
  5. India's High Court is Going against almost all of India's Muslims on Hijab & Modesty
  6. Rachel Corrie: Symbol of Palestinian Resistance
  7. Israeli Raids on Preachers inside Prisons
  8. Political Prisoners need your Support
  9. Propaganda Movie Being Used to Incite Genocide Against Muslims
  10. Mali has suspended French broadcasts and TV
# 1958
7 Sha'ban 1443 AH - March 13 2022 Issue # 11, Newsletter #1958
  1. Facts & Misinformation about the Russia vs Ukraine Battles
  2. Jussie Smollett Harmed The Black Community
  3. Forthcoming Unique Presentation
  4. Maulana Maudoodi's message to the Islamic activist
  5. Students at Georgetown University Oppose Trips to Israel
  6. Destruction of Muslim History in China
  7. Ongoing Support for the release of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui & Imam Jamil from US prison
  8. Very Serious Disturbances in the Saudi kingdom are Uncovered
# 1957
29 Rajab 1443 AH - March 6 2022 Issue # 10, Newsletter #1957
  1. Russia vs Ukraine & the West What does Islam say
  2. Rozgar Scheme through Goats
  3. Asteroid
  4. Abu Zubayda was Tortured 83 times
  5. We Stand with Uighur Muslims
  6. Israel Attacks Gaza Fishermen
# 1956
22 Rajab 1443 AH - February 27 2022 Issue # 9, Newsletter #1956
  1. Muslims need to know this about Ukraine
  2. Pakistan's Westernized Elites have become Monsters
  3. Anti-Israel Message in the form of 'racism' is spreading
  4. 13 Year old Victim of Israeli Jews
  5. After years of Prison, Convert to Islam is forced to take Plea Bargain & Given 15 Years
  6. The cause of Assange. Exposed US atrocities in Iraq
  7. Gulf's growing ties with Israel threatening Iran
# 1955
15 Rajab 1443 AH - February 20 2022 Issue # 8, Newsletter #1955
  1. Palestine Unarmed People resisting Israel
  2. Imran Government Worst in Pak history
  3. Condolence from Sis Yasmin
  4. Remembering Imam Badi Ali
  5. Khutba for Imam Badi Ali and Janaza Ghaibana in Absentia
  6. Inside China's Prisons for Muslim Women
# 1954
8 Rajab 1443 AH - February 13 2022 Issue # 7, Newsletter #1954
  1. Imam Badi Ali
  2. Sit-in Protests Across Pakistan
  3. India's Oppressed Muslims and the Occupation of Kashmir
  4. Israel's best Arab Friend
# 1953
1 Rajab 1443 AH - February 6 2022 Issue # 6, Newsletter #1953
  1. JI to start sit-in protest movement from Feb 6
  2. A royal Call Girl's Attorney Could not Cheat her
  3. My Most recent Book
  4. Canada's Truckers
  5. Whoopi Goldberg and the Holocaust story
# 1952
24 Jamada al-Thani 1443 AH - January 30 2022 Issue # 5, Newsletter #1952
  1. JI report IMF in Control Kashmir Abandoned Secular Forces should be Checked
  2. This is the way to Protest Against Israel
  3. Thousands of pigs drowned
  4. Greetings for the Sacred month of Rajab
  5. His mother Pines and prays for Ziyad
# 1951
17 Jamada al-Thani 1443 AH - January 23 2022 Issue # 4, Newsletter #1951
  1. The Qur'an Does not teach war Against religion
  2. Jamaat Sit-in Continues in Karachi
  3. Texas synagogue: Brother urged hostage-taker to surrender
  4. Syrian Dictator is Iran's Best Friend
  5. Prof Aqueel Alam Khan passed away on January 18
  6. Turkish Media Hail French Parliament's move against China's Genocice of Uighur Muslims
  7. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's expressions on the Pandemic via National Shoora
  8. Nun In Kerala Raped by Bishop 13 Times but Indian Judge Let off the Rapist
# 1950
10 Jamada al-Thani 1443 AH - January 16 2022 Issue # 3, Newsletter #1950
    What is wrong with many Muslims' prayers
  1. JI Humanitarian relief
  2. Colleyville Texas
  3. Saudi Arabia's tribal regime
  4. Hashir Faruqi Founder of Moderate Muslim Journalism Passed away on January 11
  5. India's Leading Activists Imprisoned by Modi Regime
# 1949
3 Jamada al-Thani 1443 AH - January 9 2022 Issue # 2, Newsletter #1949
  1. First Mass Culture now the Pandemic What will our young People do
  2. Hafiz Naeemur Rahman Leading JI Rally against PPP Karachi's Misguidance
  3. Ahmaud Arbery Killers Get Life in Prison
  4. Finally the Kazakhs are Protesting. Biggest Muslim Country in Central Asia
  5. Indian Army's horrific Crimes against Women in Nagaland Protested by Naga Women in a shocking way
  6. Dr. Javed Jamil on Late Age Marriages & Worldwide Corruption
  7. I Owe This to Every Palestinian Child
  8. Tell your children
# 1948
26 Jamada al-Awwal 1443 AH - January 2 2022 Issue # 1, Newsletter #1948
  1. Can you spread the message in 2022
  2. Poverty Unemployment for the masses Palaces for the Rich
  3. Summary of Soviet Propaganda at Nuremburg
  4. Person-to-Person Masjid Rahma
  5. Jericho Movement & Prisoners
# 1947
19 Jamada al-Awwal 1443 AH - December 26 2021 Issue # 52, Newsletter #1947
  1. Muslims and the World Powers
  2. Will Qaide Azam's Pakistan ever become real
  3. Exercise Caution Before Hailing Convictions of Murderous Cops
  4. New Trend's Roll of Honor
  5. CAIR claims it was Fooled for 15 Years
  6. India's Extremist Hindus calling for genocide
  7. Israel Killed 6 Children each month
  8. A sister embraced Islam
  9. Israel is holding hundreds of Palestinian prisoners
  10. French Intolerance reaching extremes
# 1946
12 Jamada al-Awwal 1443 AH - December 19 2021 Issue # 51, Newsletter #1946
  1. Muslims only know the Israeli Version of World War 2. Here is the documented story of German Resistance to the western Allies
  2. JI message
  3. Kyrie Irving Maintains Stance against Vaccination
  4. Why do thousands of Indian housewives kill themselves every year
  5. What does Prayer Do
# 1945
5 Jamada al-awwal 1443 AH - December 12 2021 Issue # 50, Newsletter #1945
  1. Here are a few of my comments about his top-of-the-line books
  2. Latest Gwadar News
  3. 100 million dollar gift from Bezos to Obama
  4. Top Indian General & Cammando Unit KIlled
  5. 1971 Tragedy of East Pakistan
  6. Broad based Tribunal Affirms China is Subjecting Muslims to Genocide
  7. Mutulu Shakur Black Panther Icon dying in Prison after 30 Years
# 1944
28 Rabi' al Thani 1443 AH - December 5 2021 Issue # 49, Newsletter #1944
  1. Understanding Why Muslim Immigrant groups in USA became supporters of the White House and the Pentagon and did not oppose Israel
  2. Three serious incidents this week in Pakistan
  3. Vaccine Mandate now for Religious & Private Schools
  4. Person-to-Person Newark Delaware
  5. Ussamah Emaddin Aotearoa New Zealand Standing With Palestine
  6. When will Imam Jamil and Aafia Siddiqui be released
  7. Horrible Decision in India
  8. Babri Masjid must be restored
# 1943
21 Rabi' al Thani 1443 AH - November 28 2021 Issue # 48, Newsletter #1943
  1. Important Islamic Meeting in Qatar
  2. Men can be Victims of False Rape Accusations
  3. Indian Muslims the victims of Hindutva war savagery
  4. Canadian Appeal
  5. Thousands Protested in Islamabad against Unemployment
# 1942
14 Rabi' al Thani 1443 AH - November 21 2021 Issue # 47, Newsletter #1942
  1. Islam and the rulers of Bahrain, UAE, Saudi, Egypt Jordan, Syria who are cooperating with Israel and other Oppressors
  2. Pakistani Female Judge Uncovered the Suffering of helpless Women and the corruption of General Musharraf's regime
  3. Parents Protest Against Forced Medication
  4. Malcolm X Mystery Murder Still not Solved
  5. Ignoring Palestine WHYY [NPR] regurgitates 75 Year old anti-German War Gossip
  6. Peaceful Resistance
# 1941
7 Rabi' al Thani 1443 AH - November 14 2021 Issue # 46, Newsletter #1941
  1. Fifth rally for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
  2. Pakistan looted by PTI
  3. New York They Don't Consult with those who Elect them
  4. Pakistani Military Successfully Disinformed Pakistanis about the Sharia Movement in Swat
  5. Serious antisemitic rally
  6. Three Children Victimized in Palestine
# 1940
30 Rabi al-Awwal 1443 AH - November 7 2021 Issue # 45, Newsletter #1940
  1. Many Americans Believed these stories about the World War till this book came out
  2. Imran Regime bows to TLP
  3. Prices of food have Tripled
  4. It is hypocrisy to eulogize Collin Powel as American hero
  5. Anxiety and Stress are Widespread Problems in America which are eroding Muslim attitudes too
  6. Stop Worrying about Things you Cannot Control
  7. 15 Year Old Murdered by Occupation forces
  8. Latest Marathon for Dr. Aafia's release
  9. Uncovering the NeoCon Zionist hands behind the Ordeal Of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
# 1939
23 Rabi al awwal 1443 AH - October 31 2021 Issue # 44, Newsletter #1939
  1. Ghana is Leading Africa
  2. Imran Regime decided to negotiate
  3. Protestors Broke through Barricades in Brooklyn
  4. Genetic disease is ravaging small counties in Pennsylvania where the Amish live due to generations of Inbreeding
  5. Outburst of Anti-Muslim Attacks in India
  6. Interview with Gaza Leader al-Zahar
  7. Canada's tomatoes
  8. Sudan Big Moves Against Western Powers & their Allies
# 1938
16 Rabi' al-Awwal 1443 AH - October 24 2021 Issue # 43, Newsletter #1938
  1. First Islamic Response by US Muslims to Taliban Victory
  2. Turmoil in Pakistan
  3. Rape on Train story
  4. Important Message from Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  5. Time for Kashmiris to determine their own future
  6. Israeli Blockade of Fishing
  7. American Celtics basketballer Speaks out
  8. 15 Arrested in Turkey
  9. Anti-Hindu Rallies Continued for a Week
  10. Russians in Central Africa
  11. Ferocious new fighting in Ethiopia
# 1937
9 Rabi' al-Awwal 1443 AH - October 17 2021 Issue # 42, Newsletter #1937
  1. s Globally Violate the Qur'an & Authentic Hadith and as a result are divided and confused
  2. JI leader led Funeral of Nuclear Bomb Hero
  3. Trouble Brewing in Brooklyn over Vaccination
  4. What is the Islamic Response to the Historic & Transformational Victory of the Taliban
  5. World Kashmir Awareness Forum Denounces Indian Government Presence in Kashmir
  6. Very Early Muslim Commumities in Canada
  7. 40 Palestinians Injured
  8. Boycott Israel Strictly and Definitely
  9. Macron confronted at youth summit in Africa
# 1936
2 Rabi' al-Awwal 1443 AH - October 10 2021 Issue # 41, Newsletter #1936
  1. Outgoing Da'wah Approach is required for Success of Islam
  2. The father of Pakistan's nuclear program passed away this morning
  3. Religious Objection Not Working
  4. Muslimah ran in Support of Black Lives Matter
  5. Hinduism Destroying India thru Hate
  6. How to oppose Gossip
  7. Boycott all businesses which support Israel
  8. Top of the Line African American Doctor who heals with food, not surgeries
# 1935
25 Safar 1443 AH - October 3 2021 Issue # 40, Newsletter #1935
  1. We shred each other While they Unite Localism and globalism
  2. JI report
  3. How race & Economics work in New York
  4. 96-Year Old German Woman Put on Trial
  5. Protests in New York and in Kazakhistan
# 1934
19 Safar 1443 AH - September 26 2021 Issue # 39, Newsletter #1934
  1. Historic Response to a top level Indian Scholar
  2. JI report Large Protest Rallies in Six Major Cities
  3. FDA approved Pfizer's COVID-19 10 Years Approval
  4. Khalida Jarrar Released after Serving Two Years in Prison
  5. Chinese Uighur , Uzbek , Tajik celebrate Taliban victory
  6. Top levels of Pakistan are the most Corrupt
# 1933
12 Safar 1443 AH - September 19 2021 Issue # 38, Newsletter #1933
  1. Large rally outside Ft Worth Texas Prison where Dr Aafia Siddiqui is being held
  2. Jamaate Islami Organizing for Peaceful Revolution
  3. Business Owners Challenging New York Mandate on C-19
  4. Chad protesters denounce the junta
# 1932
5 Safar 1443 AH - September 12 2021 Issue # 37, Newsletter #1932
  1. Osama's widow gave a First Person account Ignored by US Media
  2. Poverty & Illiteracy Have Destroyed Sind
  3. Leaders, Politicians & Covid 19
  4. Almost a Million Indian Occupation Forces
  5. No Place for Arrogance
  6. Prison Escape Inspired Palestine
  7. London Tribunal Studying Chinese Concentration Camps
# 1931
28 Muharram 1443 AH - September 5 2021 Issue # 36, Newsletter #1931
  1. Peace Benefits of Victory in Afghanistan
  2. Miracle in the Thar Desert Thru Volunteer work and Donations
  3. Incest and Pedophilia in the Jewish Community
  4. The looming global war
  5. Imam Badi Ali teaches about Malcolm X
  6. Revered Philosopher of Kashmir Resistance Passes away
  7. Children are among the Palestinian prisoners in Israel
  8. Tribal clashwes between Tigray and Addis Ababa are resulting in heavy casualties
# 1930
21 Muharram 1443 AH - August 29 2021 Issue # 35, Newsletter #1930
  1. Errors by imams which Evade Sunnah and help the oppressors
  2. Mental Illness and Women Suffering in America
  3. Hackers Bring out Iran's Mistreatment of Prisoners
  4. What Rich men do to Women in America
  5. My Life with the Taliban
  6. Best aspect of Worship
  7. Terrible brutality against 15-year old
  8. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Urges readers to write to Muslim Political Prisoners in USA
# 1929
14 Muharram 1443 AH - August 22 2021 Issue # 34, Newsletter #1929
  1. America and Nato Did not understand Afghanistan
  2. India has a hard time to accept Kashmir as an international dispute
  3. The Amish
  4. Dr Aafia Siddiqui attacked in Prison
  5. Taliban's victory in Afghanistan: lessons and challenges
  6. Protesting the desecration of Al-Aqsa
# 1928
7 Mohurram 1443 A.H. - August 15 2021 Issue # 33, Newsletter #1928
  1. Unity with Taliban could save Pakistan as an Islamic State
  2. New York Governor Evaded Impeachment and much else
  3. Blessings of Mohurram
  4. What happened to East Pakistan [Bangladesh]
  5. War between two Indian States
  6. Iran needs an authentic Apology
  7. Sajjad Niazi Kaukab Siddique's beloved friend of many years passed away
  8. American Muslims Are 2 Times More Likely To Have Attempted Suicide Than Other Groups
# 1927
30 Zulhijja 1442 A.H. - August 8 2021 Issue # 32, Newsletter #1927
  1. Welcome to the New Islamic year 1443
  2. Aafia Siddiqui must be released
  3. Hope and Help in the Rugged Thar Desert
  4. Investigating New York Governor Cuomo
  5. Today is the second anniversary of the revocation of Article 370 of the Indian constitution
  6. Demolition of the Biggest Idol of our Times
  7. Some People Love the Editor of New Trend
# 1926
23 Zulhijja 1442 A.H. - August 1 2021 Issue # 31, Newsletter #1926
  1. Armed Islamic Groups Regrouping
  2. Masks and Carbon Dioxide
  3. A Message from Br. Boatwright about Imam Abdullah Hasan
  4. Demolition of the Biggest Idol of our Times
  5. Quotable quote from Maulana Maudoodi
# 1925
16 Zulhijja 1442 A.H. - July 25 202 Issue # 30, Newsletter #1925
  1. Do they Laugh at the Global Muslim Ummah while claiming to oppose each other
  2. Secularist PPP government is the worst in Pakistan
  3. Bill Gates & Native American lands
  4. Person to Person
  5. Message from Imam Badi Ali
  6. Biggest Myths of the Second World War
  7. THE THIRD ENCOUNTER with the West: 1776 AD to 2476 AD
  8. Eid Cease Fire
# 1924
9 Zulhijja 1442 A.H. - July 18 2021 Issue # 29, Newsletter #1924
  1. The Battle of Qadissia Liberated Iran
  2. JI Report
  3. An Unusual Birthday Request
  4. The Great Reset & Monopolies
  5. Dr Muhsin Khan Passed away
  6. The Second Muslim ENCOUNTER WITH THE WEST
# 1923
2 Zulhijja 1442 A.H. - July 11 2021 Issue # 28, Newsletter #1923
  1. Latest khutba
  2. Important reports from Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  3. JI Report
  4. Family Break Ups are the result of isolation theory
  5. Have you Crossed the Bridge of Siraat?
  6. The Hindutva fascism and the captive Indian Muslims
  8. Revulsion against Chinese Genocide of Uighur Muslims
# 1922
23 Zulq'idah 1442 A.H. - July 4 2021 Issue # 27, Newsletter #1922
  1. Book review
  2. Imran Khan Complete Sell Out
  3. New Trend Considers this a unique Message of Support for Dr Aafia Siddiqui by Nadrat Siddique
  4. Bill Cosby 83 is a free man and America is outraged
  5. The Message from a Muslim Student
  6. Germany Rising Again
# 1921
16 Zulq'idah 1442 A.H. - June 27 2021 Issue # 26, Newsletter #1921
  1. The National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen was held by Zoom on June 26
  2. We Support Imran's Islamic Statements but People look for Real Implementation
  3. A Fiery Khutba in Manhattan
  4. Pro-Regime Mosques in USA
  5. New Settlements
  6. Thought Control
  7. Pakistan Would Shut its Border
# 1920
9 Zulq'idah 1442 A.H. - June 20 2021 Issue # 25, Newsletter #1920
  1. Irtidad of the Rulers has emboldened Israelis
  2. Both sides Misbehaved in Parliament
  3. The Vaccinated and the Unvaccinated
  4. mir : Tragic History
  5. Around the Net
  6. Allah Alone is Sufficient
  7. Arab Media Equating Hamas and Israel
  8. US-Iran Deal
# 1919
2 Zulq'idah 1442 A.H. - June 13 2021 Issue # 24, Newsletter #1919
  1. Most Muslims do not Know what was the greatest achievement of Usman
  2. JI report
  3. Inner Turmolil of Male Sexual Assault Victims
  4. Africa is resisting but UN is Supporting LGBTQ
  5. Goebbels Mastermind of the Third Reich
  6. Speak-up When You Should Concerning Allah
  7. China & Helpless Muslims
# 1918
25 Shawwal 1442 A.H. - June 6 2021 Issue # 23, Newsletter #1918
  1. A polite rebuttal of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi's alliance with Maulana Waheeduddin and his attack on Maulana Maudoodi
  2. Imran Regime has followed failed policies of previous regimes
  3. Targeted Zionist attacks on Media Critics
  4. Israel's power on global media
  5. Remember Breonna Taylor
  6. Du'a and Message
# 1917
18 Shawwal 1442 A.H. - May 30 2021 Issue # 22, Newsletter #1917
  1. Khutba from Imam Badi Ali
  2. How did Pakistan become a Nuclear Power
  3. Not Oppressed by anyone but Hated by many
  4. Nuremberg The Last Battle
  5. Terrible History
# 1916
11 Shawwal 1442 A.H. - May 23 2021 Issue # 21, Newsletter #1916
  1. Why Should Muslims be Interested in Germany
  2. JI for Palestine & Kashmir
  3. After Murder they will get Pension
  4. Ceasefire in Israeli Bombing But No Peace for the Palestinians
  5. Gaza
  6. Dutch pension funds exit Chinese companies over Uyghur concerns
# 1915
4 Shawwal 1442 A.H. - May 16 2021 Issue # 20, Newsletter #1915
  1. Usman r.a. the Greatest Sahabi Part 2
  2. Remember Lynne Stewart
  3. Meet Top World War II Scholar David Irving
  4. Du'a for Palestine and our Political Prisoners
  5. Masjid al Aqsa will always matter to us
  6. Israeli Flags burned
  7. Crumbling Minarets
# 1914
27 Ramadan 1442 A.H. - May 9 2021 Issue # 19, Newsletter #1914
  1. The moral disability & the Muslims' downfall
  2. Kashmir is Central to Pakistan's Existence
  3. Getting Vaccination or Boosting Immune Sytem
  4. Many Muslims think Everything in a book of Hadith is hadith
  5. Prayers during the Last Days of Ramadan
  6. Imams in USA still 'asleep'
  7. Record Breaking Covid Carnage in India
  8. Israeli Police Attacking Worshippers during Holiest days of Ramadan
  9. Imams are Prime Targets of the Chinese Communist Party
# 1913
20 Ramadan 1442 A.H. - May 2 2021 Issue # 18, Newsletter #1913
  1. Amazing Example of Compassion for Women
  2. Why is Imran Khan Boasting Corona Virus is Spreading
  3. Is Police Reform Possible with Existing Concepts
  4. Embracing Islam
  5. Protesters shot dead by police at Bangladesh power plant
  6. Covid Disaster Surging in India
  7. Rallies for Jerusalem and al-Aqsa
# 1912
13 Ramadan 1442 A.H. - April 25 2021 Issue # 17, Newsletter #1912
  1. Miraculous thinking on Global Ummah and Pakistan as envisioned by the genius of the Poet Iqbal
  2. Imran Khan's Two Uturns against the anti-Blasphemy Movement
  3. Man Throws acid on Muslim Woman
  4. Remembering Ramsey Clark as a man of rare Principle and Courage
  5. An Important point in Jamaat al muslimeen history
  6. Political Prisoner Mumia Jamal in Serious Condition
  7. Du'a and Message from Imam Badi Ali
  8. Islamic Leader Mamunul Haque and Hundreds of Islamic Protestors Opposing Modi's Visit Arrested
  9. India's Health System Collapsed
# 1911
6 Ramadan 1442 A.H. - April 18 2021 Issue # 16, Newsletter #1911
  1. Ramsey Clark Great Friend of Muslims Passed Away
  2. Unarmed Islamic Masses Trounced Imran & Bajwa regime
  3. Example of Deep Racism within the Police
  4. Turkey & Gaza
  5. Uyghur Woman Doctor speaks out
# 1910
29 Sha'ban 1442 A.H. - April 11 2021 Issue # 15, Newsletter #1910
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora
  2. JI voice
  3. An Important Appeal to our readers on India and Israel
  4. France is Involved in International Hate against Islam
  5. Love without Guidance is not the way to Allah
# 1909
22 Sh'aban 1442 A.H. - April 4 2021 Issue # 14, Newsletter #1909
  1. Personal About Maulana Maudoodi
  2. JI Statement. 3.30. Disasters Caused by Imran/PTI government which Most Pakistanis Don't Know
  3. Survivor of Domestic Violence Should not be Deported
  4. Cannabis Legalized Opening the doors to Illusions and Delusions
  5. What do Brit PM Johnson ex-President Trump and Pakistan's PM Imran Khan have in common
  6. Iftar Program and Qur'an Study
  7. Gaza Elections Threatened by Israel
  8. Canadians Getting Irritated
  9. More Pressure on Chinese Ruling Party Needed to Stop Genocide
# 1908
15 Sh'aban 1442 A.H. - March 28 2021 Issue # 13, Newsletter #1908
  1. Anti-India Rallies in Bangladesh Indicate Prime Minister Hasina's Collusion with India to Uproot Islam has Failed Miserably
  2. Imran has failed Kashmir.
  3. Four Pillars of Sustainability
  4. Does Israel deliberately flood Palestinian land
  5. Pakistan's Aafia Movement seeking Help in Turkey
  6. Set clear goals for Ramadan
  7. New York Governor and the Cycle of Corruption
  8. Suez Canal Blocked by One Ship
  9. Apple Insider
# 1907
7 Sha'ban 1442 A.H. - March 21 2021 Issue # 12, Newsletter #1907
  1. Views of Scholars should not replace Qur'an and Authentic Hadith
  2. Baluchistan Impressive Government programs are only on paper
  3. Vaccination Push, racism against Asians and our history
  4. Jamaat e Islami Women Rallied in all major Cities
  5. What is Black Seed
  6. Surging Violence against Women
  7. Let Children Unite with their Parents
  8. Africa Mozambique
# 1906
30 Rajab 1442 A.H. - March 14 2021 Issue # 11, Newsletter #1906
  1. Conservative Religion Comforts Believers but Hides Catastrophic Inhumanity
  2. PTI Government is a complete Failure
  3. Rebuttal of Newsweek's Attempt to link Muslim 'moderates' to 'radicals.'
  4. Within New York's Elitist Corruption the most Corrupt are used and then Dropped
  5. Women's History Month: Muslim Women
  6. Elections in Gaza
  7. Thosands Protest Strict Health Measures
# 1905
23 Rajab 1442 A.H. - March 7 2021 Issue # 10, Newsletter #1905
  1. Guidelines for our forthcoming Shoora
  2. Governor Cuomo's Sex Scandal
  3. Edmonton Racialized Muslim women rally in solidarity after hate-fueled attacks
  4. Irreversible Damage
  5. Kashmir An Appeal for Self-Determination
  6. Staircase of Freedom
  7. Palestinian Women Held In Israeli Prisons
  8. New Trend Recommends Instant Family 2018 if you are interested in Foster Care Adoption
# 1904
16 Rajab 1442 A.H. - February 28 2021 Issue # 9, Newsletter #1904
  1. A National Shoora meeting is coming up to discuss issues of great Concern for Muslims
  2. Deforestation is serious in Pakistan
  3. Questioning the Covid-19 lockdown
  4. Remember the Prisoners
  5. The gangster the general and the prime minister of Bangladesh
  6. Journey Across the Heaven to Meet Allah
  7. Plant Based Health
  8. Ghana security forces shut down LGBTQ office
# 1903
9 Rajab 1442 A.H. - February 21 20216 Issue # 8, Newsletter #1903
  1. Continuation of Research on Black Sunni Muslims in Sudan under attack by Afrocentric non-Muslims
  2. Imran has become a Joke
  3. Fired for Not Taking Vaccine
  4. PM Hasina and her Top General involved in Serious Crimes and getting Israeli help to Crush the Masses
  5. Shackled students and gang rape inside China's detention camps
  6. Whoever Abandons something for the sake of Allah He will replace it for him with something better than it
  7. Aafia Siddiqui in Extremely Cold Prison last week had no Heat
  8. How to Help Palestine
  9. Western Powers Saudi Jordan and Iran United to Assault the Caliphate
  10. Africa Christian vs Christian
# 1902
2 Sha'ban 1442 A.H. - February 14 2021 Issue # 7, Newsletter #1902
  1. Spread of Sunni Islam in the Black Community Alarmed Afrocentrics and Missionaries
  2. Red Mosque Islamabad Islamic Women Teachers arrested and beaten up
  3. Invitation to Think Medical Malpractice It can happen to you
  4. Teach them not to Practice Islam
  5. Stop the Desecration of Sioux Indian land
  6. Fear None but give everyone a Chance to Repent
  7. Israel Attempting to Steal More land
  8. Extreme Oppression in Hindu Family and Canada's Inability to deliver Justice
# 1901
25 Rajab 1442 A.H. - February 7 2021 Issue # 6, Newsletter #1901
  1. Do you have ASIA NEWS from 1974?
  2. Kashmir Will be Freed InshaAllah
  3. One of the three men who assaulted a woman
  4. Women in Shariaby
  5. What is most Beneficial for the Heart
  6. Du'as from Imam Badi Ali. February 6 and 7
  7. Bangladesh
  8. REVEALED Massive Chinese Police Database
# 1900
18 Rajab 1442 A.H. - January 31 2021 Issue # 5, Newsletter #1900
  1. Do many Muslims openly ignore the teachings of the Qur'an and the hadith
  2. Pakistan appeals against freeing Islamists convicted of U.S. journalist Pearl's beheading
  3. Kashmir and the Passivity of the World Powers
  4. Crimes against women within the community
  5. Israeli Forces Shoot Kill Palestinian Man near Bethlehem
  6. China's Police Data Base on the Repression of Uighur Muslims has been uncovered by The Intercept
  7. Coronavirus Variants: More Contagious and Evasive
# 1899
11 Rajab 1442 A.H. - January 24 2021 Issue # 4, Newsletter #1899
  1. 4 presentations from Canada
  2. Biggest rally in the history of Karachi
  3. Do You have a Plan to Fight Corona Virus
  4. Jewish Settlers Attack Palestinian Car near Ramallah Injure 3-Year-Old Child
  5. Palestinian Worker Dies after Inhaling Teargas Fired by Israeli Soldiers
  6. Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard arrested on federal sex trafficking charges
# 1898
4 Rajab 1442 A.H. - January 17 2021 Issue # 3, Newsletter #1898
  1. Key messages of Islam which we often forget in these troubled times
  2. Maulana Fazalur Rahman spoke to two more large Gatherings
  3. World Bank and IMF are Running Pakistan
  4. False Accusations Connected to Racist Suspicion
  5. Helping the Widows and their Families Directly
  6. Rising Crescendo of Protests in Tunisia
  7. Avoid the Doubtful Matters
  8. Jewish Settlers Call for Demolition of Dome of the Rock
  9. China denies coercive birth control measures in Xinjiang
  10. IS Captured Town
# 1897
27 Jamada al-Awwal 1442 A.H. - January 10 2021 Issue # 2, Newsletter #1897
  1. Gratitide in the New Year
  2. Massive crowd addressed by Maulana Fazal ur Rahman
  3. Violating Divine Law to Meet the Budget
  4. Why did the Police not stop the protestors from Breaking into the Capitol
  5. Good Riddance to 2020
  6. What Should be the Role of Muslim Immigrants in the USA
  7. Big Cotton is Squeezed out of Chinese Muslim Slavery
# 1896
20 Jamada al-Awwal 1442 A.H. - January 3 2021 Issue # 1, Newsletter #1896
  1. Islamic Economics provides the way for preventing pandemics and regulating their socioeconomic impact
  2. The Year of the Pakistani Mafia
  3. Israeli Spy returns to Israel
  4. How the Biggest Myth was created
  5. Disturbing Aspect of Pandemic
# 1895
13 Jamada al-Awwal 1442 A.H. - December 27 2020 Issue # 52, Newsletter #1895
  1. We mostly supported imam Khomeini's revolution
  2. Imran Khan has Surrendered to Modi Kashmir has been Abandoned
  3. Columbus Ohio Police Killed Unarmed Man at his Grandmother's Home
  4. Daniel Pearl & Omar Shaikh The Concealed Facts
  5. Uighurs look to Turkey to lead Muslim world against China
  6. The Heart's Best Medicine
  7. Newsweek Magazine Trying to Undermine Indian Muslims Living in USA
  8. Explosion in Nashville Aftermath
# 1894
6 Jamadi al awwal 1442 A.H. - December 20 2020 Issue # 51, Newsletter #1894
  1. UAE-Bahrain-Sudan-Egypt-Jordan under Saudi 'Guidance.'
  2. JI Critiques all Three pro-West forces
  3. Jesus - a Prophet of Islam
  4. Covid Restrictions Being Challenged in courts
  5. Abundance of Prostration
  6. 74 Assault Charges and she is still not extradited
  7. BBC Caught in Fabrications
  8. Africa THE RESCUE
# 1893
28 Rabi' al thani 1442 A.H. - December 13 2020 Issue # 50, Newsletter #1893
  1. Muslims went far from Qur'an & Hadith
  2. Massive historic PDM rally in Lahore December 13
  3. Quickly Developed Vaccine and money
  4. Horrifying Mass Executions in Egypt
  5. Kashmir Watches 'World Human Rights Day' from afar and wonders when those Words will become Action in Kashmir
  6. Knowledge Can Break Prejudice
  7. Jewish Settlers Set fire to Olive Trees near Hebron again
# 1892
21 Rabi' al Thani 1442 A.H. - December 6 2020 Issue # 49, Newsletter #1892
  1. Biggest obstacles blocking the Islamic State in Pakistan
  2. Pakistan Situation
  3. Dozens of rights groups denounce US arms sales to UAE
  4. U.S. takes aggressive steps against China for forcing Uighurs into labor
  5. My Veil is My Cure
  6. Allah does not like the arrogant
  7. US Congresswomen McCollum Tlaib Condemn Killing of Palestinian Child Abu-Alayya
# 1891
14 Rabi' al-Thani 1442 A.H. - November 29 2020 Issue # 48, Newsletter #1891
  1. Israel has won over all the Arab Rulers
  2. JI View at Mass Rally Both PTI and PDM are Western Agents
  3. Covid and Dogs
  4. Synagogue fined $15,000
  5. Ayatollah Khamene'i Condemns Murder of Senior Scientist
  6. Has Pakistan Betrayed or Forgotten Kashmir
  7. Salah and kindness
# 1890
7 Rabi' II 1442 A.H. - November 22 2020 Issue # 47, Newsletter #1890
  1. Genocide of Indian Muslims supervised by Indian Government
  2. Pakistan this week by Mantaqi
  3. Fake Atonement and victimhood Mentality
  4. Let us change Pakistan for the Good.
  5. Here is the root of Censorship in the West.
  7. An important detail from Obama's Book about Osama
  8. Khadim Hussain Rizvi
  9. Australia Apologizes
  10. Jewish Settlers Raid Village in West Bank Attack Palestinian Homes
# 1889
29 Rabi' al-Awwal 1442 A.H. - November 15 2020 Issue # 46, Newsletter #1889
  1. Note how Opponents of Hadith distort and mutilate the Quran
  2. Fighting on the Line of Control
  3. Situation in Pakistan is not good
  4. The Real Picture of the Rally in DC for Trump
  5. Volkswagen defends its decision to continue operating a car plant in Xinjiang
  6. Dividend of #EndSARS Protest
# 1888
22 Rabi' al-Awwal 1442 A.H. - November 8 2020 Issue # 45, Newsletter #1888
  1. What will America do now?
  2. Hindus Celebrate Biden-Harris Win
  3. Jamaat e-Islami Notes Failure of Imran Khan Regime
  4. Reality behind the Freedom of Expression Story
  5. When will Sectarians understand their irrelevance
  6. 35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID
  7. Israel's largest demolition in years carried out in occupied West Bank
# 1887
15 Rabi' al-Awwal 1442 A.H. - November 1 2020 Issue # 44, Newsletter #1887
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora Meeting
  2. Muslim world unites against France
  3. Maulana Fazlur Rahman Rebuts Imran regime
  4. Hundreds of Thousands in Chechnya join a massive Protest Rally against France
  5. Quebec Activist Marwa Khanafer Wears A Hijab And Walks A Social Tightrope
  6. Israel Wants to Expand City to Restrict Arab Population
  7. Video from Japan Islamic Foundation
# 1886
8 Rabi' al-Awwal 1442 A.H. - October 25 2020 Issue # 43, Newsletter #1886
  1. Why are America's Muslims so subservient and dormant
  2. The ruling party and the opposition are not very different from each other
  3. Please protest against French repression of Muslims protesting blasphemous cartoons
  4. Why Muslims should not be Distracted by the Politics of the Kuffar
  5. The Oppression of Momin Khawaja
  6. Poetry Competition Three Cash Prizes
  7. Message from Japan Islamic Foundation
# 1885
1 Rabi ul Awal 1442 A.H. - October 18 2020 Issue # 42, Newsletter #1885
  1. Muslims are not a Minority
  2. Historuc Rallies in Gujranwala and Karachi
  3. Jews Hold Aggressive Protests Against Neighborhood Lockdown
  4. China: Ways to Help Uighur Muslims
  5. Message from Japan Islamic Foundation
  6. Why 4998 died in US jails without getting their day in court
# 1884
23 Safar 1442 A.H. - October 11 2020 Issue # 41, Newsletter #1884
  1. A United Ummah is Unstoppable Islamic men and women united
  2. Murder of leading Islamic Scholar October 10
  3. Muslim from local mosque in Rexdale area of Toronto was stabbed to death
  4. Planets more hospitable to life than Earth may already have been discovered
  5. Amazing visit to Gaza
  6. Destruction of Islamic architecture in China
  7. Al-Huwaitat tribe seeks UN help to stop Saudi forced displacement
  8. Ummah Of Tawheed
# 1883
16 Safar 1442 A.H. - October 4 2020 Issue # 40, Newsletter #1883
  1. What's wrong with our Masjids
  2. Imran's government is no better than previous ones [JI]
  3. Agha Khanis selling Pork and Alchohol
  4. Ramifications of Breonna Taylor's family settlement
  5. If you don't want to wear a mask come to work with me
  6. Leading Indian activists say Hindutva a threat to Indian Constitution
  7. 'Corona Dogs' are Detecting Coronavirus at Airports with High Success Rate
  8. Jewish Settler Rams into Flock Kills 10 Sheep near Hebron
# 1882
9 Safar 1442 A.H. - September 27 2020 Issue # 39, Newsletter #1882
  1. Liberation of Palestine Can Unite Muslims
  2. Imran Government is Not Paying Attention to Real Issues
  3. Voting Idiocy in America
  4. Huge Plan by Qadianis to Undermine Islam in Africa Failed Owing to a Scholar's Research
  5. Inside Poland's 'LGBT-free zones'
  6. Kuwait Renews Support for Palestinian People's Rights
  7. China running 380 detention centres in Xinjiang
# 1881
2 Safar 1442 A.H. - September 20 2020 Issue # 38, Newsletter #1881
  1. America's Attempt to create a New "Islam"
  2. JI Sit In
  3. Pakistan was not only the dream of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah but it also guaranteed freedom of the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir as well as the protection of the Indian Muslims
  4. Lawyers opt for paycheck over justice in Breonna Taylor case
  5. Movie on Oppression of Women in America Reflects real life Events
# 1880
25 Muharram 1442 A.H. - September 13 2020 Issue # 37, Newsletter #1880
  1. America's Attempt to create a New "Islam"
  2. Motorway rape case traumatizing Pakistan
  3. Not every Official in Pakistan is arrogant and disrespectful of women
  4. Easy Money for Israel living off US tax payers
  5. Muslims in Prison
  6. I Cannot Obey Allah in Public and Disobey Him in Private
  7. Video Message from Japan Islamic Foundation
# 1879
18 Muharram 1442 A.H. - September 6 2020 Issue # 36, Newsletter #1879
  1. We support the Black community but they cannot succeed without Islam
  2. Now Gays are Targeting Muslims in Public Schools
  3. Blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet pbuh again in France
  4. The rights of one Muslim over another are six
  5. From Occupied Palestine to Turtle Island: Tending the Fires of Resistance
# 1878
11 Muharram 1442 A.H. - August 30 2020 Issue # 35, Newsletter #1878
  1. How to Mourn Hussain, r.a., without becoming a Shia?
  2. The Cause of the Masses is being Overlooked. Disaster in Karachi.
  3. NBA Walkout
  4. Kashmiri children: The everlasting scars of a deadly conflict
  5. The African Caliphate: The Life, Works & Teaching of Shaykh Usman Dan Fodio (1754-1817)
  6. Video Message from Japan Islamic Foundation
  7. The August 23rd Issue of New Trend reached 100,806 people with 3,481 post-issue engagements
  8. Kamala Harris Pledges not to Condition US Aid to Israel on Human Rights
  9. Israeli Warplanes Bomb Gaza Targets
  10. Hydroxychloroquine reduces in-hospital COVID-19 mortality
# 1877
4 Muharram 1442 A.H. - August 23 2020 Issue # 34, Newsletter #1877
  1. Israel and Palestine: Idols in the Kaaba
  2. l freedom requires independance from International Lending
  3. A man gets life in prison for stealing a pair of hedge clippers
  4. Anti-Semitic protests outside Michigan synagogue are allowed district judge rules
  5. Insider's view of the most hated man in the West
  6. Islamic Organizations Call For Police Action After 6 Attacks On Mosques in 3 Months
  7. Petition to President Donald Trump
  8. China defends detention of Uighur model in Xi
  9. Mali coup
# 1876
25 Dhuʻl-Hijjah 1441 A.H - August 16 2020 Issue # 33, Newsletter #1876
  1. Pakistan
  2. JI calls for liberation of Palestine
  3. The weird case of Sharpton Justice and Money
  4. Islamic Model for the Control of AIDS | Quranic Paradigms of Sciences and Society
  5. Hate crimes against Muslims in India
  6. ACLU makes another loud call for the Department of Homeland Security to be Dismantled
  7. EGLE vs. Eagle
  8. Israeli Warplanes Bomb Gaza Injure Children Women
  9. Blasphemy and Islamic Law
# 1875
18 Dhuʻl-Hijjah 1441 A.H. - August 9 2020 Issue # 32, Newsletter #1875
  1. Role of mosques globally
  2. Imran khan getting frustrated
  3. Silence of Black Politicians
  4. Why the Wrath of God on Beirut
  5. Hiroshima and Nagasaki 75th anniversary of atomic bombings
  6. Protests against genocide in India
  7. Israeli Artillery Bombs Agricultural Area in Central Gaza
# 1874
11 Dhuʻl-Hijjah 1441 A.H. - August 2 2020 Issue # 31, Newsletter #1874
  1. Palestine is our Central Concern
  2. Thousands rally in Pakistan in support of man who shot American dead in court
  3. BLM can Agitate but not Alleviate
  4. Stop his fake talk about Caliphate and stop regurgitating western Propaganda
  5. Innocent Muslim facing terrible oppression in Canadian prison
  6. West Bank Mosque Set on Fire Vandalized With Hebrew Graffiti
  7. More condolences for Munawar Hassan by Hussain Khan Tokyo
  8. China lowering birth rates of Muslims by forced abortions, IUD, sterization
  9. Coronavirus: South Africa virus cases pass half million mark
# 1873
5 Dhuʻl-Hijjah 1441 A.H. - July 26 2020 Issue # 30, Newsletter #1873
  1. Day of Victory in Turkey and Afghanistan
  2. Dismal Performance of Imran Regime
  3. Iraq British Air Strikes against Islamic State
  4. Practical Steps Needed to Liberate Kashmir
  5. Ongoing Occupation of America and Historic Palestine
  6. Alexandra highlights the level of bigotry that exists in the U.S. government
  7. Letter of Support for Kashmir
  9. Beautiful Quran Recitation
  10. The food drive-thru at North Carolina's masjid ICT on Sunday July 12 was successful
# 1872
28 Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah 1441 A.H. - July 19 2020 Issue # 29, Newsletter #1872
  1. The Spirit of Resistance is coming from Turkey.
  2. China Outmaneuvers the Muslim World
  3. Iran trying to crush the people
  4. Muslim CEO from Bangladesh beheaded by assistant
  5. Minister Farrakhan knows them well
  6. Veteran Jamaat e-Islami scholar discusses Munawar Hasan and JI history
  7. Dr Zakir’s Views on Erdogan converting Hagia Sophia from a Museum to a Mosque
  8. Mohammad Abu Turki and his son Isam were forced to demolish their own home in occupied East Jerusalem
  9. First defeat of LGBTQ in Europe
# 1871
19 Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah 1441 A.H. - July 12 2020 Issue # 28, Newsletter #1871
  1. Rebuttal of the Attacks on Abu Huraira
  2. Conviction of Nawaz Sharif was Illegal
  3. Why do Muslims Differ with Each Other
  4. Famine deadlier than Coronavirus
  5. LGBTQ move into Muslim society nipped in the bud
  6. Dangers of Coronavirus Aerosols are underestimated
  7. Soften the heart with Dhikr
  8. Palestinian Lives Matter
  9. The world-famous Hagia Sophia
  10. Trump administration sanction Chinese officials over human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims
# 1870
14 Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah 1440 A.H. - July 5 2020 Issue # 27, Newsletter #1870
  1. Islam's Greatest Warrior
  2. Jamaate Islami Deeply Concerned over Indian Atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and Pakistani Silence
  3. Governor Andrew Cuomo just signed the Eric Garner Anti-Chokehold Law
  4. British Diplomacy Defends Israel and Legitimizes Annexation
  5. Jamal Khashoggi murder: Turkey puts 20 Saudis on trial in absentia
# 1869
7 Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah 1441 A.H. - June 28 2020 Issue # 26, Newsletter #1869
  1. Khutba in Memory of Munawar Hasan
  2. Black Lives Matter a Front for Homosexual Rights
  3. Apartheid is a Crime: Portraits of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine
  4. Second Libya Conference
  5. Make Du'a for Others in Private
  6. Protest in Catonsville Maryland
  7. Family Of Ejaz Choudry Call For Inquiry Into Police Killing
  8. China's hidden partner in suppressing the Muslim Uighurs - the US
# 1868
29 Shawwal 1441 A.H. - June 21 2020 Issue # 25, Newsletter #1868
  1. Ayesha, r.a. was the leader of an army
  2. Imran Khan's sly move against Supreme Court Judge Faez Isa Defeated.
  3. Jews most targeted group for hate crimes in Toronto
  4. Beijing says it will retaliate after Trump approves Uighur Muslims sanctions law
  5. Juneteenth: When Slavery ended in Texas
  7. Patience has great status in the sight of Allah (swt) and in Islam.
  8. I Say Pause
  9. Two Palestinian Brothers Forced to Demolish Their Own Home in Jerusalem
# 1867
22 Shawwal 1441 A.H. - June 14 2020 Issue # 24, Newsletter #1867
  1. Is it True that Hadith was not Written in the Time of the Prophet, pbuh?
  2. Powerful Protest at the Baltimore Jail
  3. Justice Imprisoned
  4. Victims' Families Say Uighur Imams are the Main Target in China
  5. Political Prisoners in Gitmo
  6. India: Unprecedented Levels of Atrocities against Muslims
  7. Hundreds of Palestinians Protest against Israel's Demolition of Islamic Cemetery in Yafa
# 1866
15 Shawwal 1441 A.H. - June 7 2020 Issue # 23, Newsletter #1866
  1. How did Imam Khomieni's Iran become what it is today
  2. Allama Nasir Madni About Sikh Community
  3. Racism can will and must be defeated
  4. The Facade of non-Racism among Immigrant Muslims
  5. Turkey - when will it break its idols
  6. Protests Being Hijacked
# 1865
8 Shawwal 1441 A.H. - May 31 2020 Issue # 22, Newsletter #1865
  1. I can't Breathe
  2. Locusts in the Fields Corruption in the Government
  3. Saudi crown prince defends China's right to put Uighur Muslims in concentration camps
  4. Protests take place all across America
  5. The Impotence of Black Politicians
  6. Israel Prevents Restoration of Hebron's Historic Ibrahimi Mosque
# 1864
1 Shawwal 1441 A.H. - May 24 2020 Issue # 21, Newsletter #1864
  1. Libya Strategically the most important pivotal area in the Muslim world today
  2. Big Push for Health Services
  3. This Eid And Beyond Boycott Goods Made With Enslaved Labor
  4. Guess Who was Attacking the Church in Harlem
  5. INCEL Terrorism Behind Deadly Toronto Massage Parlour Stabbing
  6. Covid-19 Should be seen in the Context of Global Health related and Social Issues
  7. Non-Violent Prisoners Held on Flimsy Charges
  8. May 17 issue of New Trend reached 224,683 people
  9. Gaza has been Under Lock Down for 11 Years
# 1863
23 Ramadan 1441 A.H. - May 17 2020 Issue # 20, Newsletter #1863
  1. Albert Speer Denounced Hitler but wrote Personal Notes over Twenty Years in Prison
  2. Turkish Movie Getting Unequalled Acclaim in Pakistan
  3. Divine Wrath Kashmir & India
  4. Comedian Bill Maher Ignoring Women's Rights to Support Sleepy Joe Biden
  5. Islamic Call to Prayer heard all over Canada
  6. Ramadhaan and Fridays
  7. Coronavirus Through the lens of a Qur'anic parable
  8. Before Ramadan Ends
  9. New York Governor and Dystopian Society
  10. Israeli Forces Disperse Nakba Day Protest in Ramallah Injure Five Palestinians
  11. Blasphemer Testing Muslim Patience
# 1862
16 Ramadan 1441 A.H. - May 10 2020 Issue # 19, Newsletter #1862
  1. Why are America's Muslims so subservient to the Power Structure?
  2. Jamaate Islami has Distributed Rs. 1.5 billion in relief goods
  3. Murder of Black [Muslim] Jogger in Georgia
  4. Charged with anti-terror law pregnant woman sent to jail
  5. A Muslim Woman gives us the inside analysis in Story telling mode
  6. A Photographic Journey Through the Streets of Gaza
# 1861
9 Ramadan 1441 A.H. - May 3 2020 Issue # 18, Newsletter #1861
  1. The Islamic Message on Slavery
  2. Shoora in Ramadan by Video Conference
  3. JI on Imran Khan
  4. This Ramadan Muslims should spare a thought for Uighurs in Xinjiang
  5. Can a Muslim donate blood during Ramadam?
  6. Israeli Drone Crashes in Gaza
# 1860
2 Ramadan 1441 A.H. - April 26 2020 Issue # 17, Newsletter #1860
  1. Relevance of Ibn Taymiyyah to our times
  2. Sufi Network Uncovered
  3. A Mural in Gaza represents Solidarity with Palestinian Coronavirus Patients in Israeli Prisons
  4. Controlled Media are Spreading Fear and Despair Here is the Answer
  5. Meals distributed in New York to Muslims during Ramadan
  6. WHO'S "Test Test and Test" flawed in strategy
  7. Thanks from Gambia
# 1865
8 Shawwal 1441 A.H. - May 31 2020 Issue # 22, Newsletter #1865
  1. I can't Breathe
  2. Locusts in the Fields Corruption in the Government
  3. Saudi crown prince defends China's right to put Uighur Muslims in concentration camps
  4. Protests take place all across America
  5. The Impotence of Black Politicians
  6. Israel Prevents Restoration of Hebron's Historic Ibrahimi Mosque
# 1859
24 Sha'ban 1441 A.H. - April 19 2020 Issue # 16, Newsletter #1859
  1. Islam Does not teach us to Wait for a Savior
  2. Red Mosque & Women Defiant
  3. Without a Face Mask, it can be bad for you. Most people don't have Face Masks.
  4. Many Cities in the U.S. Protest Coronavirus Restrictions
  5. Holistic Hygiene - the Only Answer to Infectious Diseases
  6. Intelligence agent who came to Canada allegedly to disrupt Sikh and Muslim communities
  7. Israeli Forces Open Fire at Palestinian Fishermen, Farmers in Gaza
  8. Lagos
# 1858
17 Sha'aban 1441 A.H. - April 12 2020 Issue # 15, Newsletter #1858
  1. America and China: The owners of the Two Gardens
  2. Mosque Gatherings Ignore Imran's Warnings
  3. A Community of Muslims in Prison
  4. Imagine how the people of Gaza are Surviving
  5. Feedback on Coronavirus
  6. Three Political Prisoners
# 1857
10 Sha'ban 1441 A.H. - April 5 2020 Issue # 14, Newsletter #1857
  1. Unity of Global Ummah is Required
  2. China's clampdown on Chinese Muslims is worsening
  3. World Health Organisation (WHO): the Failed Organisation
# 1856
3 Sha'ban 1441 A.H. - March 29 2020 Issue # 13, Newsletter #1856
  1. Only from the Qur'an we can Understand what is Hitting us and Why
  2. Molana Nasir Madni Islamic Scholar teaching Women's rights and gently criticizng Imran regime attacked
  3. Was it Manufactured as a Weapon?
  4. Israel is using coronavirus to implement the deal of the century and Palestinians are trapped between the pandemic and Israel's brutal military occupation
  5. This issue is dedicated to Kris
  6. Leaked Memos Reveal China's Manual for Mass Detention of Uighur Muslims
# 1855
26 Rajab 1441 A.H. - March 22 2020 Issue # 12, Newsletter #1855
  1. Why are we Ignoring the Genocide of Muslims
  2. Jamaat e Islami has suspended all political agitation critical of the Imran Khan regime
  3. My Name is Joe Biden and Everybody Knows I Love Israel
  4. These are the Real Issues related to CoronaVirus Don't be Scared
  5. This is our version of the coronavirus we are sick - Arundhati Roy
  6. Xinjiang County Sends Uyghur Camp Detainees to Prison
  7. Quarantine has been the reality in Gaza
# 1854
19 Rajab 1441 A.H. - March 15 2020 Issue # 11, Newsletter #1854
  1. The curious behaviors of Americans
  2. Red Mosque Syeda Hafsa r.a Sisters/Daughters Leading the Struggle Against Westernization
  3. JI says Imran Regime Supporting IMF move to Attack Islamic Schools
  4. Nike Reviewing China Supply Chain After Report on Uighur Abuse
# 1853
12 Rajab 1441 A.H. - March 8 2020 Issue # 10, Newsletter #1853
  1. Mass Rallies by Islamic Women Demand End to Mistreatment of Women
  2. Islam Honors and Protects women but also protects family rights and Marriage
  3. Shocking and Shameful That PM CM Not Visiting Violence Hit Delhi Areas
  4. War Crimes in Gaza
# 1852
28 Jamada al-awwal 1441 A.H. - March 1 2020 Issue # 9, Newsletter #1852
  1. Taliban Triumphant
  2. JI on Women's Rights in Islamic Pakistan
  3. Islam is Spreading in America's Prison System
  4. New Delhi Is Burning as Modi Throws a Party for Trump's State Visit
  5. UN demands 'unfettered access' for China Uighur region visit
# 1851
21 Jamada al-Awwal 1441 A.H. - February 23 2020 Issue # 8, Newsletter #1851
  1. Just sweet talk by Erdogan in Pak parliament
  2. Dr. Abdur Rafey will speak on Haq in Light of Qur'an
  3. Israeli police said in a statement they 'neutralised' the man because he had 'the aim of harming them'
  5. Answering the Sectarian Criticism of Abu Huraira, r.a., by Shias and Hadith Deniers
  6. Top Kashmiri Leader's Appeal to Imran Khan
  7. Why is the Red Mosque so Important?
  8. US prosecutors end old terror case against California man
  9. How China Is Humiliating Pakistan
  10. Leading Islamic Da'wa in South Africa and India
# 1850
14 Jamada al-Awwal 1441 A.H. - February 16 2020 Issue # 7, Newsletter #1850
  1. Israeli Forces Shoot Injure Palestinian Child in East Jerusalem
  2. Delhi Results as Much Modi's Defeat as of Kejriwal's Victory
  3. Why is Shiaism the main force against the Global Unity of Islam
  4. Baluchistan Lacks Basic Facilities in Many Areas
  5. Red Mosque [Jamia Hafsa} Resisting Regime Pressure
  6. Islamic Preacher Hafiz Saeed & Scholar Abdur Rahman Makki Sentenced. Numerous Mosques Closed down
  7. Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is an open homosexual.
  8. El Hatk documentary Upsetting Dictators
# 1849
14 jamada al-awwal 1441 A.H. - February 9 2020 Issue # 6, Newsletter #1849
  1. Bangladesh opposition demand party's leader release
  2. Buttigieg, Bernie, Biden Uncover a Devastating Blunder by Trump
  3. Holland Too is Being Exposed for its atrocities Against IS Civilians
  4. Singapore is investigating a teacher for saying coronavirus is a retribution from Allah against Chinese
  7. Red Mosque/Jamia Hafsa Under Siege Again
  8. Syrian Americans in Chicago Area are Often Supportive of Assad and Oppose Islamic Rising
# 1848
7 Jamada al-Thani 1441 A.H. - February 2 2020 Issue # 5, Newsletter #1848
  1. Highest paid rugby star in history speaks out against China's treatment of Muslims
  2. Israeli Airstrikes Reported in Gaza for Third Day in a Row
  3. Red Mosque [Lal Masjid] Leader Maulana Abdul Aziz Responds to Regime's Rs.10,000,000,000 Offer to Move out of Islamabad.
  4. Critical Review of Huge March & its Exclusions
  5. The aim of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
# 1847
29 Jamada al-Awwal 1441 A.H. - January 26 2020 Issue # 4, Newsletter #1847
  1. Masjid Rahma Baltimo
  2. Israeli troops kill three Palestinians near Gaza fence
  3. Leading Islamic Scholar Prof. Akintola Threatened
  4. Leading Critic of the Holocaust narrative
  5. Liaqat Baluch has Disgraced Jamaate Islami Pakistan
  6. A disturbing story about child abuse involving a NY Police Officer
  7. US asks Imran Khan to show concern about China's abuse of Muslims
  8. Allah is Beautiful
# 1846
20 Jamada al-Awwal 1441 A.H. - January 19 2020 Issue # 3, Newsletter #1846
  1. Jamaate Islami needs Info on Syria
  2. Jewish Settlers Attack Palestinian Homes in Hebron
  4. The Pen or the Sword
  5. China's government poses a 'global threat to human rights'
# 1845
13 Jamada al-Awwal 1441 A.H. - January 12 2020 Issue # 2, Newsletter #1845
  1. What's wrong with Masjid Nur in Ebenezer road
  2. Palestinians Face Barriers to Peaceful Protests
  3. Does Islam Allow Muslim men to Marry non-Muslim women?
  4. Meeting James Yee Former Muslim Chaplain of Guantanamo Bay Prison
  5. Appeal to Protest Against India's Draconian Citizenship Law
# 1844
6 Jamada al-Awwal 1441A.H. - JANUARY 5 2020 Issue # 1, Newsletter #1844
  1. China destroys Muslim graveyards
  2. Gaza divided over future of border protests against Israel
  3. Latest Muslim Political Prisoner Samuel Baptiste
  4. People Consider them BOTH as Evil Forces
  5. Why did Trump do it
  6. Not Right for Imran to Extend Army Chief's Appointment
  7. Within US Military Praying or Preying
  8. Inside the U.S. military's raid against its own security guards that left dozens of Afghan children dead
# 1843
29 Rabie' al-Thani 1441 A.H. - December 29 2019 Issue # 52, Newsletter #1843
  1. Why study Hadith
  2. Institutional Racism
  3. Pakistan military officer reveals insider info on General Musharraf
  4. 11 Children Among Israel's latest Victims
  5. Anti Muslim Groups Ganging Up
  6. Why is Ibn Tymiyyah so Important for the Resurgence of Islam
  7. Imran Khan Regime Failure in All aspects
  8. India Under Modi Baring its Hidden Racism
  9. Maulana Maudoodi's son made questionable statements
# 1842
22 Rabi' al Thani 1441 A.H. - December 22 2019 Issue # 51, Newsletter #1842
  1. General Musharraf sentenced to death for Treason but...
  2. 85th Friday Rally Against Occupation of Palestine
  3. Prisoner of the Month Samuel Baptiste
  4. Gambia One Barrel Of Supplies Sent
  5. Post 9.11 Persecution left the US Muslims Leaderless: New Leaders are required
  6. Saudis 'blackmailed' Imran over Malaysia summit claims Erdogan
  7. Saudi Land Grab
  8. Historic Rally for Kashmir in Islamabad
# 1841
15 Rabi' al-Thani 1441 A.H. - December 15 2019 Issue # 50, Newsletter #1841
  1. New Trend's Web Site doing well
  2. Interesting Dialogue Between Two New Trend Activists
  3. Dozens of Gazan families prepared to resume the Great March of Return
  4. India
  5. Islam is winning Globally
  6. Planned Attacks on Islamic Students
  7. Morningside Murder
  8. Soccer star Mesut Özil under fire in China for criticizing Muslim detention camps
# 1840
8 Rabi' al-Thani 1441 A.H. - December 8 2019 Issue # 49, Newsletter #1840
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Abingdon MD & Brooklyn NY
  2. Surge of Readership on Facebook for New Trend
  3. After a 3 week pause the Great March of Return begins again
  4. Reader Objects to JI's report on Imran Khan
  5. A look at a King Planted in Jordan
  6. Message to America from Qaid-e-Azam Jinnah Explaining the Origins of Pakistan
  7. Large Rally for Kashmir
  8. Muslim Family Files Complaint Against Bay Ridge Public School
  9. Demolition of the Biggest Idol of our Times
# 1839
1 Rabi' al-Thani 1441 A.H. - December 1 2019 Issue # 48, Newsletter #1839
  1. Don't Rush Prayers
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Facebook page posted the November 24th issue of New Trend
  3. Reader objects to another reader's Comment on Ilhan Omar
  5. What Should US Muslims do in these Dire Circumstances?
  6. Pinpointing Imran Regime's Failures
  8. TikTok lifts ban on US teen who criticized China's treatment of Muslims
  9. Thousands participate in Palestinian 'Day of Rage' against US , Israel
  10. Petain the Hero and the Traitor
# 1838
23 Rabi' al-Awwal 1441 A.H. - November 24 2019 Issue # 47, Newsletter #1838
  1. Gaza Cancels Protests for Second Week in a Row
  2. During a break in the rain, a Jamaat al-Muslimeen 5-page document was given to 26 Muslims after Juma'
  3. Syrian Man Opens Shawarma Restaurant in Islamabad
  4. Does Islam offer a third view which could be for peace and unity
  5. Pakistani Rallies Support Ilyas who jumped Qur'an Burning Norwegian Extremist
  6. Marriyum Aurangzeb Challenges Imran Khan
  7. Tourism not right for Pakistan
  8. China Is Using Artificial Intelligence on Its Uighur Muslim Population
  9. The following points about Dua were presented at the Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen International by Sis. Kristi
# 1837
16 Rabi' al-Awwal 1441 A.H. - November 17 2019 Issue # 46, Newsletter #1837
  1. Many Paradises
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Document to 75
  3. Leaked China documents reveal 'no mercy' policy towards Uighur Muslims
  5. Maulana Fazlur Rahman Trying Peaceful Means to Remove Regime
  6. JI Report
  7. Israel has carried out fresh strikes on targets in Gaza as militants there stepped up rocket attacks following the killing of one of its leaders
  8. The Ummah is bleeding around the world
# 1836
11 Rabi al-awwal 1441 A.H. - November 10 2019 Issue # 45, Newsletter #1836
  1. Sensitive Document given to 50 Muslims
  2. India's Supreme Court Supports Takeover of Historic Mosque
  3. JI says Government has Surrendered Kashmir
  4. Maulana Fazlur Rahman Smashed the Claims of the Imran Khan Regime
# 1835
4 Rabi' al-Awwal 1441 A.H. - November 3 2019 Issue # 44, Newsletter #1835
  1. The Blessing of Paying a Debt even when the Debtor shows no mercy
  2. Islamic Call Society
  3. Muslims Denied Rights in their Own Country
  4. Case of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
  5. JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman
  6. Prison Inmates on the Front Lines Battling California Wildfires being paid $3 a day
  7. CHINA: Over 1 million in concentration camps
# 1834
27 Safar 1441 A.H. - October 27 2019 Issue # 43, Newsletter #1834
  1. Israeli army injures 77 Palestinians
  2. Facebook stats for October 20 issue
  3. Masjid Rahma Baltimore County
  5. Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl
  6. Massive Rally for Kashmir in Gujrat
  7. Muslim woman who escaped from a state "re-education" camp in China
  8. Single shooter
  9. Barisha's mysterious night
# 1833
20 Safar 1441 A.H. - October 20 2019 Issue # 42, Newsletter #1833
  1. Shoora on November 9
  2. Palestinians in Gaza protest for 79th Friday
  3. Elijah Cummings
  4. Parents in Georgia Protesting Against Homo "trans" bathrooms
  5. Regime Reacting Strongly to Maulana Fazalur Rahman
  6. Weak rulers and political instability in Pakistan
  7. China's Concentration Camp Survivors Are Speaking Out About Rape And Forced Abortions And Sterilization
# 1832
13 Safar 1441 A.H. - October 13 2019 Issue # 41, Newsletter #1832
  1. Gazans question mass border protests
  2. White Marsh Maryland
  3. US imposes China visa restrictions over Uighur issue
  4. Even in a Muslim majority, non-Muslim prejudice is Rampant
  5. Does Islam Teach the Wife to Obey
  6. Trying to overthow Imran Khan by Peaceful Means
  7. Big Increases in Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  8. Kashmir Civil Disobedience
  9. Soviet Russia's Persecution of Latvia Alexander V. Berkis - Institute for Historical Review
  10. Benefits of Saying 'As Salaam Alaikum'
# 1831
6 Safar 1441 A.H. - October 6 2019 Issue # 40, Newsletter #1831
  1. Pompeo blasts China over Uighur Muslims during Vatican visit
  2. Israeli soldiers in Jabalia
  3. Thousands Begin 'Freedom March' in Pakistan-Held Kashmir Toward Disputed Border With India
  4. Are those fighting against Iran, Russia and NATO, khawarij?
  5. Maulana Fazlur Rahman Threatening the Regime of Imran Khan
  6. The Indian War on Muslims
  7. Saudi Arabia and Iran are not What they used to be
# 1830
29 Muharram 1441 A.H. - September 29 2019 Issue # 39, Newsletter #1830
  1. Palestinians rally for 76th consecutive Friday in Gaza
  2. Several important stories this week about the Muslims in China
  3. Sources of Funds for Muslims from Repetitive Hajj. Prof. Akintola notes why Muslim Institutions are in Bad Shape
  4. Imran Khan's Speech at the UN included Serious Errors
  5. UN has Failed Both Kashmir and Palestine
  6. Turkey & Malaysia Thanked for Kashmir Support
  7. U.N. Protest Against Modi
  8. Special Aspect of 5k run/walk for Gaza
# 1829
22 Muharram 1441 A.H. - September 22 2019 Issue # 38, Newsletter #1829
  1. Footage shows Hundreds of Muslims shackled and blindfolded
  2. Palestinians rally for 75th consecutive Friday in Gaza
  3. Surprise for Sissi
  4. Stopping the Violence in South Africa
  5. What's wrong with saying "Islam is a religion of Peace?"
  6. Kashmir is World's biggest Prison after 47 days of Curfew
  7. Mugabe memorial in Harlem
  8. September 22: Maulana Maudoodi's Anniversary
# 1828
15 Muharram 1441 A.H. - September 15 2019 Issue # 37, Newsletter #1828
  1. Bill to Counteract China's Persecution of Uyghur Muslims Unanimously Passes in US Senate
  2. Tariq Ramadan Counters Accusations Big Time
  3. Hater Modi Coming to USA. Call for Protests in New York and Houston
  4. Surprise Visit by Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activists
  5. Defying international law, Israeli forces injure 30 journalists during the Gaza border protests, revealing further human rights violations against Palestinians in the occupied territories
  6. Fraudsters, many Nigerian, arrested in one of the biggest scam cases in U.S. history
  7. Is there any truth in the Story of Ghadeer Khum?
  8. Huge Rally Blasts Imran's Failure
  9. Why the US and its allies recruit Muslim groups to help them identify Islamic fighters
  10. Afghan Artists Paint Tulips Murals To Honor War Victims
  11. Americans Spent Nearly $150 Billion on Illegal Drugs In 2016
8 Muharram 1441 A.H. - September 8 2019 Issue # 36, Newsletter #1827
  1. Video Inside Muslim Internment Camps
  2. Apple says China's Uighur Muslims were targeted in the recent iPhone hacking campaign
  3. Israeli troops kill Gaza teens during border protests
  4. Imam Speaks on Muslim Rights after Demolition of Mosque by Secularized Christians
  5. Horrific Oppression of Women in South Africa
  6. Pakistani Military Undermining Independence of Islamic Schools
  7. Labor Day Weekend in Chicago 41 shot including 7 killed
  8. Robert Mugabe
  9. Heritage of Culture or Real Islam
# 1826
1 Mohurram 1441 A.H. - September 1 2019 Issue # 35, Newsletter #1826
  1. CHINA
  2. Palestinians flock to Gaza fence for fresh protests
  3. Intolerance in a Secularized Port Harcourt
  4. Advice to ISNA on what is Islamic and what is UnIslamic
  5. Massive Karachi Crowd Supports Kashmir
  6. Appeal for help for Palestine
  7. Mass Shooting in Texas
  8. Refutation of Seven Slanders Against Islam
# 1825
24 Zulhijjah 1440 A.H. - August 25 2019 Issue # 34, Newsletter #1825
  1. Thanks go to Br. Abu Talib for helping orphans have Qurbani on Eid
  2. Kashmir
  3. Islamic Call Society
  4. Fatwas or Islamic Rulings
  5. Did Trump & Modi Conspire Against Imran Khan?
  6. How Kaepernick's Peaceful Anti-Police- Brutality Protests were Sidelined
  7. Warning to my Muslim family on Fake Leaders
# 1824
17 Zulhijjah 1440 A.H. - August 18 2019 Issue # 33, Newsletter #1824
  1. Uighur Muslim women are being sterilised at internment camps for ethnic and religious minorities in China
  2. Large Friday Crowd
  3. Br. Abu Talib reports
  4. At least 63 Palestinians were injured on Friday afternoon during clashes with Israeli soldiers in eastern Gaza Strip
  5. Why do Muslim Minorities Suffer so Much and no one helps Them
  6. Maulana Abdul Aziz calls for Jihad in Kashmir
  7. 11 Days of curfew in Kashmir did not break Resistance
  8. The Continued Deliberate Effort to Bombard African-American and Children's Programming with Queer [lgbtq] Characters
  9. Hindus with Multiple gods Persecute Christians
  10. Canada should protect its citizens against threats from Egyptian regime
# 1823
10 Zulhijja 1440 A.H. - August 11 2019 Issue # 32, Newsletter #1823
  1. Israeli soldiers shot dead four Palestinians near the Gaza border fence on Saturday.
  2. Brother Islamulhaque died on August 7 2019 and was buried at Masjid Hanfia in Bradford England
  3. Inside Story of Zakzaky from his blood brother.
  4. Two Khutbas
  5. Massive Protest at Indian Embassy Thousands of women too were there
  6. Mysterious Suicide of One of America's Richest Zionists
  7. Eid Mubarak to our Muslim Brothers and Sisters around the world!
# 1822
3 Zulhijjah 1440 A.H. - August 4 2019 Issue # 31, Newsletter #1822
  1. Objection to New Trend's article on Shia leader and New Trend's response
  2. Latest on Imam Jamil
  3. Imran Khan's Move against Media
  4. Gazans flock to fence for 69th week of protests
  5. Bangladesh: United Pakistan is still Possible
  6. A Prominent Teacher of Islam
  7. Yazidi Woman Awarded Not-So-Nobel Prize
# 1821
25 Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah 1440 A.H. - July 28 2019 Issue # 30, Newsletter #1821
  1. The world knows what is happening to the Uighurs
  2. 39 demonstrators shot with live ammunition
  3. Nigeria's Shia Group has a Brutal history
  4. Relevance of Ibn Taymiyyah to our times
  5. Meeting Trump will not Solve Pakistan's Problems
  6. Renting in America
  7. Muslims helphing Orphans in Haiti
# 1820
18 Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah 1440 A.H. - July 21 2019 Issue # 29, Newsletter #1820
  1. Islamic Call Society
  2. Strange Happenings in Pakistan-US relations
  3. Israeli Forces Wound over 40 Palestinian Protesters in Gaza
  4. Why are we criticizing Sufiism?
  5. Huge Crowd in Rawalpindi. Mass Prayer gathering in Lahore.
  6. Not all Christians Salute the Flag or Bow to the National Anthem because it is viewed as a form of worship of the State, instead of God.
  7. Millions of Muslims in Concentration Camps
  8. Imam Abdullah who saved Hundreds of Christians
  9. They eat the fruits of Paradise
# 1819
11 Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah 1440 A.H. - July 14 2019 Issue # 28, Newsletter #1819
  1. Detention Centers for Muslims Under the label of "Bangladeshi Nationals"
  2. The Chinese Concentration Camps No One is Talking About
  3. Palestinians Rally again at Gaza border: Israel fires Again on Unarmed Protestors
  4. Calls for For Release of Shia leader
  5. Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Shoora
  6. We condole with the people of Swat on the passing away of their Spiritual Leader, Sufi Muhammad.
  7. ACLU Response to countrywide Anti-Immigrant Sweep
  8. Tracing the Racist System within Housing
  9. Massive, Peaceful, Jamat e Islami rally in Multan.
# 1818
4 Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah 1440 A.H. - July 7 2019 Issue # 27, Newsletter #1818
  1. CHINA Erdogan's Big Let Down
  2. This was why the Muslim world needed Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Kathir, Ibn Abdul Wahhab, Shah Waliullah, Iqbal, Maudoodi and Syed Qutb.
  3. Imran's Sacrifices
  4. Towards Understanding Terrorism in Canada
  5. Not all Christians support Israel
# 1817
26 Shawwal 1440 A.H. - June 30 2019 Issue # 26, Newsletter #1817
  1. The West's Disgraceful Silence on the Death of Morsi
  2. The Rising Tide of Hate in India
  3. Female Suffering in USA
  4. Abortion:What does Islam say
  5. Biggest Mass Rally in Karachi's History
  6. Bangladesh's mainstream pupils more radical than Islamic school graduates
# 1816
19 Shawwal 1440 A.H. - June 23 2019 Issue # 25, Newsletter #1816
  1. Masjid Fatima 5-page Document to 82 Muslims
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora will be held InshaAllah on July 13 2019 in Baltimore
  3. After Modi Victory India more Violent
  5. The Real Reason Why President Morsi was murdered
  6. Huge Procession in Faisalabad for People's Rights
  7. Guru of Self-Help Cult Convicted in Lurid Sex-trafficking Case
# 1815
12 Shawwal 1440 A.H. - June 16 2019 Issue # 24, Newsletter #1815
  1. ICNA: No Issue except Collection of Funds
  2. June 9 issue of New Trend reached 140471 people through Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  3. Warnings of Effort to 'Maneuver the US Into a War'
  4. Sufism Has Undermined the Islamic Message by Emphasizing Intercessors
  5. Polite but Rigorous Critique of Imran Khan Regime
  6. Huge Jamaat e Islami rally Against Rising Prices and Imran Khan's Surrender to IMF
  7. Albert Einstein: Time Magazine's Undeserving Person of the Century
# 1814
5 Shawwal 1440 A.H. - June 9 2019 Issue # 23, Newsletter #1814
  1. National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen is scheduled to be held in July in Balitmore MD
  2. The Immobility of the Muslim World
  3. Israeli & Hindu brutalities Continued
  4. Pakistan's horrible Secret War against its own people
# 1813
28 Ramadan 1440 A.H. - June 2 2019 Issue # 22, Newsletter #1813
  1. May 31 Washington DC Islamic Center
  2. After a million barrels of Iran Oil reached Assad US blew up next shipment three oil tankers crossing river
  4. Repentance is Genuine only when it changes behavior
  5. Betrayal of Kashmir
  6. Pro and anti-abortion groups are clashing in USA
  7. Major War Crimes Against Muslims in Biggest Arab Country and it not News though Reported by American watch dog
# 1812
22 Ramadan 1440 A.H. - May 26 2019 Issue # 21, Newsletter #1812
  1. Unusual Iftar in Baltimore Focus on Imam Jamil
  2. Response to Modi's Election from Indian Muslims in America
  3. Sly Attempt to Slant Children's Minds
  4. Saudi Crown Prince Ready to Execute three top Islamic scholars
  5. Looming War and Kashmir
  6. Islamic Revolution Began on the Night of Power
  7. Calamity of Internal Occupation in the Muslim World
# 1811
14 Ramadan 1440 A.H. - May 19 2019 Issue # 20, Newsletter #1811
  1. Rejection of Support for Israel
  2. Great Africanist who unites African Diaspora
  3. Military Admits Islamic State Resurgence
  4. Chrisianity on retreat vs LGBTq
  6. What makes Islam different from other Religions
  7. Government is Incompetent and sold out to IMF
  8. Boston Globe urged to Publish letter on Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Would not Publish it
# 1810
7 Ramadan 1440 A.H. - May 12 2019 Issue # 19, Newsletter #1810
  1. Baltimore County Masjid Rahma
  2. Translation of Qur'an into Japanese
  3. One killed 30 injured as Israelis fire at Unarmed Demonstrators
  4. The Poor & Needy Look Forward to Ramadan
  5. Battle of Badr
  6. Jamaate Islami chides both Military and Civil leadership
  7. America's Muslims can Make the Difference
  8. The Global Terrorism against the Muslims & the Consequence
# 1809
30 Sh'aban 1440 A.H. - May 5 2019 Issue # 18, Newsletter #1809
  1. Pakistani Americans given 5-page Document
  2. Bosnia Ottoman Era Mosque Re-emerges May 3
  3. Four Palestinians killed and 51 Injured during weekly protest
  5. What is it that we often forget in Ramadan
  6. Pakistan in the Army's Death Grip
  7. Pig 'Ebola' Virus that started with a few dozen dead pigs in northeastern China is sending shock waves through the global food chain
  8. Nadrat's Unusual way of "Speaking" for Unknown Causes
  9. Mauri Saalakhan leading Activist for Human Rights
  10. UAE Arabs Doing Idol Worship
# 1808
23 Sha'ban 1440 A.H. - April 28 2019 Issue # 17, Newsletter #1808
  2. Deep Sickness in the Church
  3. Major attempt to create Muslim-Christian Conflict.
  4. Siraj Criticizes Military Courts and World Bank
# 1807
16 Sha'ban 1440 A.H. - April 21 2019 Issue # 16, Newsletter #1807
  1. Israel Supporters raging over Gaza Conference
  2. American Muslimah on Mission of Charity and Peace in Ethiopia
  4. Muslims must Defend their Mosques and Unite against aggression and Oppression
  5. Imran government following IMF/World Bank Agenda
  6. Concentration Camps for Muslims in China's Turkistan Province
  7. Running for Aafia
# 1806
9 Shaban 1440 A.H. - April 14 2019 Issue # 15, Newsletter #1806
  1. 54th Friday Rally to Free Palestine
  2. BDS: Secularist Movement against Israel doing well
  4. Visiting a Christian Program for Kenya
  5. Collapse of Imran Khan's Policies
  6. Alexandria Ocasio says Ms. Omar's life is in danger
  7. Assange Arrested, Manning in prison, Snowden in Exile
# 1805
2 Shaban 1440 A.H. - April 7 2019 Issue # 14, Newsletter #1805
  1. Upward Surge of Prices Hitting Pakistani people
  2. Indirect Opposition to Israeli Narrative
  3. Muslims came out in support of Ughyars in China
  4. Behind the Support for Israel
# 1804
24 Rajab 1440 A.H. - March 31 2019 Issue # 13, Newsletter #1804
  1. The Great Right of Return
  2. Aafia Siddiqui's Shameful Imprisonment Continues
  3. To be a Muslim, acceptance of Hadith is Essential.
  4. Imran Khan's 8 Months of failure
  5. Colonization of the Muslim Mind & the Ideological Surrender
# 1803
17 Rajab 1440 A.H. - March 24 2019 Issue # 12, Newsletter #1803
  1. Ethiopia Condolences & Feeding the Needy
  2. No to Israel
  3. EL- RUFAI
  4. New Zealand Massacre
  5. Serious Criticism of Imran regime on Israel
  7. Only JI can save Pakistan
# 1802
10 Rajab 1440 A.H. - March 17 2019 Issue # 11, Newsletter #1802
  1. Prayers for New Zealand Jamaat document given
  2. Pakistan - Iran Border Operation
  3. New Trend thanks Br. Mauri Saalakhan
  4. How was the World's Biggest Hoax Concocted
  5. Much Worse Treatment of Muslims
  6. JI says Security of Muslims Worldwide in Danger
  7. Nationwide College Admissions Scandal Reveals Widespread Bribery
  8. The Eruption of Corruption
# 1801
3 Rajab 1440 A.H. - March 10 2019 Issue # 10, Newsletter #1801
  1. Thomas Serres on Algeria's Protests
  2. Ethiopia Jamaat al-Muslimeen feeding the needy
  3. BBC Lacks Authenticity in reporting on armed Islamic groups
  4. Oppressed, Helpless Person hits those within his own Family
  5. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft's prostitution charges were part of a large-scale human-trafficking and prostitution ring in Florida
  6. How to understand the Qur'an
# 1800
27 Jamada al-Thani 1440 A.H. - March 3 2019 Issue # 9, Newsletter #1800
  1. Counter how Enemies of Islam divide us by using Fake Terminology
  2. Releasing the Captured Indian Pilot was a blunder by Imran Khan
# 1799
20 Jamada al-Thani 1440 A.H. - February 24 2019 Issue # 8, Newsletter #1799
  1. Pakistani move
  2. US Air Force Comes up Against a force which cannot be defeated: The Faith of Islamic women.
  3. Jamaate Islami wants Peaceful Means to liberate Kashmir
  4. Nike stock market value plunges by $1.1bn after basketball star Zion Williamson's shoe breaks
  5. Betrayal of Islam & Muslims by the Leaders
# 1798
13 Jamada al-Thani 1440 A.H. - February 17 2019 Issue # 7, Newsletter #1798
  1. About Maulana Rizvi
  2. Masses Rally against anti-Islam
  4. Saudi Crown Prince
  5. Islamic Leader Warns India Brutalities in Kashmir could lead to Deadly War
  6. Dr Siddique Visits Prison in Jessup Maryland
# 1797
6 Jamada al-Thani 1440 A.H. - February 10 2019 Issue # 6, Newsletter #1797
  1. Washington DC's main Mosque
  2. The Pope and Shaikh of al-Azhar in UAE. Egypt's President Forgotten
  3. Bangladesh Elections Big Fraud
  4. Role of the Christian Association
  5. Sura al-Balad: The Islamic Message on Slavery
  6. Steady Decline of the Imran Khan regime
  7. Analysis of Baltimore Uprisiing 2015
  8. First Muslim Country Opposing China's Horrific tyranny against Muslims
# 1796
28 Jamada al-Awwal 1440 A.H. - February 3 2019 Issue # 5, Newsletter #1796
  1. The Bitter Cold: Hell Fire Taking a Breath
  2. Maulana Khadim Hussain Rizvi Debunks Court's acquittal of Blasphemer
  3. Peaceful Resistance Continues Despite Huge Losses
  4. Complete shutdown observed on Narendra Modi's visit
  5. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Representative arrives to help Needy families with Children
  6. Why did Dr. Martin Luther King Fail?
  7. Raw Facts about Suffering of Pakistani peopleRaw Facts about Suffering of Pakistani people
  8. Boeing Tests Military Weapon of Modern Warfare
  9. Exploitation of Women by Arabs under Cover of a "Fatwa" which Violates Islam & is Racist
  10. Your Place in Paradise or Hell?
# 1795
21 Jamada al Awwal 1440 A.H. - January 27 2019 Issue # 4, Newsletter #1795
  1. International Crowd Celebrates Cuban Revolution's 60th Anniversary
  2. Obituary of Great Convert to Islam who helped Nigeria
  3. Denying Shoora & Independence to USA's Muslims
  4. Mass prayer Gathering in Lahore
  5. Israeli settlers kill Palestinian injure nine others near Ramallah
  6. Mistreatment of Black Girls in Binghamton
# 1794
14 Jumada Al-Awwal 1440 A.H. - January 20 2019 Issue # 3, Newsletter #1794
  1. Outreach to African American Muslims
  2. Matrimonial
  3. Haitian Muslim writes he was trapped by an informant
  4. Marzieh Hashemi and Dr Aafia Siddiqi
  5. Police Atrocity near Sahiwal
  6. Massive March for Life Against Abortion
  7. Religious Confusion in Western Nigeria
# 1793
7 Jamada al-Awwal 1440 A.H. - January 13 2019 Issue # 2, Newsletter #1793
  1. China's Latest Move to Destroy Islam
  2. Impressive Distribution of 7-page Jamaat al-Muslimeen Document to 200 Muslims
  3. Bangladesh Elections were Bogus
  4. Does Islam say that the Wife Should Obey the Husband? Why are Marriages under Stress?
  5. Kashmir is a central issue
  6. A joyous meeting with Native American groups celebrating their culture with Pow Wow
# 1792
30 Rabi' al Thani 1440 A.H. - January 6 2019 Issue # 1, Newsletter #1792
  1. Nigerian Women Support Palestine Boycott Israel
  2. Three Evils which are Destroying Civilization in America
  3. Jamaat e Islami criticizes Imran Khan government but wants to give it a chance to do good
  4. Baltimore Muslims run for the Homeless
  5. Power-addict Hasina & Fake Election in Bangladesh
# 1791
23 Rabi' al Thani 1440 A.H. - December 30,2018 Issue # 52, Newsletter #1791
  1. Syed Ali Raza Abidi has been killed in a targeted attack in Karachi
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Tunisia
  4. Islamic Rules for Marriage in America
  5. Plundered Wealth must be Returned
  6. Suffering and Humiliation of a 12 year old boy from Honduras
  7. Mass Rape and Crime by American Troops in World War II France
  8. Admiring Oneself After Doing a Good Deed
# 1790
16 Rabi' al Thani 1440 A.H. - December 23 2018 Issue # 51, Newsletter #1790
  1. Memorization of the Sacred
  2. New Fighting Reported from Iraq
  3. A disaster for the Muslim Establishment in America
  4. Muslims carrying gifts for Christians
  5. Grades and Levels of Faith
# 1789
1 Rabi' al Thani 1440 A.H. - December 16 2018 Issue # 50, Newsletter #1789
  1. New Trend's Web Site
  2. Abusive Attacks on the Prophet
  3. Nigerian Women in Information & Communication Technology
  4. India and Bangla Hindus are the main Obstacle to Unity of Pakistan and Bangladesh
  5. A scholar defending Khadim Hussain Rizvi
  6. Fears of Population Explosion in Pakistan
# 1788
23 Rabi' al Awwal 1440 A.H. - December 9 2018 Issue # 49, Newsletter #1788
  1. Don't Condemn Women enslaved by the American Power Structure
  2. Pakistan should cancel all its DEBT
  3. Imran Khan regime is Violating Human Rights of older People
  4. Young Son of Maulana Rizvi Challenges Imran Khan Regime
# 1787
16 Rabi' al Awwal 1440 A.H. - December 2 2018 Issue # 48, Newsletter #1787
  1. December 1 2018 Resolutions of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Islamic Shoora
  2. Public Association for Educating Orphans and Helping the Needy
  3. Re-Emergence of Jamaate Islami in Bangladesh
  4. Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen Far reaching analysis of Issues
  5. Sikh Pilgrims are welcome but India can't Fool us
  6. Conditions for Sincere Repentance
# 1786
9 Rabi' al Awwal 1440 A.H. - November 25 2018 Issue # 47, Newsletter #1786
  1. Brother Nur Barakah - May Allah (SWT) accept him as Shaheed
  2. Tariq Ramadan released after 9 and half months in French Prison
  3. Love of the Prophet, pbuh, drew him!
  4. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Against men by their Wives
  5. Let us Understand the Failure of Global Organizations and Leadership
  6. Imran Khan regime took Maulana Khadim Hussain Rizvi by surprise
  7. Mexican National who took refuge in a Church for 11 Months Arrested along with Protestors
  8. Shamim Siddiqi Passed Away. Leader of Islamic Da'wah in America.
  9. The Style and Stance of the Prophet, pbuh, in his Khutbas
# 1785
2 Rabi' al Awwal 1440 A.H. - November 18 2018 Issue # 46, Newsletter #1785
  1. New Trend of October 28 reached 20560 people through face book on the Jamaat al-Muslimeen page
  2. Shockers from Pakistan
  3. Marriage amongst Muslim of South/Western Nigeria
  4. Unprecedented Crowds Rally to Oppose Blasphemy and protectors of Blasphemer
  5. Imam Musa Attacked
  6. The Parable of His Light
# 1784
25 Safar 1440 A.H.- November 11 2018 Issue # 45, Newsletter #1784
  1. Somali American Ilham Omar switches to Israel after winning
  2. Live Fire on Shia marchers by military
  3. How they rip off their own people
  4. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora Committee needs your Support
  5. Maryam Aurangzeb speaking for PMLN gave a very precise and critical speech undermining Imran Khan's position
  6. CAIR Supported by 101 American Congressmen
# 1783
18 Safar 1440 A.H.- November 4 2018 Issue # 44, Newsletter #1783
  1. Advice we should Heed when it's given to us
  2. Imam Ali Siddqui
  3. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen December 1
  4. Four Page Jamaat Document Given to 100 Muslims at Masjid Rahma
  5. Erdogan Directly Accuses Saudi regime
  6. The Entire country was closed down after Imran Khan's Threat in Support of Supreme Court Verdict
  7. Huge Rally in Karachi to Honor the Prophet
  8. The Dangers of Online Marriage
# 1782
18 Safar 1440 A.H.- October 28 2018 Issue # 43, Newsletter #1782
  1. Thoughtless Acts can Hurt People
  2. Turkish Hijabi Sis. Khadija [Hatice in Turkish] Declines Trump's Invitation
  3. Was it anti-Jewish or anti-Israel
  4. The Decline and Fall of the Church
  5. Rally for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
  6. Is Kanye leading a new Black Narrative or are these young people lost souls?
  7. Pure Evil: Israel Killed 5 injured 177 Unarmed Palestinians this Friday
  8. On re-Reading Maudoodi. Focus on Allah.
  9. Large numbers of women Joined Impressive Rally for Kashmir
# 1781
11 Safar 1440 A.H.- October 21 2018 Issue # 42, Newsletter #1781
  1. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  2. Helping the Children of Africa
  3. Some New York Mosques Treating Sisters like Animals in Violation of Sunnah
  4. 10,000 Rally Against Israel
  5. Saudi Arabia's Leaders Should be tried by Sharia Court
  6. Withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan can lead to Peace
  7. Most Prestigious Black Cultural Center
# 1780
4 Safar 1440 A.H.- October 14 2018 Issue # 41, Newsletter #1780
  1. Resolve the hatred in your heart so it does not delay your entrance into Paradise
  2. A Muslim General Disappeared
  3. Conspiracy theories, rumors and cult leaders are misleading many Muslims.
  4. Military was Behind Imran Khan
  5. Pakistani Informant helped put US Muslim in prison for 8 Years
# 1779
27 Mohurram 1440 A.H.- October 7 2018 Issue # 40, Newsletter #1779
  1. Avoid Assumptions
  2. Ford waited 36 years
  3. Document on Gaza
  4. Children in Africa Need Help
  5. Nobel Peace Prize indicates Intense hatred Against Islam and Islamic Women
  6. New Government seeking Vendetta
  7. One Woman for Aafia
  8. The Innocence of Abu Zubaydah
# 1778
20 Mohurram 1440 A.H.- September 30 2018 Issue # 39, Newsletter #1778
  1. The Mercy of Allah
  2. A New Masjid Location
  3. Hijab Ban Based on Anti-Arab Bigotry
  4. This country has become so Corrupt that a porno star is challenging the President
  5. PTI Government's Policies are no different from those of the past
  6. Br. Abu Talib in Brooklyn
# 1777
13 Mohurram 1440 A.H.- September 23 2018 Issue # 38, Newsletter #1777
  1. Gaza, Here we Come.
  2. At Masjid Ibrahim in Newark
  3. Dhaka Regime suppressed Student protests
  4. Hidden Facts about Palestine
  5. Victories for Islamic Thought processes
  6. All the Messengers of Allah must be Protected by Enacting International Law
  7. America is Among the Countries Infected by Israeli Spyware
# 1776
6 Mohurram 1440 A.H.- September 16 2018 Issue # 37, Newsletter #1776
  1. Leader of Israeli propaganda killed by 17 year old Palestinian with a knife
  3. Egyptian Myths are used to Divert Attention from the Truth of Islam
  4. 25 Years of Two-Nation Theory was a flop
  5. Re-Emergence of Islam
  6. Mass Wedding Arranged by Islamic Movement to help the needy
  7. Imam Hasan in Ohio prison targeted but Sustained by his faith
  8. The Struggle of a Hijabi Muslimah in a world of Struggle and Darkness
# 1775
28 Zulhijja 1439 A.H.- September 9 2018 Issue # 36, Newsletter #1775
  1. Islamic Family is Important
  3. Baltimore "Stop the Violence Walk" by 200 People
  4. China has placed 1,000,000 Muslims in Camps
  5. Pakistani PM Imran Khan's Double take
  6. Activists disrupt Hindu supremacist conclave in Chicago
# 1774
21 Zulhijja 1439 A.H.- September 2 2018 Issue # 35, Newsletter #1774
  1. Allah is Near
  2. INDIA: A ruling Favorable to Muslims
  3. Canadian Rally for Palestine
  4. Why are there verses about Jews and Christians in the Qur'an?
  5. Accountability for $12 billion
# 1773
14 Zulhijja 1439 A.H.- August 26 2018 Issue # 34, Newsletter #1773
  1. BBC's Sneak Attacks on Islam and Muslims
  2. Eid is Beautiful in Nigeria
  3. Pope Asks for Forgiveness
  4. Jamaate Islami Senses World Powers behind elections
  5. Hijabi Muslimah humiliated
# 1772
7 Zulhijjah 1439 A.H.- August 19 2018 Issue # 33, Newsletter #1772
  1. Free the Slaves. The Message of Islam.
  2. Damaging Conspiracy Theories which Mislead Many Muslims
  3. Admonition to Nigerian Muslim Senate President
  4. Most USA Muslims don't Know that Hajj and Eid al-Adha are Separate and distinct
  5. Jamaate Islami Congratulates Imran Khan
  6. Entire Creation Praises Allah with the Muslim
# 1771
29 Zulq'idah 1439 A.H.- August 12 2018 Issue # 32, Newsletter #1771
  1. Two Forces at Work on the Human
  2. What should Muslims do in these Tumultuous Times
  3. Jamaate Islami Notices International hand behind July 25 elections
  4. Imam in Ohio Prison on Hunger Strike
  5. Dangers of a Personalized Presidency
  6. Unusual Method of Teaching
# 1770
20 Zulq'idah 1439 A.H.- August 3 2018 Issue # 31, Newsletter #1770
  1. Cameroon
  2. Boycott Pro-Israeli Businesses
  3. Soft Targets
  4. Jamaate Islami Leader says Islamic parties got 5.5 Million votes but US agenda is working because of Disunity
  5. Inmates Lives Matter
  6. Advice to Jamaate Islami Pakistan on Election Failure
  7. How Should a Grave be Marked
# 1769
15 Zulqi'dah 1439 A.H.- July 29 2018 Issue # 30, Newsletter #1769
  1. Trump vs Erdogan
  2. Laila Yaghi Grieves over her Innocent Son Ziyad
  3. Why Can't the Islamic Parties Win
  4. Islam is liberating Prisoners even within Prison walls
  5. Justice for Canadian Student Prisoner Momin Khawaja
# 1768
8 Zulqi'dah 1439 A.H.- July 22 2018 Issue # 29, Newsletter #1768
  1. What is our Motive for Praying
  2. Important Document given to 100 Pakistani Americans
  3. Bigotry against Muslims has reached Extremes
  4. Israeli Bullying Continues
  5. Jamaate Islami Leader Raises Serious Concerns about Elections
  6. How a Prominent Ismaili found out that Cult followers consider Agha Khan Incarnation of God
  7. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims are being held in prison camps
  8. Ceremony to Honor Youths in Gambia who have Memorized the entire Qur'an
# 1767
1 Zulqi'dah 1439 A.H.- July 15 2018 Issue # 28, Newsletter #1767
  1. Allah Forgives Sins
  2. Ethiopia & Eritrea Africans making history
  3. Israeli Air Strikes
  4. Safar al-Hawali
  5. Hijab is Blessed but is not to be Imposed by Power
  6. Regime Arrests Nawaz Sharif and Maryam
  7. Abdul Kadir Political Prisoner from Guyana died in US Prison on June 29
  8. Police Clash with Protestors in Chicago after Shooting
  9. Massive Protests in London against Trump
# 1766
23 Shawwal 1439 A.H.- July 8 2018 Issue # 27, Newsletter #1766
  1. Signs of a Hypocrite
  2. Reaching out to Biggest Gathering of African American Converts to Islam
  3. Remembering Karen Silkwood
  4. 772000 Christians have taken Refuge in Islamic Sudan
  5. Stress and Anxiety are major problems in America
  6. Red Mosque assault and Killing of Hijabi women Changed the History of Pakistan
# 1765
16 Shawwal 1439 A.H.- July 1 2018 Issue # 26, Newsletter #1765
  1. Importance of Looking After the Poor and the Widow
  2. Pakistani Elections are Approaching
  3. Plateau killings: Recurring Reprisal Conspiracy theories and Misinformation
  4. Dr. Tariq Ramadan: Target of Anti-Islam Hatred
  5. Most Dangerous Country for Women
  6. Rebuttal of Trump's Travel Ban on Incoming Muslims
  7. Black women have both beauty and brains but 42% of them have never been married
# 1764
9 Shawwal 1439 A.H.- June 24 2018 Issue # 25, Newsletter #1764
  1. What will America be like in a year
  2. Islamic Coalition Ready for Elections
  3. Politics of Appeasement in Bangladesh
  4. The Jinn Too Worship Allah along with good humans like the Prophet, pbuh
# 1763
2 Shawwal 1439 A.H.- June 17 2018 Issue # 24, Newsletter #1763
  1. Record Breaking Distribution of Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  2. Major Move in Support of Dr. Aafia by US Muslims
  3. A new convert reflects on the last 10 days of Ramadan
  4. The Anglicization of Islam
  5. Funny but Shameful Drama of Eid Moon Sighting
  6. Nigerian Army Exposed
  7. Power-addict Hasina
# 1762
25 Ramadan 1439 A.H.- June 10 2018 Issue # 23, Newsletter #1762
  1. The case against Tariq Ramadan
  2. Raqqa was reduced to rubble by US Air Force . Amnesty found out 7 months after New Trend
  3. Big Rally at Israeli Consulate
  4. Khadija Siddiqui, law student, Stabbed 23 times
  5. Pakistani Army Admits that it is working unitedly with USA and the regime in Kabul
  6. 8 Basic Mistakes Muslims make when Paying 'Zakaat Al-Fitr'
  7. Turkish Leader Erdogan Denounces Austrian move against Mosques
# 1761
18 Ramadan 1439 A.H.- June 3 2018 Issue # 22, Newsletter #1761
  1. Powerful Jamaat al-Muslimeen Document given to 100 after Juma
  2. Triple Horror Against Gaza
  3. Negative Role of Major Christian Association
  4. Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Supporters Hold Iftar, Pray for Her Release
  5. Big Prayer Gathering in Lahore
  6. Personal Information on my Aunt
  7. Huge Blessings of Feeding those who are fasting
# 1760
11 Ramadan 1439 A.H.- May 27 2018 Issue # 21, Newsletter #1760
  1. Bangladesh 50 Shot Dead
  2. Greatest Scholars of Islam after the Sahaba
  3. For the First Time Tribal Areas Get their Civil Rights
  4. The Heartfelt Words From the Cogburn Family
  5. Islamic Women Facing Extreme Atrocities
  6. Neglect of three blessings can destroy our inner being
  7. Malcolm X Stood for the Rights of Palestine
# 1759
4 Ramadan 1439 A.H.- May 20 2018 Issue # 20, Newsletter #1759
  1. Armed Hindu Gangsters Entered Iconic Muslim University to Remove Jinnah's Picture
  2. Virtues Of The Month Of Ramadhaan
  3. First Ramadan Khutba
  4. Top Islamic Leader Condemns Israel-US Moves against Muslim World
  5. Lawyer Arrested for Holocaust Dissent in Kansas
  6. Analysis of A Pistol Shot Incident At A Pakistan Minister
# 1758
27 Sha'aban 1439 A.H.- May 13 2018 Issue # 19, Newsletter #1758
  1. Reaching out through facebook
  2. Appeal for Palestine
  3. What is the central message and Purpose of Ramadan
  4. Muslim Youth Leading the way for Gaza & Palestine
  5. The Case of Attorney General Schneiderman
  6. Research for Saudi sisters & all Muslimahs
# 1757
20 Sha'aban 1439 A.H.- May 6 2018 Issue # 18, Newsletter #1757
  1. Masjid Rahma, Baltimore County
  2. Massacring Muslims and then Blaming them
  4. Israel Crushing Unarmed Palestinians rallying in their Own Land
  5. Controlled Media have Played a central Role in Dividing the Muslim ummah
  6. Islamic Solidarity with Workers on May Day
  8. Sighting of the Crescent
  9. A Scholar who Deserves Recognition: Zubair Ali Zai
# 1756
13 Sha'aban 1439 A.H.- April 29 2018 Issue # 17, Newsletter #1756
  1. A couple of photos from the Shoora committee meeting of Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore
  2. Mosques in Lagos
  3. Sects are not allowed in Islam
  4. Islam Protects all Minorities
  5. Hold Fast to the Rope of Allah
# 1755
6 Shaban 1439 A.H.- April 22 2018 Issue # 16, Newsletter #1755
  1. Important Information for Muslims
  2. These Facts can lower the levels of Sectarian Hatred
  3. National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen was in session for 8 and a half hours on April 22 in Baltimore
  4. Millions in Karachi do not have Water & Electricity
  5. Atrocities in Pakistan were Committed by Agents
  6. Maintaining the Silence on Aafia
# 1754
28 Rajab 1439 A.H.- April 15 2018 Issue # 15, Newsletter #1754
  2. Ghastly Crime Against Kashmiri Girl in a Hindu Temple
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora meets on April 22 in Baltimore
  4. Hafez Saeed Challenges India's leader Modi
  5. Kindred Spirits: The Choctaw Nation and Ireland
  6. Hope for Rohingya Muslims from Young Muslims in America
  7. Spend O Son of Adam and I shall spend on you
# 1753
21 Rajab 1439 A.H.- April 8 2018 Issue # 14, Newsletter #1753
  1. We must not Break people just because they lean slightly different than us
  2. Muslims Want the REAL news
  3. Police Murder in Brooklyn, New York . 1000 People Protest.
  4. Muslim Woman Stabbed in Apparant Hate-Driven Roadside Attack
  5. Finality of Prophethood
  6. Two Juma'ahs at the DC Islamic Center
  7. Death toll mounts as Palestinians protest at Gaza border
# 1752
14 Rajab 1439 A.H.- April 1 2018 Issue # 13, Newsletter #1752
  1. We all have a Shaytaan to Battle
  2. 40,000 Muslims were made homeless in Hindu mob attacks
  3. News across Nigerian Muslim Ummah
  4. Israel Is Accelerating Its Annexation of the Palestinian West Bank
  5. Rulers of Muslim Nations are Agents of the West
  6. Marathoner Muslimah Challenges 'Me Too' Movement & US Media
  7. 5th Day of Protests on Police Shooting of Stephon Clark in Sacramento
  8. Uprising in Gaza
# 1751
7 Rajab 1439 A.H.- March 25 2018 Issue # 12, Newsletter #1751
  1. Prominent Activists Supporting Political Prisoners Meet in New York City
  2. Marathon in Support of Aafia Siddiqui
  3. Shaikh Yassin
  4. Pakistan Arrests senior Police officer trying to escape
  5. The Decline and Fall of America
  6. Large Public Gathering in Sialkot addressed by JI Chief Sirajul Haq
  7. The Human Ego is a Major Problem if not Tamed
# 1750
29 Jamada al-Thani 1439 A.H.- March 18 2018 Issue # 11, Newsletter #1750
  1. Newark
  2. Why should a pollice officer be honored in New Trend?
  3. MALI
  4. National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  5. How far are Pakistanis from Islam?
  6. As Little Worldly Accumulation as Possible
# 1749
22 Jamada al-Thani 1439 A.H.- March 11 2018 Issue # 10, Newsletter #1749
  1. News across Nigerian Muslim Ummah
  2. Southern Poverty Law Center
  3. How the secularists demonize Pakistan using Zionist media
  4. Competing Mosques in Harlem
  5. Mashal of Mardan
# 1748
15 Jamada al-Thani 1439 A.H.- March 4 2018 Issue # 9, Newsletter #1748
  1. Outreach in Newark, Delaware
  2. Fake Threat Spreads Fear and Hate
  3. Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin
  4. audacious Mujahideen Attack
  5. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora
  6. Conspiracy Theories Break Muslim Unity
  7. Children in Florida and Children in Palestine
  8. Our Relationship with Allah
# 1747
8 Jamada al-Awwal 1439 A.H.- February 25 2018 Issue # 8, Newsletter #1747
  1. Far-right German politician converts to Islam
  2. An Auschwitz Doctor's Eyewitness Account
  3. The Black Panther Movie
  4. Children in Gambia
  5. What Makes a real Muslim in the example of Muhammad
# 1746
1 Jamada al-Thani 1439 A.H.- February 18 2018 Issue # 7, Newsletter #1746
  1. The Lost Tapes of Malcolm X
  2. Biggest Outreach yet in Virginia Masjid Darul Hijra
  3. Killing School children, again and again and again! What's wrong with America?
  4. Why are many women behaving like
  5. Be Reconciled
# 1745
24 Jamada al-Awwal 1439 A.H.- February 11 2018 Issue # 6, Newsletter # 1745
  1. Reaching out to Pakistani Americans
  2. EGYPT permitted Israel to Attack Islamic State
  3. Two Recently Discovered Asteroids Pass by Earth
  4. Abbas Regime changing Policy on Resistance
  5. Is it okay to attack Islam and Pakistan under Guise of Freedom of Expression?
  6. A Quranic View of Gender and Gender Relations - Women in Leadership
# 1744
17 Jamada al-Awwal 1439 A.H.- February 4 2018 Issue # 5, Newsletter # 1744
  1. Bangladesh
  2. A Look at Ghamidi
  4. Rules for Giving the Message of Islam
  5. Khadim Hussain Rizvi New Face of Islamic Uprising
  6. Major Defeat for Zionists Trying to Suppress Boycott of Israel
  7. Punishment in this World can Purify you for Good in Hereafter
# 1743
10 Jamada al-Awwal 1439 A.H.- January 28 2018 Issue # 4, Newsletter # 1743
  1. New Trend Web Site Statistics for 2017
  2. Ghamidi's Views on Maulana Maudoodi
  3. Serious Al-Qaida Attack in Mali
  4. Qur'an does not Discriminate Against non-Muslim Mothers
  5. Punjab University Incident
  6. Thousands of African Americans moving to Africa Owing to Bigotry in America
# 1742
3 Jamada al-Awwal 1439 A.H.- January 21 2018 Issue # 3, Newsletter # 1742
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Document Distributed
  2. Most of Farah province captured
  3. Israeli Terror
  4. Why is Javed Ahmed Ghamidi rapidly gaining fame and support after leaving Pakistan?
  5. Islamic Response to Crimes against Children
  6. Azaan' a Miracle
# 1741
28 Rabi' al-Thani 1439 A.H.- January 14 2018 Issue # 2, Newsletter # 1741
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen on Facebook
  2. Poison of the Caste System: And Islamic Antidote
  3. Texas man charged with capital murder in adopted daughter's death
  4. When Someone Tells You Who They Are, Believe Them!
  5. What Aga Khan does for the Muslim World
# 1740
21 Rabi' al-Thani 1439 A.H.- January 7 2018 Issue # 1, Newsletter # 1740
  1. New Face of Islamic Pakistan: Khadim Hussain Rizvi
  2. American Women are disenfranchised
  3. Ahed Tamimi, 16 year old Heroine and Leader of Resistance against Israeli and Zionist Oppression
  4. Thousands attend funeral of youth in Pulwama
  5. Pakistan Urged to delink itself from U.S. Policies
  6. Four Aspects of Wisdom and 4 Tests
# 1739
14 Rabi' al-Thani 1439 A.H.- December 31 2017 Issue # 53, Newsletter #1739
  1. The Prophet, pbuh, quashed all Male Excuses for Stopping Female participation in Mosques
  2. Only Faith and Good Deeds matter to Allah, not wealth, power or knowledge
  3. Intense Efforts to Suppress Revisionism
  4. Pakistan's Major Tragedies Remain Unsolved
  5. This was part of the effort to defeat hard Core Christian leader
  6. Good Deeds
# 1738
7 Rabi' al-Thani 1439 A.H.- December 24 2017 Issue # 52, Newsletter #1738
  1. Charitable Activities are Important for Famiiles
  2. Servants of Muhammad
  3. JI's victory in Khyber by elections
  4. Jamaate Islami Hails Resounding Defeat of Trump in UN General Assembly
  5. Allah's Mercy and Grace are needed to Cross Over into Paradise
# 1737
29 Rabi' al-Awwal 1439 A.H.- December 17, 2017 Issue # 51, Newsletter # 1737
  1. Jerusalem
  3. How to bring Pakistan and Bangladesh closer
  4. Oppression of Uyghur Muslims of East Turkistan
  5. Medical Advantages of Sajda
# 1736
22 Rabi' al-Awwal 1439 A.H.- December 10, 2017 Issue # 50, Newsletter # 1736
  1. Calling on all Muslims to Protest Trump's Statement on Jerusalem
  2. Portraits of Injustice: Daughters of the Holy Land Five
  4. Indian Americans Comment on Hindu Extremism
  5. Russian & Iranian Troops fighting unitedly against Mujahideen
  6. Pakistanis Rise up for Jerusalem Big Time in Every City
  7. All Afghans oppose Trump on Jerusalem
# 1735
15 Rabi al-Awwal 1439 A.H.- Dec 3, 2017 Issue # 49, Newsletter #1735
  1. Resolutions of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora Committee
  2. Finality of Prophethood and big Zionist moves against Islam
  3. Secrets of Success in Personal Relations
# 1734
8 Rabi al-Awwal 1439 A.H.- November 26, 2017 Issue # 48, Newsletter # 1734
  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Taliban Categorically Reject Canadian ex-hostages claims
  3. Is only ONE mosque worth crying for
  4. Who is Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi
  5. Jamaate Islami Condemns Police Operation Against Protestors in Islamabad
  6. Movies New Trend Recommends
# 1733
1 Rabi al-Awwal 1439 A.H.- November 19, 2017 Issue # 47, Newsletter # 1733
  1. Risky Outreach in Newark, Delaware
  2. Palestinians forced to demolish Own Homes
  3. LGBT No but ....
  4. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora Coming up on December 2
  5. Regime Threatening to use force against protestors who have occupied central Islamabad
  6. Women are standing up for Roy Moore
  7. Do you Stop Speaking to your brother/sister for more than three days
  8. Sneak Attack on Free Speech
  9. Why is Independent Arakan So Crucial
# 1732
23 Safar 1439 A.H.- November 12, 2017 Issue # 46, Newsletter # 1732
  1. Shaykh Faisal
  2. National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen December 2
  3. New Trend report on ONE year old Trump presidency
  4. Khadim Hussain, New Islamic Movement leader, calls on Muslims to liberate Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
  5. Christian Leader, Senate Candidate, Roy Moore, is being targeted big time by Zionist and pro-Homo groups
  6. Overseas Kashmiris rally at site of Berlin Wall
  7. Self-Purification is the Key to Guidance
# 1731
16 Safar 1439 A.H.- November 5, 2017 Issue # 45, Newsletter #1731
  1. The Balfour Declaration: The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  2. Does Allah forgive Hypocrites?
  3. Why is ex-PM Nawaz Sharif not Arrested?
  4. Officers Should be required to Identify Themselves and to Explain the Incident.
# 1730
9 Safar 1439 A.H.- October 29, 2017 Issue # 44, Newsletter # 1730
  1. Br. Zaheer Bawany Distinguished Servant of Allah and Activist supporter of New Trend passed away
  2. 5 Kilometer Walk/race for refugees and homeless Women
  3. Focus on Gaza and Syria
  4. Children in Gambia
  5. Jamaate Islami shows it has support even in Lahore
  6. Protecting Cows: Killing Muslim!
  7. The three essentials of Civilization
# 1729
2 Safar 1439 A.H.- October 22, 2017 Issue # 43, Newsletter # 1729
  1. A Khutba on Prayer and Some Thoughts
  2. National Shoora: Why is it essential?
  3. President Carter Offers to go to North Korea
  4. Horrific incidents are happening in Pakistan indicating deep hatred
# 1728
25 Mohurram 1439 A.H.- October 15, 2017 Issue # 42, Newsletter # 1728
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's next National Shoora meeting will be held on November 18
  2. The best are treated as if they are the Worst
  3. Very large gathering in Mansehra
  4. Even the Most Peaceful Dissent is Opposed
  5. Muslim Women beat back Latest Army attack
# 1727
18 Mohurram 1439 A.H.- October 9, 2017 Issue # 41, Newsletter # 1727
  1. The Inner Causes of Illness
  2. Helping Orphans in Gambia
  3. Sudanese Prisoner Died in Prison
  4. Why is Nouman Ali Khan under Attack by ISNA supporters and Imam Magid et al?
  5. The Ongoing Tragedies in America Could be Warnings from Allah
  6. Las Vegas
  7. Jamaate Islami says Pakistan is Incomplete without Kashmir
# 1726
11 Mohurram 1439 A.H.- October 1, 2017 Issue # 40, Newsletter # 1726
  1. Helping the Storm Stricken & Ignored People of Dominica
  2. Maulana Maudoodi's Complaint
  3. Why is Shiaism the main force against the Global Unity of Islam?
  4. Three Israelis and a Palestinian Killed
  5. It is the sensitive who stand for the oppressed, the broken, the voiceless
  6. Plundered Wealth has to be brought back
# 1725
4 Mohurram, 1439 A.H.- September 24, 2017 Issue # 39, Newsletter # 1725
  1. How to treat Late comers to Juma' Salat?
  2. America's Inability to deal with Evil within Itself
  3. Journalist & his Daughter Opposing Assad murdered in Turkey
  4. Shaikh Faisal has been arrested
  5. Shameful Atrocities against Shaikh Zakzaky and his Family
  6. Muslims Run for Gaza
  7. So called Salafi Da'wah is externalizing Islam and killing its Spirit
  8. Kneeling in Peaceful Protest
# 1724
26 Zulhijja, 1438 A.H.- Sept. 17, 2017 Issue # 38, Newsletter # 1724
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen document was given to 90 Muslims
  2. 5k Walk was held in Washington DC for children in Gaza
  3. Are you aware that most of the population of Africa is Muslim
  4. Third Day of Protests against Police
  5. Saudi Arabia Should be helping Rohingya Muslims
  6. Muslims and the Internet
  7. Guidance in Treating Afflictions in these Troubled Times
# 1723
19 Zulhijja, 1438 A.H.- Sept. 10, 2017 Issue # 37, Newsletter # 1723
  1. Influence of Evil is growing
  2. Crimes Against Women are Common
  3. Buddhist Brutality Beyond Limits
  4. Racial Attitudes in Trying to Please the Oppressors
  5. The Earth Trembles - The Heavens have Darkened
  6. The lessons we should have learned from Sacrifice on Eid al-Adha
# 1722
12 Zulhijja, 1438 A.H.- Sept. 3, 2017 Issue # 36, Newsletter # 1722
  1. How the Crafty Mullahs of Iran were Fooled by Bashar Assad & America
  2. Al-Shabab Temporarily Captured US-backed Military Base
  3. Massacres and Air Strikes on Islam's holiest day
  4. Islamic Voice from Atlanta Protests Muslim shop keepers who sell haram items
  5. Genocidal Cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims and the Cowardly Silence of the Muslim World
  6. My thoughts on the Recent Eclipse
# 1721
5 Zulhijja, 1438 A.H.- August 27, 2017 Issue # 35, Newsletter # 1721
  1. Prominent & Distinguished Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal , Arrested in Jamaica.
  2. Mujahideen emerge from among Rohingya Muslims Brutalized by Buddhists
  3. She Lives in a Cave with 14 Siblings
  4. African Woman Founded Makka
  5. Hurricane Harvey and 30 inches of Rain
  6. Kashmiris in America Speak out on Changing Situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir
# 1720
29 Zulqi'dah, 1438 A.H.- August 20, 2017 Issue # 34, Newsletter # 1720
  1. Allah Does not Accept Prayers of those who Practice Slavery
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges Muslims to do Zabiha [Qurbani] in Africa
  3. Male Orientation towards Women in America
  4. Why the Black Community will take it no longer
  5. Christians in Iraq
  6. Quetta: Hundreds Join Jamaate Islami
# 1719
21 Zulqid'ah 1438 A.H.- August 13, 2017 Issue # 33, Newsletter # 1719
  1. Health, Spirituality, Vitality Taught by Islam
  2. Mujahideen Defy Pakistan Army Operations. Attacks across the country.
  3. Information which Major Media are Hiding from the Public
  4. Palestinians are not Anti-Semitic
  5. The entire country is in turmoil after 2 Indian troops and 3 mujahideen were killed in a clash
  6. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Capital City Revisited
  7. Comments on University of Virginia Clashes
  8. Racial Conflict Emerging at dangerous level
  9. Pakistan Must Purify Itself
# 1718
14 Zulqidah 1438 A.H.- August 6, 2017 Issue # 32, Newsletter # 1718
  1. Mosque Hit
  2. Yazidi Leader Visits 'Israel.'
  3. New Trend Needs your Support
  4. Bring Rulers flying high down on earth for corruption
  5. Looks like a Homo Murder and Mutilation
  6. Does Kaepernick Deserve Such Treatment?
  7. If you Help the Ummah, Allah will help you.
# 1717
7 Zulqi'dah 1438 A.H.- July 30, 2017 Issue # 31, Newsletter # 1717
  1. 100th Anniversary of SIlent March
  2. Black Female Judge's Death Ruled A Suicide
  3. Highlighting the Oppression of Muslims in Cameroon
  4. Turkey and Palestine. Widespread Rallies for al-Aqsa
  5. Nigeria Blood Bath
  6. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Removed by Supreme Court on Corruption Charges
  7. How is it possible for us to gain 'Al-Khushoo' (Humility) in and outside of the prayer and during recitation of the 'Quran' ?
# 1716
29 Shawwal 1438 A.H.- July 23, 2017 Issue # 30, Newsletter # 1716
  1. It All Comes Down to This
  2. Turkey Uncovers US/French army bases in Syria
  3. Inside Report on Cameroon
  4. Israeli Attempt to Take over Masjid al-Aqsa Back fires
  5. Masoud Khan
  6. Mosque in Milwaukee
  7. Most Americans are friendly and Supportive Towards Muslims
  8. Before the assault on the Red Mosque
  9. Extreme Poverty
  10. Fethullah Gulen was first uncovered by New Trend 11 years back
# 1715
22 Shawwal 1438 A.H.- July 16, 2017 Issue # 29, Newsletter # 1715
  1. Huge Show of Support for Erdogan
  2. Canadian Good Samaritan Supports Syrian Refugees
  3. Two Israelis, Three Palestinians killed at al-Aqsa Mosque
  4. Wife Beating Culture in India
  5. Islam can Help America to Defeat the Evils which have Prevailed Here
  6. Background to the Army's Attack On Jamia Hafsa
# 1714
15 Shawwal 1438 A.H.- July 9, 2017 Issue # 28, Newsletter # 1714
  1. Rape in Public
  2. Indian Occupied Kashmir is Under Curfew as the Masses Remember Martyr Burhan Wani
  3. Jared Kushner's Visit to Israel
  4. Sentenced to Life in Prison for a Victimless Crime
  5. Age of Ayesha
  6. Red Mosque: History May Repeat Itself
  7. American Muslims on Face Book
# 1713
8 Shawwal, 1438 A.H.- July 2, 2017 Issue # 27, Newsletter # 1713
  1. 6-Page Document given to 100 Muslims after Juma'
  2. Some Innocent Prisoners Being Quietly Released
  3. What Obama did to Palestine for Israel
  4. Serious Threat Emerging for Pakistan
  5. Iran winning owing to Coordination with both America and Russia
# 1712
1 Shawwal, 1438 A.H.- June 25, 2017 Issue # 26, Newsletter # 1712
  1. Palestine, you will be Free
  2. Masoud Khan
  3. Glimpses of Ramadan
  4. Support from Black Lives Matter
  5. Misuse of Islamic Terminology
  6. How Men are taught to distrust Women
  7. Celebrating Eid with a burning heart
# 1711
23 Ramadan 1438 A.H.- June 18, 2017 Issue # 25, Newsletter # 1711
  1. Six page document given to 100 Muslims at Masjid Fatima
  2. Sex Trafficking of Women has reached Small Town Nebraska big time
  3. Manipulation of People's Minds can lead to Terrorism
  4. Doing Good For the Refugees without Talking Much about it
  5. Arab Leadership Quagmire: Do They Need More Weapons or More Wisdom?
# 1710
16 Ramadan 1438 A.H.- June 11, 2017 Issue # 24, Newsletter # 1710
  1. Hate Groups Failing
  2. What Years of Israeli occupation mean for Children
  3. Charity gets extra reward during Ramadan
  4. Rulers violating women's rights
  5. United Arab Emirates
# 1709
9 Ramadan 1438 A.H.- June 4, 2017 Issue # 23, Newsletter # 1709
  1. Families of the Portland Heroes and the Oregon Community
  2. 250,000 prayed the first Juma of Ramadan at al-Aqsa
  3. African American Muslims very Strong in an area of Baltimore City
  4. Bangladesh: Dhaka Regime's Latest Crime against Humanity
  5. Extensive TV interview on "Civil Discord"
  6. Corruption not only in Ruling Family but many Smaller Fish too
# 1708
2 Ramadan 1438 A.H.- May 28, 2017 Issue # 22, Newsletter # 1708
  1. Most Mistreated Muslim Prisoner in Canada
  2. Pre-Ramadan Message from Jamaat al-Muslimeen at Baltimore's Fanciest Mosque
  3. Complete shutdown being observed in occupied Kashmir
  4. Jamaat e Islami Bangladesh ameer calls to bring missing Aman Azmi and Arman back to their families before Ramadan
  5. America won't be Going back to White Supremacy
  6. 1.5 Million Victims of Human trafficking
  7. Guantanamo Bay: Unjust Institutionalization
# 1707
24 Sha'aban, 1438 A.H.- May 21, 2017 Issue # 21, Newsletter # 1707
  1. Trump in Saudi Arabia
  2. Remembering Malcolm X [al-Hajj Malik Shabazz]
  3. Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen to Discuss Unprecedented Situation facing Muslims of America
  4. Briefing on Minority Rights Violations in India
  5. Focus on Male-Female Unity under Guidance of Taqwa and Sharia
  6. Libya's unending civil war
# 1706
17 Sha'aban, 1438 A.H.- May 14, 2017 Issue # 20, Newsletter # 1705
  1. How do you connect with nature
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's 6-Page
  3. Indian Army Officer Killed
  4. Paradise lies at the feet of the mother
  6. Tribal War Among Christians
  7. Boko Haram: Time to Reveal the Hidden Facts now that the Chibok Girls are Coming out Safe and Sound
  8. 73,000 have Signed this Petition to Investigate Trump's Russian Connection
# 1705
10 Sha'ban, 1438 A.H.- May 7, 2017 Issue # 19, Newsletter #1705
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Islamic Shoora Coming up
  2. 82 Kidnaped Girls Exchanged with Islamic
  3. Petition Urges Famous Boston Band (Aerosmith) to Not Perform in ''Israel''
  4. 16 Year Old Fatima Gives her Life armed only with a Knife
  5. He Violated Probation by Watching IS on CNN
  6. Confessions of an Adult Convert to Islam
  7. Corruption Leaks in Pakistan have uncovered Secularist Ruling Class
# 1704
3 Sha'baan, 1438 A.H.- April 30, 2017 Issue # 18, Newsletter #1704
  1. Info which Does not Reach Most Muslims in America
  2. Surprise, Surprise
  3. Day of Rage in Occupied Palestine
  4. When an adult accepts Islam
  5. Sirajul Haq Says Sharia Can Bring all groups Together
  6. How to Spot Dangerous False News
# 1703
25 Rajab, 1438 A.H.- April 23, 2017 Issue # 17, Newsletter # 1703
  1. Congratulations to Erdogan on Historic Victory
  2. What a Palestinian Mother Said which Fox's Hannity didn't understand
  3. One Activist's Incredible Effort to Support Dr. Aafia
  4. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Should Step Down
  5. Violence against women and random assaults are spreading
# 1702
18 Rajab, 1438 A.H.- April 16, 2017 Issue # 16, Newsletter # 1702
  1. Knife attack
  2. Japanese Occupation of China
  3. Extensive report about the destruction of Africa
  4. The Mardan Incident: Online Blasphemy is Attracting Anger from Muslim Students
  5. A crowd of nearly 1000 pro-Trump, anti-Trump Demonstrators clashed in Berkeley
# 1701
11 Rajab, 1438 A.H.- April 9, 2017 Issue # 15, Newsletter # 1701
  1. We support the Human Rights of Imam Jamil al-Amin
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Supports strike on Assad's air base
  3. 21-Year old Palestinian rammed Israeli soldiers with his car
  4. Latina Converts to Islam are Happy
  5. Message from Br.Kris who passed
  6. Extra Judicial Killings by Police are widespread
# 1700
4 Rajab, 1438 A.H.- April 2, 2017 Issue # 14, Newsletter #1700
  1. Washington DC Islamic Center: Important Document on the passing of the Blind Shaykh, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman Distributed.
  2. Thousands attend Gaza funeral of slain Hamas official
  3. Islam can help and save the Young People of America despite Drug Culture
  4. Parachinar
  5. Great Rise in Heroin Use is Among Whites
  6. Three Drugees Set fire to centrally located Elevated Highway
  7. Serious Drought in Kenya
# 1699
27 Jamada al-Thani, 1438 A.H.- March 26. 2017 Issue # 13, Newsletter #1699
  1. A Death in the Family by Kaukab Siddique
  2. Am I a True Muslim?
  3. Serious Lack of Health Facilities Despite Available Resources
  4. Two Pakistani Americans Donate $15 Million to Catholic University in Indiana
# 1698
20 Jamada al-thani, 1438 A.H.- March 19, 2017 Issue # 12, Newsletter #1698
  1. A death in Br. Kaukab's and Sis. Kristi's family
  2. Two items from NCPCF
  3. First Person Account. How an Egyptian American Muslim faced Bigotry Directed at him under Facade of Law
# 1697
13 Jamada al-Thani, 1438 A.H.- March 12, 2017 Issue # 11, Newsletter # 1697
  1. 15 Executed in Conditions of Extreme Secrecy, Torture & Violations of Human Rights
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Falls Church
  3. Why is Lynne Stewart Important for Muslims?
  4. What Americans Should Know about Islam & Muslims
  5. Secularist bloggers Blaspheming the Prophet
  6. Favoritism among Injustice indeed
# 1696
6 Jamada al-Thani, 1438 A.H.- March 5, 2017 Issue # 10, Newsletter #1696
  1. Spain Wants Muslim Migrants
  2. Helping the Needy in Ethiopia.
  3. Why are Muslims so traumatized by the moves of President Trump?
  4. Unusual Statement by Leader of Jamaate Islami
  5. Children Watching Cartoons Should Be Monitored
# 1695
28 Jumada Al-Awwal, 1438 A.H.- February 26, 2017 Issue # 9, Newsletter # 1695
  1. Grow Trees in Afghanistan
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen reached 83 Muslims after Juma' Salat with 4-Page Document
  3. Remembering Malcolm X
  4. Over a quarter of a million children are already severely malnourished
  5. Salatul Janaza for Shaykh Omar Abdel Rahman
  6. Can Peace and Unity be brought about in Pakistan?
# 1694
21 Jamada al-Awwal, 1438 A.H.- February 19, 2017 Issue # 8, Newsletter #1694
  1. Face of a Faith
  2. 4 pages Given to 100 Muslims at Crowded Mosque
  3. Dr Omar Abdel Rahman
  4. Upper/middle Class Muslim Americans
  5. War Comes Back to Pakistan after army wiped out Islamic villages
# 1693
14 Jamada al-Awwal, 1438 A.H.- February 12, 2017 Issue # 7, Newsletter #1693
  1. Iraq: Shia vs Shia
  2. Aid ship to help Rohingyas arrives in Myanmar
  3. Prayer in the era of Trump
  4. Dr Israr Ahmad 1932-2010
  5. Erdogan and Trump Join Hands to Fight Islamic State
  6. Raids across the U.S. leave immigrant communities and activists on high alert
# 1692
7 Jamada al-Awwal, 1438 A.H.- February 5, 2017 Issue # 6, Newsletter # 1692
  1. State Dept. reverses visa revocations, allows barred travelers to enter U.S.
  2. Advice on How to survive as Muslims in America under the Trump Regime
  3. Don't Forget the Prisoners
  4. Islamic Activist Women Represented in Jamaate Islami
  5. Signs of Growing Tensions in America
# 1691
30 Rabie' al Thani 1438 A.H.- January 29, 2017 Issue # 5, Newsletter # 1691
  1. German Grandma Sentenced for Denying the Holocaust Story
  2. Woman Stopped for Immigration In front of her home
  3. Great New Effort for the Basic Human Rights of Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman
  4. Restaurant in Karachi Feeds 30,000 Needy People for Free
  5. Trump could do to USA what Gorbachev did to USSR
  6. Downfall of the Muslims: A Review
# 1690
23 Rabi' al Thani, 1438 A.H.- January 22, 2017 Issue # 4, Newsletter # 1690
  1. US Dropped 108 Bombs in ONE day on Islamic State Fighters in Libya Killing 85
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Urges Readers to write to Muslim Political Prisoners. It is Legal!
  3. Israel on the War Path
  4. What's Behind the Massive Women's Marches in Washington and Across America?
  5. Amazing Return to Celibacy among Some Celebrities
# 1689
16 Rabi Al-Thani, 1438 A.H.- January 15, 2017 Issue # 3, Newsletter #1689
  1. Taliban's First Message to Trump
  2. Author breaks all stereotypes of Bosnian war
  3. Israel has occupied Palestine
  4. We Follow Islam and do not Fight other Religions but no Need to Pretend That all Religions are the same
  5. Corruption of Pakistan's Top Leadership is like the Elephant in the Room
  6. Devastating Expose of the Special Forces Which Killed Osama bin Laden
  7. He Gave up all his Islamic Aspirations, Still got 13 Years
  8. Global Muslim lack of Resistance to Occupation
# 1688
9 Rabi' al-thani, 1438 A.H.- January 8, 2017 Issue # 2, Newsletter #1688
  1. Moving to Ethiopia, East Africa.
  2. Facing Modern Paganism
  3. Why do Black Forums give in to Luti pressure?
  4. From internet and mobile pornography, pre-marital sex, materialistic cultural penetration
# 1687
2 Rabi' al-Thani, 1438 A.H.- January 1, 2017 Issue # 1, Newsletter #1687
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Philadelphia
  2. Kashmir
  3. Islamic Leader Demands Funds to rebuild Northern Areas
  4. Drinking Party Under Attack at Night Club
  5. Crimes Against Women & Children
  6. Jesus- A Prophet of Islam
# 1686
25 Rabi' al Awwal, 1438 A.H.- December 25, 2016 Issue # 52, Newsletter #1686
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen activity in Baltimore County
  2. Why is Netanyahu so Upset?
  3. Jordan Attacked by ISIS Supporters
  4. Was the fall of Eastern Aleppo a Victory for Russia or a Crime of International Proportions?
  5. Movement of Islamic Youth is the hope for Pakistan's Future
  6. Incredible story of Muslim restaurant owner in Washington who feeds the homeless and feels Blessed
# 1685
18 Rabi' al-Awwal, 1438 A.H.- December 18, 2016 Issue # 51, Newsletter #1685
  1. Staunch Supporters of Assad and Damascus Regime Pretend to be "Independent."
  2. Rulers have learnt nothing from Dhaka tragedy
  3. The Government violated all semblance of Justice, Decency and Law, and sentenced this Innocent Bangladeshi-American youth to 17 Years to be fiollowed by Decades of Monitoring
  4. Leaving Ismailism: From Darkness to Light
# 1684
11 Rabi Al-Awwal, 1438 A.H.- December 11, 2016 Issue # 50, Newsletter #1684
  1. Genocide of Muslims in Burma by Buddhists
  2. Islam Hater Wilders Convicted in Netherlands but not punished
  3. Muhammad, peace be on him, the greatest revolutionary of all times
  4. A New Biography of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, by a Distinguished Pakistani Author Munir Khalili
  5. In a War in Which Millions Perished, why the Suffering of one race continues to be highlighted?
  6. Ameriican Jet Fighters to be Manufactured in India
  7. Rally on January 14
# 1683
4 Rabi' al-Awwal, 1438 A.H.- December 4 2016 Issue # 49, Newsletter #1683
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Catonsville Maryland
  2. 12 Rabi' al Awwwal is the birthday of the Prophet, pbuh
  3. We urge Muslims to boycott all businesses which support Israel
  4. Canada's Islam hater in India
  5. Beware of Labeling and Attacks on one of the Greatest Scholars of Islam who Taught strict Adherence to the Qur'an and authentic Hadith
  6. Muslims are under Attack Globally
  7. Castro's Legacy: Health & Education: The envy of Many
# 1682
27 Safar, 1438 A.H.- November 27, 2016 Issue # 48, Newsletter #1682
  1. My Interview with Germar Rudolf.
  2. Islamic Women who rallied in Support of Prisoners now face trial in Absentia.
  3. National Day of Mourning November 24
  4. What is wrong with the behavior of American masses including many Muslims on Thanksgiving Holidays?
  5. India Trying to Starve Pakistan through Control of Rivers.
  6. Dakota Pipeline Protesters Vow to Stay
# 1681
20 Safar, 1438 A.H.- November 20, 2016 Issue # 47, Newsletter #1681
  1. Three US Muslims Sentenced for non-Violent Support for Islamic State
  2. What Impact will Trump's Presidency have on America's Muslims?
  3. Week of Defeat for the US-backed Armada
  4. India needed Muslim scholars who would not teach Resistance. It found "Maulana" Wahiduddeen.
  5. Thousands rally against blasphemy in Jakarta
# 1680
13 Safar, 1438 A.H.- November 13, 2016 Issue # 46, Newsletter #1680
  1. Suffering of Black Community has Remained Consistent under all Regimes.
  2. Resolutions Passed by the Natonal Islamic Shoora of Jamaat on November 12.
  3. Islamic Movement in America from Coast-to-Coast
  4. First Khutba after Trump Victory.
# 1679
6 Safar, 1438 A.H.- November 6, 2016 Issue # 45, Newsletter #1679
  1. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  2. Police Kill Group leaders Fighting for the Rights of the Poor.
  3. Second Egyptian General Killed by IS
  4. Confused news Reports about Killing of Three US troops.
  5. Moderate Alcohol Use Linked to Heart Chamber Damage
# 1678
29 Muharram, 1438 A.H.- October 30, 2016 Issue # 44, Newsletter #1678
  1. Fast on Monday and Thursday
  2. 20,000 US prison inmates go on strike across over 20 states
  3. Final reminder for the National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  4. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians
  5. When will America talk about Israel and the Jewish lobby in America?
  6. Pakistanis Want Sharia
  7. Serious Criticism of Imran Khan and his associates by Muneer Khalili
# 1677
22 Muharram, 1438 A.H.- October 23, 2016 Issue # 43, Newsletter #1677
  1. School for Muslim children
  2. New Trend urges readers to boycott businesses which support Israel
  3. Huge Jamaate Islami Rally
  4. Public Prosecutor who was unjust dies
  5. Institutional Collapse of the Muslims
# 1676
15 Muharram 1438 A.H.- October 16, 2016 Issue # 42, Newsletter #1676
  1. Muslim Woman Marathoner Supports the rights of Black People against Police Shootings
  2. Look how the Western Powers Take Advantage Of Muslim Disunity.
  3. Journey from Darkness to Light
# 1675
8 Muharram, 1438 A.H.- October 9, 2016 Issue # 41, Newsletter #1675
  1. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen: November 11
  2. The Women's Boat to Gaza in International Waters
  3. JI asks Government servants to refuse to obey unlawful orders
  4. horrific, brutal, savage crime was perpetrated against 9 month old Emmaleigh Barringer
  5. Man Apologizes in Facebook Post Before Killing Ex-Girlfriend in Front of Their
# 1674
30 Dhul-Hijjah, 1437 A.H.- October 2, 2016 Issue # 40, Newsletter #1674
  1. Asma bint Abu Bakr(r.a.)
  2. On what basis is Shimon Peres being Honored
  3. From India to (Standing Rock) Indian Reservation
# 1673
23 Zulhijjah 1437 A.H.- September 25, 2016 Issue # 39, Newsletter #1673
  1. We urge Canada to have mercy on Momin Khawaja
  2. Remembering Maulana Maudoodi
  3. Injustice in New York's Notorious Garner Case
  4. India Threatening War to Divert Attention from its Atrocities in Kashmir
# 1672
16 Dhul-Hijjah 1437 A.H.- September 18, 2016 Issue # 38, Newsletter #1672
  1. Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline and the issue of Clean Water
  2. Kashmir: Heavy Indian Losses for first time
  3. Jamaate Islami Targets Deep Corruption and Lack of Accountabulity
  4. Finally Some Justice in Red Mosque Case
  5. The National Action to free Imam Jamil Al-Amin meeting was held in Harlem
# 1671
9 Dhul-Hijjah 1437 A.H.- September 11, 2016 Issue # 37, Newsletter #1671
  1. Jamaate Islami Inaugurates Eye Hospital in Deep Countryside
  2. Death toll rises to 78 in anti-India protests as lock down of disputed region continues for 64th day
  3. The Ummah Concept in Hajj
  4. Israel - based Rabbi arrested in $60000 kidnap murder case
  5. Charges dropped against African Muslim who killed wife's attempted Rapist
# 1670
2 Dhul-Hijjah 1437 A.H.- September 4, 2016 Issue # 36, Newsletter #1670
  1. Executions of JI Bangladesh leaders condemnable
  2. Satanistic Activities in Palestine to Destroy Masjid al-Aqsa
  3. The Founder of Makka was an African Woman
  4. Hajj and Eid al-Adha are Separate Events
  5. Secret of the Star Spangled Banner
  6. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Points Out The Hypocrisy Of The People Attacking Colin Kaepernick
# 1669
24 Dhul Qadah 1437 A.H.- August 28, 2016 Issue # 35, Newsletter #1669
  1. Medicine of the Prophet
  2. BDS posing a Serious Challenge to Israel
  3. General Patton: America's Top Military Leader at the end of World War II was Assassinated
  4. Situation Changing as Turkey Enters Syria
  5. Bangla Imam's Murder was hate crime say Muslims
# 1668
17 Dhul Qadah 1437 A.H.- August 21, 2016 Issue # 34, Newsletter #1668
  1. Taliban Victories Spreading
  2. Islamic fighters entering Tirah. Gen. Raheel Launches Full Scale Offensive.
  3. Ray of Hope for Peace with ISIS
  4. Muslims Mourn Bangladeshi Imam
  5. Reem Jayyousi writes about visiting her father in prison
# 1667
10 Dhul Qadah 1437 A.H.- August 14, 2016 Issue # 33, Newsletter #1667
  1. National Guard Called out in Milwaukee
  2. New Trend's Greetings to all Pakistanis Independence Day
  3. USA report admits oppressive police activities have impacted the Black comminuty
  4. How America Has Weakened the Family Unit
# 1666
3rd Dhul Qadah 1437 A.H.- August 7, 2016 Issue # 32, Newsletter #1666
  1. Two British fighters Killed fighting ISIS for the Communist Kurds
  2. Israeli Tactic to Delay Repairs on al-Aqsa Mosque
  3. Saturday's rally was the first rally to be held in Addis Ababa after a series of Oromo and Amhara protests elsewhere
  4. Three Jamaate Islami Perspectives
  5. Using a Muslim Soldier's Family to Support Pro-War Patriotism
  6. Police are seen as Terrorists by Black People
  7. Maudoodi's Teachings about the military
# 1665
26 Shawwal 1437 A.H.- July 31, 2016 Issue # 31, Newsletter #1665
  1. Jamaate Islami Brings About United Islamic Front across Pakistan to Support Kashmir
  2. 9 University Students killed by Bangladesh Police
  3. Without Violence or breaking the Law, How should Muslim Americans Struggle for Islam?
  4. Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Islamic Shoora Resolutions
  5. My Mother Was the Victim of a U.S. Drone
# 1664
19 Shawwal 1437 A.H.- July 24, 2016 Issue # 30, Newsletter #1664
  1. Bloody coup attempt on July 15 not first move by G�len to topple Erdogan
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Islamic Shoora: Greensboro, North Carolina. July 23, 2016
  3. Rulers attitude on Kashmir disappointing
  4. Large Protest Against Police Brutality Ignored by the Media
  5. Zionist Jews Claim they have the Right to Make Cartoons of the Prophet
# 1663
12 Shawwal 1437 A.H.- July 17, 2016 Issue # 29, Newsletter #1663
  1. Six-Year Old American Child Looks at what is Happening to Children in Syria
  2. Indian attacks on Islam and Muslims
  3. Did Abdul Sattar Eidhi Change Anything?
  4. Rising death toll in Kashmir
  5. Evidence From the Qur'an to Refute those who Think the Qur'an alone is Safeguarded
# 1662
5 SHawwal 1437 A.H.- July 10, 2016 Issue # 28, Newsletter #1662
  1. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen to meet on July 23
  2. Ghamidi's Views on Maulana Maudoodi.
  3. Islam is the Solution. America cannot Solve Any of its Problems.
  4. Following police killings of black men, protests resume after officers at Dallas rally were killed in 'revenge' attack.
  5. Her Half Brothers Confessed to Sexual Molestation of her Children. She attacked their sexual organs
  6. Deaths as Indian troops open fire on Kashmir protesters.
# 1661
27 Ramadhan 1437 A.H.- July 3, 2016 Issue # 27, Newsletter #1661
  1. Quds Day at Dupont Circle
  2. Analysis of the cycle of Violence in Bangladesh
  3. Chicago Police Tackle, Strip Search Fasting Muslim Woman
  4. Man stabbed and shot twice while heading to morning prayers in US city of Houston
# 1660
20 Ramadhan 1437 A.H.- June 26, 2016 Issue # 26, Newsletter #1660
  1. A top Woman Leader of Islam Spoke on the most Serious Issue of Usman's, r.a., shahadat: Ayesha, r.a. as the leader of an army.
  3. A Systematic Study of the Holy Quran
  4. The Shocking Case of Lacino Hamilton
# 1659
13 Ramadhan 1437 A.H.- June 19, 2016 Issue # 25, Newsletter #1659
  1. Police Commander and his police Officer wife killed.
  2. Number of people Arrested Reaches 11,000
  3. General Sissi sentences the Elected President of Egypt
  4. Analysis of Orlando
  5. Man with 12 Amish Girls in his House
  6. Is the Orlando Shooting the Worst in American History?
# 1658
6 Ramadhan 1437 A.H.- June 12, 2016 Issue # 24, Newsletter #1658
  1. Masjid Reception for Sis. Ashira on her Return from Ethiopia
  2. Israel holding 7000 Innocent, Unarmed, Palestinians in Prison
  3. 3150 Arrested
  4. Turkish Pres Promptly Leaves US Amid Reports of Perceived Snub at Ali Funeral
  5. Jamaate Islami Leader Notes Great Losses Pakistan has Suffered Serving US Interests
  6. Islamic State Takes Responsibility for attack on Homosexual Nightclub in Orlando
# 1657
28 Shaban 1437 A.H.- June 5, 2016 Issue # 23, Newsletter #1657
  1. Libyan Canadian Muslim Detained for 505 Days, Beaten, Tortured: No Explanation.
  2. A glimpse of the Horrific Treatment of Peaceful Opponents of the Dhaka Regime.
  3. Protestors and Police Clash in Mathura: 24 Killed, 100 Injured.
  4. Are we Going to have a Real Ramadan or just what everyone does without being Transformed?
  5. Masses are Exploited by the Regime & the Merchants even as Ramadan Approaches.
  6. Mass Action to Condemn Extra Judicial Killing of Al Hajj Usaamah Rahim.
# 1656
22 Shaban 1437 A.H.- May 29, 2016 Issue # 22, Newsletter #1656
  1. Building an Islamic Agenda in America after Trump & Hillary
  2. Meeting with a Deep Thinking Muslim from India who played a Positive Role in Baltimore
  3. Passing of a Community Mother�Muneera Afifa
  4. Blessings of Ramadhan
  5. The Qur'an and Outer Space
  6. New Trend's Attitude Towards Shias. We Keep the door open but we don't accept any abuse
# 1655
15 Shaban 1437 A.H.- May 22, 2016 Issue # 21, Newsletter #1655
  1. Feeding Program in Accra, Ghana, for children in an Islamic School
  2. Robert Fisk's Attack on Saudi Arabia has a Hidden Agenda
  3. Why are Muslims fighting Each other?
  4. A Very Old War Which is Still Studied and is Insightful
  5. Teen killed his girlfriend's parents and celebrated with sex
# 1654
8 Shaban 1437 A.H.- May 15, 2016 Issue # 20, Newsletter #1654
  1. Dhaka Regime trying to Crush Islam.
  2. Turkey's ambassador to Bangladesh recalled after hanging of Islamic leader
  3. Jihad Jane
  4. Hamza bin Laden says: Liberate Palestine
  5. Children dying in Nigeria military detention
# 1653
1 Shaban 1437 A.H.- May 8, 2016 Issue # 19, Newsletter #1653
  1. Mothers' Day Every Day vs Oppression
  2. Leading Critic of Islamic Militants Killed.
  3. Top Jamaate Islami Leader Matiur Rahman Calmly Awaits his Execution while Youths Rally for his Release.
  4. History of the Brutal Suppression of the Philippines and Muslim Resistance
  5. Murder of a Young Woman is an Attack on Islam and Pakistan says Islamic Leader Sirajul Haq
# 1652
24 Rajab 1437 A.H.- May 1, 2016 Issue # 18, Newsletter #1652
  1. In Baltimore, on the anniversary of the Uprising, Things Remain the same.
  2. The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order
  3. 13 Egyptian Migrants and 3 Libyan Smugglers killed in shooting in Bani Walid.
  4. Tragic End of US-backed Attempt to introduce Homosexual Magazine in Bangladesh.
  5. Two Reasons why Women's Rights are Misunderstood by Muslims.
  6. Massive Arrests and Killings of Islamic People in Bangladesh by pro-India Regime.
  7. How Racist Ideology Plays out in America
# 1651
17 Rajab 1437 A.H.- April 24, 2016 Issue # 17, Newsletter #1651
  1. How Maulana Maudoodi Responded to Hard Core Bigotry.
  2. 8 Syrian Refugees Shot dead by Turkish Border Guards.
  3. Hellstorm. The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947
  4. Learning From Ethiopia: Massive Poverty but in it Faith in Allah does not Waver.
  5. University of Maryland Students Protest Israel Fest.
# 1650
10 Rajab 1437 A.H.- April 17, 2016 Issue # 16, Newsletter #1650
  1. Hispanic Muslim Activist Rebuts Attacks on Kaukab Siddique.
  2. Some Appreciation of New Trend's Obituary on Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed
  3. Report Says Russia Heavily Involved in Syria Despite Appearances of Withdrawal.
  4. Palestinians Take to Streets to Mark Prisoners Day
  5. Sirajul Haq Addressed huge Gathering in Buner.
  6. Armed Defenders Stopped Racist "rally" at Nation of Islam Mosque.
# 1649
3 Rajab 1437 A.H.- April 10, 2016 Issue # 15, Newsletter #1649
  1. Boko Haram: The First Research Work on the Tragedy of the Poor & the Oppressed in Nigeria
  2. The Eternal Challenge: A Journey Through the Miraculous Qur'an
  3. Pakistani Islamic Leaders Respond to Massive Corruption.
  4. US Deploys B-52 Bombers to Destroy the Islamic Caliphate
  5. Black Lives Matter
# 1648
25 JumaadaTHaany 1437 A.H.- April 3, 2016 Issue # 14, Newsletter #1648
  1. Dr Mumtaz Ahmed Passed Away
  2. 10th Anniversary of Grave Injustice against Shifa Sadequee and Haris Ahmed
  3. Erdogan Resents US Interference in Turkish Sovereignty
  4. 10,000 Signatures against French Minister who compared Hijab to Slavery
  5. Hamas Holding Two Israeli soldiers Captive
  6. Voice of Pakistan: Islam and only Islam
  7. Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson Betrays Black Community
  8. Sis Krystal Muhammad and Armed Muslims Face Armed Supremacist Aggressors
# 1647
18 JumaadaTHaany 1437 A.H.- March 27, 2016 Issue # 13, Newsletter #1647
  1. The Fall of Most of Palmyra after three weeks. IS battered by Russia.
  2. In Memory of Mumtaz Qadri, huge crowds breach Islamabad's Red Zone.
  3. Huge crowds led by Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr are doing a sit -in across from the Green Zone where government and western institutions are located.
  4. When Will Pakistan Take its Daughter Back?
  5. Islamic State Supporters forced by Severe US Air Strikes to Move to Kunar
  6. Flight Attendant Who Ran From Security Arrested
# 1646
11 JumaadaTHaany 1437 A.H.- March 20, 2016 Issue # 12, Newsletter #1646
  1. Record Breaking Distribution of "Free Aafia" Movement message at Masjid Rahma [ISB]
  2. Hanada al-Refai tells Al Jazeera about being tortured, losing her brother, and her campaign to free political prisoners.
  3. A Sect which is Attacking Islam From Within.
  4. Huge Poverty in Sindh Owing to Neglect by PPP and PML groups.
  5. Supreme Court Nominee Garland is Jewish. Here's How Jews Are Reacting.
  6. Key Role of Informants in Max Sentencing of New York Muslim.
  7. Sexual Predators Face Little Retribution for Rape.
# 1645
4 Jamada al-Thanil 1437 A.H.- March 13, 2016 Issue # 11, Newsletter #1645
  1. Unite to Free Aafia Siddiqui: Support the Oppressed People of America
  2. March 8, International Women's Day, a Rally was held for Dr. Aafia at MIT where she Studied
  3. The Devaluation of America's Women
  4. Mumtaz Qadri Gave his life for Honor of the Prophet, pbuh. Pakistan will Honor him Every Year.
  5. Congressman who spoke out Openly against Israel and Paid the Price
  6. Six year old and 10 Year old Killed in Israeli Air Strike in Gaza
# 1644
26 Jamada al-Awwal 1437 A.H.- March 6, 2016 Issue # 10, Newsletter #1644
  1. Amazing Jamaat al-Muslimeen outreach
  2. Islamic View of the Brawling American Politicians: All of them Want to Destroy Islamic Independence.
  3. Like Father, Like Son: Racism & the Government in Oregon
  4. Non-Muslims Supporting Muslims: The Aafia Case Appeal & Stiff Attitude of CAIR Rep.
  5. U.S. builds two air bases in Kurdish-controlled north Syria
# 1643
19 Jamada al-Awwal 1437 A.H.- February 28, 2016 Issue # 9, Newsletter #1643
  1. The Killing Fields of Muzaffarnagar.
  2. Chinese-Americans Miffed About Asian Officer's Conviction.
  3. Their Mosque was Damaged by the snow storms and they were praying in a big barn.
# 1642
12 Jumaada al-awal 1437 A.H.- February 21, 2016 Issue # 8, Newsletter #1642
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Endorses Aafia Rally
  2. Chicago: "Boycott Israel" Billboard
  3. Islamic Worship Embraces Both the Strong and the Weak. Daily Media Assault on Muslim Opponents of America Reeks of Dishonesty.
  4. Movement Supporting Dr. Aafia Calls for Countrywide Protests
  5. Jamaate Islami Leadiing National Level Drive Against Corruption.
# 1641
5 Jumaada al-awal 1437 A.H.- February 14, 2016 Issue # 7, Newsletter #1641
  1. Open Air Urinals in the U.S.A.: Nasty Situation for Women and Children
  2. Hizbullah with Russian air support Approaching Aleppo. People fleeing towards Turkey.
  3. Red Mosque Leader, Maulana Abdul Aziz, Under Pressure from Sectarian Interests
  4. Muslim World: The Leaders Who Could Not Lead
# 1640
28 Raby' al-THaany 1437 A.H.- February 7, 2016 Issue # 6, Newsletter #1640
  1. Why are Rich Muslims Reacting to Trump and Fox TV?
  2. Adnan Syed Case was either fabricated or Severely Misdirected.
  3. Countrywide Rallies Against Indian Occupation of Kashmir led by Jamaate Islami
  4. Racism in The Sports Media
# 1639
21 Raby' al-THaany 1437 A.H.- January 31, 2016 Issue # 5, Newsletter #1639
  1. Famous Activist Sundiata Sadiq Passes Away
  2. Zionism and Imperialism cannot Defeat the Qur'an
  3. Afghan Shia Fighters pouring into Syria Backed by Iranian weapons and big Shia Money
  4. Racial Issues at Ground Level: Uber breaking Yellow Taxi Cab Monopoly
# 1638
14 Raby' al-THaany 1437 A.H.- January 24, 2016 Issue # 4, Newsletter #1638
  1. Michigan Sisters Helping Syrian Refugees
  2. Israel's Embrace of Pariah Regimes
  3. State repression in Egypt worst in decades
  4. Russian soldiers are participating in the clashes at the northern countryside of Latakia
  5. Kent State Professor Investigated for Possible Ties to ISIS
# 1637
7 Raby' al-THaany 1437 A.H.- January 17, 2016 Issue # 3, Newsletter #1637
  1. Dr. Imam Alauddin Shabazz: Distinguished Scholar. Outstanding Islamic Activist.
  2. Why is the Muslim World in such a mess and What's the solution?
  3. German Demand for New 'Annotated' Edition of Mein Kampf
  4. What does Islam say about Political Activity and Political Power?
  5. Jamaate Islami Pinpoints Source of Corruption
  6. Why are the Bundy militia being treated with kid gloves? Why were Black Panthers Treated differently?
# 1636
30 Raby' al-awal 1437 A.H.- January 10, 2016 Issue # 2, Newsletter #1636
  1. Islamic Scholar and Elder of the Muslim Community answers attacks on Kaukab Siddique
  2. Thousands of Islamic women are active in Education
  3. Rampant evil in our Society Can affect Muslim Communities. We can Help America to Regain Decency and Sanity.
  4. Pakistan Leader Calls for Trial of Mukti Bahini who Committed Crimes in East Pakistan
  5. Last Chance Hearing for Albanians Framed by FBI
# 1635
23 Raby' al-awal 1437 A.H.- January 3, 2016 Issue # 1, Newsletter #1635
  1. The fighting in India's strategic Pathankot air base
  2. A rare Intelligent Study of ISIS from a Hostile Western Viewpoint.
  3. Brief Outline of the Great Struggle of Ruqayya
  4. Corruption is the Biggest Threat Says Jamaate Islami Leader Sirajul Haq
  5. Turkey: A historic statement
# 1634
15 Raby' al-awal 1437 A.H.- December 27, 2015 Issue # 104, Newsletter #1634
  1. What the West Teaches Little Children
  2. They fight with Knives Against Heavily Armed Jews while Muslim World Watches
  3. Disagree with ISIS but don't fabricate Atrocities & Misapply Hadith
  4. Upcoming Mobilization for Sister Aafia Siddiqui
# 1633
8 Rabi' al-Awwal 1437 A.H.- December 20, 2015 Issue # 103, Newsletter #1633
  1. What is Worship of Allah?
  2. CAIR is Spreading Fear and Anxiety Among America's Muslims.
  3. African Americans & Puerto Ricans often not treated as 'human beings.'
  4. Resurgence of Islam in the Black Community is happening.
# 1632
1 Raby' al-awal 1437 A.H.- December 13, 2015 Issue # 102, Newsletter #1632
  1. A First For a Muslim: Protest at Big Trump Rally.
  2. Major Political Parties have Failed to Discipline and Raise Value Levels of their Workers.
  3. Obama's Policies are Most Dangerous for the Muslim World
  4. Break Down of Law and Order Leading People to Resort to Vigilante Justice
  5. Genocidal Action by Nigerian Military Against Defenseless Muslim Group which Opposes Regime Policies
  6. She Wanted to Avenge the Honor of the Prophet
# 1631
24 Safar 1437 A.H.- December 6, 2015 Issue # 101, Newsletter #1631
  1. Western Powers Unite Against ISIS
  2. Oppose Occupation, War, Bombing. Beware of Media Hatemongers
  3. After Paris, San Barnardino: What is ISIS Trying to Do? The Dangerous FEMALE Component.
  4. Dhaka Regime Preparing to Execute Leading Islamic Scholar & Non-Violent Teacher Matiur Rahman Nizami.
  5. Public Donating For Tsarnaev Funds.
# 1630
17 Safar 1437 A.H.- November 29, 2015 Issue # 100, Newsletter #1630
  1. Attempt to Replace Makka with Karbala Uncovered
  2. Vast Crowds Pray and Mourn for Elderly Islamic Leaders being Executed
  3. Issues and Bangladesh Tragedy
  4. Just Punishment: Pollard Was One of Worst Traitors
  5. Please Show Support for Muslims Denied Juma' in Prison.
  6. Two Teenage Girls Murdered by Israelis.
# 1629
10 Safar 1437 A.H.- November 22, 2015 Issue # 99, Newsletter #1629
  1. Br. Athar Ahmad passed away in Montreal
  2. Info on Gulen vs Turkey and Paris: Real Causes
  3. The Paris Concert Crowd Was Singing 'Kiss The Devil' at the very moment the terror attacks began.
  4. White Oklahoma Cop Accused of Rape "Blessed" with All-White Jury
  5. Unusual News from the Attack on Radisson Hotel in Bamako.
  6. Very Young Journalist connected to New Trend Killed in Russian Air strike.
# 1628
3 Safar 1437 A.H.- November 15, 2015 Issue # 98, Newsletter #1628
  1. Only in Islam, a former slave can become the top leader of the Ummah: The standard is Sunnah.
  2. Shaker Smiles: He Was in Gtmo for 14 Years Without Charge.
  3. Let the western allies affirm that they will not strike civilians.
  4. Who is Fethullah Gulen
  5. Continuing Police Misbehavior is leading to Defiance by Black Youth.
# 1627
25 Mohurram 1437 A.H.- November 8, 2015 Issue # 97, Newsletter #1627
  1. How the Media try to Mislead Americans.
  2. Facts about masjid Al Aqsa from Hadith. Why its liberation is our Islamic duty?
  3. Record Breaking Distribution of New Trend Articles to 370 Muslims after Juma'
  4. Jamaate Islami has biggest Women's membership.
  5. Israeli State Terror Rages
  6. She Died Slowly in Prison so Assata Shakur Could Live!
# 1626
18 Mohurram 1437 A.H.- November 1, 2015 Issue # 96, Newsletter #1626
  1. Alternative Narrative on the Middle East: Palestine is Central. Zionism is Racism.
  2. Resolutions October 31, 2015 Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Majlis-e-Shura
  3. Britain secures release of Guantanamo prisoner Shaker Aamer
  4. Officer Ben Fields Fired for Assaulting 15 Year Old Girl
# 1625
11 Mohurram 1437 A.H.- October 25, 2015 Issue # 95, Newsletter #1625
  1. Shia Sunni Peace is possible
  2. ANC hosts Hamas rally despite Israel protest
  3. Rally and Speeches against CDC
  4. Huge Massacre of Azerbaijani Muslims by Armenians has been concealed by the western media
  5. Palestinian Youth Dies under Tear Gas: Denied Medical Help.
# 1624
4 Mohurram 1437 A.H.- October 18, 2015 Issue # 94, Newsletter #1624
  1. Muslim woman ran a marathon
  2. Muslims fighting Each Other is a Disaster.
  3. Jamaat e Islami Urges Peaceful Change in Karachi.
  4. Islam is Surging In Spite of Military Repression
# 1623
27 Thw al-Hijjah 1436 A.H.- October 11, 2015 Issue # 93, Newsletter #1623
  1. Final Reminder for National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  2. Islamic Calendar Can Change your Life
  3. Do Police Officers have the Right to use Profanities against Citizens? Is this Racism and Power Play Combined?
  4. Massive Rally led by Farrakhan. More of a Picnic than a Protest
  5. The War on Islam and Islamophobia of the Muslims
# 1622
20 Thw al-Hijjah 1436 A.H.- October 4, 2015 Issue # 92, Newsletter #1622
  1. Kashmiri Women Appreciate Pakistani PM's Speech in the UN: India Bigotry is the Issue.
  2. Pakistan Army: America's Agent.
  3. Dr. Jawaid Iqbal Passes Away.
  4. The National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen will Meet, Inshallah
  5. School Shooter Wanted to Dominate and Rule: Media Glorify these Savages.
  6. How did Mina Stampede happen
# 1621
13 Zulhijja 1437 A.H.- September 27, 2015 Issue # 91, Newsletter #1621
  1. Prayers of one who enslaves People are not accepted
  2. Execute those Responsible for Makka Tragedy
  3. Jews broke their Covenant with God
  4. Efforts to Legitimize Homosexuality in Black American Community
# 1620
6 Thw al-Hijjah 1436 A.H.- September 20, 2015 Issue # 90, Newsletter #1620
  1. My Teacher: Syed Abul 'Ala Maudoodi
  2. CIA releases files about Illegal weapons-grade uranium diversions from US to Israe
  3. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  4. Black Woman Kidnapped and Put in Psych Ward by NYPD is Suing.
# 1619
29 Thw al-Qi'dah 1436 A.H.- September 13, 2015 Issue # 89, Newsletter #1619
  1. Saudi Arabia hosting 2.5 million Syrians
  2. United Electrical Workers Union Embraces Anti-Israel BDS
  3. Iran: The Elephant in the Room
  4. Emerging Challenges Facing Muslims in the USA
# 1618
22 Thw al-Qi'dah 1436 A.H.- September 6, 2015 Issue # 88, Newsletter #1618
  1. Khula is the Right of the Wife and is not controlled by the husband
  2. Boycott of Israel is Working.
  3. Do Da'wa and What is right. Only Allah knows the Future, the Unseen, the Ending.
  4. Soldier almost choked an 11-Year Old Palestinian Child.
# 1617
15 Thw al-Qi'dah 1436 A.H.- August 30, 2015 Issue # 87, Newsletter #1617
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Laurel, Maryland
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Newark, Delaware
  3. Dr. Kaukab Siddique, We stand with you for Palestine, against Zionism, against Occupation and Slavery.
  4. The Anniversary of Rabaa and Sisi�s Genocide: US supports this mass murderer.
  5. India and Israel threatening World Peace
# 1616
8 Thw al-Qi'dah 1436 A.H.- August 23, 2015 Issue # 86, Newsletter #1616
  1. All out attack on Kaukab Siddique by major Zionist "liberal" Media"
  2. No slavery, no Male dominance, No superiority based on race or class or gender. The Qur'an is our Miracle. Muhammad, pbuh, is our leader.
  3. Social Catastrophe : Pakistani Society on the brink.
  4. Dr. Dhafir Helped Iraqi Orphans. He got 22 years for "unauthorized" Charity.
# 1615
1 Thw al-Qi'dah 1436 A.H.- August 16, 2015 Issue # 85, Newsletter #1615
  1. The Hidden Hindu-Muslim war in Bangladesh: 4th Blasphemy Blogger Killed
  2. Pakistan's Hero Hamid Gul Passes away: Faced India on Battle field: Supported Osama bin Laden.
  3. Massive Protests against India's Occupation army
  4. Continuing Attack on Dr. Siddique by the Major Media.
# 1614
22 Shawwal 1436 A.H.- August 8, 2015 Issue # 84, Newsletter #1614
  1. Security Alert at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Baltimore, MD
  2. Does Islam Teach the Wife to Obey the Husband? What About Travelling Alone in Hazardous Situations? Restrictions only on Women?
  3. US Celebrating its relations and arms for Human Rights Violator General Sissi
  4. US Bombing of ISIS has killed Hundreds of Civilians including Women and Children
  5. New Taliban Leader Mansour Rejects Peace Talks
# 1613
16 Shawwal 1436 A.H.- August 2, 2015 Issue # 83, Newsletter #1613
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Philadelphia: Masoud Khan's Mother Appeals.
  2. The Struggle of WikiLeaks leader Assange who Uncovered Tremendous US crimes against Afghans, Iraqis and others
  3. A burning child & Israeli Excuses
  4. Muslims mourn Yakub Memon
# 1612
9 Shawwal 1436 A.H.- July 26, 2015 Issue # 82, Newsletter #1612
  1. With endless hope, Sis. Bilquis is petitioning President Obama
  2. President Obama Faced Stiff Resistance on Homosexuality in Kenya even at the Official Level
  3. Daily Beast's Smear Job on Kaukab Siddique: July 22, 2015
  4. In Pakistan, Detainees Are Vanishing in Covert Jails
  5. Women's Equality in the Mosque
  6. Native Americans challenge Corporate & government greed
# 1611
2 Shawwal 1436 A.H.- July 19, 2015 Issue # 81, Newsletter #1611
  1. Well Researched Critique of Those Who Followed Saudi [ISNA, ICNA] "Eid" on July 17
  2. Eid Khutba on July 18
  3. US bombing Islamic State in both Syria and Iraq
  4. Special Prosecutor Is The Same Old Okey Doke
# 1610
25 Ramadan 1436 A.H.- July 12, 2015 Issue # 80, Newsletter #1610
  1. Do we care for the Ummah? Are we still not aware of the new America?
  2. Rally in support of Imam Jamil al-Amin
  3. Petition for Commutation of Sentence for Masoud Khan from his mother & Community
  4. Selling Iconic Black History: Black "Leader" and Gentrification in Harlem
  5. 105 people held for Ambur riots
# 1609
18 Ramadan 1436 A.H.- July 5, 2015 Issue # 79, Newsletter #1609
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activist Arrested
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in White Oaks
  3. Knowledge can squash Sectarianism
  4. How to Talk Against Homosexual ["Gay"] sex to non-Muslims
  5. The Drone Eats With Me: Diaries from a City Under Fire
# 1608
11 Ramadan 1436 A.H.- June 28, 2015 Issue # 78, Newsletter #1608
  1. Imam Khalil Spoke On Islamic Role Against Oppression in America
  2. Definitive Study of the People's Uprising in Baltimore
  3. A Pakistani Intellectual's Response To US Supreme Court Ruling on Homosexual "Marriage."
# 1607
4 RamaDHaan 1436 A.H.- June 21, 2015 Issue # 77, Newsletter #1607
  1. Saudi Secrets May be Coming out Soon. WikiLeaks publishes the Saudi Cables
  2. Citizens Resistance Against Israeli Settlers
  3. Chess Tournament In Memory of Dr, Abdulalim Shabazz
  4. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Condemns Charleston, SC Shootings
  5. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Southern Maryland
  6. Awareness of Allah, Women's Rights, Unity, Political Understanding are essential
# 1606
27 Sha'aban 1436 A.H.- June 14, 2015 Issue # 76, Newsletter #1606
  1. Ramadan will start on June 18
  2. A Brief introduction of Sheikh Shah Waliullah
  3. Indian Islamic Scholar Warns Against Campaign to "sell" Yoga to Muslim
  4. Best Researched Article on Boycott of Israeli Dates
  5. A Misconception of the term "WAHHABI"
  6. Government Retreats in Front of American "Concern." Save the Children ban rescinded .
  7. Homosexuality now an Essential Part of US Military.
# 1605
20 Sha'aban 1436 A.H.- June 7, 2015 Issue # 75, Newsletter #1605
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Actvity in Western Baltimore: Research paper on the people's Uprising.
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity at Dar al-Hijra, Falls Church, Virginia. 200 Muslims reached.
  3. Northeastern India Under Military Rule
  4. Horrific Genocide of Burma's Rohingya's Muslims
  5. Muslim Shot and Killed & then Convicted by the Media
# 1604
13 Sha'baan 1436 A.H.- May 31, 2015 Issue # 74, Newsletter #1604
  1. New Generation Muslim: Hijabi Valedictorian Yaffa Ali
  2. The Law of God Works in this World for all
  3. Islamic Leader Speaks Against Countrywide Corruption and Urges the Need for Extensive Change
  4. Pakistan Mass Arrests of Afghans in Pakistan
  5. Why is Ramadan a month of Blessings and Peace?
  6. Baltimore: The New Gaza
# 1603
6 Sha'baan 1436 A.H.- May 24, 2015 Issue # 73, Newsletter #1603
  1. Resolutions from Jamaat al-Muslimeen Attempting to Express the Viewpoint of the Ummah of Islam in USA
  2. Ireland: Stronghold of Christianity for centuries
  3. Islamic Rebuttal and Rejection of Homosexuality
  4. What Agha Khanis really Believe has nothing to do with Islam
  5. Why Is an Israeli-American Billionaire Pouring Millions into the Clinton Foundation?
# 1602
29 Rajab 1436 A.H. - May 18, 2015 Issue # 72, Newsletter #1602
  1. Erdogan Holding up Kurdish Translation of the Qur'an
  2. Islam and Muslim Issues in America in this Age of Crisis.
  3. UnIslamic Behavior of Malaysian & Indonesian Regimes.
  4. Child Trafficking Near Rhode Island Prison
# 1601
21 Rajab 1436 A.H. - May 10, 2015 Issue # 71, Newsletter #1601
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in White Marsh, Maryland, after Juma' salat.
  2. Dawah Among Latinos
  3. Iqbal Day Chicago 2015
  4. Feeding Hungry Families in Ethiopia
  5. America's Leading Imam is Still in Prison
# 1600
14 Rajab 1436 A.H. - May 3, 2015 Issue # 70, Newsletter #1600
  1. India Illegally Populating Kashmir with Hindu Migrants
  2. Indian women chase away defecators with sticks
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen will hold its National Islamic Shoora on May 16
  4. Communication with the Oppressed, Opposition to Oppression is required of Muslims
  5. Support for Prisoners During Ramadan: Easy Process we can all Follow
# 1599
7 Rajab 1436 A.H. - April 26, 2015 Issue # 69, Newsletter #1599
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen will hold its National Islamic Shoora on May 16
  2. A Strategy of Engagement. Applied Islam.
  3. Thousands Protest Police Brutality in Baltimore
  4. Tragedy of Sabeen Mahmud and others
# 1598
30 Jumaada al-Thaany 1436 A.H. - April 19, 2015 Issue # 68, Newsletter #1598
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Salt Lake City
  2. Eastern Turkistan, Uigher, Xinjiang
  3. Huge Rallies in Karachi by Women Supporting Jamaate Islami
  4. Yemen crisis forces Muslims to rethink traditional views
# 1597
23 Jumaada al-Thaany 1436 A.H. - April 12, 2015 Issue # 67, Newsletter #1597
  1. Another Innocent Islamic Leader Executed. Karmruzzaman, latest Shaheed.
  2. Agha Khani cult is outright Shirk
  4. Egypt's Sinai Peninsula hit by deadly bomb attacks
  5. Was the Boston Bombing case a Show Trial?: Eyewitness Account: Questions that were not asked
# 1596
16 Jumaada al-Thaany 1436 A.H. - April 5, 2015 Issue # 66, Newsletter #1596
  1. Hashimpura: Crying Shame
  2. Islam is a Deen
  3. Why is Homosexuality sweeping away all Opposition?
  4. Christian Missionaries Eye Morocco
  5. Jamaate Islami launches Membership drive
# 1595
09 Jumada al-Thani 1436 A.H. - March 29, 2015 Issue # 65, Newsletter #1595
  1. Netanyahu's Spying Denials Contradicted by Secret NSA Documents
  2. Islamic Leader Says Defense of Holy Cities is Duty of Entire Muslim World.
  3. Outrage Over Lenient Rape Sentence
  4. How The 'War on Terror' Ripped an Atlanta Family Apart
# 1594
1 Jamada al-Thani, 1436 - March 22, 2015
  1. The Dream of Pakistan: From Iqbal to Jinnah and many others
  2. Shaykh Hassan Hussein's support for The Khilafah
  3. FBI Ensnares Facebook User | Judge Puts Defendant in Mental Institution for Rant
  4. Christian Preacher wanted $65 million for Private Jet
# 1593
24 Jamada al-Awwal 1436- March 15, 2015
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen and Code Pink Protested outside the AIPAC Convention in Washington, DC.
  2. Is It True That Hadith Were Not Written in the time of the Prophet, pbuh?
  3. A warrior retires: Non-Muslim Political Prisoners Suffered Much before Muslims Became the Targets
  4. Poisoning The Well? Nestlé Accused Of Exploiting Water Supplies For Bottled Brands
# 1592
17 Jumaada al-awal 1436 A.H. - March 8, 2015 Issue # 62, Newsletter #1592
  1. Tribute to Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz Top Islamic Thinker USA
  2. India: Rape Center of the World: BBC Movie Banned.
  3. What does Islam say about Rape?
  4. Thousands of Women Rally Despite Heavy Rain on International Women's Day.
  5. Unarmed Black Teen Killed by Police Officer: Selma failed to save African Americans?
  6. Netanyahu Doubles Down on Bush's Big Lie: Analysis of Zionist Leader's Attempt to Mislead America
# 1591
10 Jumaada al-awal 1436 A.H. - March 1, 2015 Issue # 61, Newsletter #1591
  1. What I Learned from the Chapel Hill Murders
  2. What's Behind the Turmoil?
  3. Islamic Women Mobilizing Against Westernization.
  4. Racial Conflict in America.
# 1590
3 Jumaada al-awal 1436 A.H - February 22 2015 Issue # 60, Newsletter # 1590
  1. Legitimate Authority Belongs to Allah Alone.
  2. Malcolm X: Allah used him to Spread Islam in America.
  3. One Year after Lynne Stewart's Release from Prison, we Celebrate
# 1589
26 Raby' al-Thaany 1436 A.H - February 15 2015 Issue # 59, Newsletter # 1589
  1. Iran: Ganging up with the US to Destroy the Islamic State.
  2. Why are India's Disruptive Activities not being Stopped? JI Leader asks.
# 1588
19 Raby' al-Thaany 1436 A.H - February 8, 2015 Issue # 58, Newsletter # 1588
  1. Boko Haram forces have captured parts of northern Cameroon and Niger in addition to a string of 10 towns in north eastern Nigeria.
  2. Palestinian boy Mohammed Abu Khdeir was burned alive
  3. What can we learn from the tragedy of Jordan and the King's Pilot?
  4. Documentation of Muslims Burned alive by Western Powers.
  5. Pakistan incomplete without Kashmir.
  6. Christians Against Zionism: Protesting in Cold Night thought of Palestinian Families
# 1587
12 Raby' al-Thaany 1436 A.H - February 1, 2015 Issue # 57, Newsletter # 1587
  1. Communal disturbances and sectarian violence in Gujarat, India
  2. 24 injured at anti-Charlie Hebdo protest in Kabul
  3. Islamic Response to Obama's India Visit & Fraternization with Fascist Ruler Modi.
  4. Women joining IS militants 'cheerleaders, not victims'
  5. How ISIS is bombed from a South Carolina facility
  6. NYPD Using Patriot Act to Attack First Amendment Rights but Women victims of Domestic Violence are Helpless
  7. Absolutely Innocent Matanov decides to Plead Guilty: How the Oppressive Justice System Works.
# 1586
5 Raby' al-Thaany 1436 A.H - January 25, 2015 Issue # 56, Newsletter # 1586
  1. Palestinian Children in Israeli Prisons
  2. Citizens stop Puppet Imam from holding Funeral prayers for King Abdullah
  3. Mass Rally in Islamabad addressed by Sirajul Haq.
  4. Boko Haram Capture Military Base: Advancing on Maiduguri.
# 1585
27 Rabi' al-Awwal,1436 - January 18, 2015 Issue # 55, Newsletter # 1585
  1. Honor of the Prophet, pbuh, Comes first. Cartoons cannot be tolerated by any Muslim.
  2. Two Important Activists 'Died' in US Custody This Month: Abu Anas al-Libi & Phil Africa
  3. Turkey offers shelter to 500 Uighur refugees who fled Chinese crackdown
  4. Sample of protests not reported in USA or Misreported.
  5. The Western Arrogance and the War at Doorsteps
# 1584
20 Rabi' al-Awwal,1436 - January 11, 2015 Issue # 54, Newsletter # 1584
  1. Rand Paul Moves to cut off Palestinian Application to International Criminal Court
  2. Why did the Attack in Paris take place, for those who want to understand? What is the Role of Yemen?
  3. Regime Using Constitutional Amendment to target Islam itself including Mosques and Medressas.
  4. Most Absurd Verdict: Abu Hamza sentenced to life in Prison.
# 1583
13 Rabi' al-Awwal,1436 - January 4, 2015 Issue # 53, Newsletter # 1583
  1. Terrorism Comes from the West: Islam is for Justice and Fair play.
  2. Pray for the Living, not the Dead
  3. The Global Zionist Network Behind the Attempts to Overthrow President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey.
  4. Marathon Case Trial Based on Injustice & Desire to Execute a "terrorist" without Evidence.
  5. Taking "Israel" to Court
# 1582
6 Rabi' al-Awwal,1436/December 28, 2014 Issue # 52, Newsletter # 1582
  1. Regime Bullying Maulana Abdul Aziz who said Military Operation's Consequence was Peshawar Army school attack: Arrest warrant issued
  2. Supporters of Bangladeshi political prisoner Ehsanul Saqequee ["Shifa"] & other Islamic Prisoners in US Detention protesting aoutside ICNA Convocation
  3. Top Ten Idiots of the Year 2014
  4. Pakistan: Propaganda Against Munawar Hasan regarding Red Mosque Rebutted
  5. The 'Female Eric Garner' Who Suffocated To Death In Police Custody
  6. Tsunami-ravaged Aceh in Indonesia now faces rising Islamic fundamentalism
# 1581
28 Safar,1436/December 21, 2014 Issue # 51, Newsletter # 1581
  1. Pakistan's Rulers Shaken by Taliban attack on Army School: Secularists & Shias call for blood.
  2. Marathon Bombing Case: He didnt Commit the Crime and won't plead Guilty
  3. Largest Rally in New York Ever for Eric Garner: Jamaat al-Muslimeen was There. Support from Palestinians.
  4. Two Policemen Killed in New York: What consequences? People becoming Desperate? Too many Unpunished killings by Police.
  5. Mediating the Word of God in Christian and Islamic traditions
# 1580
21 Safar,1436/December 14, 2014 Issue # 50, Newsletter # 1580
  1. Kashmiris worst victims of HR abuses: Aasiya
  2. New Trend's Top Islamic Choices for the year 2014
  3. Iran, Iraq, Syria to continue cooperation against IS
  4. US Funding Ongoing Pakistani Military Operations
  5. Hundreds at funeral for woman burned alive
  6. Christians Prepped for Wars on ISIS Part 1
# 1579
14 Safar,1436/December 7, 2014 Issue # 49, Newsletter # 1579
  1. Youth Rallies Awakening Our Conscience: Police Brutality is Moral Bankruptcy of US Power Structure.
  2. Special Forces Operation in South Yemen Personally Ordered by Obama
  3. China sentences Uighur scholar to life in prison
  4. China May Have Committed A Tiananmen Square-Scale Massacre This Year - And Totally Covered It Up
  5. The Zionist Media Ignore these facts about Police Murder of Eric Garner
# 1578
7 Safar,1436/November 30, 2014 Issue # 48, Newsletter # 1578
  1. Anti-Police Brutality Rallies Continuing.
  2. US Muslims should Remain non-Violent but Uncompromising with the Oppressors.
  3. Antisemitism is a lie: UN is a tool for Injustice.
  4. The Lincoln University president resigns
  5. The Alternative to Thanksgiving: Plymouth Day of Mourning
  6. Sekou Odinga Freed: Was Inspired by Malcolm X.
  7. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Statement on Ferguson & anti-Police-brutality Rallies
# 1577
29 Muharram,1436/November 23, 2014 Issue # 47, Newsletter # 1577
  1. 50,000 Women Attend Jamaat-e-Islami's Mammoth Gathering in Lahore.
  2. Non-Muslim Regime Closed down 4 Mosques in Mombasa.
  3. Egypt's Ansar Beit al-Maqdis pledges allegiance to ISIS
  4. Largest Number of Volunteers for ISIS in Syria are from Tunisia
  5. Emmett Till's anniversary was five days back. America is still victimizing and denying.
  6. Rasmea Odeh Imprisoned, US Citizenship Revoked
# 1576
22 Muharram,1436/November 16, 2014 Issue # 46, Newsletter # 1576
  1. Shamim Siddiqi's Ground Breaking New Book: GLOBAL ISLAMIC MOVEMENT: Why and How.
  2. Stand for Al-Aqsa, Gaza, Palestine. If Not Now, When?
  3. Why is the Caliphate Fighting back?
  4. Islam is the only Religion which Guarantees Inheritance rights for women.
  5. Kashmir: Indian Army's Murder protested
  6. Erdogan says Muslims, not Columbus, discovered Americas
  7. Syria - Al-Nusra Offensive in Idlib.
  8. It can Get Worse: Israel and the coming Presidency of Hillary Clinton
# 1575
15 Muharram,1436/November 9, 2014 Issue # 45, Newsletter # 1575
  1. Both "Israel" and Egypt have cut Gaza's life line
  2. Why Many Muslims Misunderstand the Qur'an and the Hadith.
  3. Take Action: It is part of your faith to fulfil the duty and responsibility to defend al-Aqsa.
  4. Two Christians Murdered; Muslim Government Admits Evil Deed: Rushes to Solace & Compensate the family.
  5. Ayesha Syed, Jamaate Islami leader & MNA, Working for Women's University in Swat
  6. Nigeria's Boko Haram renames seized town in Adamawa state
  7. Why is this Palestinian-American woman treated so Unjustly in America? Defense opens with scathing indictment of Israel
  8. What's wrong with saying: Islam is a religion of Peace?
  9. Tehran Regime's Atrocity Against Woman who killed her Rapist.
# 1574
8 Muharram,1436/November 2, 2014 Issue # 44, Newsletter # 1574
  1. Islam and Mohurram
  2. Late Breaking News: Bombing claimed by Pak Taliban near Indo-Pak border
  3. Death of Prof. Golam Azam in prison & Death Sentence for Motiur Rahman Nizam
  4. Pakistan: Retaliation for Pakistani Air Attack
  5. The government has no evidence that Tamerlan Tsarnaev actually participated in the Walham murder
  6. The US War of Ideological Cleansing
# 1573
1 Muharram,1436/October 26, 2014 Issue # 43, Newsletter # 1573
  1. Islamic New Year 1436: Message of Striving & Struggle. Ebola and Healthy Lifestyle: Teachings from Hadith vs Racism & Zionism.
  2. Critical Review of Pakistani Politicians and their Overseas Supporters.
  3. Kashmir Beyond Platitudes: The Responsibility to Protect; Kashmir: An occupied people
  4. Egypt: General Sissi's troops Guarding Pipeline to Israel Slaughtered. Saudi Consulate too.
  5. Why is Imam Hasan still in Prison:?
  6. Canada, At War for 13 Years, Shocked That 'A Terrorist' Attacked Its Soldiers
# 1572
Zulhijjah 24,1435/October 19, 2014 Issue # 42
  1. How Shi'ism Began
  2. President of Muslim Association of Japan, Also An Expert In Political Science And Shari'ah, Dr. Hasan Ko Nakata, Phd. Joined Dawlah Islamiyyah (IS
  3. Malala with her father and mother worked Closely with the CIA to smear the Taliban's moral Stance
  4. Curfew Imposed in Khyber: Pakistani Jet fighters Attack Islamics. Ground operation Launched
  5. An Impressive Effort to Alleviate Muslim Poverty in Gujarat, India
  6. Scholar, teacher: Stripped Naked, Forced to Desecrate the Qur'an. Horrific Injustice. Why Was Aafia Siddique's Appeal Withdrawn
  7. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Delaware: 8 Page document given to 76 Muslims
  8. American rabbi calls for all-out war against Islam, 'to exterminate it, utterly and absolutely
  9. Police Barged into their home: Ongoing Oppression: A sample
# 1571
Zilhijjah 17,1435/October 12, 2014 # 41
  4. Dr. AbdulalimShabazz
  5. Even a serious Crime does not Lead to Arrest: The "chosen People?"
  6. Mom says her son was Unarmed: October 8 Police Shooting in St Louis.
  7. Supreme Court Rejects Tarek Mehanna�s appeal; Ziyad Yaghi, Abdul Razak Ali also denied appeal
# 1570
Zulhijjah 10,1435/October 5, 2014 Issue # 40
  1. Shi'ism: Rise, Decline and Deception
  2. How can Imran Khan get rid of the "system" when he is part of it? asks Munir Khalili, Pakistani analyst
  3. Islamic Leader Debunks Nigerian Army's Claims: Islamic Caliphate being Established.
  4. Pakistani Taliban declare allegiance to Islamic State and global jihad
  5. British Air Strikes Violated International Law. After that British Hostage was Executed.
  6. Blatant Attempt to Stop Humanitarian Aid to Islamic People in Syria Fails on Legal Grounds
  7. America's Justice System and the Police
  8. My Enemy�s Enemy Is Not My Friend
# 1569
Zulhijjah 3,1435/September 28, 2014 Issue # 39
  1. Western Powers Unite Against ISIS: Islamic volunteers pouring in to Support ISIS.
  2. The Drama of Tahir Qadri, Imran Khan & MQM in Islamabad & Karachi: North Waziristan and the Floods Ignored as Political Wrangling goes on
  3. Obamanation in the White House & Impotent Black Faces
  4. Anti-Khilafa Coalition & the Unending War
# 1568
Zulqi'dah 25,1435/September 21, 2014 # 38
  1. Br. Kaukab Siddique's Latest Khutba
  2. Those who thought that CAIR is not the voice of Imperialism and Zionism should read this and do TAWBA
  3. Sheikh Abu Zubair Adil al-Abab on: The Reality of the Rulers
# 1567
Zulqi'dah 18,1435/September 14, 2014 # 37
  1. October 11. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  2. Photos of Br. Kashif Muhammad and his wife who were attacked in Baltimore.
  3. Intense Media Blitz Against Islamic Caliphate Creating Dangers for US Muslims.
  4. Jamaate Islami Pakistan calls for national unity to help the flood affected.
  5. What the US wants to do to the Islamic Caliphate: Degrade and Destroy
  6. Federal Witness Paid $66K to Incriminate Stephen Silva [Eritrean Immigrant]
  7. Domestic Violence and Shady Prosecutors
# 1566
Zulqi'dah 11,1435/September 7, 2014 # 36
  1. How to behave in the Crisis Times we are Living in
  2. Important Information on America and Islamic Uprisings Globally given to 92
  3. Crusaders Unite Against Islamic Caliphate
  4. Violation of Islamic Laws & Sunnah Force women to seek help from Secular American Courts. How US Laws Protect Wives.
  5. Elder American Islamic Scholar Shamim Siddiqui responds to my David Irving Article
  6. More training of American Police by Israel
  7. Jewish Man Held in Assault Against MP George Galloway
  8. Qaeda chief Zawahiri launches al-Qaeda in South Asia
  9. Boko Haram overruns Nigerian town; scores killed
  10. 20,000 Protestors Challenge the Government of Nawaz Sharif: Imran Khan & Qadri in the Lead.
# 1565
Zulqi'dah 4,1435/August 31, 2014 # 35
  1. Disrespect for women indicates America's Decay and Decline: Islamic Message alone can save this beautiful Country.
  2. Gaza Stands Strong & Victorious: Arab Rulers have no Shame.
  3. Point by Point Rebuttal of Propaganda against the Islamic Caliphate
  4. A Sick man has to be handcuffed and dies? Another Police Atrocity which has no solution.
  5. Muslim women: Wife and Sister of Tsarnaev being Harassed and Blackmailed.
  6. Real Christians Oppose Christian Zionism
  7. August 25: Air Strikes in Libya on Islamics carried out by UAE with Egyptian Collusion.
  8. Saudi Arabia Simmering with Discontent as Islamic Battle Formations win in Gaza, Iraq, Syria.
# 1564
Shawwal 27,1435/August 24, 2014 # 34
  1. Imam Badi Ali leads the Movement in America against Zionism and Israel
  2. The way to Hell fire and the way to Paradise: Specific Directions. Khutba on Gaza and Ferguson: Muslims of America! Wake up!
  3. Would you expect them to tell the truth about France and World War II?
  4. ISIS wanted trade for 'Lady al Qaeda'
  5. Dias Kadyrbayev Offers Plea: Helpless Muslims with poor Legal Support.
  6. Many of French did'nt See Allies [1944] as Liberators : Germany's Ally Petain was their Hero.
  7. Boko Haram Captures Gwoza and parts of North Borno and Yobe state: Confirmed by UN
# 1563
Shawwal 21,1435/August 18, 2014 # 33
  1. President Obama Woefully misinformed on Ferguson and ISIS:
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Condemns repression in Ferguson town.
  3. Leading the struggle for Palestine is Central
  4. Tariq Ramadan's Departure from ISNA is welcome: Is it Moral revulsion or Opportunism of the lowest kind?
  5. An American Visits Gaza: Is USA under Israeli occupation?
  6. Yazidis: Many Attacks Carried Out by Neighbors, Not ISIS
  7. Militants Hold Seven Iraq Oil Fields After Syria Blitz, IEA Says
  8. High Praise for Robin Williams: Much Ado About Nothing?
  9. Hypocritical Report on Fighting Homegrown Terrorism. Stopping Help for Syria.
  10. Bashar Assad, with Russian & Iranian support Bombs ISIS and al-Nusra but Can't advance.
  11. Tsarnaev Defense Thwarted
  12. A Million Rally for Gaza in Karachi: US & Israeli flags burned. Broad support for Jamaate Islami: Siraj & Munawar Speak: Khalid Mishal by phone
# 1562
Shawwal 10,1435/August 7, 2014 # 32
  1. Gaza's Horrific Tragedy is a symbol of Worldwide Oppression by Zionism. Muslims must prepare to face Evil and not be surprised when Occupiers show their hand.
  2. Continuing our stand for gaza!
  3. The specter of Imperialism hidden behind the evil of Israel: We'll have to face it. Poet Iqbal saw this coming long Ago
  4. Hamas Charter and Holocaust Story.
  5. Young Americans increasingly support Palestine. The Older Ones still support Israel
# 1561
Shawwal 6,1435/August 3, 2014 # 31
  1. Imam Badi Ali thanks the community. View of Historic August 2 rally in DC
  2. Leading the Islamic Struggle against Zionism in USA: Imam Badi Ali's message
  3. Enaam Arnout Facing America's Justice System: He helped Oppressed Muslims. Steve Emerson's Zionist hand at play.
  4. Police Activity in Maryland & New York: Cover Up and White out!
# 1560
Ramadan 29,1435/July 27, 2014 # 30
  1. Founder of Independent Pakistani Journalism, Majid Nizami Passes away.
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York Rally for Gaza in Time Square, the Stronghold of Zionism
  3. Special Issue on Gaza Distributed to 100 Muslims.
  4. A Fitting Response to Israeli Propaganda which appears on US Media every day.
  5. Appeal to Help the Children of Africa.
  6. Rebuttal of NY Times Article on 12 Hour Cease Fire
  7. Extremely Rich Israel Supporter boycotting Turkey.
  8. US Foreign Policy -Wrong Side of History, Wrong Side of World Opinion. What Americans need to Undertand!
  9. Police Brutality in Baltimore True image of Oppression in America. Tyrone West Anniversary Protest
  10. Muslims are Poorly Defended & Easily Proven Guilty by Association. Azamat Tazhayakov found guilty of tossing backpack
  11. One Million People Ejected by Pakistani Military are suffering: Islamic leader rejects regime Propaganda that they are being cared for.
  12. Heavy Fighting in Syria: 1100 of Assad's forces wiped out in 10 days.
  13. Top Level Hearing of US Congress Against ISIS
  14. Iran's disinformation Campaign Against ISIS. Mixing Snowden with anonymous "views" to make a baseless claim.
# 1559
Ramadan 22,1435/July 20, 2014 # 29
  1. Our Challenge to America's Muslims.
  2. Large Rally against Police Brutality in Central Baltimore. Anniversary of Tyrone West who was beaten to death by 10 policemen.
  3. Second Khutba on Palestine: Qur'an teaches Complete Way of Life: Work to Defeat Israel
  4. When will Mr. Blitzer stop blaming the Victim: "It's their own Fault!"
  5. Spy for us: Offer Refused! Family says Help the hungry in Syria.
  6. FBI Went into Saudi Arabia and Arrested Two US Muslims.
  7. US Supports Israeli Terrorism: Islamic Leader urges Action by Pakistan
# 1558
Ramadan 15,1435/July 13, 2014 # 28
  1. Children joined a big Islamic rally to condemn Israel's genocidal assault on Gaza..
  2. Palestine will be Victorious, Israel will be Destroyed, inshaAllah.
  3. Protest for Tyrone West - July, 18, 2014
  4. ISIS Answers Critics: Caliphate ends Borders created by British/French Imperialists
  5. Gain More Blessings in Ramadan by supporting Muslim Political Prisoners.
  6. Innocents be dragged in: Young People's Guilt by Association
  7. ABC News: The "blunder" of Diane Sawyer out of love of Israel
  8. CNN Preparing Americans for a Ground Invasion of Gaza, Justifying 750 Israeli Air Strikes.
  9. Khutbas Across Pakistan in Solidarity with Palestine
# 1557
Ramadan 7,1435/July 5, 2014 # 27
  1. Justice for Palestine is the Key to the Muslim World's Unity. Oppose, confront, defeat Zionism on every Front
  2. 650,000 Civilians Ousted from their homes by Pakistani army
  3. World Cup 2014: Algeria to donate $9m World Cup prize money to people of Gaza, because 'they need it more than us'
  4. What is Happening on USA's Mexican border: Human Suffering & Bureaucracy
  5. Remember Afghanistan and Fallujah, and now Palestine and North Waziristan.
  6. Islamic Caliphate Established by ISIS: What does it Signify and will it survive?
  7. China restricts Ramazan fasting in Xinjiang
# 1556
Ramadan 1,1435/June 29, 2014 # 26
  1. Passing of Dr. Abdulalim Abdullah Shabazz '49 & Former Lincoln Professor of Mathematics
  2. Opposing Police Brutality.
  3. The Issue of Israeli occupation is central to our cause.
  4. Protests at the White House and nationwide demand no war on Iraq
  5. Bail Denied Matanov, Two More Tsarnaev Friends Dragged Into Net.
  6. ADC Denounces FX's "Tyrant" for Racial Stereotyping
  7. Justice Delayed: Finally Prof. Sami al-Arian's Nightmare Ends.
  8. Recruiting Black and Latino University students for Spying & Intelligence services.
  9. Islamic Women Joining Mujahideen Despite Stringent Restrictions
  10. Pakistani air force is bombing North Waziristan. Mosques are not spared.
# 1555
Shaban 23,1435/June 21, 2014 # 25
  1. Laila Yaghi cries out for her innocent son Ziyad
  2. Israeli military terrorists are hunting unarmed Palestinians in the West Bank.
  3. Are you Ignoring what the Prophet, pbuh, said: Fasting does not mean Retirement.
  4. Pakistan's Military on the Rampage: Insulting Elders, beating up Teenagers.
  5. Pakistani Military's Blasphemy on Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.
  6. Kingship, Dictatorship, Military Rule, Male Chauvinism, Zionism, Mass Culture are all forms of Modern Day Slavery.
  7. "No Military Solution" Obama Admits: US was whipped too badly in Iraq Last time.
  8. Former Auschwitz Camp Guard, 89, Arrested in US
  9. FBI Monitoring Prison Visits of Defense attorney with Marathon Bombing Suspect.
# 1554
Shaban 17,1435/June 15, 2014 # 24
  1. What many Pakistanis don't know about the attack on Karachi airport.
  2. Shiites Mobilizing in Baghdad. Ayatollah Sistani's Call to Arms. Iran & US to work together.
  3. Sura Yusuf: How it helps us Understand USA Muslims & Islamic Upsurge in Iraq. Like Yusuf, prisons made Malcolm X & Imam Jamil Stronger.
  4. Exploitation of Women & Children coming out of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala
  5. Huge Unemployment for Americans: $37 billion for "Israel"
  6. Fallout from Marathon bombing case: Innocents snared and Imprisoned
  7. Rally for Imam Jamil at the Bureau of Prisons. His Health is going down in Prison.
  8. Iraq 'asks US for assistance to quell militant uprising'
  9. Nigeria's Fulanis deny abduction by Boko Haram
# 1553
Shaban 10,1435/June 8, 2014 # 23
  1. Mass Culture is destroying our Communities & Ruining Women's Rights
  2. Hundreds Flock to Hear Lynne Stewart: Her First Speech after Liberation
  3. Fallout from Marathon Bombing Trial: Snaring the Innocent. Todashev Relative Offers Home to BMB Suspect
  4. Slaughter from the Air: Latest Drone Attacks by USA
  5. How quickly we forget - How Muslims Helped Ireland During The Great Famine
  7. Jamaate Islami says: Peaceful ways to solve Conflict & Suffering
# 1552
Shaban 3,1435/June 1, 2014 # 22
  1. Syria: Iranian General Killed in Action Against Mujahideen.
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen activity for Baltimore's African Americans
  3. Homosexual Power Violating Religious Rights of Americans. Why Christianity cannot resist this Abomination?
  4. Israel, the Palestinians and Obama stew In Their Own Juices
  5. Egypt's Illegitimate President: General Sisi
  6. Report on the Muslim Chaplain at Elmira
  7. 70 US Muslims said to be in Syria. One was a martyrdom operator.
  8. Haftar Leads a Coup in Libya
# 1551
Rajab 25,1435/May 25, 2014 # 21
  1. Islamic leaders in USA
  2. Pakistani Jet Fighters, helicopters Terrorizing Entire Population of North Waziristan
  3. Sexual Assaults on Women are Commonplace in small town America
  4. Kuwait to Distribute 250,000 Qur'an in Brazil
  5. ISIS, Hard Core mujahideen, Establish Strong Control on Central Syria.
  6. Qaeda in Syria targets army with four suicide bombings
# 1550
Rajab 19,1435/May 19, 2014 # 20
  1. Little Known Facts about Hadith: Written during my stay in Georgia.
  2. Helpless Muslim minority Comes Under Hindu attack in Hyderabad area.
  3. Nigerian Army's Slaughter of unarmed Nigerian Muslims.
  4. Washington's Saudi joker
  5. SYRIA. Islamic Front explosion wiped out military base of Assadites in Idlib
  6. Iran Recruiting Afghan Shi'ite Refugees to Fight in Support of Bashar Assad.
  7. Syria. Flanking attack on Alawite Assad Army in Layramoun. 20 objects captured
  8. Astonishing Video on Mali: What the West's Media hid from the World
  9. Islamic Leaders Respond to Victory of Hindu Extremists in India.
# 1549
Rajab 12,1435/May 12, 2014 # 19
  1. Reception for Eddie Conway who was Released after 44 years.
  2. This is where they Manufacture their Stories on Nigeria
  3. Michelle Obama blundered?
  4. Africa is rising up with the banner of Islam against Oppressors & Exploiters
  5. The obligation of Dawah in America can now be accomplished through following the fundamentals of Dawah as detailed below.
  6. Yemenis affected by U.S. drone strikes to launch victims' union
  7. Sirajul Haq Promises End to Feudalism and Capitalism
  8. Insurgency stunts Gwadar progress
  9. Brigades of Kurdistan pledge allegiance to the leader of Al- Qaeda's Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri
# 1548
Rajab 6,1435/May 6, 2014 # 18
  1. Counter Blast to the Zionist-Corporate Media
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Resolutions - May 3, 2014
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in W. Baltimore. 100 Muslims given 8 pages Each.
  4. Los Angeles Clippers Jewish Owner's Racist Rant Recorded by Black Latina Girlfriend!
  5. Tribal Representatives Endorse Peace Process with Pak Taliban
  6. Munawar Hasan, outgoing JI ameer, visiting Dr. Aafia Siddiqui's mother.
  7. The Miracle of Dunkirk Reconsidered
  8. US backtracks on terror claim against Tunisian man
# 1547
Jamada al-thani 28,1435/April 28, 2014 # 17
  1. Scholarly daughter of a learned Imam gets PhD
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in North East Baltimore, Maryland
  3. Pakistan: The strange Defeat of Munawar Hasan: US & Military Combined wanted him out.
  4. She wanted to marry a mujahid: Pakistanis arrested the top family. Other Pakistanis had helped. How Shaykh OSAMA evaded the Americans.
  5. Sirajul Haq speaks on the rights of women, the poor and Kashmir
  6. A man's Responsibilities towards the Family
  7. Jordanian ambassador seized in Libya, kidnapers demand prisoner release
  8. SYRIA. Jaish al-Muhajiroon wal Ansar, al-Nusra and others enter military base of Assad's air force intelligence
  9. Huge Massacre of Unarmed Muslims by Christians in South Sudan.
  10. Anti-Shia Conference: Shia Crimes in Syria and Iraq are creating Backlash in the Muslim World.
# 1546
Jamada al-thani 21,1435/April 21, 2014 # 16
  1. Israeli forces storm Aqsa compound, dozens injured and detained
  2. Iqbal's Poetry, Message, Genius, Vision, Relevance : Gathering of Muslim Intellectuals
  3. Nouman Ali Khan talks on Dawah to Latinos
  4. Convicted Child Rapist Evades Prison Time
  5. Ziyad Yaghi's Mother Cries out for Justice: Innocent sent to Colorado. "crime?" Being Good Muslim!
  6. Boycott SodaStream located in "Israel"
  7. 40 Black Muslim Women Shining their Light on America
# 1545
Jamada al-thani 14,1435/April 14, 2014 # 15
  1. Egypt: Shocking, rare video. 31,000 views till now.
  2. Top Black Intellectuals uncover the oppression rife in America
  3. Homosexuality Imposed on Americans by Sophisticated Tyrant.
  5. Shootings at two Jewish Centers in Kansas City leave Three Dead.
  6. Kashmiri American Leader, Ghulam Nabi Fai Visits Northern California
  7. Newly Elected Ameer of Jamaate Islami Blasts Pakistani Ruling Class, Supports the Poor.
  8. What are the Options for India's Muslims as the month long Elections continue.
# 1544
Jamada al-thani 7,1435/April 6, 2014 # 14
  1. Visit to an unusual masjid. Dar ul Huda has an impressive Islamic School.
  2. Muslims are often Disunited for flimsy reasons. Why enemies can become friends?
  3. The man who changed the face of Pakistani Politics
  4. 'Holocaust Denial' Laws Are Disgraceful
  5. AKP, Islamic party of Erdogan: Sweeping Victories in Turkish Election. Fake "Muslim" counter movement led by Gulen Thwarted.
  6. Osama bin Laden's Wife Reveals why his body cannot be found or Photographed
# 1543
Jamada al-thani 1,1435/March 31, 2014 # 13
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Islamic Shoora to meet on May 3
  2. Election Result for Jamaate Islami's Ameer by Secret ballot. Sirajul Haq, known for his humble life style, elected.
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Silver Spring, Maryland. Women's Rights, Syria, Egypt, Education Help for US Prisoners.
  4. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Newark, Delaware, 50 miles north of Baltimore. Hail Turkey, Huge Jamaate Islami rally in Karachi, Ikhwan face Sisi, Syria.
  5. Strong Khutba against Liquor in Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen.
  6. Noah the Movie & Russel Crowe: A Muslim Response.
  7. Rally for Bengali Islamic Youth, falsely Imprisoned in the US Gulag: April 7, 6 PM
  8. Buddhist Mob terrorizes Aid Workers, Loots Relief Goods for Muslims.
  9. Borders between Countries and between Men and Women.
  10. Bridge Collapses in Iraq Attack; 56 Killed, 55 Wounded
# 1542
Jamada al-Awwal 23,1435/March 23, 2014 # 12
  1. Hail Turkey: First time in the Mid East, an air strike in favor of Islam
  2. Islamic Power of Unarmed Ikhwan Demonstrators.
  3. Munawar Hasan addressed Huge Crowd in Karachi in Memory of Iqbal's & Quaid's Dream of Islamic Pakistan
  4. Is Peace Possible or Hate will win? Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists vs Muslims?
  5. Third Khutba on the Life of the Prophet, pbuh. Uhud and Khalid, r.a.
  6. Attempts to Legitimize Wealth stolen by Jews from Iraq
  7. Thar deaths due to India's water aggression
  8. Islamic Power in Egypt: Unarmed Demonstrators Defy Military Coup & Support President Morsi
# 1541
Jamada al-Awwal 16,1435/March 16, 2014 # 11
  1. Our web site: Are we good or what? With zero funding! This is Islam.
  2. Shoora on May 3
  3. URGENT ACTION: Northeastern University Suspends Students for Justice in Palestine
  4. A tribute to Rachel Corrie. She Gave her life stopping Israeli Bulldozer Demolishing Homes
  5. The Lurking Danger Beneath Al-Aqsa vs. Israel
  6. Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
  7. US "advice" on Qadianis & Blasphemy law blasted by Munawar Hasan
# 1540
Jamada al-Awwal 9,1435/March 9, 2014 # 10
  1. Ukraine and Crimea
  2. Activism in Houston, Texas, Pakistani Community.
  3. Sahaba, r.a., are the greatest Muslims after the Prophet, pbuh. Role Models for us.
  4. Muslim who defended himself, Charged!
  5. Agha Khan is infiltrating Pakistan with large funds: In with Nawaz Sharif, Karzai, Hosni Mubarak
  6. Black Panther Leader released after 44 years. Was framed in Conflict with police.
  7. The Passing of Chokwe Lumumba
  8. Saudi Arabia Opens Up to Oppressed Muslim Communities around the world
  9. American Muslimahs Celebrate International Women's Day
  10. Munawar Hasan's Umra & Successful Visit to Saudi Arabia
  11. The saga of Crimean Tatars
# 1539
Jamada Al-awwal 2,1435/March 2, 2014 # 9
  1. Breaking News: Africa rejects Obama's Homosexual invasion
  2. Amazing Message for Women from Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Planning Committee: May 3, 2014
  4. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Message Given to 200 Muslims in Virginia after Juma'
  5. Most of Syria is in Islamic hands but infighting provoked by government agents is causing Serious Losses.
  6. Africa's response to Homosexuality From Gambia
  7. Opposition to Obama & Gays: But he also hates Muslims
  8. Moazzam Begg arrested: Human Rights Activist supports Syria: Earlier he was falsely accused & Tortured.
  9. US has been attacking Mosquies & Medressas. Traitors within Pakistan help USA.
  10. Understanding the Issues facing India and the causes of Indian Muslims' Plight. Critique of Capitalism and Marxism. Interview with top Indian Muslim Intellectual Dr. Javed Jamil
# 1538
Rabi' al-Thani 23,1435/February 23, 2014 # 8
  1. Islamic Fighters Advancing Again: Also, attacks in Lebanon. UN recognizes Horrendous suffering of Syrian Civilians but ....
  2. Military Disinformation Ends Peace Talks. Air Force bombing Islamic villages.
  3. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen to meet, inshallah, in May.
  4. Men hitting women and now even women hitting men. What does Islam say?
  5. Boko Haram defeated Nigerian troops in Bama: Governor's desperate appeal for more troops.
  6. Profile: Egypt's militant Ansar Beit al-Maqdis group
# 1537
Rabi' al-Thani 16,1435/February 16, 2014 # 7
  1. World War II could have been stopped: The peacemaker spent 46 years in British-allied prison.
  2. Congratulations to Iran on the February 11 anniversary of the revolution.
  3. Dr. Anthony Monteiro, Advocate for Mumia Abu-Jamal, Dismissed
  4. Any Lesson from the recurring snow storms and extremely cold weather?
  5. Crimes Against Women are Commonplace in America: Here is one from the Chicago area.
  6. Yeshiva Student Arrested for Anti-Jewish Graffiti
  7. Shias are claimimg that Ali, r.a., could commit no Wrong and was superior to all Sahaba, r.a. We Muslims take ONLY Muhammad, pbuh, as Example. Not Ali, r.a. Here is one reason.
  8. Elderly Bengali leader of Jamaate Islami dies in police custody under pro-India Regime
  9. Washington's Military Aid to Israel
  10. Trending: Muslim Woman Discovers Friendly New World When a Winter Scarf Covers Her Hijab
  11. Behind the Campaign For War Against Iran
  12. Historic Call for Peace in Pakistan: Call to army & Pak Talibs to stop fighting.
# 1536
Rabi' al-Thani 8,1435/February 8, 2014 # 6
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature given to 100 Muslims in Newark, Delaware: Follow up Visit
  2. Hunger Walk/RunOn Sunday, March 9, 2014.
  3. Laila Yaghi Mourns the Rejection of her Son's Appeal: Innocent Muslim in US Prison.
  4. Purple Hijab Day
  5. Why "Israel" Fears the Boycott
  6. Wolf Blitzer's Unquestioning support for Government propaganda on CNN
  7. Betrayal of Black Community by "queen Latifah."
  8. Destruction of our Ecology is a Sign of our Irresponsible Power Drive
  9. Bangladesh: After Slaughter of Unarmed Muslims. Extensive Message from Egyptian Leader of Armed Global Islamic Movement, Dr. al-Zawahiri.
  10. Osama Bin Laden's Relative Seeks Interview for NY Trial
  11. US Jewish leader criticizes Israel boycott drive
  12. Ithna Asharis, Ismailis and Zaydis and many others....
  13. Altaf Hussain Terrorizes his Opponents from London, England, Hundreds have been executed. Finally he allegedly got his top dissident murdered in England
  14. Iranian Leader says: If Bashar Goes Down, Syria would be a haven for Terrorists.
  15. 180 Million Pakistanis Want Shariah: Caliphate is final Goal.
  16. Raw ONION on bottom of the feet to take away illness.
# 1535
Rabi' al-Thani 3,1435/February 3, 2014 # 5
  1. Knowledge, Choice, Inclusivity, political acumen, anti-sectarianism
  2. Generals Blaming Peaceful Opponents for Attacks by Mujahideen: Rebuttal by a Daughter
  3. Raising the Curtain on the Deceptive Ismaili Cult: Agha Khan's Role
  4. Actress Johansson's Break With Oxfam Highlights Israel Occupation Issue
  5. What's positive about tragic situations in Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Bangladesh, Libya?
  6. What the Founder of Pakistan Said about Bangla and Urdu Languages. Nailing the lies of Secularists in Bangladesh
# 1534
Rabi' al-Awwal 24,1435/January 26, 2014 # 4
  1. An American Muslimah has been given 10 years in prison
  2. Muslim Activists and Others Rally at MLK Day Parade, Challenge Mayor, Governor, States Attorney, and Police
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature given to 100 people in 14 degrees after Juma
  4. Ad shows Hijabi Woman with a Kafir Man: Media Violating our Islamic Rights
  5. Evidence that Ali, r.a., gave his BAYAT [oath of allegiance] to Abu Bakr, r.a.
  6. Diabolical roadmap to serve the regional hegemon
  7. Old Makkah Fights Back.
  8. A Not-So-Subtle Campaign Against Islamic women.
  9. U.S. woman known as Jihad Jane sentenced to 10 years in plot
# 1533
Rabi' al-Awwal 17,1435/January 19, 2014 # 3
  1. Both Assimilationism & Ghettoization are incorrect US Muslim Responses. Colors & Languages are from Allah: We are ONE Ummah by Qur'an & Hadith.
  2. Amiri Baraka Passes Away: Great Poet who Questioned 9.11 Official Version
  3. Military Attacks Burmese Muslims Again
  4. Why did they Investigate Kaukab Siddique? Trying to Stop Islam
  5. America's Zionist Jews on the Roll: Misleading & Exploiting the masses
  6. How Culpable Were Dutch Jews in the Slave Trade?
  7. Latest Gang rape of a woman in India : This time a Danish Tourist. The Plight of women in Secular Hindu Heartland
  8. In the Center of Jerusalem Anti-Christian Graffiti
  10. Turkish politics and the death of conspiracy
  11. Syrian Children preparing for an Islamic future with Islamic State group's school system
# 1532
Rabi' al-Awwal 10 ,1435/January 12, 2014 # 2
  1. Freedom for Lynne Stewart became an Important Islamic Cause.
  2. Homosexuality, the source of Pedophilia, via Hollywood
  3. Ithna Asharis, Ismailis and Zaydis and many others
  4. Re: Blasphemy Law in Pakistan: A reader thinks Kaukab Could not answer his Question, Ran away & Hid for Two Years:
  5. Islamic State in Iraq & the Levent [ISIL] still in control of Fallujah and Ramadi.
  6. Syria: Truce between ISIL's Abu Umar al-Chechen and Ahrar ash-Sham on Eastern Front in Aleppo Province
  7. U.S. and Iran unite against Mujahideen of Iraq and Syria
# 1531
Rabi' al-Awwal 2 ,1435/January 4, 2014 # 1
  1. She fought for the rights of the Blind Shaikh pro bono: America's greatest attorney.
  2. Black Intellectual takes on Obama's Drone Policy.
  3. Obama forgot those who voted for him
  4. Helping the hungry, the cold, the homeless in this great country!
  5. Abu Qatada committed no crime: British & Jordanians want him to Shut Up! Sheikh Abu Qatada urges Syrian Mujahideen from courtroom to abandon disagreements and unite
  6. Jews Committing Blasphemy & Desecration against Prophet, pbuh & Islam: So open that Israeli Paper is alarmed!
  7. The Pagan Year 2014 is here! Let's try to be better Muslims!
  8. American Woman, Ms. Caroline, warns of New Betrayal of USA by Jewish International. Preparing to Release Israeli spy Pollard in Spite of American Patriots.
  9. Al-Qaida supporters' Victory March in Fallujah, Iraq, [January 3, 2014]. Most are unarmed.
  10. Bosnian Response to Jewish Denial of Srebrenica Genocide
  11. A Young American Woman's Journey to Islam
# 1530
Safar 27 ,1435/December 30, 2013 # 53
  1. The Struggle in Turkey: Pseudo-religion being used against resurgent Islam. Gulen movement trying to destabilize the Islamic Erdogan movement.
  2. Support Group for New Muslims: Creative Effort by African American Sister.
  3. Two Islamic Centers: One extremely poor: the Other a Million Dollar Wonder
  4. Gulen Movement is based in USA & Supported by pro-Israel Hawks. It aims to minimize and undercut Islamic resurgence led by Erdogan
  5. Peace with India Impossible without Freedom for People of Kashmir: Syed Munawar Hasan talks to Kashmiri Delegation.
  6. Indian Army's Occupation Cover-up vs Documentation of Atrocities by Monitors
  7. Important News compiled by Citizens for Legitimate Government [CLG]
# 1529
Safar 18 ,1435/December 21, 2013 # 52
  1. Self-Hatred is a form of Internalized Slavery: This is about non-Muslim culture but Pakistanis & Nigerians too can learn from this video.
  2. Islamic Activist Saves a man from a home on fire.
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature on Key Issues given to 105 People after Juma'
  4. Al-Nusra Leader says Victory is near: Rejects Geneva II talks meant to save Assad
  5. Historic Conference in Milwaukee for the rights of Rohingya Muslims in Burma. 200 People Drove in 10 degrees Weather to join the Networking for Muslim Minorities
  6. General Sisi is Continuing a reign of Terror in Egypt
  7. Under Obama, Don't you dare Speak Against Homosexuality! Insulting Jesus or Burning the Qur'an is Okay!
  8. Historical Judgment on "Gays": Supreme Court Judgment safeguards Nature
  9. American Revisionist Challenges the Israeli Eichmann story and the "Holocaust"
  10. Islamic Movement by Peaceful Means in America
# 1528
Safar 11 ,1435/December 14, 2013 # 51
  1. FSA's military bases on the Turkish border have been captured
  2. On December 12, Abdul Qadir was executed by the semi-Hindu secularist regime in Dhaka. Zionist-Jewish role behind atricity stories.
  3. Here in this video a Bangla scholar demands the release of Shaykh Jasimuddin and threatens jihad.
  4. Unpopular Thoughts on Popular Issues: Our greatness and our betrayal
  5. Reflecting on Nelson Mandela and my time in the ANC
  6. All Over Nigeria, Muslims are being Oppressed and Subjugated | A First time Disclosure of the reality.
# 1527
Safar 4 ,1435/December 7, 2013 # 50
  1. Conference: Stop the Genocide of Rohingya (Burmese) Myanmar Muslims.
  2. Maintaining an Islamic Family in Challenging Times
  3. What is the Islamic Struggle about in America? What is our Agenda?
  4. Outreach by Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Washington, DC: Shoora,Imam Jamil, Syria, Bangladesh
  5. "Sex Slaves in America": MSNBC Uncovers Horrific Exploitation of Women
  6. An American Mother Appeals to Ummah for release of her Children and one other.
  7. Threat of Muslim-American terrorism in U.S. invented by mainstream media propaganda
  8. Why do Afghans Prefer Taliban to the US-installed Regime?
  10. Syria crisis: Omar Shishani, Chechen jihadist leader
  11. "Madiba" Nelson Mandela A Principled Warrior and Revolutionary
  12. Islamics Oppose US Power structure, not the People of America. Munawar Hasan on US Fears. Western Powers oppose Jihadi Islam and want a subjugated "Islam"
  13. Jamate Islami Leader Liaqat Baluch speaks against Sectarianism.
# 1526
Muharram 27 ,1435/December 1, 2013 # 49
  1. Still haven't found anything positive to do on December 25th, 2013?
  2. Palestinian American who refused to betray his people. The 6th anniversary of Dr. Abdelhaleem Ashqar's incarceration
  3. Islam only ideology which Showed its system in Real life: No to slavery & Women's subjugation. vs Communism, Capitalism, Christianity, Judaism. Reject Nationalist Cultures.
  4. Fazal Khan was a Pioneer with Abdul Mateen Chida: The info New Trend missed.
  5. Terrible Conditions in Refugee Camps for Syrians Fleeing Assad
  6. Imran Khan's Team Pinpoints CIA Director for Drone Attack Murders in Pakistan
  7. Peltier's Message to the 2013 National Day of Mourning
  8. Sirajul Haq, JI Frontier Leader Demands CIA Chief be Handed over for Trial.
  9. Main Islamic Leaders of Pakistan are lining up with Imran Khan and Jamaate Islami to stop NATO Supplies & Drone attacks:
  10. al-Jazeerah Exclusive: Torturing Abu Zubaydah and the art of deception
  11. Yemenis call them Romeo and Joliet!
# 1525
Muharram 20 ,1435/November 24, 2013 # 48
  1. Assad's Air force hits civilians again. Mujahideen capture Syrian oil field. Refugees fleeing to Lebanon as fighting rages in Qalamoun Mountains.
  2. One of the Most Pious Men I have Ever Known
  3. Native Americans Call for release of Leonard Peltier while Opposing US control of Native tribes.
  4. Israel's policy of erasure
  5. Obama's Kenya has the Worst record for women's rights. Now Hope Emerges with this message. The Courage of an 11 Year old who was Raped but decided to fight back.
  6. Aftermath of the Al-Shabab attack in Beledweyne, Somalia
  7. Jamaate Islami leader condemns US attack on Islamic school. NATO is supplied by Pak government, while US Drones kill Pakistanis.
# 1524
Muharram 13 ,1435/November 17, 2013 # 47
  1. Jamaate Islami Leader Munawar Hasan Trying to Change Direction of Pakistan's History
  2. In remembrance of Husain ibn Ali, r.a., Stand up Against Injustice
  3. Why does Sectarianism Develop, though it is Forbidden in Islam? Was Ali, r.a., the only great sahabi? Was Hussain, r.a., the only great martyr?
  4. After forgiving a turkey on Thansgiving, Will Obama Forgive Lynne Stewart?
  5. From acceptance of Homosexuality to Legitimization of Pedophilia: Zionist "Scholars" Lead the way
  6. Armed forces have no right to interfere in politics says JI Shoora
  7. US is at war with Islam, Leader of Peaceful Islamic Movement says.
  8. Africans in India: Comment by Shaikh Hyder folllowed by al-Jazeerah article
# 1523
Muharram 5 ,1435/November 9, 2013 # 46
  1. Iranian forces helping Assad hit hard.
  2. Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz Spoke to Standing Room only Audience at Lincoln University
  3. Imam Jamil's Message, Hijabi women vs Malala, Islamic victories in Syria, Shoora resolutions
  4. Why is Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, holy? Here is a short history of the Golden Era of Islam. Kerbala came after the Caliphate was over.
  5. Still haven't found anything positive to do on December 25th, 2013
  6. Muslims should be the first to help victims of Super Typhoon in Philippines
  7. Islam was introduced by Turks: 35,000 Koreans have embraced Islam in addition to 100,000 Muslim Immigrants
  8. Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman: Speaks in an Unusual video
  9. Munawar Hasan refers to Hakeemullah Mehsud as "martyr" and urges shooting down of drones.
  10. Maulvi Fazlullah, mujahid of Swat, elected new leader of Pak Taliban on November 7.
# 1522
Zulhijja 28 ,1434/November 3, 2013 # 45
  1. New Islamic Year: 1435
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen distributes Shoora Resolutions: Women's Rights & Imam Jamil's Message
  3. First Time Distribution of New Trend [hard copy] in Detroit and Petersburg, Virginia
  4. What Nawaz Sharif Did not Tell Pakistanis: War to continue
  5. Looks like there was a Mujahideen Attack in Beijing, China, quickly covered up by the regime.
  6. Assad treating ENTIRE Sunni population as ENEMY+Russian troops killed helping Assad.
  7. Pakistan being pushed into more war as US assassinates Hekeemullah Mehsud. Nawaz Sharif and General Kayani-ISI are two wings of US Control of the Pakis.
  8. How the Qur'an was Transmitted. Every verse was connected to Hadith. Answering the Fitna of Rejection of Hadith.
  9. What is 'Holocaust Denial'?
  10. Israel helped India in 1971 war
  11. 50 displaced Syrians 'die of starvation' near Jordan border
# 1521
Zulhijja 22 ,1434/October 28, 2013 # 44
  1. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, October 26, Expresses the thinking of US Muslims from coast to coast.
  2. New Leadership of Jamaat al-Muslimeen Emerges:Support for all Oppressed People.
  3. Message of Imam Jamil al-Amin to Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora and to all Muslims.
  4. These Islamic Women speak Perfect English, grew up in the West and Chose Islam
  5. Zulhijja 18 was the anniversary of Usman, r.a., the third greatest male Companion of the Prophet, pbuh, and third Caliph of Islam
  6. Documentation of the Suffering of Muslims in Muzaffarnagar, India.
  7. Polish Town Removes Statue Recalling Rape of Millions of German Women by Soviet Soldiers
  8. Vietnamese Convert to Islam wanted to help Syrians. Arrested as al-Qaida sympathizer
  9. Usman, r.a., Compiled the Qur'an the Muslim World Reads Today.
# 1520
Zulhijja 14 ,1434/October 20, 2013 # 43
  1. Prisoner of the month: Ziyad Yaghi, innocent son of Sis. Laila Yaghi.
  2. Right behind Zionist-controlled University of Pennsylvania is a Crowded Mosque. Jamaat al-Muslimeen literature given to 100 People after Juma'
  3. Khutbas on Hajj and Eid al-Adha: Founder of Makka was an African Woman. Saudis are not fit to be servants of the Holy Cities: Stoning the devils is required.
  4. Pentagon to invest over $1 billion to upgrade US drone base in Djibouti
  5. Two Years after the murder of Imam Luqman Abdullah the government says
  6. Sis. Gulshan rebuts attack by Agha Khanis on Converts to Islam. Ismailis-Agha Khanis are neither Shias, nor Sunnis.
  7. Kavakci, much admired by the government, was neither Good Muslim nor Turk
  8. Here's Our Comment about Another bunch of sellouts Using Islam
  9. Osama's Associate was released to see where he would go: Drone was used to kill him
  10. CNN buried old interview although it is helpful to understand the Taliban.
  11. What Caused US Navy Seals to Retreat from Somali Town of Barawe?
# 1519
Zulhijja 7 ,1434/October 13, 2013 # 42
  1. Eid prayers will be held at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen at 9 AM on October 16.
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Planning group [Shoora] will meet in Baltimore, inshallah.
  3. President Obama met Malala in the White House.
  4. Thousands of SINGLE women went to Jihad against Persian Empire under Umar's, r.a. Caliphate.
  5. His family Wiped out by British Racists, he Continues to serve Humanity.
  6. Swallowed Iranian Propaganda that Assad Supports Palestine? This should wake you up.
  7. Pakistani Regime linked to US drone attacks+ NATO supplied by regime.
  8. Comment by Munawar Hasan on NADRA investigation
  9. 'Sex Jihad' and Other Lies: Assad's Elaborate Disinformation Campaign
  10. Saudi authorities offered deal to Sheikh Suleiman al-Ulwan. He refused it
# 1518
Zulq'idah 29,1434/October 6, 2013 # 41
  1. Attack on Church in Pakistan Condemned by all Islamic Groups.
  2. Al-Shabab force US Navy Seals to retreat.
  3. Shoora Coming up on October 26, Inshallah: Planning Committee for Islam in America.
  4. Important Issue Oriented Articles Distributed After Juma: October 4.
  5. Charlie Rose: Zionist Jew's Love Affair with three Terrorists the White House Protects.
  6. Christianity on the Retreat: Mega Church Leader Endorses Homosexuality
  7. Ethnic Uighurs Abdul Razak and Ahmad Muhamman fled China and ended up in Pakistan where they were handed over to American forces. Role of Pakistani tribal leaders.
  8. Justice for Canadian M. Momin Khawaja, Prisoner of Conscience. This is too much suffering: Canada, let my people go
  9. Criminal Charges For Publishing Czech Book of Hitler Speeches
  10. Islamic victory in Northern Syria
  11. Large scale looting and destruction was carried out by Kenyan Military.
  12. 100 Kaman Muslim Homes Wiped Out by Extemist Buddhist Mobs this Week
  13. Rising Poverty, Price Increases, and Suicides by the poor lead to Countrywide Protests.
# 1517
Zulq'idah 22,1434/September 29, 2013 # 40
  1. Syria: Serious Setback for the US & Iran. Assad's End is Coming.
  2. Moving Towards Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora on October 26. Peaceful Islamic Movement in USA Calls for Boycott of Businesses Supporting Israel
  3. Marriage with non-Muslims Forbidden + Don't be taken in by anti-Muslim propaganda about Kenya Mall.
  4. Peaceful Islamic Movements Coordinate to Oppose Tyranny and Oppression.
  5. Behind the dust and the chaos, Pakistan Shines Forth. Interview with an Australian woman who embraced Islam and moved to Pakistan.
  6. Shia Professor tries to Validate Mutah [Temporary Marriage], attacks Imam Bukhari.
  7. A British woman who embraced Islam, Sis. Samantha Lewithwaite
  8. Write to the Iranian authorities demanding a halt to the execution of 28 Sunni prisoners in Iran
  9. Egypt Joins Israel as Gaza�s Jailer
# 1516
Zulq'idah 15,1434/September 22, 2013 # 39
  1. Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen to Meet on October 26 in Maryland, Inshallah.
  2. Distribution of Jamaat al-Muslimeen literature to 101 Muslims in Newark, Delaware
  3. A Virus Which has no Cure Could Hit Hajj Pilgrims
  4. Umm Kulthum, brilliant young daughter of Ali, r.a., Married second Caliph of Islam, Umar, r.a. Abu Bakr, r.a., daughter, also named Umm Kulthum, refused to marry Umar, r.a.
  5. There is no such thing as Libyan, Syrian, Tunisian. We are all Muslims: Jabhat al-Nusra Mujahideen
  6. A Killer In Your Fridge ~ Sweet Poison...A MUST READ
  7. India and USA-ISRAEL are trying to Destabilize Pakistan: Talks with Taliban Required. Islamic Leader Munawar Speaks to large Friday Prayer Gathering.
  8. Army Using Campaign Against Boko Haram to Commit Horrific crimes against Muslims
# 1515
Breaking News: September 13: Thousands demonstrated again in Egyptian cities
  1. Syria: Assad Losing Slowly but Steadily.
  2. Terry Jones, Pastor who wanted to burn Qur'ans, Arrested with Kerosene Soaked Qur'ans.
  3. Letting Assad Get Away with Mass Murder: Obama's Slide into Disinformation & Double Talk
  4. Tremendous Propaganda Campaign Against Islamic Fighters opposing Assad's tyranny in Syria.
  5. Islamic Teachings Against Slavery are Relevant today. Tyranny, dictatorship, kingship, Male dominance are Modern slavery.
  6. Letter: Iran and US on the same side again?
  7. U.S. shares raw intelligence data with Israel, leaked document shows
  8. Why do Muslims love Muhammad, pbuh.
  9. Why is the OTHER side of Pasover being hidden. Exposing the Mind Control of the Holocaust People
# 1514
Zulq'idah 1,1434/September 8, 2013 # 37
  1. Kingship, Dictatorship and Male Dominance are Forms of Slavery: Internal Unity is required to Defeat Islam's Enemies.
  2. Rational Approach to Islam: Opposition to Dictatorship and Westernization. Muhammad, pbuh, as Example and Leader. Islamic Pakistan's Basic Ideas.
  3. Readers are Urged to Write Similar Letters to the Leader of Iran
  4. Fake Hadith being Used by Shi'ite Sectarians to Extol Ali, r.a., as the greatest Sahabi.
  5. Why do Muslims think Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, was the best human being?
  6. Obama's Irresponsible Rhetoric Exacerbates Global Tensions
# 1513
Shawwal 23,1434/August 31, 2013 # 36
  1. Egypt: Impressive turnout by Muslim Brotherhood
  2. Aljazeerah America
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature given to 70 Arab Americans after Juma prayers
  4. What Many Latinos Do not know about Muslim Spain
  5. Zionists Stopped Obama's Syrian plan: They want Islamics, not Assad, to be hit. Delay does that. Assad regime saved by Zionist induced Delay.
  6. Behind Russia's Support for Assad: Genocide of Muslims by Russian Racists. Now Again Islam is emerging across the ex-Soviet Union.
  7. Alawites are Qadianis of Syria. Iran has shown its true face by siding with the Baathist Alawite tyrant
  8. 'O' Allah destroy Bashar-al-Asad and Egyptian army leader al-Sisi.' Saudi Imam. Coup supporters beaten up
  9. Crisis in Egypt and the Army's Roadmap for War
# 1512
Shawwal 16,1434/August 24, 2013 # 35
  1. It's Called the Warsaw Syndrome: What is the US waiting for in Syria?.
  2. Why King's 150,000 people march on TV and no mention of Farrakhan's Million Man March?
  3. Why are American Men Losing Interest in Women?
  4. 1300 plus, including 200 children, killed, in Assad's Chemical Attacks on Damascus Suburbs. Assad denies.
  5. The Warsaw Syndrome: Why is the US not intervening in Syria?
  6. Mass Rally by Islamic Women in Karachi in support of Egypt's
  7. Imprisoned President Morsi. August 20
  8. 5 Documents given to 100 Muslims after Juma. Why the Islamics will win, Inshallah.
  9. Why are Latinos and Latinas Turning to Islam? How you can Help.
  10. Stop Complaining. Lessons from the Blessed Month of Ramadan.
  11. Israel Working Hard to get European Support for Egypt's General Sisi. US Military Forces Cross Egyptian Air Space to help Israel without Warning.
  12. American forces used eight-year-old boy to plant a chip on his stepfather so they could kill him in a drone strike
  13. Growing Awareness of the Reality of Israeli Policy and Jewish-Zionist Power
  14. Reports of massive chemical attack near Damascus as UN observers arrive in Syria
  15. A letter to "liberals" about the Saudi King: He does not represent Islam
# 1511
Shawwal 9,1434/August 17, 2013 # 34
  1. Our America: Zionists busy Misleading the Nation | Thirty-Seven House Democrats To Visit Israel on AIPAC Trip
  2. Vietnam Veteran Embraced Islam: Gave Khutba to 400 Muslims in Newark, Delaware
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature Given to 100 Muslims in Newark, Delaware: About Eid, Syria, Yemen, Jews & Momin Khawaja
  4. CIA's Plan for Egypt Falling Apart: Ikhwan Sets Record for Martyrdom. Rallying instead of Running. August 16: A Terrible Beauty is born.
  5. The Movement against the Generals has spread all over Egypt. Counterattack on Copts. First Signs of Armed Resistance.
  6. Why the Islamic Uprisings will win? The Conflict is Triangular.
  7. The Murder of Asma Beltagy by the Egyptian Army by Dr Javed Jamil
# 1510
Shawwal 3,1434/August 11, 2013 # 33
  1. Zionists Have No Compassion for Lynne Stewart
  2. In Baltimore, Against the Incorrect Eid of the Majority: Pioneering Step Worked.
  3. Yemeni researcher Rebuts President Obama's Claims of the al-Qaida threat August 3 to 10.
  4. Coordinated Israeli-Egyptian air attacks on Islamic fighters near Israeli borders.
  5. Hindus armed by Indian Army attack Muslims but are countered.
  6. Who is behind the Homosexual Movement in America?
  7. How to Introduce Hadith to People affected by Anti-Hadith Stories?
  8. Abuse of Momin Khawaja Shows Canada has Outdone USA in hatred of Islam
  9. Islamic Woman, Ayesha Syed, Elected to National Assembly, joined Jamaate Islami. She coordinates 18 schools in Swat. Helping Flood Affected people.
# 1509
Ramadan 25 ,1434/August 3, 2013 # 32
  1. A major Effort is underway to help homeless Women and Children.
  2. Freedom for Palestine: Rally in New York: August 2
  3. Children Used by Assad Tanks as Human Shields: Assad troops enter Homs but are blown up.
  4. Muslim Brotherhood with Huge Public support defies General Sisi's Treachery & Threats
  5. Spanish Da'wah: Hunger among Latinos for Islam
  6. Israel taking Opportunistic Advantage of Muslim World's turmoil.
  7. The Qur'an, the Night of Power and the Four Idols of the West: Pray for Spiritual Values.
  8. Snowden revealed unauthorized spying on the entire American Public
  9. Please Send Eid Good Wishes to top Islamic Political Prisoners.
  10. Clear Qur'an & Hadith on Moon Sighting for Eid Dumped by ISNA. White House Oriented Group Uses Funds to Mislead Muslims Across America
  11. Huma Abdein's Marriage with Jewish pervert Weiner: Haram activity or Apostacy?
  12. Does Islam Allow Muslim Men To Marry Non-Muslim Women in America?
  13. Zawahri vows Al Qaeda to free Aafia, Guantanamo inmates
  14. Grand Ayatollah Sistani Calls for Shia-Sunni Unity.
  15. Male Dominance & Female Lack of Self-Respect: Islam is the Solution, not just formal Islam!
  16. Accused "Terror plotter" Mehanna wants convictions overturned
  17. General Sisi & Al-Baradei were in Contact with Israel before the Coup in Egypt
# 1508
Ramadan 18 ,1434/July 27, 2013 # 31
  1. July 26: Jamaat al-Muslimeen literature was given to 100 Muslims
  2. Huge Islamic Rallies Support Morsi, Counter Sisi-Mubarak-Baradei pro-West Crowds
  3. Iraq: Al-Qaida trying to Topple the US-Installed Regime
  4. Three Key decisions by Abu Bakr, r.a., the First Caliph of Islam
  5. Obama's Sympathy for Trayvone vs Slaughter of Pak-Yemeni Children.
  6. Destruction of Red Mosque and Hafsa Women's Seminary Indicated US takeover of Pak Military
  7. Malala was used to cover up the Suffering of Islamic women. Here is the sequence of events.
  8. British women in complete hijab, carrying kalashnikovs, joining Islamic fighters in Syria
  9. Israelis "Get out of Palestine" & "Go Home" to "Germany, Poland or the USA."
  10. Sense of Power over women or Just a Jewish Thing? A "Muslim" woman? Huma Abedin speaks.
  11. Iran Detained him for 10 Years in Collusion with the US. Kidnaped, Tortured by US. Non-Violent "Crime." Spoke in Support of Osama and 9.11 Attacks.
  12. This could Explain Suffering of Momin Khawaja & Canada's Islamic Captives. *Canada allows spy agency to use information obtained through torture*
  14. Iran's Hand in US Occupation of Islamic lands. Now Iraqi Shias want USA Back.
  15. Disrespectful Behavior of Upper Class Egyptian Women even in Mosques.
  16. A Slightly Funny Report: Entire Police force Captured.
  17. Army Assault on Islamic village: Retaliation on Shi'a Village Supporting Army
# 1507
Ramadan 12 ,1434/July 21, 2013 # 30
  1. Rallies Across America for Trayvon Martin. More than 100 cities
  2. Pro-India Dhaka Regime Sentences Spiritual, non-Violent, Islamic leader Prof. Ghulam Azam
  3. Kashmir: Unarmed Protestors Slaughtered by Indian Occupation Forces
  4. Thoughts on Media Coverage of Trayvon Martin's Murder: Editor
  5. Are we fasting Islamically?
  6. Jamaat al-Muslimeen message on Key Issues to 200 Muslims at Rahmah masjid
  7. Rally Decries 30+ Years of Unjust Detention for Mumia Abu Jamal
  8. Four Bangladeshis die in latest Azam unrest
# 1506
Ramadan 4 ,1434/July 13, 2013 # 29
  1. Obama: We want Clemency for Lynne Stewart
  2. The Qur'an's Concept of Power
  3. Asim Hussain's Lonely Struggle for Truth: We talked almost every Week.
  4. Palestine: The New Generation Continues to Defy Israeli Occupiers
  5. Celebrities, Whistleblowers Lead Petition to Ecuador for Snowden's Political Asylum
  6. 30,000 California Prisoners on Hunger Strike to oppose
  7. Indefinite Solitary Confinement & Collective Penalties
  8. Factual Information about Ramadan by Imam Ali Siddiqui in Northern California.
  9. I wasn't looking for a religion ... I just fell in love with Islam
  10. Miss Fatima Jinnah
  11. Lots of Religion in Egypt but Separated from the Issues of Life and Society.
# 1505
Sha'aban 27 ,1434/July 6, 2013 # 28
  1. Outreach: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Educates US Muslims on Egypt.
  2. The dastardly role of the Egyptian Military: Made in USA. For 40 years no Clash with Israel
  3. Egypt Clashes Turn Violent Days After Army Takes Over
  4. Egyptian army coup- a US plot which Benefits Israel.
  5. Tragic Situation in Egypt: What were the Weaknesses of the Muslim Brotherhood
  6. Latest Taliban attack in Kabul
# 1504
Sha'aban 21 ,1434/June 30, 2013 # 27
  1. McDonalds Controls 70% of Israeli Fast Food Business
  2. They supported Torture, Murder and Rape of the Muslim masses. Communication for peace, justice and reparations is badly needed.
  3. 100 Muslims Receive Jamaat literature at Mosque 12 miles north east of Baltimore, Maryland.
  4. Appeal for Shia Muslim activist from West Indies: Convicted in the Absurd JFK Case
  5. The Rights of non-Muslim Neighbors.
  6. 30 Charges against Marathon Bomber: Pressure Cooker Bombs are weapons of "Mass Destruction." B-52s and "Daisy Cutter" Bombs are not?
  7. Behind the scenes in America, Racism is Rife!
  8. Israel Moves against 40,000 Bedouin People who are not its Opponents
# 1503
Sha'aban 14, 1434/June 23, 2013 # 26
  1. America's Famed Activist and Radio Programmer Bilal Sunni Ali
  2. Muhammad [pbuh] First in Human History to give Rights to Women: Transformed Society.
  3. Outbreak of deadly piglet virus spreads to 13 states
  4. Biggest Ever Rally in Egypt Supports Islamic Egypt and Morsi as President.
  5. Consequences of Drone Attack which killed Waliur Rahman
  6. Munawar says, US Interference is the source of Pakistan's Problems
# 1502
Sha'aban 6 ,1434/June 15, 2013 # 25
  1. Remember Muhammad, pbuh, the greatest revolutionary of all times.
  2. Strange Gathering: They don't Agree with me but they love & Honor Me
  3. Zionist-Fascism Rising: Obama Leads stormtroopers [Cybergangs].
  4. Muslim Political Prisoner Subjected to Extreme inhumanity in Arizona. Tariq El-Hassan, Blind Sheikh's Co-Defendant
  5. Dr. Aafia Assaulted in Prison to Point of Unconsciousness
  6. Pakistanis show solidarity with Myanmar Muslims
  7. New Pakistani Government Continues to Deprive the poor
  8. Assad has Misled Iran & Hizbullah by Posing as Champion of Palestine.
# 1501
Rajab 27,1434/June 7, 2013 # 24
  1. Pakistan: Give the People their Rights.
  2. Israelis and Pervaizis deny the Journey & target the Mosque
  3. North London mosque burnt down by British White Supremacists on June 4
# 1500
Rajab 25,1434/June 2, 2013 # 23
  1. Peaceful Ways of Changing Minds and Souls
  2. Grassroots Groups Meet in Harlem, New York.
  3. U.S. Counter-Terrorism Database Now Lists 875,000 Names
  4. Qur'an on Homosexuality: Setting the Record Straight
  5. Islamic leaders Demand Clear Message to Washington: Drone Attacks won't be Tolerated.
  6. Weak Translation of Hadith Misleads Many about Women in Islam.
  7. 'Christian Zionism' The World's Most Urgent Mission Field
  8. US woman Nicole Mansfield killed fighting in Syria
# 1499
Rajab 17,1434/May 25, 2013 # 22
  1. Literature given to 100 Muslims in Newark, Delaware inspite of rain
  2. Why am I not Condemning Jamaate Islami for its Participation in elections and the seeming Debacle?
  3. Why are our Mosques "dead" and v. rich Pakistanis notorious for anti-Islam behavior?: Here is an Example.
  4. Why TALAQ is easy but KHULA is almost impossible in the Muslim society?
# 1498
Rajab 10,1434/May 18, 2013 # 21
  1. Nigeria: Islamics take over three states. Army launches all out offensive:
  2. Rally to Support Lynne Stewart, Attorney for the Blind Shaikh
  3. Dr. Siddique Speaking in Support of Dr. Kifah Jayyousi.
  4. US Citizen Held in Iraq since 2004 without charge FREE SHAWKI AHMED OMAR
  5. Jamaate Islami's Seeming Lack of Success in Pakistani Elections: Why?After those huge gatherings?
  6. Statement of Malcolm Shabazz before he was assassinated.
# 1497
Rajab 2,1434/May 12, 2013 # 20
  1. Elections Fit Western Plan: Military, Feudal, Big Money Worked for West. Nawaz Sharif in Punjab, MQM in Karachi, Imran Khan in Frontier.
  2. Virginia Imam Opposes Burial of Bomber: Christian Woman Forgave him.
  3. From Re: Siddique Abdullah Hasan and others on Death Row
# 1496
Jamada al-thani 26,1434/May 7, 2013 # 19
  1. Worst Atrocity in Bangladesh History: 10,000 military attack Islamics
  2. Islamic Leaders of Peaceful Movement Hefajate Islam Issue Joint Statement.
  3. Mass killing of protesters in Dhaka at night by armed Joint military - civil forces.
# 1495
Jamada al-thani 24,1434/May 5, 2013 # 18
  1. Karachi Jamaat Islami defeats MQM Regime control by Peaceful Means
  2. Bangladeshi Islamics in Hundreds of Thousands Take over Dhaka
  3. Our humble web site is doing better than all Muslim sites in USA
  4. Three Actions in One Day: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Supports the Oppressed
  5. Munawar Hasan Rebuts General Kayani's Claim that America's War is Our War.
  6. Nigeria: Boko Haram Makes French Pay for Mali Occupation.
# 1494
Jamada al-thani 17,1434/April 28, 2013 # 17
  1. Imam Badi Ali's little daughter Appeals to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank
  2. Assad's Crime Against Islamic World vs "Chemical weapons" Hype.
  3. Live Interview with Dr. Kaukab Siddique by South African Radio
  4. Mother of Bombing Suspects Speaks out
  5. Richard Falk Says US-Israeli Policies responsible for Marathon Bombing
  6. This should be a good lesson for those who look for human intercessors.
# 1493
Jamada al-thani 11,1434/April 22, 2013 # 16
  1. Burma: Buddhist Mobs & Security forces in tandem.
  2. Christian-Muslim, Black-White Unity vs US "Injustice" System & "Snitches." Why is Abdullah Hasan on Death Row?
  3. Shirk [Associating others with Allah] is widespread in the Muslim World as is the misleading leading idea of "intercession" [wasila]
  4. How you can support the Lucasville Hunger Strikers.
  5. JI criticizes Pervez Musharraf's escape
  6. Jamaate Islami to Bring Economic Structure Near to that of Madina.
  7. Bangladeshi brother in US Prison for being an Islamic person: Support Ehsan Sadequee
# 1492
Jamada al-thani 3,1434/April 14, 2013 # 15
  1. Countering Images of Blacks as Violent, Anti-Woman and Frivolous: Solomon Commissiong Deconstructs Hip Hop, Denounces Drone Attacks.
  2. Malcolm X's Associate Speaks at Lincoln U: Devastating Critique of Black Self-Hatred
  3. Anti-Drone Rally in Washington, DC+ JAM placards+Police Misbehavior
  4. Youtube on Abdullah Hasan [Ohio] talking to Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora via Br. Kaukab
  5. Why are male & female Companions of the Prophet, pbuh, so essential to Islam? Ask Allah, not dead people however saintly, for help.
  6. Eleven Afghan Children Killed in Latest US Air Strike in eastern Afghanistan.
# 1491
Jamada al-Awwal 26,1434/April 8, 2013 # 14
  1. Islamic Voice in USA rising Against Occupation, Israel, Police Brutality, Drones, Homosexuality: For Political Prisoners, Women's Rights, the Downtrodden, the Oppressed, Palestine, Africa, One Ummah, Bangladesh, Kashmir, Mali ...
  2. Expression of US Muslim Conscience: Resolutions of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora
  3. Unequalled Islamic Rally in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to Stop Hindu-Secular Attacks on Islam. Pro-India Regime Surprised by Strength of Islam.
# 1490
Jamada al-Awwal 18,1434/March 31, 2013 # 13
  1. Bengali Muslims making big sacrifices to stop oppression.
  2. Syria: Assad clinging on with help of elite Alawite forces.
  3. Western Nations have Accepted Sinful way of Life wholesale
  4. U.S. Plans Major Blow Against Taliban Before Leaving: General Allen and General Kayani Partners in the Battle
  5. Another Productive Visit to Iran: Tehran Conference Critically Examines 'Hollywoodism'
  6. Quick Action by Islamics Saved Hindu Temples. Regime Wanted to Blame Jamaate Islami. Police Killed 24 women, children in Bogra. Extra Judicial Executions widespread.
# 1489
Jamada al-Awwal 10,1434/March 23, 2013 # 12
  1. Final notice for Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Islamic Shoora on April 6.
  2. 54 Schools Closing Down in Chicago while Obama Doles out Millions to Israel.
  3. Obama's Surreal Visit to Israel: Is he being Used?
  4. People Rose Up in Righteous Protest Against Murder of Kimani Gray - And They Should Be Supported
  6. Bangladesh: Resist pressure to push for death sentences at war crimes tribunal
# 1488
Jamada al-Awwal 4,1434/March 16, 2013 # 11
  1. Point from marriage of Umm Kulthum [Ali's daughter, r.a.] and Umar, r.a.
  2. Francis, New Roman Catholic Pope, is Bad News for the Muslim World. Close ties with Jewish-Zionist Communities documented.
  3. A glimpse of Women's Right in the Masjid: More than 2,000 came for Juma'
  4. Pro-India regime crushing unarmed Protestors
  5. CAIR Snakes in the Grass Claim to be Muslims but support Kafir.
  6. JI begins election campaign March 17. World Famous Nuclear Scientist Joins Effort.
  7. Global Peace and Security: America Needs Soul Searching
# 1487
Rabi' al-Thani 26, 1434/March 9, 2013 # 10
  1. A Second Look at Lucasville Uprising Southern Ohio Correctional Facility: April 19-21
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature given to 100 Sleepy Muslims
  3. Baltimore Journalist's Case: Black activist MacArthur will be in court on March 11
  4. Islamics capture Raqqa and Sefira. Assad's tank column knocked out. Syrians Ambushed in Iraq
  5. Nigeria: Military on rampage. Hostages Killed. Hostages Taken.
  6. Farewell Commandante Hugo Chavez. Long Live Venezuela.
  7. Joe Biden Reaffirms 'Unequivocal' US Backing For Israel
  8. [Student captured by US Special forces beheaded.] Even US ally Karzai was shocked and demanded US withdrawal from Wardak province on the outskirts of Kabul.
  9. Afghanistan War News
  10. Bangladesh is heading towards a dangerous destination
# 1486
Rabi' al-Thani 19, 1434/March 2, 2013 # 9
  1. Bangladesh: February 28 to March 2: Police killed 37 unarmed protestors
  2. New clashes in Mali: France decides to withdraw its troops.
  3. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen to Meet on April 6, inshallah.
  4. An American Muslim's Question about Syria.
  5. In Search of Justice for Mohammad Momin Khawaja in Canada, Against Supreme Court of Canada final verdict of December 14, 2012
  6. When Terrorism was Okay in Russia
  8. Jamaate Islami urges Muslim world, rulers to stop bloodshed in Bangladesh
  9. Great Islamic Scholar Maulana Saeedi Sentenced to Death in Bangladesh by the Secular Awami League Government
# 1485
Rabi' al-Thani 12, 1434/February 23, 2013 # 8
  1. Mali: Western Forces and African Mercenaries Trying to Destroy Islamics Meet Serious Resistance
  2. Russia Wants to Declare Damascus bombing a terrorist act as Assad's SCUDS slam into Aleppo
  3. Israel and the USS Liberty
  4. Pak Taliban are not "terrorists?"
  5. US and UK in Full Retreat. Taliban Victory not Complete Owing to US Air Attacks.
  6. Blanco's Story: How Americans are Fooled by America's Drone Master
  7. 60,000 Martyrs in Syria, 30,000 Martyrs in northeastern Pakistan: 109 Shi'as killed in Quetta.
  8. Peace Talks Coming up with Pakistani Taliban: Fazlur Rahman Visits Munawar Hasan.
  9. US hue and cry over agreements with China, Iran uncalled for
  10. Unarmed Muslim Crowds Clash with Police in Bangladesh. Outrage Spreads After Secularists Opposing Jamaate Islami Insult the Prophet, pbuh.
# 1484
Rabi' al-Thani 5, 1434/February 16, 2013 # 7
  1. We hail the Islamic Republic of Iran and the leadership of Ayatollah Ali Khamene'i.
  2. Islamic Shoora to meet on April 6, inshallah
  3. Taghoot or Authority other than Allah's is rejected by the Qur'an: Meteors & Asteroids remind us of the Hereafter.
  4. We are living in a State Of Martial Law but don't Know it.
# 1483
Rabi' al-Awwal 28, 1434/February 10, 2013 # 6
  1. Political Prisoner Ziyad Yaghi's mother, Sis. Laila, cries out to the Muslim Ummah
  2. Protest at Bernstein's Home: Baltimore State Attorney linked to Anderson and MacArthur cases
  3. Americans are Confused and Angry, need Islam. Meaning of "ilah" in the Qur'an.
  4. Jamaate Islami urges government to accept Taliban's talks offer
  5. PAF and USAF in Action
# 1482
Rabi al-Awwal 20, 1434/ February 2, 2013 # 5
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Boycott Movement against Israel
  2. Protestors gathered at Attorney General Bernstein's Residence: Anderson's Death in Police Custody being covered up
  3. Mali: The Islamics Avoided Contact: The French declared Victory: The Local Puppets Hailed Hollande's Visit
  4. Reaching out to the Poor, the Downtrodden in Ethiopia: At a Masjid near Addis Ababa and after
  5. Analysis of 100 Page verdict: Tribunal sentenced Maulana Azad to death [in absentia] on January 25.
  6. Vast Prison System Degrades humanity: Sophisticated Humiliation of 1.6 Million People
  7. Paki Air Offensive in Orakzai leads to Taliban Attacks outside tribal areas
  8. Rallies in Support of Kashmir and Khalistan on India's Republic Day
  9. Somali Woman Got 8 Years for Sending $1450 to Somalia.
  10. We have received a Photo which shows Syed Munawar Hasan, Jamaate Islami's ameer, addressing huge gathering of students
# 1481
Rabi al-Awwal 14, 1434/ January 27, 2013 # 4
  1. A Great Hadith Scholar during the first century of Islam after Ali, r.a., and Muawiyyah, r.a.
  2. Lest we forget owing to sectarian attacks.
  3. Women fighting for Islam during the era of Pure Islam
  4. Journalist Reporting on Police Brutality is in a Baltimore Prison
  5. List of children killed by drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen
  6. Petition to Save Bangla Islamic Leader from Execution by pro-India Regime in Dhaka
  7. An American Muslimah's dream
# 1480
Rabi al-Awwal 6, 1434/ January 19, 2013 # 3
  1. Islamic Texts Connect us with Africa: Invasion of Mali & Algerian-French Collusion condemned
  2. Muhammad, pbuh, is dearer to us than our own lives: Sis. Aisha Munawar Hasan, Pakistani Woman leader.
  3. Are you helping to feed Israeli Occupation?
  4. America's Top Imam: Jamil al-Amin Should be re-Tried and Released
  5. In Search of Justice for Mohammad Momin Khawaja in Canada, Against Supreme Court of Canada final verdict of December 14, 2012
  6. President Obama's Second Term: Symbolic or Ironic?
# 1479
Safar 29, 1434/ January 12, 2013 # 2
  1. All Children should be cherished. Why only the children of Newtown? Why Obama's Drones. Why not Chicago? Repent. Seek Forgiveness.
  2. Woman killed "Muslim" who was Hindu: Treated like a "disturbed" person: Muslims Momin Khwaja [Canada], Ziyad Yaghi given long sentences for Thought Crimes
  3. The Shadowy world of UAE: $7 Billion of Egypt hidden there. 11 who questioned were Arrested.
  4. US To Supply Israel With 5,000 'Bunker Buster' Bombs
  5. Attacks on Islamic personalities and human rights violations in Bangladesh
  6. The Forgotten Victims of Monster Storm Sandy: The Poor are helped last.
# 1478
Safar 22, 1434/ January 5, 2013 # 1
  1. Khutba to 700 Muslims by Dr. Kaukab Siddique: Time of Fitna in USA.
  2. Lies Agreed Upon: Thought Control by Zionists.
  3. Pakistani Rulers - MQM, military and Feudals - Want to Preempt People's rule.
  4. 60,000 people blocked the Fallujah-Ramadi Highway on Friday
  5. Gang rape: Forgotten Facts
  6. New US drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen
# 1477
Safar 15, 1434/December 29, 2012 # 57
  1. Why should Momin Khawaja be sentenced to life in prison for victimless, non-violent "crime."
  2. Black Journalist MacArthur denied Bail: He wanted to stop Police Brutalities.
  3. New Trend's MAN OF THE YEAR: Dr. Mohammed Morsi, President of Egypt elected by popular vote.
  4. New Trend's WOMAN OF the YEAR. Dr. Rukhsana Jabeen, Secretary General of Jamaate Islami Pakistan's Women's Wing.
  5. A Feudal Crowd on the Anniversary of Benazir Bhutto.
  6. An Islamic Crowd on the Funeral of Prof. Ghafoor Ahmad: More than 100,000 people
  7. A bought crowd. Pakistan's new "savior." Tahir Qadri : Who is behind this religious clown?
  8. Shi'a Extremists Gearing up for Attack on Islamic Values and holiest Personalities.
# 1476
Safar 8, 1434/December 22, 2012 # 56
  1. A great message from a revolutionary Islamic thinker. 90:13
  2. BBC Glorifying Salman Rushdie
  3. Peaceful Rally to Free Black Journalist James MacArthur: Right in front of Prison Gate
  4. Torture, Humiliation, Injustice Imposed by US on Padilla has gone beyond all Limits.
  5. Massive Surge of Women in Support of Islamic Movement in Nigeria
  6. Soldiers and Suicide: Unjust wars and Profiteers
  7. 15 Days in Dhaka: Only Islam can save Bangladesh.
  8. Pakistani Reader Objects to Exclusion of Muslim Children Slaughtered by USA in Bajaur. 80 Children were killed in Attack on Islamic School by US.
# 1475
Safar 1, 1434/December 15, 2012 # 55
  1. Islamic response to the massacre of children in Newtown, Connecticut.
  2. Forgotten Victims of Sandy
  3. Violence Against Muslims in the US
  4. British & US Intelligence Worked with Qaddafi to Kidnap & Torture Islamic Libyan
  5. Obama's Choice Susan Rice withdraws after truth about Benghazi came out.
  6. Christian Zionism Doing Serious Damage to Young Christians
  7. December 20 Vigil in Support of Blogger MacArthur: Attempt to Check Police Brutalities.
  8. Pakistan gas Project with Iran Dropped Under US Pressure
  9. Pakistan's Army refused to listen to Islamic Advice during its Operations in East Pakistan.
# 1474
Mohurram 24, 1434/December 8, 2012 # 54
  1. Authentic Islam as seen by a woman: Asma, r.a., the daughter of Abu Bakr, r,a.
  2. Police brutality is now commonplace in USA, particularly against African Americans. Blogger James MacArthur, who was monitoring Police Activity has been arrested
  3. Top ALS researcher: Teepu Siddique
  4. Western Plans for Syria: Muslim Sacrifices to be used to install Pro-west Puppets
  5. In New York, Hispanic Converts to Islam Seek Community
  6. America's Problem is Race: Islam's Answer is Belief. No Cooperation with Oppressors.
  7. Africa is central to our agenda. Humanitarian Relief is extremely Important for Africa's Children.
  8. After being Acquitted, Dr. Sami al-Arian remains under House Arrest since 2008!
  9. Indian Muslims Mourn Hindu destruction of Babri Masjid. December 6 was 20th Anniversary
# 1473
Mohurram 17, 1434/December 1, 2012 # 53
  1. Why are Hajira, Maryam, Khadija, Aisha', Hafsa, Umm Salama, Umm Ammara, Fatima, Zainab so Important for us?
  2. What General Petraeus did to Iraqis and Afghans, Standish Did to Native Americans.
  3. Sara Flounder & Cynthia McKinney standing up for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
  4. Syrian Islamics Gaining Ground. Assad Forces Based on Syrian Christians, Druze, Alawites Facing Retaliation.
  5. Symbolic Sentencing of Preacher Terry Jones and 7 Copts for Blasphemy & Qur'an Burning.
  6. Israel has Committed Crimes against Humanity: Pakistani Woman leader's Call
  7. Islamic Faith & Spiritual Power Emerging from the Hell Hole of an American Maximum Prison
  8. Pro-India Gang Ruling Bangladesh Treating 90-year old Islamic Scholar like a Criminal.
  9. Sayedee trial analysis: limiting defense witnesses
# 1472
Mohurram 9, 1434/November 23, 2012 # 52
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen needs your support to renew protests against the imprisonment of innocent Islamic people in USA
  2. India's Shame
  3. A day of Great Symbolism: Imam Hussain gave his life on 10th Mohurram to oppose tyranny & brute force.
  4. Gaza Wins as the Israeli Assault Peters out amid Worldwide Condemnation & Rallies even in America
  5. Genocidal Hatred of Gaza emanated from Corporate Zionist media in America
  6. Imam Badi's Daughter almost run over by pro-Israeli Car Driver.
  7. Mammoth Gathering by "Save Bangladesh" at British Parliament Square
# 1471
Mohurram 3, 1434/November 17, 2012 # 51
  1. Pro-Palestine, anti-Israel Rally at White House had Jamaat al-Muslimeen banner.
  2. Rally against Israeli Assault on Gaza. Palestinians joined by Saudis, Egyptians, Lebanese & Africans
  3. Jamaate Islami's Top level Delegation leaves for Sudan
  4. AIPAC praises Obama for backing Israel amid Gaza fighting
# 1470
Zulhijja 25 1433/November 10, 2012 # 50
  1. Africa and Jamaat al-Muslimeen have an integral connection.
  2. Most Americans were not fooled by or interested in the "Elections." Check the Statistics.
  3. US president gave no indication he would halt or alter the drone programme
  4. From Deep Inside America's Prison Horror, the Voice of Islam promises Victory.
  6. Iqbal, Jinnah and concept of Pakistan
# 1469
Zulhijja 18, 1433/November 3, 2012 # 49
  1. Usman, r.a., one of the Greatest Muslims of All times. Gave his wealth for Jihad. Compiled the Qur'an
  2. Maryam Jameelah passes away: Awesome Spiritual Power. Great Critic of Western Powers.
  3. Help the American People, not Israel: Khutba on Monster Storm and Elections
  4. Eid Khutba to more than 800 Muslims: Imam Badi's Community work, Dr. Siddique's anti-Israel Call: Liberate al-Aqsa, or Zion will grab Makkah.
  5. Nigerian military slaughters hundreds of Muslim youths.
  6. Our Message is to FREE the SLAVE from Hatred & Bring Light & Understanding to the People
# 1468
Zulhijja 9, 1433/October 25, 2012 # 48
  1. A Beautiful Mosque and a Beautiful Muslim Community in America
  2. Uganda Muslims Angry over Zionist attacks on Honor of the Prophet, pbuh.
  3. Dr. Poe speaks on Dr. Nkrumah's Call for the Unity of Africa: Is United States of Africa [USA] possible?
  4. Great Jamaate Islami Victory: Paki regime Withdraws Plans to Attack North Waziristan. JI Supports Iran Pipeline & China Alliance
  5. US was Bombing Pakistan from a Pakistani Air base
  6. Unconditional Obedience to Allah, Sacrifice, Unity and Helping the Poor
# 1467
Zulhijja 3, 1433/October 19, 2012 # 47
  1. Republicans don't understand America
  2. Bangladesh father denies son involved in New York bomb plot
  3. Our Sisters ae denied Education if they follow Islam: Never Reported in US Media
  4. Al Quds Day, and a Demonstration for Peace at Mclean Bible Church
  5. Bangladesh: End Harassment of War Crimes Defense Counsel
# 1466
Zulqi'dah 26, 1433/October 13, 2012 # 46
  1. A Power wants military attack on N.Waziristan: Schools were destroyed in Swat under Military Curfew.
  2. Attack on Malala a false flag operation
# 1465
Zulqi'dah 24, 1433/October 11, 2012 # 45
  1. Hadith transforms our lives. Men, Women Children are Integral Parts of Masjid Community
  2. 14-Year old Pakistani Girl's Tragedy: Used by Superpowers to defeat Taliban & by-pass anti-Blasphemy Movement. & Drone Attacks [Three strikes!]
  3. Urgent: Petition for Imam Jamil al-Amin
  4. An American Muslim Addresses the Suffering and Poverty of the Masses of People
# 1464
Zulqi'dah 20, 1433/October 7, 2012 # 44
  1. Leader of Islamic Movement of Pakistan hails the efforts of Kaukab Siddique. We are upholding the noblest cause. Opposing Blasphemous Film.
  2. Hope for Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman & Other Muslim Prisoners in USA
  3. No War on Iran
  4. Why African Americans are Unable to Counter Zionist-Jewish control of USA
  5. Leading Supporter of Abused & Homeless Muslim Women Hails Br. Kaukab
  6. Innocent Victims of US-UK Collusion handed over to American "Justice"
  7. What makes Muslims better than others? It is the Forceful [though non-Violent] opposition to Attacks on the Sacred. Silence or passive Piety is not Enough.
  8. Omar Khadr repatriated to Canada
  9. The First 2012 Presidential Debate - Style vs. Substance
# 1463
Zulqi'dah 12, 1433/September 29, 2012 # 43
  1. Tens of thousands of Pakistanis demonstrated in Karachi
  2. Facts: [About Iran.] [If you can refute any of these let us know.]
  3. Iran is not our enemy.
  4. US Terror Attacks on Pakistani Civilians Researched and Documented.
  5. Israel Nudging US to attack Iran, just as it did for Iraq: Why has Pakistan turned anti-American?: War of Afghan Resistance is not "Insurgency" and is ending in Islamic Victory.
  6. What would you do if a video calling your father a molestor & Your mother a whore were circulated? The Zionists did it to the greatest human, pbuh.
  7. DNA Evidence of Muhammad's [pbuh] Legitimacy as a Prophet. Celebrate the greatest human being.
  8. Baluchistan: Last Chance for Pakistan: Withdraw Military forces: Arrest General Musharraf.
# 1462
Zulqi'dah 5, 1433/September 22, 2012 # 42
  1. Saudi Prince Supports French initiative against Islam: A Traitor
  2. Turkish-American Professor Pin Points Fethullah Gulen's treacherous role
  3. Huge rallies in Pakistan Condemn US, France and Israel for blasphemy. Young people tried to break through to US-French Embassies: 19 killed, 500 wounded
  4. Americans lost sense of the Sacred: US Muslims cut off from Muslim Ummah by Agent Groups.
  5. CAIR: Eat Your Heart Out: US Muslims are Protesting!
  6. Ansar al-Sharia denies killing the ambassador. It is small and NOT a secret group.
  7. A Successful Visit to Iran
# 1461
Shawwal 27, 1433/September 15, 2012 # 41
  1. Libya has closed its air space over Benghazi.
  2. Dr. Siddique calls for Rebuttal & Defeat of Zionist Attacks on Muhammad, pbuh. After 400 years of slavery, Africa is rising up with the banners of Islam.
  3. Thunder of Islam in 21 Countries: Love of Muhammad, pbuh, hate of US Imperialism & Zionism
  4. Al-Qaida Flags raised in Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt
  5. Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri's Appeal was behind Killing of Ambassador & Seals in Libya?: MSNBC's Research: 4 Arrested.
  6. For the sake of our children & our Future, we must Stand up for the Honor of the Prophet, pbuh. Jews have a track record of attacks on Allah's messengers, including Jesus & Muhammad
  7. The West has returned to the Dark Ages. These Jews & Christians are living in the First Century AD.
# 1460
Shawwal 23, 1433/September 11, 2012 # 40
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen literature distributed after Juma' in Laurel, Maryland
  2. What is a Muslim Father ?
  3. North Waziristan fighters led by the Haqqani family declared "terrorists" by Hillary Clinton
  4. Munawar Hasan Addresses Huge Crowd in Upper Dir [Frontier Province]. Without Kashmir, India Talks are Meaningless. Jehad gaining Support Worldwide
  5. US Drone Kills 12 civilians: Yemenis protest the killings.
# 1459
Shawwal 16, 1433/September 4, 2012 # 39
  1. Voices of Muslims in America Oppose Zionism, Racism and the
  2. Exploitation of Women. Condemn Israel, Support Palestine. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  3. Capitalism Opposes Modest Dress for Women: Dr. Ruskhsana Supports Women's Right to wear Hijab
  4. Canadian Convert to Islam from Ismailism Appeals for Release of Christian girl accused of Qur'an Desecration
  5. The Republican Convention | Liars Don't Lead. They Mislead
# 1458
Shawwal 11, 1433/August 30, 2012 # 38
  1. Jamaate Islami will protect Rights of Christians and Hindus.
  2. Mother and Daughter
  3. Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, Equatorial Guinea
  4. Bangladesh's Islamic Leader Shaikhul Hadith Azizul Haque passes at 94
  5. Ziyad Yaghi's Mom Sis. Laila Continues her Campaign to free her son.
  6. One of the Greatest Opponents of Western Imperialism, Zionism and Secularism
  7. The Example of the Muslim Woman who dressed Immodestly to Influence non-Muslims
  8. Baluch students Seek Islamic Support against Military Oppression
  9. A Woman versus Wells Fargo Bank: 150,000 People are Supporting this petition.
  10. African Islamic Leader Murdered in Kenya by pro-West Forces: Thousands Rally against Killers.
# 1457
Shawwal 4, 1433/August 23, 2012 # 37
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Islamic Shoora will be held on September 1, inshallah.
  2. Important Program on Imam Jamil: Bringing his Black Radical & Islamic Career Together
  3. Muslim Marathoner runs while fasting!
  4. Islamic Literature Given to 200 in Philadelphia after Jumatul Wida'
  5. ISNA has moved into the secularism and paganism of America where "comfort" and "convenience" are more important than DEEN.
  6. Munawar Hasan Denounces Drone Attacks: Wants Permanent Ban on NATO Supplies
  7. Voter ID Laws: the American Coup d'�tat
# 1456
Ramadan 27, 1433/August 16, 2012 # 36
  1. Your Eid may be subverted by ISNA and similar secularist groups. Here is how they do it.
  2. State Power Controls our Lives in detail: Islam can secure Human Autonomy. Islam has not come to be just another religion: We are looking for Victory. Follow the Sunnah!
  3. Swat Team came for Innocent Young Man who has never been violent
  4. US Guarantees Israel's Oil Supply
# 1455
Ramadan 23, 1433/August 12, 2012 # 35
  1. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen to meet on September 1.
  2. Turkey Takes Giant Step Towards Muslim Unity: Delegation in Burma [Myanmer] to help Rohingyas.
  3. Turkey Looking at Massive crime committed by British in World War I. 1500 Prisoners killed
  4. Top US Air Force Base: Instructors involved in Sexual Assaults. Commander Removed
  5. Gen. Kayani's US-backed plan to Attack North Waziristan Uncovered & Opposed
  6. How Difficult it is for an American Woman to be Muslim. Muslims are the Problem
  7. Today is all you have
# 1454
Ramadan 19, 1433/August 8, 2012 # 34
  1. Ramadan can help us to change if ... Two Requirements + Ummah Concept
  2. Attack on Sikh Temple: Mindless Violence or Planned Act to Divide Muslims and Sikhs? Why no coverage of attack on Joplin, Missouri, Mosque?
  3. Did the Prophet, pbuh, and the Sahaba, r.a., pray taraweehs? Think of how different is our "Islam" from that of Muhammad, peace be on him.
  4. Hamza Yusuf in Abu Dhabi, praising dead king in Khutba
  5. Important Messages from Women's Wing of Jamaate Islami Pakistan
  6. The battle of Badar tells us to stand up against all oppressors and evil forces. Dr.Rukhsana Jabeen
  7. You can Help Imam Jamil al-Amin in Small Ways
  8. Long time Political Prisoner: Jalil Abdul Muntaqim
# 1453
Ramadan 14, 1433/August 3, 2012 # 33
  1. Imam Ali Siddiqui's Khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  2. Four Amazing Islamic Women in America
  3. Syrian Mujahideen defeat Assad's assault on Aleppo. May not be able to withstand Air and Artillery Assault. Deir el-Zour also Captured.
  4. When will America Admit Holding Innocent Black Dissidents for 3 Decades!
  5. NATO Supply routes remain blocked but now Kayani has a plan.
  6. Munawar Hasan Puts Burmese Muslims [Rohingyas] on the Map. Rallies throughout Pakistan.
  7. Hadith show Women with Muhammad, pbuh, at every key moment in his life.
  8. Chick-fil-A Brings out Coca Cola & Starbucks Support for Homosexuality & Lesbianism
  9. Bomber's widow, British Woman embraced Islam, takes refuge with al-Shabab
  10. U.S. is the driving force behind the fighting in Somalia
  11. Why is Kashmir important? A Hindu army is tyrannizing the unarmed people
  12. Mitt Romney the Dangerous Political Drone
  13. Munawar Hasan Accuses US of terrorism. 50,000 Civilians and 5,000 Paki troops killed in Kayani's operations within Pakistan. Iraq destroyed by US.
# 1452
Ramadan 7, 1433/July 27, 2012 # 32
  1. Syria Islamics using light weapons to challenge Assad's armor in his strongholds.
  2. Iraq: Attacks in 19 cities killed 113 troops wounded 250. Al-Baghdadi says territory being re-taken in Ramadan offensive.
  3. Mali: Timbuktoo and Vast Northern areas taken over by Islamic fighters of Ansare Din
  4. Islam in America Ramadan message
  5. Appeal from Political Prisoner Ziyad's Mother
  6. NATO supply containers roll while Pakistanis pray longest Taraweehs in the world.
  7. Hispanic Rallies in Anaheim, California after two police shootings
  8. A Hadith message could have saved James Holmes who committed a massacre in Aurora, Colorado
  9. NATO Supply Routes will be blocked. Islamic Coalition Determined to stop the NATO killing machine
  10. SAY NO to Israeli segregated buses. This was the notice for the rally.
# 1451
Sha'ban 30, 1433/July 20, 2012 # 31
  1. Ramadan begins on July 21 for Muslims who follow the Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh.
  2. ISNA's Shiateen blatantly Violate Islam again & Mislead Muslims on Ramadan
  3. Sinister Attempts to label Iran as "terrorist" after attack on Israelis in Bulgaria
  4. Conspiracy theories see Islamic people as creations of the West.
  5. Mass Rally blocks Nato route from Pakistan into Afghanistan which is battling NATO
  6. Basic Facts about Ramadan, the Global Month of Fasting
  7. Diplomatic Catastrophe Awaits Bangladesh
  8. Nine Georgia prisoners are literally starving for human rights
# 1450
Sha'ban 23, 1433/July 13, 2012 # 30
  1. A few words from Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics famous for his critique of racism and zionism.
  2. Qur'an's verses on Islamic dress [hijab] for women can be interpreted in three different ways.
  3. This would be called Genocide in any other country
  4. Israel Demolishes Historic Islamic Sites In Jerusalem
  5. We are weak because we take the name of Muhammad, pbuh, but ignore his Example
  6. America is not Broke, it's Broken!
  8. Kashmiris living in India under threat
  9. 'Black market' cash-for-kidneys trader Rosenbaum gets 2-1/2 years in prison
  10. On Behalf of Imam Jamil Al-Amin, 99974-555, Prisoner at USP Florence Admax, Florence, CO
# 1449
Sha'ban 18, 1433/July 8, 2012 # 29
  1. Pakistani Regime Opens NATO Supply routes. Thousands march in protest: NATO still blocked.
  2. Bangladesh: Show trials of Islamic leaders
  3. Under the Ummah system, we are a global power of 1.8 billion Muslims
  4. In Memory of the Red Mosque-Jamia Hafsa Uprising.
  5. Understanding America: What Has Gone Wrong with this great country?
  6. A Shocking Letter from a sister in Jamaat al-Muslimeen [Charlotte, North Carolina] in the words of Frederick Douglas
  7. Egyptian Court Rules: Decision Disbanding Muslim Brotherhood Null and Void
# 1448
Sha'ban 11, 1433/July 1, 2012 # 28
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen literature to 100 Muslims in Philadelphia & 50 in Newark, Delaware
  2. Dr. Mursi Calls for Release of Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman addressing Huge Egyptian crowds
  3. Muslims can learn from the Steadfastness of Dr. Abdur Rehman & the silence of CAIR, ICNA, ISNA, MPAC
  4. 10 Years more for Lynne Stewart, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman's Lawyer: The devils are at work!
  5. Lal Masjid which started the Islamic revolution in Pakistan. Photo of rebuilt Red Mosque but Women's Seminary Jamia Hafsa remains Demolished
  6. Karachi took the lead: Mammoth Rally in Support of Burma's Muslims.
  7. Women Activists in Pakistan are Protesting Disappearance of Military's Opponents in Pakistan's Baluchistan.
  8. Banks, Generals, & Churches are Stealing Egyptian Revolution
  9. Re-opening NATO Supply Violates Pakistan's Autonomy, Security, Integrity
  10. Assam Congress lawmaker assaulted for converting to Islam
# 1447
Sha'ban 4, 1433/June 24, 2012 # 27
  1. Pakistan: Jamaate Islami, JamatudDawa, Jamiate Ulema and others
  2. Bangladesh's pro-India rulers are trying to deny basic human rights to the top Islamic Bengali leaders.
  3. In Nigeria, June 18-21, crowds of tribal Christians have been rampaging through Kaduna
  4. Good Advice for new parents from a famous Muslim woman in Atlanta, Georgia.
  5. Meeting Rohingya Muslim refugees with Maulana Maudoodi.
  6. What is Hadith? Is History and Fiqh of the past Part of Islam? What about Slavery & Concubinage?
  7. Regarding the deteriorating health condition of Maulana Saydee.
  8. 600-Bed Hospital, Blood Bank, Services for Women: Islamics Move forward in Health Field
  9. The Giants of Islamic Leadership never forgot their prayers. The Contact with Allah 5 times a day is required.
# 1446
Rajab 28, 1433/June 18, 2012 # 26
  1. Confronting CAIR: Don't be fooled by Collaborators with Muslim Names
  2. Writer's Circle Shows Rich Talent for Islamic Intellect. Poetry, analysis, commentary. Keynote speech on Hadith and its opponents. Muslims are easily misled on Hadith.
  3. Prince Nayef, Saudi Heir Apparent dies: Specialized in Torture and Repression of Islamics
  4. Ansar al-Shari'a withdrew from 4 towns after Yemeni-US-Saudi bombing.
  5. Barak Obama is not the first Black President but the first President who is Black
# 1445
Rajab 21, 1433/June 11, 2012 # 25
  1. An Interesting way of helping Sis. Laila's son Ziyad Yaghi
  2. A Jamaat al-Muslimeen activist Br. Abu Talib working at the grassroots level
  3. NATO Supply routes through Pakistan remain blocked.
  4. Faith Increases and Decreases [Imam Bukhari]. Is our faith increasing or are we integrating into the Pagan Culture?
  5. Elimination of Muslim Leaders is not the way to Peace: Islam is decentralized. We want peace with Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims who are not oppressors
  6. In blow to Zionist censors, California backs professor's right to call for Israel boycott on state university website
  7. Africans in "Israel" Face Concentration Camps and Deportations
  8. The Qur'an is Available in 70 Translations including Sanskrit.
  9. US Drone Strikes categorize ALL civilian supporters of Taliban and al-Qaidah as "militants" and "terrorists" to be Killed. Even a former CIA Chief sees this as a blunder especially in Yemen and Pakistan
  10. JI condemns Panetta's threats : US has been making War on Pakistan.
  11. US offers $33 million bounty on al-Shabaab insurgents
# 1444
Rajab 13, 1433/June 3, 2012 # 24
  1. Don't forget this Palestinian American Innocent Political Prisoner Ziyad Yaghi has a web site now owing to his Mom, Sis. Laila's efforts
  2. Presentation of Chapter 4 of the Qur'an and Related Hadith in Augusta, Georgia
  3. How to study the Qur'an in general and Sura Nisa' in Particular?
  4. Oppose Both White and Black Oppressors: Get over Minority Mentality.
  5. You can Check your Own Level of Islam: Here is the check list.
  6. Islamic Leader calls for Exit of USA from Muslim World. Qur'an Desecration not Forgotten. Wants Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, China Alliance
  7. First Western Interview with al-Shabab Leader Negates Propaganda About Somalia. Most of Somalia is under al-Shabab and is Flourishing
  8. Northern Mali in Islamic [al-Qaida] Hands. Shari'a to be implemented
  9. Islamics Kidnapping Saudis to get Islamic Women released from Saudi Prisons
# 1443
Rajab 6, 1433/May 27, 2012 # 23
  1. Mixed News from Egypt:
  2. Br. Yusuf Irelandi appointed Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Advocacy Director
  3. Laila Yaghi Speaks about the Persecution of her son: He was given 31.5 Years for nothing!
  4. Only Islam can defeat this Zionist ploy which will be used against the Muslim world too!
  5. Yemeni Bomber blows up entire Military unit: Saudi/US planes bomb al-Qaida/Ansar-Shar'ia
  6. NATO Supply Route Still Blocked: 6 months after Silala, 5 Weeks After Regime said: Re-Open
  7. The Case of Masoud Khan: Given 99 Years in Prison to please India [Document presented at recent human rights conference in Wahington, DC]
  8. A Zionist Smear: The ADL Attacks an Islamic Peace Conference
# 1442
Jamada al-Thani 28, 1433/May 20, 2012 # 22
  1. 3,000 Rally Against NATO in Chicago: Banner Torn Down
  2. Notes on Mut'a [Temporary Marriage] in response to a question on Hadith blog.
  3. Imam Badi Ali Focuses on Mercy as a Central Islamic Value
  4. NATO Supply Route Remains Blocked: Zardari-Gilani-Kayani Obeying US Orders to Reopen for $1.1 Billion
  5. US, Saudi, Yemeni planes bomb Ansar a-Shari'a Positions but Fail to Dislodge Islamics
  6. Stunning in-dept study of homosexuality in America.
  7. Br. Yusuf Irelandi from Tennessee is a long time worker for Islam at the grassroots.
  8. Here is the secret of Jamaate Islami's success: Hijabi/Niqabi women.
  9. Ahmed Abdel Sattar's Son Presented a Play on impact of 9.11 on innocent US Muslims
  10. Israel's Illegitimacy as seen in the Suffering it Imposes on Palestinian Children
# 1441
Jamada al-Thani 22,1433/May 14, 2012 # 21
  1. The key to change in the Muslim world. The Most important issue.
  2. America's Mothers in Pathetic Shape on Mother's Day. Obama Comes out Openly for Homosexual Marriage
  3. Government Endorsed Fear and Bureaucracy at US Airports: 18 Month Old Muslim Targeted
  4. Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal: An Example of Sunnah Relevant to our Times
  5. History in the Making: Jamaate Islami's Huge Rally in Swat
  6. Words of a Scientist who was Imprisoned in Germany for Analyzing the Holocaust Story
  7. Pakistani students win international award with film on drone attacks, refused US visa to receive the award in Washington.
  8. America's Hit Man: Gen Ashfaque Kayani: The Butcher of Swat, Dir, Adam Khel, South Waziristan, Bajaur, Khyber, Baluch .....
# 1440
Jamada al-Thani 15,1433/May 7, 2012 # 20
  1. There is no Hadith about the age of Ayesha,r,a. Lack of knowledge leads to defense of non-issues
  2. Exulting over the death of Shaykh Osama: Is this Obama's "Mission Accomplished" Moment?
  3. Baltimore Shomrein Trial Verdict Sends a Clear Message: Black Children May be Mistreated with Impunity: No Protest from Black Bourgeoise Organizations
  4. Terry Jones Combines Racism with Zionism
  5. FBI agents raid Manhattan apartment of Evan Zauder, where they discover hundreds of images and videos of boys engaged in sex acts.
  6. An extraordinary achievement of America's people. Understanding the Case of Mumia Abu Jamal: Why Can't Muslim Youth Do this for Imam Jamil and other Muslim Political Prisoners?
  7. Pakistani Leader blames US for Qur'an Desecration. Condemns India's Occupation of Kashmir. Regime Failure in Karachi Violence.
  8. President Obama Might Win Again but he Sounds more "Bushesque" Than ever
  9. Stop the witch hunt against Ghulam Azam
# 1439
Jamada al-Thani 8,1433/April 30, 2012 # 19
  1. Comment on Facebook by Muslim activist Dominick Bruno in New Jersey
  2. Unity comes through Focus on Basic Issues and Opposition to Oppressors. Disunity comes through bickering about Differences among Schools of Thought.
  3. Two extremes of "made in America" Islam: No place for women and Legitimizing Homosexuality
  4. Palestinian Christians Call to End Israeli Occupation
  5. April 27, 2012. Loralai, north east Baluchistan. Munawar Hasan, Jamaate Islami leader
  6. Egypt Cuts Gas Supply to Israel
  7. Comments on Syrian Woman's Picture by a Muslimah in York, Pennsylvania
  8. Operation Cast Lead: It's Zionese for Burning People
  9. I Want People to Understand: 31.5 years for Ziyad Yaghi, 15 for Omar Hassan
  10. Who is paying Zimmerman's Legal Fees?
  11. The Solution to America's Problems: Da'wah. Muslims' Primary Duty. INTRODUCING THE BOOK: "CALLING HUMANITY"
# 1438
Jamada al-Thani 1,1433/April 23, 2012 # 18
  1. Israel has made a home for itself in University of Pennsylvania
  2. Baltimore's Jamaat al-Muslimeen: Promoting a Radical but Disciplined Message on Jihad
  3. What do Jews Really Want? Ayn Rand's Brook Pulls no Punches. "Destroy their homes, their economy, their mosques. Reduce their Cities to Dust."
  4. What happened to Martinez? Who was the Informant?
  5. Blocking NATO Supply lines has become a decentralized movement Affecting all of Pakistan
  6. Pakistanis have not Forgotten Dr. Aafia: There is an "Aafia Movement" in Action
  7. Zardari, Gilani can't change US defeat in Afghanistan into victory: Munawar Hasan addresses Friday prayers and Conference of United Ulema.
  8. Imran Khan pledges rights for Balochistan
  9. U.S. Plans No Disciplinary Charges in Strike That Killed 24 Pakistanis
  10. 600 Political Prisoners in Tiny Bahrain. Grand Prix is a great Insult.
# 1437
Jamada al-Awwal 24,1433/April 16, 2012 # 17
  1. Strange Things Du'a can do for you
  2. NPR and New York Times Unite in Abusive Campaign against Somalia's Islamic people
  3. Tarek Mehanna's Case: Seventeen Years for non-Violent Crime. What does the US gain? Compare with Israeli Professor at U Penn who murdered his wife.
  4. Jamaate Islami demands referendum on NATO supplies issue
  5. Prof. Sami al-Arian Speaks via skype from House Arrest. Complete Text. Uncut.
  6. Shamim Siddiqui sent his famous book CALLING HUMANITY to President Obama with this message:
# 1436
Jamada al-Awwal 18,1433/April 10, 2012 # 16
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Changing the US Muslim Narrative: Focus on Defeating Zionism in its Lair. A small force can win with Allah's help.
  2. The Racist roots of Zionism: Synopsis]
  3. Poverty is a Key Issue Facing the Muslim World
  4. Hispanic Muslims are a Sign of hope for America: Zimmerman case & Class Conflict.
  5. The Way to Paradise is not by Faith Alone but by Faith Connected to Good Works
  6. Top Baltimore Activists : How to be non-violent but resistant?
  7. US Muslims' Aspirations Expresssed in Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Resolutions. Zionism, Women, Political Prisoners, Justice System, No Occupation
  8. Hafiz Saeed's Response to $10 million bounty on his head by the US
  9. US Brings Serious Charges: Contacts with Osama & al-Zawahiri plus Mumbai Attack
  10. Jamaate Islami Leader Munawar Hasan Answers US Bounty on Hafiz Saeed's Head: Adressing a mass prayer gathering.
# 1435
Jamada al-Awwal 9,1433/April 1, 2012 # 15
  1. Our America: There are 21,000 people on No Fly list [500 US citizens] Mustafa Elogbi says: America is my home. I am not leaving!
  2. "Waziristan-Gaza-Park Heights-Orlando. Stop Racist, Zionist, White Supremacist Attacks."
  3. Obama Orders Prison for Yemeni Journalist. Abdulelah Shaye Reported Slaughter of 14 Women and 21 Children by US Air Force.
  4. Two women: one University + one mosque and the wily French
  5. Who is Exploiting the Trayvon Tragedy? Sinister Process of Divide and Rule. Zimmerman Should have been arrested right away. Deliberate, plotted, delays?
  6. Pakistanis Renew Call for the Release of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
  7. Mass Rally in Baltimore calling for Justice in the Murder of Trayvon Martin
  8. Ethnic Gangsterism between MQM and ANP. Two Secular Groups at each other's Throat.
  9. 'No-fly' Muslim takes case to court of public opinion
# 1434
Jamada al-Awwal 3,1433/March 26, 2012 # 14
  1. The Tragedy and the Irony: Iraqi Woman Murdered in El Cajon, California
  2. The Murder of Trayvon Martin Highlights Other Issues. Analysis of the Shooter's Defense being put up by the Media
  3. Academic Freedom on University Campuses being violated. Groups Trying to hide holes in the holocaust story
  4. Killing One Bangladeshi Every Four Days: A Big Fat NO to India
  5. City Captured by al-Shabab as Ethiopian Forces Advance
  6. Rapid Changes in Southern Yemen as Ansar al-Sharia Advance
  7. NATO is Bleeding in Afghanistan
  8. Extreme Violence has Returned to Iraq
  9. Palestinian "Leader" Mahmoud Abbas Silent on Trayvone Martin, focused on Merah
  10. Syed Munawar Hasan addressing a mammoth rally in Faisalabad
  11. Munawar Hasan has become a symbol of the peaceful revolution.
# 1433
Rabi' al-Thani 26, 1433/ March 19, 2012 # 13
  1. New Force Enters Syrian Conflict. Three serious incidents hit regime.
  2. Running a Marathon to help Homeless Muslim Women
  3. Shamim Siddiqi revives the Concept of Islamic Movement in USA. What should be the central cause of Muslims in America? Notice the Sorrows Br. Shamim faced.
  4. Act of 'White Supremacist' in Afghanistan. It's an Imperialist Tradition. Hindu & Jewish-Christian Concepts of Womanhood must be rejected.
  5. Osama Permanent Part of Pakistani Narrative: Both Sides touched by his life & Death
  6. Top Islamic Leader's Extraordinary Comments on Shaykh Osama & President Zardari
  7. Palestine: In Nablus, Israeli Jewish military forces
  8. In Memory of Rachel Corrie: The Young American Whom Israel Killed Most Brutally.
  9. African Leaders Reject U.N. Call For Homosexual Equality
  10. Mass Murderer of Indian Muslims Welcomed by Time Magazine & Brookings
# 1432
Rabi' al-Thani 19, 1433/ March 12, 2012 # 12
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen, on behalf of US Muslims, condemns the atrocity committed by a Special Forces US trooper
  2. Palestine: Israeli Air Raids Kill 21 in Gaza: New Aggression Planned
  3. Syria: Assad Assaults the population, quite Unconcerned about Israeli Moves
  4. Against Christian Zionism.
  5. Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Islamic Shoora: April 7, Inshallah
  6. Qur'an Desecrations are Desperate Measures of Defeated Enemies. Qur'an is in our Souls. Stand United with Iran: Shi'a-Sunni Propaganda Helps Israel
  7. al-Qaida Victory at Dofwas Stuns Yemen: Attack on the Capital Sana'a Feared. Islamic Emirate Declared
  8. US Soldier Kills 16 Civilians, US Air Strike kills 4. Taliban Kill 6 Brits.
  9. Ethiopian Invasion Force Runs into Heavy Somali Islamic Resistance
  10. Boko Haram Retaliating Against Destruction of Mosques and Madrasas by Nigerian Army. British Special Forces in Nigeria Failed to Rescue hostages.
  11. AG Eric Holder, Wrong on the Law, the Politics, and on the Wrong Side of History
  12. ICNA, ISNA and CAIR have been shameless
  13. CAMPAIGN in ANNAPOLIS on MARCH 26 & 29 Against the Death Penalty & for Freedom of Marshall Eddie Conway
  14. Nationwide Support for Baluchistan: Islamic leaders Condemn Military Action, Kidnapping of Baluch Activists, Torture of Prisoners and Economic Deprivation
  15. Latest Photo from Pakistan. People are on the Move against Imperialism
# 1431
Rabi' al-Thani 12, 1433/ March 5, 2012 # 11
  1. Hundreds Protest at Biggest Jewish Zionist Meeting in Washington DC
  2. Analysis of US-Israeli Policy on Syria: Weaken Assad but let him kill the Muslims!
  3. Reaching out to 150 Muslims in Western Baltimore: On Qur'an burning
  4. Reaching out to 50 Muslims in Newark, Delaware: Photos in Color of Rally Against US Courts, Youth showing Burnt Qur'an in Bagram.
  5. Mass Culture "... male-dominated, pornographic, and consumer-driven society"
  6. The Opportunity that the Muslims Missed
  7. Muslim parents and Guilford schools join forces against bullying
  8. For the People, by the People: Rallies against Price Hikes Crushing the Poor
  9. Tahir-ul Qadri: Anti-Jihad man from Pakistan Sneaked into India to Support Hindus
# 1430
Rabi' al-Thani 7, 1433/ February 29, 2012 # 10
  1. Strong Rally by Lynne Stewart Supporters but her appeal looks doubtful
  2. Islam is the only way out for the People of the USA. Why America can't Succeed on its Own.
  3. White Supremacy and Racist Hegemony bedrocks of American Elitist attitudes to the "Other."
  4. How Mormons Operate: An Unusual way of Understanding Mitt Romney
  5. Israeli Attack on Iran or an Israeli-US attack on Iran? Why the pretense?
  6. Can the Memory of Osame be erased? Was he too great or too insignificant?
  7. Large Crowd of Niqabi and Hijabi Women in Long March Against Cultural Imperialism
  8. Pakistani-American, Teepu Siddique, Pride of Islam and of the Entire Ummah.
  9. New York: Where the Police Openly Flout the rights of Citizens to Emergency Care
# 1429
Rabi' al-Thani 1, 1433/ February 23, 2012 # 9
  1. Nine people gave their lives for the Qur'an and 51 were wounded
  2. Sis. Amna Janjua started a permanent "sit in" in Islamabad
  3. US Muslims Condemn Desecration of the Qur'an by US Troops in Afghanistan
  4. Baltimore, Maryland: A symbolic Protest Against US Court System. Feb. 15.
  5. Reader Notes New Trend's Steady Drift vs Views Popular among Muslims in the West
  6. Awesome Beauty of the Main Masjid in Addis Ababa, the Capital of Ethiopia.
# 1428
Rabi' al-Awwal 26, 1433/ February 19, 2012 # 8
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature in Detroit, Michigan
  2. Reports distributed on Shia Imam Given Life Sentence, Munawar Hasan on Revolution, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, Lynne Stewart's appeal.
  3. Islamic Teachings on Friendship: Why is it important? Why it can change your life & your future?
  4. The Changing Face of Saudi Arabia: Stations 30 Times the Size of London's Trafalgar Square
  5. Galloway says Britain Harboring Pakistani Terrorist Altaf Husain
  6. Brooklyn D.A. Investigation Leads to 85 Sexual Predators in Orthodox Jewish Community
# 1427
Rabi' al-Awwal 19, 1433/ February 12, 2012 # 7
  1. Dawah Ilallah in the context of America
  2. Sis. Ashira Naim, Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, has just returned from a six week visit to Ethiopia.
  3. New Trend extends its greetings to the people of Iran on the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic revolution.
  4. Dr. Siddique Urges US Muslims to Become Organized & Disciplined. Connection with Africa taught by the Prophet, pbuh.
  5. Rally for Dr. Aafia Subjected to Police Brutality. Attempt to Reach US Consulate Foiled
  6. Vigil for Lynne Stewart: She Defended Dr.Omar Abdel Rahman
  7. Message from Jamaat al-Muslimeen. Care for Muslims in prison.
  8. Important Creative Da'wah Production in Richmond, Virginia on March 9
  9. Hope for Syria Dims. Overwhelming Odds but the Islamic masses refuse to back down
  10. Australian University Notes 6 years role of Bangladeshi Islamic Professor
  11. Pakistani Woman Leader says: Love of Muhammad, pbuh, Linked to idol breaking and Resistance to Oppression
  12. What has gone Wrong with India's Muslims?
# 1426
Rabi' al-Awwal 11, 1433/ February 4, 2012 # 6
  1. Hadith and Women: A DVD of Dr. Kaukab Siddique's speech and Q & A in Augusta, Georgia.
  2. A Victory against NATO's War. Re-supply NATO "Over my dead body" said Munawar Hasan.
  3. Syria: Victim of Assad's Atrocities and American-Israeli Strategies
  4. Does America Ever Forgive the Brave and the Uncorrupted? Over 100 in Prison since the 70s
  5. Malaysian Woman Defends Niqab: Firm and Clear even With Heavy Accent
  6. Yemeni Appeal to Pakistan to Free Shaykh Osama's wife
  7. Military Executed 28 Muslims and buried them in a Shallow Grave
  8. Boko Haram has Mass Support in Nigeria. Wants Allah's Will. Stands Against Injustice.
  9. Anwar al-Awlaki Messages started this: Al-Shabab now has a Leader in Kenya
  10. UN Declares Famine Ended! + Army Column Blown up + 9 Pirates killed.
  11. Successful US Air Strike kills 12+Refugees returning to al-Qaida Stronghold
  12. Islamic Women in Karachi, Pakistan, held Mass Rally to Support Kashmir which is under Indian Army Occupation
# 1425
Rabi' al-Awwal 4,1433/January 28, 2012 # 5
  1. Unite to Rebut and Defeat Attacks on Prophet Muhammad, Ayesha, r.a., and Hadith. No Hereditary holiness, no dictatorship: Shoora, Shar'ia and Sunnah are the way forward
  2. For Nine Months, Youth Group Kept Vigil for Return of Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman to his Family.
  3. African Voices against Zionism
  4. Dissent in Israel: Visiting American Jew Speaks out and this is what Happens:
  5. If General Boykin Addresses American troops, they'll turn against Muslims!?
  6. Indian Muslims make it Clear: Rushdie's abuse of the Prophet [pbuh] is Not Freedom of Expression. Zionist Rushdie's Video Conference Cancelled
  7. Pakistani American Charges Fraud & Injustice vs West Virginia School of Medicine. Loss of $60,000 Plus Academic Future
  8. National Public Radio {NPR} Launches Series of Attacks on Muslims. Jews in Spain, Rushdie disinvited and Boko Haram [repeatedly attacked by NPR]
  9. Anwar al-Awlaki's son-in-law Takes over al-R'ada town in Central Yemen: 365 Prisoners Released.
  10. What Really Happened to Jesus, peace be on him.
  11. Pakistani Military's Intelligence Branch has "Disappeared" hundeds of Unarmed Islamic Opponents: America's Pakistani Allies are Violating all Norms of humanity.
# 1424
Safar 27, 1433/January 21, 2012 # 4
  1. Lynne Stewart's Appeal Coming up.
  2. The Saga of a Woman who Renounced the Aga Khani Cult & Embraced Islam
  3. Brief Outline of the Great Struggle of Ruqayya, r.a., Forgotten owing to Sectarian Propaganda
  4. CAIR on Drunken individual vs CAIR on Life Sentence on Shi'a Imam
  5. War News: Afghanistan NATO Suffers from Taliban Attacks: French want to withdraw
  6. Drone Attacks Renewed After Eight Week Hiatus: Chechen Muslims Killed
  7. When America Bowed to Zionist Pressure & Sentenced Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman
  8. A Political Prisoner In the U.S.: Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman [The Blind Shaykh.]
  9. Muslim community forms PTA for students
  10. From Zahid Bukhari's Resume: No Changes Made: This is ICNA's President! Serving Taghoot!
  11. Pissing Contests...
  12. Revolution must Precede Elections: Syed Munawar Hasan
# 1423
Safar 20, 1433/January 14, 2012 # 3
  1. White Supremacists Cannot Stand Resistance by Poorly armed "illiterate" Afghans
  2. Indian Agents Ruling Bangladesh Strike at Most Venerable Bengali Islamic Leader
  3. Newt Gingrich: Strange coincidence or is he connected to the terrorist attack in Iran which killed an Iranian professor?
  4. Islam is the Only Religion which Banned Slavery
  5. Meet my sister: Like a Lily growing from the muddy waters of Sorrow
  6. Zionist Terrorists Target Iranian Professors and Scientists. Muslim World Should Join Hands to Oppose Zionist-Imperialist Actions
  7. Storm in a Teacup: America's Friends Tussle with Each Other
  8. Obama Seeks to Distance U.S. from Israeli Attack on Iran
  9. Billionaire Zionist Sheldon Gives $5 million to Pro-Gingrich Group
  10. Wounded Knee or Bagdad?
# 1422
Safar 13, 1433/January 7, 2012 # 2
  1. Islam's Connection to Africa
  2. NDAA of 2012 Comparable to Fugitive Slave Act of 1850
  3. Ron Paul Will Win In The End
  4. Pakistan: A strange Land Where Traitors Rule & Patriots are under House Arrest
  5. Jamaate Islami's Rally in only ONE district of Karachi outdid Imran Khan's National Rally
  6. Islam is Violated When People do not have Necessities of Life while Rulers live in Luxury
  7. Pakistan: Woman Killed and 5 women Captured by Paki Troops leads to Retaliation by Pak Taliban
  8. Distributed by Jamaat al-Muslimeen over the holidays to Christians.
# 1421
Safar 7, 1433/January 1, 2012 # 1
  1. An invitation to join the non-violent struggle for Islam in America.
  2. First Act of Terror on American Soil.
  3. December 31: At the White House, Representatives of Activist Groups Rallied Against War
  4. Somali-Americans Rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota Against Bank Stoppage [Kenyan and Ethiopian troops invading Somalia].
  5. Organization of Converts To Islam. Input Needed for a DVD.
  6. US Gives F 16s, Abram tanks, Artillery, APCs, Ammo to Shi'ite Regime in Bagdad.
  7. Defeated Yemeni Dictator Could be Brought to the US.
  8. Anniversary of Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan: Where History Entered a new Mode.
  9. New Trend research & Media Study Military Expels 90,000 Muslims from Yobe Province [Nigeria]: Boko Haram Retaliates
  10. Syria: Assad Shoots, People Rally, Every Day Arab League, al-Qaida, Turkey, Qatar Try to Intervene
  11. Harlem [New York] Imam from Ivory Coast Setting Great Example for Muslims
# 1420
Safar 1, 1433/December 26, 2011 # 53
  1. Hundreds of thousands gathered in Lahore to hear Munawar Hasan call for Islamic Pakistan.
  2. The Qur'an can Transform America: We Can Help Christians re-Discover Jesus, pbuh. The female is being Buried Alive in this Culture
  3. Grand Women's Rally against US, NATO: JI demands withdrawal of troops from Tribal areas, deployment on Eastern borders
  4. Synopsis of YHWH, Snake God of Israel
Mohurram 23, 1433/December 19, 2011 # 52
  1. Record Breaking Rally : Jamaate Islami Leader calls for end to Corrupt Power
  2. Three Days of Clashes in Cairo, Egypt: 10 KIlled 441 wounded by the army
  3. Republican Inanity Reaches New Depths:
  4. Shoora Resolution in Support of American Women
  5. Lowe's Ads? Why is it so easy to Distract Some Muslims from the real issues?
  6. Top Ten Idiots of the World for the Year 2011
  7. Pakistani Ruling Class Imploding as an Alleged Qadiani Enters the Highest Elite Level
  8. The re-Conditioning of the Value System by the Capitalists.
  9. Domestic Violence: 1 In 4 American Women Attacked By Intimate Partner
# 1418
Mohurram 16, 1433/December 12, 2011 # 51
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Endorsed Mumia Jamal Event in Philadelphia
  2. Literature On CAIR, Pakistan, Mohurram, Ziyad Yaghi, Egypt given to 90 Muslims
  3. Yemen: Amid Tumult, Thousands Leaving for Somalia and Somaliland
  4. Eyewitness Account: ICNA, December 4, 2011 Siraj Wahhaj Attacks Shari'a: Making Halal into Haram
  5. Biggest Atrocity of the Afghan War was Hushed up by Corporate Media
  6. Leader of Peaceful Islamic Movement Blasts US General's Remarks
  7. Brief Introduction of Dr Rukhsana Jabeen
  8. Two Top Intelligence Agencies Could not Break three Islamic Women.
  9. YHWH Snake God of Israel
  10. An Effort to Uncover the Hidden Suffering of Occupied Kashmir
# 1417
Mohurram 9, 1433/December 5, 2011 # 50
  1. African American Intellectual Speaks to Lincoln University Students
  2. Mohurram 10: Greatest Day of Sorrow in Islamic History
  3. Where Should the Birds Fly? Documenting the Horrific Israeli Invasion and bombardment of Gaza
  4. "Thanksgiving?" Why a Statue and not the Facts?
  5. The Message of the Islamic New Year
  6. New York Times Supports Muslim Brotherhood, Attacks Salafis. The 25% [surprise!] Salafi vote could Upset the 40% Brotherhood Vote
  7. American Jew was Helping Pakistani Businesses and Government. Now in the hands of Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri
  8. US Bombing Raid leads to Protests Across Pakistan
  9. 22 year old Ziyad Yaghi Faces Life in Prison
  10. CAIR's Role in Surveillance and Intelligence collection in Muslim Communities. Eyewitness Account of CAIR's Dawud Walid's Statement.
  11. Western Intelligence Views a Serious Development in Mali, West Africa. Tuareg & other Black Africans are joining Jihad fighters.
# 1416
Mohurram 2, 1433/November 28, 2011 # 49
  1. Latest News: EGYPT: November 27. This is the 9th day of mass protests in Tahrir Square
  2. Pakistan: On November 26: US helicopters hit two Pakistani military posts on the Afghan border, in the Mohmand area, killing 24 Paki troops.
  3. Afghanistan: November 24 , six Afghan children and an adult civilian were killed in a NATO air strike. The children, from one family, were aged 4 to 12 years.
  4. A Big Push to call for the Release of Native American leader Peltier
  5. Business Behind the Thanksgiving Day Myth
  6. Mohurram Starts Islamic Calendar: Invites Internationalism & Global Transformation. America Belongs to Allah: Not to any one Race! 3:195 A three step program central to Islam.
  7. "Ordinary" Muslim Heroes Ignored by CNN [It glorifies non-Muslim "heroes"] Farman Ali Gave his Life but Saved 16 people during Saudi Floods
  8. Eddie Brown, Brother of Imam Jamil al-Amin Passes away
  9. Romney and Obama Battle It Out For Israel Lobby Support
  10. American Jewish/Zionist Groups, ADL & Hillel Feverishly trying to Stop Open Debate on the Holocaust. They Face Bradley Smith.
  11. Why does America need Islam?
  12. The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism
# 1415
Dhulhijja 25, 1432/November 21, 2011 # 48
  1. Egypt Changing its history
  2. Muslim scholar Dr. Javed Jamil says it is time to say farewell to Einstein's theory
  3. Organization and Communication among Muslims: Love of Allah & His messenger. Stand against Oppressors: Be Compassionate & Forgiving to the Oppressed
  4. Poet Ron Williams: Spectacular Presentation at Lincoln University
  5. What is the Muslim Converts Association (MCA) in Durham?
  6. Message on Kashmir [Occupied by the Indian Army]
  7. Syria: November 18 saw Huge protests against Assad & Nov. 19 new Crimes by the Alawites. [Nov. 20 Assad holds his own big regime funded rally in Damascus!]
  8. Pakistan: Countrywide Protests against Regime's Sellout to India | Munawar Hasan Challenges Gen. Kayani's Deals with US & India
  9. Einsteinism: Time to Abandon this Physico-Religion
  10. PAF made 5,500 strike sorties over Fata
# 1414
Dhulhijja 18, 1432/November 14, 2011 # 47
  1. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen: Historic Meeting held on November 12. Peaceful Resistance to War, Occupation, Zionism, Racism & the Exploitation of Women
  2. Horrific Crimes against Children at Top US University were Covered up as far back as 1998
  3. The German Ambassador and the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists
  4. Islam Overtaking Catholicism in France
  5. Anti-Terrorist Chief Killed: Countrywide Breakdown as masses Rally
  6. Debunking the Iran "Terror Plot"
  7. Do Muslims know that Sects are Prohibited in Islam?
# 1413
Dhulhijja 9, 1432/November 5, 2011 # 46
  1. Imam Abu Taubah, African American imam and Hafize Qur'an, arrested
  2. An Unusual Candidate in Baltimore, Maryland
  3. Farewell to Religion, says Capitalism. Sex Industrialized!
  4. Islamic Leader Extends Hand of Brotherhood and Cooperation to Christians
  5. Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Philadelphia: Literature Given to 100 People
  6. Serving the Oppressed and the Downtrodden
  7. Fukushima Sabotage - Japanese Journalist Accuses Israel | Veterans Today
  8. 40 Years! US Zionism has Outdone Stalin's USSR
  9. America's Child Death Shame
  10. US Intervention Root of Pakistan's Problems
  11. "Fault?" Wanted to Send US Muslims to Mauritania
# 1412
Dhu'l Qada 30, 1432/October 28, 2011 # 45
  1. What Islam says about modern Capitalism in ONE sentence:
  2. During Hajj, Remember our Political Prisoners in US Gulag
  3. Famous Poet Ron Williams to speak at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania
  4. In Support of "Disappeared" Persons: "sit-down [Dhurna] Rally in Islamabad.
  5. Lynching and Murder of Qaddafi aimed at Defaming Islam: NATO's Hand is Visible. Here is why western media were so active in giving details of the murder.
  6. Challenges Facing Libya after Qaddafi may be Insurmountable: Specific Examples
  7. Spotlights from Imam Badi Ali [National Shoora] on Libya and Jordan
  8. Outreach Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature given to 65 Muslims in Newark, Delaware
  9. Ms. Clinton's Pakistani Dream + USA is Bombing Kunar with all it has right now. Qaddafi's Lynching is Preface to re-Colonization of Africa. It's a form of terrorism.
  10. US-Backed Burundi Troops Fall into al-Shabab Ambush
  11. General Kayani Expels 18,000 People from Khyber area of Pakistan. Shoot to kill order. Entire area Under Curfew.
  12. Pakistanis hold rally to slam US drone attacks | Mediawatch.Pk
  13. Demand parole for Marshall Eddie Conway
  14. Health OF Ummah - Is it a terminal Patient
# 1411
Dhu'l Qada 23, 1432/October 21, 2011 # 44
  1. Notice: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora will now meet on November 12.
  2. Islamic Slogans Against Capitalism
  3. The Savage Lynching of Muammar Qaddafi demeans Humanity and Insults all notions of the laws of war.
  4. Spotlights on the Murder of Muammar Qaddafi
  5. Maulana Maudoodi Must be Smiling. Two Million Students have joined IJT.
  6. Student Leader Says, Paki Rulers are Agents of Foreign Powers
  7. Hundreds of Thousands of Students Addressed by Munawar Hasan, Ameer Jamaate Islami
  8. General Kayani is a terrorist Trying to Fool Pakistan
  9. Why was your Response weak after Shaykh Osama's Murder? and other Issues
  10. Hundreds of Kenyan Troops, Backed by Tanks, Helicopters, Invade Somalia
# 1410
Dhu'l Qada 18, 1432/October 16, 2011 # 43
  1. The Iran-wanted-to-kill- Saudi-Ambassador story: Diversion or Preparation?
  2. Latest News: Successful US Moves.
  3. A Critical Look at "Occupy Wall Street" and a city under Police Rule
  4. She Sought Permission from Native American Leader to run in the Sacred Black Hills. Her letter to Russell Means brings out aspects of Jamaat al-Muslimeen.
  5. Islamic Pakistan Wins [Temporarily] Against US backed Rulers
  6. The Day America Died
  7. The World is changing even in ultra conservative Yemen after Eight Months of Revolution.
  8. Any friend of Israel is a friend of Elie Wiesel
# 1409
Dhu'l Qada 11, 1432/October 9, 2011 # 42
  1. Afghanistan: 10th Anniversary of US war. Taliban Victory in 70% of the Country
  2. Siraj Wahhaj's latest Tricks: Trying to pose as a defender of women! Closely linked to governmental group ISNA, he helped put the Blind Shaikh in Prison for life!
  3. Muslim woman makes History: Ran 26.2 Miles Marathon in the Black Hills Sacred to the Native American People.
  4. Greetings to Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin
  5. Tyrant Killed by Pious Muslim who is now sentenced to death.
  6. Mumtaz Qadri hailed as Hero of Islamic Pakistan.
  7. Demonstrations in Support of Qadri who killed the Tyrant Taseer
  8. Major new demonstrations in Yemen: October 7
  9. Al-Jazeera Director Resigns After Ties to US Intelligence Disclosed
  10. Time for Muslims to veto the United States.
  11. General Kayani fooled Pakistani Politicians Again. Wants to defend Pakistan!
# 1408
Dhu'l Qada 4, 1432/October 2, 2011 # 41
  1. Islamic Scholar on the Killing of Shaykh al-Awlaki
  2. CAIR on the Assassination of Shaykh al-Awlaki:
  3. Justice is not Possible in an Unjust Society. Comparing al-Awlaki with Troy Davis
  4. Why is Obama Silent about Gaza? Here is Why.
  5. The Voices of War, Arrogance and Irrationality : The Murders of Shaykh Awlaki & Samir Khan
  6. Rapidly Increasing Support for Jamaate Islami to oppose Fake Trials
  7. Irreparable Cracks in the Syrian Regime
  8. Essential requirements of Daily Muslim Behavior
# 1407
Shawwal 26, 1432/September 25, 2011 # 40
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora meets on October 15, inshallah
  2. Those who spoke out Loud and Clear against Troy Davis' Execution. Protest in Baltimore, Maryland. Sept. 21.
  3. Howard University Protest in Support of Troy Davis | The Nation
  4. Support for Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin: Relevant Web Sites
  5. Arab dictators, Holocaust Story, Osama bin Laden
  6. This was the ancestor of Texas Governor Perry's Aga Khani Friends
  7. Islamic Women in France Using Peaceful Means to Challenge the Assault on Islamic Dress Code by the Sarkozy regime
  8. Rational Approach to Islam: Opposition to Dictatorship and Westernization. Muhammad, pbuh, as Example and Leader. Islamic Pakistan's Basic Ideas.
  9. 1st Armored Division Joins Yemeni Protestors
  10. The Tragedy of Burhanuddin Rabbani
  11. America Demands that General Kayani Launch a New Offensive
# 1406
Shawwal 19, 1432/September 18, 2011 # 39
  1. September 16: Picketing in Baltimore: Protest against coming Execution of Troy Davis
  2. September 15: Duane Davis Acquitted: Activists Showed Up in Good Numbers
  3. An Unexpected Defense of Osama bin Laden:
  4. 14 Million People Trapped in Pakistani Floods. Unprecedented Disaster. Pakistani PM prays for Help from God
  5. Israel has destroyed 85% of Gaza's fishing: Strangulation of a People
  6. Indian Police Joined Hindu Mob in Attack on Mosque
# 1405
Shawwal 12, 1432/September 11, 2011 # 38
  1. Crowds of unarmed Egyptians ransacked the Israeli embassy in Cairo
  2. The case of the Blind Shaikh and the role of Siraj Wahhaj
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature Given to 100 at Masjid Rahma, Baltimore
  4. What does Islam say about Annual Mourning? US Muslims were not involved in 9.11. Why the collective guilt?
  5. On September 11, 1973 a CIA-led coup replaced the popular government of Chile
  6. Troy Davis Faces Execution: [Islam is against the death penalty in a secular state.]
  7. Africa: Conversions to Islam in ONE TOWN in Uganda in one month.
  8. A Unique Photo of Eid in Mogadishu. Somalis Strongly Support Islam. al-Shabab & other Islamic leaders spoke here.
  9. Crowds attack Israel embassy in Cairo : September 9-10, 2011
# 1404
Shawwal 4, 1432/September 3, 2011 # 37
  1. Our Response to prolonged, Ongoing and Intense, though polite, investigation of New Trend by the US Government.
  2. Islamic Movement in America: Challenge from Br. Shamim Siddiqui
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Message from Brooklyn, New York
  4. Muslims must lead the process of Change & Transformation.
  5. America's Problems can be solved by Islam. Muslim World is Rising up.
  6. 20,000 Converted to Islam Last Year in America
  7. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature Given to 100 in Newark, Delaware and 55 in Bel Air, Maryland: Articles on Science, Ayesha, r.a., Informants, Libya
  8. Muslims, police scuffle at Rye Playland over amusement park's head scarf ban; 15 arrests made
  9. BEYOND THE PALESTINIAN STATEHOOD INITIATIVE: Freeing Palestine and Delegitimizing Israel
  10. Pakistan's Islamic Leader Challenges US Hegemony in his Country | Munawar Hasan Addresses Huge Eid Prayer Gathering
  11. Gaddafi helped Western intelligence and Tortured for CIA | BBC report from Human Rights Watch
  12. Mauri Saalakhan Attempts to Defend ISNA man Siraj Wahhaj [Saalakhan sent this to the editor. Looks like a threat.]
  13. It's not an Accusation but a Fact: Siraj Wahhaj lied: Helped Put an Islamic Scholar in Prison for Life
# 1403
Ramadan 25, 1432/August 26, 2011 # 36
  1. Major Breakthrough in Neurology by Pakistani American Muslim: Dr. Teepu Siddique
  2. National Strategy Session for Liberating our Political Prisoners
  3. An Islamic Victory in Libya: Don't be fooled by the Media
  4. Badr, Makkah, Laylatul Qadr, Ayesha, r.a., Essential to Ramadan and Taqwa
  5. $3.3 billion and 15,000 Informants Launched at USA's Muslims. "Muslims" within Muslim communities are used to trap others.
  6. After 9.11 Attacks, Islam is seen by Brazilians as "New Form of Resistance."
  7. Is religious bigotry the GOP primary 'X-Factor'?
# 1402
Ramadan 18, 1432/August 19, 2011 # 35
  1. Latest news: Israel gets first touch of Islamic resistance:
  2. This Masjid Belongs to Sisters and Brothers United
  3. Iftar for Activists, Struggling for Justice in America: Ibn Khaldun Writers' Circle
  4. Siraj Wahhaj is a key figure in the fund raising done by ISNA and ICNA to drain the Muslims of their resources.
  5. Face to Face with Siraj Wahhaj: The ISNA man who helped send the Blind Shaikh to prison for life. "THIS IS NOT THE FORMAT!"
  6. Aga Khani-Republican Alliance in Texas Emerging as SubtleThreat to Islamic Pakistan
  7. Islamic Fighter is a Terrorist, says Obama: Assets Frozen [if any]
  8. An opponent of the Pakistani army has died under torture.
  9. Another Pakistani Witness Differs with Bashir's Eyewitness Account
  10. Pakistani Politician in Cahoots with India, Attacks basis of Pakistan
# 1401
Ramadan 11, 1432/August 12, 2011 # 34
  2. Helping Homeless Women [including non-Muslims]
  3. You are invited to a newly developing Islamic Center
  4. The sleepiest, most scared, "sufi" Imam in Maryland
  5. "Great" Britain: The Inside Story 1069 Arrested.
  6. Bahrain: Humanity in Agony: Must see Video.
  7. Shaykh Osama: Pakistani Eyewitness Contradicts US Report
  8. Pakistan TV Report Contradicts US Claim of Bin Laden's Death : Information Clearing House News
  9. The Myth of a Judeo-Christian Tradition
  10. World Food Program in Somalia. Angel of Mercy or Angel of Death?
# 1400
Ramadan 6, 1432/August 7, 2011 # 33
  1. Syria's Alawite dictator Bashar Assad is committing the most horrific atrocities.
  2. Censorship is Making Corporate Zionist Media Unbelievable: Read
  3. Both Republicans and Democrats want to cut Funds to the Poor & Weak
  4. Wealth Gap in US Widens Between Whites and Non-Whites
  5. Injustice is common but this 'takes the cake.'
  6. President Obama's Amazing Message to Muslims
  7. Crocodile Tears As Food Aid Blockade Continues in Horn of Africa
  8. Iran attends NATO meeting for the first time
  9. Kingship is Haram in Islam: Biblical Systems are not Applicable
  10. Heavy fighting as Ramadan Begins: NATO's best troops stuck in Guerrilla Warfare. No reporting in US Media
  11. Karachi being destroyed by Foreign Powers to Undermine Pakistan
  12. What Ramadan can do for us: Imam Badi Ali's Khutba
# 1399
Sha'ban 28, 1432/July 30, 2011 # 32
  1. Bangladeshi woman Sis. Asma Ahmad: A Genuine case of Great Need
  2. Muslim women and Christian women meet: Unite Against Evil
  3. You are required by Islam to look for the crescent.
  4. Inshallah,Islamic Date for Ramadan 1 is August 2 and Eid on August 31.
  5. Islamic Women's Uprising: What's behind the fighting in Pakistan?
  6. Remember the Israeli Repulse at hands of Hizbullah
  7. Syed Maudoodi: A testimony and a Comparison
  8. Islamic Leader Addresses Pakistanis in Riyadh. Pakistan has become US' Colony: Indo-Pak talks Futile
  9. Yemeni Al-Qaida Accepts Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri as Leader
# 1398
Shaban 22, 1432/July 24, 2011 # 31
  1. Outreach: Islamic literature distributed in 104� degree Weather. 100 Muslims reached in Newark, Delaware
  2. Jamaat prayer room in key area of New York
  3. Impact of Mass Imprisonment in America
  4. After Osama: Pakistanis Complicit or Incompetent? Change will come, Planned or Unplanned?
  5. Countrywide Islamic Rallies Condemn Military rule in Baluchistan: Murder and humiliation of Baluchis by Kayani
  6. Heavy Fighting in Yemen after al-Qaida took two towns and an army base. 25th Army Brigade asks for Help. Tanks & 500 troops trying to break through.
  7. Member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, Osama Haneef abducted on his way to his office In Islamabad, Pakistan
  8. Proposed Saudi Arabian anti-terror law would strangle peaceful protest
  9. Syed Maudoodi: A testimony and a Comparison
# 1397
Shaban 15, 1432/July 17, 2011 # 30
  1. Mass Rally Condemns US Intervention: Hasan Denounces Drone Attacks
  2. Confronting Repression of Human Rights and civil liberties in USA: Political prisoners: Role of Informants and CAIR
  3. Canton, Michigan. Good Hunting for the ISNA types
  4. Cole, ACLU, Sue CIA, FBI seeking Bloggergate Documents
  5. Killing Muslims will not Stop the Qur'an: Victory is Assured by Allah
  6. Sha'baan: Misconceptions and Realities
  7. US is mistaken in Opposing Qaddafi: Islamic forces are overthrowing him.
  8. More Reasons Why Not to Eat Pork
# 1396
Sha'aban 8,1432/ July 10, 2011 # 29
  1. Who will speak for the Muslims of Nigeria?
  2. Forgiveness for Muslims and for Oppressors? Should we Forgive those who made Cartoons of the Prophet, peace be on him?
  3. $3.7 Trillion Cost of US Military Role in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, New Study Finds
  5. Kashmir and Palestine: Military Rule in Baluchistan
  6. The Bombing of Islamic Villages in Pakistan by the US Air Force
  7. Bangladeshi Workers Make their Mark against Exploitation
# 1395
Sha'aban 1,1432/ July 3, 2011 # 28
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Supports July 16 event in Detroit. Resisting Profiling, Preemptive Prosecution and Prisoner Abuse"
  2. Mass Distribution of Jamaat Literature at Baltimore's Biggest Mosque
  3. Obama Admin Warns of "Fines and Incarceration" if U.S. Citizens Set Sail with Gaza Aid Flotilla.
  4. ISNA's FITNA: What you don't know could Mislead your Children
  5. Three African American Muslims Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison: Tricked/trapped by Informant
  6. Egypt Entering New Stage of its Revolution: 1036 injured by Security Forces: June 28-29
  7. Nigeria: Islam vs Military tyranny
  8. First US Drone Strike in Somalia: Previous Air Attacks were Conventional
  9. Prophet Muhammad's [pbuh] Ascension: Night Journey to Jerusalem and to the Seven Heavens: The Holy city under Israeli -Jewish Occupation
  10. Committee supporting Bangladeshi Political Prisoner, Shifa, invites to Important Event in Detroit on July 16.
  11. Resisting Profiling, Preemptive Prosecution and Prisoner Abuse
# 1394
Rajab 24,1432/ June 26, 2011 # 27
  1. Visit to Pakistan May-June 2011
  2. Dr. Siddique's Latest Presentations:Greensboro & Augusta
  3. Forest People Under Attack by Indian Police: Hundreds Injured. Child Killed
  4. Defenseless Muslims in India Under Police Attack: 2 women, infant, killed
  5. Iraq: String of Attacks with a big one in Diwaniya
  6. America's Best troops Suffering from Taliban tactics
  7. Al-Qaida Making Serious Advances In Yemen: Nearing Aden
  8. Keith Olbermann Trashes General Petraeus views on Torture:
  9. Day of Action for Newburgh 4 Sentencing, Demand Justice!
# 1393
Rajab 17,1432/ June 19, 2011 # 26
  1. Bellevue family sues FBI over 'terrifying' raid
  2. Zionist-Jewish Militia in Baltimore Should be Disbanded
  3. Gaddafi, Islam and the West. Islam can Unite Africa: Race and Socialism are not the Issue: Follow Malcolm X & Imam Jamil, not Gaddafi.
  4. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature Distributed in east Baltimore Mosque
  5. Munawar Hasan challenges Military claims of Victory in Swat & Malakand
  6. Bin Laden deputy Zawahri takes over as Qaeda leader
  7. Why are some Muslims so happy with the West?
# 1392
Rajab 10,1432/ June 12, 2011 # 25
  1. US Mosques Urged to Unite on Qur'an and Hadith: Be non-Violent but Strictly Islamic: We are 1.8 Billion Strong Globally. Let us Become one Ummah.
  2. With thanks to Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz: In defense of Black Women
  3. Karachi, Upper Dir and South Waziristan: Pakistan in Peace and War. Photos of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, Political Prisoner in a US Cell
  4. AFGHANISTAN: NATO being run Ragged by the Taliban
  5. Former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Returns to Libya with DIGNITY Fact Finding Delegation of independent journalists.
# 1391
Rajab 6,1432/ June 8, 2011 # 24
  1. United States, Under a "Black" President, to Boycott World Conference against Racism
  2. Egypt Opens Rafah Crossing Permanently
  3. Israelis Scramble for Foreign Passports
  4. Netanyahu Thanks France for Intervening in Libya
  5. Were They Praying to Hillary Clinton? Eyewitness Account of an Outspoken Imam's Khutba in Islamabad
  6. Pakistan's Costs in Fighting America's Wars: $67 Billion
  7. Wikileaks Release Shows Pak General Kayani Requesting Continued U.S. Drone Operation
  8. Julian Assange Wins Journalism Prize
  9. U.S. Consulate Vehicles Hit by Taliban
  10. Grand Taliban Attack on Karachi Naval Base
  11. Responsibility of Muslims in the West
  12. Baltimore Black Think Tank Town Hall Calls Attention to Connections between Local and National Elites, their Connections to Israel
  13. Baltimore Coalition Meets, Plans Protests Against Jewish Militia's Impunity
# 1390
Jamada al-thani 26, 1432/ May 30, 2011 # 23
  1. AIPAC Conference: An Exercise in Arm Twisting and Indoctrination
  2. Protestor who Disrupted Netanyahu in Congress Attacked, Hospitalized, Arrested
  3. Boycott!
  4. Egyptian authorities urge US to return Sheikh Omar Abdulrahman to Egypt
  5. Elderly Nation of Islam Representative Arrested in Guyana
  6. Ratko Mladic Captured
  7. Asif Zardari's Father Dies | Sufi Site Refuses Burial
  8. Pakistan and Conspiracy Theories
  9. Taliban attacker in Police Uniform Breaches Highly Secured Takhar Governor's Compound, Northern Afghanistan Police Commander Killed, Top NATO General Wounded
  10. Western Powers closing the Cordon Around Pakistan: Syed Munawar Hasan Warns
# 1389
Jamada al-thani 18, 1432/ May 22, 2011 # 22
  1. May 21 Not the End of the World?!
  2. New Trend Congratulates Africa Liberation Day (ALD) Organizers
  3. 76-Year Old Pakistani Imam Arrested in Miami | Charged with Helping Pakistani Taliban
  4. Florida imams arrested for aiding Pakistani Taliban
  5. U.S. Presidential Pardons Focus on Petty Crimes, Ignore Suffering Political Prisoners
  6. View From Barbados of the Osama Killing
  7. Pakistan's Parliament condemns Abbottabad Raid, Calls for re-examination of ties with U.S.
  8. Top Islamic Leaders Urge Regime not to Hand over Shaykh Osama's Family to US
  9. DC Activists Commemorate Malcolm X Day
# 1388
Jamada al-thani 10, 1432/May 14, 2011 # 21
  1. Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz Pinpoints How the Power Structure Manufactures "Leaders" for the Black Community.
  2. Growing Support for Eddie Conway, Political Prisoner
  3. Shaykh Osama & the Pakistani Regime: Are the Rulers Incompetent or Complicit?: Please, please, we are Incompetent!
  4. Assange awarded Australian peace prize
  5. Revisionist writer's life in peril in New York
  6. Osama's Son sees Inhumanity and a Challenge to Religion in the murder of an unarmed leader and the disposal of his body
  7. Shaykh Osama's Unarmed Yemeni Wife, Amal, Rushed the Navy Seals!
  8. Pakistan's Solidarity & Nuclear Assets are the targets: Jamaate Islami leader says
# 1387
Jamada al-thani 4, 1432/May 8, 2011 # 20
  1. Free Marshall Eddie Conway Rally
  2. Rally at World Bank in Support of El Salvador's People
  3. Spotlight on Shaykh Osama bin Laden by Imam Badi Ali | Why do the Muslims love him? Propaganda won't work.
  4. Osama bin Laden and the latest developments in Pakistan: Unforeseen Consequences
  5. Islamic Protest Rallies Across Pakistan on Three Points:
  6. Muslims in Kashmir, led by Geelani, declare Shaikh Osama Shaheed. Prayers for him in every city
# 1386
Jamada al-Awwal 29, 1432/May 3, 2011 # 19
  1. President Obama's Speech: Excerpts
  2. Issued by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs PM Netanyahu: Elimination of Osama Bin Laden
  3. Four Letter US Muslim Groups: First Responders
# 1385
Jamada al-Awwal 27, 1432/May 1, 2011 # 18
  1. Hodari Abdul-Ali Returns to Allah: A Beautiful Person
  2. Dr. Fauzia Offers Bangles to Pakistani Military and Government Leaders .
  3. Does President Obama Think Islam is a Joke?
  4. Islam does not Respect the Rich & the Powerful: Dictators have fooled Muslims
# 1384
Jamada al-Awwal 22, 1432/April 26, 2011 # 17
  1. 41 Years in Prison: The Tragic Suffering of Eddie Conway.
  2. Theme: Muslim World is Rising Up!
  3. Dr. Siddique's Khutba on Women in Islam to 800 Muslims +150 Muslims | Dictatorship are linked to Oppression of women
  4. Jamaate Islami's Frontier Leader Says 24,000 Muslims Killed in Army Operations. Our daughters are being burned alive. 1,000 Mosques Destroyed in US-Kayani-Drone Attacks
  5. Pakistani Politicians are Involved in US Drone Attacks: Islamic movement
# 1383
Jamada al-Awwal 13, 1432/April 17, 2011 # 16
  1. Much of Education Depends on the Teacher's Maturity & Understanding.
  2. What are the Requirements for Peaceful Transformation. Spotlights from Imam Badi Ali
  3. O Allah! Forgive Our Ummah for having Accepted Dictatorship, Kingship, Tyranny for Decades.
  4. USA must be held Accountable for Human Rights Violations. A message from Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin
  5. Separation from Oppressors- Part II
  6. Jenin Massacre by Heavily armed Jews
  7. French Attack on Muslim Women in Burqa condemned by Pakistan
  8. Dr. Dotson-Renta's Article Casts slur on Jose Padilla
  9. Latino Muslims in the United States After 9/11: The Triple Bind
  10. Jamaat al-Muslimeen must prepare to be Organized Activists for Peaceful Transformation of America
  11. Was Ali, r.a., appointed by the Prophet, pbuh, to Lead Muslims? Did Ali, r.a., hate Abu Bakr, Umar and Usman [Allah be pleased with them]?
# 1382
Jamada al-Awwal 6, 1432/April 10, 2011 # 15
  1. Education is the key but what kind of Education?
  2. Imam Badi Ali Focuses on Key Issues: Urging Muslims to think
  3. Syria: Assad following Qaddafi's Example: Rising Death toll
  4. Gaddafi Appeals to Obama for Help: "Equal Opportunity" bombing by NATO
  5. Complete shutdown in Kashmir against Indian occupation
# 1381
Rabi' al-Thani 29,1432/April 3, 2011 # 14
  1. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen on April 23, inshallah.
  2. The Kind of Teachers who can teach Students how to Learn
  3. Needed For Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Peaceful Movement for Change in America ....
  4. Israel is the central source of Oppression in the Middle East: Why is it ignored?
# 1380
Rabi' al-Thani 21,1432/March 26, 2011 # 13
  1. National Islamic Shoora [Jamaat al-Muslimeen] to Meet on April 23, inshallah. Change by Peaceful means.
  2. Expose and Oppose the Oppression of American Women. Free Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman
  3. Sarmila Bose Debunks Propaganda Version of Bangladesh Tragedy
  4. Exploiting Africa: Madonna in Malawi
  5. Nuclear Iran and Nuclear Japan: What an Irony!Western Agenda in Libya is NOT Love of Civilians
  6. Top Islamic leaders highlight Army Chief's linkup with USA & Corrupt Rulers.
  7. Pakistan Rises Up against Desecration of the Qur'an in the USA
  8. Action Alert: Egypt - IHRC calls for the release of Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman and his return to Egypt
# 1379
Rabi' al-Thani 14,1432/March 19, 2011 # 12
  1. In Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Pakistan, Islamic Rights of the People are the Issue.
  2. Spotlight on Libya: We Condemn French Intervention
  3. Libya Hit on the anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq
  4. Afghan War Costs $300 Million a Day, Pentagon Says
  5. Pakistanis Rally Against Release of CIA Agent | First Time Army Chief & ISI Boss seen as traitors
  6. March 16, 03 Israeli military bulldozer kills Rachel Corrie
# 1378
Rabi' al-Thani 8,1432/March 13, 2011 # 11
  1. Meeting David Irving: Researcher & Historian Extraordinary, Hated by Zionists.
  2. My Muslims are better than your Muslims! Attempt to Replace CAIR with Zuhdi Jasser!
  3. What the American People were not Supposed to Know: Tragedy Behind Wikileaks
  4. Saudi Police Open Fire on Protestors
  5. Spanish Version of Holy Qur'an unveiled in Tehran
  6. Tide Turning: Women Rally, Prisoners break out: Military?
  7. Raymonds, CIA trying to create anarchy in Pakistan
  8. Afghanistan: Classic Guerrilla Warfare
  9. Pakistani Taliban have Gen. Kayani on the Defensive. Extensive Videos Give Details.
  10. Torture in Faisalabad followed by Horrific Bomb Attack
  11. Tribal Militia Supporting General Kayani Devastated.
  12. 2122 Civilians Killed in 243 US Drone Attacks
  13. Islamic Protestors in Jordan Urge Release of Prisoners, Reject Secularism
# 1377
Rabi' al-Thani 1,1432/March 6, 2011 # 10
  1. Palestine : American gave his life: saved Children
  2. Prophet, pbuh, abused in California: ICNA remained Silent
  3. Hathout & Muzammil Siddiqui Misinforming Americans on anti-Blasphemy Law in Pakistan
  4. Nine Afghan Children Murdered by US Air Force
  5. Who Else is Helping the Libyan Leader? Is Algeria Qadaffi's Ace in the Hole?
# 1376
Rabi' al-Awwal 24,1432/February 27, 2011 # 9
  1. Veteran Islamic teacher and scholar, Br. Shamim Siddiqui
  2. US Military Intervention in Libya will be opposed by Muslims. Most of Libya is already under Islamic control
  3. New Trend and Palestinian Tragedy/Appeal Distributed
  4. Baltimore Activists to Help with Boycott of Businesses which Support Israel.
  5. African American Muslim Leader Speaks at Lincoln University
  6. Palestinians will Realize, US is no Friend of Theirs
  7. What does Islam say about Rape? Hadith Stands by the Woman. Merit in the Qur'an & hadith is Based on Behavior, not on Gender
  8. Brothers of Raymond's Victims Address Mass Sit-in Against US Violence. Islamic Leader Munawar Hasan Demands that Raymond be Handed Over.
  9. The Worst Crime Against Civilians: By Churchill & his Jewish Adviser "The Prof."
  10. Somali Sentenced to 9 Years: Attacked Cartoonist
# 1375
Rabi' al-Awwal 17,1432/February 20, 2011 # 8
  1. Why does US government support Israel in its evil Actions? Obama rep Vetoes UN Resolution on Settlements.
  2. Vast Prison System & Modern Mis-Education which teaches Acceptance of Inequalities
  3. Egypt: History in the Making: 2 Million Pray in Tahrir Square, Led by Shaikh Yusuf al-Qardawi: End of Emergency Rule?
  4. Gaddafi Shows his brutal hand: 300 killed in Libya | Crowds chant "Allahu Akbar," Tear Down Gaddafi's Pics
  5. We Urge the White House to Release ALL Political Prisoners. Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman's Judge was a Zionist Jew: What Justice?
  6. Ending Dictatorship & Disparities are Part of Islamic Revolution, not Secularism. Women's Role & Shi'a-Sunni Unity & US Muslims
  7. Peace Activist to Speak at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania
  8. We Can Have Global Muslim Unity: Grasp this Moment in History
  9. Saudi government crackdown against members of the Islamic Omma Party
  10. Islamic Leader says: End of US Relationship would be a blessing
  11. Raymond was Directing Drone Attacks: No Attacks after his Arrest. Pak Leaders say, He should be tried under Anti-Terrorism Act
  12. NATO Kills 64 Civilians, including 20 women/children
  13. Taliban Storm Military Bank: Guerrilla attacks Tie down NATO forces
# 1374
Rabi' al-Awwal 10,1432/February 13, 2011 # 7
  1. Zionism/Racism are Rooted in the Language of Oppression and Enslavement.
  2. After Mubarak
  3. Learn Peaceful Resistance to Oppose Zionism & Oppression: Egypt & USA Need Islam "Islamophobia" is a fake concept.
  4. George Bush Cancels Visit to Switzerland After Complaints about Torture
  5. Allah Rejects the religion of the blood and all human Sacrifices to God
  6. Saudi women protest, web activists call for reform
  7. WikiLeaks: Suleiman vowed to prevent Hamas rule in Gaza
  8. Under Mubarak, Egypt was the land of the Dead Where Coptic Churches were More Prominent than Mosques
# 1373
Rabi' al-Awwal 3,1432/February 6, 2011 # 6
  1. Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, Ahmed Abdel Sattar & Lynne Stewart, victims of US-Mubarak Collusion, should be freed.
  2. Why Does History Produce Insensitive Brutes like Hosni Mubarak? Connecting the past with the present.
  3. Top Islamic Leader Hails Egyptian Masses: Era of US-Israeli Agents Ending. When will there be justice for Kashmir?
  4. The US has deported 190 Pakistanis during the last two years
# 1372
Safar 25, 1432/January 30, 2011 # 5
  1. American Educational Elites Should take Responsibility for Failure: For the sake of peace and to end war.
  2. Egypt: The Victory of the People Changes Everything. Hadith of Muhammad, pbuh, prophesied Egypt will Fight for Islam.
  3. Peaceful Movement to Save America from Zionism & racism
  4. Global Ummah of Islam is Waking Up: Tyrants Facing Defeat. US Muslims, Use Peaceful Means to Save America from Zionism
  5. Israeli Jew's Crime Against Black Teen: Elusive Justice
  6. Dr. Aafia in Total Isolation. Charade of "Rules" Continues
  7. Indian Occupation Forces Use Brutal Force Against Protestors
  8. 100,000 Rally in Lahore: Defend the Prophet, pbuh, Oppose USA
# 1371
Safar 19, 1432/ January 24, 2011 # 4
  1. A Message From Imam Musa in Washington, DC to All Muslims
  2. Peaceful Islamic Power in Bangladesh
  3. Momin Khwaja as Seen by an Honest Non-Muslim Observer
  4. Israeli Military man & Jews Attacked Black Youth. Protest Jan. 24
  5. Scholarly Correction on Hadith. It is Narrated by meaning not by Exact Words
  6. Tunisia's Revolution Has Islamic Inspiration
  7. Top Islamic Leader says Muslims Stand United Against Attacks on Muhammad, pbuh: Pope's Outburst Condemned. India's Role
  8. The Media in America: Selling Views, Calling it News
  9. US Treatment of Innocent Islamic Scholar in Guantanamo. Egyptian & Indonesian Security played a Criminal Role In "breaking" him. The Qur'an Kept him Alive
  10. Islam and Capitalism/Secularism are Not Similar
  11. Is there any Validity to the Claims that Khalid ibn al-Waleed (r.a.) Acted unIslamically in the Case of Malik ibn Nuwaira?
# 1370
Safar 12, 1432 /January 17, 2011 # 3
  1. Protest General Musharraf's Visit to Vancouver, Canada
  2. Our Message of Peace to the people of America
  3. Is Pope Benedict Preparing the latest Crusade?
  4. Hail the People of Tunisia: but Gangster Ben Ali's Militia still active
  5. Dictators trembling?
  6. Anti-Blasphemy : If you Know Qur'an and Hadith, Is it Enough to Formulate Law? Role of 'Ulema Crucial
  7. Create Awareness of the Suffering of Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman in a U.S. Prison Cell
  8. JFK Plotters Sentenced to Life in Prison
  9. Separation of Southern Sudan will be a Bonanza for Israel: Break up of Africa Underway
  10. Taboos on Menstruation were attacked by Muhammad (pbuh) Today his Hadith on Menstruation are Under Attack from Abusive Web Sites
  11. Taliban Attacks on US-funded Police. Another 1400 Marines.
  12. Secular Lobby Instigator, USA, Facing Defeat in Afghanistan: Top JI leader's Khutba: Pope & Terry Jones Violating teachings of Jesus, pbuh
# 1369
Safar 6, 1432 /January 11, 2011 # 2
  1. Return to Pakistan: Media Perspectives on Bush's Iraq & Afghanistan Wars
  2. Zaid Shakir Okays Joining the CIA
  3. Israel Deliberately Choked Gaza Economy, US Cable Reveals
  4. A Shooting Which Could Change the Status Quo: Masses Support the Shooter
  5. Violence Reaches the Elites: Blatant Attack on Congresswoman Giffords
  6. Appeal to Suport Lucasville, Ohio, Prisoners Hunger Strike
  7. Play it again Uncle Sam!!! Vietnam and Afghanistan
  8. A Stunning Blow for Rejecters of Hadith
  9. Why do US and Taliban accounts of US Losses Differ?
# 1368
Mohurram 27, 1432 /January 3, 2011 # 1
  1. Historic General Strike
  2. The Transformational Message of Islam in Mathematical context
  3. Thoughts from Imam Badi Ali, National Islamic Shoora, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, North Carolina
  4. Erdogan: Temple Mount Will Always be Islamic
  5. Latest Boycott Effort Against pro-Israel Businesses
  6. Jesus, pbuh, was with the Poor, the Oppressed, the Downtrodden
  7. What Future for the Muslims of America? Effective Advice and Practical Program
  8. Lincoln Students Question Dr. Siddique: Point by Point Answers
  9. Shameful Sentences handed to Bangladeshi Youths on Bogus Charges and "Thought Crimes": Shifa Sadequee gets 17 years, Haris Ahmed 13
  10. Br. Siddique, May Allah be with you against Zionists and White Supremacists
  11. Historic General Strike: Islamic Response to Western Moves against the honor of Muhammad, pbuh, the Global Leader of the Ummah
  12. Conflict in Ivory Coast: What the Media won't tell you
  13. Bangladeshi Muslims Arrested in UK: Vague charges of "terrorism"
  14. Tribute to Saddam Hussein On behalf of the Iraq-Palestine Committee
# 1367
Mohurram 20, 1432 /December 27, 2010 # 51
  1. Canada's Shame!
  2. Top Men and Women of the Year 2010
  3. Boycott Businesses which Support Israel: Latest Effort in Baltimore
  4. Zionism: White Supremacy in Israeli Guise: Censorship & Abuse against Muslim Professor
  5. Zionists Rallied State Senators & Reps to Humiliate Lincoln University & Dr. Siddique: Zionist-Racist Hate Speech Ignored
  6. Richard Holbrooke - Unlawful and Immoral Diplomacy
  7. U.S.-backed Attempts to Repeal Blasphemy Laws face stiff Resistance from Islamic Scholars
  8. Islamic Woman Attacks pro-General Kayani Tribe
  9. Maulvi Fazlullah Re-Appears: Serious Setback for General Kayani
# 1366
Mohurram 13, 1432/ December 20, 2010 # 50
  1. Top Ten Idiots of the World for the Year 2010
  2. Outreach in Alexandria, Virginia: Jamaat literature Distributed
  3. People's Lawyer Lynne Stewart Deprived of Family Support during Christmas Season
  4. Stop Collecting Funds in Dr. Aafia's Name: MLFA told to Desist
  5. U.S. Contractor's violation of Afghan Children Combined with Anti-Taliban Propaganda
  6. Defend Jennifer Peto, a Brave Canadian Critic of Zionism
  7. Dr. Jamil calls for death blow to Westernization, Rescuing of the people from a Fake Worldview
  8. How the Taliban Fooled Richard Holbrooke
  9. Scores die as drones renew attack on Pakistan's Khyber
# 1365
Mohurram 6, 1432/ December 13, 2010 # 49
  1. Widespread Incidents of Rape in New Delhi, India
  2. Dr. Siddique's Complete Quds Day Speech Receives 9,226 Youtube Hits
  3. Welcome to the new Islamic Year, 1432: Join the Caravan of Musa (pbuh), Umar (ra), and Husain (ra)
  4. Christian and Jewish Zionists Both Deny Jesus' (PBUH) Teachings.
  5. U.S. Muslimah Urges Dr. Siddique to be Steadfast: Life, Death & Livelihood are in Allah's Hands
  6. Christian Priest's Wife Embraced Islam: Arrested by Egyptian Police, Handed over to Copts. Disappeared into Church. Fate Unknown.
  7. Muslims-Africans face Police Terror: Afia's 19 Year old son
  8. Historic One Day Strike in ALL of Georgia's Prison. One in every 13 Georgian Adults is in Prison
  9. Analysis of the Source of Attacks on Hadith | An Interesting Point about Imam Bukhari
# 1364
Zulhijja 29,1431/December 6, 2010 # 48
  1. Latest News from Pakistan:
  2. Letter from Br. Shamim Siddiqui, USA's leading teacher of Da'wa, to His Children
  3. Zionists Rally their Forces Against Dr. Siddique. Financial Pressure Brought Against Lincoln University
  4. Israeli Soldier Working For Baltimore Jewish Community Attacks African American Youth
  5. Amazing but True! Finally ISNA-CAIR Supporter Publishes a New Trend Report. Nadrat Siddique's Extensive Interview with Sis. Karima al-Amin
  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Pakistan?
  7. How does Allah [God] enter our Lives?
  8. Wikileaks reveals the Betrayal of Muslims by their Own Rulers
# 1363
Zulhijja 20, 1431/ November 27, 2010 # 47
  1. Thoughts on "Thanksgiving"
  2. Tasks for Muslim Activists: Peacefully Act Against Zionism
  3. What have you done against Israel today by Peaceful Means?
  4. Prominent Norwegians Call for Cultural and Academic Boycott of Israel
  5. Hajj Khutba in Saudi Arabia: Written by US Intelligence Services?
  6. Latest news from Kashmir: NT Monitor
  7. Shi'ite Sectarians Attack Islamic Truths Quite Blatantly
  8. Reader Response to Our "Muslims Rallying to the Defense of Ayesha Siddiqa [r.a]" No Whipping Please!
  9. Iranian Reader thinks Jundullah Islamic Leader was CIA Agent
  10. Extreme Right Winger Rush Limbaugh's Weird Comments on Obama
  11. US and NATO Officers working in Paki Military HQ in Quetta
  12. The Facts about Sect leader Aga Khan and his clan
  13. Somali-Americans used to Shore up Puppet Mogadishu Enclave
  14. British Afghans Join Jihad in Support of Taliban. Pakistanis Join Taliban in Good Numbers along with Tajiks, Uzbeks and Arabs
  15. NATO in Afghanistan: Islamic Caliphate is the Problem NATO sees if Jihad Succeeds
# 1362
Zulhijjah 15, 1431/November 22, 2010 # 46
  1. From Imam Badi Ali (National Islamic Shoora) Jamaat al-Muslimeen North Carolina
  2. Zionism is Racism: Dr. Shabazz' Message and Shoora Resolutions
  3. Zionist Censorship Exposed
  4. Both the Qur'an and the Authentic Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) are Safeguarded by Allah. Evidence From the Qur'an to Refute those who Think the Qur'an alone is Safeguarded.
  5. Pro-US African Troops Kill 21 Civilians in Mogadishu: Artillery Used
  6. US Declares Jundullah a Terrorist Organization, Freezing all Supporter Assets (Excerpts)
  7. Mass Rally addressed by Munawar Hasan Condemns Price Rise, Supports Kashmir
  8. Three "suspected" Muslims killed on 11.19. + Another 15 "Suspects" killed 11.16
  9. NATO Supply Line Under Pakistani Attack
  10. Spectacular Attack on Police Torture & Surveillance Center in Karachi
  11. Taliban say: NATO heading for defeat. Brief Statement on Obama summit
# 1361
Zulhijja 8, 1431/November 15, 2010 # 45
  1. Great News: Muslims Rallying to the Defense of Ayesha Siddiqa [r.a]
  2. Innocent Muslims have little Awareness of Zionist Moves
  3. "Take the Qur'an for Guidance in all Matters" A Talk with Islamic School Students
  4. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Congratulates Imam Badi Ali on Organizing Successful National Islamic Shoora
  5. What are Spiritual Requirements and Character Needed for Islamic Work?
  6. Bogus Trial of JFK "terrorists." Two Muslims Trapped by Informant, Convicted.
  7. Youth Justice Sunday
  8. Police Hold Islamic Women at Gunpoint, Harass Imam Musa
  9. Ismaili Leader working for Acceptance of Israel by Shi'as
  10. Hizb-ut-Tahrir Rallies Across the Country for Caliphate
  11. General Musharraf Exposed by Hizb-ut-Tahrir: USA's Paki General
  12. British General Says NATO Cannot defeat Al-Qaida Islamic Resistance
  13. 65 NATO troops killed in October, 28 in November so far: 15 Taliban Killed
# 1360
Zulhijja 1, 1431/ November 8, 2010 # 44
  1. Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz Addresses Jamaat Shoora Council on Zionism and Racism
  2. National Islamic Shoora Gives Unanimous Approval to Dr. Kaukab Siddique as Ameer of Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Resolutions Express Aspirations of U.S. Muslims 9 Million Strong
  4. An Interview with Karima Al-Amin (Part 2 of 2)
  5. 180 Small Schools Set up by Jamaate Islami for the Poor
  6. Punjab University awards Ph.D. to Sameeha Qazi
  7. Jamaate Islami Pakistan Sees Obama Supporting Indian Aggression
  8. Mass Gathering of Indian Muslims sees Obama Visit as anti-People US-Israeli Strategy
  9. Horrific US-Shi'ite Crimes in Iraq Disclosed: Shi'ism is Used by US Invaders
# 1359
Zulq'dah 22, 1431/ October 31, 2010 # 43
  1. Offer of Da'wa Books by Br. Shamim Siddiqui, Long Island, New York.
  2. Israeli Hand Behind Attacks on Dr. Kaukab Siddique
  3. Don't Like what a Professor Says Against Israel? Go to his Job and Try to Undermine it.
  4. Disappointment for Zionists
  5. Dr. Siddique Stands Firm Against Israel & Zionism: Islam does not Bow before Oppressors
  6. Jews Against Zionism Support Dr. Siddique
  7. Zionists & the Occupiers of Iraq: Infant Deaths from Crimes against Humanity
  8. Jews Burn Historic Church in Jerusalem
  9. NATO Casualties Mount: Kandahar Operation Fizzles. There are no Taliban in sight!
  10. Tariq Aziz: Christian Foreign Minister of Iraq Sentenced to Death by US-installed Sectarian Regime in Baghdad.
  11. Ibrahim Ebeid's Response to the Announcement of Tariq Aziz Receiving the Death Penalty
  12. Shaykh Osama bin Laden Urges France to Withdraw from Afghanistan and to lift Ban on Islamic Women's Covering
# 1358
Ziqaad 16, 1432/October 25, 2010 # 42
  1. Unite Against Zionism: Calling All Muslims
  2. Waves of Zionist Attacks Defame Dr. Siddique & Lincoln University Across America. Media in Israel Join the Propaganda Campaign.
  3. Muslim Activists Meet for Open Discussion on Crisis facing US Muslims. Dr. Siddique Calls for Peaceful but Firm Response to Defeat Zionist Monster. Africa, The Richest Continent in the World, will Join Resurgence of Islam, inshallah
  4. Pakistan: Islamic leader criticizes silent Muslim armies. Peaceful Islamic Movements are Defying Western Moves
  5. UN double standards have disappointed Muslim masses. Liaqat Baluch Challenges UN to look at Role of India, Israel
  6. General Kayani Gets $2 billion to Crush Islamic Resistance. Earlier, $7.5 billion was granted for Civilian "projects"
  7. Pak Taliban Attack Paki troops in Orakzai
  8. Is it true that the Taliban are talking to Karzai's people. "Peace talks in conditions of the presence of foreign forces are meaningless and futile."
  9. Somali Islamic Movement Makes an Unusual Move Against the West
# 1357
Zulqidah 9, 1432/ October 18, 2010 # 41
  1. Final Reminder: Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Shoora on November 6, 2010
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature to 63 people after Juma'a: Laurel, Maryland
  3. New Hearing Set in Dr. Al-Arian's Case for Friday, October 29, 2010 Judge to Decide Whether Charges Should be Dropped, or Trial Date Set
  4. Economic Boycott of anti-Muslim Bigots Can be Most Effective
  5. Imam Talib Uses Khutba to preach against Islam's universalism. [Taalib is a close associate of ISNA man Siraj Wahhaj.]
  6. Black Activist in Philadelphia Wins Against Police Accusations
  7. Why do the American People have little Understanding of Pakistanis?
  8. General Kayani, Qureshi to attend upcoming US-Pak strategic dialogue in Washington DC
  9. Subverting the Disney Legacy
  10. Angelina Jolie Not Happy With Her Visit to Pakistan
# 1356
Zulq'idah 2, 1432/October 11, 2010 # 40
  1. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen to Meet on November 6
  2. Islam is Under Attack. Peaceful Uprising of US Muslims is Required.
  3. Israeli Jews Attack Olive Trees in Attempt to Destroy Palestinian Economy
  4. French Nuclear Interests Hit by Islamic Raiders
  5. 40 US Muslims among 200 who have Joined al-Shabab
  6. Video Shows Slaughter of Islamic prisoners, including invalids, by Army
  7. Afghanistan: Guerrilla Warfare Continues as Taliban Relocate.
  8. A Very Rare Breach in the Zionist Media: CNN is under Jewish Control says Sanchez [He apologized later: Too much pressure]
  9. Kashmiris Demand: India Must Leave Kashmir
# 1355
Shawwal 25, 1432/October 4, 2010 # 39
  1. Israeli Jews set mosque on fire
  2. Taliban attack NATO supply line in Pakistan
  3. Shameful Anglo-Canadian-Australian Support for Games in India in Shadow of Kashmir Massacre & Mosque Seizure
  4. Apologies to Guatemala: Too Little, Too Late.
  5. Letter: The Struggle Continues, says Br. Saalakhan.
  6. Letter: Comment on Unusual Program on Zionism at Lincoln University
  7. Letter: Israel will Capture What Arabs Have. [NT Sept. 20]
  8. CAIR, ICNA, ISNA Silent about Dr. Aafia, Drone attacks, NATO in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Iraq, Somalia ...
  9. Video Shows Paki Military Executing 6 Youths in Swat
  10. Kashmiris are fighting Pakistan's war and must have nation's full support
  11. The US-Backed "elections" in Afghanistan were a Complete Flop
  12. Shaikh Osama Shames Muslim World over Pakistani Floods
# 1354
Shawwal 18, 1432/ September 27, 2010 # 38
  1. Hindu Poetess Sings of Islam as the Best Way: Recalls the Martyrdom Of Saddam
  2. Germany Is Rapidly Becoming Muslim, Says Chancellor Merkel
  3. US Forces Launch Massive Assault near Kandahar
  4. Defeated British Forces Withdraw from Sangin area of Helmand
  5. At Least 90 Civilians killed in 19 US Drone Attacks: 7 in the latest
  6. Dr. Aafia Sentenced to 86 years: Chance Missed to Befriend Pakistan
  7. Islamic Tajik Leader Launches Attack on Communist Military
  8. National Islamic Shoora to Meet on November 6, 2010
  9. USPCN denounces FBI attacks on Palestinians, solidarity and antiwar activists
  10. Dr. Siddique's Response to Christian Broadcasting Network [CBN] Reporter
  11. If you Consider US Oppressor why live here, earn and Pay Taxes?
  12. Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri Issues Detailed Analysis of Nine Years Struggle against "Crusaders."
# 1353
Shawwal 11, 1432/ September 20, 2010 # 37
  1. Political Prisoners: Let's Pray for them.
  2. Unusual Program about Zionism at Lincoln University. Students must learn "context." Dr. Siddique responds to questions about "his" anti-Israel Video
  3. Pakistan: Jamaate Islami Breaks all records of Service to the People
# 1352
Shawwal 5, 1432/ September 14, 2010 # 36
  1. Literature given to 300 Muslims after Eid prayers in Masjid Rahma, Baltimore
  2. Eid Fun at ISB
  3. America is Not at War with Islam?
  4. Latest Zionist Attempt to Defame Dr. Kaukab Siddique and Suppress his right to Free Speech
  5. Hamas and Hizbullah, elected representatives of their people, are not fighting USA
  6. Kashmiris Lead in Anti-Qur'an Burning Movement: 15 Martyrs
  7. Afghans in anti-Qur'an Burning Rallies Three Give their Lives: 10,000 rally in non-Taliban city Faizabad
  8. $60 Billion Weapons Deal for Saudi Arabia [to fight Iran?]
  9. Somali Mujahideen Squeezing Puppet Regime but Lack Heavy Weapons
  10. Big Success for Bok Haram Islamic Movement Prison Raid in Nigeria Releases Hundreds
# 1351
Ramadan 26, 1432/September 6, 2010 # 35
  1. Latest News: Somalia: 22,000 Displaced.
  2. Uganda: Scores of Muslims Arrested.
  3. Ethiopia: New US-Backed Invasion of Somalia to take off al-Shabab pressure.
  4. Rwanda: UN Discovers 600 Acts of Mass Murder Against Hutus
  5. Florida Church could do Serious Damage to America's Future in the Muslim World: Qur'an Burning is a Thoughtless act of Bigotry
  6. Record Breaking Distribution of Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature
  7. Yom al-Quds: Rally in Washington DC followed by Imam al-'Asi's Superb Khutba
  8. A Meeting with Charles Carlson
  9. Blundering American Empire succeeds because Muslims are not Uniting on the Qur'an
  10. The Israeli Lobby: Declassified Documents Expose Its Influence
  11. War News: Iraq: Daily Fighting
  12. War News: Afghanistan: NATO facing deadly daily-nightly Attacks
  13. War News: Pakistan: Heavy Civilian Islamic losses.
  14. Whose work are the Attacks on Shi'ite Processions?
  15. No government agenda for flood affectees' rehabilitation 300% Price rise to pay World Bank and IMF
  17. Tony Blair Recognized as War Criminal by Irish Youths
  18. Glenn Beck, What's the Point?
# 1350
Ramadan 18, 1432/August 29, 2010 # 34
  1. Iraq: Pro-US forces Under Attack
  2. 9.11, Ground Zero "Mosque," US Wars, Imam Jamil
  3. Hijacking Dr. King's Legacy: Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition. Large Right Wing Rally led by Glen Beck Supports Military Crusaders
  4. Stupid & Drunk: Film Maker-Zionist Allegedly Stabbed Bangladeshi Taxi Driver
  5. KNOWLEDGE, NOT GENDER is Important in Islam:
  6. How to help Pakistan flood victims?
  7. Jamaate-Islami Breaks All records in Relief Activities for Flood Victims
  8. US, Indian aid like poison
  9. Pakistani Taliban Urge Regime to Reject US Aid
  10. Attempt to Disrupt Massive Pakistani Support for NATO
  11. Are Qur'an and Hikmah (wisdom) the same? Is Hikmah only in the Qur'an?
# 1349
Ramadan 11, 1432/August 22, 2010 # 33
  1. Obituary: Faraj Hassan al-Saadi, Libyan Muslim in England
  2. What you don't know might hurt the Islamic cause.
  3. U.S. Muslims to Discuss Current Events in Hard-hitting Radio Show
  4. Christian Zionism: The Tragedy and the Turning
  5. $267 Million a Day in Fighting the Taliban
  6. Juma Khutba Emphasizes non-Cooperation with Oppressors. Fasting is a Means to an end, not an end in itself
  7. Nigerian Reader Wants Protests Against Qur'an Burning
  8. Fasting on the Wrong Day & Kuwaiti Move
  9. Iraq: 150,000 minus 450 = 50,000 ?
  10. 500,000 Homeless but Health relief operations in Jacobabad are not possible because the airbase is controlled by the US.
  11. Latest Jamaate Islami Relief Effort News
  12. Saudi envoy donates 5 tons of rice for flood affectees
  13. Government Flood relief not reaching real affectees. Extreme Corruption in Secular Ruling Party. Huge Supply of Tents Stolen. US Bombed Civilians, Now promising Aid!
  14. Not Really a Mosque. Not Really an Imam or Muslim. Long time FBI Collaborator. Obama's Political Acumen: He fooled Muslims and Provoked Fox TV "Rightists"
  15. Obama Reassures Israelis, Stresses Ties to Jews
  16. 'Official' Changes in the Auschwitz Story
# 1348
Ramadan 5, 1432/August 16, 2010 # 32
  1. Ramadan: By Qur'an and Sunnah or by ISNA/Saudi Dates?
  2. Protest Against the Burning of the Qur'an
  3. Devastating Floods in Pakistan being Used as Cover by Regime for the Treachery of Recognizing Israel
  4. Allah is Changing Pakistan Thru Floods: Terms like "extremists" cut American people off from the Pakistani people
  5. Is Islam Winning Globally or Losing? What does the Future Hold for the Muslim World?
  6. Baltimore Muslim Fired for Refusal to Shave Beard! A Violation of Religious Freedom?
  7. Hadith Provide Facts on Hazrat 'Ayesha's Age
# 1347
Sha'ban 28, 1432/ August 9, 2010 # 31
  1. Ramadan Alert :
  2. Notes by Kaukab Siddique
  3. Spotlight from Imam Badi Ali, Jamaat al-Muslimeen North Carolina
  4. Eight Page Document Given to 75 Muslims in College Park, Maryland, Mosque
  5. Obama's Magic: A Mosque near Ground Zero. We Need the Rod of Moses to Swallow Pharoah's Snakes
  6. Note from NY: Rabbis Want the Mosque!
  7. International "Burn a Qur'an" Day planned for 9.11 Anniversary in America
  8. Doubts Cast on Claim that Taliban Killed Medical Aid Workers
  9. Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding a picture published by Time magazine
  10. Helping the Islamic Movement in Somalia Made a crime
  11. The Railroading of Three Shia Muslims: Flimsy Claims of Plot Against JFK Airport
  12. "Persian Conspiracy" Theory about Hadith: Shows Parwez's Ignorance
  13. 1431st Ramadan - the Month of Blessings and Peace
  14. Zardari's joyrides sprinkling salt on flood affectees' wounds
# 1346
Sha'ban 18, 1432/ July 30, 2010 # 30
  1. Israeli Soldiers Kick and Drag a Young Woman
  2. Somali Islamic Leader Challenges Non-Muslim Militaries
  3. Islam is seen as too Strong: Britain, USA, India Preparing Something Big: Islamic Students Going to Waziristan
  4. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora Calls for Christian-Muslim Unity Against Zionism. Islam is an Uphill Struggle to free the Slaves and Empower the Downtrodden.
  5. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen calls for Practical moves against Zionism. Thanks Again to Turkey.
  6. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature Given to 160 Muslims after Juma' in Silver Spring, Maryland
  7. An Interview with Karima El-Amin (Part 1 of 2)
  8. Letter: Criticism of New Trend's July 16 issue on Red Mosque-Jamia Hafsa Anniversary
  9. Does Islam Teach the Wife to Obey the Husband?
  10. A Tale of Jewish Kindness
  11. What is happening in Kerala?
  12. In Loving Memory of my dear brother Imaam Abdul Raghiem Paulsen.
# 1345
Sha'ban 11, 1432/ July 23, 2010 # 29
  1. Outreach in Washington, DC: Literature given to 125 Muslims after Juma' at Prestigious Islamic Center
  2. The Voice of Eddie Conway: Baltimore, Maryland
  3. Hail Sudan:
  4. Uganda to send more troops to fight Somali Muslims:
  5. India-Backed Attempts to Crush Peaceful Islamic Movement in Bangladesh Continue
  6. Kashmir: Nara-e-Takbir in the streets: Protestors being Gunned down by Indian Security.
  7. Ramadan Hilal Visibility. Data Issued by [Dr. Omar Afzal] Look for Ramadan crescent on August 11. Sighting is NOT possible on Aug.10 in Makka or Cairo
  8. After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation
  9. Return to Pakistan : Media Perspectives on Bush's Iraq & Afghanistan Wars
  10. Israeli Exceptionalism. The Destabilizing Logic of Zionism
  11. Man's Twin
  12. Three Personal notes from Br. Kaukab Siddique, editor of New Trend:
  13. Letter: US Muslims in Distress. [1] Latest Info on Bangladeshi Political Prisoner
  14. Letter: US Muslims in Distress [2] Political Prisoner: Seifullah Chapman May Die in Prison
  15. Letter: Ismailis Learned of Islam after coming to the West
  16. Two Faces of Pakistan: Both on July 19, 2010
  17. Interesting: Not for Endorsement but for Information MEMRI, which Monitors Al-Qaida messages, noted this latest from Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri
  18. Rebuttal of the Attacks on Abu Huraira (r.a) [Part II] Did 'Umar ibn al-Khattab, r.a., stop Abu Huraira, r.a. from Narrating Hadith
  19. Lynne Stewart sentenced to ten years in prison
  20. The Case of Shirley Sherrod, another Teachable Moment
  21. Website Challenging Elie Wiesel is Now Online
# 1344
Sha'ban 3, 1432/ July 15, 2010 # 28
  1. Tragic and shameful:
  2. Unite Against Zionism: First in a Series of Mini Shooras
  3. In memory of the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa
  4. Iranian Nuclear Scientist Escapes: Takes Refuge in Diplomatic Center.
  5. British Troops Forced to retreat from Sangin area of Helmand Province. Heavy Fighting across the land.
  6. Somali Revenge Attack in Uganda after warnings to withdraw troops from Somalia
  7. Curfew Imposed on Kashmir towns after days of Protest Rallies
  8. Pakistan: Air Force Bombs Orakzai mountains killing Scores of Civilians
  9. France Bans Islamic Covering by Women: Futile Attempt to stop the Spread of Islam
  10. Wave of Repression in Bangladesh: Peaceful Jamaate Islami leaders under attack by pro-India Regime
  11. The Thinking Behind Bush's War Policy is Still Relevant
  12. Netanyahu Hears No Discouraging Words From Obama
  13. Debacle of Secularism: 5 to 15% of Pakistanis rule and play in western hands
  14. ICNA's Zahid Bukhari Silent about State Department Connection, is Honored by ISNA
  15. Letter: ICNA and Zahid Bukhari: Travelling on State Department Expenses
  16. Letter: Re: "Why are the Christian Churches Silent about Gaza" by Sis. Abigail.
  17. Letter: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Actvist Passes Away in Rocky Mount, North Carolina
  18. Letter: Unite Against Zionism: Shoora theme
  19. Letter: CAIR's Boring and Pointless Presentation on Islam
  20. Ismaili Convert to Islam Describes the Impact of the Qur'an. She opened the door to many more Conversions.
  22. What did the Prophet (Sal Allaahu Alaihi Wassallam) do?
  23. Does "Mosque" Mean Mosquito?
  24. Guantanamo Inmate Khadr Refuses Plea Deal. Says Would Give US Government Excuse for Torture
# 1343
Rajab 18, 1432/ July 1, 2010 # 27

  1. Mini Shoora on July 24: New Tactics for Unity Against Zionism
  2. Islam Requires Muslims to Look for the crescent for important events like Ramadan and Eid
  3. Western Powers Using Censorship Against Islam: Zakir Naik & Shaikh Faisal
  4. Non-Violent Resistance and Looking forward to the Ultimate Victory of Islam
  5. Syed Munawar Hasan Leads Huge Caravan in Faisalabad: Challenges Zardari-Gilani-Kayani Trio
  6. These "Russian Spies" Seem to be Jewish. Something Fishy Here!
  7. Our America: Why can't Americans break the Jewish-Zionist Stranglehold on their country? Here is why.
  8. Rebuttal Of Sectarian Attack on Khalid ibn al-Waleed, Sword of Allah (r.a.) Understanding the Difference between Authentic Hadith-Seerah and Hagiography
  9. A Sane American View on Ending the War on Afghanistan
# 1342
Rajab 12, 1432/ June 25, 2010 # 26
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora Theme: Unite Against Zionism
  2. Rally in Support of Lynn Stewart who Defended the Blind Shaikh. First Rally July 7. Re-Sentencing on July 15
  3. Five US Muslims Sentenced to 10 Years by Pakistani Kangaroo Court on "terrorism" Charges.
  4. Taliba's t-Test (Uncle Tom Test). Try it on your Imam or Shaykh
  5. Afghan Woman Takes Revenge After Two Years
  6. Pakistan Admits Horrific Losses at the hands of Islamic Forces: Asks US for $2.5 billion in new Weaponry. Pakistani Taliban were willing to fight to the last against Asia's best troops
  7. Military Action in Tourist Paradise Near America's Shores. Zionist-corporate Media Ignored this Important Report.
  8. America's "Justice" System on the Roll. Uneducated, Greedy Muslims are Easy Targets
  9. Hamas is the Only Democratically elected Government in the Middle East
  10. Perwezi sect's attack on Hadith: Attempt to Claim that Hadith permits Sex during Menstruation
  11. Letter Re: Hadith Studies in June 3 issue of New Trend About Punishment for Rape
  12. Letter: Re: Uncouth Behavior in Masjids + Weak Defense of Zahid Bukhari: Al-Qur'an is not Subjective
  13. Letter: [From ChaCha Kamal in England] Non-Halal Animal content in some Chocolate Products
  14. Kashmiris have been holding Rallies against Indian Occupation for the last 7 Days. No Coverage in US Media.
  15. Letter: Re: "Why are the Established Christian Churches Silent About Gaza and the Israeli Attack?"
# 1341
Rajab 5, 1432/ June 18, 2010 # 25
  1. We must respect ALL women. In particular we must respect and HONOR Muslim women.
  2. 100 Muslims Receive literature about Israeli Attack on Turkish Ship & Zahid Bukhari [ICNA] Link with State Department
  3. Why Boycott Israel? Now is the time! Specific Items listed.
  4. Who is a great terrorist in the World?
  5. How can a Muslim organization have a president collaborating openly and shamelessly with the oppressors?
  6. Letter: Open Kufr. ISNA's Chief Guest Tariq Ramadan Working for Abolition of Islamic Law: First Step Suspension of Sharia', second step Abrogation
  7. Dalit delegation led by Rajshekar receives hero's welcome in Pakistan
  8. Islam Victorious in the Face of Hate, Violence and Extreme Abuse: Struggle of Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan
  9. Women's Equality in the Mosque: How to explain Hadith which seem to discourage Women's Participation in the Masjid?
  10. Why do Some Pakistanis think Arabs are Racists?
  11. Re: ICNA leader Zahid Bukhari's Love Affair with US State Department
# 1340
Jamada al-Thani 28,1431/ June 11, 2010 # 24
  1. Radio Interview about Turkish Ship, Israel and Helen Thomas. Extreme Censorship in the White House Press Corp.
  2. Letter from a Turkish American Leader and Teacher about Turkish Martyrs
  3. Atlanta Community Coming Together to Protect and Help Refugees from Muslim Africa
  4. Police Unit Wiped out in Martyrdom Attack
  5. Battles Rage Across Afghanistan: Taliban killing NATO troops at steady rate.
  6. Jewish Scholars Originated the Attacks on Hadith
# 1339
Jamada al-Thani 20,1431/ June 3, 2010 # 23
  1. For years ICNA President Zahid Bukhari has been working with the US State Department, US Embassies and tyrant regimes.
  2. Why are the Established Christian Churches Silent About Gaza and the Israeli Attack?
  3. Ireland asks Israel not to intercept aid ship Rachel Corrie
  4. Haim Saban's Dream
  5. Jamaate Islami's ameer says US was with Israel in attack on Gaza Freedom flotilla. Pakistan ready for revolution;we'll use Peaceful means.
  6. A note on the Caliphate.
  7. Does Hadith Contradict the Qur'an?:
  8. ICNA President Dr. Zahid Bukhari in the Service of the State Department and pro-US regimes. [ICNA stands for the so-called Islamic Circle of North America.]
# 1338
Jamada al-Thani 14,1431/ May 28, 2010 # 22
  1. Jewish Holocaust Program in Baltimore Challenged: Fears of anti-Semitism are Bogus. Israel is a Criminal Entity
  2. Letter: Tariq Ramadan's Kufr is quite Manifest
  3. Cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, are an attempt to destroy World Peace.
  4. US Drone Attack Killed 15 Civilians, injured scores: Labeled as "suspected" Taliban
  5. Mr. President: You Gotta be Kiddin'!
  6. Federal Court Rules Bagram Prisoners Can't Challenge Their Detention In U.S. Courts
  7. How to understand the Qur'an: Issues of Women's Rights. Doesn't the Qur'an 4:34 Put Men Above Women, Even Giving them the Right to Beat Women?
  8. Surkis pleads guilty to child porn charges
# 1337
Jamada al-Thani 7,1431/ May 21, 2010 # 21
  1. Hamid Mir: Top Pakistani journalist allegedly involved in instigating the murder of Khalid Khawaja.
  2. The All-African People's Revolutionary Party
  3. Zionists Attack Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, thru Facebook. Pakistani Counterattack Led by Jamaate Islami.
  4. Deliberate Attempts on TV to Corrupt America's Children
  5. An Islamic Woman who Knows the Agha Khani [Ismaili] Culture from the Inside, Rebuts Attacks on Burqa & Niqab
  6. Governments Use Military Personnel to Justify Killing
  7. Is It True That Hadith Was Not Written in the time of the Prophet, pbuh? Were Qur'an and Hadith transmitted by same people or different ones?
  8. Obama's Egyptian Ally: Terrible Conditions in Mubarak's Prison:
  9. Astonishing Facts which US Media are Hiding from America's People
# 1336
Jamada al-awwal 29,1431/ May 14, 2010 # 20
  1. A war is going on in American cities.
  2. Ismaili Sect Leader Agha Khan in his Own Words: Supports Karzai, Sees Taliban as Threat
  3. Darul Uloom Deoband did not issue any such Fatwa.
  4. Taliban mujahideen Score Heavily Against General Kayani's US-backed Military
  5. Khalid Khawaja, who fought for the Rights of CAIR's Victims, Laid to Rest. Red Masjid Leader, Maulana Abdul Aziz, Led Funeral Prayers
  6. Israel, Egyptian Rulers and Obama Working Together to Crush Gaza
  7. A New Openness to Discussing Allied War Crimes in World War II
  8. Pervez Spread Bogus Story that Imam Abu Hanifa Opposed Hadith
  9. Beautiful One-Liners
  10. THE MEXICAN POGROMS 1994: Sixteen Years Before the Arizona anti-Immigrant Campaign
  11. Agents Swarm Newburgh in Raid Against Gangs
# 1335
Jamada al-awwal 22,1431/ May 7, 2010 # 19
  1. Joe Lieberman shows his hand.
  2. Latest war news:
  3. Major Crime Against Human Rights in Pakistan: The Murder of Khalid Khawaja. Government Hand Suspected.
  4. Faisal Shahzad Story: Is USA that Weak? Why the Avalanche of Media Attacks on Pakistan?
  5. Ongoing US Terrorism against Islamic Pakistanis
  6. Times Square Bombing attempt. Who does not Get Punished or Publicized?
  7. Times Square, NY: Muslim 'Leaders' Never Miss an Opportunity to Miss an Opportunity
  8. Separation from Oppressors. The traps they set for us (Part I)
  9. Human Desire for the Goods of the World is the Undoing of Many Muslims. We must Repent
  10. The Word "Hadith" in the Qur'an: How the Parvezis try to Mislead the Innocent
  11. Statement of Khalid Khawaja's Wife Shamama Khalid Regarding his abduction and Martyrdom:
  12. Americans, Free Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, says the banner.
# 1334
Jamada al-awwal 15,1431/ April 30, 2010 # 18
  1. Zionist counterattack targets Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. How should Muslims respond?
  2. Abu Lahab's wife? Hirsi Ali is carrying on a campaign of systematic abuse and blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.
  3. Defamation Campaign Against Khalid Khwaja, Defender of 5 US Muslims handed over by CAIR to intelligence agencies. Kidnaper and fake "Taliban" leader are the same, New Trend discovers.
  4. Letter to Home & Garden TV on Tel Aviv Related Publicity Material
  5. Letter Published in the Herald of Brownsville, Texas from Shoora leader Roberto Solano
  6. WRITE! for Justice, International Law, and Human Rights in Palestine
  7. Elections in Sudan Confound Critics
  8. Jamaate Islami's comment on Benazir's murder, Suffering of Masses, Honoring Dr. Israr, Musharraf's flight
  9. General Musharraf Attacked Red Mosque-Jamia Hafsa under Zionist Pressure
  10. Secret prison for Sunnis revealed in Baghdad
  11. Weak Translation of Hadith Misleads Readers: A Comment on the Meaning of 'Aql and Jariya
# 1333
Jamada al-awwal 7,1431/ April 22, 2010 # 17
  1. A Note on Tariq Ramadan by Imam Badi Ali
  2. Outreach: "Unite Against Zionism" Literature given to 142 Muslims
  3. Zionism is Eating Away at the Heart of America: Churches are Helpless. Adultery, Fornication, Homosexuality, War, trivia are Extolled by Israel-Firsters.
  4. Who Gave Prof. Akbar Ahmed the right to make Peace with Jews? Tariq Ramadan is a Zindeeq
  5. Eyewitness Account : Masjed Al Aqsa, the grey lady of Palestine!
  6. One of the Israeli settlements on the hills around Jerusalem
  7. New Kyrgiz Comment on US Air Base and Low Moral Values in US Policies
  8. What you Do to Others, you do to Yourself
  9. Muhammad's (pbuh) History-Changing Decision on Captive Women
  10. US-backed ANP terrorists' bomb Attack on Peaceful Islamic Gathering: 26 killed and scores injured.
  11. Khalid Khwaja: Human Rights Advocate Kidnaped. Pakistan regime issues Disinformation
  12. South Park creators warned over Muhammad, PBUH, depiction
# 1332
Rabi' al-Thani 30,1431/ April 15, 2010 # 16
  1. Muslim Demonstrators at the Anti-War Rally in Washington DC in memory of the tragic US invasion of Iraq.
  2. US-backed Pakistan Regime Admits Mass Murder in Bombing Raids on April 10
  3. Jamaate Islami Leader Sirajul Haq Condemns Bombing: Visits Families of Victims
  4. Martyrdom Operator Hits British "Project" in Kandahar City: Brits Wiped Out
  5. Germans Lose daylong Battle with Taliban
  6. US Military Admits Defeat in the Korengal Area of Kunar Province
  7. Why are the Taliban seen as saviors of Afghanistan? Widespread Child Molestation & Homosexuality by NATO-supported Karzai-Shi'ite-Communist Forces Fanning Hatred of the Occupation
  9. Censorship: Zionist Control of Major Book Stores Keeps David Irving's Books Away from the American Public
  10. Jewish Settlers deface mosque in West Bank
  11. Unemployment Statistics: A Tale of Two Cities
  12. Corrupt Mauritanian, Jordanian and Afghan Regimes worked with US to Put an Innocent Muslim in GTMO Cages for NINE Years
  13. Somalis Declare Baidoa an Islamic Province.
# 1331
Rabi' al-Thani 23,1431/ April 8 2010 # 15
  1. Historic Movement Against Zionism Launched by Jamaat al-Muslimeen: Unite Against Zionism
  2. JAM Committee to Teach Christian Churches the dangers of Zionism
  3. Mass Distribution of the Messages of Malcolm X and Kwame Toure Against Zionism is the way, Says Jamaat Leader from Brooklyn.
  4. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora's Resolutions: Unite Against Zionism
  5. Letter from Canada Information about the Religious Clown Tahir al-Qadri, the Fake Fatwa Man
  6. New Trend and the Hidden Zionist Hand: Our Account Closed Down
  7. Islamic Leadership Focuses on extreme Deprivation of Ordinary Pakistanis' Economic Rights
  8. Muslims assaulted as they attempt to pray in Great Mosque of Cordoba
  9. Long Time New Trend Reader Questions Senator Casey's Support for Israel. Prominent Muslimah Uncovers Morally Bogus Pro-Israel Activity
  10. Letter: Sis. Sofia's Article on Vile Anti-Muslim Abuse. Atheists are not Against Muslims, says New Trend reader in San Diego
  11. Letter: High Praise for Sis. Sofia's Article
  12. THE ROVING EYE Collateral Pentagon
  13. Brooklyn Rabbi Baruch Lebovits convicted in sex assault on boy, faces decades behind bars
# 1330
Rabi' al-Thani 17,1431/ April 2, 2010 # 14
  1. Dr. Kaukab Siddique Speaks on Masjid al-Aqsa and Plans for Air Attack on Iran
  2. Those who are true to Jesus, pbuh, unite with Muslims Against Zionism: Message from Charles Carlson: A Sincere Voice for Truth
  3. Zionist-controlled America Forcing Christians to Tolerate Abuse of Jesus, pbuh
  4. Pakistan: The darkest chapter of na-Pak History
  5. Letter: Dr. Siddique's Research on Imam Bukhari Published in the Muslim of Canada.
  6. Jews-Zionists Control Major Mosque in Los Angeles
  7. This Jew Thought he'll Get Away with Murder
  8. 140 NATO troops killed in Afghanistan this year Include 34 Elite British forces
  9. Two Chechen Islamic Women Hit Moscow Subway in Revenge for 40,000 Civilians killed by Russia in Grozny
  11. Haiti: Atlanta Muslims Actively Involved
  12. Haiti Shelters - Families Moving In...
# 1329
Rabi' al-Thani 9,1431/ March 25, 2010 # 13
  1. Final Reminder: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora Meeting. April 3, 2010: Theme: UNITE AGAINST ZIONISM
  2. Christian Activist Calls for Muslim-Christian Unity Against Jewish Deception:Islam supports Christian Values.
  3. Eyewitness Account Notes on March 20 Protest
  4. Pakistan has lost 10,000 troops in fighting Pak Taliban. Now General Kayani is offering troops to help the US in Afghanistan
  5. 1000 Pakistanis Killed by the US Air Force. The People will respond.
  6. Pakistan Leading Protests against Zionist Plot to Demolish Masjid al-Aqsa
  7. In Latvia, SS Veterans Commemorate World War Two Struggle
  8. Britain Wants to Stop Islam: Arrests Man for Selling Syed Qutb's MILESTONES and other Islamic Books
  9. Cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, Qur'an in the toilet, beliefs attacked, prayers ridiculed.................Interfaith Dialogue is Fake. They can't Defend Jesus and Mary, pbuh, and use Muslim "modernists" to Undermine Islam
  10. Re/Max's Israel Race Policies Exposed In Undercover Email
  11. Democrats and Republicans are Working Together Against the People
  12. Why the Surge is Likely to Fail. Will the Taliban Reclaim Control of Afghanistan?
  13. Every second police encounter in India is fake
# 1328
Rabi' al-Thani 2,1431/ March 18, 2010 # 12
  1. Interesting references regarding Zionism and Jews
  2. On March 19: Rally Globally against Israeli moves on al-Aqsa: Top Islamic Leader's Call from Pakistan
  3. Khalid Khawaja Meets Five US Muslims in Pakistani Police Custody: US is indulging in blatant terrorism against Pakistan: Senseless drone attacks. Interview with New Trend
  4. What does it mean: Allah created humans to Worship Him? Spiritual Dimensions of our Shoora theme: Unite Against Zionism & Oppression
  5. Power of Sura Fatihah: A Divine Sign During Khutba. Western Democracy Denounced.
  6. The Liberation of the Camps: Facts vs. Lies
# 1327
Rabi' al-Awwal 26,1431/ March 13, 2010 # 11
  1. Who is Tahir al-Qadri?
  2. Richest Continent in the World is Suffering the Most: Dr. Siddique speaks on the Ummah Concept
  3. Advice: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora, April 3, on the theme: Unite Against Zionism
  4. Let Us Be Muslims. {What does it Mean to be a Muslim}
  5. Fringe Group working for "American Islam" attacks Jamaat al-Muslimeen: Abuse from AIFD [Zuhdi Jassar's clique]
  6. A lackey "imam" and his 'Gay,' Zionist supporters: Johari Abdul Malik's weird "Islam"
  7. USA's Naked Ruling Class: Naked Jew Chased Naked Congressman in Open Shower System
  8. American Muslimah accused of desire to kill Swede who insulted the Prophet, pbuh. We Urge the US to free Sis. Fatima and stop protecting Abuse of the Prophet, pbuh.
  9. Media Setback for US in False Reporting about Adam Gadahn. American Muslim gave up Judaism for Islam: Condemned father's Support for Israel
  10. Taliban Account of Military Successes Verified by Independent Sources
  11. Iran's Ahmedinejad, working with US and Karzai for Iraq Type "solution"
  12. Marjah: The Non-Existent City the Military Said We Conquered in Afghanistan
  13. Karzai Troops Blown up in Bermel area of Khost [on Pak border]
  14. General Kayani In Kabul: Plans war against Islamic Resistance with Karzai & General McCrystal
  15. Pak Taliban Bring war to Kayani's Military & Intelligence Services: Severe Punjabi Taliban blows
# 1326
Rabi' al-Awwal 19,1431/ March 6, 2010 # 10
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature Distributed in Laurel, Maryland and Richardson, Texas
  2. Theme of National Shoora Meeting on April 3, 2010: "Unite Against Zionism."
  3. End Domestic Abuse in the Islamic Community.
  4. The Encirclement of Pakistan: Indian-Saudi Agreements with US-Israeli Support
  5. Loving, Sisterly, Advice to Future Victims of CAIR: Even if you think your children are wrong, Don't hand them over to CAIR-FBI
  6. Do not buy Products Linked to Israel: Do not give Info to CAIR, ISNA etc Which Help Zionists to Oppress Muslims
  7. Muslims Face Indian Police: Rally Against Renegade Writer's Attack on Islamic dress
  8. Important Evidence About Nobel Prize' Hidden Agenda: It is not an Award on Merit
  9. Two Israeli Terrorists Reportedly Entered the US
  10. Iraq: Police Suffer Heavy Losses in Baquba Attack. Iraqis Oppose "elections" Under US-Backed Sectarian Regime
  11. Jundullah Choose New Leader After Iranian Hijacking of Kyrgiz Plane. Iran Extracted 30 hours of "confessions" from Islamist under Torture.
  12. Iranian Press TV Issues Self-Damaging Propaganda Against the Army of Allah [Jundullah]
  13. Sikh Leader Writes about Attempts to Disunite Muslims and Sikhs
  14. Violations of Iraqi Children Rights Under the American Occupation
  15. Lest we forget: The Slaughter of Retreating Iraqi troops by the US Air Force"
  16. Ernst Zundel, a political prisoner, a "thought criminal"
# 1325
Rabi' al-Awwal 12,1431/ February 27, 2010 # 9
  1. Change through Peaceful Means, within the law, thru non-Violent Resistance: April 3 Shoora
  2. Turkey Imprisons Seven Senior Military Commanders for Treachery against the People
  3. Return to Pakistan
  4. A Spiritual Muslimah asks: Is there a Salahuddin among US Muslims?
  5. Indian, Western, Intelligence, Karzai's Police hit in Audacious Islamic Attack in Kabul
  6. US Military Operation in Marja Fizzled: Entire Column of American Tanks blown up. Beginning of the end for NATO in Afghanistan?
  7. Pakistan : NATO Supply Route Hit
  8. US Air Strike Kills Pak Mujahid Leader's 20 year old son: Pakistani Intelligence Helped US
  9. Murder of Islamic Leader was Planned and Implemented by Top Israeli Leadership
  10. The Other Face of Iran: US linked Pakistani Intelligence behind Capture of Islamic Resistance Leader in Iranian Baluchistan
  11. Specific Advice for Modern Transformation from our Leader Muhammad, pbuh
  12. Top Jamaate Islami leader says: The Qur'an teaches Jihad as Essential to Islam. Liberation of Muslim Lands comes First
  13. US restrictions hamper aid distribution in Somalia
# 1324
Rabi' al-Awwal 5,1431/ February 20, 2010 # 8
  1. CAIR's Victims:
  2. Latest War News in brief:
  3. US-Pakistani Claims about Mullah Baradar turned out to be false:
  4. Somalia: Southern and Central Somalia are in Islamic hands.
  5. Dr. Shabazz' Powerful Speech at Lincoln U. Debunks Racial Theories, Explains Haiti, Uncovers Obama's Role
  6. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Urges US Muslims to Consult their
  7. Communities on the basis of Open Discussion, Equality and Stand United Against the Oppressors
  8. This is not an act of terrorism? So Says the White House but compare with 9.11...
  9. Ten Churches have been burned down in East Texas: How Should True Christians Respond?
  10. Joint Pakistani-US Military Unit Blows up Pak Home killing 80 year old mother and 20 year old niece
  11. Pakistani Rallies Condemn Army murder of Islamic Leader's Mother and Niece
  12. Israeli Bandits in Dubai murder Islamic Leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh: 11 Against 1
  13. We Must Continue to Struggle Peacefully Against All Odds
# 1323
Safar 28,1431/ February 13, 2010 # 7
  1. Warning to Pakistan and Iran
  2. Invitation: Jamaat al-Muslimeen invites you to join our Islamic efforts.
  3. Outreach: Jamaat Literature given to 61 Muslims in Newark, Delaware
  4. outreach #2: Khutba on Jesus, pbuh, Real Christians and the Process of Charity in Islam. Heavy Snow Removed.
  5. Hail the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran
  6. Canada's Corruption Comes out: Air Force Commander Murdered Two Women: Sexually Assaulted Two Others
  7. Understanding "Good Jews" Who criticize some Israeli Actions and Sympathize with some Muslims: Rebuttal of Ms. Rafia Zakaria's Attack on Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
  8. Hamza Yusuf Equates Historicity of Islam with the "historicity" of the Jewish holocaust story
  9. In Los Angeles, University Students Heckle Israeli Ambasador: 11 Arrested
  10. Guerrilla Warfare in Afghanistan
  11. Pakistan: Police Centers in Bannu city Hit by Mujahideen
  12. Holy Muslim Cemetery in Jerusalem being Destroyed by Israel and US Jews.
  13. In Memorium: Lest we Forget: 100,000 German civilians killed in the fire bombing of Dresden by the Brits and USA
  14. Letter: Give this Message to Muslims Held in US Prisons
  15. Letter: Re:
  16. Letter: How to Remove Blasphemous Cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, from Wikipedia: Step by Step
  17. Letter: Re: Women and their "Modern" Rights: Pakistani Women at the Crossroads
  18. Letter: How to Get Qibla direction from your PC
  19. Indian Occupation and Genocide in Kashmir must be Stopped. Mass Graves and torture cited.
  20. Rallies were held across Pakistan in Support of the Kashmiri People at the call of Syed Munawar Hasan.
  21. Muslims Facing Death and Destruction as Part of US Strategy: Pakistan is Playground of 'Full Spectrum Dominance' Pak Government Contracts with the US vs Pakistan's Contract with God: Rulers and People face Deadly US Agenda
# 1322
Safar 21,1431/ February 6, 2010 # 6
  1. A note on Haiti from Jamaat al-Muslimeen Baltimore:
  2. Important Developments in the case of the 5 US Muslims Victimized by CAIR-ICNA, Hunted by FBI, Tortured by Corrupt Police
  3. CAIR's Treachery Against the Five US Muslim Youths. Their lives destroyed by the Lackeys of the White House
  4. Siraj Wahhaj's MANA not far behind in Treachery: Ihsan Bagby Thinks CAIR didn't do enough against Muslim youths
  5. "This is a verdict coming from Israel, not America." Innocent Aafia Convicted in Show Trial.
  6. Taliban take strong stand on Muslim Woman's Rights.
  7. US Troops Killed In Pakistan: Successful Pak Taliban Attack: Joint Kayani-US Military Operation Discovered.
  8. Iraq: Two Jihad Groups join Al-Douri's Command
  9. Jamaate Islami Pakistan's Ameer Hails the Efforts of Br. Kaukab Siddique
  10. Letter: Re: America's Muslims, Silent,Terrified face layers of Oppression
  11. Punished for THINKING anti-Establishment anti-Jewish-Zionist Thoughts
# 1321
Safar 14,1431/ January 30, 2010 # 5
  1. Haiti: The facts behind the disaster. The role of the occupiers. Document prepared by Rev. Wright.
  2. Return to Pakistan
  3. America's Muslims, Silent,Terrified face layers of Oppression
  4. Crimes Against Women, Children and Defenseless People Have Reached Horrific Proportions
  5. Five US Muslims Betrayed by ICNA & CAIR, Followed by FBI, Arrested by Corrupt Pakistani police, Allegedly Tortured.
  6. Pakistan: Powerful Islamic Response to London Conference on Afghanistan
  7. Imam Killed by US Troops: He Was Waiting to take his Children to School
  8. Five Islamic Villagers Killed in Latest US strike in Pakistan.
  9. NATO Supply Trucks Hit Near Karachi
  10. Two Us Drones Shot Down by Villagers
  11. Shaykh Usama Focuses on Gaza and Threatens New Attempts to hit the US: Strong Response from US-Israeli Authorities
  12. Massachusetts Senate Election - A Beacon for the Democratic Party
  13. Ismailis - followers of the Aga Khan : He claims that he is god incarnate. A Great Danger Lurking within Muslim Countries. A Letter from a former Ismaili
  14. Who are the Uighurs?
  15. Haiti: A reminder
# 1320
Safar 7,1431/ January 23, 2010 # 4
  1. First breakthrough in case of 5 US Muslims: Both CAIR & ICNA were treacherous
  2. Large Haitian Community in Brooklyn involved in Relief Work
  3. Sis. Ashira Na'im
  4. Diane Rayme Shows she is great friend of Rushdie
  5. Racism and Zionism in the Guise of Christianity vs Islamic teachings on Suffering & Hereafter
  6. Outstanding Baltimore Artist Embraces Islam after Khutba and Prayers
  7. My Children Were Tortured, This Trial is a Sham: 'Aafia
  8. Economic Appointees: They're all Wall Street, fattened ex-bankers, servants of banking interests: On Haiti: Our "generosity" puts us behind Estonia.
  9. January 19: Every Major Pakistani City saw Rallies for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui's Release.
  10. Palestine: US determined to keep them Divided
  11. Pakistan
  12. Repeated Attempts by US Drones to Kill Islamic Mehsud Leader Fail
  13. General Kayani Admits Failure: No Headway Possible in South Waziristan for another YEAR
# 1319
Mohurram 29,1431,/ January 15, 2010 # 3
  1. We Urge the Muslim Ummah: Urgent Help for the People of Haiti: Humanity is one in Suffering
  2. Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen Teaches the Spiritual Aspect of Death & Destruction in Haiti
  3. US-Zionist Power Structure is Responsible for the Horrific Suffering in Haiti Attempt to Rehabilitate War Machine and George Bush
  4. Heavily Funded Jewish Group Attacks Jamaat al-Muslimeen & Dr. Siddique
  5. Jewish Senator Pulls Power Play and Helps Fellow Jew Win International Custody Battle
  6. Military Metaphysics and the Native Informer: The case of Pervez Hoodbhoy
  7. A Biased Judge, Vicious Officers
  8. Online Petition in support of Dr. Aafia
  9. The Suffering of Obama's Bangladeshi Victim: Shifa al-Sadequee
  10. Pakistan and Palestine: One Family: One Struggle
# 1318
Mohurram 22,1431,/ January 8, 2010 # 2
  1. Latest Outreach: CAIR's betrayal of Islam+Top Islamic Leaders of America+ Obituary for Ayatollah Montazeri
  2. Calling all Muslims to One God [Allah], one Leader [Muhammad], one global Community [Ummah]
  3. Return to Pakistan
  4. CAIR's Victims: Photo of Four of the Five US Muslims in Chains in Police Custody
  5. Letter: A Brief Rebuttal of Latest Leftist Propaganda Against Iraq
  7. Nigerian Viewpoint on the Alleged "Christmas Day" Bomber Farouk: Terrorist? No! Misguided? Yes!!
  8. War News: Conventional Fighting Continues in Afghanistan
  9. US Troops Execute 10 Afghan Children: Protest rallies in Kabul & Jalalabad. A First: Obama burned in Effigy.
  10. Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, a 36-year old doctor from Zarqa, Jordan. Martyrdom Operator Killed Top CIA operatives and Playboy King's Cousin
  11. Latest Drone Attacks on Pakistan: CIA revenge?
# 1317
Mohurram 15,1431,/ January 1, 2010 # 1
  1. CAIR's VICTIMS: The Young American Muslims Arrested in Pakistan
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen: New National Level Leadership
  3. Free Shifa Sadequee Campaign: Bangladesh High Court Calls it Illegal Kidnaping by the US
  4. How to Answer Attacks on Islam and Media Propaganda Which calls Muslims "Terrorists"
  5. Baitul Salaam Helping Homeless Women in Atlanta: Here is an Example now Underway
  6. Karachi, Pakistan in Flames: MQM and Regime Elements Probably involved. Entire Markets Wiped Out. Prelimnary Losses Estimated at Rs. 40 billion.
  7. Letter: From New Trend reader, Cousin of Muslim Executed in China: Why China did not Relent.
  8. China Executed Muslim who needed Mental Therapy: Islamic Law [Shariah], far superior to Chinese law and US law, Forbids Punishment for Mentally Unstable Persons
  9. JI Leader says Film of Attack does not show Taliban: US War on Terror is a War on Islam. Pakistan must face Indian Threat.
  10. Tribute to Saddam Hussein: The Mujahid President who Accepted Martyrdom.
  11. The Americans Who Came to Pakistan and were Arrested on Info from FBI via CAIR Violation of the Fundamental Rights and The Constitution
# 1316
Mohurram 10,1431/ December 27, 2009, # 60
  1. New Trend's Islamic leaders of the year GLOBALLY:
  2. Islamic Scholar Among Top Level Mathematics Professionals who Visited China
  3. Akmal Shaikh, British Muslim Facing Immediate Execution in China: We Urge phone calls to the Chinese Embassy
  4. US Muslims Remember Israel's Criminal Assault on the People of Gaza
  5. New Islamic Year Begins with Promise of Struggle against Oppression & Signs of the Coming Victory of Islam
  6. Imam Musa Moblizes Support for the Family of Imam Luqman Abdullah [Shaheed]
  7. Timbuktu: The Hidden Glory of Islam in Africa: Learning Opportunity for Young People
  8. Books, Books, Books: Islamic Teacher & Scholar Offers his best Asset to our Readers: Muslims must Start Reading
  9. In Memory of Israel's Operation 'Cast Lead" Against Gaza
  10. Women and their "Modern" Rights: Pakistani Women at the Crossroads
  11. Media Blitz After Nigerian Muslim Allegedly tries to bring down Airliner
  12. 'US aided' deadly Yemen raids . 64 killed include 23 children, 17 women
  13. Nigerian Army attacks Mosques, Schools, homes, Slaughters 600 Muslims: Islamic Leader Muhammad Yusuf Challenged Westernization. Armored Division Let Loose on unarmed/poorly Armed Muslims: Religious Establishment Silent
  14. Saddam Hussein's Greatest Legacy: December 2003 to December 2006
# 1315
Mohurram 4,1431/ December 21, 2009, # 59
  1. Picture of the Year: The new generation of Islamic "militants."
  2. Pakistan is changing.
  3. Mourning Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri
  4. Top Islamic Leadership of US Muslims Working for Peaceful Change through non-Violent Resistance
  5. Hope for an International Lesson: A spiritual Approach to the CAIR-FBI Connection
  6. Winter Slows Down Fighting in Afghanistan: Taliban have the initiative as new US Units Arrive
  7. Pakistani Defence Minister Admits, US is using Air Base in Pakistan for Afghanistan Operations
  8. Occupation Police Force Blown up while Praying:
  9. Multiple New US Air Attacks on Pakistan.
  10. Islamic Woman, her 2 sons, two daughters and nephew Abducted by Government Agents
  11. Americans Unhappy with Obama's Hannukah Party for 500 Jews: Recession is Hurting the people
  12. Obama grants Israel billions of dollars in aid + tries to Undermine Hamas.
  13. My story - Palestinian dispossession and suffering
  14. British Bigotry as Revealed by the Muslim News Paper
  15. JI Leader Syed Munawar Hasan Calls for release of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui & 250 Baluch Women. Mass Rally in Rawalpindi.
  16. Saddam Hussein is the star of a mysterious channel on satellite TV in Iraq that began broadcasting on the Islamic calendar's anniversary of his 2006 execution.
# 1314
Zulhijjah 27,1430/ December 15, 2009, # 58
  1. History in the making: Jamaate Islami Pakistan
  2. Top Ten Idiots of the World for the Year ending December 31, 2009
  3. Shameful Sentences handed to Bangladeshi Youths on Bogus Charges and "Thought Crimes": Shifa Sadequee gets 17 years, Haris Ahmed 13.
  4. Statement from the Free Shifa Campaign
  5. CAIR's Victims Get Respite
  6. Letter: from Prominent Turkish American: Re: ICNA's Zulfiqar Shah, Exploiter of Islam+Sis. Rafia's Memory+PA's Beauty Contest
  7. War News: Pakistan
  8. Gen. Petraeus Lauds Kayani's Military Campaign Against Pak Taliban.
  9. Latest US Air Attack on Pakistan Kills Somali Islamic Leader:
  10. Al-Qaidah Spokesman Adam Gadahn, US Muslim, Denied Attacks on Civilians: Sees US-Pak-India Hand in Killings
# 1313
Zulhijjah 20,1430/ December 8, 2009, # 57
  1. Indian Hand at Work: Bomb Attacks on Women and Children in Lahore and Peshawar
  2. Look at New York's Bootlicking Imams. Do they know Islam? Siraj Wahhaj shook Mayor Bloomberg's Hand: The Jew felt insulted
  3. Sheikh Beitawi slams PA for hosting beauty contest for Palestinian girls in West Bank
  4. Mein Kampf a Hit in Bangladesh
  5. Letter: Obama Mania Hit by Reality: MANA's Shameful Support for a false messiah
  6. Letter: Growing Disillusionment with Obama among African American Muslims
  7. Letter from Humble Islamic Scholar and Teacher: Re: Intro to Br. Shamim Siddiqui [NT Dec.1 issue]
  8. Letter: New Trend Under Attack on the Internet
  9. Bin Laden 'seen in Afghanistan in early 2009'
  10. Gates Invokes New Authority to Block Release of Detainee Abuse Photos
  11. Introducing a Nigerian Imam and Outstanding Community leader at the Grassroots leve.
# 1312
Zulhijjah 13,1430/ December 1, 2009, # 56
  1. Meet Br. Shamim Siddiqui, an Amazing Scholar of Islam+Guyana Mosque+Salafi Mosque
  2. Notes on Sex and Marriage as Seen in al-Ghazzali's Understanding of Islam
  3. Native Orientalists at the Daily Times
  4. IOF soldiers arrest fifth son of Um Bakir on Eid Day
# 1311
Zulhijjah 7,1430/ November 25, 2009, # 55
  1. History in the Making: Women on the Move. US Intervention, Pakistani military operations and political corruption condemned:
  2. Glittering State Dinner for India's PM Manmohan Singh: Move to Remove Pakistani troops from Indian border. Kashmiris, Sikhs, Dalits, Christians, Tamils, Naxalites Dumped.
  3. FBI Moves Against 14 Islamic Somalis in Minnesota: Support for Al-Shabab Illegal.
  4. Islamic Woman Prisoner in Far Away Louisiana Keeping the Faith under Stress: Her Library trashed by "Authorities."
  5. The time is NOW to send Eid Al-Adha Cards and other messages of support to Dr. Aafia!
  6. Obama's Dilemma: Most Muslims accept One Ummah and See a War on Islam, not on "terrorism"
  7. Dr Kaukab Siddique talks with Hesham Tillawi about Islam in America
  8. Jew Convicted of Murdering 5 People Flees to Israel, Later becomes Obama's Guest at the White House
  9. Israeli Rabbi Approves Murder of Non-Jews
  10. Lynne Stewart: Heroic Human Rights Lawyer Jailed
  11. Urges Dialogue with Taliban, not with India. Condemns US Intervention and Blackwater Terrorism
  12. U.S. War on Terror Architects Turn Attention to Easier, Detroit Targets
  13. Fiqhi Advice: If Eid and Juma are on the same Day
  14. War News: Afghanistan. Guerrilla Warfare. Avoiding US Fire Power
  15. Direct Link between Israel and NATO Operations in Afghanistan
  16. War News: Pakistani Tank Column Enters Bara area of Khyber Agency
# 1310
Zulhijjah 1,1430/ November 19, 2009, # 54
  1. How Should U.S. Muslims Respond to the Ft. Hood and Major Hasan Media Blitz?
  2. Internet Attack on American Muslims by Musharraf supporters. Life, liberty and Livelihood were in Danger.
  3. American Muslims Open Channel to help Gaza
  4. Indian Troops Kill Six Civilians. Kashmiris Protest & Cry Out
  5. Indian Propaganda being Distributed by an Indian in CNN
  6. Elite UK soldier killed in Afghanistan: 233 Brit Total
# 1309
Zulq'idah 25,1430/ November 12, 2009, # 53
  1. US Government Moves Against four major Mosques and the Alavi Foundation.
  2. Latest war news: General Kayani fooled by Pak Taliban.
  3. China's Forgotten Muslims: 6 Sentenced to Death, One to Life in Prison
  4. Indian Forces Bullying Bangladeshi Muslims: 2 Killed in Latest Shooting
  5. Meeting World Famous Historian David Irving. Hated by the Israel Lobby
  6. Crime has Social, non-racial Causes.
  7. Free Dr. Aafia
  8. Major Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan: The Canary in the Mine
  9. Letter: Muslim "Leaders" Cautious about Defending Imam Luqman, Blatant in condemning Major Hassan
  10. Answering Victors' Lies About German War Guilt
  11. Islamic Resistance Leaders Accuse US Blackwater of Explosions in Pakistani Civilian Populations
  12. Pak Army Comes under Taliban Attack in South Waziristan: Heavy Losses
  13. Seymour Hersch Reveals Pak Army-US Deal on Nuclear Weapons
  14. Michigan woman imprisoned by Israel following settler takeover of Palestinian home
# 1308
Zulq'idah 19,1430/ November 6, 2009, # 52
  1. Ft. Hood Attack Spillover of Iraq War Major Malik Nidal Hasan: Mujahid or Deranged Individual?
  2. Islam in Canada: An Insightful Khutba by. Dr. Munir El-Kassem
  4. Western Think Tanks Prepare to Undermine Shar'ia: Muslim Mosques Lack Basic Leadership
  5. Afghan Women Claim US Troops Burned the Qur'an: Demonstrations Sweep Across Afghanistan
  6. One in Seven Female Students Pregnant At Chicago High School
# 1307
Zulq'idah 12,1430/ October 30, 2009, # 51
  1. Condemn the latest Jewish Attempt to insult Jesus, pbuh
  2. The Ugly Truth
  3. The Murder of Imam Luqman Abdullah in Michigan: Abuse and Disinformation by the Government. Why are Muslims Disunited and Fearful? Why have US Muslims become a disgrace to the Ummah?
  4. Police Repression Comes to a Pennsylvania Liberal Arts College. Connecticut student at center of Lincoln University protests
  5. Stop Gang Rape
  6. Do I Have to Follow the Sunnah?
  7. Pakistan: Secularist ANP Regime [US linked] Uses Force to Stop Peaceful Islamic Rally in Bannu
  8. Islamic Leader Syed Munawar Hasan says Pakistanis Can Solve Issues through Dialogue, not by Military Operations
  9. Military and US Agents Seen as Culprits in Mass Slaughter of Civilians in Peshawar
# 1306
Zulq'idah 7,1430/ October 25, 2009, # 50
  1. October 23, 24, 25, 2009: Al-Aqsa Faces Jewish threat again
  2. October 23-24: Jamaate Islami Pakistan makes history
  3. Kenya Facing Economic Disaster: Where is President Obama?
  4. Somali-Canadian Imam Rebuts Bigotry Against Islamic Dress
  5. Dr. Munir El-Kassem: Outstanding Teacher of Islam in Canada
  6. Pakistan and Pakistani Taliban: Military Terror and Political Corruption Facing Defeat at the hands of Jihad Movement.
  7. Israel Adviser Caught Preparing to Sell top US Secrets to Mossad: How Deep is the Treachery against America?
  8. Fake Islamic sites operated by Enemies of Islam. Fabricated "Qur'an" Claims Jihad is not Permitted!
  9. Jundullah Leader Answers Iranian Propaganda: "We are not fighting Shi'as but for our rights as Muslims in Iranian Baluchistan"
  10. Turkish TV Shows Israeli Soldier Killing Palestinian Child.
  11. General Athar Abbas Claims Capture of Kotkai in South Waziristan but fighting Continues house by house
  12. Imam Badi Ali's Comment on Parents who do not make Eye Contact with Children
  13. At `Denial' Conference, Lady Renouf Calls for Holocaust Free Speech
  14. 136 die in Baghdad blasts: Obama shocked [though he was silent about Gaza] without Inquiry or Investigation.
# 1305
Shawwal 29,1430/ October 18, 2009, # 49
  1. Why Will Taliban Win, inshallah? Islamic Perspectives on the US-Israel War on Afghanistan/Pakistan
  2. Protesters shout down Ehud Olmert in Chicago
  3. Two Days of General Kayani's Assault on South Waziristan: 30,000 troops, tanks, helicopters, jets blast Islamic defenses
  4. Photo of Major General Athar Abbas: General Kayani's Goebbels and War Criminal
  5. Jundullah Strike Deadly Blow at Iranian Security Forces: Retaliation for 13 Mujahideen Hanged by Iran
  6. Harvard University Censored not only a discussion of the "Holocaust" but even a Question about it. CNN got worried.
  7. Observations of an African American Father
  9. Fidel: If Obama can win the Nobel, so should Evo
# 1304
Shawwal 22,1430/ October 11, 2009, # 48
  1. Dr. Shabazz Honored by Lincoln University Alumni Faces Secret anti-academic Move
  2. Obama Planning Blood Bath in Pakistan and Afghanistan
  3. Peace not Part of Obama's Objective:Peace Prize for him is Absurd: Note his silence on Gaza.
  4. The Nobel Peace Prize for Obama! Why not Bush! What Peace Really Means
  5. A tiny minority controls America's Wealth. This is not a Conspiracy Theory
  6. President Obama Expresses Total Support for Homosexual Movement
  7. Outreach to 111 people: Report on Rally against Musharraf + Pak Torture Video + Nestle Boycott
  8. Women's Movement Launches Blog Talk Radio Program
  9. Free Dr. Aafia
  10. Upcoming events highlight the importance of Dr. Aafia's case
  12. na-Pak Army's Treatment of Elderly Civilian Islamic men
  13. Tens of thousands in Gaza demonstrate in support of the Aqsa Mosque
  14. General Kayani and US Generals Working Unitedly against Islamic Forces in Pakistan & Afghanistan
  15. Latest War News: IRAQ EXPLODES AGAIN, literally
  16. Latest War News: Pakistan: Islamic Fighters Hit General Kayani's Headquarters in Rawalpindi
  17. Taliban Attack Indian Embassy in Kabul
  18. The Bride Who Crawled Through a Tunnel
  19. Survey explores Muslim Americans' perceptions of mental illness
# 1303
Shawwal 15,1430/ October 4, 2009, # 47
  1. Books, Books, Books Read so that you may lead:
  2. Gaza-like situation in Waziristan:
  3. Obama's Complete Sell-out to Israel on the Nuclear Issue
  4. News from our Boycott List: Nestle involved in indirect Racism
  5. Absurd JFK Case Scaring Muslims from Trinidad and Guyana
  6. Rally Against Pakistani General Musharraf: Crimes against Humanity focused: Chief Justice Arrested, Red Mosque Attacked, Gtmo, "Disappearances."
  7. Pakistanis from Baluchistan Joined the Rally
  8. Meyerhoff Disturbed by Rally: Tried to Coopt Protestors
  9. "I am a Muslim!"
  10. Witness to Lal Masjid [Red Mosque]
  11. Pakistan's secularized Army soldiers torturing elderly Muslims in Swat. Graphic video, exercise caution.
  12. War News: Afghanistan: U.S. Forces Under Attack as they prepare to Retreat
  13. Muslims of America, the richest in the world, should be helping Indonesia, Bangladesh, Somalia, Muslims in India's slums ..... Instead we have this Siraj Wahhaj-ISNA-ISB type activity.
  14. Hidaya Foundation plans to support the survivors of Indonesian Earthquake disaster
  15. Letter: India: Fake religious Activities and Wasteful "Worship" while Masses Starve
  16. Palestine: 375 Children in prison under Israeli Occupation:
  17. Qaddafi Made Important Points: Media Censored him: Europe Owes Africa $123 Trillion
  18. Pakistanis Carried out Street Referendum in Every City vs Major US move to Undermine their Independence
# 1302
Shawwal 8,1430/ September 27, 2009, # 46
  1. Breaking News: Al-Aqsa Desecrated: Palestinians call for response to Israel
  2. Spotlight from Imam Badi Ali [North Carolina]
  3. Protest Musharraf at the Meyerhoff
  4. At Masjid Rahma: Informing Baltimore Muslims: Musharraf-Zionist Linkup at the Meyerhoff.
  5. "Boycott pro-Israel Businesses" Card and Jamaat Resolutions to 76 people at ISWA [Near Washington]
  6. Atlanta, Georgia: Support Homeless Women and Muslim Businesses
  7. Quds Day: September 18, 2009: Muslims Must Liberate Jerusalem: Imam Muhammad al-'Asi speaks at Juma' on Sidewalk in Washington, DC.
  8. WORDS of EMPOWERMENT on Quds Day: Palestine Must be Freed.
  9. Canada Held Muslim for 6 Years: Now Finds no basis for Holding him
  10. Don't Laugh: Here in One Photo the Message of "American Islam" is Conveyed by Hillary Clinton
  11. IRAN: What did Ahmedinejad say about Israel at the UN? Was it anti-Semitic? Here is the relevant Excerpt.
  12. IRAQ: US Troops Kill "shoe-thrower" in Occupied Fallujah. He insulted US soldiers
  13. War News: Afghanistan. Taliban Guerrilla Warfare taking Daily Toll of NATO troops. No Taliban Losses
  14. War News; Pakistan: Pak Taliban Back in Action After Latest US Drone Attack on Pakistan
  15. Obama's peace effort has failed but our struggle continues
  16. Rare Photos of an Auschwitz Camp Orchestra
  17. Censorship at Harvard: Bradley Smith's "Gas Chamber Holocaust" Questions Rattle America's Elitist Clique
  18. Letter: Sept 22 issue: Reader Shocked by Commentary on Immigrants & Social Engineering
  19. Letter: Immigrant Dumping Creates a Big Mess in Muslim Communities: Imam Badi is on Target
  20. Letter: Praise for Article on Maudoodi, Mullah Omar, Criticism of Madoff and Hizb Tahrir {Review of New Trend Sept. 22]
  21. Letter: NT Sept 6 issue: Iftar at White House and "Muslim" Uncle Toms. Jews Blend in and do their Dirty work
# 1301
Shawwal 3,1430/ September 22, 2009, # 45
  1. A Sorry Eid Gift from the Obama Administration: Three Afghans Arrested and twisted story released to the Media!
  2. Protest General Musharraf's Visit to the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore
  3. Rational Approach to Islam: Opposition to Dictatorship and Westernization.
  4. Send more troops otherwise the Taliban will Win: McChrystal, Top U.S. Commander
  5. Occupation Troops Hit by 2 Martyrdom Operators: Islamic Group Claims it is Revenge for US Special Forces killing of Nabhan
  6. NATO Troops in Kabul Hit by Martyrdom Operator
  7. Mullah Omar's Eid Message: Taliban leader says, Jihad will contnue as long as it takes to Expel NATO Forces.
  8. Ayatollah Khamen'ei Rejects Western Propaganda: Says Iran is Alert, undaunted.
  9. New Leader of al-Qaida in Germany Demands Withdrawal of German troops form Afghanistan
  10. Kayani's Pak Army Death Squads at Work: Local Taliban Commander, 4 sons killed in Custody: 355 Bodies of Executed Muslims Found so Far.
  11. The Health Care Deceit
  12. Hizbut Tahrir Conference in Chicago: Censored by the Media: Abused by Fox News, Cair & ISNA
# 1300
Ramadan 23,1430/ September 13, 2009, # 44
  1. September 29: Rally at the Meyerhoff to Protest Jewish Community Honoring General Musharraf [Pakistani war Criminal]
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Condemns Israeli Blasphemy Against the Virgin Mary [Maryam, pbuh]
  3. The Ultimate Jewish Crime Against Palestinian Children
  4. Worship of the Amercan Power Structure: Muslims being brought like Sheep to a Prayer at the Capitol.
  5. Beware Muslims! Understand the Obama Strategy to Undermine Muslim Unity
  7. An irreverent Australian's irreverent conversion to Islam that is nevertheless most inspiring.
  8. Sexual Deviancy Required for Promotion, Says Guard at US Embassy in Afghanistan
  9. New York police arrest Jewish gang trafficking organs of Algerian children
  10. 9.11: Is Peace Possible? Can Military Power Subdue Islam? Let the American People and the Muslim Resistance Talk. Give Peace a Chance
  11. Taliban attacks all the way from East to West, North to South: US troops suffering daily losses. Unable to Find Taliban
  12. Pak Army Victory in Khyber Agency Undermined by Lashkare Islam: Khassadars Refuse to Fight
  13. Kayani Violates Peace Talks: Arrests Swat's Taliban Spokesman and 4 others: Serious Blow for Swat Resistance.
  14. JI Leader Sirajul Haq Highlights Gross Violations of Human Rights by Pak Army in Swat-Waziristan and other areas
  15. IRAQ: Prisoners protest in Abu Ghraib Prison on 9.11. US Aircraft Used to Quell Riot
  16. Community Closet Helping the Very Needy Women and Children.
# 1299
Ramadan 16,1430 / September 6, 2009, # 43
  1. CHINA's UIGHUR MUSLIMS stopped from Fasting: 20,000 Chinese Troops in Urumqi
  2. Think about it: The recent Massacre of Muslims in Nigeria was ignored by leaderless African Americans including Muslims.
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges Muslims to Protest General Musharraf's Visit to Jewish Music Center in Baltimore, Maryland
  4. Breaking News Otis, who confessed to shooting blamed on Imam Jamil, giving testimony before Imam's Attorney. Muslims Launch Legal Challenge for Habeas Corpus and to Bring the Imam nearer home from Colorado
  5. Israeli Ambassador and ISNA President at Obama's White House Iftar
  6. Israeli Dates Connected to Anguish of Palestine: Read, Cry Quietly and Resist Israel.
  7. Israeli Jews Commit Daily Atrocities against Defenseless Palestinians: Sample from One Day
  8. Military Death Squads Executed 250 "Suspected" Pak Taliban since July 13, 2009
  9. Pak Army Clears way for NATO Re-supply: Public Resistance in Khyber Agency hit Hard. 43 Killed.
  10. 15 NATO Supply Trucks Set on Fire
  11. Pak Cadets Hit by Martyrdom Operator
  12. Sinister Attack in Hasan Abdal
  13. Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is in solitary confinement: Please send her a post card
  14. Swedish Daily Hits Back at Critics of Israel Organ Harvest Story
  15. Afghanistan/Pakistan, Where Empires Go to Die - II
  16. US Air Attack on Abandoned Oil Tankers Killed 125 Civilians Wounded 200: German Military Called in US Air Force
  17. Major Weaknesses of Muslims Undermine Spirit of Ramadan
# 1298
Ramadan 8,1430 / August 29, 2009, # 42
  1. Boycott of Israeli Goods is effective
  2. Canada's Muslims: Strengths and Weaknesses. 400,000 Muslims in Toronto Alone.
  3. Islamic Change thru Peaceful Means: Books, Books, Books. Da'wah in English & Spanish
  4. Words of Wisdom: The Missing Link in our Islamic Efforts
  5. Expert fired who warned levees would burst [Bush's Legacy]
  6. Slap in the Face for those who want Peace with Israel: Obama's Minor "demand" Rejected
  7. Focus on CNN's Wolf Blitzer: Breach of America's Trust
  8. Islamic Revolution in "Saudi" Arabia Coming?: Regime Arrests Top Scholars for Osama Links
  9. Young Muslims Adhere to Islam while old men tremble at Hindu Threats
  10. Brutal Fighting During Ramadan
  11. Pak Military's Five Days of Random Shelling in Swat's Malam Jubba area: Entire Population forced to Leave
  12. Iraqi Shi'ite Leader Dies of Lung Cancer: Major Vacuum in Shi'ite Leadership
  13. Iraq's al Qaeda claims Baghdad bombings: Serious Setback for US Installed Regime
# 1297
Ramadan 3,1430 / August 24, 2009, # 41
  1. Ramadan Greetings to New Trend's Muslim readers!
  2. Outreach: Appeal to Southern California Mosques: Boycott Businesses which Support Israel
  3. Outreach: Baltimore African American Community Embraced Islam in Numbers:Invite them to Boycott Israel.
  4. Become Part of the Power structure and this is what Happens to you: Turning Haram into Halal
  5. Maryland Delegate Saqib Ali Supports Gay Marriage
  6. Women's Rights within U.S. Military are Violated beyond Comparison
  7. Does Obama know Mubarak? Why did he honor a tyrant, torturer, murderer, rapist? Is this Obama's Ramadan Message?
  8. Rabbi Fraud Case in Los Angeles Echoes N.J. Scandal
  9. CAIR's Treachery Pinpointed
  10. American Military Base in Islamabad
  11. A Poisonous Myth Separates Bangladesh from Pakistan & the Muslim Ummah
  12. Jamaate Islami rally in Islamabad Protests US Embassy-Marine Base
  13. Important Islamic School bombed by U.S. Drone: 21 killed, scored wounded. Dead include children and women.
  14. "Elections" Under US Guns Boycotted in Southern, Western and Eastern Afghanistan. Guerrilla Warfare Wearing Down NATO
# 1296
Sha'ban 26,1430 / August 18, 2009, # 40
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release: "Elections" in Afghanistan under NATO military Occupation have no Validity
  2. Nigerian Troops Crack down on Islamic group opposed to corruption, drunkenness and prostitution.
  3. Jewish Community Leader Faces Child Porn Charges
  4. Da'wah Group in Milwaukee: Working for Peace thru Truth about Islam: Important selection of Literature.
  5. 1430th Ramadan - the Month of Blessings and Peace
  6. Hamas Attack on Mosque, murder of Jund Ansar Allah leader, Shows End of Hamas leaders' Islamic Identity, Prep to Accept Israeli-US-Abbas Diktat
  7. New Fighting in Swat: Kayani's troops being put on the Defensive.
  8. NATO Forces Attacked in Kabul
  9. Pakistan: Another Mass anti-U.S. Demonstration in Sukker [a city in the interior of Sind Province]
# 1295
Sha'ban 21,1430 / August 13, 2009, # 39
  1. Islam integrates Belief, social reform, worship & Jihad. Muslims have fragmented Islam:Let's Seek Forgiveness from Allah.
  2. Pak-U.S. Disinformation on Baitullah Mehsud a Total Flop: Wife's Murder Ignored: Attempt to Kill Islamic Leaders
  3. In Spite of Arab Rulers, Arab Masses want to Liberate Palestine
  4. Mass Rally in Peshawar Demands Complete Withdrawal of U.S. forces from the Muslim World. Syed Munawar Hasan Says Drone Attacks and Pak Army Ops in Swat Part of American Agenda
# 1294
Sha'ban 14,1430 / August 6, 2009, # 38
  1. California Critic of the Holocaust story asks, why Palestinians are being Punished for Suffering of Jews?
  2. The Weight of Tradition: Why Judaism is Not Like Other Religions
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Re-Organization in Canada after Sister's Visit
  4. New Publicity Card for Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Boycott of Businesses Supporting Israel: California First
  5. Muslim group refutes terror allegations against Madrassas
  6. How the Propaganda Campaign against Islamic Pakistan works.
  7. New Trend Editor Urges Judge Bruce Lee to Release Abu Ali: Bush couldn't Defeat Islam. Why do you think you can?
  8. Black August Events.
  9. Islam is Reborn After Every Kerbala. Nigerian Taliban leader Muhammad Yusuf, head held High, refused to Bow Before Nigerian Army.
  10. Obama Day 198: U.S. Drone Attack in Pakistan Kills Baitullah Mehsud's Wife
  11. All Night Artillery Fire on North Waziristan Villages
  12. Pak Air Attacks, Military Operations in Mohmand, Swat and Dir Areas of Malakand Division
  13. Afghanistan: Classic Guerrilla Warfare: Taliban winning. NATO Facing Serious Difficulties.
# 1293
Sha'ban 8,1430 / July 31, 2009, # 37
  1. Outreach: JAM Resolutions Given to 142 Muslims in Delaware: Stop the Wars, Oppose Police Atrocities in the U.S.
  2. Black Panther's Suffering to Continue for another two years: Baltimore Court Packed with Tense Supporters.
  3. Abu Ali, Youthful Victim of a Prosecutor and a Judge who behave like Slave Masters: July 27, 2009
  4. National Shoora sets up Support Groups for Political Prisoners & African women & Children
  5. An Unusual Book about Pakistan's Taliban, Baluchistan and Karachi's MQM.
  6. Letter: Deep Appreciation from a Pakistani Reader
  7. Nigerian Army attacks Mosques, Schools, homes, Slaughters 600 Muslims: Islamic Leader Muhammad Yusuf Challenged Westernization. Armored Division Let Loose on unarmed/poorly Armed Muslims: Religious Establishment Silent
  8. Missing Persons Relatives protest in Islamabad, Pakistan.7.31.09
# 1292
Sha'ban 4,1430 / July 27, 2009, # 36
  1. Outreach: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature given to 200 people after Juma' at Baltimore's Biggest Mosque
  2. National Islamic Shoora Meets in Pennsylvania: Anti-Israel, Interracial, Strongly pro-Woman, anti-War, Based on the Qur'an and Hadith.
  3. Government Agents Harass Jamaat al-Muslimeen Again.
  4. Resolutions issued by the National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen:
  5. Letter: Re: ISNA has lost Islamic legitimacy: Future generations will suffer from this failure and let down
  6. Letter: ISNA is no longer an Islamic Group but Continues to Coopt Innocent Muslims, especially Turks
  7. Letter: Let's Move Forward to Fill the Gap Created by ISNA's Delinquency
  8. Dr. Siddique's Response to Letters about ISNA from Prominent Muslims
  9. The Reality of America if you are a person of Color. Can you think of any country in the world where a university professor would be handcuffed at his home by police?
  10. Sometimes Even When You�re Right, You�re Wrong
  11. Islamic Leader Munawar Hasan turning Tide againt U.S.-Pak military Collusion: Huge Crowd in Multan
  12. Islamic Leadership in Swat-Buner-Dir is Alive and Well: Muslim Khan speaks to Media
# 1291
Rajab 26,1430 / July 19, 2009, # 35
  1. President Obama Defies Islam, Christianity and Black Churches
  2. Seifullah Chapman, Muslim Political Prisoner, Diabetic, Facing Serious Damage in Max Prison
  3. Hizb-ut-Tahrir Conference in Chicago: Revival of Caliphate Movement
  4. Believe it or not: ISNA's Convention Endorsed by the White House. Here is an extract from ISNA.
  5. Protestors at Obama's NAACP Speech Call for Opening up of CIA files: Support Kashmir, Somalia, Chechnya
  6. Jewish Group Determined to Stop David Irving's Tour of America: Famous Historian Faces Abuse and Censorship
  7. Letter: Re: Two Government Agents who visited New Trend's Webmaster
  8. Islam in America: The Way forward America's Muslims: Afraid but not fooled.
  9. U.S. General Admits [temporary] Defeat: 68,000 U.S. troops, $7.5 Billion budget won't be enough
  10. Latest U.S. drone Strike on Pakistan+Pak jets bomb "suspects" in Orakzai [No Pak advance into S. Waziristan]
  11. Israeli Military Burns Palestinian Wheat and Barley Crops
  12. Egyptian Police Makes Life Miserable for Palestinians trying to Enter Gaza
  13. America's Power Grabbers find Islam's Message of Piety, negating Wealth, Race, Nationality too Radical
  14. Iran hangs 13 Islamic Jundallah fighters: Westernized prisoners to be released, Bahai trial put off.
  15. Prophet Muhammad's [pbuh] Ascension: Night Journey to Jerusalem and to the Seven Heavens: The Holy city under Israeli -Jewish Occupation
  16. Why doesn't he say that to Big Banking, Big Investment and Big Auto
  17. Is Israel a "Democracy?" : A Marylander Points out the Fallacy. What about Hamas Elections?
  18. Report from Sweden about Festerng Hatred for Islam in Bosnia
# 1290
Rajab 20,1430 / July 13, 2009, # 34
  1. New Trend first introduced Dr. Aafia to U.S. Muslims: Now Sis. Yvonne Urges us to do more
  2. In front of White House: Creative anti-War Work July 4 - July 13: Calling for Global Ceasefire:
  3. Howard County [Maryland] Discussion Uncovers Israeli Destruction of Bedouin Way of Life in Sinai
  4. U.S. Government Unnecessarily Concerned about Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  5. Murder of Imam In California looks like Hate Crime
  6. Amazing Comeback and Victory for Dr. Shabazz. Elected to Lincoln U. Board of Trustees after Mistreatment by Administration
  7. Islamic Forces Control Most of Somalia: Western reports of beheadings were False
  8. War Spreading Outside Frontier Areas
  9. Red Mosque Leader says: Islamic Revolution is Coming: Implement Islamic Law in Islamic Land. Crowd Chants: "Jihad"
  10. Syed Munawar Hasan Leads Huge anti-U.S. Rally in Hyderabad: Urges end to Army Actions
  11. War News: Afghanistan: Small Taliban Units Wreaking Havoc.
  12. letter Media Distortion and Blackout of Chinese Muslim Suffering
  13. Letter: Britain with Pak military to Torture Muslims: This is why Europeans Mistreat Muslim Citizens
  14. Egypt: Outpouring of Grief at Murder of Muslim Woman in Germany by Russian Immigrant
  15. 24-karat Gold Coffin Fit for a King? Michael Jackson: America's Greatest Entertainer, Victim of Self-Hatred and of his "Friends"
  16. (Holo-)History Is Bunk. An Invitation to Study, Discuss and Debate.
  17. Biden Picks Jewish Ron Klain for Chief of Staff, just like Obama
# 1289
Rajab 13,1430 / July 6, 2009, # 33
  1. Outreach #1: Jamaat Literature Given to 200 People at Philadelphia's 43rd street Masjid
  2. Outreach #2. Distributing Report on Dr. Shabazz Amazing Trip to Ethiopia. Contrast with ICNA
  3. Theme of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora Meeting: July 25, 2009
  4. Letter: Ethiopia's Muslim "Rock Star" in Education: Slight Corrections on Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz' trip to Ethiopia
  5. China Slaughters Unarmed Muslim Demonstrators: Chinese Tanks used in Muslim Province [July 5]
  6. Israel Kidnaps African American woman leader Attempting to Deliver Relief Goods to Children in Gaza
  7. Letter: Calling all Africans: Re Cynthia Mckinney
  8. Letter: Bahai cult Supporting Zionist Moves Against Iran
  9. Obama Deeply Frustrated and disappointed by the Solid Unity of the Iranian People behind the "Line of the Imam."
  10. A Note on the Class Conflict in Iran. Re: Ahmadenejad vs Rafsanjani
  11. Lest We Forget: Reminder of a Zionist Terrorist Crime
  12. David Irving Set to Speak in 17 US Cities in July
  13. Senior British Commander Killed in Taliban Attack 4,000 U.S. Marines Launch offensive in Helmand province backed by British and Karzai troops
  14. Woman Bomber Hits Karzai troops
  15. Pak Army Copter Shot Down: 41 Troops Killed
  16. Protest Rallies Across Pakistan Condemn Suffering of Masses: 150% increase in prices. No electricity for the poor.
  17. U.S. Drone Attacks Islamic School and 2 villages in Pakistan: 17 Civilians Killed 27 wounded
  18. Iraq: The Withdrawal which Wasn't
  19. Letter from an Israeli Jail
  20. Why Did Islamic Women Decide to Risk their Lives to Defy General Musharraf in his Stronghold?
  21. Legally blind ba-hijab Muslim student delivers commencement address at prestigious US College in Massachusetts
  22. Black Male Teachers [South Carolina]
  23. GSU Professor Resigns over "Bomb" Comments to Muslim-American Student
  24. 18-year-old shot, killed in California
  25. Biden: U.S. won't stop Israeli strike on Iran
# 1288
Rajab 6,1430 / June 29, 2009, # 32
  1. History in the making: Peaceful Revolution in Karachi Against U.S. Intervention & Pak Military Operations in Swat. The People of Islam re-take Karachi.
  2. Haitian Activist Will Speak at Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora July 25
  3. Islamic Marriage: Singles Social in New York Program by Sisters-in-Islam
  4. Helping Homeless Muslim Women: Women's Affairs of al-Mumtahinah Tax Exemption received.
  5. America Cannot Survive without Islam: Widespread Mourning for a Singer, Dancer indicates Spiritual Emptiness and Meaningless Lives. Muhammad [pbuh] did not Endorse Wealth, Status or Power: Prayer, Fasting need to be Linked to Transformation of Lifestyle.
  6. Gaza: Testimony in Israeli War Crimes Begins. Air Strike on Defenseless Mosque. Isra-Jews love this Stuff
  7. Want to Stop Israeli Settlements? Start With Americans
  8. War News: Afghanistan
  9. War News: Pakistan
  10. European Agenda for Iran suffers Setback
# 1287
Rajab 2,1430 / June 25, 2009, # 31
  1. Finally, the Karzai regime admits: Taliban are winning Big Time
  2. Calls Islamic Resistance "Cancer." Wants Total Destruction of Islamic opponents. Outright Support for Kayani's Military Action
  3. U.S. Drones Hit Pakistani Funeral with 9 missiles: 75 killed 150 wounded
  4. Among Masses of Pakistan, a Wave of Support for Taliban is Undercutting Conventional Religion
  5. French President Sarkozy's Latest Rant. He feels threatened by Women's Islamic dress.
  6. U.S. Justice System a Farce: What happened in court at Appeal for Jack Johnson, Black Panther leader in prison for 39 years! Eyewitness account.
  7. Mian Tufail Muhammad Played Key Role in Jamaate Islami's Formative Stage.
  8. Global Ceasefire Needed: Free Leonard Peltier [Native American leader.]
  9. Peace Movement Activist Imam Gets Support in California Community
  10. Scandal of Jewish Inmates Living in Style "in" Prison Uncovered
  11. Letter: Very High Praise for New Trend from a Distinguished Scholar Respected Across America
  12. Letter: Correct Analysis of Iran
  13. Letter: New Trend's Iran Analysis is all Wrong
  14. Attack on Islamic Identity in Kashmir: India Supporting Prostitution in Kashmir
  15. In Fraud, We Trust?
# 1286
Jamada al-Thani 25,1430/ June 19, 2009, # 30
  1. Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz and Dr. Lennell Dade Honored at Graduation Ceremony in Ethiopia
  2. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen will meet on July 25, 2009, inshallah
  3. What Should a Woman Expect when she embraces Islam? An Example from Baltimore.
  4. Iran: The Uprising of the Rich and the Westernized: U.S. Media, Iranian Immigrants and Tehran rallies Interconnected.
  5. U.S. Drones Hit two Pakistani villages: Three Turkish Muslims, 2 Arabs among 13 Killed
  6. Buildup of General Kayani's Forces: South Waziristan and Bannu-North-Waziristan
  7. Daily Gun Battles in Mosul: Urban Guerrilla Warfare
  8. Attempt to discredit Imam Badi Ali's Fatwa against Pakistan Army and in Support of the Taliban: Response by Dr. Siddique
# 1285
Jamada al-Thani 21,1430/ June 15, 2009, # 29
  1. Rev. Wright Complains of Jewish control of Obama: Says: Israel did Ethnic Cleansing in Gaza
  2. Landslide Victory in Genuine Elections | Congratulations to the People of Iran: Hail Ahmedinejad!
  3. U.S. Muslim's Significant Contribution to Islamic Theology and Qur'anic Understanding
  4. Letter: May 31 issue: New Trend's Error Pinpointed:
  5. Letter: Another Correction about Terminology
  6. June 14: Pakistan Launches Al Out Offensive Against South Waziristan
  7. Taliban kill pro-Government Cleric in retaliation for murder of Maulana Amin
  8. General Kayani's Air Force Bombs Mosque, Islamic Schools, Kills Top Local Islamic Scholar
  9. NATO Supply Line through Baluchistan Attacked
  10. Israelis Destroy Cultivated Field, fire on Fishing Boats
  11. Pakistani Taliban Using Technology to Reach out to Women: Why do many Women Support Taliban?
  12. Osama bin Laden says Barack Obama 'planting seeds of hatred'
# 1284
Jamada al-Thani 17,1430/ June 11, 2009, # 28
  1. Alleged Holocaust Museum Shooter: Perfect story for Zionist Media: Guilty before Trial:
  2. Prominent Islamic Leader Working for Peace, Labor Rights and Anti-Torture Advocacy
  3. Tide Turning Against Israel. America's Economic Woes Necessitate Flexibility. The Real Reason Why Obama gave his Cairo Speech
  4. War Time Propaganda, 60 years old, accepted by President Obama to Please Israel
  5. Pakistan: General Kayani aims at expelling Entire Civilian Population from North Waziristan Area. Bursts of Fighting in South Waziristan, Swat, Buner and Dir.
# 1283
Jamada al-Thani 12, 1430, June 6, 2009, #27
  1. Trauma in Kashmir
  2. Spiritual inspiration from the Prophet Muhammad [peace be on him]
  3. Latest News of Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin: Florence, Colorado AD-Max Prison Outdoes Gitmo
  4. Expansion of the movement for non-violent resistance to Zionism, Imperialism, exploitation of women and consumerism
  5. Blatant Attempt at Deception and Division: Supporting the Secular Tyrants of Muslim Countries
  6. Islam has the Potential to unite Muslims Globally: Obama is trying to Disarm Them
  7. Obama Stirred Fear of Iran, Ignored Muslims in Kashmir, Chechnya, China and Pakistan
  8. Lithuania Sees Jewish "Holocaust" Survivors as Criminals
  9. Pakistan Military Admits that Victory in Swat is Not in Sight.
  10. General Kayani's Army Destroyed Mosques, Shredded Qur'ans in Sultanwas [Buner District]
  11. Taliban Video Shows Martyrdom Operator Blew Up Kayani's Military Camp in South Waziristan
  12. U.S. Top General's Secret Visit to Pakistan on May 27 at height of Kayani's Assault on Swat
  13. Killings provoke Kashmir protests
  14. When will United Natiions Pass a Resolution on the Bombing of Swat? + The King of Saudi Arabia
# 1282
Jamada al-Thani 6, 1430, May 31, 2009, #26
  1. Outreach: Muslims in North Philadelphia: Papers on Latest Arrests, Swat, Iraqi Girl, ISNA's "imam"
  2. Esteemed Linguist, Historian, Anthropologist Dies: Author of They Came Before Columbus
  3. Holy Land Foundation Sentences Outrage Decency, Morality and Justice
  4. Letter: Re: "Inside India: Slum Dog & Dalit Voice+Advice to Hill...":
  5. Protester death sparks fresh Kashmir clashes, 25 hurt
  6. Iraq abuse photos depict torture, rape
  7. Iran Gave Exact Locations of Taliban Positions to U.S. Air Force
  8. Help from Karach, Pakistan, for the people of Swat uprooted by General Kayani's military
  9. War News: Afghanistan: Taliban Raids in Northern Areas: U.S. Air Force Officers Killed
  10. Most of Swat Remains in Taliban Hands: Pak troops "control" Mingora but lose Khwazekhela: New Fighting in Buner and Dir
  11. Counter Attack by Taliban: Sensitive Military Intelligence Center Blown up in Lahore
# 1281
Jamada al-Awwal 29, 1430, May 24, 2009, #25
  1. Supplicate Allah like the Prophet, pbuh, did: Hadith sent by Sis. Aqsa
  2. Yemen might break up
  3. Scholar of Maulana Maudoodi's
  4. American Court did not have the heart to sentence an Iraqi child's Rapist and Killer of 4 to Death
  5. Hillary Clinton Gives Total Support to General Kayani's Military Onslaught in Swat
  6. Nancy Pelosi lets the Cat out of the Bag: CIA Misled Congress
  7. Latest War News from Pakistan
  8. Eyewitness Account: Attack on Swat Created Disaster bigger than That of Pak-Kashmir Mammoth Earthquake
  9. Outreach in Washington: Imam Badi Ali's Fatwa on Pakistan given to Worshippers at Islamic Center, DC
  10. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Thanks Cuba for Doctors in Pakistan: Celebration of African-Cuban Unity
  11. Another Bogus Case? Four Muslims Trapped by FBI Informant. Well Organized Government Operation
  12. THE INFORMANT, the INFILTRATOR: Muslim Communities are Being Hurt by Siraj Wahhaj Types.
  13. Books: Imam Badi Ali says: Leaders have to be readers:
  14. Pakistan: Demonstrations against Military Operation in Swat
  15. Pakistan's Top Army Brass is Part of NATO's War Machine: General Kayani Rushed off to Brussels during the Swat Invasion
  16. Pakistan's Mini-Goebbels
  17. What's Wrong with this picture?
  18. Pakistanis start to Uncover the Horrific Suffering Imposed by the U.S.-backed Army on Swat
  19. Afghanistan: Guerilla Warfare
  20. Iraq: Urban Guerrilla Warfare
# 1280
Jamada al-Awwal 24, 1430, May 19, 2009, #24
  1. The Colbert Report: Insulting Jesus, pbuh, supporting Homosexuality, Honoring Cat Stevens [Yusuf Islam]
  2. Latest News from Somalia
  3. Obama-Natanyahu Meeting is an an Outrage: It Tears at the Heart of Palestine.
  4. Latest War News from Swat, Pakistan: Taliban putting up stiff resistance, showing ability to regroup, avoid air attacks
  5. Afghanistan/Pakistan Where Empires Go to Die
  6. Facts about the Taliban which most People Don't Know
  7. U.S. Missile Attack in Pakistan Destroys Islamic School, kills 29 Muslims
  8. Taliban Raids in Afghanistan after U.S. Air Force killed 150 civilians including 95 Children.
  9. Letter: CNN Video was Fake. Taliban did not give interview to CNN
  10. The Pope's Visit to Occupied Palestined and Support of Israel destroyed his Credibility
  11. New Delhi Trying to Turn Bangladesh into a Desert: Petition to Oppose Move
  12. Recent Broadcasts and Upcoming Meetings : David Irving will Speak at Program with Weber
  13. Who is behind the push for breaking of the Swat Peace Agreement?
# 1279
Jamada al-Awwal 18, 1430, May 13, 2009, #23
  1. The Pope Wants Palestinians to Recognize the Terrorist Entity known as Israel as a Legitimate State!
  2. Army of Shame or Army of Islam?
  3. U.S. Air Strike on Pakistan: 8 Guided Missiles
  4. General Uprising in Frontier Province: Swat Heavily Bombed Remains in Islamic hands.
  5. New Trend Ahead of the Curve: BBC stated May 13 that only 38% of Frontier Province is still in Pak hands.
  6. Miseducation is Key to Amerca's Problems and Global Intervention, says top Mathematician
  7. Dr. Siddique Emphasizes Women's Participation in Peaceful Resistance to Mass Culture. America's Underside: Racism, Zionism, Secularism, Exploitation of Women.
  8. Meet the Taliban Spokesman Muslim Khan: Discusses Why the Taliban are fighting
  9. Pope Benedict XVI in Palestine
# 1278
Jamada al-Awwal 12, 1430, May 7, 2009, #22
  1. Latest news of Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin
  2. Latest war news: U.S. kills 150 Civilians in Farah Province: Pakistan Bombs Swat: Air lifts troops to Mingora
  3. Jamaate Islami Leader Munawar Hasan Condemns Pak Military Action against Pak Taliban
  4. President Obama Meets Karzai and Asif Zardari: Two Agents of U.S.-Israeli Imperialism
  5. Pakistan Military Action against Islamic People is at U.S. Instigation.
  6. U.S. Agenda behind Attacks on Taliban: Are Pak Nuclear Weapons a Problem for the U.S.? Obama & Muslims
  7. Escalate the Boycott of Nestle Products: Nestle is Deeply invested in Israel
  8. Zionism: Jewish supremacism, Jewish exceptionalism, Jewish apartheid. Zionism dehumanizes the human race. Solution: Outlaw Zionism.
  9. FBI is supported by U.S. Muslim Groups which make ISNA-CAIR-ICNA look like Mujahideen
  10. Letter: Re: FATWA on Pakistan by Imam Badi Ali
  11. Letter: Re: Fatwa on Pakistan: Isn't Suicide bombing Haram
  12. What kind of war are the Taliban fighting? How to stop "suicide bombings."
  13. An Unknown Holocaust: Mass Killing, 'Ethnic Cleansing' and Brutal Mistreatment of Germans by the Victorious Allies
  14. Amina Masood, Leader of women's Movement to Recover "Disappeared" Men, Gets Jamaate Islami Support
# 1277
Jamada al-Awwal 7, 1430, May 2, 2009, #21
  1. FATWA on PAKISTAN from National Islamic Shoora Leader Imam Badi Ali
  2. Outreach #1: In Philadelphia: Info on Gaza, Goldstein, Advice to Obama, Iraq after 6 Years and much more.
  3. Outreach #2: Speaking to non-Muslim Students at a College in Tennessee
  4. Boycott Businesses Which Support Israel: Starbucks is Tottering: Tell ICNA-ISNA to Stop Offering Coca Cola
  5. Five Albanian Muslims Given Terrible sentences for "conspiracy" in which Nothing Happened
  6. Turkish Muslims Find Peaceful Ways of Spreading the Islamic Message
  7. Chicago audience 'shell shocked' by doctor's presentation of Gaza under attack
  8. Obama congratulates Israel on turning 61: "Unshakeable" Bonds
  9. Obama Pledges to Confront 'Holocaust Deniers'
  10. "Swine Flu" epicenter is a huge US owned hog farm in the state of Veracruz
  11. Pak Army Attacks with Overwhelming Force but Unable to Defeat Taliban after Initial Success
  12. Karachi: Foreboding and Tension after 4 Days of Attacks by MQM Gangs
  13. Lahore: Syed Munawar Hasan's Call: "No More" as Opposed to USA's call for "Do More"
  14. African American Muslim Women in Atlanta: Now Helping Iraqi Refugees in Houston, Texas
  15. Attack on Pakistan: Author Misleads Americans about Pakistan: Prepares grounds for war: Pitting Pakistani aganst Pakistani
  16. Al-Fateha and its Significance
# 1276
Jamada al-Awwal 1, 1430, April 26, 2009, #20
  1. The Qur'an Places Men and Women Together in Every Category of Islamic Endeavor. Cooperation with Oppressors is haram [strictly forbidden]. U.S. Muslim "leaders" Betrayed the Ummah.
  2. Letter: The Case of Br. Enaam Arnaout: Imprisoned for Sending boots to Bosnia
  3. Letter: Re: Br. Yusuf Irelandi's Khutba: Did the Prophet, pbuh, tie stones to his stomach? Doesn't make sense!
  4. Letter: Filthy, Abusive Attack on the Prophet, pbuh, is claimed as "Freedom of Expression"
  5. After 8 years of CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MPAC's FBI Collusion, How will Muslims get rid of the alphabet groups?
  6. Holocaust Remembrance: What's Behind the Campaign?
  7. Israel has announced that it did nothing wrong in Gaza!
  8. Swine Flu has closed down entire areas of Mexico City. [1400 sick, 86 dead.] It's entering USA.
  9. Pakistan: "Threat to U.S. Security and the Whole World: Appeals to Pakistani army, seculars & Pak Americans to Foil Islamic Forces"
  10. European Delegates Walk out of Conference on Racism as Iran President Ahmedinejad Condemns Zionism and Israel
  11. Dynamic New Leader of Jamaate Islami Working to unite ALL Pak groups against U.S. Intervention: "Slavery is Unacceptable regardless of U.S. firepower"
  12. Surprise! Surprise! Israeli Leader says Pakistan greater Threat than Iran!
  13. Taliban Spokesmam Invites Shaykh Osama to Swat: April 21, 2009
  14. MINGORA: Pakistan was trying to end bloodshed when it let the idyllic Swat Valley fall under Nizam-i-Adl last week. Instead, it has emboldened the Taliban and prompted an invitation - however improbable - for Osama bin Laden.
  15. Huge Rally in Bannu, Pakistan, Condemns U.S. Drone Attacks
  16. "Slum Dog Millionaire" Along with Dalit Voice magazine Provide Clues to the Real India
# 1275
Rabi' al-Thani 23, 1430, April 19, 2009, #19
  1. Congratulations to Somalia
  2. Outreach: Bridges TV Murder & Christian Scholar's Report on Israeli bombing of Gaza Tunnels
  3. Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen Gave positive Message, says Baltimore Imam
  4. Update on Boycott of Businesses which Support Israel by Jamaat al-Muslimeen Leader
  5. Christiane Amanpour Insults Shi'a Muslim Women: CNN is indulging in Blatant anti-Islam Propaganda
  6. President Obama Bows to War Party: He will Protect Bush Torturers' Crimes Against Humanity
  7. America's First Jewish President?: This was not an Interfaith activity. It was personal-private celebration. Obama's Passover seder: First in the History of the White House
  8. CAIR-ISNA-MPAC-ICNA: A closer look at their FBI relationship: CAIR brought FBI into Muslim Communities. MPAC wants to be FBI's lapdog. ISNA does not Condone criticism of FBI.
  9. Letter: Re: Br. Shamim Siddiqui's Tafseer of Sura Yusuf
  10. War News: Egypt: Mubarak takes steps to quash support for Gaza
  11. War News: Iraq
  12. NATO Admits Killing Afghan woman, 3 Children, 2 Civilian men: 14 Wounded
  13. Latest U.S. Air Raid on Pakistan
  14. Maulana Abdul Aziz: "If I had a 100 sons, I would sacrifice them for Islam. Allah's acceptance can be seen in Swat." Freed Red Mosque leader addresses tens of thousands in re-constituted Red Mosque [Islamabad]
  15. Following General Kayani's Visit to the CIA, the Chief of Pakistani intelligence General Pasha Visited U.S.A
  16. CIA, ISI agree to develop working ties
  17. What does Islam say about Participation in the Oppressive Power Structure?
  18. This is what Christiane Amanpour tried to hide from American audiences
  19. Demjanjuk, ordinary Prison Guard Under German Rule facing Deportation at Age 89: Saga of Ukrainian Demjanjuk Indicates Zionist Control of U.S. and Germany
  20. "Save Darfur's" front Aims at the Destruction of Sudan
# 1274
Rabi' al-Thani 17, 1430, April 13, 2009, #18
  1. National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen Highlights Central Issues Facing Muslims of America
  2. Good Advice to President Obama: America's Future should not be linked to Zionism and War. Listen to what Islam has to say: Superficial gestures and Cosmetic Changes Won't Work
  3. Local Jamaat al-Muslimeen: Would you like to join or help?
  4. The JFK Case: It's a Fake plot to Scare Shi'ia Muslims in Trinidad & Guyana
  5. Webmaster of New Trend is looking for a wife
  6. Give to Baitul Salaam in Atlanta without giving money. Helping homeless women and children
  7. US Muslim organizations (grudgingly) coming to their senses or maybe playing hard to get
  8. Maulvi Fazlullah, Islamic jihad leader in Swat, Vows to Defend Pakistan to the last drop of his blood
  9. People of Swat Answer Fake Video Distributed by pro-Western Groups: Big Rally Condemns Indian Agent Altaf Hussain
  10. Local Taliban Execute Three Men for Homosexual Assault on 8-year old Boy
  11. IRAQ: Two massive New Attacks by Al-Qaida-in-Iraq: April 10 and April 11.
  12. How the British Obtained the Confessions of Auschwitz Commandant H�ss: Torture
# 1273
Rabi' al-Thani 9, 1430, April 5, 2009, #17
  1. President Obama Rallies Europe to Destroy Islamic Formations in Afghanistan & Pakistan: Sophisticated New Approach: NATO to Hold "Elections"
  2. Shoora on April 11, 2009
  3. Br. Ateequr Rahman: Prominent Islamic Community Leader Passes Away. Challenged attempts by ICNA to throttle criticism.
  4. Islam has its own Framework of Thought and Lifestyle: Think of Hereafter, Ummah Unity, Self-Purification. Condemn "Woman related" New TV Campaign against Islamic Forces in Afghanistan & Pakistan
  5. Jumu'ah Khutbah given in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, by Yusuf El-Irlandi
  6. An American Nationalist Explains why America is not Winning Against Islam: A Thorough Debunking of Fareed Zakaria in Newsweek
  8. Palestine:
  9. Pakistan: Blow and Counterblow: A Day of Violence
  10. Successful U.S. Drone Attack on a New Area of Pakistan: 12 killed 12 wounded
  11. Baitullah Mehsud Claims Attack on Lahore Police
  12. War News: Afghanistan
  13. King Abdullah's dog dies in Israel
  14. Jenin massacre in Palestine
# 1272
Rabi' al-Thani 2, 1430, March 29, 2009, #16
  1. Outreach #1 in Baltimore's Biggest Islamic Center: Condemn the beheading of a Muslim woman in Bridges TV case
  2. Why is America's Economy Collapsing? + Women's Central Role in the Islamic Struggle.
  3. Letter #1: Re: My Sister's Beloved ..... [New Trend March 24 issue]
  4. Letter #2: Re: Photos of Muslim Women... [Jamia Hafsa, Rwanda, Gaza] [New Trend March 24]
  5. Letter #3: Re: My Sister's Beloved .... [ NT 3.24]
  6. Letter #4: Scholar urges grandchildren to write Islamic Poetry [ NT 3:24 Re: Sis. Sofia's poem about Bush & Afghan children.]
  7. Lackey Muslim Groups CAIR, ICNA, MPAC etc Admit Years of close Relations with FBI
  8. "HANDS OFF SUDAN" Rally in Washington, DC
  9. The situation in Oakland, California is Drastic:
  10. Obama Declares War on Islamic Forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Vows military and Political Victory Along with Economc Control
  11. Occupied Iraq: The Photo says it all.
  12. Syed Munawar Hasan Elected New Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan:
  13. Bootlicker Groups Admit Close Relationship with FBI: Say they are considering Suspending Relationship after 8 years of bootlicking.
# 1271
Rabi' al-Awwal 26, 1430, March 24, 2009, #15
  1. Love, Marriage and Hadith: A Triumph for my Sister
  2. Ten Year Old Says, she won't Write to an American Soldier in Iraq: They are Occupiers
  3. Bush to U.S. Children: Collect Pennies for Afghan Children
  4. Pakistan: Hoping for Rule of Law
  5. Mass Conversions to Islam in Rawanda: [A non-Muslim expresses Concerns]
  6. Prostitution in Bangladesh: Early Marriage Illegal, fornication Encouraged.
  7. Taking Pakistani "Democracy" with a Pinch of Salt+Canada Admits Bush but Bars Galloway+China Worries about U.S. Finances
  8. Before the 'Human Rights Tribunal': Zundel Hearing in Toronto
  9. Obama Must Bring the Defeated Armies home for the Sake of America
  10. Pakistani Islamic Leader Notices Implications of U.S. Threat of Drone Attacks in Baluchistan
# 1270
Rabi' al-Awwal 17, 1430, March 15, 2009, #14
  1. Islamic Potential of U.S. Muslims is needed by America and the World: How can it be Attained?
  2. Imam Jamil Says: "Shut it Down." Super Max in Colorado is as Bad as Guantanamo Bay.
  3. Activists Gather at Sudan Embassy to Condemn ICC Move Against President Omar Bashir
  4. Canada's Blatant Injustice against Momin Khawaja: 10 1/2 Years to a Muslim who Never Attacked Canada
  5. Obama administration backs immunity for author of Bush torture memos: The Jose Padilla Case
  6. Afghanistan. Winter time fighting Continues
  7. Pakistan: U.S. Launches Successul Drone Attack [probably with Shi'ite help]
  8. U.S. Drone Shot Down by Pak Taliban in South Waziristan
  9. OSAMA is alive!
  10. Bin Laden accuses Arab leaders
  11. Iran leader working Closely with CIA assets Karzai and Zardari against "Terrorism"
  12. Pakistani elites in Collision: Lawyers Call for Restoration of Chief Justice.
# 1269
Rabi' al-Awwal 10, 1430, March 8, 2009, #13
  1. Imam Badi Ali says Moves Against President al-Bashir of Sudan have no Legal or Islamic Basis.
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Urges Muslims to Support Sudan against Euro-American-Zionist Intervention
  3. "HANDS OFF SUDAN" RALLY! March 11, 2009 in Washington, DC
  4. One Step Backwards for Human Rights: The Ali al-Marri Case: 8 years of inhumanity.
  5. Obama Administration Supports anti-Sudan move by Zionists
  6. U.S. Troops will Stay in Iraq: Partial Withdrawals by August 2010 and Dec. 2011: War Will Continue
  7. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Urges Authentic Unity of U.S. Muslims
  8. Pakistan's Tragedy: Army Chief Hooked up to the Worst Enemies of Islam and Pakistan
  9. Pakistan's Dilemma: How to Understand Acts of Violence which are Spreading to the Major Cities
  10. Imam Musa to Speak on De-Israelization of the Islamic movement in North America
  11. Letter: ISNA Man Claims ISNA does not support Bridges TV!
  12. Letter: Siraj Wahhaj's Militia in Action
  13. LaVena Johnson: Raped and Murdered on a Military Base in Iraq
# 1268
Rabi' al-Awwal 1, 1430, February 26, 2009, #12
  1. Bridges TV Murder
  2. Jamaat's National Islamic Shoora to Convene on April 11, 2009
  3. Letter from Islamabad, Pakistan: [Sis. Amina Janjua's husband was among hundreds of Pakistanis snatched by Pakistani forces
  4. boycott of West Bank goods in big UK supermarket-- see video
  5. Obama Vows to Defeat al-Qaida and to Fight "Extremism" in Afghanistan & Pakistan
  6. Obama's impressive Speech Offers no Hope to the Muslim World +Bridges TV Horror being used in Canada by Islam haters+Jewish Case Fails for Once!
  7. Gaza's Children
  8. WAR NEWS: Islamic forces on Guerrilla Offensive in Winter Time: Successful Attacks by Taliban
  9. PAKISTAN: The Cease fire is Holding: Pak Army Hoping for Rift but no rift appearing
  10. IRAQ: U.S. Forces Under Attack by Al-Qaida Mujahideen
  11. SOMALIA: Islamic forces Want all Western-backed Forces out: Heavy Fighting Reported
  12. ALGERIA: Al-Qaida in the Maghreb Seems to be on the Attack
  13. "Worse than my darkest nightmare"
  14. Yvonne Bradley, the woman who fought for the release of Binyam Mohamed.
  15. KASHMIR: This Muslim Land is occupied by 700,000 Hindu troops: The Biggest Occupation Army in the World
  16. Hamas: Its Strange Enemies and the Tunnel Network that Feeds Gaza
  17. Jewish settler kills 30 at holy site
# 1267
Safar 25, 1430, February 21, 2009, #11
  1. Condemn Israel's Disgusting and Sickening Blasphemy Against Mary [Maryam, peace be on her] mother of Jesus ['Isa, peace be on him].
  2. "Free the Imam" Support Group Alerts Muslims to Serious Prison Violation of Imam Jamil al-Amin's Rights.
  3. Br. Issa Smith [Virginia] Called the Prison. This is How it Went and Can be Done
  4. Latest Drone Attack seemed to be an Attempt to Kill Osama bin Laden
  5. Preparing to destroy the Taliban and isolate al-Qaida
  6. Israeli jet fighters hit a mosque in southern Gaza.
  7. Racism Raises its Ugly Head: New York Post's Putative Obama Cartoon
  8. U.S. Islamic Woman Leader Returns from West Africa: Met Outstanding Islamic Community Activists
  9. Toxic Wastes from Britain are being Dumped in Nigeria
  10. Bridges TV Murder has Smeared U.S. Muslim Image: ISNA dirties Everything it Touches
  11. U.S. Drone Air Strike Brought Mass Support for Uzbekistan Mujahideen and Pakistanis martyred in the Attack.
  12. Historic Agreement Between Pakistani Islamic Leadership and Chinese Communist Party
  13. Jesse Owens: Myth and Reality
  14. Germany Must Perish
  15. Letter: Re: Sis. Aisha's article on the Obama inauguration: Slaves waving flags....
  16. Letter: Husayn al-Kurdi's [mom's] story of Omar, r.a., and the needy woman and her children: vs Egypt's Mubarak today
  17. Khutba on Gaza: The Meaning of Victory in Islam
  18. Remember all the Pakistani politicians said that there were no drones in Pakistan?
# 1266
Safar 19, 1430, February 15, 2009, #10
  1. U.S. Attacks on Pakistan are Launched from WITHIN Pakistan. [New Trend has been reporting Pak-U.S. cooperation in these attacks for TWO YEARS.]
  2. U.S. President Threatens to Destroy Islamic Groups in Pakistan: Refuses to note that Israel has Nukes
  3. Appointment of Heterodox "Muslim" to Interfaith Council: Attempt to legitimize a U.S.-Related Sect
  4. Imam Badi Ali [National Islamic Shoora Leader] blasts "Interfaith Dialogue." It is a form of Deception and Lies. The issue is Peace vs War, not any Interfaith problem.
  5. The Forgotten Terrorist Attack on Baghdad
  6. Be Wary of Politicians' Misuse of the English Language: Is Obama simply re-wording Bush?
  7. The Looting of America+ "Withdraw U.S. Military from Muslim Lands. You Can't Win against Islam"
  8. Highly Secularized "Muslim" Commits Horrific Murder
  9. Attacks on Shi'ite Pilgrims probably result of inter-Shi'a rivalry
  10. US soldiers shot woman in her bed, then killed husband
  11. Omar and the Needy Widow
  12. Break the Cycle of Impunity and Torture in Punjab
  13. Feb. 12, 2009: Thousands gathered in war torn Swat's Tehsil Barikot Bazar, to urge Pakistan's army to stop its operations.
  14. Jamaate Islami Delegation in China: Qazi Hussain's Speech in 1250 Year Old Mosque
  15. Australian special forces kill five children in Afghanistan
  16. Clashes between U.S.-NATO Forces and Taliban: Unusual Winter Fighting
# 1265
Safar 11, 1430, February 7, 2009, #9
  1. Thought of the Day: It's very simple: Israel MUST be punished.
  2. This is how the Enemies of Islam think. In their own words:
  3. Letter: Saudi Students Reading New Trend. Re: Editor's Diary: Incident in a Baltimore Masjid
  4. Letter: Re: Incident in a Baltimore Masjid, Obama 1,2,3, etc [full issue of New Trend]
  5. Letter: Re: Al-Arabiyya and Obama, Ibn Hanbal, etc: Caliphate is the Solution
  6. Imam Jamil al-Amin, America's Imam, Spreaks out from Prison:
  7. Outreach in Tennessee: "Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, was humble, sat on the ground, often went Hungry."
  8. Action Alert: Help Remove Shameful Cartoon Abusing the Best of Men, Peace be on him
  9. Somalia: Al-Shabab fighters [seen below] have rejected the new President's efforts to seek help from western powers. They want all foreign troops to leave.
  10. South African Boycott of Israel-related Companies [started by Cape Town Muslims] Spreads to Durban Activists
  11. Slaves Waving American Flags! What we can learn from American History
  12. On the Zogby Brothers, here is the low down: Is there a CIA Past in the Family?
  13. Islamic women at a huge rally in Lahore
  14. Israeli Troops Shot and Killed Zoo Animals
  15. Guantanamo: Inside the Wire
  16. Police Atrocity against Moroccan Immigrant Uncovered+Constant Propaganda to Portray Hamas as "terrorist."
  17. Washington Post's Knee Jerk Response to Turkish PM's Criticism of Israel
  18. A Deep, Well-laid Plan to Exploit Sudan: bypassing Khartoum
  19. Pakistan: A Bridge too far!
  20. Hungarian Translation of Mein Kampf Just Published
  21. From: Peltier Central Texas Branch Support Group
# 1264
Safar 4, 1430, January 31, 2009, #8
  1. WAR NEWS: Latest: Very Brief but Very Important:
  2. Racism Lies Just under the Surface in America.
  3. Congratulations to Islamic Somalia:
  4. New Trend Congratulates the Turkish people for Prime Minister Erdogan's rebuttal of Israeli terrorist Shimon Peres.
  5. Summing it up in a few words
  6. Imam Badi Ali looks at President Obama's Interview with al-Arabiyya TV and his Overture to the Muslim World
  7. Letter: Incident in a Batimore Masjid: Shows how U.S. Muslims are prevented from Opposing Israel ....
  8. Letter: From a Reader Very Angry with "Sunni" Rulers
  9. What's Wrong with the Jewish Auschwitz and Holocaust Story?
  10. Statement on Obama Actions Thus Far re: Gaza: Hamas are Legitimate Reps of Palestine
  11. While Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal was in prison...
  12. Victorious Islamic Fighters in Somalia: The Youths are on the side of Islam: The Older Generation are too scared of the West.
# 1263
Muharram 29, 1430, January 26, 2009, #7
  1. Shocking facts about Obama's Envoy for Pakistan:
  2. Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, Top African American Islamic Leader and Educator, says Whole world is watching Obama's Moves
  3. Incident in a Batimore Masjid: Shows how U.S. Muslims are prevented from Opposing Israel. Masjids set up to control dissent.
  4. President Obama Supports Israel, Condemns Hamas, Praises Egyptian Dictator Mubarak
  5. Obama Ignored 1500 killed, 5000 wounded by Israel: He claims it is a humanitarian disaster: Wants U.S. Puppet Abbas of P.A. to control Relief Work
  6. First U.S. Attack on civilians in Pakistan after the January 20 Inauguration
  7. Islamic Forces Take over almost all of Swat region in Frontier Province
  8. Olmert Reminds The World-"We, The Jewish People, Control America"
  9. King calls for caution in issuing fatwas
  10. Here is Evidence that Israel bombed Gaza Civilians taking shelter in a UN compound with Phosphorous bombs.
  11. Contempt Charges Will Stand In Terrorism-Related Case
  12. Bangladeshi American's Case: Please write Similar Letters of Support
# 1262
Muharram 24, 1430, January 21, 2009, #6
  1. Unlike Bush, he speaks without Arrogance, Offers peace to the Muslim world as equals, but threatens Al-Qaida
  2. The Greatest Crime of our Era: Zionism in Action.
  3. Gaza, Gaza: We are with you:
  4. Canadian Support for Abdelkader Belaouni producer of Resistance Music restricted to Church Sanctuary for 3 Years
  5. Israel must be punished for crimes against humanity. That is the task of the Ummah of Islam, globally.
  6. Imam Badi Ali Leads 7th Protest rally in 22 days of Israel's Assault on Gaza
  7. AFGHANISTAN: War News from western news services and Pak media.
  8. Pakistan War News: KHYBER PASS:
# 1261
Muharram 19, 1430, January 16, 2009, #5
  1. Understanding Obama
  2. Gaza Shows that Islamic Movements like Ikhwan in Egypt and Jordan have failed Miserably: Muslim Populations have not been prepared to deal with Criminals like Israel
  3. Shameless Congressman Keith Ellison
  4. Letter: CAIR: Bunch of Collaborators who have infected Muslims in America
  5. U.S. Media try to Seal off American People from horrors perpetrated in Gaza by Israel
  6. Americans are Sick of Israeli games: 4 Movies released to "cover" Atrocities in Gaza
  7. Child Named "Adolf Hitler" taken by Foster care: Next will they remove children named "Osama"
  8. Bin Laden tape calls for Gaza jihad
  9. India urged not to distract Pakistan from anti-Taliban war
  10. Zionism in Gaza's Shattered Mirror
  11. Indian Muslims CAMPAIGN AGAINST ISRAELI OFFENSIVE: Israel-India Spy Venture
# 1260
Muharram 14, 1430, January 11, 2009, #4
  1. Latest in the Israeli assault on Gaza:
  2. America's Jews: Fully Supporting Genocide in Gaza. [In their own words.]
  3. Africa is Important for us: Dr. Shabazz returns from Visits to Kenya and Ethiopia
  4. Gaza helps us to learn: Stand firm against Israeli oppression: Condemn Police Brutality in Oakland and New Orleans. Boycott the Jews! Khutba against brainwashing.
  5. Like Moses, pbuh, Palestinians know the Pharoah best and will bring him down: The Qur'an warned us about Jews. Islamic Unity Emerging as Gaza Bleeds.
  6. Knoxville, Tennessee. Unusual Demonstration for Gaza: Distribution of Boycott Brochure
  7. U.S. Sending Large New Arms Shipment to Israel including 3,000 tons of Explosives
  8. Top 5 lies about Israel's assault on Gaza
  9. Petraeus: Afghan, Pakistan problems are really one
  10. Gaza killing sparks attacks on Jews across Europe
# 1259
Muharram 10, 1430, January 7, 2009, #3
  1. ISRAEL is another name for GENOCIDE:
  2. Blueprint for the future: From Imam Badi Ali: National Islamic Shoora: Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  3. Speaking to the American People about Gaza
  4. Here are some of the letters Jamaat has received about our BOYCOTT of businesses which support Israel. See our reply after the letters
  5. Reply from Jamaat al-Muslimeen to inquiries about products which should be BOYCOTTED
  6. Jamaat resolutions are about post-Bush/pre-Obama situation [analysis by Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz] and also relate to Mexico, Palestine, Pakistan, Africa.
  7. We Would be slaves if Gaza, Fallujah, Red Mosque ..... Did not Fight Back!
  8. Troubling Questions: What is Wrong with America? Christians who don't follow Jesus, pbuh.
  9. ISNA men Create Diversion: Siraj Wahhaj, Zaid Shakir, Johari Abdul Malik: Draining the Immigrant Community of Funds
  10. Israel Violated its Shabbath!
  11. Turkish Justice Minister Mehmet Ali Sahin charged in Antalya on Saturday that "Israel is the world's greatest terrorist provocateur.
  12. GAZA: Eyewitness Account: Death Fills the Air: Israel using depleted Uranium, says Norwegian
  13. Natural Born Killers: America has surrendered to Jewish Death Merchants:
# 1258
Muharram 7, 1430, January 4, 2009, #2
  1. Overthrow of Egyptian Tyrant Hosni Mubarak is Religious Duty of Egyptian Muslims: Hosni is Biggest Obstacle in Resistance to Israel
  2. Defenseless Population Cooped into Tiny Shanty Towns: Hamas Organizes Peoples' Resistance
  3. Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin: An Update
  4. Arab Rulers in Collusion with Zionists vs Phenomenal Palestinian Courage
  5. Shoe Throwing Theater
  6. For the People of Gaza
  7. Thousands of Afghans demonstrate against Israel, US.
# 1257
Muharram 4, 1430, January 1, 2009, #1
  1. Israel dropped a ONE TON bomb on the home of an Islamic scholar, Dr. Nizar Rayyan
  2. What can U.S. Muslims do to Counter Israel?
  3. Try Hosni Mubarak for High Treason
  4. U.S. Muslims Join Rallies: Wordwide Protests Against Israeli Mass Murder of Palestinians
  5. Jamaat Analysis of Israeli Attack Comes out Just Right
  6. The Hanukkah Massacre in Gaza-Judaism in its Finest Hour
  7. Pakistanis throng to streets to condemn Israeli bombing on Gaza
# 1256
Zulhijja 28, 1429, December 27 2008, #65
  1. Zionist-Jewish war Unleashed on Defenseless Gaza: Muslim World to Rise against Israel & Its Backers: Islamic Resistance is the Target of Zionism
  2. INDIA and PAKISTAN: From a New Trend analyst
  3. Letter of the month: From a Christian Friend Re: CNN and Playboy attack on Maryam [Mary] peace be on her
  4. What Does Islam say about Women? Why do some Muslims Oppress Women?
  5. Speaking to Imam Jamil's Community on the Future of Islam and Muslims in America
  6. Letter: Bernie Madoff: the biggest fraud in history: The Jew who looted the Jews wholsale
  7. New Trend Editor Suggests that Palestine give Bernie Madoff a Medal for being so Crooked. Look at the friends he ripped off:
  8. Letters: Top Ten Idiots of 2008+Taliban control 70% of Afghanistan, etc
  9. MUMBAI and ISRAEL: One of the Suspects is dead, the other in a Saudi Jail. [UN Security Council's and India's Stupidity]
  10. Letter: Re: Reader answers the Reader who Says New Trend's Criticism of ISNA and Cair is unIslamic
  11. Zakir Naik Under Attack: India's Muslims Show Signs of Being Mentally Oppressed, in Full Retreat
  12. WOMEN in Islam: Naila, the wife of Usman, r.a.
  13. Top Islamic Leader calls for unity between Army and People to Resist India: Warns India: Don't Start What you can't End
# 1255
Zulhijja 22, 1429, December 21 2008, #64
  1. Zimbabwe: Cholera has broken out...
  2. Top Ten Idiots of the Year 2008
  3. New Trend sends Christmas greetings to its Christian readers. Please send greetings to these eminent Prisoners of Conscience.
  4. Hindus rally for Muslim charity
  5. Outreach to Arab American Muslim Community and others
  6. Big, Empty Mosques: Homeless Muslim Women in the Cold: Confused and Manipulative Imams
  7. War Continues in spite of 150,000 U.S. Troops. No Troop Movements in two months
  8. Taliban control 70% of the Country, except when U.S. Air Force attacks ........................
# 1254
Zulhijja 18, 1429, December 17 2008, #63
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges Muslims to protest and condemn CNN's repeated presentation of the Virgin Mary [Maryam, peace be on her] in an imaginary half-naked pose
  2. Biggest Fraud in ALL of Human History: Bernard Madoff Arrested for $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme
  3. American Muslima on Iraq Shoe Incident: Put Bush & Cheyney on Trial with Gtmo Prisoners as Jurors
  4. Dr. Siddique Speaks on U.S. Media Coverage of Mumbai and Related Issues
  5. The Preventive and Healing Wonders of Ablution
  6. Prof. Hafiz Saeed Answers UN Security Council: Clarifies stories about Lashkar Taiba: Demands Evidence: Wiling to Face Accusers in ANY Court
# 1253
Zulhijja 13, 1429, December 12 2008, #62
  1. Why is Israel Supporting India?: Mumbai and the killing of an Israeli Rabbi and 5 other Israelis
  2. The shame coming out of the UN which created Israel in the first place:
  3. Flies Emerging from the Dung Heap of Democratic Party? Illinois Governor Blagojevich Wanted to "Sell" Obama's Seat to Highest Bidder: Jessie Jackson's son was #5
  4. Rape of minor girl in Occupied Kashmir widely condemned
  5. US, NATO Vehicles, including 70 Humvees Destroyed in Pakistan
  6. Biggest Gathering on Planet Devoted to Worship of Allah: A great occasion but ....
  7. WHERE IS YOUR CONSCIENCE AMERICA? Sentence of death for Iraqi leaders: Sectarian, Puppet Judge installed by Occupiers.
  8. A Taste of India: Letters from a Hindu in South Africa: With brief answers from the Editor of New Trend
# 1252
Zulhijja 5, 1429, December 4 2008, #61
  1. African Lives Don't Matter: 415 Muslims Slaughtered in Jos, Nigeria about same time as the Mumbai attacks. No Media Coverage in the U.S.
  2. U.S. Think Tanks Vie with India to Label Jamat ad-Da'wa as a terrorist Organization: India Prepares to Bomb Islamic Center Near Lahore
  3. Important Think Tank Claims Pakistan has Failed but Should be Used until it Collapses
  4. Mumbai, India: Strange narratives between Myths and Reality: Kashmir is central.
  5. You Cannot Change an Oppressive System by Becoming Part of it.
  6. Response to the Kuby Interview about the Conspiracy Trial of Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman [The Blind Shaikh]
  7. Letter: Reader Says New Trend's Criticism of ISNA and Cair is unIslamic
  8. Jamaat ad-Da'wah Response to Indian Demand
  9. Islamic Call to Unite against India: JI Demands: End Military Operations in Frontier areas
# 1251
Zulqi'dah 29, 1429, November 28 2008, #60
  1. Shameful Verdict Against Holy Land Foundation [HLF]: Zionist Hand Blocking Relief Funds for Palestinian Widows and Orphans What HLF Should Have Done and What U.S. Muslims Should Do
  2. Obama is not a friend to Muslims; he may prove to be even worse? than Bush
  3. "vile and despicable" Jeremiah Wright --- caution advised?! For Peace, Talk to al-Qaidah: Find out what al-Zawahiri Knows
  4. Letter: Re: Blitzer's Blunder etc. [New Trend Nov. 23 issue] in TWO WORDS
  5. Letter: RE: McCarthyism n Marin: American Jews Attack Free Speech trying to shut down a small paper: Daniel Pipes at Work
  6. Egyptian Dictator Mubarak Visits India, with high level Entourage, and Gets Highest Indian Award
  7. The Role of the Informer, Egyptian Agent Emad Salem: Shaikh Omar was Victim of FBI entrapment
  8. Mumbai: Understanding the Media bias: Did you ever see the Horrors of Kashmir on your TV screens? U.S. Ally India is beng hurt in Mumbai, taken by surprise: Hence non-stop TV Coverage
# 1250
Zulqi'dah 24, 1429, November 23 2008, #59
  1. Seeds That Give Life
  2. Outreach: To the Guyanese Community in Silver Spring, Maryland
  3. Wide Ranging Shoora Resolutions now on Web Site
  4. How to Join Jamaat al-Muslimeen?
  5. Outreach 2: Khutba in Baltimore: Personal Piety different from Public Struggle against Oppression. Don't Discuss other People's Religions
  6. Wolf Blitzer does not Understand Black History and Blundered into Distributing Ayman al-Zawahiri's Message Across America
  8. Rahm the Mechanic goes to Washington: The Jim Zogby Dilemma
  9. "State Department Hosts Iftar for American Muslim Leaders."
  10. The Shocking World of Torture + The Positive Role of Community Radio
  11. Dr. Amina Wadud's Latest Stunt: A Progressive Muslim tries to advise her. She does not take the trouble to Answer"... they are using people like you."
  12. Do you take Starbucks?
# 1249
Zulqi'dah 18, 1429, November 17 2008, #58
  1. Islamic Victory in Somalia
  2. NIGER
  3. Major Pakistani Secularist Paper Attacks Dr. Siddique's Khutba: Claims to Know America better!
  4. 'Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel,' Says Senator Hollings
  5. Americans are in for a Rude Awakening during the Barack Obama Presidency: War will Continue and Spread: Economy will Go Down.
  6. Letter: Re: New Trend's Critique of Barack Obama & recommendation of Radio program
  7. Letter: Re: New Trend's critique of BO re: Imam Badi Ali's Questions for BO: Unity requires Qur'an
  8. Letter: Re: Post-Bush USA: Re Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Resolutions : November 8 Shoora
  9. Letter: Khutba on "No to Obama"
  10. Letter: Historic Jericho march in NY Appreciates Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Support
  11. Letter: Re: New Trend's Comment against Attacks on Sarah Palin
  12. Letter: Christian writer Tackles PBS TV's Attempt to Portray Jews as God's Chosen People
  13. Many Arab Friends don't Understand India's Role: A look at the Alignment of Forces
  14. Afghanistan: Taliban control Half the Country: Areas in the West, North and around Kabul also see Increasing Taliban Activity. Talks with U.S. out of the question, says Talib commander.
  15. War Rages: Supply Route for NATO in danger: All Out Assault after Petraeus-Kayani Meeting: Pak Taliban score Bajaur Victory
  16. IRAQ: Women and Girls Attacking U.S. forces and Shi'ite Troops
# 1248
Zulqi'dah 11, 1429, November 10 2008, #57
  1. Race is a False Construct Used by the Oppressors and the Power Structure to Divide, Exploit, Subjugate and Rule
  2. America Post-Bush: What is our Role as Muslims?
  3. Understand America: Do not become part of the Mass Culture: Issues of Modesty, Food and Self-Study: Be Kind to non-Muslim Oppressed People
  4. Imam Badi Ali's Questions for President Elect Barak Obama: What will Change for Muslims?
  5. McCarthyism in Marin: American Jews Attack Free Speech trying to shut down a small paper: Daniel Pipes at Work
# 1247
Zulqi'dah 3, 1429, November 2 2008, #56
  1. Republican Desperation: Landslide victory for Obama?
  2. Disrespect for women taken to an extreme degree : No freedom for Holocaust Critics
  3. Hypocrisy taken to the Nth degree: A lecture on Values from Jerry Springer!
  4. No to Obama: No to the Election Drama: Islamic Agenda can Save America. Ghettoization and Assimilation are both un-Islamic:
  5. Six Flags is a Jewish business, linked to other Jewish businesses Funding Zionism. ICNA took innocent Muslim children to 6 Flags. ICNA Should Apologize.
  6. African Students Demand an End to Imperialist-driven War in the Congo.
  7. Islamic Africans attack U.S.-linked institutions in Somaliland and Puntland
  8. The Great Demonstration on 29th of October in Islamabad, Pakistan, Urges Release of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui: Beloved Daughter of Islam Brutalized in U.S. Military Prison
  9. Dr. Toben will not be extradited to Germany but British restrictions are only a little less than prison. His passport seized....
  10. Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi's Wife Cries out for Help: Political Persecution Broke the Back of this Prosperous Islamic Family living in Detroit
  11. Egypt bans international parliamentary delegation from entering Gaza
  12. Pakistani army assault on the Red Mosque
  13. Yvonne Ridley Challenges Muslims to stand up for the Rights of Islamic Women in U.S. Military Prisons facing Abuse, torture and Rape.
  14. Two Men Installed by the U.S. Make a Pledge
  15. Muslims Students Face Police Atrocities: India's Version of "War on Terror"
# 1246
Shawwal 25, 1429, October 25 2008, #55
  1. Book Notice: The Lion and the Eagle
  2. Final Notice: The National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen will meet on November 8, 2008
  3. Sis. Nabila Bey Hosts Informative Radio Program on Imam Jamil al-Amin
  4. What you can do if unduly mistreated or unduly delayed at U.S.-Mexican border
  5. Some pictures of the historic Jericho rally
  6. Sisters Speak in Atlanta Georgia, organized by sis. Hadayai Majeed.
  7. This letter was published in April 2007 but W.D. Muhammad refused to answer.
  8. Toben's Arrest: A New Assault Against Free Speech
  9. YEAH, BUT ........A man with the blood of millions on his hands
  11. Obama's Jews: They Shape, run and Control his Campaign from Start to Finish
  12. Women in Pakistan: Energized by the Islamic Struggle
  13. Pakistan rising up to fight for Islam:
# 1245
Shawwal 20, 1429, October 20 2008, #54
  1. FATWA on Pakistan army's Genocidal Actions in the Frontier areas of Pakistan
  2. I Call on the Pakistani Soldiers to stop Working for Zionist-U.S. Money and Become the Army of Islam, otherwise the Fire of Hell Awaits You
  3. New Book on the Internet by Bangladeshi Scholar:
  4. Well organized "Miracle" of Deception
  5. Powell Endorses Obama: Honors "Muslim" Soldier killed in Iraq
  6. Did the Republican Party Sacrifice McCain?
  7. Working hard for Obama in the Major Corporate Media
  8. Zionist style Propaganda in Movie "Body of Lies"
  9. What Should Muslims do at Election Time? Masjids in America are becoming like Churches. What Does Islam say about Cooperation with Kafir Power Structure?
  10. W.D. Muhammad's Mosques: Pledging Allegiance to the Flag right in the Prayer Area where there Should be Allegiance to Allah
  11. Muslim Professionals detained as "terrorists" after "encounter" faked by the Government. Systematic Vilification of Muslim Students
  12. Indian Military Cooperation with the U.S. at Top Level in Occupied Kashmir
  13. U.S. Special Forces in Pakistan:
  14. Heavy Civilian Casualties in Latest Pakistani Air Strikes
  15. Stepping out of US war will end "suicide" attacks, lawlessness: Munawar Hasan
  16. Afghanistan : USA Tried to Destroy an Entire Country, while claiming to go after Osama and 200 Fighters with him. October is the Anniversary of the U.S. Attack
  17. Karzai Troops Hiding Among Civilians Killed
  18. U.S. Commanders Demand 4 More Brigades to be able to Hold on in Afghanistan
  19. Ex-Province Mayor Turns Taliban Leader
  20. Open Letter To the Future U. S .Government : A Fervent Plea for Peace from a Pakistani woman in Islamabad
# 1244
Shawwal 13, 1429, October 13 2008, #53
  1. New waves of immigrants are part of U.S. Social Engineering to dominate Africa, Iraq & Palestine
  2. Unusual Question from a Veteran Christian Activist and Writer: How Would Shari'a Affect us in America?
  3. Basic Facts about Shari'ia [Islamic Law].
  4. Bogus JFK Case: Support Guyanese and Trinidad Muslims Accused in case Fabricated by the Government
  5. Information on W.D. Muhammad Distributed in Brooklyn Muslim Community
  6. Historic March in New York City Brought Together Activist Groups Supporting Political Prisoners Jamaat al-Muslimeen Urges Unity of Black, Hispanic, Native American & Islamic Movements Opposing Oppression
  7. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's endorsement of the Jericho march is being published here
  8. Pioneering Effort in Baltimore to Help Homeless Muslim Women
  9. 'Holocaust Denial' Laws are Disgraceful
  10. Canadian Paper Misleads about Pakistani Move against Pornography+ Thanksgiving for God-given Prosperity, not for Imperial Conquest
  11. Letter: W.D. Supporter thinks he deserves a place in Paradise
  12. W.D. Muhammad: A Long Time Friend of Zionist Jews
  13. 90,427 rapes, 16,929 murders in the USA in 2007: That was Terrorism: Compare with Dutch film Accusing Islam of "terrorism"
  14. Serious Setbacks for U.S. Program in Pakistan: Plans to Create "Pakhtunistan" Thwarted [for now] by Taliban Martyrdom Attacks
# 1243
Shawwal 6, 1429, October 6 2008, #52
  1. W.D. Muhammad Divided the Muslims, Supported Israel and all the Enemies of Islam: We must Learn from this Tragic Fact that Agents have Infiltrated the Ummah
  2. Historian Arrested by British at German Request at Airport [on plane] for Thought Crime: Police Support for Jewish version of History
  3. What do Joe Biden and Sarah Palin Agree on "100?" Love of Israel and hatred of Sudan [Re:Darfur]
  4. The $700 billion Bailout of the Rich and the Dissolute: Barack Obama removes his Populist Mask: Congress Bribed with $150 Billion
  5. Outreach: Philadelphia: 200 Receive Jamaat Literature after Juma': Saudi students object to Resistance Terminology
  6. Eid Prayers on the Correct Date: Crescent was sighted on Sept. 30: Local Sighting would be more Islamic
  7. Lal Masjid Khatib issues decree against Zardari: Misbehavior with Sarah Palin was unIslamic
  8. Maulvi Umar, Spokesman of Pakistani Taliban, gave a rare interview to a Pakistani journalist.
  10. Letter: The Difficulties Faced by Imam W.D. Mohammad's Young Wife show Muslims are not letting go of the American system
  11. What Nobody Wants To Know About Somalia And Why; And What That Means
# 1242
Ramadan 26, 1429, September 27 2008, #51
  1. Dear Muslims: Sighting of the crescent is required Sunnah for the completion of Ramadan and celebration of Eid. Don't let agent groups mislead you away from Sunnah.
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Official Web Site
  3. Answering the Jewish-Zionist "Obsession"
  4. Sis. Amina Masood on Independent Radio Program "On with Leon": The Tragedy of "Disappeared" Pakistanis
  5. Dr. Aafia Siddiqui's Children: Bush Could Face Criminal Charges for this Act
  6. Our America: by New Trend's Media Monitor Almost Indistinguishable Election Claims+ Hurricane destroys Galveston, Damages Houston+ Economic Bottom Falling Out
  7. Father of Imam W.D. Muhammad's Young Wife Uncovers the Corruption Among his Followers: The Charade Behind the Funeral and Prayer Gatherings. Claim that Islamic Marriage not Valid!+Wife Locked out+ Wallet Taken+ Imams at Funeral Lacked Guts to Speak out.
  8. Response to Letters Against Criticism of W.D. Muhammad: Looking at W.D. supporters' mosque in New York Re: Israel
  9. Letter: Race, Islam and W.D. Muhammad: Response to the Contention that an African-American should not be criticized by a non-African American
  10. Growing Evidence that Members of the Shi'ite Sect are generously helping war effort Against Islamic Forces
  11. Masaud Khan's Mother Speaks: The Agony of an American Muslimah. A Crime Against Humanity
  12. Ramadan: Month of bombing. Pakistani military claiming Victory. 700 killed, 400,000 made homeless in Bajaur. People in Swat Rally Against Military Action
# 1241
Ramadan 19, 1429, September 20 2008, #50
  1. Canada's Victim: MOMIN KHAWAJA's CASE:
  2. The anniversary of Ayesha Siddiqa [r.a] was on Ramadan 17.
  3. Republican Party Behind this pro-War Propaganda? Countrywide Campaign to Stir Up Hate Against Muslims: Mass Distribution of anti-Islam DVD "Obsession"
  4. Outreach 1: Mostly Arab, Indo-Pakistani Gathering in Newark, Delaware
  5. Outreach 2: Khutba in Knoxville, Tennessee: Biggest Islamic Victories came in Ramadan
  6. Palestine removed from Maps! + Jewish Group Honors Islam hater Hirsi Ali+ W.D. Muhammad's Autopsy
  7. Preacher Attacks Jamaat al-Muslimeen's International Peace Conference Using ADL's Propaganda to Remove Christian Support from Muslims
  8. Letters: Re: W.D. Muhammad divided America's Muslims, helped the White House and Repeatedly visited Israel
  9. Israel's Rape of Humanity and Decency Still Unpunished: Sept. 16, 1982
  10. The Kafkaesque "War on Terror" : Impact on Canadian Muslims+AMAL Helping Muslim Women
  11. 15 Year Old Canadian Muslim was degraded in Guantanamo. Canada Ignored his Suffering for 6 Years
  12. Anbar Province: Looks like the story of American success was fabricated
# 1240
Ramadan 14, 1429, September 15 2008, #49
  1. A good Offering for Ramadan
  2. Pakistani Humanitarian Visitor's U.S. Visa revoked At time of Boarding Plane
  3. Making it Easier to know Jamaat al-Muslimeen and to join its peaceful struggle
  4. The Tragedy of Imam W.D. Muhammad: He Divided America's Muslims and Supported the White House
  5. W.D. Muhammad mourned by Jews and Rabbis: Visited Israel Repeatedly
  6. Qur'an and Hadith on Cooperation with Oppressors
  7. India Police break up Peaceful rallies in Occupied Kashmir: Sept. 12
  8. Does Islam permit Hired Imams or is this a haram practice?
  9. Pak Military says: Will not Tolerate U.S. Attacks: Pak Jet Fighters bomb Bajaur, kill 60: Bomb Mohmand, kill 13. Bomb Swat, kill 13
  10. 22 people, mostly women and children, killed, 25 seriously injured: 6 Hellfire Missiles used in terror attack
  11. New PPP-MQM Alliance has brought Karachi to the old Days where Murder of Opponents is Unchecked
  12. Mahmoud Abbas Preparing to Give Away Palestinian Right of Return What does International Law say?
  13. Gaza female prisoners in Israeli jails appeal for allowing family visits
# 1239
Ramadan 8, 1429, September 9 2008, #48
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's own web site is now up.
  2. Press Release: Jamaat al-Muslimeen notes with horror the U.S. government's attempts to strip search Dr. 'Aafia Siddiqui
  3. Q and A: What Does Islam say about Love?
  4. Nayyar Zaidi's Case: Vendetta Against a Veteran Journalist?
  5. Nigerian Impression of the International Islamic Conference of August 16 in Baltimore
  6. Continuing Outreach in Baltimore: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Rejects Recognition of Israel, Condemns Pakistani Bombing in Bajaur and Swat
  7. Canadian Response to the August 16 Peace Conference
  8. JAM Gets Gift of Valuable Books and DVD about Israel and Christian Zionism
  10. 4th U.S. Attack inside Pakistan while U.S.-backed Pak troops attack Islamic villages from Within: Heavy Retaliation near Peshawar
  11. Heavy Fighting: Steadily Increasing U.S. losses: Taliban Counterattack U.S. Pincer Movement to Trap them
  12. Zionism & Racism. Israeli leaders' statements.
# 1238
Ramadan 1, 1429, September 2 2008, #47
  1. Ramadan 1 was on September 2: Crescent was not sighted anywhere on August 31
  2. A Zionist Smear: The ADL Attacks an Islamic Peace Conference
  3. Fasting in Islam is not Just another Ritual which Removes Sins by Itself! The Miracle of the Qur'an!
  4. Pakistani Forces Beaten Back by Islamic Fighters, Declare Victory after Relentless use of Air force: Hundreds Killed in Bombing of Bajaur, Swat, Adam Khel
  5. Hindu Mobs in Action: 300 villages burnt, 4,014 houses destroyed, 50,000 Christians hiding in Forests in a week
  6. Pakistan: Islamic Leader warns, Pak Army is Undermining National Unity: 400,000 Made Homeless in Bajaur by Pak Bombing and Armored Columns
  7. Jama't-ud-Da'wah holds grand Kashmir Solidarity Conference
  8. Helping non-Muslims Understands the Basic Rules of Islamic Fasting in Ramadan
# 1237
Sh'aban 26, 1429, August 28 2008, #46
  1. Jewish American Attacks on Jamaat al-Muslimeen's International Islamic Conference
  2. Maulana Ehsanullah Speaks to Audiences in Maryland
  3. Letter: High Praise for Montreal Perspectives in New Trend
  4. Letter: After Sulayman Lindh and Daniel Maldonado....
  5. The Aafia Siddiqui I Saw: Fearless Daughter of Islam Opposing Tyranny with Faith
  6. AFGHANISTAN: Massacre of Children and Women in Shindand, Herat province
  7. Pakistan: Using Phosphorous Bombs Against the Islamic Resistance: Curfew Imposed on ALL of Swat. Wah Attack
# 1236
Sh'aban 18, 1429, August 20 2008, #45
  1. Press Release on the International Baltimore Conference: From Imam Badi Ali, North Carolina:
  2. Star Studded Conference Signals Historic Change in American Muslim Initiatives for Peace Zionist Control and Manipulation of American Power Structure for War Exposed Analytically
  3. Mass Expulsion in Pakistan: In the Shadow of the Caucasus Crisis
  4. Police Shooting in Montreal leads to Protests and Riots+ Algerian Abdelkader Belaouni, an Extraordinary Immigrant
  5. Kashmir: Mass Popular Uprising after Indian Atrocities
  6. General Musharraf trying to Save his Skin through Resignation: He Must not be Allowed to Flee, Says Jamaate Islami Leader
  7. Musharraf's resignation not sufficient, must be tried - Hafiz Saeed
  8. Afghanistan: French troops Whipped by Taliban
  9. IRAQ: Fighting Raging in Mosul and Diyala regions and Ramadi
# 1235
Sh'aban 11, 1429, August 13 2008, #44
  1. International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness: Program for August 15
  2. "Morning Jazz"
  3. Outreach: Thanks to Jamaat Volunteers for Big Effort on August 8, 2008 to Spread August 16 Message
  4. Juma' Khutba in Knoxville, Tennessee: Boycott of pro-Zionist businesses
  5. Study Circle in Chicago: Presentation on Slavery and its complete condemnation and abolition in Islam
  6. Very important endorsement from California
  7. Dr. Al-Arian's Trial Postponed Indefinitely
  8. Israel Emboldened Georgia to attack South Ossetia
  9. A US judge ordered that Pakistani scientist accused of links to the al-Qaeda leadership should receive urgent medical care.
# 1234
Sh'aban 5, 1429, August 7 2008, #43
  1. On August 16, 2008 Jamaat al-Muslimeen will present analysis never before heard in America at an Islamic Conference after 9.11
  2. Tragic Suffering of Dr. Afia Siddiqui must now End: Bush and Musharraf Violated International and Islamic Law
  3. Letter: Re: ICNA & Siraj and the Anti-Islamic/Anti-Muslim Obama.
  4. Sharjah- City of Masjids & Female Huffaaz: The Unknown Middle East
  5. Nayyar Zaidi, Veteran Journalist, arrested on Weird Charges.
  6. Free Dr. Sami al-Arian!! Protest & Vigil
# 1233
Rajab 29, 1429, August 1 2008, #42
  1. International Islamic Conference Promoting Peace and Awareness
  2. From Nigeria: Islamic Youth Movement Leader Endorses Peace Conference
  3. For Peace in the City: From Baltimore's Leading and Unique Organization for Homeless Women
  4. The Mysterious "Islam" of ICNA, Siraj Wahhaj and Gamal Badawi: Re: ICNA's "Why Islam" Campaign
  5. "President" [already !] Barack Obama Plans new Crusade against the World of Islam
  6. Arrest of Serb Thug Karadjic, Ignores Role of Dutch Troops who Facilitated Slaughter of Muslim Prisoners in Srebrenica Here is a look back into the tragedy of Bosnia: Hypocrisy of one Man's Arrest is obvious
  7. Dr. Siddique's response: Cooperation with Agents of Oppressors is the issue. Muslimat al Nisaa [sis. Asma Hanif] simply ignored the issue.
  8. Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
  9. July 29, 2008: Senator Obama had no comment on this.
# 1232
Rajab 24, 1429, July 27 2008, #41
  1. Fact Top Israeli Terrorists are directly funded by American Jews: This is how "democracy" functions in the Zionist Entity
  2. International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness
  3. Outreach: Giving the Message of Jamaat' Peace Conference to Guyanese Community in New York
  4. Outreach 2: Brooklyn, New York: Second effort to Expose JFK Case and Regime's Attempt to Terrorize Shi'a Muslims
  5. Brownsville, Texas: Why Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader refused to leave town during storm Dolly's 100 mph winds
  6. Baltimore: Insightful Presentations on Sierra Leone and Somalia
  7. Jesus' disciple Challenges pro-Israeli Church: Debunks "Slavery in Sudan" Story
  8. The Zionist Media's Hypocrisy in Support of Patriotism: Racism in another Garb: The Becky Hammon Case
  9. Islamic Woman Leader Starts School Classes on Ruins of Islamic University Jamia Hafsa
  10. Pakistanis Facing Serious Internal Corruption and Hypocrisy: Faith is Eroded by Inaction: Hafiz Saeed's Juma Khutba
  11. Addressing Very Large Prayer Gathering, JI Leader Claims USA is a Terrorist State: Notes Indian Infiltation of Pakistan: PPP Regime's Luxury and Bushite Visit
  12. Saddam's Right Hand: Ibrahim al-Douri Challenges American Military Occupation and Calls for Victory
# 1231
Rajab 17, 1429, July 20 2008, #40
  1. Imam Warith Deen Umar will lead Juma Salat on August 15
  2. Obama Wants Major U.S. Military Presence in Iraq till 2010 followed by smaller combat forces indefinitely
  3. U.S. Muslims Support Sudan and Condemn Slanders Against President Bashir
  4. From Bangladesh: Prominent Intellectual & Islamic Scholar Endorses Peace Move
  5. From the Anti-Torture Movement
  6. From the Anti-Death Penalty Movement
  7. Outreach: Creating Awareness of the August 16 Conference in Philadelphia
  8. Outreach: Educating Brooklyn Muslims about the Absurdities of the JFK Airport Case: Why are Shi'as silent?
  9. A Good Lesson in how Dunya can Make Muslims forget the Akhira. Hobnobbing with Zaid Shakir, Native Deen, "Imam" Magid
  10. Social Transformation and Religious Belief are integrated in the Qur'an: Peaceful Ways of Opposing Taghoot are Available
  11. Establishment Insider warns that America is in the Grip of "Israel First" Agents: America's Interests are being ignored
  12. U.S. Forces Massing on Pakistan Border: Islamic Leader Calls for End of all Cooperation with NATO+Baluchistan Watch
  13. Pakistani Tanks, 1500 troops, Artillery, Helicopters Attack Islamic forces in Hangu Area: 25,000 Refugees from Doaba
  14. First U.S. Withdrawal + Canadian Military Column Hit+ Heavy civilian losses Confirmed in Herat
  15. Iraq: Saddam's Right Hand Man Evades Capture: Calls for Continuing Strikes and Victory in this very Year
  16. Al-Qaida forces Parade Openly in Dora Area of Baghdad
# 1230
Rajab 11, 1429, July 14 2008, #39
  1. Imam Badi Ali condemns attempt to put Sudan's President Bashir on trial. Muslim world must stand with Sudanese president.
  2. Good News! Activities in Atlanta Honor Imam Jamil al-Amin
  3. Latest Endorsement of the International Islamic Peace Conference: Baltimore, Maryland August 16
  4. Most Muslims do not Know that Muhammad, pbuh, originated the basic idea of modern medicine that there is a cure for every disease.
  5. Cynthia McKinney is a Genuine Candidate [Nominee of the Green Party]
  6. U.S. Corporate-Zionist Media have gone beyond all limits: It's becoming a bunch of home movies, ignoring a nation of 340 million
  7. Muslims should oppose glorification of Homosexuality, Degradation of Women, Insults Against Jesus and Mary, peace be on them.
  8. Dr. Sami Al-Arian Granted Bail
  9. Outreach: Islamic Center on Highway 270 [Maryland]: Urging Support for August 16 Conf. in Baltimore
  10. Juma' Salat on Eve of International Islamic Conference: August 15. Imam 'Umar will be Khateeb, inshallah.
  11. Momin's Case Backfiring on Government of Canada
  12. American Muslim Challenges Department of Homeland Security: Was Falsely Accused of being Threat to America!
  13. CNN's Atrocity Propaganda: Nick Robertson's Lies linked to Condemnation of President Bashir Engineered by International Jewry & Imperialism
  14. Lal Masjid cleric warns against prolonging issue
  15. Jamaat-e-Islami ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad warns: any aggression on Pakistani soil would be countered with full force.
  16. Muslim Protests Against the Controversial Textbook in Kerala [India]: Varied Views on Nuclear Deal
  17. The Lion-of-Africa and its Hippopotamus...
  18. Afghanistan: Classic Taliban Attack. U.S. Troop Wiped out In Spite of Air Support
  19. Wardak Province and Most of Afghanistan in Taliban Hands: Classic Guerrilla Warfare: Surrounding Towns from Countryside
  20. Jalaluddin Haqqani's Son killed in Fighting Karzai troops.
  21. Martyrdom Operator Hits Karzai Supporters
# 1229
Rajab 5, 1429, July 8 2008, #38
  1. Talking about Iran while U.S. occupies and bombs Afghanistan.
  2. Pakistani Muslimah Held in Torture Related U.S. Prison in Bagram, Afghanistan
  3. Grassroots Islamic political movement in USA Endorses International Islamic Peace and Awareness Conference
  4. U.S. Media Ignoring issues of War and Peace: Spreading sexual Immorality, Homosexuality, Exploitation of Women
  5. Canada: Momin Khawaja's Trial a Farce: Prosecutors trying Guilt by Association
  6. Trinidad Muslims Extradited to New York for JFK Airport related Conspiracy Story: West Indian Sovereignty Ended as U.S. Moved in
  7. Outreach: First Effort in Knoxville, Tennessee
  8. Outreach 2: Irvine, California: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Analysis of Jewish Attacks on Hadith+Intro to Jamaat's Program
  9. Outreach 3: Invitation to Islamic Peace Conference: Bombs Can't Defeat Islam: How to bring about an Honorable Peace?
  10. "O Allah Forgive us: We were Asleep when Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa were under attack": Pakistanis Rally, calling for trial of Musharraf
  11. Letter: Niger's Wealth still in French Hands
  12. Letter: From the heart of the City
  13. Targeting Bangladesh: Old Veteran of Anti-Islam Propaganda Selig Harrison at it Again after strategic blunder in Afghanistan
  14. Letter: Peaceful way of Answering the Abuse hurled at Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, by Denmark and the Pope
  15. Letter: Reader Differs with New Trend Report on Muslim Rallies against Text Book in India
  16. Afghanistan: Bride killed in U.S. Air strike
  17. Saudi-Canadian Cooperation Against Taliban Uncovered
  18. IRAQ: Heavy Fighting: Islamic Forces Retain Control of Mosul and Diyala Province, lie Low in Others
  19. Dr. Morgentaler gets Order of Canada
# 1228
Jamada al-Thani 28, 1429, July 2 2008, #37
  1. International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness: Baltimore, Maryland. August 16, 2008, inshallah.
  2. Think about it: Israeli Bigotry and Hatred: Christian Victims of Israel, treated almost like Muslims
  3. Peace Activist's Daughter Weds: Imam Ali Siddiqui emphasizes Islamic texts on Women's Rights & Duties
  4. Pakistan Peoples Party's Sophisticated Moves to Support the U.S. Agenda against Islamic Forces
  5. Hate Disguised as Freedom of Expression: Charlie Rose's Love Fest with Rushdie: Waiting for emergence of a new "Islam"
  6. In The Name of Allah, Let The Games Begin!
  7. Muslim Students Clash with Police during Rallies: Unity of Muslims Emerges after Marxist Attempt to Target Muslim Children's Beliefs
  8. Clashes Highlight Niger's Uranium Wealth
  9. MP Saleh narrates heart breaking stories about women in Israeli jails
# 1227
Jamada al-Thani 22, 1429, June 26 2008, #36
  1. Without Islamic Dynamism, South Africa is Disintegrating into inter-African Fratricide
  2. The Strange Case of Zimbabwe: United Nations Move Against African Nation which Won't Conform
  3. First two days: Momin Khawaja's Case Opens with Propaganda Blast of threat and condemnation Against Pakistani-Canadian: Justice has Little Chance
  4. A Forgotten "Day of Infamy." The Murder of Layla al-Attar
  5. Afghanistan: Classic Guerrilla Warfare: Taliban hit hard, Disappear: 78 Truck Convoy Wiped Out
  6. IRAQ: Daily Conflict, steady death toll. U.S. Media Keeping Quiet
  7. Bangladesh: 400,000 Bengali Women taken to India and forced to become Prostitutes: 50 Women a Day
  8. What AIPAC wants USA to do to Iran
# 1226
Jamada al-Thani 17, 1429, June 21 2008, #35
  1. International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness: A First in U.S. Muslim History Challenging the forces of war, conquest and Hegemony
  2. Does Islam say that the Wife Should Obey the Husband? Why are Marriages under Stress?
  3. New War Budget is a Slap in the Face of the American People. House passes $162B for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan
  4. Hijab in Support of Kufr ?: Obama gets Blind affirmation from Confused Muslims
  5. Gross Violations of Islam by ISNA, MAS and ADAMS Center: Playing with Minds of Muslim Children.
  6. 100 Books Campaign to Continue: Free Books are available to help Immigrants Understand America's Underbelly
  7. Competing with New Trend: A Blog which must remain Anonymous
  8. Weber to Speak in Baltimore on July 2
  9. Ahmad Rashid Mislead America about Taliban in 2001: In 2008 he is Using Amy Goodman to Try Again. His line is that of Bush: Pakistan is not Doing Enough to Fight Islamic Forces!
  10. Saudi Scholar notes: U.S. Air Attacks are becoming Intolerable even for Bush's Friends in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan
  11. Letter: Indian Government's Ban on Muslim Students was Helped by man who wrote against Maulana Maudoodi
  12. Letter: Latest New Trend's Last Article
  13. Letter: Maudoodi did Oppose the Traditional Spirituality and "Love" which has Destroyed the Muslim Ummah
  14. Dual U.S./Israel Citizens in Top U.S. Government Positions: America's Jewish Elites Put Israel First
# 1225
Jamada al-Thani 11, 1429, June 15 2008, #34
  1. Great News: America's Top Activist Attorney Endorses Jamaat's International Conference
  2. DVDs of three of America's Greatest Muslims now Available:
  3. Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz in Arusha, Tanzania for African Summit
  4. Outreach: Islamic Society of Washington Area [ISWA]
  5. Profiles of 2 Distinguished Christian Presenters at International Islamic Peace and Awareness Conference; August 16, inshallah
  6. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: Supreme Court Decision a Mockery of Human Values: After 7 Years of Torture and Desecration, a cruel joke
  7. Daily Racism on Baltimore's MTA: People's Tribunal Needed
  8. Afghanistan: Audacious Taliban Attack Breaks Open Prison, Releasing 1200 Inmates
  9. British troops under Taliban Attack
  10. Heavy U.S. and Taliban Losses in Latest Battles
  11. Rally against U.S. desecration of the Qur'an:
  12. Pakistan: U.S. Attack, killing Pak troops, was Meant to Divert Attention from Long March on Islamabad
  13. Pakistan re-Making Itself: 100,000 Gather in Islamabad, call for Rule of law, Removal of Musharraf
  14. Letter: Prostrating to the Jewish Power Elite: Three Puppets Assure Israel of their Unconditional Loyalty: McCain, Hillary, Obama at AIPAC.
  15. 4,000 killed in Lal Masjid Op'
  16. An Important Development in Canada: Linked to the Future of Quebec
  17. Maulana Maudoodi taught Political Activism and Organized Effort: Is that a Sign of Lack of Spirituality and love?
# 1224
Jamada al-Thani 3, 1429, June 7, 2008, #33
  1. Israel's "moral" and intellectual foundations
  2. Obama's situation is pathetic.
  3. Latest 3 Endorsements: From Top Islamic Activists from Georgia, Washington, Louisiana
  4. Masoud Khan: Victim of USA's friendship with India: Info now available online
  5. Br. Hammad Released
  6. Outreach: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Call in Virginia: 141 people Got Literature
  7. How the ISNA-CAIR-related Clique Exploits Muslims
  8. Prostrating to the Jewish Power Elite: Three Puppets Assure Israel of their Unconditional Loyalty: McCain, Hillary, Obama at AIPAC
  9. "UNBREAKABLE TODAY, UNBREAKABLE TOMORROW, UNBREAKABLE FOREVER" Obama Pledges the Islamic City of Jerusalem to Israel Forever!
  10. More on Right Wing Bigot Michelle Malkin's Attack on the Palestinian Scarf Symbolizing Freedom Mr. President, They Don't Hate Us Any More!!
  11. Attack on Danish Embassy: Is it part of a larger war? What most people don't know about the Role of Denmark
  12. Closer Relationship between U.S. and Pak Military in Major Move Against Islamic Forces
  13. Small Taliban Groups Attacking NATO Across the Country: Guerrilla Warfare: U.S. Air Attacks Prevent Victory
  14. Iraq: U.S.-led Shi'ite Forces Run into Heavy Resistance: Hundreds killed by Islamic Fighters
  15. Maulana Maudoodi and Indian Muslims
# 1223
Jamada al-Awwal 26 1429, June 1, 2008, #32
  1. August 16, 2008. Baltimore, Maryland. International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness: Two New Endorsers.
  2. Our America Rachel Ray's Scarf and Michelle Malkin
  3. Children of Polygamist Sect being Subjected to Cultural Genocide
  4. Where is "Auschwitz?" Obama's Abysmal Ignorance of World War II History
  5. Letter: RE: Sexual abuse and rapes of innocent children by so-called "UN Peacekeepers" world-wide
  6. Letter: Re. Siraj Wahhaj and Abdul Malik "Mujahid.": Supporters of Tyrants
  7. MY BELOVED -by Umm Ikrimah
  8. Terrorist, Terrorist, Terrorist
  9. Michelle Malkin: Enemy of the people and US Constitutiion?
  10. An Important Reason why Barak Obama's Election will help American Imperialism. RE-CONQUERING AFRICA
  11. Pakistani Taliban Leader Refuses to Cooperate with United Nations: Says it is Extension of USA
  12. Rallies in Karachi Protest Rising Prices and Worsening Poverty of the People
  13. Zionist Jews Mutilated and Murdered 15 Year Old Hammad
# 1222
Jamada al-Awwal 21 1429, May 27, 2008, #31
  1. New Trend ahead of the curve:
  2. International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness: First Four Endorsers: August 16, 2008. Baltimore, Maryland.
  3. Best Shoora yet: Thanks to the Greensboro team
  4. Recognition of the Extraordinary Achievements of Women Leaders: Sis. Ashira Na'im and Nadrat Siddique
  5. Outstanding Formal Presentations Video Taped for Countrywide Distribution
  6. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Organizational Developments: Hispanic Activist Takes Oath of Islamic Allegiance
  7. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Resolutions: All Occupation Must End: No Dialogue with Israel: Peaceful Resistance to Zionist Control of USA
  8. Self-Criticism is Essential for Victory of Islam. Cooperation with Oppressors is Forbidden
  9. 200 Civilians Murdered by NATO in first 4 months of 2008
  10. Barack Obama's Shameful and Blatant Support for Zionism and Israel: Admits that American Jews Saved him from the Rev. Wright Problem
# 1221
Jamada al-Awwal 14 1429, May 20, 2008, #30
  1. Is Peace with Honor Possible? Watch for the International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness
  2. U.S. General Apologizes: Qur'an used for Target Practice: Outrage in Iraq
  3. Story About Iranian Weapons Collapses
  4. Letter: Re. Siraj Wahhaj and Abdul Malik "Mujahid.": Supporters of Tyrants
  5. Critical Letter: Quotes from New Trend: Why is New Trend Saying that "Slavery is Shirk" or that Nouri al-Maliki is an Apostate or that USA is Racist?
  6. Helping Homeless Women in Baltimore: Sis. Nadia Answers Questions
  7. Helping Needy/Homeless Women in Atlanta: How it is done. What are the Financial Requirements
  8. Blocked by Turkish Muslims, "Moderate Islam" Leader Abu-Rabi Moving to Canada [Close Associate of ISNA President Ingrid Mattson]
# 1220
Jamada al-Awwal 9 1429, May 15, 2008, #29
  1. 720 Balloons to Mourn 720 months of Israeli occupation of Palestine
  2. Final Reminder of Jamaat's National Islamic Shoora on May 24. Pre-Order CDs of three Formal Presentations.
  3. Big Muslim Presence at Washington, DC Town Hall Meeting: Response to Police Misbehavior with Sis. Octavia. Apology Demanded. Police Commander Defensive. Muslim women's right to head cover
  4. Lucasville prison imam Abdullah Hasan Unjustly sentenced to death: Support increasing 15 Years after the Uprising
  5. Why are U.S. Muslims so helpless? Why is Every Politician Supporting Israel? Why is Africa Ignored?
  6. Pakistan: U.S. Air Attack Kills 20, wounds 35, destroys small mosque in Bajaur Agency
  7. Afghanistan: Taliban Pin Down U.S. troops, says NBC
  8. IRAQ: Big Shi'ite offensive, backed by U.S., against Mosul: 500 arrested
  9. Pakistani fighters hit U.S. convoy, are killed in Air Strike.
  10. Iranian viewpoint Pakistan to extradite Jundullah terrorists to Iran
  11. Letter: Reader thinks Texas raid on non-conformist religion is meant to protect children
  12. Letter: Re: Siraj Wahhaj and Abdul Malik Mujahid: Angry Letter Condemns Dr. Siddique
  13. Letter: Re: New Trend's critique of Turkey's Gulen Group [new "Islam"] and ISNA president Mattson: U.S. Turkish group rejects Gulen, accepts Bediuzzaman
  14. Barack Obama sacks adviser over talks with Hamas
# 1219
Jamada al-Awwal 4 1429, May 10, 2008, #28
  1. New Trend greets mothers. Every day is Mother's Day.
  2. Hidden Hands Presenting Hizbullah-Israel Confrontation in Lebanon as Shia-Sunni Conflict: Siniora/Hariri are Sunnis in name but in fact are U.S.-men
  3. The Election Campaign and Opportunism Among U.S. Muslims: Siraj Wahhaj and Abdul Malik Mujahid as Examples
  4. Zionists Supporting Obama. Seeming fraud in the Gary, Indiana, vote ignored. Why Hillary's rant against Iran?
  5. The Secret Problem Hillary Clinton has with Israelis: A Woman Scorned............
  6. The Auschwitz 'Gas Chamber' Illusion
  7. New Trend was right about Gulen: "Interfaith Dialogue" is a big Lie when Iraq, Afghanistan are Occupied by Crusaders
  8. Racism and Police Victimization of Muslim Woman: First Person Account from her Husband. Not allowed to feed her infant.
  9. What you can do to Ensure that our Sisters are not Mistreated in the future.
  10. A Muslim Woman's Poem in Praise of Allah on her graduation from Howard University, Washington, DC. May 9, 2008.
  11. Note to Kaukab Siddique's comment on Muslim Opportunists such as Siraj Wahhaj:
  12. Celebrating Political Landmarks
# 1218
Rabi� al-Thani 30 1429, May 6, 2008, #27
  1. Thinking outside the box:
  2. First International Islamic Conference in the U.S. after 9.11: Heavy First Endorser Begins the Movement to August 16
  3. Israel's Anniversary: Day of Mourning for the Muslim World and all Humanity: Let's Focus on Dismantling this Terrorist Entity
  5. IRAQ: Chaos and Breakdown: Air Attacks in Sadr City: Marines killed in Anbar Province
  6. PAKISTAN's SHAME; General Miller Appointed to U.S. Embassy in Islamabad
  7. Outreach: 128 Muslims in Silver Spring Maryland: A rich but Very Sleepy Community
  8. Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz at Lincoln University for Commencement Ceremonies on May 4
  9. One of America's Most Distinguished Imams to address National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen: Way to Muslim-Jewish Peace
  10. Masaud Khan's Case: Innocent Victim in USA of India's Occupation of Kashmir
  11. Momin Khawaja's Case: Canadian Muslims Call for Fair Trial: More than Four Years in Solitary Confinement
  12. Letter: Unbelievers, good or bad, do not have the same goals as Muslims do
  13. DEAD CHILDREN, that is.... Gaza - "A shocking and shameful situation"
  14. Gitmo Sudanese released after six years 6 months: Saga of U.S. Tyranny and Racism: Pakistan's Shameful Role: Sami helped Bosnia and Chechnya 10 years before 9.11. U.S. Claims that was "terrorism."
  15. Polygamy and Societal norms: A Muslim Response to the Tragedy in Texas: Children separated from Mothers
# 1217
Rabi� al-Thani 24 1429, April 30, 2008, #26
  1. Islamic Women Protest Danish and Dutch Blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.
  2. International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness initiated by Jamaat al-Muslimeen, for August 16, 2008.
  3. From New Trend Special report: Would you know if the Zionist Jews blew up Masjid al-Aqsa?
  4. Israeli Tank Fire kills Palestinian Mother and her 4 Babies:
  5. Obama Retreats from Right: Rev. Wright is Deeply Impacted by Islam through Minister Farrakhan: Media will not Permit Discussion of Any Issue
  6. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Condemns New York Police Terrorism
  7. Court Acquits Police Officers in Murder of New York Youth on his wedding Day: 50 Shots Fired at Unarmed Victims.
  8. Muslim Self-Criticism: Kingship, Slavery, Exploitation of Women, Nationalism: Islam has to Smash these to Liberate our World. Before and Since 9.11 U.S. Muslim 'Leaders' Have lied, supported the regime, and tried to disunite and Scare Muslims
  9. Karzai Comes Under Attack in Kabul itself: U.S. Marines pour into Helmand: Taliban Attacks Widespread, Wreak Havoc
  10. Letter: Re: Sis. Sofia's recommendation: Amazing Brazilian Writer Paulo Coelho was read by Chechen Hero
  11. Letter: Mark Glenn's Criticism of Raid on Polygamists. Re: The hidden role of SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center]
  12. Letter: Islamic Scholar from the Editor's Past wants a once Famous Book
  13. Today I was victimized by racism in corporate amerikkka, again.
# 1216
Rabi� al-Thani 19 1429, April 25, 2008, #25
  1. Letter: Children Taken Away from non-Conformists in Texas
  2. Critical Analysis of Carter's Visit to Hamas Leaders
  3. Islamic National Shoora to Meet in Greensboro, North Carolina [inshallah], May 24
  4. International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness, 8.16.'08
  5. Miami's Innocents Still not Released after Second Mistrial: America's "Justice" is a Joke
  6. Israeli army troops assaulted nine-year old Palestinian Saqer al-'Aramen from the town of al-'Ezariah in Jerusalem on Friday evening.
  7. Iqbal: Taught Self-Determination: Poet of the East: Dreamt of Pakistan, an Islamic State: He Prognosticated 70+ years back the Questions which the "War on Terror" Has brought up
  8. Abusive attack on Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, based on lies and misinformation Endorsed by Zionists
  9. Letter: From a Muslim Woman: Suggested Readings, mostly recent, to understand the thinking of non-Muslim Elites
  10. Raid on Texas Religious Community Part of New World Order Psyops?
# 1215
Rabi� al-Thani 13 1429, April 19, 2008, #24
  1. The Way to Authentic Peace: International Conference to bring Top Islamic Leaders to America
  2. Book received JEWS for SALAAM. The Straight Path to Global
  3. Thinking Outside the Box: [2 items]
  4. President Carter's Plight: Not Allowed to Enter Gaza. Does Not Support Hamas. Tried for the Sake of Peace
  5. 416 Children Taken Away From Mothers by Military Force in Texas: All Out Propaganda Blitz Against Minority Religion While Mothers Cry: Adultery, Fornication, Homosexuality and Prostitution are Okay but not non-conformist religion
  6. Jamaat calls: Boycott Starbucks Coffee: Sample Letter
  7. Letter from Hispanic Muslim American arrested in Somalia: Imprisoned in Houston
  8. 100 Books Campaign
  9. Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman Located
  10. First Family Visit to Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar: April 10-17
  11. Letter: Encouraging Words from a student in Islamabad, Pakistan
  12. Letter: Sarcastic response to New Trend's Critique of Obama
  13. Israeli Ambassador's Speech Disrupted + Israel-Canada Deal Could Lead to racial Profiling and Surveillance of Arabs
  14. The Warsaw Ghetto 'Uprising': Insurrection or Police Operation?
  15. From the Ministry of Health in Gaza: Israeli Tanks Target Hospital
  16. Laud sacrifices of Lal Masjid students | Media given free access
  17. Snippets of War in Afghanistan [First two items from Pakistani media.]
  18. Announcement Intellectual Web Site from Tehran
  19. Pakistani Rulers Made Millions by Handing over Muslims to the U.S.
  20. Pakistani Regime Sold Muslims to the U.S.: Seminar uncovers Horrors of Musharraf's Terrible Crimes against Humanity
  21. This is a sad and horrendous video regarding what goes on in Guantanamo Bay.
# 1214
Rabi� al-Thani 8, 1429, April 14, 2008, #23
  1. Tibet and China: The Real Target is Sudan
  2. Zionists Determined to Bring Up Obama: Remember the teachings of Imam Jamil as the Hype Grows. Can you identify these 4-letter Muslim groups [The new Qadianis.]
  3. Sis. Nadia Victorious: So-Called Makkah learning Center [MLC] Silenced
  4. Turkish Study Group Looks Critically at Gulen and Ingrid Mattson
  5. Enhanced Outreach in Philadelphia: Jamaat Literature Given to 215 Muslims
  6. Reaching out to Shi'a Muslims in New York
  7. Sis. Maryam Uloho's Struggle in a Louisiana Prison: She Refuses to Give up Islam
  8. U.S. Admits NATO is in a No-Win Situation in Afghanistan: Needs 12,000 More troops but Can't Get Them.
  9. From Inside Jordan King Abdullah II: corrupt, human rights abuser, election rigger
# 1213
Rabi� al-Thani 5, 1429, April 11, 2008, #22
  1. Letter: Helping Homeless Muslim Women: "My Only Concern is to Please Allah by Helping the less Fortunate"
  2. AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Spring Offensive: Narrow Miss for Hikmatyar
  3. IRAQ: U.S.' Shia Allies Turn on Each Other: Iran Plays Power Broker: Mosul Still Under Siege
  4. Pakistani News: Squabbling Between Peoples Party, Q League and Lawyers Draws Blood
  5. Massive Islamic Rally in Honor of the Prophet, pbuh, led by Jamaat-e-Islami condemns Holland and Denmark/Zionist blasphemy
  6. Al-Qaida's Influence is Spreading: In Yemen Amateur Islamic Fighters threaten the U.S.
  7. Al-Qaida's Ideology Spreading Globally: Saudi Study Shows 5,600 Web sites
  8. Dr. King's "Dream" Was Based On Our Nightmare
# 1212
Rabi� al-Awwal 29, 1429, April 6, 2008, #21
  1. OUR AMERICA: FOX TV ATTEMPTS Major Incitement and Dirty Propaganda against Muslims: Prelude to McCain's Campaign
  2. The Case of Momin Khawaja Canada's Behavior towards Muslim Political Prisoner: Secret Trial after 4 Years of Jail!
  3. Letter of the Month: From an Old Friend: Re: New Trend's "Idiots of the Year Awards"
  4. Important Call from Imam Jamil's Representative: The Imam's Struggle for Truth and Justice Continues
  5. Dr. Sami al-Arian: Norwegian Film maker Visits North Carolina: Documentary USA vs Al-Arian Draws Support
  6. Al-Mumtahinah's Successful Fund Raiser for Homeless Women: Sis. Nadia's Efforts Receive Support
  7. Bootlickers have infiltrated Muslim Communities Makkah Learning Center [MLC] Supported Zionist Annapolis Summit: MLC Ignored Rally to Protest Rushdie's Visit: Slandered Sis. Nadia
  8. Ex-Terror Detainee Says US Tortured Him
  9. New Pakistani Government's Sugar Coated Pill: Delaying Tactics for Consolidation
  10. Caricatures and insults part of �Ninth Crusade' - Hafiz Saeed
  11. ISRAEL EMERGES AS INDIA'S MAJOR DEFENSE PARTNER Advising India on Population Change in Kashmir: Providing Latest Technology
# 1211
Rabi� al-Awwal 23, 1429, March 31, 2008, #20
  1. Jamia Hafsa students protest outside National Asembly of Pakistan: Re-Emergence of Islamic Women's Movement after Military Strikes by Mush-Bush
  2. "Makkah Learning Center" Attempts to Defame African-American Sister: Interview Reveals a Genuine Muslimah Working to Help Women at the Grassroots Level
  3. The Decline and Fall of the Muslim Brotherhood movement
  4. Fethullah Gulen: Bringing A new "Islam" in which all religions are, more or less, the same
  5. LATEST NEWS from Somalia
  6. Must Reading for Understanding World War II: This was the Real Holocaust. This is why the Auschwitz Story was Necessary
  7. What did Rev. Wright really say? Here is the Complete Sermon [Almost like a Muslim speaking]
  8. The Healing Hour Coming out of Atlanta, Georgia
  9. Letter: Re: Radical Self Criticism
  10. Letter: Strategies Used against Muslims Post 9.11 were first Used Against Native Americans ["Indians"]
  11. The Pope, Denmark, Holland, Germany Launch Attacks on Islam and the beloved Prophet, pbuh: Cultural Holocaust Planned. Osama bin Laden & Muslims Worldwide Respond to Attacks
  12. A Profile of the Scoundrel whom the Pope Honored
  13. Keith Ellison is no representative of the Muslims of America. His trip to Afghanistan Marks him as a Warmonger.
  14. The Forgotten Nation 22,597 women widowed, 9765 Women molested in Occupied Kashmir by Hindu India
  15. Historic United Move by Pakistani Islamic Scholars to Defend the Honor of the Prophet, pbuh: Sudan's Boycott Call Hailed: Silence of Pope Benedict XVI Condemned.
# 1210
Rabi� al-Awwal 17, 1429, March 25, 2008, #19
  1. PROMINENT PAKISTANI CANADIAN CANADA is HOLDING MOMIN KAHWAJA in Prison without Trial: His "Crime" is that he is a Devout Muslim
  2. PAKISTAN LATEST: The Results Came out as New Trend had Predicted
  3. Letter of the Month: A Message of Love from a Muslim
  4. National Islamic Shoora to Meet on May 24: Momentous Announcement Expected
  5. Crimes Against Women are Widespread and Casual: Often Women are Slaughtered Like Sheep
  6. FATWA on Wafa Sultan's Crusade Against Islam: It is the Duty of U.S. Muslims to Neutralize her Hate.
  7. FATWA by IMAM BADI ALI, North Carolina:
  8. Dr. Al-Arian Transferred to Virginia: Innocent Prof. Faces U.S. "Justice"
  9. OUR AMERICA Race "Relations" in New York
  10. Uncritical German Chancellor is Welcomed in Israel
  11. Jewish Hand Behind the War: Funding by Shady Figures
  12. Native American Leader Peltier's Case 33 Years Later
  13. WAR NEWS: PAKISTAN: Combined Pak-U.S. Air Strike Kills 20: Retaliatory attack kills 5 Wounds 9
# 1209
Rabi� al-Awwal 12, 1429, March 20, 2008, #18
  1. The Greatest Revolutionary of all Times: Muhammad ibn Abdullah, peace be on him
  2. IRAQ: After Five Years of War
  3. Hillary Clinton's March 17 Speech against the War was Ignored by the Zionist Media: Is She Serious?
  4. FOX TV's Attack on Rev. Wright, Obama's Preacher, is Backfiring
  5. Letter: Who is Bush's Muslim Delegate to the OIC [Organization of Islamic Conference]
  6. Letter Interesting drama on BBC TV about an 11 year old girl who becomes Muslim.
# 1208
Rabi� al-Awwal 8, 1429, March 16, 2008, #17
  1. Groundbreaking Book Offers a way to Peace between Jews and Muslims
  2. Prof. Sami' al-Arian's Health Deteriorating: U.S. Refuses to Release him although Charges did not Stick
  3. Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman [blind Shaikh] Wins Access to Short wave Radio After Hunger Strike
  4. Muslim Youth Launch Lively Rally, Wave Banners for Gaza in Downtown Greensboro
  5. Outreach in North Carolina: Khutba Condemns Israeli Atrocities in Gaza: Calls on Muslims to Honor Women: Islam Demands Modesty in Males
  6. Eliot Spitzer: Seeming Reformer Turned out to be the Biggest Hypocrite and Exploiter of Women
  7. What the media did not tell you: Spitzer is a Very Rich, Highly Educated, Ruthless Jew
  9. List Released of Germans who Died in Postwar Sachsenhausen Camp
  10. Attacks on Pakistani Special Forces in Lahore
  11. Killing of civilians condemned
  12. Rachel Corrie: Killed in Cold Blood by Israeli Military Bulldozer: Eyewitness Accounts vs Israeli Story
# 1207
Rabi� al-Awwal 2, 1429, March 10, 2008, #16
  1. Cinnamon & Honey Bet the drug companies won't like this one getting around.
  2. U.S. TV Reporting on Jerusalem Attack was a tissue of pro-Israeli Lies
  3. Muslim Children Hold Vigil for Gaza in Greensboro, North Carolina
  4. 100 Books Project: Malcolm X Autobiography will be Free in March too!
  5. Follow up Outreach to the Arab Muslim Community in Baltimore: Summary of anti-Rushdie Rally
  6. Muslim Self-Criticism is Required for Islamic Transformation
  7. Letter: Re: Here is my pick: an Excellent book on Malcolm X and the unusual rahjx web site
  8. MY VISIT TO SPAIN: Memoirs of a Dedicated Teacher of Islam
  9. Egypt walls up Gaza border
  10. India Tries to Link Muslim Students to "Terrorism" Medressa Convention in Lucknow Opposes Anti-Muslim Discrimination, Condemns Violence
# 1206
Safar 27, 1429, March 5, 2008, #15
  1. Rushdie's Direct Connection with Israel and American Jews
  2. Letter: Re: Making Baltimore History: vs Rushdie
  3. Letter: Re: Making Baltimore History: vs Rushdie: [Ecologist's Letter]
  4. Letter: Latest Discovery of Massive Jewish Holocaust Fakery
  5. Letter: Re: Nuremburg [NT #14]: Saddam's "Trial" was no Different
  6. Dr. Sami al-Arian Facing Indefinite Delay in his Release: Begins Hunger Strike
  7. Muslim Woman Shot Dead by Policeman, War Veteran from Iraq
  8. U.S. Muslims urge United Stance Against Israel's Holocaust of Palestinians. Dismantle Israel Thru Systematic Peaceful Means on a Global Level
  9. Ahmedinejad Visit Protested by Iraqis: Rallies and Attacks Censored by U.S. Media
  10. Series of Attacks against Pak. Generals' Supporters Inflict Heavy Losses
  11. U.S. Top Brass Confers with Musharraf and Kayani: Offers Direct Military Help.
  12. Military's Leading Tribal Supporters Wiped out by 22 Year old Bomber
  13. Police Force Sent by Musharraf to Occupy Swat Hit Hard: Curfew Imposed on Area
  14. "Democracy Now!" "Move-On" and other Left Groups Participated in Demonization Campaign Against Saddam Hussain.
  15. What's Happening in Guantanamo Bay? Inside Information on Libyan Innocent al-Ghazzawi: Held Since 2002: No Evidence
  16. Convicted Baron Flaunts his Power in Canada before Going off to U.S. Prison! Grassroots Groups Active on Behalf of the People of Montreal
# 1205
Safar 22, 1429, February 29, 2008, #14
  1. Our America Obama Tested by Min. Farrakhan, Fails, Threatens to Re-invade Iraq, Attack (not Bomb) Pakistan
  2. 100 Books campaign: Our Recommended Reading for March 2008.
  3. First Anti-Zionist, Anti-Rushdie Rally in Baltimore: Muslims Condemn Meyerhoff as Center of Hate
  5. Neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton: U.S. Muslims have their Own Agenda
  6. The Nuremberg Trials and the Holocaust
  7. Deadly Israeli Cooperation with top Indian industrial group TATA noted by South Africans
  8. War news From our Media Monitor (3 items)
  9. Imad Mughniyah: Who Killed Him and Why?
  10. SUDAN CALLS for WORLDWIDE BOYCOTT of DENMARK: Biggest Rally in honor of the Prophet, pbuh
# 1204
Safar 18, 1429, February 25, 2008, #13
  1. Bizarre Obama-Hillary Competition: Black Upper Class Sides with Hillary
  2. Don't forget your Islam as Election Fever Grows:
  3. NO COVERAGE of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan
  4. Kite Runner Author's Hate Book Made him Rich: Also Involved in Darfur Propaganda
  5. February 26: Rally Against Rushdie: Meyerhoff Hall, 1212 Cathedral Street, Baltimore: What does Islam Say?
  6. Outreach: Mobilizing Muslim Opinion Against Rushdie and NPR-Villa-Julie-Meyerhoff Hate Campaign
  7. 'We Are In War Against Radical Islam,' Says Kissinger
  8. Denmark's Blasphemous Attack on Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Condemned in hundreds of Rallies Across Pakistan
  9. Cartoons an expression of Western frustration - Hafiz Saeed
  10. Pakistan: Life of a Prisoner in Guantanamo is At Risk: Plea for Saifullah Paracha
  11. "Authorized" Murder of Muslim in Prison: Accused of Killing Drug Dealers
# 1203
Safar 14, 1429, February 21, 2008, #12
  1. Visit with Trinidad Muslim Family whose Home Caught Fire
  2. Rally Against Rushdie is not a "political" event: Every Muslim's Faith was abused and ridiculed.
  3. Pakistani "Elections" Made in U.S.A.: Lowest Voter Turnout in Pak. History
  5. Misunderstood Hadith: Does the Hadith say that Women will be in Hell? Does Qur'an Command Only Women to Take Ba'ait (Oath of Honesty & Truth)?
  6. AFGHANISTAN: Mullah Omar Answers Claim that he is in Pakistan
  7. Molestation in Lolab triggers protest
  8. Chauvinist in Humanitarian Drag Steven Spielberg, Faux Humanitarian
# 1202
Safar 10, 1429, February 17, 2008, #11
  1. Email this brief Message to the Prime Minister of Canada: Momin Khawaja must be Freed
  2. 100 Books Campaign: Second Book Recommended for February 2008
  3. U.S. Muslims Condemn re-Printing of Blasphemous Cartoons in Denmark
  4. February 26: Rally to Protest Rushdie being Honored by Zionists at the Meyerhoff: He Arrival is part of the Coordinated attack on Islam
  5. Obama: The New "messiah:" The chance that big money will allow for any real reform is nil.
  6. Killings and Violence Aimed at Women: America's Internal Collapse linked to Erosion of Values
  7. Zionist Program Behind Emergence of Obama and Hillary: China, India 'Useful'?
  8. Islamic Shelter Program in Atlanta has Helped nearly 600 Women and Children
  9. Algerian 9/11 suspect eligible for compensation.
  10. When it Comes to Islam and Muslims, Black Upper Class Sides with Bush: Muslims of African Descent Should Take Note
  11. THE FORGOTTEN TERRORIST ATTACK: 500 civilians killed by the U.S. in One Blow
  12. Q & A: Does Islam Allow Muslim men to Marry non-Muslim women in America?
# 1201
Safar 5, 1429, February 12, 2008
  1. URGENT letters of support for Momin Khawaja, calling for his release, should be sent to top Canadian officials:
  2. Family from Trinidad hit by Fire Accident: They have 2 Children
  4. Understanding Why People Support Obama and our Role as Muslims
  5. Easy Way to Identify and Boycott Israeli Products
  6. Africa's Loot by "Chosen People" Funds Obama-Clinton Campaigns
  7. U.S. Muslim Children Speak in Poetry: We are one with the People of Gaza
  8. Outreach #1: to Arab American Community: Document on Iraq's Albright, Rushdie 2-26, Afghan Genocide, Pakistani Battlefield
  9. Outreach #2: Selective Distribution of Jamaat Resolutions in Brooklyn, New York
  10. Islamic Woman in Louisiana Prison Suffers for her Faith: Her Library Destroyed
  11. Sis. Haila: Yemeni Teenager who killed her Rapist 7 years back: Making a Strong Come back +Book on Islam in India v. Important for us here
  12. "What Americans Need to Know About Islam"
  13. German Soldier Uncovers NATO Atrocity in Afghanistan
  14. Canadians Condemn Israeli Blockade of Gaza: Columnist Calls for Release of Omar Khadr from Guantanamo
  15. IRAQ: Lull Ends. Heavy Fighting as U.S-backed Shi'ite forces Probe Mosul: Iranian Cooperation with U.S.: Ahmedinejad to Visit
  16. This happened on Valentine's Day in 1945 in Dresden when German children were ready to go and socialize.
# 1200
Muharram 29, 1429, February 7, 2008
  1. Feb. 5 was Solidarity with Kashmir Day in Pakistan.
  2. Election Results Drama continued on TV as 52 Tornadoes Struck: Tragedy Exposed Corporate-Zionist Media's Agenda
  3. Does Islam permit participation in the American power structure, inviting Democrats/Republicans into Islamic Centers, voting for them?
  4. Letter: Re: Invitation to Presidential Candidates by Islamic Center
  5. The Kite Runner: The Movie with a Purpose
  6. Letter: Saddened Reader Thinks Zionist Control of America is a Done Deal: Clinton-Obama-McCain: Nothing really New
  7. Letter: A Strong Voice from New York City
  8. Ernst Zundel: A Life of Struggle
  9. Letter: Brief but Comprehensive Words of Wisdom from Leading Da'wa Activist [including correction about Exxon Mobil] Re: Obama and Hillary Have Same Bottom Line
  10. Safar 1429 Begins on February 8, 2008
  12. Black Cat in a Dark Room: Answering Latest Propaganda Gambit against Saddam Hussain: "60 Minutes" January 27
  13. Unanimous Declaration Adopted at the Kashmir Solidarity Rally
  14. War News: Pakistan Loses its ENTIRE Combat Command in South Waziristan
# 1199
Muharram 26, 1429, February 4, 2008
  1. Islam has its Own Agenda: Don't Get Excited by New Packaging of Democratic Party: Obama and Hillary Have Same Bottom Line
  2. Phone Message: Obama Finds Being Muslim "Offensive"
  3. Tiny Secularist Minority Runs Pakistan: Divides & Rules Islamic Sects: Sees Resurgent Islam as Threat
  4. Lynne Stewart Thanks those who Rallied to her Support
  5. Jamaat al-Muslimeen alone Represented Muslims at Lynne Stewart-Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar Appeal
  6. Dissing Medeleine Albright: The Inside Story of the Baltimore, Maryland, Rally at the Meyerhoff on Jan. 29
  7. Momin Khawaja: Canada's Victim: A Letter to Canadian Prime Minister Harper: We Urge readers to send similar letters
  8. VERDICT ON BILKIS BANO' CASE: Muslim Woman Fought for 5 Years in Court
  9. Letter: Why are India's Muslims Fired up about Baltimore Jamaat's Protest on Rushdie's Visit
# 1198
Muharram 22, 1429, January 31, 2008 #7
  1. Our America: Bush Ruined America:
  2. War Activity Being Censored
  3. Pak Guests to USA Face Discrimination: Yes to Imran, no to Edhi
  4. Bush's Quest: How to end Embarrassment caused by top Islamic leader
  5. Not a conspiracy Theory: McCain "Handlers" [and those of Bush and Churchill]
  6. Mistreatment of U.S. Peace Activist in Pakistan
  7. Rally on February 26 Against Rushdie: He Insulted the Prophet, pbuh, abused Ayesha, r.a., attacked the Qur'an
  8. First Islamic Rally in Jewish-Zionist Stronghold: Madeleine Albright Surprised: 500,000 Iraqi Children Mourned
  9. War News: Heavy Fighting in Northern Pakistan: Islamists Strike in Darra Adam Khel. Pakistan Army Made 70,000 People Homeless in the Swat Area.
  10. War News: Iraq Steadily Getting Worse: U.S. Losses Rising Again
  11. NATO Genocide in Afghanistan: Targets Civilians Demonized as "Taliban"
  12. How Islam came to India: Arabic Classic Teaches Jihad against European Colonizers, Compassion for People of India
# 1197
Muharram 17, 1429, January 26, 2008 #6
  1. They ALL want war: Most Americans don't understand the tricks of the candidates...................
  2. GAZA: The Opportunism of U.S. Muslim Cliques. Not Very Different from Hosni Mubarak
  3. Helping non-Muslims Understand the Propaganda Campaign against Islam: Context is Essential: Why are Taliban Winning? Answers to Controversial Issues. Reason why Israel is Source of War.
  4. Padilla, Hassoun, Kifah: Injustice so Shameful that Punishment makes Victims Happy
  5. Protest Zionist Honors for Medeleine Albright, Mass Murderer of One Million Iraqis [500,000 Children] Under Sanctions during Clinton Rule
  6. Before Jan. 29 Argument for Lynne, Ahmad Abdel Sattar, Yousry, Rally on January 28, 7 PM
  7. Muslim Woman Urges Support for Imam Hasan and other Lucasvlle, Ohio, Prisoners
  8. The Miserable Failure of Western Style Democracy in Africa (Kenya)
  9. Islamic Rallies Across Karachi Protest Dramatic Rise in Prices of Flour, Rice, Cooking Oil and other Essentials
# 1196
Muharram 12, 1429, January 21, 2008 #5
  1. SOMALIA: January 20:
  2. Photos of Oppression in Palestine:
  5. CIA Agrees with Musharraf that al-Qaidah killed Benazir: Preparing Direct Intervention in Pakistan
  7. Alert 1: Protest the Arrival of Madeleine Albright and Rushdie in Baltimore, Maryland
  8. Alert 2: Oral Argument in Appeal for Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar and Lynne Stewart
  9. Obscene Propaganda Move Against Afghanistan by Zionist Media: "The Kite Runner" is packed with Provocative Lies
  10. Malcolm X: First Martyr of Islam in America by Ali Siddiqui
  11. Hijra's Meaning, Karbala and Imam Husain, Baltimore Jews Honoring Islam-haters: Albright and Rushdie
  12. Letter: Re: Sudan: Darfur Story Wrecked by Researcher
  13. Letter: Sen. Lieberman, leader of U.S. War Party Examined Pakistan's Military Set up; Pakistanis don't know! What happened to this nation?
  14. CANADA'S SHAME: Canadian Muslim Undergoing Endless Oppression: Four Years in Cell While Canada cooks "evidence"
  15. New Book Details Mass Killings and Brutal Mistreatment of Germans at the End of World War Two
  16. Malcolm X Grassroots Movement Solidarity Statement
# 1195
Muharram 8, 1429, January 17, 2008 #4
  1. SUDAN: Darfur story Wrecked by Researcher:
  2. IRAQ: Fighting is heating up again.
  4. PAKISTAN: Small Islamic Victory in South Waziristan: Clashes Spread to Mohmand Agency: Bombing of Swat Continues
  5. AFGHANISTAN: Islamic Raid on Norwegian Foreign Minister's Meeting in Luxury Kabul Hotel Sends Shock Waves
  6. The Power of Potassium
  7. Top Level Bangladeshi Islamic Scholar Gets Prestigious Award
  8. Pakistan: January 11, 2008. Shaheed Abdul Rashid Ghazi's Nephew Leads the Red Mosque [Lal Masjid] which is back in Islamic Hands
  9. Re: Letter: Why are assailants of Security Forces in Pakistan Described as Martyrs?
  10. Letter: A Reader's View of the Red Mosque Tragedy Corrected by the Editor
  12. Racism in America: The Case of an African-American, John White, who used a gun to defend his Family
# 1194
Muharram 4, 1429, January 13, 2008 #3
  1. Oppression of Muslims in America: Padilla, Hassouna, al-Jayyousi Sentencing
  2. Appeal in Lynne Stewart, Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar Case Coming up on January 29
  3. Outreach: Literature on Pakistan & Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar's Case given to 162 Muslims
  4. A Small but Significant Legal Victory for Imam Jamil al-Amin
  5. Up from America's Special Brand of Slavery: The Hunger in our Hearts
  6. Letter: Re: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's 100 Books Campaign: Read Europe's History
  7. Letter: Distinguished U.S. Imam Urges bigger distribution of Dr. Siddique's Article
  8. Debacle of Secularism: Military Action was okay...
  9. Pakistan: 18 Hour bombardment in Swat: Martyrdom Attack in Lahore.
  10. IRAQ: Operation Phantom Phoenix: The "re-Conquest" of Iraq: 40,000 Pounds of bombs dropped
  11. Osama and Mullah Omar send out Radical Messages
# 1193
Muharram 1, 1429, January 10, 2008 # 2
  1. Our America: What a Beautiful Match: Obama vs. Hillary: Race vs. Gender. These People are Geniuses! Don't be fooled by the Hype, says Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin
  2. "Must Watch" Movie for Understanding America: The Great Debaters starring Denzel Washington
  3. 100 Books Campaign: Select 12 Books and read One a month
  4. U.S. Jamaat leader reports: Prisoners in Georgia file Suit against Extreme mistreatment
  5. The Murder of Ahmad by the IDF in Hebron
  6. Debacle of Secularism: 5 to 15% of Pakistanis rule and play in western hands
  7. Aqsa Pervez' Murder Probably owing to Family's Culture Shock was used by Media to Attack Islam
  8. The Mind of the Thoughtful African Defeats Racism: Books and Creative Ideas are the Weapons of the Oppressed
# 1192
Zulhijja 26, 1428, January 6, 2008 # 1
  1. Karachi, Pakistan; January 3, 4, 5, 2008:
  2. Masjid Al-Aqsa - Mentioned By Name In The Holy Quran
  3. Masjid Al-Aqsa - The place of Mujahideen
  4. Israel Blocked Hajj Pilgrims. Blessed Palestine is under DAILY ATTACK by the terrorist entity known as Israel.
  5. Outreach: Dr. Siddique Live on XM Radio: Significance of the Murder of Benazir Bhutto: Bush's Last Year will be Bloody
  6. Benazir Tried to befriend the most Rabid Israeli Jewish terrorist: She was Naive beyond limit.
  7. Independent Journalist Finds Iowa Election Tally run by Israeli Defense Firm
  8. U.S. Muslims See Election Activities as Exploitation of People's Sentiments
  9. Benazir Bhutto's Comment on Osama bin Laden and on his Son
  10. Good News From Nigeria: Eight Thousand Islamic Delegates from 19 States
  11. New York's Bangladeshi Hero fought against Goons on Q Train
  12. U.S. Muslim Da'wa Activist Calls for Judicial Probe of Ms. Bhutto's murder
  13. A Visit with Dr. Alauddin Shabazz: Scholar, Preacher, Islamic Activist Disabled in Serious Car Accident: Where is the Community Support?
  14. Letter: Re: Bhutto sacrificed by?
  15. Karachi, Pakistan: My Aching Heart is Aflame
  16. Startling Facts about Saddam and Shi'ites: What were his Judges Like? Propaganda Blitz against the Martyr was Unprecedented
  17. LATEST WAR NEWS FROM IRAQ: Al-Qaidah, Sunni "Insurgents" Hold Large Areas: U.S. Military Operations At Lowest Level
  18. PAKISTAN: Latest War News:
# 1191
Zulhijja 19,1428/December 30, 2007 #99
  1. PAKISTANI NEWS: Islamic Movement Joins Prayers for Benazir: Jihad Forces did not Try to Harm Ms. Bhutto in any way, Leaders say. Riots and breakdown of city life in numerous areas.
  2. Ms. Benazir Bhutto was used as Bait to Create an Opening for Direct U.S. Military Intervention in Pakistan
  3. Letter: Re: Inside job? Taliban did it.....
  4. Letter: General Musharraf does not forgive
  5. Letter: This reader thinks, it's a plan to get rid of Musharraf
  6. Letter: Frenzied letter from Karachi: Fear, Panic, Fires Galore
  7. Outreach: "Free Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar": Advice on Qur'an Translations, Eid Crescent, Iraq Situation, Imam Jamil Address
  8. Censorship of Holocaust Critique: A Letter from Author Germar Rudolf, in Prison for "Thought Crimes"
  9. SADDAM HUSSEIN'S GREATEST LEGACY: DECEMBER 2003 TO DECEMBER 2006 (PART TWO OF THREE) Trial was a Sham, Meant to Silence Forever the Falsehood of the Charges Against him
# 1190
Zulhijja 16,1428/December 27, 2007 #98
  1. Breaking news: Stop "Press." Latest Tragedy in Pakistan: [From our Pakistan Monitor] Benazir Bhutto Assassinated: U.S. Pakistan Policy in Shambles: Serious Consequences Possible, including U.S. military intervention and inner-Pak-army Conflict
  2. Islamic Movement Extends Hand of Friendship and Peace to Christians
  3. Jamaate Islami on the Move to Boycott Musharraf's Elections
  4. Top Heroes and Heroines of the Year 2007 Prepared by New Trend's Think Tank. Listing does not imply that we agree with every viewpoint of those listed.
  5. "Sweat-a-lot" Steve Emerson: Funniest Jew of the Year 2007
  6. ISNA-CAIR: The Lowest of the Low: Can they Fall Lower?..................
  7. Letter: In Defense of Native Deen
  8. I LOVE TEDDY BEARS BUT............
# 1189
Zulhijja 13,1428/December 24, 2007 #97
  1. PAKISTANI LEADER MOBILIZING MASSES for Boycott of Musharraf's Election Program. Wants Peaceful Overthrow of Musharraf
  2. Latest War News from Somalia:
  3. Congratulations to the Muslim World on Hajj: THREE Million Were There, including President Ahmedinejad and King Abdullah
  4. Nigerian Scholars to Work with Jamaat al-Muslimeen for Book Publication
  5. Brooklyn Islamic Shoora Activist Br. Abu Talib Prays with Both Shi'as and Sunnis: 32 Years of Work with Grassroots Community Groups
  6. Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen [Baltimore] Held Eid Prayers on December 21: Led to Overflow Gathering for Juma'
  7. Jews Back War Mongers in America's Election Campaign:
  8. Growing Violence in our Cities and the Right of Self-Defense
  9. Ramsey Clark Says, It's a War on Islam
  10. Israeli Jewish Terror Group IDF Launches Aggressive Strikes on Defenseless Palestinians
  11. Revenge Attack Misses U.S. Ally Sher Pao, Kills 48 Police/Intel, wounds 200 Supporters
  12. Algeria: Massive Bombings Shake Regime, Stir Protests from anti-Islamist Powers
  13. ABU HURAIRA, r.a. He narrated Hadith teaching Jihad and supporting Muslim Unity
# 1188
Zulhijja 9,1428/December 20, 2007 #96
  1. Dec. 21: Eid on Correct Date at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen [Baltimore]
  2. Congratulations to our Shia brothers/sisters
  3. OUTREACH: Jamaat Literature given to 155 People after Eid Prayers: "Free Imam Jamil."
  4. Allies losing Afghanistan war, Australian minister warns
  5. Fallacy of Terrorism: Role of Canadian Intelligence Agencies to Terrorize Citizens: "Fix Khawaja" [Bush]
  6. Eid al-Adha - the Festival of Sacrifice
  7. South African Team's Pioneering Relief Work in Bangladesh Areas Stricken by Cyclone Disaster
# 1187
Zulhijja 4,1428/December 15, 2007 #95
  1. LATEST NEWS: Somalia going back to Islam:
  2. TOP TEN IDIOTS of the MUSLIM WORLD for the year 2007
  3. Major Terrorism Trial Case in Miami Flops: The 7 were poor and black: Hence easy targets
  4. Sis. Haila Gabr: Why is she in a Men's Prison
  5. Eid on December 21: What Muslims don't know Can Hurt Them
  6. Attacking Islam in the Guise of Attacking Osama bin Laden: What are Maryati & Hathout Up to: Inviting Islam-Hater Fawaz Gerges
  7. Osama bin Laden's growing anxiety
  8. Letter: Re: "Iran Rug Pulled....." Bush Always Knew Iran was not a threat.
  9. Letter: Re: Eid on December 21... In search of unity.
  10. Letter: Re: U.S. Can't Defeat Islam
  11. Letter: Re: Code Pink Woman arrested, Mistreated in Pakistan: A Pakistani Reader Objects to our report
  12. Letter: Translator needed for New Trend's Reports on Pakistan
  13. Q & A on Teddy Bear in Sudan Story
  14. PAKISTAN: New Bursts of Fighting as Pakistani forces Come Under Attack: Taliban Give Rough Justice to 3 Rapists
  15. Strangling Free Speech in Germany and Austria
  16. ISNA'S Eid Al-Adha Evaluated by a Renowned Islamic Scholar
# 1186
Zulhijja 1,1428/December 12, 2007 #94
  1. Eid on December 21
  2. Ahmed Abdel Sattar, Devout Muslim, Facing Deadly Situation in U.S. Prison
  3. Letter to O'Reilly [Fox TV] Serious Error about the Alleged Success of Water-boarding Torture in the case of Abu Zubaydah
  4. USA Cannot Defeat Islam: Understanding and the Principle of Self-Determination can Lead to Peace
  5. Shi'ite Iraqi Delegation Led by Hakim in U.S., Plans Iran-U.S. Moves
  6. In Their Own Words-Members of the IDF Speak
  7. Eid al-Adha is on the Tenth day of Dhul Hijja by the Sighted Moon
# 1185
Zulq'idah 26,1428/December 6, 2007 #93
  1. Random Slaughter in Omaha, Nebraska
  2. America's Conscience: Guantanamo Bay Protest: Not in our Name!
  3. Code Pink Woman mistreated in Pakistan Worse than the Teddy Bear Teacher in Sudan: U.S. Media Ignored the Story
  4. Extend the Boycott to Jewish Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys, Jewelers who Support Israel
  5. In response to mail about the fate of Haila Gabr, Yemeni teenager who killed her rapist:
  6. Campaign Against Salman Rushdie, Madeleine Albright Visit to Baltimore revving up
  7. Hussein Ibish's Rant Against Islamic Sudan Reeks of Cultural Imperialism: Do Africans Need U.S. Permission to Demonstrate in their own Country?
  8. Islam is not Harsh in Religious Practices: The Striving is Against Oppressors, not in going to extremes in formal Worship
  9. India's Muslims Score Victory: Islam Hater Taslima Nasrin who Received Worldwide Support from Anti-Islam forces Forced to Retreat
  10. PAKISTAN: Jamaat-e-Islami Takes the Lead: Gains Major Support from 4 MMA Segments, plus Imran+Nawaz Sharif
  11. WAR NEWS: Maulvi Fazlullah Evades Pak Army's Juggernaut: First attack by female Martyr-Bomber
  12. AFGHANISTAN: Martyr bombers Attack Kabul During Secretary Gates' Visit
  13. IRAQ: Attacks Spread as Lull Ends: Gates Visit seemed to Trigger Bombings
  14. Attack on Iran on Hold Only Temporarily
# 1184
Zulq'idah 21,1428/December 1, 2007 #92
  1. Outreach: Baltimore Muslims urged to Protest Rushdie, Albright invited by Baltimore Jews: Jamaat Shoora Resolutions on Imam Jamil, Iran-Iraq
  2. U.S. Muslims Condemn Cultural Invasion of Sudan, Egypt, all Muslim Lands by Britain and Zionists
  3. Jewish-Israeli Professor Smashed Wife to Death: Taught at Prestigious University of Pennsylvania
  5. Al-Awda Statement On Annapolis Conference
# 1183
Zulq'idah 16,1428/November 26, 2007 #91
  1. Pakistan: Latest: November 25, 2007: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, arrived in Lahore, on a Saudi plane
  2. Growing Secularization of Religion: Nothing is holy for Many Americans
  3. Larry King for once is snubbed, live, on air by Dr. Jan Adams! Hegemonist Permits no Criticism of His "Dramas"
  4. War will Continue: Bush Rejects Murtha-Obey Plan to Start withdrawal in December 2008
  5. Books from New Trend
  6. Outreach: 140 People at ICNA Center Get Jamaat Message: Jamaica, New York: ICNA is a sleepy mess!
  7. Annapolis, Maryland: USA-Israel's Self-Delusion Based on Idea that the people in Arab, African, Muslim Countries can be fooled by Power Propaganda
  9. LATEST WAR NEWS from Pakistan
  10. Afghanistan: Senlis Group Warns, Taliban Approaching Kabul, Hold Most of Southern Afghanistan
  11. Imam Bukhari: Giant of Hadith Scholarship who Stands in way of Attempts to Misinterpret the Qur'an
# 1182
Zulq'idah 13,1428/November 23, 2007 #90
  1. We are way ahead of the curve!
  2. A Hidden Treasure
  3. American Jew Leader Meets General Musharraf, General Kayani and Pak Intelligence Services
  4. Latest Police Brutality linked to Racism and Violation of the Rights of the Poor in Miami
  5. Saudi Arabia Violating Islamic Law: Punishment for Raped Woman, Welcome for Gen. Musharraf, killer of Jamia Hafsa Women.
  6. Prof. Abdelhaleem Ashqar Sentenced to 11 plus Years in Prison for not Collaborating with Israel-USA Against Innocent Palestinians
  7. From South Africa: Al Imdaad has sent this Info
  8. Jama't-ud-Da'wah Launches Bangladesh Relief Campaign
  9. Historic March by Muslims in Calcutta Condemns Oppression in Nandigram and Calls for Expulsion of Islam Hater Taslima Nasrin
# 1181
Zulq'idah 10,1428/November 20, 2007 #89
  1. Personal note from the Editor of New Trend on the tragic suffering in Bangladesh:
  2. Musharraf Says Bush Knows Better: IJT cleans House & Rallies in Lahore
  3. WAR NEWS from northern PAKISTAN:
  4. Imam Jamil al-Amin's Continued Imprisonment and Mistreatment of Concern to Muslim World, says top Pak leader
  5. Salman Rushdie, Medeleine Albright Invited by Zionist Jews to speak in Baltimore
  6. Leading Islamic Educator Urges Separation of Islam from Muslim National Cultures
  7. Distinguished Palestinian Professor to be Sentenced on November 21
  8. The Savage Nation: Michael [Weiner] Savage's Outburst Against Islam
# 1180
Zulq'idah 6,1428/November 16, 2007 #88
  1. Our America : From NT's media monitor
  2. FATWA on Pakistan : Pakistan's Armed Forces Should Join Hands with the Pakistani People and Stop U.S.-Zionist Intervention
  3. FATWA on Palestine : Gaza Fighting is a Red Signal: Palestinian Unity is Required Under Islamic Law. Stop Israeli Agents!
  4. Spread the Word: Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan is Unjustly on Death Row
  5. In Maryland , Sis. Elisabeth and Masaud Khan's family had their Bank Accounts closed down by Citibank: Please call the Bank and Protest
  6. Pakistan Inside Story: U.S.-Israeli Designs: Thwarting People's Islamic Will thru Bhutto/Musharraf
  7. Canada's Shame: Innocent in Prison for 17 months on a Fake Case: Wife, Sis. Cheryfa, Fought back
  8. British Leaders' Massive Program to Stop Steady Growth of Islam in U.K. : Gordon and Cameron Highlight Racist Hate Agenda
  9. Dubai Deports 30 of Dr. Israr's Students for Qur'anic Study Group
  10. Jamaat-e-Islami's Rallies Broken up, Bhutto's "Long March" faced Police Action, Imran Khan Roughed up by IJT rogues in Bizarre incident at Punjab University
  11. IRAQ: Keeping the War Away from the American Public: "Surge" Ends Without Victory
  12. Poland Honors Victims of 1940 Katyn Massacre
  13. The Katyn Forest Massacre
# 1179
Zulq'idah 2,1428/November 12, 2007 #87
  1. Thinking aloud by New Trend's editor: The Hereafter is a constant theme in the Qur'an.
  2. Latest News: 80 Killed in Mogadishu, Somalia by Ethiopian Occupation Forces
  3. Taliban Attack U.S. Troops in Nuristan Province: Classic Guerrilla Warfare
  4. Nukes and U.S. Moves against Pakistan versus Israeli Arsenal. Should the U.S. Fear Islamic Militancy? Bhutto's Return is Cover for Pak Generals.
  5. Letter: Benazir Bhutto Return Seems Stage Managed
  6. Tehelka Expose - Gujarat Genocide: Mass Rape and Murder was State-Sponsored: A Look Inside India's Evil Brahminism
  7. Letter: Taking Exception: New Trend Should Note Struggle of Pakistan's Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudry
  8. Weber Speaks on the Israel Lobby at the University of Oregon
# 1178
Shawwal 27,1428/November 8, 2007 #86
  1. From our Media Monitor: Messing with Muslim Africa without End
  2. ANGELINA JOLIE should be banned from Africa
  3. Pakistan: Mess Created to Bring Ms. Bhutto to Power. Washington is behind this drama.
  4. Veteran Human Rights Activist Uncovers Michael Mukasey's Oppressive History: Only Zionists will benefit from M.M.
  5. Muslim Woman in Louisiana Prison Solitary Confinement Fights for her rights: We Urge Support for Sis. Maryam
  6. Don't send us Articles Copied from the Zionist Media
  7. Police: Jewish GW Student Admits Putting Swastikas On Her Door
  8. AFGHANISTAN: Heavy Casualties: Martyrdom Attack in [northern] Baghlan Province
  9. This sounds like a statement from the Bush admin about Afghanistan, but it's from Iran's U.N. Envoy
  10. War News from Northern Pakistan: Victory in Swat: Tree Cutting Stopped
# 1177
Shawwal 23,1428/November 4, 2007 #85
  1. Musharraf Imposes Emergency, Suspends Constitution, Dismisses Chief Justice. High Treason Says Islamic Leader. U.S. Hand Behind Usurpation of Pak Sovereignty: New Era of War Against Islam
  2. Musharraf will be Brought to Trial for Crimes against Humanity. U.S. Islamic Leader Calls for Steps to bring Mush to Justice in the Hague or in USA
  3. Structural Analysis Of Pakistani Political Forces
  4. Letter from Pakistan: Re: Documentary on Maulana Maudoodi
  5. Latino Activist Sulaiman Solano: Islamic Da'awah to Spanish Speakers
  6. Is this Justice? Palestinian Professor Ashqar Facing Jail: Why? Not because of a crime: He refuses to speak against Other Muslims!
  7. Islam is Key Stabilizing Factor in Turkish-Kurd Conflict
  8. Community Files Police Report Accusing Coca-Cola of Water Theft and Pollution
# 1176
Shawwal 19,1428/October 31, 2007 #84
  1. Lest we forget KFAR QASSEM:
  2. Megan Williams Case and National Hate Crimes March
  3. Re: Inaccuracy and lack of journalistic ethics in Mr. Beck's comments on the Blind Sheikh, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman
  4. Fighting Erupts in Mogadishu, Somalia
  5. Lull in Iraq Fighting Ends: U.S. General Hit
  7. Timbuktu: From the Leader of Civilization to a Dusty "lost city." What happens when people give up books and Scholars
  8. Sis. Amatullah, Young Convert to Islam, strongly Brings up Case of Imam Abdullah Hasan [Ohio]
  9. Program for New Muslims: Understanding Racism
  10. A Tribute to the Sisters of Jamia Hafsa from the Hadith of Muhammad, peace be on him. They are the hope for Pakistan's Future
# 1175
Shawwal 16,1428/October 28, 2007 #83
  1. Pakistan: What is not Being Reported about the attack on Benazir Bhutto
  2. Lull in Iraq War
  3. Stand up for your rights!
  4. Distinguished Imam Narrates U.S. Attack on Home, Career, Honor
  6. Hirsi Ali, Mistreated by men, hates Islam: Her Response shows Inability to See West was Built on Backs of Africans: Islam is the Solution
  7. New Book Details Mass Killings and Brutal Mistreatment of Germans at the End of World War Two
# 1174
Shawwal 11,1428/October 23, 2007 #82
  1. Personal from the Editor: Dr. [Hajiani] Asma Fischer has just returned from Makka
  3. U.S. Muslims Spell Out Issues, Strategies, Tactics:
  4. Amir Abdallah Yasin: Extraordinary Islamic leader Right here in America by Br. Mansur, Cleveland.
  5. Statement from the Crescent And Cross Solidarity Movement Concerning October 13 'No More Wars For Israel' Conference
  6. Followers of Jesus, pbuh, will Protest at the Biggest pro-Israel Church: No More Wars for Israel
  7. Letter: Ft. Dix, New Jersey, Muslim Defendant's Mother Flees Torment
  8. Letter: Criticism of Oct. 19 NT Article on Turkey and Armenians
# 1173
Shawwal 7,1428/October 19, 2007 #81
  1. 136 killed, 350 injured in attack on U.S.-Supported Pakistan leader Benazir Bhutto: Martyrdom Operator Suspected
  2. Take Action: Speak Out Against "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week" Anti-Islam Jewish Zionist and Christian Zionist Groups Swing into Action
  3. Red Mosque Movement Rejects Irresponsible Statement by Benazir Bhutto
  4. Afghans Protest Latest Desecration of the Qur'an by U.S. Troops
  5. Jewish Americans are certainly not Trying to be the Friends of Muslims
  6. Is It True That Hadith Was Not Written in the time of the Prophet, pbuh? Were the Qur'an and the Hadith transmitted by same people or different ones?
  7. 30,000 Iraqi Prisoners in U.S.-backed Concentration Camps
  8. MYTH AND TRUTH OF HUMAN RIGHTS : Behind the U.S. Claims of Support for Democracy
  9. Washington's Hypocrisy Exposed Again to the World: What's Behind the Attempt to Bring up Armenian "Genocide?"
# 1172
Shawwal 4,1428/October 16, 2007 #80
  1. Last Minute Israeli Attempt to Sabotage Major Conference Fails: First Time Christian-Muslim Unity Against Z-Jews
  2. ZIONISM: The Myth and the Reality by Ismail Zayid, 67 pp.
  3. National Islamic Shoora Coming Up. Final Reminder
  4. Preservation of Historic West African Islamic Manuscripts
  5. Focus on the Prophet's [pbuh] Example & Rejection of Western labeling of Muslims
  7. Qaradawi urges Muslims to defend Iran
# 1171
Ramadan 29,1428/October 12, 2007 #79
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Condemns Bombing of Civilians by Pakistan Air Force and U.S. Air Force
  2. Crescent was not Sighted Anywhere in America on October 11, 2007
  3. Islamic Leader's Open Letter on the Issue of Eid and Crescent Observation
  4. America Tortures Prisoners, Carter Says
  6. British Army Fired Two Million Rounds of Ammunition in Afghanistan but Failed to Drive Taliban out of Helmand Province. Terrain Taking Toll of Brits
# 1170
Ramadan 26,1428/October 9, 2007 #78
  1. The Night of Power [Laylatul Qadr]
  2. Who is behind the conflict in Darfur, Sudan?:
  3. Latest News: Heavy Fighting in North Waziristan. Islamic Fighters Locked in Battle with Pakistan's Elite Forces
  4. KASHMIR: Daylong Battle with Indian Occupation Forces
  5. AFGHANISTAN: Fighting and Bombing by NATO Forces: Taliban Gain
  6. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release :U.S. Muslims Urged to Rebut, Refute and Condemn Islam-Hater David Horowitz' Campaign Against Muslim World
  7. Imam Umar to Attend Jamaat's National Shoora
  8. Good News: Islamic Sister, Veteran of Jamaat's Struggle for Women's Rights, Recovered from Cancer, Even Fasted
  9. More Good News : After Resignation, Dr. Shabazz Gets Endowed Chair in Math, Survives Car Crash.
  10. Still more Good News: Muslims in Prison Win Case Against Removal of Islamic Books
  11. Letter: There was no "good" side during World War II. Breaking out of the "left/right" Duality.
  12. Letter: Attack on the Position of the Cross & Crescent Conference
  13. An Israeli paper's info on Lieberman's Wife, Hadassah
  14. Israeli Murder of Palestinian is not News on U.S. TV
  15. Israeli military aid to Burmese regime: Jane's
# 1169
Ramadan 23,1428/October 6, 2007 #77
  2. Imam Warith Deen Umar on Radio: Speaks of his Ordeal with U.S. "justice"
  3. National Islamic Shoora to meet: October 20, 2007
  4. Ancient Timbuktu and the Glorious Culture of West Africa: Sis. Karen
  5. Ramadan's Message: Be Aware of Allah: Oppose the Oppressors. Dr. Siddique calls for Boycott of pro-Israel Businesses and Support for Muslim Political Prisoners
  6. Police out of Control: 15 Year Old African-American Girl Brutalized by Police Officer
  7. Woman Dies in Police Custody After Arrest at Airport
  8. Dr. Kaukab Siddique invited to Major Conference critical of terrorist entity known as "Israel." No More Wars For Israel' Conference to be held in Southern California Weekend of October 12-14
  9. An Extraordinary Islamic Leader in USA: Amir Abdallah Yasin [Part I. Intro by Br. Mansur, Cleveland, USA]
  10. Sidewalk Khutba Denounces Israeli Occupation: Imam Muhammad al-'Asi
  11. Muslim Truck Driver Facing Grave Injustice
  12. IRAQ WAR: What the Media are not telling Americans
# 1168
Ramadan 19,1428/October 2, 2007 #76
  1. Why Does Norman Podhoretz Hate America?
  2. Letter: Re. Js in World War II
  3. Ramadan 1428: The Anniversary of Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a.: Scholar, Teacher, Leader, Closest to Muhammad, pbuh
  4. PAKISTAN: Tragic Situation: Supreme Court Supports Musharraf
  5. Letter: Important Documentary about Leader of Islamic Movement in Pakistan
  6. Direct U.S. Intervention to Re-"Elect" General Musharraf: Says Senator Khurshid Ahmad
  8. Afghanistan: Deadly Martyrdom Operation in Kabul: Karzai Now Wants to talk to Taliban
  9. PAKISTAN: Fighting Continues During Ramadan: Pak army seen as Infidels
  10. In Case Hamas goes Soft on Israel, Here is a New Force
# 1167
Ramadan 16,1428/September 29, 2007 #75
  1. Lithuania suspects prominent Israeli Holocaust researcher of war crimes during WWII: Why the Jews were hated.
  2. Rally at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at the UN in New York: Symbolic Opposition to Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib
  3. Role Models for our Children: This Ramadan: Accept Allah, Shun Taghoot
  4. For Once, a Rather Reasonable Article about Imam Musa
  5. Pakistan's Mothers and Daughters and the Youths led by Shaheed Abdul Rashid Ghazi
  6. Saudi Authorities' Religious Practices are Counterproductive and unIslamic
# 1166
Ramadan 12,1428/September 25, 2007 #74
  1. Ramadan Thoughts: Essential to Islam:
  2. Important Anniversaries in September: One positive, one negative.
  3. President Ahmedinejad Trounced Jewish-Zionist Groups: Bad Mannered Hosts Hoisted. Spiritual Heir of Imam Khomeini's Wisdom Taught the Js a Lesson
  4. National Islamic Shoora to Meet on October 20 in Pennsylvania
  5. The Tragedy of Ahmed Abdel Sattar: Egyptian-American Political Prisoner
  6. Racism Raises its Ugly Head: CNN Showed this Once only: No Headlines
# 1165
Ramadan 9,1428/September 22, 2007 #73
  1. Words of Wisdom: Why prayers are often not heard and the world does not change.
  3. Black Crescent: The Experience and Legacy of African Muslims in the Americas
  4. INDIA's MUSLIMS: A Golden Chapter
  5. Thinking Outside the Box: Jewish Version of World War II Under Scrutiny: Why non-Germans hated the Jews and loved Germany?
  6. U.S. Muslims Stand with the Jena 6 [Louisiana]
  7. Michael Mukasey, Zionist-Jewish judge who sentenced Shaikh Omar to prison for life, new Attorney General of the U.S!
  8. Letter: Re: U.S. Muslims: Innocents in Somalia: A Story of Faith and Love
  9. Letter: Questioning Dr. Omar Afzal, Supporting Saudi System on Moon information
  10. Response from Dr. Omar Afzal: The Saudi system is double-faced: This is how the trick works.
  11. Purdah and Progress Go Together in Muslim Women's Activism in Kerala, India. Qur'an and Hadith Support Women's Rights
  12. AFGHANISTAN: Ramadan Began with Massacre of Civilians by U.S.
  13. Letter: Introducing Imam Abdallah Yasin of Baytul Khaliq Community, Newark: A Real Leader of Muslims in America
# 1164
Ramadan 6,1428/September 19, 2007 #72
  1. Israel's Ramadan "Gift" to the Palestinians:
  2. Huge Washington DC Rally Condemns Bush and his War
  3. Islam Urges Muslims to oppose the Judaic Religion but the Saudis connected Ramadan-Eid dates to Jewish system
  4. Behind the Smokescreen of Iran-U.S. Hostility: Iran helping Karzai-NATO to Fight Taliban, Already given $560 million
  5. "Saudi" Arabia Denies Rights of Muslim Women to drive cars, but Claims, through its fronts, that Science should be used to Calculate Ramadan/Eid Crescent [Ignored Sunnah for a Decade.]
  7. Hispanic-American Muslims in Somalia: Read and Cry and bless them: This is Real Faith
# 1163
Ramadan 2,1428/September 15, 2007 #71
  1. Thought of the Day for Ramadan: Read the Qur'an, study the Hadith, remember the Hereafter to bring about Global Change and the Victory of Islam.
  2. Translations of the Qur'an should be idiomatic, not literal:
  3. letter from Leading "Holocaust" Revisionist
  4. Letter from a Christian Friend: Js in Control of Congress
  5. Letter: Expose of ISNA's and its Camel
  6. Attempt to Terrorize Sis. Lisa : Wife of Political Prisoner Ahmad Abdel Sattar
  7. Renewed Call to Action for Imam Jamil al-Amin
  8. INDIA: Oppression of Women in India: One of the Causes of Muslim-Hindu Conflict. Muslim women sexually attacked, paraded naked in UP
  9. GAZA: September 14, 2007: A column of Israeli tanks and armored cars invaded southern Gaza.
  10. Lebanon: Fatah al-Islam Leader Alive
  11. IRAQ: Chief U.S. Ally in Anbar Killed. Ramadi back in Islamic hands
  12. September 14: U.S. attack on mosque in Anbar
  13. Truth about Sunnis in Iraq: 90% are deadly opposed
  14. PAKISTAN: Musharraf's Commandos Killed: Heavy Fighting in both N. and S. Waziristan: Mounting Losses on both sides
  15. U.S. Affirms Support for Musharraf: Deadly Pact
  16. AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Victory North of Kabul
  17. KASHMIR: Agonized People Rally against India
  18. American People should not be fooled by Bush claims: Islamic Resistance in Iraq did not Slow Down
  19. Explanation of Moon sighting Claims on 9.12
# 1162
Sha'ban 30,1428/September 12, 2007 #70
  1. RAMADAN BEGINS September 14, 2007 according to the Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh.
  2. Our America: Code Pink: Vox Populi, Vox Dei
  4. General Petraeus Creates Furor by Supporting Bush: Military "Surge" Failed: War without End: Anbar Myth
  5. Indian Muslims Oppose India's Drift into U.S. Fold. No Support for Bombing Raids on Afghanistan and Iraq
  6. Tragic suffering of Iraqi girl, 14-year old Abeer al-Janabi. Now an independent and bold film maker has taken up the cause.
  7. Letter: Re: Hizbullah's Failure to Help Fatah al-Islam and Gaza
  8. German authorities watch increasing conversions to Islam with concern
# 1161
Sha'ban 26,1428/September 8, 2007 #69
  1. Outreach 1: North Philadelphia: "In Ramadan, Remember your Muslim Brothers in Prison." Most Positive Response from All-Arab Community
  2. Outreach 2: African-American Activist Embraces Islam, Marries Political Prisoner Hasan in Ohio
  3. More Phone Calls to Sis Lisa Sattar's Bank which Closed her Account.
  4. Correction to the September 3, 2007 Issue of the New Trend Magazine. Article : Houston Imam Wazir Ali is refusing to let Br. Curtis Sharif enter the masjid.
  5. A "Younger" Osama Urges USA to Accept Islam, Read Chomsky and Scheuer: Refers to Kyoto, Sarkozy, Kennedy story
  6. For Those who Might not Know Rabbi Eric Yoffie, speaking to Jewish Americans he supported Israel's attack on Lebanon and condemned Hizbullah's resistance. He stands unambiguously with Israel. Here is his quote from Reform Judaism's blog:
  7. Sponsored by the U.S. Justice Department, Addressed by USA's biggest Zionist Rabbi. Shameful Mockery of Islam: Native Deen, Hamza Yusuf, Siraj Wahhaj at Play
  8. Letter: Re: Native Deen or Deal? Sister who missed some New Trend issues criticizes us.
  9. Helping the Needy, Providing Shelter to Immigrant Women: Specific Example.
  10. Lebanon: After three months of Assault, Fatah al-Islam Dispersed, Killed
  11. ALGERIA: Fascist Regime Under al-Qaida Attack
  12. Archive: Answering Sectarianism: Allah does not say "Qur'an only."
# 1160
Sha'ban 21,1428/September 3, 2007 #68
  1. From the editor: Ramadan is coming. It is the month of Taqwa [fear of Allah alone]:
  2. Houston Imam Wazir Ali is refusing to let Br. Curtis Sharif enter the masjid
  3. SMILE: Saalakhan has been writing abuse about us secretly!
  4. No Strings Attached to New US Defense Package for Israel
  5. General Musharraf & Benazir Bhutto: American "Democracy" in Action: Iran facing Zionism
  6. Outreach in Virginia: The Struggle and Sacrifice of Islamic Women in Jamia Hafsa [Pakistan] brought to U.S. Muslims: Breaking the Censorship Imposed by Scared Imams
  7. Islam is an Uphill Path: Struggle all the Way Till Jannah. USA is not a role model
  8. Fort Dix Case: Another Abu Ghraib, not in Iraq but in Philadephia ! Helpless U.S. Muslims. Mother Not Allowed to see Son, not even brought to trial
  9. Letter: A Really Good Job !!
  10. Letter: New Reader Responds to NT and Nadrat Siddique's Intro to Abeer & the Assata Poem
  11. Letter: Correction: Hadith on Sha'ban is not Authentic
  12. Important Pakistani News: [Jamia Hafsa and Rallies against Swedish Abuse]
  13. Pakistan: Countrywide Protests Against Sweden's Abuse of Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]
  14. Baluchistan: Women Take to the Streets to protest Musharraf
  15. KARACHI: Regime Brings in Thugs to Attack Islamic Medical Students
  16. War News: From Urdu Language Media PAKISTAN: Fighting Spreading in Northwestern Pakistan: Revenge for Red Mosque
  17. Houston Imam Wazir Ali Questioned about Loss of Masjid Funds Barred Questioner from Masjid
# 1159
Sha'ban 17,1428/August 30, 2007 #67
  1. Large Muslim Crowd Confronts Indian Police
  2. Press Release: Katrina tragedy: The Real Issue is Institutional Racism
  3. OUTREACH: Jamaat Reminds Muslims of the High Profile Prisoners who will Spend Ramadan in American Gulag
  4. Calls to Sovereign Bank which closed Sis. Lisa's Account
  5. "Muslim" Zionists versus Jewish Zionists: Charges & Complaints
  6. From the Court in Miami: Jose Padilla's Conviction: Uncovering the Fraud of the only Evidence Provided by the Regime
  7. The Silence of Muslim Rulers at Threat to Attack Makkah
  8. Pak Leader warns of Cataclysmic Islamic Response if U.S. Attacks Makkah
  9. Iran Gives Official Rebuke to Swedish Ambassador after Publication of Islamic Hating Cartoon
  10. "Abeer was Iraq, and Iraq is Abeer." U.S. Muslims' Memorial for 14-Year Old Abeer, Gang-Raped by U.S. Troops, Challenges Silence of Western Feminists
  11. CNN: Amanpour's Clever "Errors" "God's Warriors" Unfairly Compared Islamic Resistance to Christian/Jewish Cults
  12. Censorship: Jews will not Permit the Slightest Criticism of the Holohoax
  13. Austrian Writer Arrested in Spain for 'Holocaust Denial'
  14. Letter: Helpful Booklet to Reinforce Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Boycott of Pro-Israel Businesses
  15. Letter: Muslim Truck Driver Facing Serious Intolerance
  16. Korean Muslims Played Key Role in Release of missionaries taken captive by Taliban
# 1158
Sha'ban 12,1428/August 25, 2007 #66
  1. Boycott of pro-Israeli Businesses in the Los Angeles Area
  2. Distribution Begins of New Card Profiling Top Five Islamic American Political Prisoners
  3. Prof. Ashqar: Distinguished Palestinian Facing Sentencing in Chicago Court: His "Crime?" Refused to backbite and slander other Muslims
  4. Hijabi Women of Jamia Hafsa have Shown the Way: the Islamic Revolution is Coming
  5. Extra prayers at night and fasting on the 15th of Sha'ban are strongly recommended
  6. This is dedicated to Abeer Hamza Al-Janabi and to the sisters of Lal Masjid [Jamia Hafsa]
  7. Letter: Revealing info about Mauri Saalakhan+Comment on Dr. Shabazz
  8. The latest on Mauri Saalakhan
  9. Letter: Dr. Shabazz' stand Against the Dumbing Down of Students at Black Universities like Lincoln U.
  10. Letter: U.S. Media Attempted Diversion from Abeer Vigils
  11. Abdul-Mohsen Al-Sheik responds to threats to attack Mecca
  12. Letter: ISNA's Qalabazi* to keep in line with Saudi rulers.
  13. Support Islamic Woman, Maryam Uloho, in Louisiana Prison
  14. Sudanese Journalist held in Guantanamo as "Enemy Combatant" Eyewitness to Desecration of the Qur'an by U.S.
# 1157
Sha'ban 8,1428/August 21, 2007 #65
  2. New Move Against Africa:
  3. AFRICA, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears...............
  4. Vigil for 14-year old Abeer Highlighted Brutal Iraq Occupation. U.S. troops Gang-Raped, Killed and Burned her. Humanity Weeps.
  5. Family of Egyptian-American Political Prisoner Ahmad 'Abdel Sattar Facing Victimization. Lisa Sattar and Ali ordered to close Bank Accounts by Sovereign Bank
  6. Bizarre Ending to Trial of Padilla, Hassoun and Dr. Kifah Jayyousi
  7. Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman [the blind Shaikh] moved to Butner, North Carolina
  8. Imam Musa facing Extremist Jewish Propaganda on Glen Beck Show
  10. INDIA at WAR: Sends 12,000 more Troops to Kashmir. Biggest Ammo Depot Blown Up: 5 days of Explosions
  11. PAKISTAN: Northern Areas Rising Up in Response to Massacre of Muslim Women in Jamia Hafsa: Battle in South Waziristan.
  12. Taliban Score Heavily: Islamic Leaders' Explain Aims.
  13. Islam in the United Arab Emirates [UAE]: An Introductory Article: Will it allow Islam to Blossom?
# 1156
Sha'ban 3,1428/August 16, 2007 #64
  1. Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz Resigns from Lincoln University: Raises Serious Issues about Education of African-American Students
  2. Imam Jamil al-Amin Transported to Colorado: Drastic Move by the Bush Regime
  3. Outreach: Informing Philadelphia Muslims of Top Level Issues
  4. U.S. Muslims Condemn Abuse Aimed at Jesus, peace be on him
  5. You are invited to a Vigil for Abeer al-Janabi and all victims of the Iraq War
  6. PAKISTAN: Big Push to Remove Musharraf: Huge August 14 Rally
  7. FIGHTING Spreads to South WAZIRISTAN
  10. Special Prisons Within Prisons: Control Units
# 1155
Rajab 28,1428/August 12, 2007 #63
  1. OUR AMERICA: Sudanese Ambassador Censored, though he is a Christian "U.S. is Destroying my Country"
  2. Top Israeli Jew Involved in Money Laundering: Not News?
  3. U.S. Islamic Leader Condemns Ehud Olmert-Mahmoud Abbas Meeting in Jericho
  4. U.S. and Iran Working Together in Iraq against the Resistance. Complex Shia Groupings in Basra: British Garrison Isolated
  5. Letter: Mauri Saalakhan Handing Over Muslim Names to Government
  6. Salaakhan and Bray Invited to Send Factual Responses to New Trend.
  7. It's summer recess - do you know where your congressmen are?
  8. Pakistan: Musharraf Visits Karzai at U.S.-Backed Gathering in Kabul. Tricked Pakistani Politicians Again
  9. Afghanistan: Korean Hostages in Grave Danger as Talks Drag on
  10. Pakistan: Cobra copters & Heavy Artillery Against Islamic Fighters: Widespread Resistance After Jamia Hafsa Massacre
  11. Lal Masjid Massacre Poem by Shaukat Ali Sent by a reader from Jihad UnSpun
# 1154
Rajab 25,1428/August 9, 2007 #62
  1. Hajji Mir Gul held Bashir Ahmed, his 2-year-old grandson, at the British base in Sangin. NATO doctors had removed shrapnel from the boy's abdomen and warned that he might not survive.
  2. Obama vs. Osama
  3. Abdul Rashid Ghazi [shaheed] was like a brother to him: Islamic revolution in Pakistan is coming, reader says
  4. OUR AMERICA: Three items from New Trend's Media Monitor
  5. If Only Pakistanis were to Listen to Bush!
  6. Afghanistan According to Bush and Karzai: Joint Press Statements
  7. Islam in America. The Lack of Accountability among Muslim Fundraisers.
  8. Re: Fund Raising Activity / Conflict of Interest: ADAMS Center on July 29, 2007
  9. Letter: Reader Says New Trend Misunderstood Native Deen: Joshua Salaam is a Good Family Man
  10. Letter: Re: Native Deen: Why we should not be singing and clapping along
  12. America's Desperate Egyptian Puppet Puts Peace Loving Opponents on Trial
  13. America's Oppressed Muslims Dealt Another Blow: Sabri Benkahla gets 10 Years for Allegedly "Lying." He was Acquitted of Earlier Charges but Government Tried him Again and got him 10 Years!
# 1153
Rajab 21,1428/August 5, 2007 #61
  1. U.S. Muslims Condemn NATO bombing of Afghan civilians: NATO must Withdraw
  2. Attempt to Link Oakland Muslims to Journalist's Murder
  3. Ukrainian Jew Caught on Camera: Dunked the Sublime Qur'an in the Toilet Twice. Freed without bail: Supported by Hitchens & Malkin.
  4. Tom Tancredo Says: "Take out" Makkah and Madinah
  5. Michelle Malkin Claims Right to put Qur'an in Toilet: Hitchens matches her on CNN
  6. Letter: Expose of Hamza Yusuf's "Qur'an=Holocaust" Story: High Praise from a Veteran Arab Journalist
  7. New Card to Mobilize U.S. Muslims' Support for High Profile Political Prisoners
  8. Outreach: Newark, Delaware: Jamia Hafsa and Iraqi girl Abeer al-Janabi
  9. Citizens Uninformed As Congress Passes Bills Which Benefit Only Organized Jewry! *
  10. Islamic Leader Answers U.S. Threat to Makkah, Madinah
  11. Mass Rally by Women in Islamabad Honors Jamia Hafsa
  12. Supreme Court Releases Nationalist Leader Javed Hashmi
  13. Leaders of Red Mosque Brought to Court in Chains
  14. PAKISTAN: Upheaval Against Pak Army Following Red Mosque Tragedy Continues
  15. IRAQ: The Surge is not Working: Disinformation and Facts
# 1152
Rajab 19,1428/August 3, 2007 #60
  1. Important Corrections: Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan's Headquarters
  2. Letter: Re: Fund Raising by Native Deen and Fake Letters sent to New Trend. Conflict of Interest & Deception Charged.
  3. A Letter from the Wife of Imam Jamil, Herself an Activist
  4. Jamil Al-Amin has been moved to federal custody!
  5. "American Islam" Hamza Yusuf Claims: Holocaust Denial Undermines Islam!
  6. TEXT of Imam Jamil's Message
  7. Peace groups host Interfaith Hiroshima-Nagasaki Day Prayer Vigil
# 1151
Rajab 14,1428/July 29, 2007 #59
  1. TV Trying to Smear History of Imam Jamil al-Amin
  2. First Honest Report in USA on Red Mosque Tragedy in Pakistan
  3. Trinidad and Guyana Muslims Unite to Rebut JFK Terrorism Story: Informant was at Siraj Wahhaj's Mosque
  4. Joshua Salaam's Native Deen Embedded with Bush Administration's Worldwide Infiltration of Muslims
  5. Islamic Texts on the issue of Native Deen
  6. Pakistan: Day of Revolution and Retribution in Islamabad
  7. AFGHANISTAN: 60 Civilians Killed in New NATO MASSACRE
# 1150
Rajab 10,1428/July 25, 2007 #58
  2. New Shock Waves from the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa Raped by General Musharraf:
  3. Fighting Spreading in northern Pakistan: First Islamic Victory
  4. AFGHANISTAN: Heavy Fighting Reported. Taliban Ascendant.
  5. Shaping an "American Islam." Bush Administration, "Native Deen," and "Imam" Magid of ADAMS. Singing for the State Department
  6. Islam Has Declared Haram [forbidden] Even the Slightest Cooperation with Oppressors
  7. The last Will of Abdul Rashid Ghazi. Like Abdullah ibn Zubair, r.a., and Hussain ibn Ali, r.a., he would not bow before Oppressors.
  8. Doubts cast on terror suspect's case in Australia
  9. Letter: Re: Bootlicker groups CAIR, ISNA, MPAC, MAS...
# 1149
Rajab 7,1428/July 22, 2007 #57
  1. July 22: New Trend congratulates the Muslims of Turkey for their overwhelming election victory over the secularists.
  2. The King David Hotel Bombing-Min al-Erhabi ? (Who's the Terrorist)
  3. Our America "Islamophobia?" You Got to be Kidding! Why is Islam Spreading in America?
  4. Musharraf's "rent-an-army" Facing Pakistani Masses: War Spreading after Rape of Jamia Hafsa and Red Mosque: New York Times focuses on Middle Class, Ignores Islamic Resistance
  5. U.S. Muslims face Oppression: Padilla, Hassoun and al-Jayyousi: Thought Crimes and 14,000 phone messages
  6. We are killing each other by the hundreds every day. Where is the outrage?
  7. Health Notes: Thanks to an alert New Trend reader
  8. From Islamic Da'wah Teacher in New York: On Red Mosque, Jamia Hafsa tragedy
  9. Pakistan: War in the Northwest: Martyrdom Operators Take Revenge for Jamia Hafsa
# 1148
Rajab 3,1428/July 18, 2007 #56
  1. OUR AMERICA: Keith Ellison Compares Bush to Hitler but Supports Zionists!
  2. Challenging Imam Jamil's Prison Conditions
  3. July 20 Rally for Imam Jamil in Atlanta, Georgia
  4. Ramsey Clark Opposes Mubarak's Violation of Basic Rights
  5. Israel, USA Attempts to Legitimize the Abbas Clique & Strangle Hamas
  6. Bush writes to Kadhafi to push for closer ties
# 1147
Rajab 1,1428/July 16, 2007 #55
  2. Germar Rudolf: German Scientist Imprisoned for "Thought Crimes"
  3. The Voices of Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid: New Trend was First to Interview Them
  4. Outreach [1]: Philadelphia: Literature on U.S.-Musharraf Massacre in Red Mosque-Women's University
  5. Outreach [2]: Arab-Americans and Pakistani-Americans Unite: Greensboro, NC. Salatul Janaza for Jamia Hafsa, Pakistan
  6. Outreach [3]: Breaking the Silence: Factual Info on the Slaughter of Innocents by Gen. Musharraf's U.S. Armed Commandos
  7. Outreach [4] Stand up for the Deen: Speak out Against Zionist Jews who have Invited Rushdie and Madeleine Albright
  8. Trinidad Muslims Issue Newsletter to Rebut JFK Terror Plot Story
  9. War News with Comments: Pakistan: Musharraf Praises Commandos who Blasted Masjid: Qazi Hussain says: Line of Blood Separates People from Army
  10. Massive Pak Military Build up: Convoys hit by Martyrdom Operators
# 1146
Jamada al-Thani 28,1428/July 13, 2007 #54
  1. OUR AMERICA: July 12, 2007: President Bush's press conference
  2. Martyr of Lal Masjid focused on Islam & Allah Even when Musharraf killed his Mother
  3. Quick Response by Support Group Restores Imam Jamil's Daily Rights
  4. Pakistani Ulema Urged to Declare Musharraf an Apostate and Stop Dealing with him. Muslims Urged to Make Salatul Janaza for Martyrs of Jamia Hafsa-Lal Masjid
  5. Censorship Imposed on Islamic Books in U.S. Prisons: Big Move to Stop Spread of Islam
  6. With the Assault on Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid, Pakistan Enters a New Era. Its Own Army has Conquered Pakistan: Peaceful Islamic Movements are Redundant.
# 1145
Jamada al-Thani 25,1428/July 10, 2007 #53
  1. MICHAEL MOORE trashes CNN, Wolf Blitzer and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.
  2. Poorly Armed Islamic Teachers, Students, Faced Pakistan's U.S. Trained Commandos. 100 explosions. 15 Hour Resistance Ruined Musharraf's Plan for a Quick Victory: Women Fought Back.
  3. LETTERS from American activists
  4. The agony of the Ecstasy
# 1144
Jamada al-Thani 22,1428/July 7, 2007 #52
  2. Latest News from Islamabad, Pakistan Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid Defy General Musharraf's 10,000 Pakistani Troops
  3. Preliminary List of Young Islamic Women Martyrs in Jamia Hafsa killed by General Musharraf's Forces: Incomplete, as published in Pakistan's Urdu Media
  5. Outreach: Breaking the Silence about Musharraf's Attack on Women in Islamabad. Two Attempts Made to stop distribution by Pak. nationalists
  6. Worldwide Memorial for 14 Year Old Abeer: Victim of America's Power Drive
  7. Letter: Don't Blame All Shi'as
  8. Letter: Re: First wave of attacks on Jamia Hafsa beaten back
  9. Pakistan Medical Organization (PMO) Press Release
# 1143
Jamada al-Thani 20,1428/July 5, 2007 #51
  1. Islamabad: 10,000 Pakistani Troops Besiege Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid. Massive Propaganda Blitz by Musharraf after Curfew & Electricity/Water Cut off.
  2. Rally for Mumia Jamal in Philadelphia: Jamaat Calls for Unity Against Oppression
  3. Passing of the Imam who led funeral prayers for Malcolm X [El Hajj Malik Shabazz]
  4. Letter: Re: Bush, Hooper and Dajjal
  5. Iraqi Viewpoint: Not a sectarian Conflict but U.S. Occupation-Israel-Iran Working Together
  6. Help Prevent Libyan Guantanamo Detainee Abdul Ra'ouf Al Qassim from Being Sent to Torture; Tell U.S. to Send Him Home to His Family in Afghanistan
  7. Is Pervaiz Lord Mountbatten?
# 1142
Jamada al-Thani 18,1428/July 3, 2007 #50
  1. Musharraf Launches Attack on Jamia Hafsa-Lal Masjid: First Wave Beaten Back by Students: 25 youths Killed, 68 wounded
  2. Britain Spreading a Large Net for Muslims: Something Very Fishy about Terrorism Plot
  3. RE: Letter on Samarra: Are two Shi'ite Imams buried there? Analysis is unislamic?
# 1141
Jamada al-Thani 15,1428/June 30, 2007 #49
  1. Imam Badi Ali Urges Palestinian Parliament to Impeach Abbas
  2. Outstanding Muslim Attorney & his Activist Wife Released Owing to Powerful Protests by New York Communities
  3. Why are NATO forces in Afghanistan? Dr. Kaukab Siddique interviewed by Dr. Wilmer Leon on XM Radio. June 2007.
  4. Groundbreaking and pioneering works by Dr. Kaukab Siddique:
  5. The New Qadiani Sect! Desecration of a Masjid: President Bush Visits Islamic Center DC, Speaks from Pulpit, accompanied by CAIR's Hooper and Other Bootlickers
  6. Bush and Hooper
  7. Belgian Publisher in Prison for 'Thought Crimes'
  8. U.S. Affirms Bombing of Pakistani Villages with Musharraf's Support
  9. Musharraf Ready to Attack Jamia Hafsa & Lal Masjid: Worries about Female Dead Bodies' Photos
  10. 800,000 Homeless in Baluchistan: Civil Breakdown in Karachi, Flood near Peshawar
  11. IRAQ: Biggest U.S. Offensive in Baqubah Fizzled out: U.S. TV Media Stopped Coverage
  12. AFGHANISTAN: New Taliban Tactics: Plus Another Attack in Kabul
# 1140
Jamada al-Thani 12,1428/June 27, 2007 #48
  1. CORRECTION: Re: New Trend's report on Islam and Indigenous Peoples: Not "Red Indians"
  2. Letter: Re: "Muslim" Zionists: Is there an alternative to Israel?
  3. An Arab Country's Suffering was Completely Censored by U.S. Media
  4. Outreach in Arab-American Community, Baltimore: 100 Get cutting edge Literature
  5. African-Americans and Israeli Jews: Unequal Relationship
  6. America's Million Dollar Mosques and Glittering Fund Raisers
  7. Letter: A Query from Iranian Reader about Shi'ism: Is New Trend Insulting Ali Sistani?
  8. Input from New Trend's Research Department on Iraqi Shi'ites
  9. Is modern world in grip of clash of civilization ?
# 1139
Jamada al-Thani 7,1428/June 22, 2007 #47
  1. SAD NEWS: The U.S. has extended Prof. Sami al-Arian's imprisonment by another 4 months till October.
  2. Islam Spreading in Caribbean Despite JFK Plot Fabrication
  3. Gaza: Islamic Victory Shattered U.S.-Israeli Plans: Abbas-Mubarak-Abdullah Exposed as CIA-Mossad Agents
  4. Biggest U.S. Offensive: Heavy Fighting: Iraqis led by al-Qaida. 19,000 Iraqi Prisoners in ONE CAMP in Basra under Shia Guards.
  5. Afghanistan: Heavy Fighting: Civilians Bombed: Taliban hit Kabul
  6. PAKISTAN: U.S. Missile Strike Killed 32 Islamic Students
  7. Letter: Re: Why follow Muhammad [p] in everything?
  8. Letter: Re: Otis Confession and Imam Jamil's Case
  9. Letter: Re: U.S. Muslims condemn British honors for Rushdie
  10. Letter: The knighthood to Rushdie is a calculated insult to Muslims.
  11. Letter: Strong Support for New Trend [Surprise!] Re: Gaza, Shi'ite Shrine, etc. [Writer sent this to his list.]
  13. PALESTINIAN-AMERICAN Leader Needs Support Very Urgently
  14. Viewpoint: Islamic Messsage for Native American [indigenous] Tribes
# 1138
Jamada al-Thani 3,1428/June 18, 2007 #46
  1. U.S. Muslims Condemn Queen Elizabeth's knighthood for Salman Rushdie
  2. Otis Jackson's Confession [April 2007] Matches the Police Report on him Dated June 3, 2000. Imam Jamil al-Amin NOT Responsible for Shooting of two Policemen in March 2000.
  3. GAZA: Huge Islamic Victory: Israel, Bush Rush to save Mahmoud Abbas
  4. Shi'ites Blow Up Tomb of Leading Companion of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Talha bin Ubaidullah, r.a.
  5. American Muslimah re-Arranges her Life. Why Follow Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in everything? [Continued from previous issue]
  6. Islamic Woman Leader Condemns Whispering Campaign against Dr. Kaukab Siddique
# 1137
Jamada al-Awwal 28,1428/June 14, 2007 #45
  1. Smile a little: The diarrhea of censorship on TV
  2. Watch what India and Israel are up to:
  3. PAKISTAN: The link between Hasan al-Banna and Quaid-e-Azam Mohamed Ali Jinnah. One Islam, One Ummah.
  4. TOP NEWS: Hamas Victory: Israel's Hand Emerged Through Fatah but was Broken. U.S. Islamic Leader calls for Trial of Dahlan
  5. COMMITTEE to TRY Dahlan for crimes against Palestine:
  6. June 10, 2007: Imam Warith Deen Umar as Example of Civil Resistance
  7. Fishy "Attack on Shi'ite Shrine" Story: "Inside Job" Say First Reports: Why Bush Worried? Sunni Mosques get no Publicity
  8. Letter: Re: Muslimah uncovers Informant in JFK plot.
  9. Letter: New Trend Accused of Name Calling: Re: Tariq Nelson
  10. Letter: Re: Lieberman: Warmonger Calling for Attack on Iran: U.S. Jews at Work
  11. Why follow everything the Prophet [pbuh] did? [Part I.]
  12. British Muslim of Pakistani Descent: Symbol of British Oppression of Muslims, may be extradited within days to the U.S.
# 1136
Jamada al-Awwal 25,1428/June 11, 2007 #44
  2. Congratulations to our youth:
  3. What Stories the warmongers tell the American People!
  4. Obama: Why is he so popular Among the People in Power?
  5. Outreach Continues: Philadelphia: A tough City on way to Embracing Islam
  6. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Condemns Attempts to Link Muslims to Terrorism: JFK Case a string of lies and Fabrications
  7. American Jewish Elites Hate Islam: Rushdie and Albright Invited to Meyerhoff: Culture a Cover for Fanatical Intolerance
  8. Prominent Israel Rabbi Advocates Carpet Bombing of Palestinians
  9. Understanding Fatah al-Islam: A New Trend Disturbing the Status Quo: A small but Decisive force Clear in its Direction and Aims
  10. Jewish Zionists, Christian Zionists, "Muslim" Zionists Joust for Acceptance by White House/FBI/Zionist Media
  11. US holding at least 39 detainees in secret prisons: rights groups
# 1135
Jamada al-Awwal 20,1428/June 6, 2007 #43
  1. Viewpoint: Would you agree? Remember the Six Day War: Reminder that Secular Rulers Betrayed the Arab World
  2. Race and Racism Underlies the American Malaise: O. J. Simpson vs Rabbi Fred Neulander [who?]
  3. JFK Airport Bogus "Terror" Plot: Informant's key Role: Attempt to Involve Iran: Good Family Men Trapped: Trinidad Leader's Denial
  4. Racism on the Airlines: Virulent TB man [White] was allowed to Fly: Arab Man Taken off
  5. Lebanon: Lebanese Army vs Fatah al-Islam Fighting Spreads to 2nd Palestinian Camp
  6. Blame US, not us 'Suspects entrapped by FBI informant'
  7. An unusual book for sale: DAJJAL: SUPERPOWER U.S.A. by Kaukab Siddique
  8. IRAQ: Heavy Fighting Continues: Only One Third of Baghdad is in U.S. Hands
# 1134
Jamada al-Awwal 17,1428/June 3, 2007 #42
  1. The horror in Guantanamo Bay Continues:
  2. Democracy, Shamocracy! Bush going for Open-Ended War with Democrats' Support
  3. Outreach: Mobilizing Support for Jamaat's Shoora: Masjid al-Aqsa Unites Muslims of USA
  4. Far Fetched Charges against Guyana/Trinidad Muslims Seem Fabricated and Full of Holes: Media Rushed to Vilify Muslims
  5. RE: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Demand that Imam Jamil be freed now that a Gang Leader has confessed
  6. [From an Atlantan in Saudi Arabia]
  7. Tunisian Regime Linked to France and USA Openly Dishonors Muslim Women: Terrorist Campaign Against Hijab.
  8. Two Letters: Re: Malcolm X or Al-Hajj Malik Shabazz?
  9. In Canada, you get into Trouble with Jews even if you don't Deny the Holocaust. For Once a Muslim Professor Responds Strongly
# 1133
Jamada al-Awwal 14,1428/May 31, 2007 #41
  1. CAMPAIGN to FREE IMAM JAMIL Abdullah al-AMIN: After the Confession by Gang Leader
  2. Why 90 Years for Masaud Khan? Victim of U.S. Support for India
  3. How to Join Jamaat al-Muslimeen? Here is the Process
  4. SUDANESE CHILDREN ADOPTED + Ugandan Student in Khartoum
  5. Destruction of German Cities and Populations in World War II: Cold Blooded Mass Murder: Censorship of a Major Publication
  6. Zaid Shakir: Beloved of the Zionist Media and ISNA Claimed Worldwide Muslim Protests against Cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, were terroristic!
  7. For the Islamic position on the cartoons, go to:
  8. Rally Against Israeli Aggression and Occupation: Six Day "War" Memorial: June 10
  9. Incident at Masjid al-Islam, Washington, DC
  10. Letter: Hizbullah could have hurt Israel but didn't......
  11. Letter: Re: Comment on the Anniversary of Malcolm: Use his correct name
  12. WAR NEWS
# 1132
Jamada al-Awwal 8,1428/May 25, 2007 #40
  1. Important News: The Tragedy of Nahr al-Bared: Lebanese Army Tries to destroy Fatah al-Islam
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Philadelphia Being Organized: Br. Aqeel Takes Oath
  3. Masjid on Mexican Border Planned in Brownsville, Texas
  4. Jamaat Shoora members Meets Top Representative of Imam Jamil al-Amin
  5. In Memory of Malcolm X: He stood for total Separation from the Corrupt Power Structure
  6. Iran's 2003 Proposal to US Offered Peace With Israel
  7. Even in an Official Report, Islamic Dissent shows through
  8. MONSANTO Family Were Jewish Slave Dealers And Owners
  9. Musharraf's troops Ready to Attack Young Islamic Women
# 1131
Jamada al-Awwal 3,1428/May 20, 2007 #39
  1. Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz: Award for Educational Theory and Unique Distinction in Mathematics
  2. Sis. Karen English: Award for Outstanding Commitment and Contributions to the Islamic Cause
  3. Masjid al-Aqsa's Liberation From the Terrorist Entity. ["Israel"] Unites the Muslims of America: Attack on Masjid in India Condemned: Impeach Bush: Put them all on Trial
  4. Be Youth Leadership Oriented to Shun the Inroads of "American Islam"
  5. Leaders of Indian Muslim Diaspora Condemn the Bomb Explosion at the Historic Mecca Mosque in Hyderabad, India.
  6. Marine says urinated on dead Iraqi at Haditha
# 1130
Rabi' al-thani 28,1428/May 16, 2007 #38
  1. LATEST from Karachi, Pakistan:
  2. OUR AMERICA: Steadily rising gas prices are quite possibly [even probably] a hidden form of war tax.
  3. Our America [2] Jerry Falwell Died an Inglorious Death: Never Realized how he was used by the Zionists
  4. CONGRATULATIONS to Sis Bilqis in Rocky Mount, North Carolina..
  5. Oppression of Muslims in America [1] Who will Wipe the Tears of our Bengali Sister?
  6. Oppression of Muslims in America [2] Jose Padilla, Amin Hassoun and Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi: Innocents in Zionist-Controlled USA
  7. Action Needed to Support Student Hunger Strike Against Nuclear Weapons
  8. Dadallah Fought both the Soviets and the USA: Mullah Umar Appoints his brother as the new Commander
  10. OSAMA bin LADEN is Alive and Leading Military Operations
  11. Taliban Ambush
  12. Analysis of Saddam Hussain's Struggle and the Claim that he decimated the Kurds
# 1129
Rabi' al-thani 24,1428/May 12, 2007 #37
  1. LATEST NEWS: 33 Killed, 127 wounded by First Day's Count
  2. May 19: National Shoora: Theme: Unite to Save Masjid al-Aqsa from Zionist Plots
  4. Re: Mother's Day: Two Extremes+Imam Jamil+Baltimore's Jews+How to know Allah
  5. Letter & Article: Re: Zaid Shakir's Abusive attack on Saddam Hussain [Shaheed]
# 1128
Rabi' al-thani 21,1428/May 9, 2007 #36
  1. Hardline Pakistani Generals Planning Martial Law on Excuse of "Islamic Militancy" of Jamia Hafsa-Lal Masjid
  3. Cindy Sheehan & Kaukab Siddique live :The "On With Leon Show"
  5. RE: Letters about Saddam: New Trend Educates the Most Prejudiced
  6. Letter: Re: Saddam Hussain Executed Armed Rebels + Siraj Wahhaj's $2,000,000 and his "Verbal Rubbish"
  7. Top Pakistani Physician Responds to Smear Campaign Against Jamia Hafsa by the Daily Dawn & Westernized Pakistani Media
  8. Letter: Siraj Wahhaj Type Activity has Drained Muslim Community. Muslim Woman Needs Funds for Attorney but there is no money.....
  9. Jews Celebrate Sarkozy Victory in France
# 1127
Rabi' al-thani 17,1428/May 5, 2007 #35
  1. Outreach in Newark, Delaware: May 4, 2007
  2. THE ROLE of SIRAJ WAHHAJ in Muslim Fundraising
  3. Meyerhoff Orchestra on Defensive: Says Villa Julie College is Responsible
  4. Desperate Attempt to Stop Spread of Islam in the Prison System
  5. Lal Masjid [Islamabad] Leader Puts Life on Line to Support Hafsa Women's Struggle
  6. Conversion to Islam: Litvinenko Gave his Life to Uncover Chechen Tragedy
  7. Historic African American Press Delegation visits Sudan
  8. Letter: Re: Zaid Shakir's Attack on Saddam Hussain [Shaheed]
  9. Letter: Re: Zaid Shakir and Saddam Hussain: An Angry Letter
# 1126
Rabi' al-thani 13,1428/May 1, 2007 #34
  1. New Trend ahead of the curve again:
  2. LATEST NEWS: The Islamic fighting forces in SOMALIA have re-captured the southern city of Kismayo.
  3. World Famous Educationist Dr. AbdulAlim Shabazz to attend National Shoora
  4. Islamic Leader Praises Confession on Imam Jamil We Published
  5. Islamophobia is a myth: Government Oppression is a fact: Islam Spreading Despite Media Blitz Against Islam
  6. His Mind is Strong: He is firm in his Faith: Physically very Weak
  7. Zaid Shakir swallowed the Zionist Lie Hook, line and Sinker! Self-Styled Leader Slandered the martyr Saddam Hussein
  8. "Kashmir is Pakistan's Jugular Vein: Have no Illusions about India after Rahul Gandhi's Disclosure" Hafiz Saeed Addresses Huge Open Air Friday Prayer Gathering in Rawalpindi
  9. Five British Muslims, 4 of Pakistani origin, Sentenced to Life in Prison
  10. PAKISTAN: U.S.-Pakistani Missiles Hit 2 Madrassas [Islamic schools]
  11. IRAQ: Increasing Tempo of Guerrilla Warfare: Attack on Karbala Misreported
  12. AFGHANISTAN: Massacre in Herat Province: Indiscriminate Bombing by the U.S.Atrocity in Buti Kot
# 1125
Rabi' al-thani 9,1428/April 27, 2007 #33
  1. Can U.S. Jews be the Friends of Islam and Muslims? Latest Episode says "No!"
  2. Gang Leader in U.S. Prison Says he Shot the Policemen Imam Jamil is Accused For. U.S. Government arrested Imam Jamil as Part of Conspiracy to "Get" the Islamic Leader
  3. SAUDI ARABIA: 172 Islamic Opponents of Regime Arrested: Claim of Arms Cache
  4. PAKISTAN Censored Information: Why the women of Jamia Hafsa rose Up
  5. MUSHARRAF FORCES GUN DOWN STUDENTS : Peaceful Rally Attacked in Khyber Agency
  6. ALGERIA: Al-Qaidah Forces Strike Three Heavy Blows
  7. AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Offensive Targets Karzai's Intelligence Agencies
  8. IRAN Working with Musharraf: "Anti-Iran Militants" Arrested by Pakistani Police on Iran Border
  9. Letter: Re: Cho: Va-Tech: Columbine shooters were Jews
  10. Letter: From a Hindu Reader who is scared
  11. Zionist Thugs Attack Paul Fromm
# 1124
Rabi' al-thani 4,1428/April 22, 2007 #32
  1. AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Trying to Outflank Bagram U.S. Air Base
  3. IRAQ: Heavy Islamic Resistance: It's Not Shia-Sunni but Resistance vs Occupation
  4. America's Muslims: Who are our leaders?
  5. Imam Badi Ali Welcomes Cindy Sheehan: 600 Rally in Greensboro, North Carolina
  6. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Adopt-a Child-Program
  7. Zionists Push for Drastic Moves Against Sudan on Darfur
  8. Prison Guard Threatens Dr. Al-Arian's Life
  9. Visit to Masaud Khan, April 16, 2007. A "good" Prison but even his Mom can't Embrace him: No Regime in the World does this.
  10. Letter: Re: New Trend's Article on Women leading prayers.
  11. Holocaust Remembrance: What's Behind the Campaign?
  12. Iraq link to campus killer Cho
  13. Cho's sister works for McNeil Technologies: Administration official
  14. Letter: Highly Educated Islamic Women in Kerala, India read New Trend
  15. Letter: U.S. Islamic Scholar Dr. Omar Afzal Hails New Trend's report on Imamat by Women
  16. LETTER: University Student Offended by NT report on Va-Tech
  17. Letter: New Trend's point on Silent Racism in Action Appreciated by University Student
# 1123
Rabi' al-Awwal 29,1428/April 18, 2007 #31
  1. VA Tech Massacre Underlines Moral Collapse and Social Narcissism: Media Racists Try to Link Shooter to Korea: He Was as American as you get
  2. General Musharraf's Helicopters Drop Tear Gas on Islamic Women's University
  3. Q & A: On Women Leading Congregational Prayers and on Earnings from Interest
  4. Alleged operative denies al-Qaeda ties
  5. The Rand Report: "Building Moderate Muslim Networks"
  6. Letter: Misled Christians Building Israel in Florida
  7. Letter: Regarding Islamic [Hafsa] Women
  8. Letter: New Trend Gets Free Gift of the Qur'an
# 1122
Rabi' al-Awwal 25,1428/April 14, 2007 #30
  1. THOUGHT of the Day:
  2. May 19: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora Theme: Masjid al-Aqsa: Zionism and Sacrilege
  3. Big Support for Prof. Sami al-Arian in North Carolina: Free Him Now: Charges of Terrorism were Bogus
  4. OUTREACH in Greensboro, North Carolina: Remember the Hereafter: Do Zikr Allah. Honor Women as Equals in ALL Islamic Endeavors. 500 Addressed by Dr. Kaukab Siddique: One Allah, One Leader, pbuh, One Ummah
  5. Muslim Link's Missing Link: Starbucks Does not Support Israel? [!]
  6. MILLION DOLLAR FUND RAISER for ISRAEl In ANN ARBOR-Ypsilanti Marriott, MICHIGAN: Starbucks chief was main speaker
  7. The real enemies of Islam have been unmasked - Hafiz Saeed Addresses Huge Juma Prayer Gathering
  8. Swedish Teen Muslimah Says: U.S. troops Led Operation Behind the Oppression of Somali Islamic Refugees in Kenya
  9. A quick update on the Siraj family's situation and some quick support actions you can take.
  10. RE: Release from Detention of Siraj Abdul Rehman
  11. LETTER: Sectarian Shi'ite/Pervezi Propaganda against Hadith: NT's response being Distributed in Uganda [East Africa]
  12. LETTER: Correction: Khadijah, r.a., should be included Among Women Leaders List
# 1121
Rabi' al-Awwal 21,1428/April 10, 2007 #29
  1. Thinking outside the box:
  2. Outreach: 200 Muslims Receive Message in Philadelphia
  3. A Muslim American of African Descent is a Transforming Force for Students of Mathematics.
  4. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora: Muslims Need Analytical Thinking, Evaluation, Scientific Planning: We have Women Role Models in History along with Men
  5. Time for Fake Muslim Leaders to Step Down: Our Situation is Bad. These "leaders" are Often the Worst Offenders
  6. Why Did Islamic Women Decide to Risk their Lives to Defy General Musharraf in his Stronghold?
  7. Ice Storm Snuffs Out Liberty's Lamp
  8. Is It True That Hadith Was Not Written in the time of the Prophet, pbuh? Were Qur'an and Hadith transmitted by same people or different ones?
# 1120
Rabi' al-Awwal 19,1428/April 8, 2007 #28
  1. THOUGHT of the DAY: Islam sets high standards for Imams and leaders.
  2. CAIR needs Sensitivity Training: Unbridled Nifaq of the Shameless "Advocacy" Group
  3. Campaign Against Jamia Hafsa's Islamic Women: Haqqani, Mazari, Rashid, Hussain for Imperialism
  4. Meet a Genuine Islamic Leader and his Blessed Wife
  5. Jewish Critic of Holocaust Exploitation Facing Denial of Tenure
  6. Notes on Anti-War Protests at the Pentagon on March 17
  7. Dr. Ali al-Timimi's Statement in Court after the judge denied his motions.
  10. IRAQ: HEAVY FIGHTING: It's not Shia-Sunni Fight but Islam vs Occupation
# 1119
Rabi' al-Awwal 15,1428/April 4, 2007 #27
  1. Latest News:
  2. Islam the Only Antidote to Mass Culture: Our Children are being Targeted: Stand up for the Rights of Muslim Americans
  3. Women are the Twins of Men: Dr. Siddique speaks a Glenmont, New York
  4. Well Done! President Ahmedinejad!
  5. Belgian Ex-Senator On Trial for 'Holocaust Denial'
  6. How the Scare Tactic that USA might Face Nuclear Terrorism was Concocted.
  7. Letter: Admiration for the Activist Sisters of Jamia Hafsa in Islamabad, Pakistan
  8. Letter: Muslim Link's Missing Link:
  9. Zimbabwe: The other side of the Story
  10. 60 Israeli settlers storm the Aqsa under police protection
# 1118
Rabi' al-Awwal 11,1428/March 31, 2007 #26
  1. LATEST NEWS: From Our Media Monitor
  2. Islam Leading in Reform Movement to Change Conditions of Pakistani Women.
  3. Dedicate Ten Days for the Freedom of Prof. Sami al-Arian Call for Demonstrations, Letters, Emails, Education-on-issue
  4. Islam is a Blessing for America: We are ONE UMMAH: Not 56 Nationalities: Unite and Face the Oppressors thru Legal Means: Shoora is Central to Islam
  5. The Children of Deir Yassin
# 1117
Rabi' al-Awwal 7,1428/March 27, 2007 #25
  1. LATEST WAR NEWS: From our Media Monitor AFGHANISTAN:
  2. PAKISTAN: Demonstrations by attorneys went into high gear ACROSS the country
  3. Brother Hodari Abdul 'Ali on Radio about his Historic India Trip
  4. National Shoora Reminder: May 19, 2007: Peaceful but Uncompromising
  5. Masjid to be Set up In South Texas on Mexican Border, Inshallah
  6. Muslims in America Should not React to every Incident as if Muslims are Always Right. We Must Evaluate According to the Qur'an
  7. Innocent Islamic Scholar in Prison: Jamaat Plans to Rally Support for Dr. Ali Timimi
  8. "Leaders" Exploit Muslim Masses: Expert BEGGING Used to Drain Resources: What do Yvonne Ridley & Johari Abdul Malik have in Common?
  9. Letter: Re: Report on March on the Pentagon, NT #23
  10. Mom Would Have Spanked Bush's Butt
  11. Against the Death Penalty: Protest in Baltimore, Maryland
# 1116
Rabi' al-Awwal 3,1428/March 23, 2007 #24
  1. SOMALIA: New Islamic Uprising
  2. SUDAN: Censorship of Islamic Viewpoint on Darfur
  3. PALESTINE: Mufti Warns: Al-Aqsa in Danger
  4. AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Advance into Badghis Province
  5. PAKISTAN: Backlash on Suspension of Chief Justice: +Jamaat ad-Da'wa Rallies in 53 Cities
  6. Siraj Wahhaj Refuses to Reply: His buddy Imam Talib Issues Long Winded Defense.
  7. Obama: US Should Never Dictate What's Best for Israel
  8. David Irving Speaks: The Lion has NOT Lost his Teeth!
  9. Position to fight back radical Islamism
# 1115
Safar 28,1428/March 19, 2007 #23
  1. IT WAS COLD during March to Pentagon: 18 degrees F! As usual the Media Lied!
  2. Iraqi Suffering Reaches Mega Proportions
  3. Challenging the New Orientalism: Dissenting Essays on the "War Against Islam"
  4. ISLAM IN AMERICA: The Treachery of Siraj Wahhaj, al-Amoudi & ISNA
  5. Peace Legions Besiege Pentagon War Center: Americans Curse Bush, Demand Troop Withdrawal without Delay: Islamic Presence Felt: Haitian, Filipino Reps Speak. Call to Close Down Prisons.
  6. OUTREACH to Baltimore Muslims at Biggest Mosque
  7. Two Hour Interview with Radio Lewis News Emphasized Oppression of U.S. Muslims by U.S. Zionist Regime : Islamic Women in Islamabad Challenged General Musharraf
  8. U.S. State Department's "Imam" Turned Down by India's Muslim: Yahya Hendi Exposed. Was it an Attempt to Counter Br. Hodari Ali's Historic Visit to India?
  9. German Court Sentences 'Holocaust Denier' Rudolf to Prison Term
  10. Nandigram Faces the wrath of the State. West Bengal Government with CPM Cadres Begin War Against The People of Nandigram
  11. U.S. allies in Africa may have engaged in secret renditions
# 1114
Safar 24,1428/March 14, 2007 #22
  2. THIS IS WHERE MASAUD KHAN HAS BEEN SENT: Innocent Pakistani-American
  3. SIRAJ WAHHAJ: ISNA's MAN who Helped Put Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman in Prison
  5. 16th March: Rachel Corrie Day
  6. An Evening of Halal Fun--UmmahSavers Strikes Again!
# 1113
Safar 19,1428/March 9, 2007 #21
  1. King Abdullah and Musharraf Plan Simultaneous Recognition of Israel
  2. Yes to Shar'ia: PAKISTANI WOMEN SAY NO to Musharraf
  3. Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Shoora to Meet
  4. Prayers Needed for Health of Sis. Bilqis: Visits Sisters in Prison
  5. Sis. Nahla, Wife of Prof. Sami al-Arian Urges Regime to Fulfill the Plea Agreement
  6. Government Hassling the Family of Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar: Son Omar briefly Manacled
  7. More Germans Convert to Islam
  8. Islam versus "Democracy": Caliphate or Global "America?"
  9. Pro-Israeli Exhibit Demonizes the Resistance of the Poor and the Oppressed:
# 1112
Safar 14,1428/March 4, 2007 #20
  2. WAR NEWS: Compiled by our media monitor
  3. Important Workshops on Africa, Reparations and the Oppressive Situation in America
  4. Letter Re: Nadrat Siddique's Report: Rashidi on Blacks in Asia
  5. Letter Re: Sunnis and Shias
  6. Three Iraqi Women: Turkey Calls for Stop.
  7. ISLAM in America: What are our Tasks and duties? From a lifetime veteran of Islamic Da'wah in the U.S.
# 1111
Safar 11,1428/March 1, 2007 #19
  1. Wassan Talib, 31-years old, Zainab Fadhil, 25 years old, and Liqa Omar Muhammad, 26 Facing Execution by Puppet Regime in Baghdad
  2. IMAM JAMIL al-AMIN Testifies: Evidence Admitted: Hopeful Signs
  3. Letter: Muslim Truck Driver Applied for Job and ....
  4. Reader Lambasts New Trend [re: "Imam" Magid's Synagogue Visits or?...]
  5. African Presence in Early Asia: Runoko Rashidi Speaks
# 1110
Safar 9,1428/February 27, 2007 #18
  1. Farrakhan Spoke for 2 Hours: Warned of America's Coming Downfall, Condemned Iraq War & Killing of Saddam, Supported Iran's Nuclear Rights
  2. Otis Jackson has finally broken his silence! Let Imam Jamil Go Free!
  3. LATEST on Imam Jamil al-Amin: Hearing on February 27, 2007
  4. Massive Indian Muslim Rally as Reported in India: Br. Hodari was Keynote Speaker
  5. Israeli Billionaire Saban is Biggest Donor to US Politicians
  6. FOX TV's Hannity Tries to Silence Imam Musa [Masjid Al-Islam, Washington, DC]
# 1109
Safar 5,1428/February 23, 2007 #17
  1. Sexual Intercourse with Spouse is a form of Worship in Islam: [Part II]
  2. Hail! Hail! Hail! Br. Hodari Ali is back from his history-making trip to India
  4. Islam is Spreading in America, even in Texas!: Here is Some Evidence: Enjoy!
  5. Jose Padilla Mentally Damaged by 3 and half Years in U.S. Prison, say Experts
  6. Dr. Ali Al-Timimi, Distinguished Islamic Scholar in Prison for LIFE!
  7. Masaud Khan Traced: From Jonesville, VA to Atlanta, to Oklahoma to Terre Haute, Indiana! Punishment for a Victimless "Crime"
  9. Sami Al-Arian Hunger Strike Update
  10. They Will Cut off Relations with you as soon as you express dissent.
# 1108
Safar 1,1428/February 19, 2007 #16
  1. THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: Islam sees sex between husband and wife as a form of worship
  2. Muslims in India organized a huge, historic, disciplined conference in Bangalore, India on February 17, 2007
  3. SMILE: What a pass President Bush has come to.
  4. Systematic Effort to Misinform and Mislead the American People about Iraq War
  5. February 15: Enslaved Germany Gives Five Years in Prison to Revisionist Ernst Zundel for Thinking: He was Undermining Israel's Funding Source.
  6. Letter: Against Cutting off Relations with Jews
  7. PAKISTAN: One Shock after Another: Slide towards War Continues
  8. IRAN: Conflict with Islamists in Zahedan Area Comes out Openly
  9. KASHMIR: Torture and murder of Kashmiri people by the Indian occupiers
# 1107
Mohurram 26,1428/February 15, 2007 #15
  1. Editor's Note: Hail to the young Muslim women of Jamia Hafsa in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  2. U.S. Citizen Who Aided Somali Islamists Arrested on "terrorism" Charges
  3. Prof. Sami al-Arian Moved to Medical Unit as his Fast Continues
  4. Masaud Khan Found in Infamous Atlanta Prison
  5. The Tragedy of Sabri Benkhala: Convicted on re-Trial After 4 years!
  6. Hon. Elijah Muhammad's Son, Minister Ishmael Muhammad Talks to New Trend. Islam is the Heritage of the Millions brought to America as Slaves: Process of Re-Discovery of Africa's Most Valuable Asset
  7. Was Daniel Pearl a Journalist or a Spy? Was Omar Shaikh a Jihadi? Why Romanticize the Two?
  9. 800 Pre-Teen Mothers in One Village in Kenya; Sharia is the Solution.
  10. IMAM MUSA's myspace Profile Hacked
# 1106
Mohurram 23,1428/February 12, 2007 #14
  1. February 13-14 is the anniversary of the bombing of Dresden
  2. LATEST IMPORTANT NEWS: [by NT's Media Monitor]
  3. Radio Program on African-American and African Links
  4. Experience with Two Genuine Imams: Imam Musa and Imam al-'Asi: The Struggle of Muslims in Washington, DC
  5. Eid in Egypt: Cold but Inspiring
  6. Israeli Story of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem is Bogus: Solomon was not Hebrew but Assyrian: His Temple was in Ninevah
# 1105
Mohurram 21,1428/February 10, 2007 #13
  1. Why is Islam a history-shaping revolutionary force?
  2. Musharraf's Swat Teams Ready to attack Islamic School for Women in Islamabad:
  3. SMILE a little :
  4. Al-Aqsa, we will defend you against the Jewish terrorist entity Israel!
  5. New York: Pakistani Mother Cries out Against Suffering of Innocent Son, Siraj Matin, and Detained Husband
  6. Discovery of "Family Prison": New Low in U.S. Oppression of Mexican People
  7. Masaud Khan Disappears From Prison: Family & Attorneys have No Information
  8. Iranian Nuclear Scientist Reportedly Murdered by Mossad
  9. Letter: From an old Friend of New Trend and Jamaat
  10. Muslims Win in Case Related to Naming of Road after Shaikh Gilani [Pakistani Islamist]
  11. The Bitter Reality: Iran is in the Opposite Camp:
  12. Part of Bait-ul-Maqdis' martyrdom a pre-planned conspiracy - Hafiz Saeed
  13. A Poem to nobody
# 1104
Mohurram 18,1428/February 7, 2007 #12
  1. PAKISTAN Sliding into War:
  2. Learning from the Humiliation of President Jimmy Carter
  4. Sister in Chicago Facing Eviction Owing to Long Illness
  5. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Adopts a Child in Nigeria: First in a Series
  6. Imam Badi Ali Calls for World Unity Against Israel
  7. Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges U.S. Muslims to carry out three Peaceful Measures Against Israel:
  8. Prof. Sami al-Arian's Hunger Strike Continues. Immediate Protest Action Needed
  9. Appeal to Imam W. D. Muhammad: Stop Dividing the Muslims of America: A Long Time Supporter Cries Out Against W.D.'s Moves to Keep out Immigrant Muslims
  10. "Imam" Magid: In Deep with Zionist-Jewish Congregations: His Visit to the so-Called Holocaust Museum Shouldn't have Surprised Anyone.
# 1103
Mohurram 15,1428/February 4, 2007 #11
  1. From New Trend's Research Unit Drugs in U.S. Cities: King Pin is an Israeli Jew: Quietly sent back to Israel after Conviction.
  2. Human Rights Activists Protest International Diamond Convention in New York "All Diamonds Are Blood Diamonds!" - Day of Action
  3. From Imam Badi Ali, North Carolina Israel Involved in Destruction of Elected Government of Palestine
  4. IMPORTANT INFORMATION on HOW to REACH and HELP Arrested Black Panther Leaders
  5. Issues Related to Shi'ism and Islam
  6. PAKISTAN: Musharraf's Forces Hit by Islamic Forces
  8. IRAQ:
  9. Competition to Kill Sunnis Between al-Hakim's and al-Sadr's Militia, one Backed Openly by the U.S., the other Indirectly. [The U.S. Claims, it doesn't know what Militias Do.]
  11. Ze'ev Rosenstein, the Biggest Drug Trafficker of our Times
  12. The Life and Legacy of Malcolm X
# 1102
Mohurram 12,1428/February 1, 2007 #10
  1. Announcement Hand Up Not a Hand Out:
  2. From an Angry Supporter of Magid
  3. From Dr. Omar Afzal: Magid Supporter Mansoor Kazi was President of MYNA, Puppet Youth Group of ISNA
  4. New Trend Way Ahead of the curve:
  5. Imam Husain's Betrayal by Shi'ism: Return to the Qur'an and Authentic Hadith only Way out of Sectarianism: Brief History of Shi'ism & Focus on Iraq
  6. What Really Happened in Najaf?
  7. Eight Black Panther Leaders Arrested for 36 Year old "Offense"
  8. Famous Muslimah Journalist Yvonne Ridley Refused to shake Hands with Saudi Prince Turki bin Sultan
# 1101
Mohurram 8,1428/January 28, 2007 #9
  1. URGENT BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Sami Al-Arian On a Hunger Strike
  2. CENSORSHIP on the EVE of the Auschwitz Anniversary
  3. AMERICA's IRONY: Democracy or Shamocracy?
  4. URGENT: Imam Jamil's Hearing Coming Up
  5. Call for Supplication:
  6. The Innocence of President Jimmy Carter:
  7. Outreach to non-Muslims at the Mass anti-War Rally on January 27 [Where was MAS?]
  8. Latino Outreach: Plans for Masjid in deep south of Texas, Near Mexico
  9. Encouragement from Veteran Da'wah Activist
  10. ISLAMIC LEADER CALLS for OUSTER of Holocaust Visitor Imam Magid of ADAMS Center
  11. Kudos on the "Imam" Magid Report from a [very] young sister
  12. Imam Magid's Supporter Objects to Criticism of Holocaust Museum Visit and FBI Connection
  13. The Irrational Vocabulary of the American Professorial Class with Regard to the Holocaust Question
# 1100
Mohurram 4,1428/January 24, 2007 #8
  2. Pakistani Islamist Opposes Musharraf's Talks with India
  3. SOMALIA: New Air Attack. U.S. Troops land to identify Bodies
  4. IRAQ: Apaches Firing Missiles in CENTRAL BAGHDAD
  5. AFGHANISTAN: Taliban to set up schools in Liberated Areas
  6. PAKISTAN: Attack on Musharraf Troops
  7. Mass Rally in Bangalore, India Condemns Execution of President Saddam Hussein [Shaheed]
  8. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Honors General Musharraf of Pakistan: Joint Fighters in the U.S. War on 'Terror'
  9. Imam Mohammed Magid's Visit to the Holocaust Museum: Lack of Knowledge Combined with a Strong Desire to Recognize Israel and Honor the Zionist Power Structure
  10. Jose Padilla, U.S. Citizen, Latino Muslim: 1,307 Days in Military Prison Isolation
# 1099
Zulhijjah 30,1427/January 20, 2007 #7
  1. Welcome to the New Islamic year 1428: Year of Struggle and Victory, inshallah.
  2. Islamic Women Challenge Jewish Campaign Against Muslims in America
  3. Sis. Maryam Fought to Get Right to Wear Hijab! Where are the Mosques of Louisiana?
  4. Bush Ready to Launch Attacks on Iran, or is it a Disinformation Campaign linked to Withdrawal?
  5. "Free Imam Jamil" An Evening at Masjid Al-Islam, Washington, DC
  6. Israeli Professor Arrested: Suspect in Murder of Wife
  7. A Beautiful Du'a for the Islamic New Year 1428
  8. Islamic Women Challenge Jewish elites' Campaign
# 1098
Zulhijjah 27,1427/January 17, 2007 #6
  1. Reflections
  2. About New Trend
  3. From Imam Badi Ali, Greensboro, NC
  4. Letter: In Defense of Ellison's Oath on Missionary "Qur'an"
  5. Community Outraged at $35,000 Bond Set by Immigration Judge for Mother & Daughter of Queens Family Arrested as Intimidation
  6. South Korean Community Looking for Imam
  7. Latest Bombing of Pakistani Village: Could it Mean U.S. is Preparing Military Move into Pakistan?
# 1097
Zulhijjah 24,1427/January 14, 2007 #5
  1. General Directions from the Leader of the Global Ummah "Feed the hungry, take care of the sick, free the captives."
  2. A Great Daughter:
  3. Brief but mind-opening news:
  4. Innocents in Guantanamo Bay: Kazakhs and German-Turk:
  5. DAVID IRVING: What hit the Jewish-elites harder than his case against Prof. Lipstadt?
  6. Outreach Continues in Baltimore: Turkish Research on anti-Islam Network
  7. Pakistani-American Political Prisoner Masaud Khan Under Severe Stress from U.S. Agents
  8. Fawaz Damra, Ohio Imam Deported to Palestine, Arrested by "Israel"
  9. Islamic Woman in Louisiana Prison Fighting for her Rights: Sis. Maryam Uloho
  10. INTERVIEW Imam Badi Ali [Greensboro, North Carolina], first Muslim Immigrant leader to Stand up for Islam in America: Why did he Lead Prayers for President Saddam Hussain?
  11. Indian Muslim Experience Shows that Election of Muslims to non-Muslim Power Structure Does not Help Muslims
# 1096
Zulhijjah 21,1427/January 11, 2007 #4
  1. Sale's Translation of the Qur'an Denigrates Islam and was Meant for Missionaries.
  2. MURDER MOST FOUL: Israeli Professor at Leading U.S. University Arrested for Horrifying Blunt Object Death of his Wife
  3. Bush Going for All out War in Iraq ['yawn']: 21,500 New U.S. Troops, $1 billion more to Shi'ites
  4. SOMALIA: A Failed Strike and a Warning to the People of Africa. Civilian Deaths.
  5. OUTREACH in Baltimore: Report on Tragedy of Saddam Hussein Distributed+Turkish Research on Anti-Islam Network
  6. America's Rich Muslims Face "pig races" but go on with $million Projects
  7. Maryam Uloho, Political Prisoner: Muslim Woman in Louisiana Fights for her Islamic Rights: Prison Located Across from Chemical Plant
  8. Entire Queens Family Arrested as Intimidation
# 1095
Zulhijjah 16,1427/January 6, 2007 #3
  1. War News: From our Media Monitor
  2. Reader Anisah David Says Keith Ellison is not "Muslim Zionist." Attacks Imam Badi Ali [and imams in general] for denying Masjid Facilities to non-Muslims
  3. What does Islam Say about Participation in anti-Islam power Structure? Can one Recognize Israel and still Claim to be following Islam?
  4. DOCUMENTATION Keith Ellison in his Own words: He Supports Israel and Continuation of Aid to Israel and the Recognition of "Israel" by the Arabs [known as "two-state solution."]
  5. Auschwitz: Myths and Facts
# 1094
Zulhijjah 14,1427/January 4, 2007 #2
  1. The Harsh Reality: New Report on Qur'an desecration in Guantanamo Bay:
  2. Keith Ellison's Qur'an game and his Zionist Supporters
  3. During the Christmas holidays, the Ethiopian armed forces carried out an invasion of Somalia with overwhelming fire power.
  4. CONDEMNATION of Saddam's Execution Pouring in From the World of Islam:
  5. Our Call: Worldwide Remembrance for President Saddam Hussein [Shaheed]
  6. PRAY for Minister Louis Farrakhan's Recovery
  7. Egyptian-American Islamist Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar Moved to Very Remote Area
  8. Dr. Alauddin Shabazz' Suffering Shows U.S. Muslims lack Social Services
  9. 3 Editorial thoughts on Saddam Hussein [shaheed]:
  10. MESSAGE from top Black Intellectual and Islamist: Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz
  11. Malaysian Leader says: Execution of President Hussein was a Barbaric Lynching
  12. Why I Shed Bikini for Niqab
# 1093
Zulhijjah 11,1427/January 1, 2007 #1
  1. Reaching out to the DC Muslim Community: Boycott pro-Israeli Businesses
  2. REACHING OUT to the W.D. Muhammad Community
  3. Viewpoint Grassroots Muslim American organization: Organizing U.S. Born Muslims
  4. 86 issues of New Trend were published in 2006
  5. Editorial: AGONY of the DAY:
  6. Thought of the Day: Killing a leader on his holiest day of religious celebration: Eid al-Adha: that's what the oppressors did to Saddam Hussein.
  7. A Thought on President Saddam Hussein: From the Lowest to the Greatest
  8. Why were the Muslims Fooled by the West about President Saddam Hussein?
  9. CONVERSATION: Concerning Keith Ellison & Ingrid Mattson [From Florida to India]
# 1092
Zulhijjah 10,1427/December 31, 2006 #86
  1. SALATUL JANAZA GHAIBANA for President Saddam Hussein:
  2. Eid al-Adha Khutba
  3. Imam Jamil's Representative says: The Real Criminal is Bush
  4. Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York Activist Says: Saddam's Trial was a Farce: His Execution was Murder!
  5. The Hartford Seminary and Anti-Islamic Forces
# 1091
Zulhijjah 2,1427/December 23, 2006 #85
  1. The Voice of America's Muslims: Message from Jamaat al-Muslimeen
  2. HAIL DAVID IRVING: GREAT HISTORIAN Emerges from Austria's Zionist Prison: Strong and Unbowed.
  3. 10 Top Idiots of the Year 2006
  4. Pakistani Islamic Leader Answers Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S.: Bush, Musharraf, Karzai are anti-people, anti-Islam failures
# 1090
Zulq'idah 28,1427/December 20, 2006 #84
  1. Blair with Olmert in Jerusalem: The Abomination of Anglo Imperialism & Crusader Mentality
  2. The Victories of Revisionism
  3. Somali Islamic Forces Defeat First Ethiopian Invasion: UN prepares Intervention
  4. SUDAN: Darfur Propaganda Gets Deeper as anti-Sudan Government in Chad Weakens
  5. "Blood Diamond" Worth Seeing: the Unspeakable Oppression of Africa's People
  6. Letter Re: The Pope's recent statement about Islam [which was criticized in New Trend].
  7. ISNA-CAIR's Self Image: Photos with Condileeza Rice and Atty. Gen. Gonzalez
  8. Distinguished British Historian's Appeal Coming Up: Censorship of David Irving Could Backfire
  9. Christmas Shoppers Get message on "50 Shots:" 30 Muslims Stand out among 5,000 Protestors
  10. SHUTTING DOWN OUR WASHINGTON WHORE HOUSE: Democrats Supported Iraq War and Love Israel Above All
# 1089
Zulq'idah 23,1427/December 15, 2006 #83
  1. Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman [the blind Shaikh] is dying. Time to let him go.
  2. IRAN's Anti-Holocaust Conference Hits Censorship: U.S. Media Attempt Counter Attack
  4. Top Pakistani Islamic Leader Calls General Musharraf a Traitor: Condemns Moves Against Kashmir and the Islamic Rights of Women
  5. Chicago's Upside Down Case Against Muslim Activists: Mohammed Salah & Abdelhalim Ashqar: Israelis Allowed to Testify in U.S. Court
  6. WAR NEWS:
  7. IRAQ: Fighting continues
  8. Wounded Knee and the Moon of Popping Trees: First the Slaughter, then the Sanitized History!
# 1088
Zulq'idah 21,1427/December 13, 2006 #82
  1. TOP of the LINE: The "Holocaust Denial" conference in Tehran
  2. Survey: Top Ten Idiots of the Year 2006
  3. Personal from Kaukab Siddique:
  4. Sometimes the Best people Need Help: Dr. Alauddin Shabazz: A brilliant star of Islam
  5. Correction:
  6. Outreach: Why is Imam Umar important? +Demands of U.S. Muslims
  7. 50 Shots: The Police Murder of Sean Bell: From New York to Palestine, One Occupation
  8. 2nd Report on the anti-Police-Murder Rally by 3,000 People in New York
  9. Letter: Re: Bangladeshi Professor ... Taking Exception to Comment on America's "Fetid Soul."
  10. Letter: Re: "Imam" or Renegade? New Trend Comment is too harsh.
  11. Our Government is Kidnapping Children!!!
# 1087
Zulq'idah 15,1427/December 7, 2006 #81
  1. Letter from the Editor to Book TV [C-Span2] James Zogby's Slanderous Attack on Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman
  2. Letter from the Editor to W.D. Supporter Johari Abdul Malik Attempt to Whitewash the Pope & to Denigrate the Islamic Veil: Stop your unislamic Activity
  3. Analysis: New Trend Special: Iraq Report: Old Wine in New Bottles: All out War Promised in 2007. Shia "Israel" to be Set Up
  4. Imam Warith Deen Umar: Powerful Interview with Dr. Leon's "On with Leon Show."
  5. Christian Hate Monger Drops Leaflets on Muslim Community in Charlotte, North Carolina
  7. Imam Ali Siddiqui: Impressive Khutba and Visits to Latino Muslims in Florida: Islam Spreading Rapidly among the Oppressed
# 1086
Zulq'idah 10,1427/December 2, 2006 #80
  1. AIDS DAY THOUGHTS: India now has the largest numbers of AIDS victims
  2. In PAKISTAN, on December 1, General Musharraf crushed numerous peaceful demonstrations by Jamaate Islami
  3. USA: Why are the 4 "imams" taken off U.S. Airways
  4. Reaching Out to the Muslim Community: Jamaat Shoora Resolutions & Imam Warith Deen Umar: Philadelphia
  5. The Role of Women in the Islamic Movement in America: Equality and Tradition
  6. Seven Million in U.S. Jails, on Probation or Parole
  7. AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Have the Initiative: Canada Killed Many Civilians
  8. Shia-U.S. Alliance Becoming Apparent: Heavy Fighting Continues: Death Squads kill Scores Nightly
  9. Focus On Their Color: Fail To See Their Humanity
  10. Get Your Lips off My Dress!
# 1085
Zulq'idah 3,1427/November 25, 2006 #79
  1. The Tragedy and Triumph of a Bangladeshi Professor
  2. Outreach to Muslim Community: The Suffering and Striving of Imam Warith Deen Umar
  3. Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar to be sent to Supermax in Colorado
  4. Prof. Sami al-Arian: Another Dove flutttering in the Jewish-Zionist Trap
  5. Turkey: More Islamic, Less European
  6. A Critique of the Left from the Left: Total focus on Lynne Stewart, None on Ahmed Abdel Sattar!
  7. Letter: Re: NT report on Iraq and Sunni Genocide
  8. Who is the main culprit in the Shiia-Sunni Civil War?
  9. Is there any authentic Islamic Source for CAIR's behavior?
# 1084
Shawwal 30,1427/November 22, 2006 #78
  1. Israeli military and U.S. police: Same mindset:
  2. Call U.S. Airways and Protest
  3. Indonesians Close Out Bush Visit: Huge Display of Islamic Unity
  4. IRAQ: Heavy Fighting Continues: Muslims Should Protest to U.S. and Iran over Death Squads killing Sunnis
  5. "Murderer of Muslims Go Back" Pakistanis Chant as Blair Visits Musharraf
  6. Sudan [Darfur] Major New Propaganda Gambit by Rubenstein, Mia Farrow and Rossin: Atrocity Stories
  7. Democrats Want to Outdo the Republicans in Support for Israel
  8. Forced labor for MUSLIM children in Israeli prison
# 1083
Shawwal 26,1427/November 18, 2006 #77
  1. General Musharraf Openly Opposes Sharia and Rights of Raped Women.
  2. Sudan Chadian Channel for Darfur Rebels Facing Cut Off? NY Times is Furious
  3. Hour-Long CNN Hate Binge Against Islam Ignored Journalistic Ethics & Accuracy in Reporting: Glenn Beck seems unaware of Standards, Context & Right of Reply
  4. Outreach to the Muslim Community: Info Card about Imam Warith Deen Umar
  5. Keith Ellison: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Leader Describes him as "Muslim" Zionist
  6. Letter: Re: New Trend's analysis of Iran's Cooperation with the U.S. in Iraq and Ali Sistani's Role
  7. Hitler, the Waffen SS and Islamic Forces: Unknown Facts Which Undermine the Jewish version of World War II History
  8. Background to ISNA President Mattson's Journal: Deep Plan to Undermine Islam
# 1082
Shawwal 21,1427/November 13, 2006 #76
  1. U.S. Regime & Israeli: Two faces: Same Coin:
  2. Iran and Syria: Part of U.S.-Israeli Moves:
  3. SUDAN: Zionist Diversionary Tactic:
  4. Getting the Word out about Imam 'Umar's Stand Against State Terrorism
  5. $2 million: Just the Icing on the Cake Research on ISNA President Ingrid Mattson, Turkish "Moderate" F. Gulen and Big Money from Anti-Islam Think Tanks and Corporate Entities.
  6. The case of Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! A Blind Spot for Islam and Muslims.
  7. Revolutionary Khutba [one of a series] Evil Trinity of Racism, Exploitation of Women and Homosexuality has Defeated Christianity. Only Islam can Save America.
# 1081
Shawwal 17,1427/November 9, 2006 #75
  1. The Real News: This is the Palestinian Reality behind the Facade of U.S. Elections:
  2. PAKISTAN: Army Camp Blown Up in Surprise Attack. Musharraf Vows Revenge. Payback for October 30? Bush hurt by news.
  3. Analysis of November 7 Elections It's the Resistance Stupid!
  4. Letter: Re; Rushdie Unchained
  5. Letter: Re: Article on Lakewood, New Jersey. These are Good Jews, not Zionist
  6. Letter: Re; Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  7. Letter: Re: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora and Amirate-America Project Cooperation
# 1080
Shawwal 14,1427/November 6, 2006 #74
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora
  3. Resolutions Reflect Basic Issues Facing the Muslims of America
# 1079
Shawwal 9,1427/November 1, 2006 #73
  1. Latest Israeli aggression:
  2. Our America; Think about the Terrorists Among Us:
  3. America's War on "Terrorism" Mourning Our 80 Children killed by the U.S. & Pakistani Air Force:
  4. EYE WITNESS ACCOUNTS of the Massacre in Bajaur on October 30.
  6. Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar Being Punished for Talking to Prison "Neighbor" in Next Cell
  7. Takeover of Lakewood, New Jersey by Haredi Jews: What does it teach Muslims/African-Americans?
# 1078
Shawwal 6,1427/October 29, 2006 #72
  1. RUSHDIE Unchained: 90 Minute Rant Full of Hate & Abuse Against Islam:
  2. Free the Three: Irving, Rudolf, Zundel:
  3. National Shoora in Milwaukee [November 4]
  4. Canada's Victim: Momin Khawaja: After 2 Years 7 months in Prison ....
  5. Media Monitor Ayn Rand Institute: Major Jewish Propaganda outlet Displayed Cartoons of the blessed Prophet Muhammad, pbuh
  6. Media Monitor 2 Pamela Constable Eating Humble Pie: Admits Total Surprise at Taliban Resurgence
  7. Media Monitor 3 [Some of this one is funny] Bush Praises Islam: Gives Eid Greetings to Muslims: Hosni and King Abdulla "Pray" on Eid
  8. Media Monitor #4 America's Muslims working for an "American Islam:" Three "Leaders" Acclaimed by non-Muslim "Authority"
  9. Elie Wiesel: A Prominent False Witness
  10. Letter: Re: Iraq Drips Blood: Not Shia hit Squads but U.S.-Instigated Death Squads
  11. Letter: Taking Issue with: Re: 'Ayesha, r.a., is the greatest Muslim woman
# 1077
Ramadan 28,1427/October 22, 2006 #71
  1. Final Ramadan Message:
  2. Sis. Teresa's Case is genuine
  3. Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan, on Death Row, to be Heard at Seminar in Ohio
  4. Dr. Ali al-Timimi's Support Committee Urges Ummah help to renew case
  5. The Significance of Eid
  6. Imam Jamil Al-Amin: Liberating the Soul Wisdom from within prison walls
# 1076
Ramadan 24,1427/October 18, 2006 #70
  1. RAMADAN MESSAGE # 6: Do you have faith in the ONE God Allah, who has no partners and no son, and do you accept Muhammad, pbuh, as the last of messengers and Prophets?
  2. Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar Gets 24 Years for 8 years of Phone Talk with opponents of Egypt's Tyrant Mubarak. Lynne Stewart Saved by Support from Within Power Structure: Freed on Bail
  3. ISNA's Fitna Failing: Masjids Following Moon Sighting
  4. Pakistan: Don't Blame General Musharraf: He is Working v. Closely with NATO.
  5. Pakistan Handed over "Hundreds" of Muslims to U.S. at Random
  6. Strong Reaction to Musharraf's Book from Nawaz Sharif and U.S. Pakistanis
  7. CHECHNYA Outstanding Russian Journalist Anna Politkovskaya Murdered in Moscow: Regime Hand Suspected
  8. AFGHANISTAN Canada is facing a setback as Taliban attacks escalate in the Kandahar
  9. IRAQ Under U.S., Iraqi Cities Dripping with Blood. Islamic State Announced: Saddam Calls for Unity Against Occupation
# 1075
Ramadan 20,1427/October 14, 2006 #69
  1. Ramadan : Message #5. The anniversary of Ayesha Siddiqa [r.a] was on Ramadan 17.
  3. Is this a great country or what!
  4. Reaching out to the Muslim Community
  5. Great New Card about Imam Warith Deen Umar
  6. Concluding Scene of Most Shameful Trial in U.S. History: Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, Lynne Stewart, Yousry facing Punishment for contacts with Blind Shaikh & Egyptians Overseas
  7. Letter: Re: Amish Children, Senior Predators Targeting Male Children & Israel
  8. Foley's Folly, Ethics and Morality vs. Legality
# 1074
Ramadan 17,1427/October 11, 2006 #68
  1. Beware: Islam hater Salman Rushdie will join Emory University in Atlanta
  3. Letter from Bint Jubail, Lebanon.
  4. Message for Ramadan # 4: Our Role Model is Muhammad Mustafa
  5. November 4: Shoora Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Program for Authentic Islam
  6. Absurd Case, Unjust Sentence against Imam Umar: New York Muslims Lack Leadership
  7. Masaud Khan's Mother writes: Urges Du'as in Ramadan for her son: Pakistani-American was given 90 Years in Prison by the U.S. on Fabricated Charges Owing to U.S. unity with India
  8. How to bring about a Boycott of Intel? Big Time Israeli Business
  9. Another Gift for the Zionists US Congress Approves Israel Military 'Joint' Projects
  10. Look at Lebanon and Israeli Propaganda: Muslims must know the German side of the Horrors of World War II to Avoid the History trap
# 1073
Ramadan 12,1427/October 6, 2006 #67
  1. Letter: Re: Canada's Victim Maher Arar: 14,000 Muslim Prisoners in CIA Dungeons?
  2. Muslimah Convert [revert] to Islam exploited, Abused, Abandoned by Qadiani ["Ahmadi"] Claiming to be Muslim
  3. Lynne Stewart Facing 30 Year Sentence: This is too big a tragedy
  4. Let's Re-Open the Case of Arab Muslim Woman Stabbed 33 times: Can you help?
  5. THOUGHT OF THE DAY! "Taliban is too strong and has too much popular support to be defeated militarily"
  6. Ramadan Message # 3: Be aware of Allah's Guidance
  7. Viewpoint American Predators Targeting the very Young and Vulnerable: Thoughts on the Amish Children Killed on October 2.
  8. Sudan Facing Worldwide Zionist Media Blitz: Independent Islamic State is Intolerable. Bush and Blair Want UN Military Intervention Followed by NATO Action
  9. SOMALIA: CNN's Anderson Cooper Simply Ignores the Islamic Reality
  10. Islamic Forces Launch Ramadan Offensive: U.S. Generals Reveal Massive War Crimes Against Iraqis and the Intensity of the "Insurrection."
  11. Letter: Re: The Ongoing Saga of Islam Hater Glenn Beck: This is the way to go
  12. ISNA's FITNAH: But Wasn't Moon Sighted on September 22?
# 1072
Ramadan 8,1427/October 2, 2006 #66
  1. Ramadan Message # 2: Beware of oppressing women for Allah is with them:
  2. The Qur'an Recognizes Five Kinds of Knowledge
  3. Lynne Stewart Asks Court for Mercy and Justice
  4. National Shoora to Meet in Milwaukee, November 4.
  5. Charges against Imam Warith Deen Umar proved Bogus: Yet Judge Gave him token Punishment!
  6. Glenn Beck on the Retreat: Brings Muslims to his Program but Continues to be Nasty
  7. How to Deal with Glenn Beck and His Ilk
  8. Imam Warith Deen Umar Comments on Glenn Beck's Threat of "Camps for Muslims"
  9. Prof. Sami al-Arian Moved Secretly Within Prison System
  10. Leading Islamic Charity Categorically Rejects U.S. Government Charges Related to Earthquake Relief and "Terrorism": Debunks New York Times Report.
  11. Even the Judge Was ashamed to Pass Sentence on Imam Warith Deen Umar: His non-Muslim, anti-War Neighbors Stood by Him. He Refused to Accept Slavery
# 1071
Ramadan 3,1427/September 27, 2006 #65
  1. Message # 1 for Ramadan: PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY:
  2. DEFENSELESS PALESTINIANS: September 27: A 13 year old Palestinian girl was killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza. Three other children were wounded.
  3. ACTION ALERT: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Urges Muslims to write to Glenn Beck.
  4. CNN Prime's Glenn Beck Ridicules Prophet Muhammad, pbuh
  5. Letter: Glenn Beck tries to implicate U.S. Muslims in 9.11 Attacks
  6. LETTER Bashing of U.S. Muslims by Glenn Beck has Crossed the line: Why are we Silent?
  7. AFGHANISTAN: Just before Ramadan, Taliban issued a message from Mullah Umar
  9. PAKISTAN: Peshawar: September 18.
  10. KASHMIR: Indian occupation troops have carried out a new series of atrocities and home searches.
# 1070
Sha'ban 30,1427/September 24, 2006 #64
  1. New Trend Report: Alhamdulillah! ISNA's Fitna is failing.
  2. The Pope called Islam an EVIL religion, condemned Jihad and insulted the Prophet, pbuh. Here is the response:
  3. After more than two decades in prison, a Black Panther leader will get a new trial.
  4. BRITISH POLITICS: A Notch Above Ours!
  5. Reaching out to Muslim Communities: Falls Church, Virginia
  6. Ramadan: The Correct Date
  7. CANADA's VICTIM: Maher Arar tortured in Syria at U.S. Orders, accused by RCMP
# 1069
Sha'ban 28,1427/September 22, 2006 #63
  1. DO PAKISTANIS KNOW THIS? General Musharraf, Pakistan's Military Coup Leader during his press conference with President Bush: "I trust President Bush. I have full confidence in him." " We have total cooperation at the intelligence level."
  2. Imam 'Umar's Hearing Put off to September 28
  3. The Role of the INFORMER in the Oppression of U.S. Muslims
  4. NEW TREND FUNNIES: General Musharraf, facing rejection and ridicule by the Pakistani people, came up with a totally new story on September 21, 2006
  5. NO CHANCE OF CRESCENT SIGHTING ON SEPTEMBER 22. Ramadan can begin on September 24
  6. JUMA' KHUTBA ISSUES of UNITY and SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENT related to MOON SIGHTING Muslim Women and Families Should be in the Masjid: No Male "Hislam"
  7. SOMALIA: The central masjid [mosque] in Mogadishu
  8. SUDAN: Zionists in USA Preparing Military Intervention: First step: U.N. Forces
  9. THE HOLY MONTH of RAMADAN : An Overview: Good Points for non-Muslims Neighbors.
# 1068
Sha'ban 24,1427/September 18, 2006 #62
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen strongly condemns the attacks on churches in the West Bank.
  2. TWO URGENT MESSAGES from Jamaat al-Muslimeen:
  3. LIVE INTERVIEW Why do we discuss 9.11 but not 9.16? What is the future of U.S. Muslims?
  4. Press Release Jamaat al-Muslimeen Condemns the Pope's Lame Excuses: How did a Bigot become Pope?
  5. Statement From Imam Warith Deen Umar, Political Prisoner out on $100,000 bail.
  6. ANALYSIS of WHAT THE POPE REALLY SAID: Is The "Holy Father" a Racist?
  7. Post Katrina and 9/11, Insight Into The Soul of America
  8. Homeland Security were allowed into ISNA Convention: Ingrid Mattson Quiet on Major Issues. Muslim Leaders Silent about Domestic Abuse
# 1067
Sha'ban 22,1427/September 16, 2006 #61
  1. LATEST IMPORTANT NEWS: The POPE, Benedict X1V, carried out an unprovoked attack on Islam.
  2. IMPORTANT Pakistani News:
  4. AFGHANISTAN: Canada's Dilemma+Attacks in Kabul+NATO calls for help
  5. IRAQ: Chances of U.S. victory are dim.
  6. U.S. MUSLIMS Jamaat al-Muslimeen Supports the case of Siddique Abdullah Hasan on death row in Youngstown, Ohio. Here is a significant development. Please read and support this cause. Jamaat al-Muslimeen opposes the death penalty in secular countries like USA.
  7. Campaign to End the Death Penalty
  8. U.S. Muslims Islamic Expert Looks at ISNA's attempt to Reject the Sunnah of the Prophet, pbuh
  9. Letter Re: CNN's Scandalous Lie About Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman [the blind Shaikh]
  10. Letter RE: Interview with Syed Munawar Hasan on Women in Sharia, Taliban, etc.
  11. Q & A on 9.11: In response to two letters from a young reader in England
  12. A Political Prisoner In the U.S.: Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman
# 1066
Sha'ban 16,1427/September 10, 2006 #60
  2. Letter from a Pakistani American newspaper about NT #58
  3. 9.11: What? Who? Why? Blame? Conspiracies? Any Way to Peace? Osama: Dead or Alive?
  4. Women in Pakistan: Is Sharia [Islamic law] Hurtful to Women? Why Don�t Pakistanis Protest NATO Military Operations Against Taliban?
  5. Free Dr. Rifqa elJa�abri [courtesy al-Awda.]
  6. LETTER In Defense of ISNA: Reader refers to three of the points NT raised about ISNA
# 1065
Sha'ban 9,1427/September 3, 2006 #59
  1. Latest War News: Afghanistan: Heaviest British Loss
  2. IRAQ: Situation Getting Worse by the Day for the U.S.
  3. PALESTINE: Imam Badi Ali [North Carolina], notes that Hamas seems to have lost the will to resist
  4. Books received: From Mark Glenn, a Christian friend of Muslims:
  5. New Trend funnies:
  6. Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin: Latest News: Would you like to help?
  7. Distinguished Historian David Irving in Austrian Prison: Jewish/Israeli Hand in his arrest
  8. Ahmed Abdel Sattar: Egyptian-American Translator for the Blind Shaikh: Final date
  9. Islamic Activist Writes JetBlue: Denial of Access to Arab Youth Owing to T-Shirt
  10. Islam: Religion of Peace, Stands against Oppression. No Compromise with Taghoot. Anaysis of the Strategies of Anti-Islam Think Tanks: Burqa, 'moderate Islam,' Hadith
  11. U.S. Muslims say: ISNA Does not Represent Islam in America: ASK ALLAH (S.W.T.) TO GUIDE ISNA MUNAFIQ NEXT TUESDAY
# 1064
Sha'ban 4,1427/August 29, 2006 #58
  1. KATRINA-IN THE MEAN TIME: An Islamic Perspective
  2. General Musharraf's Forces Slaughter Baluchis, Including 80 year tribal hero Akbar Bugti. Helicopter Borne Troops Kill 80 Baluch: Stiff Resistance Left 21 Pakistanis Dead [6 officers]. Riots, Widespread Arson, Curfews, 600 Arrests across Baluchistan and Sind.
  3. Exclusive Letter to New Trend African-American Imam Facing State Terrorism: Warith Deen Umar Fights for his [OUR] Rights
  4. Israel To Acquire Two German-Made Submarines
  5. Sudanese Protest U.S. Officials Visit and Plan to Intervene in Darfur
  6. ISNA Leadership: Agents of the Power Structure: Ask them these Questions
# 1063
Sha'ban 1,1427/August 26, 2006 #57
  3. ISNA ["islamic Society of North America"] Launches Direct Attack on Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh. Desperate attempt to assimilate into the non-Islamic way of life.
  4. Good work Finds its Own way: The Story of ONE Card
  5. Reaching out to Immigrant Muslims at Masjid Rahma, western Baltimore
  6. STARBUCKS: Violating the rights of its own workers
  7. LATEST OVERSEAS NEWS: from New Trend's Media Monitor IRAQ: August 25. A new burst of fighting
  9. PAKISTANI DRAMA: Jamaat ad-Da'wa Refuses to be Banned: Musharraf Upset
  10. KASHMIR:
  11. Brief analysis UNITED NATIONS' Security Council : A record of anti-Islam policies. Not ONE Word against Israel.
  12. RADIO INTERVIEW British-Pakistanis and Alleged Airplanes Terror Plot: Big Holes in the Blair Regime's Story
  13. Sentenced to 90 Years in Prison, Masaud Khan Never Tried to Harm America
# 1062
Rajab 27,1427/August 22, 2006 #56
  1. WAR NEWS and Analysis:
  2. Dumbing Down of Arab Rulers After the Failure of the Israeli Offensive by Badi Ali
  4. IRAQ: Steady War of Resistance Continues along with internal atrocities
  5. Prophet Muhammad's [pbuh] Ascension: Night Journey to Jerusalem and to the Seven Heavens: The Holy city under Israeli -Jewish Occupation
  6. Hearing Impaired Muslims: Unusual Conversion and Marriage at Baltimore Masjid
  7. Jose Padilla Case: Judge throws out Major Charge of Terrorism
  8. Imam Warith Deen Umar Facing Ongoing Government Repression
  9. Prof. Sami al-Arian to be Interviewed by Jamaat Supporter
  10. Q & A Secularist Muslims: Who are They and How to Deal with them?
  11. Israelis Behind Huge Pimping, Money Laundering Operation
  12. Trafficking in Women a Worldwide Epidemic
  13. Letter: Re: ISNA's Ingrid Mattson and Israeli Abu Rabi': F. Gulen, supporter of "Turkish Islam" is more Racist & Pro-Israel
# 1061
Rajab 21,1427/August 16, 2006 #55
  1. Pakistan: August 14, 2006: Issues of Women's Rights, Poverty, Military-U.S. Entente, Islam
  2. Islam's Ancient Glory: An African-American Muslimah's Visit to Timbuktu in Mali, West Africa
  3. LETTER: Prof. Sami al-Arian's Letter from Prison
  4. Letter to the Editor of New Trend: From an activist sister in Atlanta AMERICA's MUSLIMS: Who are our Enemies?
# 1060
Rajab 17,1427/August 12, 2006 #54
  1. BREAKING NEWS: August 11, 2006, 8 PM EST: Israel, unable to beat back Hizbullah, finally admitted defeat
  2. Terror Plot: Real or Surreal? If Real, How Should or Could it have been Handled?
  3. Muslims Should Defy the Ban on Contributions to Hizbullah
  4. Suggestions for Peaceful Processes to Change the Muslim World
  5. Large New York Rally Against Israeli Aggression: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Distributed "Boycott" Card" and New Trend reports on Hizbullah Victories
  6. Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz Presented Important Paper on Education at International Conference in Egypt on "Re-Educating the African in the 21st century."
# 1059
Rajab 13,1427/August 8, 2006 #53
  1. LEBANON: Latest: Israel Prepares to attack with 15,000 troops
  2. Human Concern International: Muslim Charity Helping People in Lebanon
  3. Please Tell Israeli Ambassador Gillerman: A Katyusha Cannot be Fired from an Enclosed Space: His allegations of Hizbullah Using Civilian as Shields are Baseless
  4. FATWA # 3: ALL ARAB RULERS should RESIGN: They have no Islamic Legitimacy & Have Failed Miserably in Facing Israeli Aggression
  5. U.S. Muslims Hail President Chavez' Stance on Israeli Aggression
  6. Middle Eastern Poetry Night: What the World Needs Now is Peace
  7. Distinguished Islamist: Dr. Alauddin Shabazz back home in Chicago: Miraculous Recovery from Tragic Accident in Illinois
  8. Israeli methodology: Ignore Specific points: Take Superior Attitude. Quite Funny: Israel Wants Foes Disarmed so it can Fight Them!
  9. Prof. Sami al-Arian Writes from Prison: Innocent but Has to Stay in Prison till April 2007!
# 1058
Rajab 11,1427/August 6, 2006 #52
  1. THOUGHT OF THE DAY: August 6, 2006
  2. Latest Demonstrations Against Israeli Aggression:
  4. IRAQ: Heavy Fighting
  5. Put Ehud Olmert on Trial for Crimes Against Humanity
  6. Letter from Masoud Khan, Pakistani-American, sentenced to 90 years in Prison
  7. ISNA Vice President Ingrid Mattson Worked Under Israeli Citizen at Hartford Seminary [Connecticut] Fluent in Hebrew
  8. UnNamed Informants Trapped the Miami Seven: One Agent Wanted Immigration. The Case was "Created." African-Americans/Haitians Against U.S. Policies
  9. Jose Padilla Case Postponed to January 22, 2007! Government Can't Find Any Evidence which will Stick.
  10. Lebanon war Helps us Understand How World War II history ["Holocaust", etc] was Distorted : Shirer vs Irving
# 1057
Rajab 6,1427/August 1, 2006 #51
  1. Pakistan: Emerging overseas Opposition to Musharraf:
  2. LATEST FROM Dr. WILMER LEON: the "On With Leon" Show
  3. FACTS from the Battlefields in Lebanon and Afghanistan:
  4. 4th Demonstration in North Carolina Against Israeli Aggression in Gaza and Lebanon
  5. Brooklyn, New York: Reaching out to the Muslim Community
  6. Baltimore, Maryland: Khutbas Against Israeli Aggression Urge Muslims to Speak out, Organize & Rally
  7. A.N.S.W.E.R's Call for a Rally on August 12: Dishonest Publicity by Mahdi Bray's Group
  8. Letter: Re: America's Conscience
  9. Background to the war ISRAEL'S TERRORISM IN LEBANON
  10. Analysis Why no Cease fire after Qana and Why is Israel so Angry? +Islamic Strategies
# 1056
Rajab 4,1427/July 30, 2006 #50
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Comment on the Shooting in Seattle Negative Publicity Being Aimed at U.S. Muslims particularly Pakistani-Americans
  2. FATWA # 2: Obligatory for the Muslims of America to Help the Muslims of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan
  4. HIZBULLAH VICTORY means U.S-Israeli Terror Plot has Failed:
  5. Israeli Jews Continue their Crimes:
  6. IRAQ has disappeared from the TV screens but....
  8. PAKISTAN: Three incidents in the Waziristan area abutting Afghanistan: Late July.
  9. Israel's Record and Its Nuclear Arsenal: White Phisphorous Used on Lebanon Civilians
  10. Leading Imam from New York Gives a Different Perspective on Lebanon
  11. Inside Story of the Conflict between Nationalism & Zionism within the U.S. Power Structure: Torture Failed against al-Qaida Prisoners: Western Union Illegally Helped Israel/U.S. & Violated Muslim citizens' Rights
# 1055
Jamada al-Thani 30,1427/July 26, 2006 #49
  4. Jamaat al-Muslimeen messages: [2 items]
  6. Thought of the Day: Think about the terrible crimes Israel, supported by the U.S. and International Jewry, is committing against Palestine and Lebanon.
  7. From an Islamic observer of the new war in its Day 15: GOOD NEWS TO ALL MUSLIMS:
  8. U.S. Media Trying to Conceal Emerging Israeli Failure
# 1054
Jamada al-Thani 28,1427/July 24, 2006 #48
  1. Countering the Saudi Fitnah: The Islamic Ruling [fatwa] on Making Du'a for Hizbullah
  2. History in the Making: Israeli Terror Group IDF Fears Hizbullah Israel Stuck at Lebanon Border: Small Islamic Forces too Strong for Jews after 12 Days of War
  3. Going Beyond "Wahhabi" and "Shia:" We must ask: Is a group Islamic or is it Linked to Bush-Blair-Olmert?
  4. Amazing News of Yemeni Teenage Sister, Haila Gabr, who Killed her Rapist
  5. Activist who gave out 500 Qur'ans in Spanish : His Son has Embraced Islam
  6. African-American Islamic Activist Writes about Rap as Da'wah Tool
  7. WORLDWIDE DEMONSTRATIONS against ISRAELI AGGRESSION and U.S. Support for Israel: News Censored by the U.S. Media
  8. Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, is ALIVE, in U.S. Prison: Rumor of his death was not correct.
# 1053
Jamada al-Thani 24,1427/July 20, 2006 #47
  1. Editorial by Kaukab Siddique For Muslims in America who are quiet because they fear oppression: The Example of a slave woman [r.a.] who was not afraid.
  2. THROUGHOUT the MUSLIM WORLD people are demonstrating and protesting against the Israeli tank columns in Gaza and the Israeli air assault on Lebanon. The most impressive till now are in:
  3. CALL for Anti-ISRAEL Demonstrations on July 22, 2006
  4. JAMAAT al-MUSLIMEEN urges Muslims in the U.S. and Canada to BREAK ALL TIES with Jews who support Israel.
  5. Focus on boycott of businesses which support Israel and affect our people on a daily basis:
  6. GROUNDBREAKING anti-Israel Demonstration
  7. LOOKING FORWARD: Raise the Flag of Palestine on September 26.
  8. URGE ISNA, ICNA and W.D. Muhammad to Cut off their Jewish-Zionist Contacts
  9. W.D. Muhammad: A Long Time Friend of Zionist Jews
  10. A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel
# 1052
Jamada al-Thani 22,1427/July 18, 2006 #46
  1. The rape of an Iraqi teenager
  2. RE: A question posted on Bangla-Vision about Dr. Kaukab Siddique's interview about Lebanon, NY Times on Taliban and India's missile:
  3. Hizbullah Emerged Victorious in First Six Days of War, but it was a Tactical Victory... What are Israel's Strategic Objectives in the Destruction of Lebanon?
  4. PROTEST ISRAELI AGGRESSION: Greensboro, North Carolina, July 18
  5. W.D. Muhammad: A White Racist Mind in Black Skin?
  6. Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar Denied Family Visits for SIX Months: He said: "asalamu alaikum"
  7. Abeer Al-Janabi and the Case for the Burka
  8. AFGHANISTAN Victorious Taliban Forces Take Daylight Control of Two Towns
  9. Allama Turabi Murdered by the Government to Disunite Muslims: Syed Munawar Hasan
# 1051
Jamada al-Thani 19,1427/July 15, 2006 #45
  1. TRAGEDY in PAKISTAN: July 14: The murder of Allama Hasan Turabi.
  2. We urge Muslims in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany and "Great" Britain to use peaceful means to break the influence and power of international Jewish-Zionism.
  3. "Making it Plain" is an exim radio program which broadcasts across America.
  4. The Unasked Question: Israel Using our Six BILLION + Dollars to Attack Democratically Elected Hamas Government and Democratically Elected Hizbullah Leadership
  6. Jewish-Zionist Baby Killers Gruesome scenes after Israeli air raids on south Lebanon
# 1050
Jamada al-Thani 16,1427/July 12, 2006 #44
  1. U.S. Muslims Condemn Israeli Aggression Against Lebanon: Free ALL Palestinian & Lebanese Prisoners!
  2. Israeli Terror Attacks Kill 14 more Palestinians, Including NINE Children. Jamaat Condemns Atrocities and calls for Worldwide Boycott of Israel related Business.
  3. Ashqar: A Friend of the U.S.: Hounded by Israel, accused of Funding his People: Went on hunger Strike to protest Violation of Rights
  4. Horowitz's Lies about the Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam
  5. CENSORSHIP in MUSLIM COMMUNITIES/MASJIDS [Re: Our Report on Allentown, PA's police state type of Islamic Center]
# 1049
Jamada al-Thani 15,1427/July 11, 2006 #43
  1. PERSONAL from the Editor: RE: The Prophet's [pbuh] diet
  2. THINK ABOUT THIS: Palestine vs India
  3. Tribute to an anti-war Briton.
  4. SURPRISE: Revisionists are articulate, anti-War and Scholarly
  5. FBI Attack on Mosque in Pittsburgh: Friday Prayers Disrupted: Desecration & Racism
  6. CAIR[less]: Racist & Divisive Clique The Miami 7: FBI Claimed they were "terrorists." CAIR Claimed they were NOT Muslims. Bail Denied
  7. TWO PENNSYLVANIA MOSQUES: From the Muttaqi to the Munafiq
# 1048
Jamada al-Thani 11,1427/July 7, 2006 #42
  1. PERSONAL from the Editor: On her birthday, a special word of tribute goes to my younger daughter Nadrat
  2. Letter Miami Arrests were Aimed at Stopping the Spread of Islam but backfired Badly
  3. IMPORTANT NEWS: from New Trend's media monitor
  4. Funny but true Zionist Propaganda about Israel: [Eat your heart out Goebbels!]
  5. WOMEN in Islam by Kaukab Siddique
  6. Analysis Why the Return of the Taliban?: NATO and Afghan War Lords Facing Slow Defeat
  7. Irish MP: Israel an "abhorrent and despicable" regime
  8. Ba'asyir says Indonesian holy warriors should go to Israel
  9. Dr. Al-Arian Moved Back to Florida: Continuing Suffering of Professor Victimized by American Zionists: Staunch Ally of the U.S., he opposed Israeli Occupation
# 1047
Jamada al-Thani 5,1427/July 1, 2006 #41
  1. KHUTBA on Gaza:
  2. Caught in the Act!
  4. Palestine Under Siege by Israeli Tank Columns: U.S. Muslims Condemn Occupation & Tyranny
  5. Running from Pillar to Post: After Abu Jahl, they want Abu Lahab [after Bush, try Dems.]
  6. Canadian Paper Attacks Wives of Islamic Prisoners
  7. A Supporter of the Jewish holocaust story tries to debunk Scholars Irving, Zundel and Rudolf
  8. Letter ADL Wants More Money: Also, Have you Watched Al-Jazeerah? Iraqi Children's Slaughter
  10. Full Text of Dr. Andrew Mathis' Letter Against Scholars Irving, Zundel and Rudolf
# 1046
Jamada al-Thani 2,1427/June 28, 2006 #40
  1. Palestine: Islamic Forces Guaged Israel's Racist Response:
  3. AFGHANISTAN: Condi Rice Rushes to Karzai/Musharraf as Taliban Victory Nears
  4. Musharraf feels Isolated though funded and praised by Condi Rice: Attacks kill troops
  5. Starbucks and McDonalds at Guantanamo Bay
  6. U.S. Muslims Condemn Israeli Terrorist Invasion of Gaza: 1500 women, 300 Children in Jew prisons
  7. 40,000+ Hispanic People Embraced Islam: Jamaat leader Gave out 500 Qur'ans in Spanish
  8. Legal Case Being Prepared to Impeach Bush
  9. "Muslim leaders who abandon and betray Muslim Believers": A letter from Imam 'Umar
  10. Interview with Ramsey Clark No Grounds to Accuse President Saddam Hussain of Gassing Kurds
# 1045
June 26, 2006
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [Continued from June 25]
  2. Voices of Muslim America Oppose Bush Administration's Policies
  3. Islamic Agenda for America's 7 to 9 Million Muslims: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Invitation
  4. A New Kind of Political Organization: Islamic Political Party of America [IPPA]
  5. Khutba Unity Requires that Arabs befriend Africans: First Hijra was to Ethiopia
# 1044
June 25, 2006
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora [National Consultative Committee] with delegates from across the United States met in Greensboro, North Carolina on June 24 and resolved as follows:
  2. Jamaat al-Muslimeen condemns the June 22 arrests of 7 persons on terrorism charges. [6 in Miami one in Atlanta.]
# 1043
Jamada al-Awwal 25,1427/June 21, 2006 #39
  1. AFRICA: June 16-20
  2. SUDAN Draws the Line: June 19
  3. NPR PRAISES SALMAN RUSHDIE BUT .... What Liberal Berkeley did to David Irving
  4. Starbucks Using Exploited African Labor
  5. National Shoora Meeting
  6. Oppressed Islamic Intellectual Seeks Employment in Southern Florida: Highly Qualified
  7. AFRICAN-AMERICAN IMAM SPEAKS OUT: Message from Warith Deen Umar An Islamic Leader Stands firm Against Government Terrorism and Intimidation
  8. CANADA: by Jamaat al-Muslimeen observer Bush Clone Silencing Muslims, Encouraging Muslim Bootlickers & Hypocrites
  9. Juneteenth An End to Slavery in Texas: An Important Anniversary often Forgotten by Americans
  10. Letters
  11. Critical Responses to New Trend's Analysis of the Assassination of Al-Zarqawi
  12. Chief Editor's comment on both letters: New Trend's Position on the wars we analyze.
  13. War News: from our Media Monitor
# 1042
Jamada al-Awwal 22,1427/June 18, 2006 #38
  1. On Father's Day in the U.S. What is a Muslim Father all about?
  2. Our America: Is this a Great Country or What! [4 items]
  3. A Strange Case of Bigamy: Man Running for North Carolina Senate Married to Two Women
  4. Betrayal of Shi'ism: Hazrat Ali, r.a. and Imam Hussain would be shocked. Introducing Nouri al-Maliki, the U.S.-Installed "Prime Minister" of Iraq
  5. WAR NEWS: Nearly 100 Killed in U.S.-Canadian Air Attacks: Taliban avoid Thrust by 11,000 Troops
  6. IRAQ: Full Scale Fighting Resumes
# 1041
Jamada al-Awwal 18,1427/June 14, 2006 #37
  1. THOUGHT of the DAY: More than 100,000 Jews have been resettled in Germany.
  3. Any Justice for Muslims in Canada? Judge Orders end to Press Coverage After Barrage of Dirty Propaganda
  4. New Black Panther Unity Healing Again And Support Rally
  5. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Invites Muslims to Organize Against Injustice
  6. Support Imam Warith Deen Umar: A Fearless Imam Facing America's Power
  7. Pakistani Ali Asad Chandia faces 75 years: Masaud Khan's Mother writes to New Trend. Summary of Appeal.
  8. Ongoing War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity
  9. IRAN and the U.S. Worked Together to Kill al-Zarqawi?:
  10. IRAQ: Heavy Fighting in Iraq after Zarqawi
  11. Al-Zarqawi was Alive after Bombing Raid:
  12. AFGHANISTAN HEAVY FIGHTING CONTINUES: Taliban Emerging in Large Numbers: 750 Sorties by U.S. Air Force
  13. Reader says CAIR is A Fake, non-Islamic Organization: CAIR Opposed Criticism of Jewish Holocaust Story and Publicized Tunisian Propaganda Without Comment
# 1040
Jamada al-Awwal 14,1427/June 10, 2006 #36
  1. Women in Islam: The Way they Were Supposed to be
  2. Pakistan's Army is Incompetent and Working for the enemy: Islamic Volunteers in Earthquake Areas Showed Quality of Islamic leadership: Women offer their Children for Jihad
  3. What the Assassination of Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi Means to the U.S. and to Islam
# 1039
Jamada al-Awwal 10,1427/June 6, 2006 #35
  1. Canada: Would-be Terrorists Caught? Or is it a Blatant Asssault on the Rights of Canadian Muslims?
  2. UPDATE on CANADIAN MUSLIMS: June 6, 2006
  3. Re: Synagogue of Satan Example of a Good Jew
  4. Understanding Africa Afrocentrics and Islamic Africans Should Avoid Bashing Each Other
  5. A Look at The 'Powerful Jewish Lobby'
# 1038
Jamada al-Awwal 5,1427/June 1, 2006 #34
  1. Iran, the U.S. and USA's Puppets: Coordination behind Barrage of Apparent hostility
  2. National Shoora to meet on June 24: Discuss Role of Muslims in America
  3. Another Attempt to "Legally" Destroy African-American Imam Warith Deen Umar Fails
  4. Latest News as of May 30, 2006 The Struggle of Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar: Egyptian-American in U.S. Prison for Opposing Hosni Mubarak, the Tyrant of Egypt
  5. Innocents Visit Israel and are Indoctrinated: Also a Secret of World War II.
  6. Little Known Facts About America's Jews: Censorship, Spying, Crime, Control, War
  7. Understanding Haditha: How Dare you Stand Against Us?
  8. IRAQ WAR: U.S. Rushes New Forces after 3 Years of Fighting
  9. KASHMIR: Heavy Fighting and Rape of Two Girls by Indian Troops.
# 1037
Rabi' al-Thani 29,1427/May 27, 2006 #33
  1. Tweedledum and Tweedledee Bush and Blair admit "Mistakes": Claim "Democracy" in Place in Iraq!
  2. Taliban Offensive Continues Despite Heavy U.S. Bombardment
  3. The Emergence of "terrorist" Islamic Leaders' Tapes and Conspiracy Theories
  4. Corporate Support for Jewish Agenda on Darfur Oprah Winfrey Brings Elie Wiesel to Vent Hatred Against Sudan: "Holocaust" Drama on TV
  5. Join the Academic Boycott of Israel
  6. Masaud Khan: Sentenced to Life because he is a Muslim: Appeal Heard May 25
  7. Qadianism in a New Guise: ISNA Desecrating Islam Under U.S. Protection.
# 1036
Rabi' al-Thani 26,1427/May 24, 2006 #32
  1. Imam Warith Deen Umar Refuses to Plea Bargain: Firm Stand Against State Terrorism
  2. ROLL BACK the Zionist Offensive Against Sudan: Hodari Abdul Ali Speaks
  3. Beware, Beware, here comes Ayaan Hirsi Ali:
  4. Important News: New Trend Suggests, Islamic Scholars Symbolically Try Bush, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld etc for Crimes Against Humanity and Violation of International Law.
  5. Malcolm X's May 19th Anniversary:
  6. Massacre in Afghanistan U.S. Claimed it Killed 80 Taliban and 16 Civilians but Almost all are Women and Children.
  7. Action Alert: Defend Free Speech at UC Irvine
# 1035
Rabi' al-Thani 19,1427/May 17, 2006 #31
  1. THINKING ABOUT AFRICA: Editor's musings:
  2. PERSONAL from the Editor of New Trend:
  3. Letter: Correction on Nigeria: [Re: New Trend report on clashes in Maiduguri]
  4. Letter: [Re: Question which New Trend published from Br. Shoaib, UK] Question about Muslim Women who Wear Face Covering [Niqab],Cloaks and Gloves
  5. Book Review Nuremburg: Anatomy of Injustice Posing as Rule of Law. World War II Drama helps Explain the Show Trial of President Saddam Hussain.
# 1034
Rabi' al-Thani 17,1427/May 15, 2006 #30
  3. News from AFRICA: A Continent which is 80% Muslim
  4. Imam Warith Deen Umar's Hearing Put off: State Terrorists Have Weak Case
  5. Inspiring Words from Imam Warith Deen Umar: Read and Reflect
  6. Islamic Viewpoint on Darfur, Sudan: Peace Activist Hodari Ali to Speak on May 21
  7. Dr. Alauddin Shabazz Shows Signs of Slow but Steady Recovery
  8. 200,000 Gather to Honor Pakistani Student Amer Cheema Murdered by German Police: Martyr's Body Hijacked by Musharraf Regime: Amer Attacked German Publisher who Abused the Messenger of Allah, pbuh.
# 1033
Rabi' al-Thani 6,1427/May 4, 2006
  1. Another case of American Justice Imam Warith Deen Umar to appear in Manhattan Federal Court on May 10
# 1032
Rabi' al-Thani 4,1427/May 2, 2006 #29
  1. Even betrayal/treachery sometimes has a funny side to it:
  2. WHAT's Behind the Soaring Gas prices in America?
  3. THINK ABOUT IT: HOSNI MUBARAK, Egypt's dictator
  4. Independent Broadcaster Dr. Wilmer Leon Offers High Quality Discussion of Issues.
  5. Darfur Rally Analysis: Big Flop Even Though Jews Across America Put in all they Had
  6. Prof. Sami al-Arian Ordered to Stay for another Year and a half in Prison
  7. MASOUD KHAN's APPEAL COMING UP at the end of May, 2006
  8. Brave Sweden Refuses to Take Part in Joint Military Exercises with Israel. Israel Accuses it of "Anti-Semitism!"
  9. MOHAWK NATIONS vs CANADA: Injustice Continues to this Day
  10. ISRAEL'S "RAT PACK" IN WASHINGTON: Scholarly Explanation of how the Israeli Stranglehold on America Works
# 1031
Rabi' al-Thani 1,1427/April 29, 2006 #28
  1. Darfur Campaign is Part of Bush-Zionist Agenda
  2. Reaching out to the Muslim Community: Support Imam Jamil, Boycott Israel-funding businesses
  3. Race: the Issue in Duke University Rape Allegation Case
  4. Should we Welcome U.S. Sponsored Iraqis Destruction of Islamic Art-Another Aspect of the Iraq War
  5. Islam Through Quotations
  6. "Muslim" Informer was Key to Conviction of Pakistani Hamid Hayat in Absurd Case. Muslim Communities are Riddled with Government Agents who Claim to be Muslims
  7. THE INFORMANT, the INFILTRATOR: Muslim Communities are Being Hurt by Siraj Wahhaj Types.
# 1030
Rabi' al-Awwal 25,1427/April 24, 2006 #27
  1. PERSONAL: [from the editor] Dr. Alauddin Shabazz
  2. WAR NEWS: Collected by New Trend's Media Monitor.
  3. New Trend exclusive Facts on Bias in the Media: Heavily Documented Paper on the Israel Lobby being Attacked to discredit its Thought-Provoking Content
  4. In Response to the Jewish Thought Police: David Irving Documented Churchill's Policy of Mass Murder of German Civilians: Churchill's Adviser in this Genocidal Policy was a Jew: Lord Cherwell or the 'Prof.'
  5. Letter: Re: Personal [Memorial Service for Editor's mother.]
  6. LETTER: Thanks for sending New Trend
  7. Letter: RE: How Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, gave women their rights. #4
# 1029
Rabi' al-Awwal 21,1427/April 20, 2006 #26
  1. PERSONAL from the editor:
  2. How the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, sanctified and made obligatory the rights of women: Brief #4
  3. Muslim Woman's Clothes Removed by U.S. Government Agents
  4. Darfur Alert Big Push to Prepare Ground for U.S. Intervention in Sudan
  5. What Should Muslims do on April 30?
  6. Prof. Sami Al-Arian Accepts Deportation in Hope of Ending Tragic Suffering in Prison
  8. New Trend Report [Courtesy Al-Awda] Behind the Latest Martyrdom Operation in "Israel": 720 Children killed, 4,000 Children arrested by Jews in Occupied Land
  9. Jewish Holocaust: True or false? Prisoner of the Thought Police: David Irving: What are the Media Hiding?
  10. The Lipstadt Case Putting their Money on the Table
# 1028
Rabi' al-Awwal 15,1427/April 14, 2006 #25
  1. IRAN U.S. Facing No-Win Situation as it threatens Nuclear War
  2. Research Paper Documents Zionist Control of U.S. Foreign Policy but most Americans will not not know about it because
  3. AFGHANISTAN Why are Afghans Welcoming the Upsurge of the Taliban?
# 1027
Rabi' al-Awwal 12,1427/April 11, 2006 #24
  1. New Trend hails the ongoing mass demonstrations by Mexican immigrants and the people of Central and Southern America living in the U.S.
  2. April 11 [12 Rabi' al-Awwal] is the birthday of Muhammad
  3. Imam Warith Deen 'Umar Writes to New Trend Islamic Leader Facing State Terrorism: [Please read Carefully & Support Imam Umar]
  4. Response to One-Sided Darfur Story in Baltimore's Afro Paper
  5. Remembering 17 Year Old Black Panther Activist Lil' Bobby Hutton Assassinated by Police
  6. Going Against the Grain America's "Good Jews" and Israel: What Muslims Should Understand about Zionist Control of the U.S.
# 1026
Rabi' al-Awwal 9,1427/April 8, 2006
  1. Jewish Inquisition Scores Victory Day of Infamy: Leading Historian of World War II, David Irving Sentenced to three Years in Prison. Austria Used as Cat's Paw After International Jewry Failed to Silence the Scholar.
# 1025
Rabi' al-Awwal 8,1427/April 7, 2006 #23
  1. Personal: [by the Editor of New Trend] In Memory of my Mother, Mahmudah Qureshi
  2. American News: From New Trend's Media Monitor DUKE UNIVERSITY RAPE BRINGS UP RACIAL ISSUES:
  3. New York Police Getting Tired of Jewish Arrogance?
  4. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Pressured to Apologize:
  5. Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
  6. BBC's Better Than Others but... Is Prof. Deborah Lipstadt any Match for David Irving's Genius and Research Ability? Irving's Challenge: There is no Order from Hitler about Auschwitz and "extermination."
  7. Lawyer bodily removed from Zundel trial
  8. Forecasting Islamic Caliphate Could Emerge in 10 years: Israeli Burden Restricts U.S. Strategy
# 1024
Rabi' al-Awwal 3,1427/April 2, 2006 #22
  2. African-American Muslims urged to Support Imam Jamil/Prof.Al-Arian & Boycott Zionist Businesses
  3. Abu Ali: U.S. Citizen Given 30 Years in Prison on Conspiracy Charges. Tragic Punishment of Islamic Youth who "Confessed" Under Saudi Torture.
  4. Jill Carroll's Release is Welcome but a Great Chance for peace was missed.
  5. Jill Carroll and Propaganda War: Deep Contradictions between her Statements.
  6. Letter: Re: Dr. David Horowitz and "Good Jews."
  7. Israelis Murder 7-Year Old Palestinian Girl
  8. Muslim Woman Answers Nationally Syndicated Right Wing Talk Show Host
# 1023
Safar 27,1427/March 27, 2006 #21
  1. PERSONAL NOTE: Dr. David Horowitz is a Jew who tells flat out lies about Islam and Muslim women.
  2. "Christian" Afghan Story was a scam: New Trend: Are we good or what?
  3. Biggest Ever pro-Immigration Rallies in Los Angeles:
  4. Serious Clash at Mosque in Sadr City, Baghdad:
  5. Awareness of Imam Jamil al-Amin and Prof. Sami al-Arian
  6. Documentary Evidence of Israel's Genocide Against Bedouins
  7. Distinguished Sudan Peacemaker to Speak in Baltimore
  8. Islam in America: What Chances for Healing and Unity? The Case of Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad: ISNA-ICNA Cover up of a Major Issue
  9. Letter Afghan "Christian" Story was a Political Ploy: Here's the Proof
  10. Letter Close Coordination : CAIR-ISNA and U.S. Government: "Muslim" tools of U.S. Oppression
  11. Letter: In Support of New Trend's Analysis that Israel is Behind the Darfur Crisis, an African Reader has sent the following News Report
  12. WAR NEWS [From our Media Monitors]
# 1022
Safar 24,1427/March 24, 2006 #20
  1. Q and A Making Five Prayers Every Day in America:
  2. The Case of the 'Christian' Afghan: A New Angle in Psychological War Against Islam
  3. Letter Pakistani Secularist's Letter: Islamic People Deserve to be Killed, their mosques destroyed.
  4. Anti-Semitism or Fact? The 'outing' of the Jews: Corruption Writ Large All Over America
  5. Q & A on Iraq THREE YEARS AFTER THE INVASION of IRAQ: A Child asks Serious questions and gets Revealing Answers from "daddy."
# 1021
Safar 18,1427/March 18, 2006 #19
  1. How the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, changed the Condition of Women
  2. Palestine, O Palestine:
  3. Scholarly Critics of Jewish Version of World War II deserve your Help: Freedom of Expression is at Stake.
  4. Important International News. From our Media Monitors.
  5. IRAN and U.S. Covert Friendship:
  6. IRAQ: MAJOR NEW MILITARY OPERATION: "Liberating" Iraq from Iraqis?
  7. SADDAM HUSSAIN: The Lion of Iraq Roars Again:
  8. Lt. General Peter Chiarelli's Press Conference:
  10. War Continues in Iraq:
  11. U.S.-Installed Kabul Regime is a Criminal Institution. Pakistani human Rights Activist Accuses Afghan Government Officials of Kidnaping and Sale of Little Pakistani Girls
  12. Pakistani Dissident [U.S. nationality] Kidnaped and "disappeared" by Musharraf's Forces
  13. Pak. High court Ordered them Released but Musharraf Regime Still Holding 2 Islamic Doctors from U.S.
# 1020
Safar 13,1427/March 13, 2006 #18
  1. Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi Released after ONE YEAR in Solitary Confinement
  2. Case against IMAM 'UMAR is BOGUS: It has been put off to May, 2006.
  3. BOYCOTT is Most Peaceful Way of Opposing "Israel"
  4. SIRAJ WAHHAJ: ISNA Leader who helped Zionists, Invited by ICNA
  5. AFRICA: From our News Monitor SUDAN TURNING the TABLES on the ZIONISTS:
  6. FRENCH JEWS Allege "Black Muslim" Anti-Semitism :
  8. PAKISTANI WOMEN RALLY to EXPOSE Exploitation of Women:
  9. AFGHANISTAN: [From our Media Monitor]
  10. Women's History Conference in Atlanta Muslim Women's Leadership Summit: Sis. Hadayai Majeed Presiding
# 1019
Safar 8,1427/March 8, 2006 #17
  1. Islamic Women's Impressive Summit in Atlanta, Georgia: March 3 and 4.
  2. Islamic Women Live by a Distinct Code of Conduct, Jamaat Masjid leader says.
  3. Jamaat leader Protests Caricatures of Prophet, pbuh: Gains Support of non-Muslims
  4. American Muslims and their Supporters Face Severe Oppression from Bush-Zionist-Neo-Cons.
  5. PAKISTAN ARMY Slaughters Civilians, hits Mosques, Islamic Schools, Homes
# 1018
Safar 3,1427/March 3, 2006 #16
  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [4 items]
  2. Israel's Holocaust Propaganda Helps to Enslave Germany and Austria: Germany Gave Saddam's Defense System to the U.S.
  3. ISRAEL'S SACRED TERRORISM * Attempts to force Hamas to Submit
# 1017
Muharram 27,1427/February 26, 2006 #15
  1. Women's Rights: How Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, changed men's attitudes towards women[#2]
  2. PAKISTAN: The city of Lahore was under siege by Musharraf's security forces
  3. "Saudi" Arabia: Arabian mujahideen tried to blow up the oil facilities at Abiqaiq
  4. IRAQ: Fighting between Islamic resistance and U.S. troops continued
  5. Afghanistan: There is an ongoing prison uprising in Kabul
  6. KASHMIR: Weekly reports of Indian atrocities against Kashmiris
  7. Chechnia: Islamic Resistance continues and is growing.
  8. "State of the Black Union" Black Intellectuals Speak in Houston, Texas Poweful Speeches by Belafonte, Cornell West and Minister Farrakhan.
  9. Iraq's Shame/Iran's Game New Trend analysis based on Shia/Sunni reports and both pro-and-anti Bush Media [2items]
  10. INTRODUCING AFRICA: Uganda, East Africa: A country worth Visiting
  11. David Irving: His Research Ability was Deadly for Jewish Power
  12. Letter: Shia Viewpoint on the Samara Shrine Bombing
  13. Indian Forces Crush Peaceful [non-Muslim] Demonstrators in Assam: 13 killed, including 3 Girls
# 1016
Muharram 23,1427/February 22, 2006 #14
  1. Women's Rights: How Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, ended mental enslavement of Women [#1]
  2. FUNNY BUT TRUE: United Arab Emirates: Bush Hoisted with his Own Petard! Democrats Claim they are more Patriotic than Bush! Blatant Anti-Arab Racism comes out.
  3. Malcolm X [Al-Hajj Malik Shabazz]: Caused Spread of Orthodox Islam in America
  4. Heavy U.S. Blow at Muslim Widows and Orphans: "Kindhearts" Charity Shut Down
  5. TOLEDO, Ohio: Three Muslims Arrested on Terrorism Related Charges
  8. Day of Infamy: Leading Historian of World War II, David Irving Sentenced to three Years in Prison. Austria Used as Cat's Paw After International Jewry Failed to Silence the Scholar.
  9. War News: by our Media Monitor IRAQ PRIMED for SHIA-SUNNI WAR: Shia Shrine Blown Up: 27 Sunni Mosques Attacked
  10. Massive New Protests in Nigeria, Libya, Turkey, Pakistan. Indonesians Blame U.S. for Cartoons.
# 1015
Muharram 18,1427/February 17, 2006 #13
  1. Letter from Imam Warith Deen Umar
  2. African writer Says: Worst Insults against the Prophet [pbuh] came out of America
  3. LINK to DR. SIDDIQUE's INTERVIEW in the FINAL CALL magazine
  4. Huge Pakistani Crowds Attack Symbols of Europe/America: Police Kill 8 wound 128 but Fail to stop crowds.
  5. He wants to Leave Siraj Wahhaj's Mosque [taqwa] in Brooklyn
  6. The slave of the Tawaagheet died today
  7. German Reader thinks New Trend Underestimated Winston Churchill
# 1014
Muharram 14,1427/February 13, 2006 #12
  2. STRATEGIC STUDIES: From New Trend's Think Tank Cartoon Outrage Shifted Strategic Balance in Favor of U.S. and Iran
  3. GERMAN HOLOCAUST: Every German City was Destroyed in World War II: Churchill ordered the Mass Murder of German Civilians: His Adviser was a Jew.
  4. Latest Interview With Imam Warith deen Umar: Regime went Back to 1967 Files to Arrest Him: He Opposes U.S. War against Islam: Condemns Invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan
  5. WAR NEWS:
  6. IRAN AND NUCLEAR JAZZ: Zionist-Neo-Con Attempts to Derail Iran-U.S. Cooperation
# 1013
Muharram 10,1427/February 9, 2006 #11
  2. Islamic Leader Hamzah al-Masri Sentenced: Britain Contradicts its Own Freedom Claims
  3. Dump Cartoons and Debate the Real issues: Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, for Muslims, "Holocaust" for Jews
  4. KERBALA: The Martyrdom of Husain, r.a., ibn Ali, r.a. Speaks to us All. Let's Move Beyond Sects
  5. Cartoons and Norway: New Trend's Analysis is Correct
# 1012
Muharram 8,1427/February 7, 2006 #10
  1. THREE Distinguished American Muslims Facing Oppression by State Power.
  2. Worldwide Condemnation of Cartoons: Muslims, though strong in faith, were manipulated by the Zionists.
  4. Angry Reader Condemns New Trend's Note on AIDS in South Africa:
  5. What is ailing the Muslim Nation?
# 1011
Muharram 5,1427/February 4, 2006 #9
  2. Imam 'Umar Arrested: U.S. Government Seeks to Silence Voice of Truth.
  3. How to Deal with Blasphemous Cartoons? Don't Let Hypocrites Mislead You. Seek Guidance from the Qur'an.
  4. Look over there - a real terrorist
# 1010
Muharram 3,1427/February 2, 2006 #8
  1. "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh's Father Speaks out.
  2. Mauri Saalakhan Caught in the Act: Attempted Fake Press Conference but Imam 'Umar Rejected linkage to Siraj Wahhaj
  3. Siraj Wahhaj Supports Coca Cola and Disney. Why does Saalakhan think the government is against him, and why abuse New Trend's editor?
  4. US Muslims call for resignation of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.
  5. Three Palestinians are facing Injustice in the U.S. Prosecution Wants Israelis in a Closed Hearing to Testify Against the Three. Salah's Torture by Israelis being Legalized
# 1009
Zulhijjah 27,1426/January 28, 2006 #7
  1. WAR NEWS: Unbelievably Funny but True:
  2. New Book Recognizes New Trend's Importance in America's Islamic Process.
  4. Strategically Speaking: Analysis by Badi Ali | Palestinian Expert Warns of Impending Weaknesses Within Hamas
  5. US Political Prisoner/Former Black Panther, Kamau Sadiki, Gravely ill
  6. Mauri Saalakhan Trivializing The Great Injustice Done by Siraj Wahhaj to Shaikh 'Omar 'Abdel Rahman : Siraj Helped the Jews Twice. What's his Income Source?
  7. U.S. Citizen Being Persecuted for 10 Years old writing in Support of Bosnia, Chechnia
# 1008
Zulhijjah 22,1426/January 23, 2006 #6
  2. U.S. Media Misleading People about bombing of Pakistan: Absolutely no Evidence that anyone other than Local Villagers were Killed.
  3. The Pillage of Africa: Which term is appropriate for racists? Nazi or Zionist-Jew?
  4. Imam Warith Deen Umar Gave Good Advice to Siraj Wahhaj, Mauri Saalakhan etc. Looks Like it was Ignored.
  5. Why Mauri Saalakhan did not Answer Query on Siraj Wahhaj? Because you have Evidence! Does Saalakhan Believe in the Day of Judgement?
  6. Chechen Woman, Zara Murtazalieva, Falsely Charged, in Russian prison for 12 Months, moved just before 3 monthly Family Visit!
  7. German Woman Gives Inside Account of Iraqi Kidnapers: They do not Harm Women, Children.
  8. Who is on trial?
# 1007
Zulhijjah 18,1426/January 19, 2006 #5
  1. WAR News:
  2. Imam Warith Deen Umar Facing State Terrorism
  3. New York Zionist TV Channels Attack Imam Umar.
  4. Ph.D. In Cell: Difficulties in Raising Bond Money
  5. The Case of Siraj Wahhaj who Helped Put Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman in Prison for Life. Evidence that Siraj is Irresponsible and helps the Zionists.
  6. Puerto Rican Leader Was Shot by U.S. Forces and left to Die a Slow Death
  7. U.S. Ally in South Asia Carries out Severe Repression of Muslims.
  8. What the New Generation is not Told about Dr. Martin Luther King: Replace "Vietnam" with "Iraq" in his speeches to see relevance.
# 1006
Zulhijjah 13,1426/January 14, 2006 #4
  1. GIVE SIRAJ WAHHAJ a few more days:
  4. Mobilize in Support of Imam Jamil al-Amin
  5. New Political Awareness Cards Ready for Distribution
  6. Swedish Dresden Committee Launches Website
  7. IRAN: Working with the U.S. in Iraq: Claims that Elections were Valid: Destruction of Five Iraqi Cities Did Not Disturb Iran.
# 1005
Zulhijjah 8,1426/January 9, 2006 #3
  1. Finally, a clear admission that "Imam" Siraj Wahhaj did bear witness against Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman
  2. Books Received:
  3. We Condemn Vicious Police Raid on Imam Warith Deen 'Umar's Home.
  4. Yemeni Girl Who Killed her Rapist: Corrected Address
  5. Why Palestinians Have no Illusions about Sharon and other Israelis.
  6. Police Kill 12 Tribal People: Protestors Block Highway
  7. Muslim working for Islam in India Targeted as "Terrorist Mastermind."
  8. Re: Christian writer Ms. Carolyn's Warning re: Government Surveillance of New Trend and Dr. Siddique's Security.
  9. PAKISTAN: U.S. Bombs Pakistani Village
  11. IRAQ: Islamic Resistance on the Offensive: Also, Iran's smoke screen.
# 1004
Zulhijjah 5,1426/January 6, 2006 #2
  2. Worshipers of the Devil:
  3. What a Way to Start the New Year!:
  4. Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi's Bail Application Accepted: Government Has no Evidence: First Acceptance Since 9.11.
  5. Major Setback for "Mainstream" U.S Media
  6. Boycott Coca-Cola: Here is more evidence
  7. 4000 Crips Attended Tookie's Going Away: His Son Spoke: Minister Farrakhan gave Eulogy
  8. Mut'ah [Temporary Marriage] Exploits, Demeans Women: Strictly Forbidden by Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. Rebuttal of Sectarian Arguments in Support of Mut'ah
  9. Number 1 Terrorist of the World Suffers from Massive Cerebral Infarction
# 1003
Zulhijjah 2,1426/January 3, 2006 #1
  1. What Makes New Trend different?:
  2. NIGER, a Muslim country in central Africa
  3. Two Great New Cards Available for Distribution:
  4. Bengali Muslimah Selina Akther Murdered by U.S. Soldier in Queens, New York
  5. Distinguished Imam Warith Deen 'Umar Attacked, Arrested, Visited by FBI in Prison.
  6. Looking Back On American "successes" in 2005
  7. The Holy Trinity: Anti-Semitism, Holocaust and Israel
# 1002
Zulq'idah 29, 1426/December 31, 2005 #96
  1. Egypt Dictator's troops Kills 10 Sudanese. Earlier, he killed 8 Muslim would-be-voters.
  2. Taliban Offensive Over Christmas:
  3. Setback for Musharraf:
  4. Mujahid Fights Saudi forces for 6 Hours
  5. Israeli Genocide in Palestine: No Jew Punished: Sharon is Honored Guest in White House.
  6. Persons of the Year 2005: Sis Safiya Bukhari
  7. A Quiz for the Aware Muslim: Which Country is this?
# 1001
Zulq'idah 26, 1426/December 28, 2005 #95
  1. THINKING POINTS from our scrap book. [6 items]
  2. Israeli Crimes Against Palestinian Existence in November 2005
  3. Gloria Steinem Attacks Islam + NY Strike broke Along Racial Line
  4. Books for Children to Help Afghan Orphanages
  5. Can this be called Islam or is it "Hislam?"
  6. Our Message: Here is how Islam works: First the rejection, then the proper Path to be followed:
  7. Montreal Perspectives
  8. El-Hajj Mauri Saalakhan's Defense of Siraj Wahhaj
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# 768   2002-02-19 Tue 16:46ct   Hadith 9
# 767   2001-07-04 Wed 21:18ct   Hadith 8
# 766   2001-06-05 Tue 21:21ct   Hadith 7
# 765   2001-05-29 Tue 19:53ct   Hadith 6
# 764   2001-05-29 Tue 19:43ct   Hadith 5
# 763   2001-05-24 Thu 20:20ct   Hadith 4
# 762   2000-09-25 Mon 12:04ct   Hadith 3
# 761   2000-09-21 Thu 11:29ct   Hadith 2
# 760   2000-09-15 Fri 11:19ct   Hadith 1
# 759   2005-02-21 Mon 17:23ct   Montreal Perspectives 8
# 758   2004-12-22 Wed 17:43ct   Montreal Perspectives 7
# 757   2003-11-27 Thu 09:39ct   Montreal Perspectives 6
# 756   2003-05-16 Fri 20:31ct   Montreal Perspectives 5
# 755   2003-03-19 Wed 06:27ct   Montreal Perspectives 4
# 754   2002-11-04 Mon 11:58ct   Montreal Perspectives 3
# 753   2002-05-03 Fri 23:46ct   Montreal Perspectives 2
# 752   2002-04-06 Sat 08:08ct   Montreal Perspectives 1
# 751   2004-10-14 Thu 18:41ct   Badi Ali 1
# 750   2004-03-16 Tue 19:30ct   Jews & Israel 13
# 749   2003-09-30 Tue 17:37ct   Jews & Israel 12
# 748   2003-06-14 Sat 07:46ct   Jews & Israel 11
# 747   2003-06-03 Tue 17:44ct   Jews & Israel 10
# 746   2002-08-24 Sat 21:32ct   Jews & Israel 9
# 745   2002-05-03 Fri 22:50ct   Jews & Israel 8
# 744   2002-05-03 Fri 22:23ct   Jews & Israel 7
# 743   2002-04-18 Thu 09:54ct   Jews & Israel 6
# 742   2002-04-17 Wed 18:54ct   Jews & Israel 5
# 741   2001-08-23 Thu 18:34ct   Jews & Israel 4
# 740   2001-08-23 Thu 18:13ct   Jews & Israel 3
# 739   2001-08-23 Thu 17:47ct   Jews & Israel 2
# 738   2001-08-23 Thu 17:31ct   Jews & Israel 1
# 737   2004-03-16 Tue 19:10ct   Chicago Calling 7
# 736   2003-10-04 Sat 19:10ct   Chicago Calling 6
# 735   2003-09-06 Sat 16:02ct   Chicago Calling 5
# 734   2003-07-28 Mon 17:57ct   Chicago Calling 4
# 733   2003-07-25 Fri 19:46ct   Chicago Calling 3
# 732   2003-06-12 Thu 18:21ct   Chicago Calling 2
# 731   2002-11-26 Tue 06:42ct   Chicago Calling 1
# 730   2004-03-16 Tue 18:00ct   Media 18
# 729   2003-11-27 Thu 16:14ct   Media 17
# 728   2003-10-18 Sat 18:19ct   Media 16
# 727   2003-09-14 Sun 11:41ct   Media 15
# 726   2003-07-16 Wed 17:44ct   Media 14
# 725   2003-04-30 Wed 04:31ct   Media 13
# 724   2003-04-19 Sat 08:59ct   Media 12
# 723   2003-04-02 Wed 19:51ct   Media 11
# 722   2003-03-07 Fri 08:36ct   Media 10
# 721   2003-02-28 Fri 21:48ct   Media 9
# 720   2003-02-27 Thu 06:40ct   Media 8
# 719   2003-02-26 Wed 07:59ct   Media 7
# 718   2002-12-31 Tue 21:29ct   Media 6
# 717   2002-10-19 Sat 12:33ct   Media 5
# 716   2002-10-10 Thu 07:14ct   Media 4
# 715   2002-10-02 Wed 18:23ct   Media 3
# 714   2002-07-04 Thu 21:16ct   Media 2
# 713   2002-06-25 Tue 08:42ct   Media 1
# 712   2004-03-06 Sat 12:28ct   Islam in America 64
# 711   2004-02-21 Sat 15:37ct   Islam in America 63
# 710   2003-11-27 Thu 13:33ct   Islam in America 62
# 709   2003-11-15 Sat 12:21ct   Islam in America 61
# 708   2003-11-06 Thu 04:52ct   Islam in America 60
# 707   2003-10-26 Sun 06:18ct   Islam in America 59
# 706   2003-10-12 Sun 06:05ct   Islam in America 58
# 705   2003-09-30 Tue 17:21ct   Islam in America 57
# 704   2003-09-24 Wed 18:20ct   Islam in America 56
# 703   2003-09-21 Sun 08:38ct   Islam in America 55
# 702   2003-09-10 Wed 19:09ct   Islam in America 54
# 701   2003-09-07 Sun 15:33ct   Islam in America 53
# 700   2003-08-23 Sat 18:46ct   Islam in America 52
# 699   2003-08-20 Wed 17:47ct   Islam in America 51
# 698   2003-08-17 Sun 14:50ct   Islam in America 50
# 697   2003-08-09 Sat 21:25ct   Islam in America 49
# 696   2003-07-28 Mon 17:16ct   Islam in America 48
# 695   2003-07-26 Sat 19:07ct   Islam in America 47
# 694   2003-07-25 Fri 20:32ct   Islam in America 46
# 693   2003-07-23 Wed 19:52ct   Islam in America 45
# 692   2003-07-22 Tue 17:59ct   Islam in America 44
# 691   2003-07-12 Sat 14:50ct   Islam in America 43
# 690   2003-07-11 Fri 22:28ct   Islam in America 42
# 689   2003-07-02 Wed 18:43ct   Islam in America 41
# 688   2003-06-28 Sat 17:07ct   Islam in America 40
# 687   2003-06-18 Wed 18:37ct   Islam in America 39
# 686   2003-06-17 Tue 18:43ct   Islam in America 38
# 685   2003-06-10 Tue 18:25ct   Islam in America 37
# 684   2003-06-08 Sun 13:21ct   Islam in America 36
# 683   2003-06-03 Tue 18:13ct   Islam in America 35
# 682   2003-05-31 Sat 16:52ct   Islam in America 34
# 681   2003-05-23 Fri 18:55ct   Islam in America 33
# 680   2003-04-26 Sat 14:30ct   Islam in America 32
# 679   2003-03-15 Sat 08:19ct   Islam in America 31
# 678   2003-03-10 Mon 12:17ct   Islam in America 30
# 677   2003-02-21 Fri 08:58ct   Islam in America 29
# 676   2003-02-20 Thu 09:10ct   Islam in America 28
# 675   2003-02-19 Wed 08:07ct   Islam in America 27
# 674   2003-02-15 Sat 08:17ct   Islam in America 26
# 673   2002-12-05 Thu 22:10ct   Islam in America 25
# 672   2002-12-03 Tue 20:37ct   Islam in America 24
# 671   2002-12-03 Tue 20:01ct   Islam in America 23
# 670   2002-11-25 Mon 10:41ct   Islam in America 22
# 669   2002-11-17 Sun 06:23ct   Islam in America 21
# 668   2002-11-12 Tue 09:05ct   Islam in America 20
# 667   2002-11-09 Sat 14:40ct   Islam in America 19
# 666   2002-11-07 Thu 05:27ct   Islam in America 18
# 665   2002-10-31 Thu 15:39ct   Islam in America 17
# 664   2002-10-30 Wed 11:47ct   Islam in America 16
# 663   2002-10-28 Mon 10:32ct   Islam in America 15
# 662   2002-10-19 Sat 13:12ct   Islam in America 14
# 661   2002-10-11 Fri 13:09ct   Islam in America 13
# 660   2002-10-06 Sun 08:24ct   Islam in America 12
# 659   2002-10-05 Sat 07:23ct   Islam in America 11
# 658   2002-09-16 Mon 04:45ct   Islam in America 10
# 657   2002-09-14 Sat 08:29ct   Islam in America 9
# 656   2002-09-12 Thu 08:00ct   Islam in America 8
# 655   2002-09-05 Thu 20:36ct   Islam in America 7
# 654   2002-08-30 Thu 09:30ct   Islam in America 6
# 653   2002-08-27 Tue 17:39ct   Islam in America 5
# 652   2002-08-17 Sat 08:54ct   Islam in America 4
# 651   2002-07-28 Sun 08:47ct   Islam in America 3
# 650   2002-07-25 Thu 18:36ct   Islam in America 2
# 649   2002-07-07 Sun 09:53ct   Islam in America 1
# 648   2004-02-22 Sun 09:50ct   Writers 2
# 647   2003-10-12 Sun 06:21ct   Writers 1
# 646   2004-02-22 Sun 09:35ct   Afghanistan 46
# 645   2003-11-30 Sun 11:30ct   Afghanistan 45
# 644