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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-thani 21, 1428/ May 9, 2007 #36

African-American Muslimah calls ISNA leader Siraj Wahhaj's activities "verbal rubbish" and wants to know what happened to the $2,000,000 he collected. Scroll down.

Who is behind Bush-wannabe Sarkozy's victory in France? Scroll all the way down.

Top Pakistani physician in Islamabad answers pro-Mush media attack on Jamia Hafsa. Scroll down.

Dr. Siddique explains why NATO-U.S. forces are in Afghanistan: Radio interview below.

Imam Badi Ali reports Jamaat al-Muslimeen is sending out a stream of cards calling for the release of America's Imam Jamil al-Amin. Want to help? Email:

Follow up Exclusive with Lal Masjid

Hardline Pakistani Generals Planning Martial Law on Excuse of "Islamic Militancy" of Jamia Hafsa-Lal Masjid

May 9, 2007: New Trend did a follow up interview with Abdur Rasheed Ghazi, brother of Maulana Abdul Aziz, who is supporting the struggle of the Islamic young women of Jamia Hafsa. The main points Ghazi sahib made are as follows:

Our sources have uncovered a plot by the hardline generals supporting Musharraf to impose martial law on Pakistan.
The regime is very concerned that its last support constituency has been eroded by Musharraf's humiliation of the Chief Justice [CJ] of Pakistan.
If the generals crack down to stop the demonstrations in support of the CJ, it will damage Mush's support in the Western world.
However, if the generals crack down on the excuse that "Islamic militancy" has emerged in Islamabad itself, that will resonate very well in Washington and London.
Lal Masjid- Jamia Hafsa are very clear in that we are not looking for "clerical" rule [or "mullah rule" as the regime puts it]. Anyone with TAQWA [God-conscious behavior] will be acceptable to us.
We are peaceful and will continue to use peaceful means.
We are not looking for any positions or privileges in the power structure.
It is clear that Musharraf's regime has failed to do anything for the people of Pakistan. More military rule is not the answer.
We are following strictly peaceful means of struggle. However, if the regime uses military force o crush us, it could unleash the forces of armed resistance. Pushed to the limit, the people of Islam will fight back. Surrender is not part of our thinking.
No Islamic group opposes us. They all know that our cause is just. However, some of them do not agree with our methodology. That is not a problem for us.
Jamaat-e-Islami is very quiet but Qazi Hussain Ahmed, leader of JI, has supported us in his personal capacity.
Ejazul Haq's attempt to bring a ruling against the women of Jamia Hafsa from the Imam of the Ka'aba will fail, because we will ask the Imam of the Ka'aba to rule on the regime of Musharraf and on the regime's moves against Sharia.

Lal Masjid's web site can be read by viewers outside Pakistan. It has some English articles though most are in Urdu. Good insights into the struggle in Pakistan. Go to:


1. Looting in the Middle of Tragedy

The town of Greensburg in Kansas was wiped out by a tornado with winds of 200 miles per hour. While the area was enveloped in mourning, some people were looting the homes which had been smashed. The looters were policemen.
[Source: Fox TV, May 7, 2007]


May 7, 2007: According to an MSNBC poll and other polls, President Bush's support has dropped to 28% mostly owing to public rejection of his Iraq policy.

May 8, 2007: The Bush administration announced that it will be sending 35,000 more troops to Iraq in September 2007.

3. FBI Claims Six Muslims were planning to attack Fort Dix!

May 8: As has been its style in previous cases, the FBI announced with great fanfare that it has arrested radical Muslims who were planning to attack the U.S. military base at Ft. Dix in New Jersey. Four of them are Albanian, undocumented, one Jordanian and one Turkish.

As usual the lick spittle Muslim groups, bootlickers of the U.S. regime, went into convulsions of gratitude to their masters in the White House, thanking the Master Race for having nipped the plot in the bud. The media called in Steve Emerson, Walid Phares and Glenn Beck to do their usual tawdry dance of denigration and shallow pontification about the danger the U.S. faces from Islamic radicals.

Any thinking person would ask:

How can SIX MEN be a great danger to a U.S. military base full of hundreds of highly trained, heavily armed troops, backed by helicopters and the U.S. air force. The idea that six poorly trained men [actually untrained men] are a danger to an entire military base is laughable. Only Zionist Jews can think up such possibilities: for them unarmed Palestinian children are a threat to the heavily armed terrorist entity known as Israel.
Were these six men idiots that they would ask a total stranger where they could buy AK-47s as the FBI claims?
At least the British and the Canadians, when they arrested Muslims, had stories of "fertilizer" stashed in some place or the other by the "terrorists." Here the story tellers didn't even plant anything lethal on the suspects.
Part of the FBI story is that one of the Albanians went to a store to get his "jihadi" video converted to a DVD. The store keeper saw there was UBL and "jihadi screams" on the video. He informed the FBI and they planted an informant on the accused.
The media, the FBI and CAIR [FBI's "Muslim" affiliate] all conveniently forgot that under U.S. law, a person is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. [Not that one is guilty until proven innocent.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News, P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234
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Cindy Sheehan & Kaukab Siddique live :The "On With Leon Show"

May 5, 2007. Dr. Wilmer Leon, an independent broadcaster, interviewed Cindy Sheehan and Kaukab Siddique, live, for half an hour each on XM Radio, which is heard all over the U.S.

Mrs. Cindy Sheehan "The Peace Mom," with the Camp Casey Peace Institute will lead the "Mother of all Marches" on Day after Mother's Day, Washington, Monday May 14. The time for being polite to our war-mongering politicians and organizations which support them is over, she said. They are marching against a doomsday administration whose defining characteristic is a dirty, scorched-Earth partisanship at any price.

Cindy declared: "We mothers have to stand up and put our bodies on the line for peace and humanity. We must look into the best parts of ourselves that make us mothers willing to care for and protect all children of the world, not just our own. We need to access our hearts and souls to lead from a place of compassion and love not from war/fear mongering, hatred and disgraceful threats and use of bullying force."

Dr. Siddique was questioned by Dr. Leon about the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He made the following points:

The Taliban put an end to poppy production when they were in power. It was a major blow for the narcotics traffic worth countless millions of dollars. After Karzai was installed by the U.S.,the "war lords" linked to the U.S. have made poppy and narcotics, Afghanistan's biggest export. With the upsurge of the Taliban, this whole business is in jeopardy. If the Taliban win, the war lords will be out of business. The drug lords want the U.S. to stop the Taliban from winning.
Big business wants to bring a pipeline all the way from Central Asia to Pakistan and India ACROSS AFGHANISTAN. It would destroy the Afghan environment and undermine Afghan culture. Again the Taliban upsurge has put these huge profits the multinationals want to garner in jeopardy. With the emerging Taliban victory, the multinational corporations want the U.S. to send major military forces to Afghanistan to stop the Islamic fighters.
The Taliban have taken over the biggest Afghan provinces of Helmand , Oruzgan and Zabul. They also have night time control of Khost, Kunar and Paktia provinces.
The Taliban have the support of the majority of the Afghan people who are Pashtun. They are waging classical guerrilla warfare. Mao Tse Tung might have admired their style.
The U.S. has blundered big time by inducting NATO forces into Afghanistan. Where the crack U.S. 82nd airborne division could not defeat the wily Taliban, the NATO forces have no chance. Canadian and British troops have faced several defeats and are floundering around the mountainsides, sometimes unable to find the Taliban for weeks.
NATO has no right to be in Afghanistan. Its presence there is a violation of international law and an affront to the world of Islam. These European troops are seen as crusaders by the Muslims.
In PAKISTAN, the biggest event in recent months has ben the emergence of uncompromising but peaceful Islamic women [Jamia Hafsa] and Islamic men [Lal masjid] right in General Musharraf's backyard.
These Islamic women have exposed the General's hatred for Islam and the deep immorality and sexual corruption which permeates the Musharraf regime and Pakistani power structure.
Musharraf's regime has been cornered owing to his attempt to neutralize the Judiciary and to crush the forces of Islam. Westernized Pakistanis, silent till now have been energized by the attack on the Chief Justice. The U.S. still wants Musharraf to continue as its agent but is also preparing Ms. Benazir Bhutto to take over in case the General is toppled.

[Dr. Leon broadcast New Trend's web site several times, for which we thank him].

PLEASE Sign Petition:


TORONTO, CANADA...October 16, 2006, at approximately 1:40 pm after checking out of the Econolodge Hotel (335 Jarvis Street) and while in the process of hailing a taxi, Black Americans Tonye Allen and his fiancée, Ann Brown, were assaulted by several Downtown Toronto policemen from the 51st division. Mr. Allen, who did not resist, was beaten and pepper sprayed several times while handcuffed and in police custody. Ms. Brown was choked, shoved, and threatened with arrest as well.

Mr. Allen was never told why he was being detained. The arresting police refused to tell Ms. Brown where they were taking Mr. Allen. After locating the correct police station, Ms. Brown spoke with a "Det. Moyer," who said he "hadn't decided" what he was going to charge Mr. Allen with. Ultimately, Mr. Allen was charged with assault of two policemen and resisting arrest, times two.

In bail court, Mr. Allen and Ms. Brown were called "terrorists." After Ms. Brown posted cash bail of $1,000, Mr. Allen's passport was taken by "Det. Moyer."

Mr. Allen was unarmed. He had never been arrested. He had no criminal history. He has no history of drug/alcohol abuse or psychiatric problems.

Mr. Allen and Ms. Brown are seeking publicity and legal references to help fight these false charges.

Mr. Allen is a photojournalist who works professionally under the name "TRILOBITE." His work has appeared in: Essence, Vibe, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, LA Weekly, and The Source Magazine. He has worked for Sony Music, PolyGram Records, Def Jam Records, and Interscope Records, among others.

Ms. Brown is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Essence, Black Enterprise, Upscale Magazine, The Source, and various other publications.

Mr. Allen and Ms. Brown were in Toronto on their way to South Africa.

Mr. Allen sustained the following injuries:
Head abrasions and bruises
Ear abrasions and bruises
Possible concussion
Right eye: deep cut on eyelid
Black left/right eyes
Damaged left eye, loss of sight (previous 20-20+ vision)
Left ear loss of hearing
Lip bruised
Dislocated jaw
Abrasions/bruises on right cheek
Right and left shoulders contusions and bruises
Left wrist: deep cuts, ligature marks, nerve damage
Right wrist: cuts, ligature marks, nerve damage
Left and right hands: abrasions, nerve damage
Right ring finger dislocated
Bruised ribs
Abrasions on torso
Bruised thoracic vertebrae
Left and right knees: abrasions and bruises

RE: Letters about Saddam: New Trend Educates the Most Prejudiced

Salaam dear brother,
I must say that though my knowledge of the affairs of Saddam regime is pretty scant, you have brought more clarification on this for me. I really appreciate your fairness, bravery and humility in the way you answer everyone who, like me, know little of the state of Islam in the world, before they attentively read New Trend (NT). The fact that you not only publish the articles of these brothers, who inshallah will somehow see the truth, but you also take the time to humbly answer their questions is proof of the genuineness and sincerity in your effort to spread truth.

As for the last brother, who questions your competence in English language, I want him to know that the world literature course you teach at Lincoln University is one of the best-taught, analysis-oriented literature classes I have yet taken. Also if that brother could read he would have seen that you have a Ph.D in English.

I was humbled by the fact that in your response to his mediocre doubts of your abilities, you did not attempt to prove to him your prowess in English, but you gave him the glaring, undisputed evidence to defend your point not your ego. It takes a lot to do this.

Also I want to point out that there is no published magazine, journal, newspaper in the world that i know of that PUBLISHES THEIR OWN CRITICISM whether by their peers or those under them. I want every NT reader to pay particular attention to this hence they take their time to analyze, examine and digest what you have presented without the bias of fame, fortune or publicity especially by the American media with its history of flaw.

And like you implied, if all the Zionists including the American media is praising an entity, it is proof that an investigation of such an entity's affairs need to be carried out.
More grease to your elbow brother. Have a nice day and please keep educating us with you nonbiased analyses of occurrences. This may be our only source of untainted information that still exists.



Letter: Re: Saddam Hussain Executed Armed Rebels + Siraj Wahhaj's $2,000,000 and his "Verbal Rubbish"

As'Salaamu Alaikum. I enjoy reading your magazine. While I too don't agree with you sometimes, but I really like the way you write and your reply to some of these Muslims who claim to be on the haq but are off the hook! Any Muslim that supports the kaafirs against another Muslim needs to reevaluate his Islam, sit under a scholar and learn this deen more. In every Muslim country when a group of rebels rise up and attempt to over throw the government that is treason and executable by death. So what Saddam did was correct and every other government has done the same. I don't see anyone trying to execute the King in Bahrain when he executed some Shiites for trying to over throw his government about 10 years ago. They did it in Saudi many years ago and the brothers were executed, even some stupid Americans who simply didn't know any better.

As for Imam Siraj Wahhaj you were right on point. Has everyone forgotten about the 2 million dollars he raised at Madison Square Garden several years ago to build a new Masjid in Brooklyn? If you see the Masjid now, it looks worse then it did when he first bought the place in the early 80's. I know I was there. I admired Siraj back in the day, because he was a strong Sunni Muslim and very charismatic. His khutbahs were very enlightening and he has trained a lot of brothers that are strong students of knowledge today. However, his stance from the 70's has not changed; he still has he same old dialogue and not bringing, any new ilm to the table nor increased in his deen, Allahu Alim. He is still championing the unpopular cause. He talks the talk but don't walk the walk! Very sad. His legacy has turned into verbal rubbish.

Ash-Shaafi'ee, may Allah have mercy on him, said: "Whoever learns the Qur'an, his value becomes magnified. And whoever speaks about Fiqh, his status becomes increased. And whoever records Hadeeth, his arguments become strengthened. And whoever looks into accounting, his views will become unerring. And whoever does not maintain himself, his knowledge will not benefit him." Siyar A'alaam-in-Nubalaa: 10/24

"It is those who believe and confuse not their beliefs with wrong - that are (truly) in security, for they are on (right) guidance."

Barakallahu Feekum Wa Hasanallahu Ilaykum. May Allah benefit us with that which is good, enter us into jannatul firdaus and save us from His anger, curse, and punishment in this dunya and the next. May Allah give us taqwa and thabaat on the haq! May Allah forgive us all our sins and have mercy on us and all the Muslims and unite us upon Tawhid! A'ameen.

Wa'Salaamu Alaikum

Sis. Labeebah Sabree

fi Bahrain

Top Pakistani Physician Responds to Smear Campaign Against Jamia Hafsa by the Daily Dawn & Westernized Pakistani Media

"In the name of religion" By Naushaba Burney: An extremely Biased article by Dawn

With Allah's Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Dear Editor: Assalamo Alaikum.

I read with utter dismay the article "In the name of religion" by By Naushaba Burney. The article was typical of Zionist type bullshit and did not match with the standard of Dawn. It was extremely biased and had grave element of defamation of Islam and Muslims. It seems that Dawn has joined the bandwagon of Anti -Islam and Anti -Muslim propaganda in the form of Media Terrorism which was always there but got quite intensified after mega event of Lie of the Millennium i.e. 9/11.
Let us be very objective and just. The crime of the Hafsa Girls was to respond to a call of a sister who was a victim of gang rape, black mailing after taking her undesirable picture and threats to kill her and her parents if she disclosed the incidence. (For details please read the entire story in Daily Ausaf which of course your newspaper did not dare to print.) The girl and the Lal Masjid Imam etc had approached police and other high authorities to do something about this brothel house which was run by Shamim Naqvie for years. Innocent girls are abducted and forced to above mentioned treatment. When no one listened, the girls of Hafsa Madressa took the Brothel House runner and made her repent. They did not beat her and they did not torture her.
Now which one is the bigger crime? That of Hafsa girls or that of Shamim Naqvi? And how can you let Islamabad authorities off the hook?
Now compare this with the crimes of Pervez [Musharraf] who abducted innumerable people from their homes and put them in torture cells. He even handed over Mullah Zaif, the Afghan ambassador, to Uncle SAM who kept him in Guantanamo Bay and beat him so severely that he became deaf from one ear.
When someone makes a mosque on government land, it creates lot of waves but when Bilal Musharraf creates McDonalds in F 9 Park at the expense of a public park, there is no wave and even Dawn remains dumb, deaf and blind.
There were many other insults in the poorly written and highly biased article. Taking Hijab is a voluntary and it does not cause any obstruction in teaching. I have taught many many female students both in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as well as in USA and I found no difference at all. I have lived in Islamabad for last 10 years and never saw any body threatening to any one on account of Hijab. Hijab is painful to Chauvinist males who want to treat woman like a mere disreputable doll; however many women find it highly comfortable and protective.
If Dawn does not publish our letters against its extremely biased articles etc, we will then publish these letters on many forums on internet exposing Dawn's hypocrisy and yellow journalism.

With Kindest Regards,

Prof. (Dr.) Anwar Ul Haque
Islamabad, Pakistan

Letter: Siraj Wahhaj Type Activity has Drained Muslim Community. Muslim Woman Needs Funds for Attorney but there is no money.....

As-Salaamu Alaikum

This is a testimony to what you were saying in New Trend about raising money for Islamic Centers instead of putting it where it is needed. As for Sr. Maryam Uloho, the Louisiana Supreme Court's April 27 judgment denied her writ. The Supreme Court did not assign reasons for denying the writ. They merely wrote "Denied" which is what they typically state on judgments denying review. She has 79 days to file her petition for federal habeas corpus in the United States District Court in New Orleans. The going rate for writing and filing the petition is $20,000 plus expenses. The family has already spent $15,000 with nothing to show for it. We need to raise the money. Right now we have $250 in her defense fund. That has been the balance for two years.

Address for the sister in prison: Maryam Uloho, #464534, P.O. Box 26, Saint Gabriel, Louisiana 70776

To donate, contact Dr. Mulazimuddin Rasool in Amherst Massachusetts at:

Jews Celebrate Sarkozy Victory in France
JTA (New York) php?aid=735690

Nicolas Sarkozy, the grandson of a Greek Jew, has been elected president of France. Optimistic and celebratory, Jewish groups were quick to offer congratulations to Sarkozy after his victory in French presidential elections. Sarkozy, of the ruling Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), defeated Socialist Party candidate Segolene Royal in Sunday's runoff. He garnered some 53 percent to Royal's 47 percent in the election, which featured a huge voter turnout. The former interior minister was seen by Jewish voters as a friend to Israel and an important figure in the fight against anti-Semitism.

2007-05-09 Wed 21:16:30 cdt