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Sha'ban 3, 1426/September 7, 2005 #69
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On September 6, an Israeli tank opened fire on Palestinian youths marching with the Hamas flag on a recently vacated Jewish settlement in Gaza. The Israelis killed one youth and wounded 2. Most observers agree that Israel and International Jewry supporting it are the most loathsome and unpopular people in the world community yet they continue to commit atrocities owing to U.S. support and funding.
[A French diplomat called Israel "that shitty little country."]

Meanwhile in California, USA, the government has arrested three African American Muslims [out of the prison system] and a Pakistani and has indicted them on "terrorism" charges. The government is set on carrying out a probe of all Muslims in prison to stop their "radicalization." The government is getting support from a "Muslim" named Al-Maryati who wants to stop radicalization.

All citizens are presumed innocent until proven guilty but they have been presented as already guilty by the Zionist media. One reason might be that they are said to have been planning to hit the Israeli agencies in Los Angeles.

The government might actually radicalize African-American Muslims through these hasty actions.
WAR NEWS: Compiled by our media monitor

EGYPT: Democracy American style!

September 7. The dictator of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, is holding "elections." The ENTIRE EGYPTIAN population is left out of the elections, because any program related to ISLAM is NOT permitted in the elections. This is a fraud, out and out. Even the "opposition" has been manufactured by the Americans from the thin secular upper crust of Egyptian ruling class. Tens of thousands of political prisoners languish in Egyptian prisons after being tortured and humiliated.
[See Human Rights reports.]

AFGHANISTAN: More American democracy

Taliban attacks are on the upsurge. The latest fighting was again in Day Chopan [Zabul province] more than a 100 miles from the Pakistan border. U.S. has rushed in more troops to help carry out "elections." General Musharref has sent in more troops to seal the border to plug Taliban crossing points. Observers says, the Pushtun majority is boycotting the elections. However, a huge number of ballots have been printed up in Pakistan and taken to Kabul. These will be used to stuff ballot boxes regardless of turnout.


The Pakistani foreign minister recently, openly, met his Israeli conterpart in Istanbul. General Musharraf, during his visit to the U.S., will address the American Jewish Congress [AJC], a vociferous Jewish lobby which supports Israel.

These moves, observers say, are part of the American war being waged on Islam. The General is sowing the seeds of bloody conflict in Pakistan. The Pakistani masses reject Israel and America both but are unarmed and seemingly not ready to fight yet.


Mujahideen are on the offensive in Iraq, hitting U.S. troops as well as Shi'ite and Kurdish employees of the U.S. Troop losses for the U.S. on September 7 stood at 1890 killed and 13,000 plus wounded.

Britain is suffering losses too. Two British soldiers and two British officials have been killed in Basra.


Fighting continued on a daily basis in Kashmir through July and August. Indian forces have successfully attacked and killed dozens of Muslim fighters as well as civilians. In random Indian attacks, three Kashmiri children were also killed. The resistance launched a few successful attacks on the Indian occupation army.

The leader of PEACEFUL political opposition to Indian occupation has been put under house arrest.

"Great" Britain: Video from July 7 assailant

A pre-prepared video has appeared on Al-Jazeerah of one of the martyrdom operators who struck the London train network on July 7. The speaker defies British power and says that he would do it to bear witness against the British invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and owing to British support for Israel.

Britain has forced a "Saudi" Arabian dissident, Mohammed al-Masari, living in England to dismantle his web site and to stop broadcasting into Iraq. His program was disheartening for British troops in Iraq, the British government says.

Britain's racism has been uncovered after the July 7 attacks. There have been 2000 attacks on Muslims in Britain in 2 months. The GORA SAHIB ["White Boss"] wants his empire back. Muslims have very little sympathy for the British rulers. They see the British as the murderous neo-colonialists who handed Palestine to the Jews [Balfour Declaration] and the Punjab corridor connecting Kashmir to India [Radcliffe Award].
Eye Witness Account

U.S. T.V. & Bush Admin. Lied to the American People about Hurricane Katrina.
Instead of Citizens' Rights, the Black Community Got [late] "Compassion."
Blow at the Military-Entertainment Complex was Covered Up

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D.

Analysis of the TV coverage of the Katrina catastrophe brings out a peculiar fact: No articulate Black people have been allowed on air. Even the glimpses of New Orleans Mayor, Nagin, showed a man in agony unable to explain what had happened. There were no extensive interviews with him. Just about every Black witness to the disaster was shown expressing anguish and elementary reactions.

Finally on September 6, I met two ARTICULATE African Americans, a young woman, 22, and a musician, 30, who came out from the heart of new Orleans. She is computer savvy and had used her digital camera to record the step-by-step deterioration of the situation in New Orleans. She also had a video of the storm aftermath on her computer. My first thought was, why were people like them not been allowed to appear on TV?

Before I give the main points of these one hour interviews, let us look at the ground facts on which the major media and everyone else agrees: Now look at what the mainstream media did:
  1. They did not provide any connected information on EXACTLY WHAT had been hit in the Mississppi and Alabama areas. None of the casinos, night clubs, hotels, liquor stores or places of entertainment were specified. Presumably, photos of all these areas BEFORE they were hit are available but were not shown. Why?
  2. No specific information [in fact hardly any] was provided on the air and naval installations which were reportedly devastated by the storm.
  3. Fox TV reports that 800 air force personnel have been moved back from Iraq and Afghanistan to take care of their families in the Biloxi area and other areas. Again the media have shown no pictures of these air force men re-uniting with their families.
Thus the MEDIA and the BUSH ADMIN. Have seemingly DELIBERATELY left out coverage of the hit the power structure received from Katrina. This is the blow Muslims say ALLAH ALMIGHTY struck at the American power structure.

In journalism, this kind of reporting as we have seen on TV is called LYING by OMISSION. It's most pronounced in the New York Times' reporting on the Muslim world where the Islamic issues are discussed every day but the Islamic view point is NEVER allowed to be expressed.

By contrast, the media concentrated on the New Orleans area and tried to present a MAN-MADE catastrophe as if this was the result of the hurricane.

Now we return to my interviews with these two articulate African Americans who have come out of the heart of New Orleans. They were interviewed separately but their narratives do not contradict each other. Here are the main points provided by Ms. N. and her male friend Mr. L.:
  1. The lights in New Orleans went out at 2 AM before the hurricane actually hit on late Monday morning [August 29].
  2. The two have stayed through previous storms so they boarded up their house and waited out Katrina.
  3. The next morning there was about a foot of water in places and even less in most places. They could have easily driven out in their powerful auto. They stayed on, thinking this was no big deal, as did thousands of others.
  4. The levee on the lake broke. The people were not informed although a LOCAL RADIO STATION STAYED ON throughout the crisis. There was no announcement at all although most people have battery operated radios.
  5. The water poured in. By the next day, it was 12 feet high and was rising into the second floor of L's house.
  6. Most people do not know how to swim and therefore could not escape. Ms. N. and Mr. L are very strong swimmers. They realized that the only way to escape was to swim. So they swam for a mile through floating trees and debris and got to higher ground near the highway.
  7. Helicopters kept paassing overhead. The people would wave at them [or at night wave flashlights]. The choppers would come down, look at them with their lights and leave. They were going to the areas which are predominantly White.
  8. White racism was very much evident. On the water logged highway, white people in hummers and other powerful vehicles would pass by, the stranded people would wave and none of them would stop.
  9. Ms. N. has a photo of their White neighbors leaving in a motor boat. They didn't say a word to ask how N. and L. would survive.
  10. Finally our witnesses reached the superdome. Conditions there were chaotic and just terrible. About two twenty thousand African American people were waiting outside for hours, sometimes in heavy rain, being mistreated and ordered around by security forces.
  11. Our witnesses then decided to leave the superdome and wade/swim to the Convention Center about six blocks away. Here conditions were even worse. People were starving, children were crying. Many seemed to be dead or had simply lost consciousness. THERE WAS NO HELP OF ANY KIND COMING FROM ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY.
  12. Finally, on a relatively drivable part of the highway, the two were picked up by a Muslim family although they had children in the car and were crowded. Thus they reached Baton Rouge.
  13. In Baton Rouge, they became friends with an air force officer who showed them a MAP which the government issued. On the MAP were marked areas of New Orleans with priority for relief and evacuation. These were all predominantly White areas, while the predominantly Black areas were marked for the lowest priority.
  14. Two plane loads of White elites and a few Black elites were flown out of New Orleans all the way to Washington, DC.
  15. By contrast, and few people know this that New Orleans has an impressive train station, the easy transportation of people by train was ignored. The entire stranded population could have easily been taken out by train.
  16. At Baton Rouge too our witnesses saw poor Black people being mistreated by security guards, being given army rations as if a favor was being done to them.
  17. One point is not clear yet. Why was the broken levee not repaired quickly? There seems to have been an argument that if the water flow did not go into the city it would go into the opulent Metaire suburb. We hope the government will clarify this. In any case, a massive effort could have repaired the levee right away
    [as seen in levee breaks in numereous western town on big rivers in previous years.]
  18. After getting out of Louisiana, our witnesses for the first time saw TV coverage of the hurricane aftermath. They noticed that the reports did not show the behavior of the rich White people towards the population. Also, the media tried to show as if the Black people are all illiterate, extremely poor and basket cases begging for help. Our witnesses say that this is far from the truth. Most Black people are proud, self-sufficient, hard working people. They are not rich but are not dirt poor either.
  19. Our witnesses think that the government is deliberately dispersing the Black population and is planning to re-build New Orleans as a White, Middle Clas city.
CONCLUSION: The TV media and the government presented a man-made catastrophe as if it was the work of nature. The real blow Katrina struck was at the power structure. That was carefully covered up. Thus the whole New Orleans story is being presented as a case for "compassion" [President Bush's term]. Countless millions of dollars are pouring in for the "helpless natives." If Black people had been treated as equals and citizens of this country, there would have been no catastrophe at least in New Orleans.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

OFFER of HOME for Katrina Victims

There is a brother in Augusta, Ga who has offered to accomodate in his home (which is vacant) any Muslim families from the Gulf states who have been displaced due to the devastation of the recent disaster for a period of time until they get re-established. Please contact me (Mutahhir Sabree, Muslim Chaplain, SCDC) at Mutahhir@aol.com.

Your brother in Deen,
Mutahhir Sabree
[South Carolina]

Powerful Appeal on Baltimore's Radio Station

On September 7, 2005 Sis. Ashira Na'im, Islamic woman leader, spoke on Morgan State University radio [88.9 FM] urging people to help the victims coming out of New Orleans regardless of race or religion as one human family. The address for this relief activity is:

Family Extended Educational Tide [FEET]
P.O. Box 39732, Baltimore, MD 21212
Phone: 410-435-5000

[Sis. Ashira's sister was in the superdome helping hundreds of people before the evacuation. She is now in Baton Rouge and unwell.]

North Carolina Paper Highlights Our Efforts to Help Muslim Victims from New Orleans

[The following appeared in the High Point Enterprise newspaper of North Carolina.]
Local Muslim agency helps in relief effort

JAMESTOWN - Badi Ali learned Tuesday that Hurricane Katrina obliterated the New Orleans offices and storage facilities of the Muslim relief agency he heads.

The Jamestown resident is president of the Gulf Medical Relief Fund and imam of the Islamic Center of the Triad, one of Greensboro's largest mosques.
The relief agency workers were evacuated before Katrina slammed into New Orleans on Sunday, Ali said, but he didn't expect the devastation to be so complete.

"It was close to the worst-hit area," he said. "It's probably millions of dollars lost in real estate, storage area, equipment and supplies."

The nonprofit agency was established after the Persian Gulf War to provide medical relief and food to that area of the Middle East, but Ali said with Katrina's onslaught, the organization is turning its attention to the devastated Gulf of Mexico region.

He said the group is partnering with the Islamic Center of the Triad to bring some of the refugees from Katrina to the Triad "so we can provide them with their necessities," such as food and housing. Those who want to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina through a Muslim relief agency can contact Badi Ali at (336) 988-0818, or write to:
Gulf Medical Relief Fund, P.O. Box 10402, Greensboro, NC 27404.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Congratulations for Relief Efforts in Atlanta

We congratulate the Muslims of Atlanta for collecting quantities of goods in excellent for new condition for relief activities as well as some money for GMRF and FEET.
A TRUCK LOAD of goods has been collected.

As the effort is ongoing, here is the appeal for those who want to help further:

A wonderful person sent a package Priority Mail from NJ today so it could be included in the collection for items for hurricane victims at Masjid Al Mu minun. Alhamiduallah! This is the true Muslim spirit. As we approach Ramadan let us be grateful for our lives, our families, our communities and grateful to Allah for another chance to do good and earn mercy to possibly enter the paradise.

Please everyone do not forget to bring something to donate to the drive, insh'Allah. Ask your neighbors and friends to donate. Make us work! Challenge us!

We need to collect a lot of items to meet the need in our city and to give to the Gulf Medical Relief Fund drivers when they come up next week to retrieve what we have collected:

Remember to bring:

1. First Aid Supplies
2. Over the counter medications
3. Disposable Diapers (all sizes)
4. Baby Wipes
5. Bottled Water
6. Bleach
7. Plastic Storage containers
8. Personal Care Items
9. Money

Drive time, days, location:

Masjid Al Mu minun, 1127 Hank Aaron Dr. SW, Atlanta, GA

Friday, September 9 3:30 pm until
Saturday, September 10 4 pm-10 pm (part of the Islamic Book Fair)
Sunday, September 11 3 pm- 8 pm (part of the Islamic Book Fair)

We have sent notices to the newspapers, other organizations and now we need Muslims to support. The citywide Majhlis is in full support of this effort and we are at the table with them assisting with formulating a plan to bring the much needed services to our community. We have some great people giving their time to brain storm to make sure we can assist all in need (especially our own).

For this to work we must have representation from all Masaajid and Islamic Centers in this city, insh'Allah.

[Sr. Saaiba Hassan is in Piedmont Hospital. Keep her in your prayers. She is a very recent widow and needs our attention and concern. Call Imam Furqan to inquire of her needs at (404) 586-9562 or 770-987-3928.

Pass on to all you know (Muslim and non-Muslim).

ma salaam

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