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HINDUS and POOR MUSLIMS Living in Badin District of Sindh, Pakistan, Hailed Relief Work

Jamaat ad-Da'wa, Pakistan's Jihad movement led by Hafiz Saeed, was the only group to reach the far flung district of Badin, in Sindh, Pakistan during the devastating floods which hit the area in early August 2003.

The people of Sindh living in the area of Badin are mostly very poor Muslims and Hindus, neglected by the provincial government. The floods took a heavy toll of their lives and hutments and the Pakistan army was sent to evacuate the homeless. The question arose, who would have the spirit to go out into such a poor, far flung area with near zero roads and communications.

That's when volunteers from Jamaat ad-Da'wa came, after fund raising in Faisalabad, Karachi and Rawalpindi area. They distributed dry rations, cooked food for the starving, gave clothes to the destitute. Teams of Ad-Da'wa physicians went in and provided free medical aid and medicines which helped stave of the outbreak of diseases.

According to last reports [Mid-August], Jamaat ad-Da'wa distributed 23,400 packets of cooked food, 1337 bags of dry rations, 5,000 sets of clothes and Rs. 1,100,000 worth of medicines. [$1=57 Rupees]. Jamaat ad-Da'wa used 15 trucks, four ambulances, and an assortment of trucks, trolleys, jeeps and cars to carry out the relief work.

Free medical treatment was provided to 13,814 patients.

HINDU RESIDENTS OF BADIN have expressed heartfelt thanks to Jamaat ad'Da'wa for coming in with help when they had been abandoned even by rich members of the Hindu community.
1,000 U.S. Troops Wounded in Iraq and 300 Wounded in Afghanistan since War Began
Walter Reed Hospital Treats Terrible Shrapnel Wounds, Missing Arms, Legs

According to a Knight Ridder/Tribune report published in the Baltimore Sun [August 24, page 7A], more than 1,300 U.S. troops have been treated at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC since the war began.

The injuries are serious described as "terrible shrapnel wounds, missing limbs and blood infections." The report gives details of some of the soldiers and how they got the wounds in Iraq.

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE REPORT LIES IN ITS REFERENCE TO 300 U.S. troops WOUNDED IN AFGHANISTAN. Hardly any of these casualties have been reported in the major media. Thus it appears that the Taliban were right when they claimed that they were inflicting losses not only on the mercenary forces hired by Karzai but also on U.S. troops.
The U.S. has simply stopped reporting losses in Afghanistan since the resurgence of the Taliban began.

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