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NO ESCAPE: MALE RAPE in U.S. PRISONS published by Human Rights Watch, 2001, 378 pages. Read this book and lose your innocence about America. The most degrading system invented by human beings to perpetuate the lowest drives of trapped people is being perpetuated in America's prison system. Nothing compares with this evil.

Have you done anything to withdraw resources from the criminal entity known as "Israel?" Remember that the Zionist Jew is hurt most when you take away his business. Are you spending your money on:
1. Coca Cola?
2. Disney?
3. McDonald's?
4. Giants?
5. ARM and HAMMER Products?
You might be killing your people with your own money. Defeat "Israel" by spending wisely.
IN CHICAGO, there were two Muslim conventions over the Labor Day weekend. At one convention, IMAM WARITHUDDIN MUHAMMAD, leader of his own group resigned from his group. This would be a great blessing for the Muslims because Imam W.D. Muhammad has consistently taken his community on the path of "patriotism" and flag waving. Always on demand at White House ceremonies, the imam took an important section of the Muslims of America out of the struggle against oppression and tyranny. His became an "Islam" of banqueting and constant self-praise.
[Skeptics, however, say that W.D.'s resignation could well be a ploy and his "loyal followers" will beg him to come back and continue his great "achievements."]

The other Convention was held by ISLAMIC SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA [ISNA]. Here the bazar was the great attraction. It was worth attending to promote Muslim businesses. It was also a good chance for young Muslims to meet other young Muslims and to get socialized. However, when it came to issues, ISNA was a non-event with a long list of mediocre speakers (with very few exceptions). It looks like ISNA sees no Islamic issues except a few related to Ashcroft's activities against innocent Muslims. It is reported that the FBI DIRECTOR was a speaker at the Convention. [How many of ISNA's "leaders" are agents of the government is anybody's guess.]

Owing to pathetic leadership and non-issue-related program, as well as fears generated by the persecution of Muslims, THERE WAS A HUGE DROP IN THE ATTENDANCE AT ISNA. Observers say that ISNA's attendance went down by as much as 50%.

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