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IN New York alone there were 80,000 emergency calls (911) during the night of the blackout [August 14-15]

New Trend reporters in New York City, Jamaica, NY., Staten Island and Toronto, Canada say that the real sufferers were the old and the sick. It could prove a knock-out blow for segments of the economy.

There was minor looting in Brooklyn and more serious looting in Ottawa, Canada.

Some African-American sisters and brothers who had come to New York to protest the degrading (semi-nude) programming on BET (a Black entertainment TV network) were stuck there till the next day.
Ahmad ĎAbdel Sattar's Mother Died While he is held in U.S. Prison on Frivolous Charges

[Dear readers: The following letter about leading Egyptian dissident Br. Ahmad has been sent to the Judge and the prosecutors. Their addresses are given. Please write URGENTLY to both adresses urging Ahmad's release. USE THIS LETTER AS A SAMPLE.]
Hon. John G. Koeltl
United States District Court
Southern District of New York
500 Pearl Street
New York, NY 10007
Dear Judge Koeltl

I have been following the case of Ahmad ĎAbdel Sattar who was once paralegal to Shaikh Omar ĎAbdel Rahman. I notice that you have dropped the major charges related to "terrorism" against Ahmad but he continues to be held in solitary confinement on charges of "solicitation of violence" and "fraud."

On August 13, Ahmad's mother died of kidney failure. She was 70. I am shocked to know that Ahmad was not permitted to visit his mother even on her death bed. Nor was he allowed to attend her funeral.

Ahmad is a citizen of the United States, married to a Chicago woman with four lovely children. He has lived like a model citizen with not one allegation of criminal activity against him. As you have yourself decided, he has not been involved in "terroristic" activity either. Why then should he continue to be held WITHOUT BAIL on secondary charges which are apparently even more frivolous than the "terrorism" charges?

I am saddened that Ahmad was not permitted to meet his mother on her death bed. There is close cooperation between the U.S. government and the Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. Surely Ahmad could have met his mother under this joint security force without danger of escape!

I am told by Lisa, Ahmad's wife, that Ahmad used to work after hours to sell baby formula so that he could send funds to his mother in Cairo for her kidney dialysis. The Egyptian system is so corrupt that the hospitals demand payment in cash before a patient is treated. I am confident that on investigation, it will be found that the money he sent to Egypt was for his mother's treatment and not for 'terrorism'.

Dear Judge
The Muslim community sees a Muslim citizen of this great country being held in prison because he opposes U.S. foreign policy and condemns the dictatorship imposed on the Egyptian people. It is time that justice be done and Ahmad be released from prison. No one should have to suffer so much for opposition to the policies of the government. I hope this is still a free country where the freedoms of speech, expression and organization are still viable.


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English
Cc. Robin Baker, AUSA
Christopher Morvillo, AUSA
Office of the United States Attorney
Southern District of New York
1 St. Andrews Plaza
New York, NY 10007

2003-08-17 Sun 14:50ct