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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 7, 1428/ June 22, 2007 #47

ALERT: Palestinian-American leader Abdelhalim Ashqar needs a letter of support from you to stay out of prison; please scroll down. It will take a minute to write the letter.

SAD NEWS: The U.S. has extended Prof. Sami al-Arian's imprisonment by another 4 months till October. In the face of this terrible injustice, Al-Arian keeps insisting that he expects justice from the U.S. Charges of terrorism against him were thrown out a year back.

Islam Spreading in Caribbean Despite JFK Plot Fabrication
by Abu Talib, Jamaat al-Muslimeen Brooklyn, NY

I am glad to see that Jamaat al-Muslimeen is the only group that is bringing Islamic information to the Muslim Community here and elsewhere around the world.

There is one correction in terms of the Jamaat-Al- Muslimeen in Trinidad led by Yasin Abu Bakr. [No connection to Jamaat al-Muslimeen USA.] They are still active in some of their program despite that the government want to put away Yasin Abu Bakr for 25 years for so called sedition which is a law in Trinidad and at the moment there is a case against Yasin Abu Bakr addition to the other brothers who are fighting the case of extradition to the United States from the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

In spite of these setbacks, the people of the Jamaat al Muslimeen in Trinidad and the Shia organizations under the leadership of Kareem Ibraheem are standing firm and are packing the Court because the people know they are being set up from overseas with the local agencies and the government there in Trinidad.

These moves by regimes cannot stop Islam from spreading in the Caribbean region that is part of the people's history in terms of Islam. Their ancestors who came from West Africa to the Caribbean were Muslim and had community in many parts of the Islands in the Caribbean.

So many today are rediscovering their roots in Islam and this is upsetting some of the people in power in the Caribbean, so they are on the band wagon fighting the "war on terror" on the behest of the administration here so they would not look bad. They want to be loyal slaves to the slave masters. On the ground in Trinidad the Muslims who are progressive and thinking see very the situation very clearly. so they are supporting one another against this Plot made in the good ‘ol USA to entrap the brothers in the Caribbean especially in Trinidad and Guyana which is very close to Venezuela.

by Imam Badi Ali [Palestinian-American]
Jamaat al-Muslimeen, North Carolina
Gaza: Islamic Victory Shattered U.S.-Israeli Plans: Abbas-Mubarak-Abdullah Exposed as CIA-Mossad Agents

June 21, 2007: A week after the victory of the Islamic Resistance movement [Hamas] over Fatah, the extent of American-Israeli failure is becoming clearer. Islamic forces have captured the entire intelligence operation documents Abbas and Dahlan were carrying out in coordination with the CIA and Mossad.

These so-called Palestinians were helping Israel to carry out assassinations of Islamic leaders, activists, organizers and populists and their families. Huge sums of money were transmitted to Dahlan and other Fatah gangsters to monitor Islamic people and help Israel kill them. These people were the reason for Israeli successes in killing Muslims.

Palestinians are facing great difficulties now because they are facing both Israeli checkpoints and Fatah-Abbas checkpoints. In the West Bank, Fatah-Abbas gangsters are attacking and plundering Islamic offices and libraries. These are reactive activities and will probably result in revulsion against Fatah even in the West Bank. Palestinians will no longer be deceived by Fatah. [The pro-Palestine Fatah elements in Gaza have regrouped and expressed solidarity with Hamas.]

The entire spectrum of anti-Islam forces are rallying in support of Fatah-Abbas-Dahlan. Bush and Olmert met to devise ways of undermining the Islamic success in Gaza. Mubarak, Abdullah, and their British-European allies jumped in. Panic was in the air.

Israel is planning a major attack on Gaza. More than 20,000 Israeli troops with helicopter gunships and tanks are preparing for an invasion of Gaza. Abbas is in charge of 10,000 collaborators whose job will be to establish an Arab, Mubarak-Abdullah style secular dictatorship after Hamas has been drowned in a sea of blood.

Inshallah, all these plans of the enemies of Islam will fail. Inshallah, Hamas will fight back, and the Palestinian people will support Hamas. The Muslim world should wake up. The time for decision is near.

American Muslims are urged to make du'a for the victory of Hamas.

IRAQ: by New Trend's Media Monitor
Biggest U.S. Offensive: Heavy Fighting: Iraqis led by al-Qaida.
19,000 Iraqi Prisoners in ONE CAMP in Basra under Shia Guards.

The U.S. is re-conquering Iraq and is facing serious difficulties. The big new offensive rivals the original invasion of Iraq. More than 10,000 U.S. troops have entered Diyala province alone [north of Baghdad]. Most of the city of Baqubah has been destroyed, adding one more city to the list of population centers which have been pulverized by American forces.

According to NPR [mentioned in passing as if it is normal] PHOSPHOROUS is being by the U.S., along with bunker buster bombs, against the Islamic resistance. The U.S. air force repeatedly bombing Baqubah and other Islamic targets. In one instance, the U.S. admitted that it had bombed a house full of women and children.

The FIRST DAY of the offensive went well: The U.S. reported at least 22 Al-Qaida fighters killed. However, very soon the offensive came out empty handed with a steady flow of U.S. casualties, 12 killed in a day, 40 wounded, in spite of heavy tank and helicopter support.

On June 21, the U.S. admitted that Islamic leaders had managed to leave Baqubah safely. [ABC, FOX etc.] No losses among them.

New Trend analysts say either U.S. media don't know or don't want the U.S. people to know that the Iraqis are fighting a classic guerrilla war. Faced with overwhelming fire power, the resistance forces melt away and re-emerge elsewhere.

Such seems true of Anbar province. The U.S. announced that some tribal [Sunni] leaders have joined the U.S. and will help to hunt al-Qaida down. Soon it became clear that the resistance, to avoid conflict internally, had simply left Anbar and regrouped in Diyala. Soon after, al-Qaida killed the tribal leaders and now [June 20] fighting re-started in Anbar with 2 marines reported killed.

If people do not carry out armed resistance, does it mean they do not oppose the U.S. occupation of Iraq? The answer came out recently when Shi'ites attacked a prisoner concentration camp in Basra where supporters of the resistance from western Iraq are being kept. It appears that the camp holds 19,000 Iraqi prisoners. [Reported briefly by NPR, June 9, and other media sources.] If such large scale arrests does not stop the resistance, it is evident that the masses support the Islamists. The U.S. is having to conquer Iraq all over again but to no avail.

Gradually a bitter fact is sinking into the American psyche. "The Islamic State" has been set up in western Iraq. It is led by Al-Qaida but has the support of most Sunni Iraqis, including Ba'athists who embraced Islam. President Saddam Hussein's closest Islamic leader Ibrahim al-Douri is reportedly leading the Ba'athists who embraced Islam. Al-Qaida in Iraq reportedly includes Muslim fighters from around the world including Sudan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Algeria. However, the bulk of the fighters appear to be Iraqis. Support for al-Qaida is evidently so deep that none of their top leaders, Ayyub al-Masri, Omar al-Baghdadi and others, have been caught.

Recent attacks in the north seem to be coming from Islamic Kurds, such as Ansar al-Sunnah, who have struck at U.S. and secular Kurds in Kirkuk and Sulaimaniya. The Kurds supporting the U.S. are slowly but steadily facing defeat. Large numbers of secular Kurds live in Israel, reports say.

Afghanistan: Heavy Fighting: Civilians Bombed: Taliban hit Kabul
by New Trend's Media Monitor [Carefully researched, corrections welcome]

The Defense Minister of the Karzai regime, Abdur Rahman Wardak strongly rebutted the U.S. claim that Iran is arming the Taliban. He said that Iran and the Karzai regime have the best of relations. He added that stability in Afghanistan is in Iran's interest. [June 14, 2007]

June 20: Three Canadian troops were killed in a Taliban attack in the Kandahar area. The Taliban have captured two strategic districts in this region.

June 18, 2007: U.S. bombed an Islamic school and a madressa in the Zarghun Shah area of Paktika province killing 7 students aged 12 to 15 years. U.S. says it was aiming at al-Qaida. On June 19, thousands of people took part in funeral prayers for the children and shouted slogans against the U.S. and Karzai.

June 17-18-19, 2007. U.S. brought in a strong Karzai force [Shi'ites and Dostum communists from the north] into southern Oruzgan province to wrest it from the Taliban. In the air strikes supporting the attack, 60 civilians were killed. In the actual fighting 35 Taliban and 35 Karzai were killed.

June 16, 2007: A martyrdom operator entered a police academy bus in Kabul and blew it up. At least 35 police officers were killed and 35 wounded. Kabul is now gripped with the fear that elite Taliban would-be-martyrs have infiltrated the city. [The Taliban told Pakistani media that the martyr's name was 'Asim Abdur Rahman, he was 33 and he was from Kabul.] The 4 German officers who had trained the Karzais were wounded in the attack.

June 17, 2007. A Taliban bomb-ambush killed 3 Canadian troops and their interpreter in Kandahar. Taliban attacked a Karzai border post in Herat area on the Iran border killing 2 police in an attempt to open the border to Iran. They were driven back. In an unusual attack in the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif, Taliban killed one and wounded 7 members of a team helping NATO in "reconstruction."

June 14, 2007: In the Tarinkot area of Oruzgan province, a martyrdom operator hit a Dutch armored car killing 1 Dutch soldier and wounding 5. Tragically 6 nearby civilians were also killed in the attack.

PAKISTAN: U.S. Missile Strike Killed 32 Islamic Students

June 19, 2007: A U.S. drone struck an Islamic school [madressa] in the Shawal area of North Waziristan killing 32 students. The Pakistani government tried to create confusion about the missile strike and claimed it knew nothing of it till local people asserted that they had heard the sound of the drone before the missile struck.

PAKISTANI PERSPECTIVES on Rushdie and Britain:
June 20, 2007: Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid leader in Islamabad, Pakistan, Abdur Rashid Ghazi condemned Queen Elizabeth II's knighthood of Salman Rushdie. He said that such an abusive attack on Islam as Rushdie carried out is not literature. It is an act of war on Islam, he said, and added that Muslims would be willing to send martyrdom operators to hit the man who would abuse the messenger of Allah.

June 19, 2007: In Lahore Jamaat-ud-Dawa leaders, Hafiz Saeed and Maulana Hamza, condemned the British honors for Rushdie. Muslims have not done Jihad, Jamaat-ud-Dawa said, and hence the crusading westerners dare to cross all lines of decency. Maulana Amir Hamza said that the use of the word "sir" should be stopped in Pakistan. The British award indicates that like the "cartoons" this is a deliberate attempt to insult Islam and Muslims, he added.

June 18, 2007: Jamaat-e-Islami and MMA leaders have called for countrywide demonstrations against "Great" Britain's foolish award for Rushdie, on June 22 [after juma]. Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi leader Dr. Mairajul Huda asked: How does Britain expect peace between Islam and the west when it honors the scum who abuse and insult the Prophet, pbuh?

Letter: Re: Why follow Muhammad [p] in everything?

I was very moved by the sister who wrote her struggles with her perfecting her deen and how she has replaced the negative Western influences in her life with Islamic ones. I have also struggled to do the same thing. It is truly a wonderful feeling to pray now. My best ideas come to me during Salat!

I think that she is doing a great job already based on what she wrote about her trials and tribulations. Her writing inspired me!

Sis. 'Aisha [New York]

Letter: Re: Otis Confession and Imam Jamil's Case

The more I read Imam Jamil case , the more convincing it becomes. This is worse than the F.O.I. and Malcolm X death. I asked a question several months ago concerning DNA testing or some sort of blood testing on the blood at the crime site. That Atlanta forensic lab has that information and I would think that it would be the facts to the break this case. Or change the minds of a jury. This is a very painful case to study.

Yusuf ElFakhri [Virginia]

Letter: Re: U.S. Muslims condemn British honors for Rushdie

As Muslims, for us honoring someone does not include "knighted" by the British Crown. If the queen of Britain chooses to knight someone that is not respectful (the least to say); it is to the detriment of the British "knighthood". It seems now anyone can be a knight in the failing British Empire. Let them bring down their own house.

Muslims should be sorry to see an institution that once used to mean something, an institution that once stood for bravery and justice go down the drain. We should not see this as an honor.

Honor is only with Allah.

Fi Amaani Allah,

Omar B.

Letter: The knighthood to Rushdie is a calculated insult to Muslims.

Your appreciation is 110% on the mark.

I have read the passages. There is NOTHING of redeeming artistic value in his book. It is a gutter worm's story of how it views life.

The pious among us will protest. The more pragmatic will ignore. One day someone might pay them [the British] in their own coins.


Mir Salim Ulah [Pakistan]

Letter: Strong Support for New Trend [Surprise!]
Re: Gaza, Shi'ite Shrine, etc.
[Writer sent this to his list.]

This is an example of how we all should be.
I have been subscribing to newtrendmag for over 5 years and have found each and every post they made to be spot on.
It is rare that you find material that consistently walks the line between being staunch in opposition to kufr, promotion of Islam and those that defend Islam yet at the same time maintain being diplomatic. This is what daiees should be like; spokespeople for all groups should take a leaf out of their book.

Abdul-Rashid Hamid [England]

Viewpoint: Re: British honors for the author of Satanic Verses


Salman Rushdie's Knighthood and the British Official Comments that it is "well deserved" should be seen in the same light as USA's Bush Jr. frequently comments that Iraq was a "success" . If anarchy was purpose of Iraq invasion then Bush is correct in saying so and if trying to draw battle lines between West and Islam is the aim then off course Rushdie's knighthood is most appropriately timed for the UK.

Clearly this decision will not improve mutual relations between Britain and the Muslim world who constitutes 1/4 of world's population. Even if Tony Blair might have wanted to ignite fire as he exits, nevertheless the Queen must have approved it and as the Head of Commonwealth such actions by Queen should cause exit of Muslim states from commonwealth whose membership was always improper for any True follower of Muhammad PBUH and more so now as no allegiance even if purely symbolic is permissible to any person e.g. Queen who participates or honours a person and the works of Rushdie. Besides Queen is head of faith of another religion. After all Knighthood does not mean simply that it is person's work which is appreciated but also that British state approves his doings . Titles have been withdrawn when people fell into disfavour and given when it is favoured by the state. Both Rushdie and Queen are unfortunate as they earn nothing except hell fire by trying to degrade the greatest reformer of this world i.e. Muhammad PBUH who eliminated female infanticide in Arabia , reined in racism , promoted Godly values of sexual modesty , family stability and love and equality for fellow beings. All preceding things opposed by these modern inheritors of Roman empires.

While quitting commonwealth is the natural course, the relationship between west and Muslims has always been antagonistic in its core with some short-lived cooperation from time to time and shall remain so in the future. It is a fact that Colonial not only encouraged such types of writers but also protected false prophets not just in India but throughout all colonies. The Latest knighthood is that type of attitude which has caused suicide bombers to flourish and Iron curtain to be gradually falling between UK and Islamic world. Britain will gradually lose Arab investment and its overvalued sterling riding on Arab sheikh's investment will collapse too in the long run, this is also likely as no longer is western goods and markets the only option for the third world countries.

M. Shaikh [England]

PALESTINIAN-AMERICAN Leader Needs Support Very Urgently

Respected Brothers and Sisters:
If you have not mailed your letter, please:
1. Mail to the following address by Saturday 6/23:
RESTON, VA 20194
2. Fax to the following fax number: 703-834-0206
3. E-mail it at:

Best wishes'Abdelhaleem Ashqar

Respected Brothers and Sisters,

Assalamu Alaykum!

As you may know, our brother Dr. Abdelhaleem Ashqar was acquitted on February 1, 2007 by a federal jury of the racketeering conspiracy charge (i.e. terrorism-financing charges). This acquittal came at the end of four months trial that took place in Chicago, IL.
Dr. Ashqar was convicted on the 2 lesser charges (of obstruction of justice and criminal contempt for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury); Sentencing in these charges is set for July, 13th, 2007. He faces a maximum sentence of 22 years in prison.
We desperately need everyone who knows him and cares about him to write a short letter to Honorable judge Amy St. Eve, to say some good words of support for Dr. Ashqar and to ask her to show mercy when deciding on a sentence.

As you may know, these letters of support have made a tremendous difference in some cases. It is our duty to stand by our brother in his time of need. The Prophet said, "Whoever lifts a hardship from a believer, Allah will lift a hardship from him on the Day of Judgement." Please join us and gain Allah's blessing by helping Brother Abdelhaleem in his time of need.

Write: Who you are and what your background is. Education, employment, city of residence, where you are from, etc
What this letter is about how you know Dr. Abdelhaleem Ashqar and for how long. What is your impression of the type of person he is. Do you think of him as an honest human being? Why? You can give examples of his past actions that can substantiate your opinion. You can end by just stating some of your thoughts on the trial, Abdelhaleem and life. You can end by asking the judge to reconsider the jury's verdict or to have clemency in sentencing.

Type your name, address, and phone number

This letter will go straight to Honorable judge Amy St. Eve, so no one should be afraid. We shouldn't be afraid anyway as Allah tells us not fear anyone but Him. Please don't procrastinate, maybe you can write the letter when you finish reading this; we need the letters as soon as possible. You can mail it to: Mr. WILLIAM B. MOFFITT ESQ. 11582 GREENWICH POINT ROAD. RESTON, VA 20194

If you have any questions feel free to contact Dr. Ashqar at: , Jazakum Allah khair, I thank you all for your help and support. May Allah bless you and keep you safe. For further information please visit the web site:

Free Dr. Ashqar Committee (FDAC)


Islamic Messsage for Native American [indigenous] Tribes

assalam alaikum,

I liked the articles but the first article on the Six-Day War was the most enlightening here. The phrase "Israel as the [Terrorist Entity]" and the idea of Israel sending their best troops to Iraqi or Afghanistan I also enjoyed mucho.

Here in Mexico two attacks at check-points have recently occurred. One in Sinaloa (Mexico) where a Mexican military unit, manning a check-point, shot at a family passing through and killed two male children at a checkpoint, this was reported last week and another shooting just within a week of that in another part of Mexico near the DF (Mexico City)., another shooting occurred. This doesn't dispel the growing presence of more military even from the US now, in a deal called Plan Columbia, by-passing the Mexican constitution to bring US Troop and establish firebases here as well as to send Mexican Troops outside of Mexico, which before the usurpation of its constitution was not allowed by law. The President of Mexico, puppet installed by Bush's tampering with the electronic voting machines and controlled "independent" Department of Elections, whose Director is an in-law to the installed President of Mexico now--Felipe Calderon. The new and recent revelations that President Bush has declared himself--Dictator, supposedly, an ancient and seldom used powers-of-war act, used by President FDR in America's global attack on the World, what is called (WWII), and, supposedly, a war against fascism of Germany, yet, the colonial media carefully orchestrated this issue and ignores it and other such media venues all somehow patterned after the colonial model cares too. In effect no one in ( media) explains the Popes' curious childhood or cares to, who did serve in the Nazi Youth Corps, only the brightest and best were allowed this "privilege" back then. The patriotic duty was then the call in the latter years of that war--so, in the least, the Nazi Youth were patriots--I thought that was what made them Nazis? Anyway, fascism is fashionable to the infidels as they show us time and again.

My da'awah yesterday covered many Tribes who are trying to organize a resistance to multi-national development of pipelines in northern Mexico through their lands. I spoke of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Holy Qur'an being received and explained the need for a uniting principle here in this hemisphere yet to be named by our Indigenous Populations and not called names by the invaders and others who have not asked our permission to be here either for that matter. The colonial invaders are simply occupiers and do not speak nor hold sway over our lands here. The liberation of them is coming and right is building.
My da'awah, Br Siddique, covers this much needed region of the globe and is, perhaps, looming the greatest fight yet here in the West. The invaders and their policies originate here after all. I am calling for help from throughout the Islamic world a jihad of this hemisphere and a fataw by us--here. Mujahideen and the original Hashishish (spelling).

Read your latest newsletter good but thought about the comment you made about printing this information as a reminder Br. I would also like to print for the newsletter as well.

Waalikum salaam

Wanbli Watakpe
Tashunka Witko Brigade

The Tashunka Witko Brigade (TWB) focuses on indigenous liberation and gives voice to the indigenous people, the elders, grandmas and warriors on the ground in this our continent. TWB airs on Free Radio Olympia and on Berkeley Liberation Radio anytime without warning.

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