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(Analysis by Buut Shikan, idol breaker, not necessarily shared by editors)
[Background to new Israeli offensive]

Saudi Rulers Open Front Against Islam: Offer Recognition to Israel
Martyrdom Operations Signal Coming Reversal Of Jewish Occupation of Palestine
Arafat and Sharon are both Part of the American Design against Spread of Jihad

{Local News: IMAM JAMIL al-AMIN has been moved. Please send him letters of support to this address: Imam Jamil al-Amin EF492521, Georgia State Prison, 100 GA Highway 147, Reidsville, GA 30499-9701. We suggest postcards which would also give da'wah to the guards.}

{AFGHANISTAN: In a guerrilla mine laying operation near Kandahar, a U.S. special forces soldier was killed and another wounded. RUMORS OR FACTS?: Pakistani reports in the Urdu press say that 18 U.S. elite troops were captured during Anaconda by the Taliban and negotiations are on to exchange them with 300 Islamic prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.)
[Islamic prisoners in Camp X Ray are on hunger strike owing to violation of their rights. On March 28, two of them were in serious condition. Many of them are refusing to pray behind the government appointed imam used by the U.S. for propaganda.]
[Observers say, the Jews advised Bush to bomb Afghanistan during Ramadan. Now Israel gets hit in Passover, like the Nazis were hit on Christmas by the British. The difference is that the Afghans had not occupied anyone's land and still got bombed in Ramadan.]
[A rally for Br. Sulayman Walker is scheduled for 4 pm, March 29, in Alexandria, Virginia, 520 King street.]
"Go ye forth (whether equipped) lightly or heavily, and struggle and strive, with your goods and your persons, in the Cause of Allah. That is best for you, if ye but knew." (The Qur'an 9:41)
"There is something else which places the servant of Allah in Paradise at a level 100 degrees greater than that of other believers, with a distance like that of heaven and earth between each degree. It is Al-Jihad fi sabil Allah, it is Al-Jihad fi sabil Allah." (Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith, Sahih Muslim)

There is a link between the Saudis, Arafat, Sharon and Bush. Watch the news carefully and critically and it will become apparent. Note the following:
1.In response to the Israeli occupation and the massive state terrorism the Jews have been carrying out, the defenseless Palestinian people have shown their will not to accept slavery. Unarmed and denied arms by Israeli and American embargoes, the Palestinians have struck the Jews with martyrdom operations.
2. The Israelis blame Arafat for the Palestinian resistance and rampage through Palestinian towns and refugee camps killing and injuring dozens of unarmed people.
3. After the Israelis have indulged in murder and mayhem, the U.S. steps in as "good cop", urges Arafat to "be good now" and offers the carrot of a rump Palestinian state
4. The martyrdom operations continue.
5. THE SAUDIS, Egypt's Mubarak, Syria's Bashar, Jordan's Abdullah are alarmed that the Jihad could spill over to the Arab and Islamic world. Big Arab armies are sitting around in comfort while the Palestinian people are savaged by the Jews.
6. Hence the SAUDI INITIATIVE, supported by the other three (in number 5). The Saudis have openly delegitimized themselves by violating the Islamic precept that Muslim lands cannot be handed over to the enemies of Islam
7. Serious Islamic opposition in Saudi Arabia, under the influence of Osama bin Laden, has still not reached the stage of armed uprising. Mubarak too is sitting on 60,000 Islamic prisoners. If the Palestinian struggle continues to escalate, the chances of an explosion in Saudi Arabia and Egypt move from possible to probable.

On March 29, Israeli tank forces are moving back into Arab cities. They could take Arafat as prisoner. He is their only chance to disrupt the Palestinians from within. If he is seen as "defying Israel", he is to be turned into a real leader and then released to negotiate "peace" with Israel.

Muslim observers say that martyrdom operations are the FIRST FLASHES OF THE SWORD OF ISLAM IN PALESTINE. The future of Israel is very dim. Already its rich patrons around the world know that Israel is no place for tourism.

Note: President Bush is very hurt by Jewish deaths in occupied Palestine. He has NEVER expressed any such feelings for the 1400 Palestinian youths murdered by the Jews. During the last Israeli rampage, Mr. Bush claimed that Israeli attacks were "not helpful" with not a word for the Palestinian victims.

MARCH 29: The entire Palestinian population awaits the breakthrough by Israeli tanks. Conventional defense is almost impossible. The Israelis will probably wreak havoc. The ISRAELI DILEMMA is that the Islamic resistance is BASED ON INDIVIDUAL FAITH and the people's will. Arafat cannot help the Israelis. In turn they have no one else of Arafat's stature who can have credibility with the Palestinians.
AS WE WRITE, SHARON IS SPEAKING (12.20 am in Baltimore, Maryland) BLAMING ARAFAT AS USUAL. The problem is: How to implement the Tenet (CIA) plan which envisages Arafat arresting and killing the Islamists.

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