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According to Ms Zundel, the Canadian government is about to deport her husband, the German-Canadian civil rights and peace activist Ernst Zundel to Germany where he will face up to 5 years in jail and maybe even death.

Zundel's only crime was to question the Zionist version of events in World War 2. In Germany it is a criminal offense to do or say anything that displeases the US backed Zionist lobby. People can even be jailed in Germany if they displeased the Zionist lobby in another country where it is still perfectly legal.

If we tolerate that the Canadian government deports someone who has been a legal resident for more than 40 years, who hasn't committed any crime, to a country where he will face time in jail and possible death for not believing the official version history; we set a terrible precedent. You and I could be the next ones.

What can we do? One thing would be to let the Canadian government know that what it is doing is appalling. Let the prime minister know that there are people in Canada and in other countries who will hold him liable for what happens to Mr Zundel. For that reason Ms Zundel organized a fax campaign.

Here is the mail sent by Ms Zundel.
Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny: Now more than ever!

February 26, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Our initial fax campaign, started two days ago, seems to work. The Canadian Prime Minister's fax lines shut down yesterday after only a few hours, apparently because of overload. Let's keep the pressure up!

Once more, I urge my readers, who have not already done so, to fax Prime Minister Paul Martin. If you live on this continent, a fax will cost you less than $1.-

Please do this for Ernst and myself. Please give PM Paul Martin a piece of your mind regarding the abominable treatment of Ernst Zundel - for questioning the "Holocaust" and asking who caused 9/11.

The Prime Minister's fax number is 613-941-6900.

Please say the following in your own words:

* Ernst Zundel has been kidnapped in the USA in a covert governmental operation involving Canada and the United States - a secret operation that has written "neocons" all over it. This crime is now getting unraveled.

* This was no deportation - it was an extradition in the guise of "deportation", similar to what happened to the unlawful extradition of Canadian Maher Arar who was nabbed by US law enforcement agents with the assistance of Canada's political police, CSIS, and sent away to be tortured in Syria.

* Ernst Zundel has now been kept in a Canadian prison for more than a year, in brutal, degrading conditions in maximum detention, without having been charged, without even the right to know what he has done wrong. CSIS agents have compiled a smear sheet that is the document to do him in. Bail has been denied repeatedly, even though he has no criminal record, having lived in Canada for more than 40 years before his marriage to a US citizen and move to the US.

* Ernst Zundel is being tried in Toronto by a lone judge. This judge, a former boss of this nefarious CSIS outfit - referred to in the streets of Canada as "Canada's Mini-Mossad - listens to Ernst's accusers in closed session. Ernst does not know who his accusers are or what they say - allegedly because that would endanger "national security". For shame!

* In such a Soviet-style Star Chamber system, a "guilty" verdict becomes a foregone conclusion. Ernst is deprived of any possibility of an appeal - not even the Supreme Court of Canada can nullify the judge's judgment. Such is the "law" in "democratic" Canada!

* Tell Prime Minister Paul Martin that this situation bodes ill for his political career. Star chamber hearings are unworthy of a democracy. Tell him that an appalled, disgusted world is watching what has become of Canada.

* Ask him to remedy this situation - NOW!

Be factual and courteous. Keep violence and smut out of your letter - we leave that to our enemies who always leave their fingerprints by being nasty and low-brow. We are people of honor and distinction - let's not ever forget who we are!

Thank you for doing this. Please send me a copy of your letter for our archives.

Ingrid Rimland Zundel, Ed.D.
Proud owner of the Zundelsite, www.zundelsite.org

2004-03-16 Tue 19:30ct