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Assad's death: A Crack in the Anti-Islamic Alliance
Remember the Martyrs of Hamah (1982): Free Syrian Political Prisoners

Many of our readers are either physically or struggle-wise too young to remember the horrendous crimes of Syria's President (deceased June 10, 2000) Hafez al-Assad. Hence it's also difficult for them to understand why his death should be considered a sign from Allah that the victory of Islam is coming:

THINK OF THIS ONE FACT: With one of the biggest armies in the middle-east, Assad's Syria DID NOT FIRE EVEN ONE SHOT AT ISRAEL IN THE LAST 27 Years, although it was technically in a state of war with Israel!

The trick he played with his people was: "we are at war with Israel: Israel may attack at any time. So civil liberties have to be suspended."

Assad was a symbol of the tragedy of our Muslim nation worldwide. We are indeed a people whose blood and honor were made cheap by killers like him who were foisted on the Muslim world by the two superpowers (one of whom is now thankfully defunct and the other wallowing in corruption).

Background: Assad and his tiny Alawite clan were given weapons and firepower by the French and the European powers. In the atmosphere of intrigue in Syria, the Alawites became stronger and stronger and finally took over. They were European in their thinking and Syrian only in name.

Assad and the Ba'ath Party (taught by a Christian Arab) started a campaign of Arab nationalism to break down the bonds of Islam. Many Syrians (like people in other Arab countries) were fooled by slogans of Arabism and Arab unity.

Through this subterfuge of "nationalism" a tiny sect, the Alawites, took over a mainstream Muslim country.

THE COUNTERPOINT CAME FROM THE IKHWAN al-MUSLIMOON. Hafez al-Assad tried to crush them by force, but they responded to his force with their own militancy and force (often not well-thought out.)

After a series of clashes between the Alawites and the Ikhwan, there was an Islamic uprising in the city of Hamah in February 1982. The Islamists did not realize how ruthless Assad was and the vast amounts of weaponry he had received from the USSR.

Assad not only crushed the Islamic uprising, HE TURNED ON THE WHOLE CITY OF HAMAH and levelled it with artillery and tank assaults. Thousands of civilians were killed, often execution style after being arrested. ASSAD's biographer Patrick Seale writes with great satisfaction about how Assad's forces turned mosques and homes into rubble. LATER THE REGIME BUILT CASINOS AND HOTELS ON THE SITES OF THE MOSQUES.

MUSLIM INATTENTION TO MEDIA: The Ikhwan did not realize that without media, you can't get support. Assad sealed off Hamah from the rest off Syria and then his controlled media told the rest of the country that the Israelis were "behind" the "disturbances" in Hamah!

DID YOU WATCH CNN TODAY?: Some of the dead dictator's tricks were put on display by his followers. A few hundred of his followers (he kept large numbers of agents and thugs on his payroll) started chanting Islamic slogans, to create confusion and disinformation.

Yet his security forces were ready. They knew the people might not be buying the disinformation. There were absolutely no spontaneous demonstrations of sorrow by the masses. Only his cronies were crying. (Almost comparable to the situation when the traitor Sadat of Egypt was executed by the martyr Khalid al-Islambouli.)

IN THE NAME OF DECENCY: If the situation in the middle east is to be saved from major upheavals in the future, the decent thing to do is to:
RELEASE THE THOUSANDS OF MUSLIM PRISONERS IN ASSAD'S DUNGEONS. These include hundreds of ISLAMIC WOMEN. (Where are the defenders of WOMEN's RIGHTS?) These Muslimas have suffered for decades.

UNDERSTANDING THE REAL TYRANNY IN THE MUSLIM WORLD: Look at the Syrian propaganda film clips being shown on CNN (Assad PRAYING Sunni-style in a mosque, with alert security agents "praying" behind him; Assad being kissed a by a girl crying at the great honor to her, etc.) What these pictures show is a RULING CLIQUE STEEPED IN THE WESTERN WAY OF LIFE. They all dress with suit and tie: their women wear skirts with sleeveless shirts.

THIS RULING CLIQUE, with all its suits and ties, shaven faces, HAS COMMITTED SOME OF THE MOST HORRENDOUS CRIMES against humanity. Torture of men and families (in each other's presence) is their starting point in "interrogation."

If you look at the western media, you see/read/hear of the "Islamic fundamentalists" as the problem, as the "terrorists", violators of international law, enemies of women, (opposed to education, look at their long beards!). Something is obviously missing here.

MASSACRES OF PALESTINIANS: Assad's list of crimes is long and sickening, but at least the massacres of the Palestinians (Tel al-Zaatar, etc) should be mentioned here. Look at the traitor Arafat: he has announced three days of mourning for Assad, totally forgetting the slaughter of the Palestinians by the ruthless tyrant.

King Hussein of Jordan provided a quiet border to Israel for decades. The sons of Islam seeking to fight Israel found that Israel's frontline of defense was King Hussain's army.

The same was true of Syria's frontline. His propaganda was so clever that Muslims did not notice that even when Israeli planes raided Hizbullah targets in the Bekaa valley and lazily monitored Beirut, the Syrian anti aircraft batteries never fired a shot!

THE GULF WAR: Assad's pretense that he was a stalwart of Arab nationalism was blown when he joined the American forces in the war on Iraq. The UN embargo on Iraq is strictly enforced by Syria.

CLINTON'S SUPPORT FOR "DEMOCRACY" and Syria: Tyranny has become so much a part of Syria's daily life that there was no problem "amending the Syrian Constitution" so that Assad's son Bashar could become the new "king."

In the sad messages sent out by Clinton and Albright on Assad's death, there is absolutely no recognition of THIS MEDIEVAL REGIME where a son becomes king after the father dies.

This terrible crime is being committed against a progressive Muslim nation which has produced countless men of learning (most of them forced into exile by the regime.)

A SIGN FROM ALLAH: We consider it a sign from Allah that just at the point when a great fraud was being perpetrated against the Muslim world by Israel and Syria's dictator in the name of "peace", the dictator kicked the bucket.

The future belongs to Islam. Although the voices of our Syrian family are still choked by the elaborate secret police and intelligence agencies of the regime, the crack is clearly showing.
Allahu Akbar wa lillahil Hamd!
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