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SIS. TABASSUM, the young sister who was arrested in the New York demonstration, has been released. It was a new and unexpected experience for her but she faced it very well. Thank you for all those who prayed for her and showed their support.
DAY NINE, March 28: Second Market Bombing in Baghdad leaves 52 Civilians dead, 50 injured

Nearly a hundred thousand American and British forces are stuck in the Iraqi desert. If the Iraqis had an air force or missiles, the Anglo-American forces would have faced annihilation. As it is, Saddam played out his strategy with complete success. The American tank columns kept going without opposition and then found that they had a hundred mile long supply line which the Iraqis were attacking with small units which hit and melted away.

Although Nasiriya and Basrah were struck hard by U.S. and British bombers, there were no allied advances on Day Nine.

Baghdad was bombed repeatedly, resulting in 7 civilians being killed and 160 injured. In the afternoon, after Friday prayers, al-Jazeerah TV reported, the U.S. hit a marketplace in Baghdad. At first count, 52 Iraqi civilians were killed and 50 injured in the attack. Among the dead are Iraqi children.

More U.S. troops have been killed in Nasiriya. Some of them have disappeared, probably captured by the Iraqis. Nasiriya is now called "ambush alley" by U.S. troops.

Mosul was also repeatedly bombed.

The U.S. hope is that the Iraqi defenses will break under the weight of heavy bombing from the air.

[BRITISH REPORTS that a British POW had been executed by the Iraqis has been refuted by the relatives of the POW, much to the embarrassment of the British military command.]

In an indirect admission of defeat, the U.S. has announced that another 100,000 troops are being sent to Iraq to bolster the forces stuck in the desert.
by Buut Shikan (Idol breaker)

"There is not an Iraqi people ....." Donald Rumsfeld, MSNBC, March 28.

The U.S. media controlled by the Zionists are working in tandem with the government to keep the American people uninformed.

In a way admitting defeat in its propaganda war, the U.S. has been trying to hit Iraqi TV transmitters. Thus the U.S., which controls most of the world's media, cannot face the transmissions coming out of Baghdad.

The Zionist controlled media, CNN, FOX, MSNBC have been pedaling the stories which have become jokes in the Muslim world. Americans who get an alternative view by watching C-Span despise the reports the Zionists are circulating.

Among the funny stories:
1. Iraqis loyal to Saddam are forcing Iraqi soldiers to get into their tanks and go face the allied forces (or their families would be killed!)
2. The Iraqi people want to join the Americans but are being held back by the Saddam machine.
3. America has not targeted any civilians. The Iraqis must be killing them themselves
4. Saddam is very bad. He is trying to "drag out the fighting."

The U.S. media are determined not to let the American people know that Iraqis are united with Saddam and are able to resist the huge crusader armada because of the infusion of Islamic spirit.
TILL MARCH 28, the U.S. media have hidden:
1. The massacre committed by the U.S. in the Kurdish Ansar al-Islam area of northeastern Iraq.
2. The massacre committed by U.S. bombers in Basra.
3. The two attacks on markets in Baghdad. [CNN focused on a little crater in the area.]
5. The bombing of Nasiriya

The whole world is shocked at these acts of censorship because Al-Jazeerah and other Arab TV channels have shown the first three and number 5, while the photos of RACHEL BEING KILLED BY an ISRAELI BULLDOZER are all over the Internet.

Probably the ONLY HONEST REPORT COMING OUT OF THE ZIONIST MEDIA was one from MSNBC, publicized briefly on both March 27 and 28, that 5,000 Iraqis living in Jordan have returned to Iraq to defend their country against the U.S.

The U.S. gave a stern warning on March 28 to Syria against letting any supplies (like night goggles) from reaching the Iraqis. The U.S. concept of war is that the opponent must be kept weak and isolated and then squashed with overwhelming forces. Americans themselves say that these concepts are from Zionist Jews. George Washington was not such a coward.

Iran was also admonished by the U.S. for sneaking in irregular forces into Iraq. The Iranians want to take advantage of Iraq's helplessness and are preparing Shia sectarians armed by Iran to enter Iraq. The Iranian and U.S. objective, the humiliation of Iraq, intersect. Iran is cooperating with the U.S. but also wants some gains for itself.

Unfortunately for Iran, Iraqi Shias are not cooperating with it. Also, Iranian Shias, paramilitaries known as MKO, took refuge in Iraq and do not want an Iranian victory.

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