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IRAQI JOURNALIST EXPELLED while U.S. journalists are at ease in Iraq: On February 15, according to U.S. reports, Iraqi journalist Mohammad Allawi was ordered to leave the U.S. within 15 days. He was given no reason for his expulsion. He told reporters that he has strictly confined his writing to United Nations proceedings and has not reported anything about the United States. He does not travel outside the United Nations environs.

By contrast, U.S. journalists in big numbers, are in Iraq and are free to report all kinds of propaganda against Iraq.

While being questioned by the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, CIA Director Tenet praised three "Muslim" rulers for having been most cooperative with the U.S. war on the Islamic movement. These have gone beyond the call of duty to help the CIA. These are Mubarak of Egypt (CIA's point man), Abdullah of Jordan (most enthusiastic in his cooperation) and Musharref of Pakistan. [Musharref even handed over the Taliban ambassador, Mullah Zaif, to the U.S., a breach of international law hitherto unknown in Islamic history.]

Tenet refused to talk about Osama bin Laden and asked Committee members to ask him in a closed session. He could not confirm an al-Qaida base in Iraq but talked about Al-Zarqawi's presence in Iraq and a dozen or so Egyptians connected to Islamic Jihad who are visiting Baghdad.

He said Hizbullah has not done anything objectionable for a long time but needs to be kept in view because it has potential to act. (Source: C-Span February 15. Actual meeting was on February 11.)

Is it possible that President Bush is being given advice which has little or no relevance to the realities of the world? At a program on February 12 at Columbia University in New York, three important "expert" supporters of Bush advanced views of the world which by objective standards would be sufficient to put them (the experts) in an institute for mental therapy.

PAUL BREMER, an AntiTerrorism Adviser to Bush claimed that the terrorists (meaning Osama and perhaps Saddam) are planning to "DESTROY OUR CIVILIZATION." He spoke in terms of millions of Americans in danger of being killed by random acts of terror.

Which Muslim country, let alone Osama, has enough weaponry to "destroy our civilization?" Even the entire Muslim world combined has no such capability. Neither Osama nor Saddam have called for random attacks on American cities. America is the most powerful country in the world. It certainly cannot be destroyed by any such attacks even if they are as ferocious as 9.11. Bremer has neither context nor text and is simply dealing in hysteria.

FRANK GAFFNEY, who is CEO of his own Center for Security Policy, appears on cable TV more frequently than many film stars. He is probably the biggest idiot playing this "security" game. He claimed during the Feb. 12 speech that the Oklahoma City bombing was done by Iraq, absolutely like that, without even a hint of evidence.

JAMES WOOLSEY, former Director of the CIA, lives on some cloud of his own. He was of the view that we should convince the people of the Arab countries that we want to give them DEMOCRACY. As a result they will give up rulers like Mubarak and side with the U.S.! [Who said CIA Directors cannot be idiots. He was simply ignoring the fact that the only reason Egypt does not have an Islamic republic standing in battle against the terrorist entity known as Israel is owing to Mubarak's bloodthirsty regime. Funded by $2.8 billion from the U.S. every year, Mubarak routinely tortures Islamic opponents and has imprisoned 60,000 people. The people of Egypt want ISLAM, not some phoney democracy imported with FBI help. Doesn't Woolsey know why Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman is in a U.S. prison in Colorado?]

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