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CIA Director Targets Islamic Schools: "Teaches" his own version of "jihad"
Misses Main point about 9/11 attack
Br. Ayub Hamid (John Walker) Condemned Before trial by Ashcroft
Musharref cannot stop Jihad: Pakistani gathering in Lahore
4th Sharon-Bush Meeting Finds no Alternative to Arafat

(News and commentary by But Shikan, Idol Breaker)


CIA Director Tenet was "live" on CNN and other TV stations on February
2. It was his first appearance after the 9/11 attacks and he was every evasive about the CIA's failure in stopping the attacks. It was quite evident that he does not have any clue about how the attacks were successfully carried out. Out of the 1000 people whom he claims to have been arrested around the world for ĎAl-Qaida links', only ONE has been indicted and he (Mossaoui) was in immigration prison well-before 9/11. Just because he shouted TAKBIR in prison when he heard the news (if that is true) does not mean that he was involved.

Director Tenet implied that there is danger from possible development of weapons of mass destruction by Al-Qaida and by Iraq. Again this story seems to be meant to divert listeners from the real issue. The 9/11 attacks were not made with ANY WEAPONS of any kind. So, there is no point in creating scenarios about weapons of mass destruction.

Iraq did not fire any such weapons even when it was under assault for 42 days.

Is the CIA building up a fear complex which in turn helps to take attention away from the basic issue of its own failure?

TENET WAS FULL OF PRAISE FOR MUSHARREF (Pakistani coup leader) for his help in the war on Afghanistan. For Tenet, the problem for America are PAKISTAN'S ISLAMIC SCHOOLS which he said teach "intolerance and hatred." This is going to be difficult for Mr. Tenet. WHY? Because the problem is that Islam itself teaches intolerance and hatred of oppression, imperialism, exploitation and hegemony by the unbelievers, particularly the Jews. Medressas are straightforward in this expression. Tenet would have to devise a way of destroying Islam itself before this intolerance and hatred will end.

TENET SEEMED TO KNOW THAT HE HAS A MUSLIM AUDIENCE. He tried to signal to American Muslims, what kind of "Islam" is acceptable to the CIA. He came up with the story that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had referred to war as the "lesser jihad" and to self-purification as the "greater jihad." Muslims in America often hear this fabrication bandied about to stop support for the struggle in Palestine. PLEASE NOTE THIS:
THERE IS NO SUCH ISLAMIC TEACHING COMING FROM PROPHET MUHAMMAD (pbuh). All the great Islamic scholars on Jihad, from Ibn Taymiyya to Hasan al-Banna to Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman have pointed out that this "lesser jihad"/"greater jihad" story is a fabrication. The Qur'an and the Hadith make it quite clear, in detail and unambiguous language, that ARMED STRUGGLE against oppression is the highest level of Islam. All else is secondary. There is no authentic Islamic scholar who says otherwise. Tenet will have to declare ALLAMA IQBAL A TERRORIST who made it very clear that:
"shahadat hay matlub-o-maqsude mumin/na mal-e-ghanimat na kishwar kushai" ("martyrdom is the desire and the purpose of the true believer: not spoils of war, nor conquest."

TENET WAS ALSO CONCERNED THAT THE STRUGGLE IN CHECHNYA IS CONTINUING. The Islamic struggle there has not only not been crushed {Russia has "made no headway in Chechnya" in his words} but the fighting is having an effect of "spillover into Georgia."

"American Taliban" Br. Sulayman Abdul Hamid (John Walker Lindh) has been denied bail. Attorney General Ashcroft went on TV to condemn him even before the trial began. An elaborate media campaign is going on against him. His private conversations with his parents are being ferreted out to try and convict him on the media before the trial begins. Ashcroft and his cronies are taking away the American people's right to differ with the government's version of conflict around the world. Also, privacy rights are eroding. The overall attempt is to ENFORCE CONFORMITY with the daily dose of government propaganda on CNN et all.
{Meetings with his attorneys plus pickets and protests in front of the court house are planned. If you would like to join, email us with your name and phone number.}

" Jihad as the only way to Liberate Kashmir"
MUSHARREF IS DIVIDING THE NATION while 1 million Indian troops ready to attack

A gathering of scholars in Lahore, Pakistan (February 5) criticized the Musharref government for constantly begging India's Vajpayee (racist) government for "talks" while India has massed ONE MILLION troops on Pakistan's borders and could attack any day. Our rulers are keeping people busy with cultural activities like "Jashne Lahore" and even the Hindu festival of Basant.

The gathering was addressed by: Justice (ret) Javed Iqbal, Aslam Saleemi, Deputy Ameer of Jamaate Islami, Justice (ret) Raja Afrasiab, Brigadier (ret) Muhammad Shafi, Sis. Surayya Khursheed, and a number of others.

The speakers agreed that the liberation of Kashmir can only come through Jihad and the Qur'an has made jihad obligatory on oppressed Muslims. The Jamaate Islami leader condemned the "satanic unity" between the rulers of Pakistan and the U.S. and criticized the "logistical support" Musharref gave to the U.S.


Few people resemble a pig more than Israeli Jew Sharon does. Here he was again on Feb.7, ambling into the White House to meet his good friend Bush. The dialogue as usual was secret but what little has come out indicates that:
SHARON the pig wants Arafat to be delinked from the "peace process." Bush thinks there is no one else (yet) to fill the "gap."

The target of both is the Islamic movement, be it Hamas, Hizbullah, al-Qaida, Islamic Jihad or Hizbut Tahrir. The problem is how to "empower" Arafat to strike at the Islamists. (Arafat is too weak to become another "Northern Alliance." So the Jews have him cooped up like a mouse in Ramallah and keep putting pressure on him to go out and kill Muslims.)

Part of the game is to legitimize Arafat as a "real" opponent of Israel, so that when he talks with the Jews, as he will sooner or later, it should be as a genuine representative of Palestine who never gave in to Sharon.
It's a clever game. Arafat wants the Islamists to sacrifice themselves so that he will one day get his little statelet.
Bush is quite ready to provide that bantustan "palestine" but Arafat has not had the ability to go out and slaughter the Muslims.

In the meantime, Bush is so mesmerized by his own propaganda that he can't see that the whole world can see him hobnobbing with the world's top terrorist: SHARON. Hence all of Bush's talk about the "war on terrorism" loses its authenticity.

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