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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 25,1427/April 24, 2006 #27

PERSONAL: [from the editor] Dr. Alauddin Shabazz, my long time friend from Chicago, was seriously hurt in a car accident on Saturday , April 22, and was air lifted to a hospital in Peoria. He has not emerged from coma yet. Please pray for his recovery. Dr. Alauddin Shabazz, years back, helped me to understand Minister Farrakhan's role in African-American Islam. An author, a deeply erudite man, a devout Muslim, Dr. Alauddin willingly helped me with Islamic activities. He is a prolific writer, a gracious Imam, an excellent speaker and an effective teacher. May Allah heal his injuries.

WAR NEWS: Collected by New Trend's Media Monitor.

IRAQ: Heavy fighting went on through April between the Islamic resistance and U.S. forces. According to U.S. media, 59 U.S. troops were killed by the mujahideen in the first 23 days of April. Sectarian killings are also going on. Shia hit squads are executing Sunnis every night. In response mujahideen have attacked and killed dozens of Shia police hired by the U.S.-installed government. The U.S. media concentrate on the sectarian strife and leave out any reports on when and where U.S. troops were killed.

Afghanistan: Taliban offensive is underway. Heavy fighting is reported from Helmand and Zabul provinces with losses on both sides. The U.S. launched a massive offensive in Kunar province but its forces were evaded by the Taliban during a week of evasive activity. U.S. media report that four CANADIAN troops were killed in a Taliban attack in the Kandahar area. [April 21] Thus Canada has lost 15 troops in an Islamic land where they seem to be lost. A U.S. security column with civilian security guards was wiped out on April 23. The Taliban set 16 vehicles in the convoy on fire.

Pakistan: April 20: Fighting has broken out again in North Waziristan. This time the mujahideen scored against the Pakistani army. Near MiranShah, Islamic fighters hit a Pakistan unit and killed 7 Pakistani troops and wounded 28. Pakistani helicopter gunships counterattacked killing 6 Islamic fighters as they retreated into the mountains.
Four persons reputed to be Afghan spies of the U.S. coming in from Afghanistan were killed and their bodies put on display with letters on their bodies condemning them as spies of the "kafir."

KASHMIR: Indian occupation forces tried to kill mujahideen in a number of battles on April 18-20. Five Indian troops plus a mujahid from Harakat Jihad and another two from Lashkar Taiba were killed.

OSAMA BIN LADEN, leader of the armed Islamic forces, al-Qaidah, seems to be alive and well-informed. In a new audio tape on al-Jazeerah, April 23, he urged Muslims to support Sudan in its struggle against UN intervention in Darfur. He renewed his concern about Israeli atrocities in Palestine. [As New Trend reported at that time, Palestine was Osama's original concern in his jihad against the U.S.]

EGYPT: April 24. A resort area in the Sinai frequented by Israelis, affluent Egyptians and foreigners underwent three bomb explosions. First reports indicate 23 killed 60 wounded. Eyewitnesses indicate large numbers of ambulances leaving the area; hence the casualties may be higher than reported. The Egyptian dictator has left no doors open for peaceful change. Observers say that the Jihad groups seem to be successfully evading security. With no peaceful dialogue possible, the targets seem to be places of pleasure prohibited in Islam which involve liquor, gambling, night clubs and Israeli and western tourists. No one has claimed responsibility yet. Previous attacks targed Israelis in Egyptian resorts.


Special interest groups on campuses and elsewhere are raising the specter of genocide in Sudan. Yet these groups have voiced no opposition to the Iraq War or to the occupation of Palestine. And they have presented little or no documentation of their oft-quoted statistics accusing the Sudan government of genocide.

A Video Presentation on Sudan by Hodari Abdul Ali, founder of Give Peace a Chance (GPAC).
Date: Sunday, May 21
Time: 5:00 pm (sharp)
Place: The Islamic Center
4624 York Road, Baltimore
(Near the Intersection of York Road and E. Cold Spring Lane)

Admission: $5.00 donation (includes dinner)
Tickets must be bought before the program. No tickets at the door.

Hodari Ali is a longtime DC-based human rights activist. He visited Sudan as part of a fact-finding mission on behalf of GPAC. For years, his independent bookstores—Pyramid Books and Dar Es-Salaam Bookstore and Health Center--have served as centers of education and independent thought for local Maryland and DC communities.

Sponsored by: Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen, The Islamic Center (York Road Corridor)
For more information, call: (410) 435-5000 [Click on "Masjid"]

New Trend exclusive
Facts on Bias in the Media: Heavily Documented Paper on the Israel Lobby being Attacked to discredit its Thought-Provoking Content by [Dr] Wilmer Leon

We have a real problem with bias in our media for a number of reasons.
1) There are fewer and fewer independent news gathering entities, so most of our media outlets are using the same sources for their information.
2) Racial minorities are severely underrepresented in decision making positions in the media. Stories about African Americanas, their communities, and issues relevant to them are generally driven, reported, and framed by people whose perspectives are alien at best to the African American experience.
3) Sources. A study of ABC World News, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News showed that 92% of all U.S. sources interviewed were white, 85% were male, and where party affiliation was identifiable, 75% were Republican.

In our editorial pages and Op-Ed pages the balance is questionable. It should not be about my agreeing or disagreeing with you; it should be can I trust the honesty and integrity in which the writers collect their data and the manner in which they write. A recent example is with the criticism of a study that alleges US sets aside own security interests for Israel's.

Two leading political scientists, John J. Mearsheimer (U of Chicago) and Stephen Walt (Harvard) wrote a paper alleging that the US relationship with Israel is not good for US security. These two scholars have come under vicious attack and the scholarship of their research has been called into question. Various pro-Israel lobbying and interest groups are responsible for this criticism. Statements such as their paper "... is marred by numerous errors of fact, logic and omission, has inaccurate citations, displays extremely poor judgment regarding sources, and contrary to basic scholarly standards, ignores previous serious work on the subject. The bottom line: virtually every word and argument is, or ought to be, in serious dispute" have been made.

What's interesting about these attacks is they are vague, general and cite no examples of the points they are trying to present or the positions they are trying to defend. When I read the paper (it's 88 pages long), almost 40 pages of it are "end-notes." It's incredibly well researched and documented. It meets the basic standards of scholarship that I have come to appreciate as an academician and Ph.D. It's the criticisms that are baseless, lack supporting documentation, and are rhetorical.

Point being, in a country where "free-speech" is supposed to be guaranteed, individuals such as supporters of the Jewish interest do want individuals to engage in well researched and informed debate about America's motivations in its protection of Israel. Informed debate and the free exchange of ideas are at the heart of democracy. Open dialog in the 'public square" is what makes our democracy work. A well informed citizenry is the corner stone of the democratic process. Supporters of the Jewish interests do not want that dialog to take place when it is perceived to be a threat to their interests.

Again, no clear examples of how Marshier and Walt's work is in error. No direct citations of "errors of fact, logic and omission." Just rhetoric, rhetoric, and more rhetoric. It's that type of rhetoric that now has us invading sovereign countries and threatening to invade others.

Now some may accuse me of being anti-Semitic. That can't be further from the truth. First, I question the whole basis of the antisemitism argument as it has been co-opted to apply only to those of the Jewish faith. Second, this is not an "anti-Jewish" discussion. It is anti repressive and genocidal policy of the Israeli government. Not all supporters of the Israeli government are Jewish and not all Jews support the policies of the Israeli government.

Don't take my word for it. Just engage in open and honest dialog and see for yourself!

Dr. Wilmer Leon, a prominent independent radio broadcaster, hosts the "On With Leon" radio show and teaches at Howard University in Washington, DC.

In Response to the Jewish Thought Police:
David Irving Documented Churchill's Policy of Mass Murder of German Civilians: Churchill's Adviser in this Genocidal Policy was a Jew: Lord Cherwell or the 'Prof.'
by Kaukab Siddique

Who would have thought that in an era of worldwide propaganda about democracy and freedom of expression, a distinguished historian, David Irving, would be arrested in Austria, a self-proclaimed bastion of freedom!

When Irving was sentenced to three years in prison for having expressed doubts, 16 years back, about the Jewish story of the "holocaust," one would have expected "Great" Britain to protest. After all Irving is a loyal British citizen! But the British government showed no concern at such a gross violation of the rights of one of its emonent citizens.

Not only that, the British press and even the BBC went into a wave of ecstatic self-congratulation at the humiliation of this man of letters. The question arises: Why such inhumanity, why such crass joy at the suffering of a scholar?

The answer lies in the monumental research work Irving carried out on Winston Churchill, the man whom the British consider the hero of the Second World War. Irving found documentary evidence, from original, often hitherto classified, diaries and government papers which shows that Churchill was a coward and a fraud. Not only that, Churchill was a mass murderer who crafted the policy of area bombing of German cities, aimed at the annihilation of German civilian populations.

Irving also discovered evidence that Churchill was a great ally of the Zionist movement, though sometimes he played fast and loose with his Jewish friends. Often, if not always, with Churchill was his closest adviser, especially in the bombing of civilians, Lord Cherwell, a Jew who was nicknamed 'the Prof,' a Jew from Alsace whose real name was Friedrich Lindemann. [Irving provides a photo of the 'Prof.']

Before we note Irving's documentation of the genocidal bombing of German cities by Churchill, let us look briefly at what the British air force did to civilians who were NOT German but needed to be killed because they were close to German military-related installations in Europe. This kind of mass killing is very relevant to understanding what is happening in Iraq today, because it appears that Churchill's policies of mass murder of civilians were quickly picked up by the allies of the British, the Americans.

Here is an instance of the slaughter of FRENCH civilians by Churchill's air force. Remember that French public opinion was not all anti-Hitler and pro-British as is often made out to be in the popular media of our times. In March 1942, the British air force killed more than 500 French men, women and children at Billancourt in northern Paris while ostensibly bombing a German weapons factory, and seriously injured more than 1,000 French civilians. France declared a day of National Mourning on March 7. USA had an embassy in Vichy France [which was allied to Germany] and the US embassy too lowered its flag.[1]

Irving gives other instances of the slaughter of non-German civilians who were friends of the Germans, and then he gives instances of the incineration of entire German cities by the British and the U.S.

This was not British hatred or a war related tactic. It was pure and simple GENOCIDE well-thought-out and programmed by Winston Churchill, as documented by Irving.

Do other historians, allied to the victors, provide instances of British and U.S. bombing of civilians allied to or living near the Germans? Very seldom, and then only as mistakes [what the U.S. calls 'collateral damage' today in Iraq.] Max Hastings, for instance, mentions the bombing of the Hague in Holland by the British air force on March 3, 1945. Buried deep inside a paragraph on page 415 of his book we find the information that the British air raid on the Hague "killed 511 people and destroyed 3,250 houses" and made 12,000 people homeless. After making various excuses for the raid, the writer concedes without further discussion that "Misdirected Allied bombs caused the deaths of substantially more people in the nations of occupied Europe than the [German] Luftwaffe killed in its blitz on Britain." [2]

The difference between Irving and Hastings is that Irving's research unearthed the Churchillian policy of mass murder of civilians. Note that we have not yet reached the discussion of the destruction of German cities. [To be continued]

1. Churchill's War II. Triumph in Adversity by David Irving, p.361. [This is a 1051 page book, published in 2001, hard back with numerous photos. New Trend obtained a few copies from Irving before he was arrested. Order for $50 from: New Trend, P.O. Box 356, Kingsville, MD 21087.]

2. Armageddon. The Battle for Germany, 1944-1945 by Max Hastings, 2004, 581 pages.

Letter: Re: Personal [Memorial Service for Editor's mother.]

As salaamu alaikum
Dear brother Kaukab :may Allah relieve you and your family from the loss of your beloved mother. Inna lillahi wa inna illahi rajeeoon. (From Allah we come and to Allah we must return). She sounds like an enlightened intellect and wonderful mother. You are truly blessed and she is blessed to have a good son who prays for her. May Allah continue to bless you in your important work.

Your brother in Islam,
[Imam ] Warith Deen Umar [Albany, New York]
Don't Call me American

Thanks for sending New Trend

Thanks for the mails.
How are you and the family? Hope that this will meet you in the best of health.
May Allah (SWT) reward you for all the efforts.

Dr. Asheikh
[Maiduguri, Nigeria]

LETTER: Re: Personal [ Memorial Service for Editor's mother]

I did not realize that your mother was such a noble warrior. May Allah Bless her soul and give her Jenna. I am sorry to hear of her passing. I would like to know more about her. Now I see where you get your unrelenting desire for equality and Islamic fervour.

Ma' salaama
Rasheeda Abdush-Shaheed
[New York, New York]

Letter: RE: How Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, gave women their rights. #4

Dear Br Kaukab,
assalaamu alaykum. Thanks for the information about women in Mosques. People still do not understand the differnce between Segregation and Separation. I still hear Muslims proudly proclaim that they believe in segregation of men and women. I still hear men saying that they will not speak to a women in a meeting in a mosque unless there is a curtain there! What's worse, is that they are all born in the west.
I think the origin of the new trend towards niqab is part of a Saudisation process. Do you have any evidence of this?
I hear of new sisters wearing scarves, saying they are working their way "up" to niqab!
Women seem to think there is something meritorious in wearing black as well. Where does that come from?

Shoaib [London, England]

2006-04-25 Tue 21:39:32 cdt