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[Response to Br. Shoaib's critique of New Trend.]
[From: Sis. Hadayai Majeed, Atlanta]

As Salaamu Alaikum,

Response to letter concerning New Trend being over people's heads.

I find this letter very disturbing. It appears that just the mere fact of the Quran being recited in the White House is a form of validation of Islam. We should already have our validation as Muslims through Allah's word. If we are in the White House as Believers serving Allah then fine, but beware of the well trained spin masters and always remember where you are-in the "pit" of hell on earth.

I am not anti-American, although some will probably criticize me for writing this letter and say that I am anti-American. As a veteran of the US Army, born and raised in this country and one who is female, Black and Muslim I have earned the right to speak my mind even if someone else finds it to be incorrect.

I can't agree with being in the White just to have a good time, to get a pat on the head like good boys and girls. If we are going to be there, get something accomplished, challenge those who claim to represent you and ask some real challenging questions like why is it that Secret Evidence can be used to incarcerate someone? Why is it that someone can be charged with Conspiracy to Commit a Crime when they were not around or involved with any parties accused of the crime until after the fact? Ask why attorney Lynne Stewart is fighting for her freedom just because she did her job and represented (Sheik Rahman) who needed to be represented in court?

I am no longer fooled by those who are on the Hill and those who want to be with them. I have decided not to be politically correct any more; it is just too physically draining. If you go there (the White House or the Hill) just know who you are dealing with and know that anything said probably will not be the truth. If we are going to Washington with pure intentions then so be it. If we are going to be seen as others are there just to be seen, we better stay at home and save our money. There are less expensive ways to be seen.

If we are going to encourage people to vote, then let's educate the masses of Muslims who are voting and stop playing the same game as others in this society. It is very easy to host a few political forums (not rallies for candidates). Distribute literature that will show someone how to do research on a candidate before you waste your time working for them. We should not be urging anyone to vote without some form of voters education in our communities (Masjid). We should stop the vote gathering and bartering to get someone in office (who usually doesn't really care about us Muslims or anyone else for that matter) just to get our son a scholarship, ourselves a contract or some money and begin to really look at this system and our role in it.

Let's ask ourselves this question "Are we part of the problem or the solution?" No straddling the fence. You either want what is right for all (Muslims and non-Muslims) true freedom, the choice to practice our way of life (Islam) or you are a sellout trying to cut out your piece of the American unjust and immoral pie for your own personal gain. Whatever you do is up to you: just don't lie to yourself and others.

Whatever you think of this letter, fine. Just be honest with yourself because as we all know Allah sees and hears all we do.

Hadayai Majeed
Muslim Women's Political Action Committee
[Ref: Dr. Anwar Ul Haque's letter on Israel]

[From Ms. Carolyn in Florida.]
Re: letter from Anwar Haque and the Israeli atrocities/broken laws and evils against America and other countries. The reason they get away with all of this is because they control America-media, economy and government. It's a done deal. We live in Israeli Occupied Territory. Americans are the most naive people on the planet. They are desensitized to murder, wars and sex because of the bombardment of Jewish controlled rubbish on the television and the theaters. They set the standards for immorality-why, because they hate good. They especially target Christians because they hate Christ so much. The more Christians they can "suck in" to their standard of immorality, the happier they are because then they have attacked Christ, whom they detest today as much as they did 2000 years ago. Of course other religions are under this dreadful blanket of evil as well. The Jews are the common denominator to all of the evil in the world and most of the suffering that is taking place against mankind.
[From Sis. Hamdiyeh, South Carolina.]

Is this reunion sponsored by a group that started out to help the "homeless" and is now sponsoring an event at a 4-star zionist hotel with events at the zionist disneyworld?

2003-07-12 Sat 00:06ct