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A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition Calls for Anti-Inauguration Rallies on January 20.
$270 Million a Day being Spent in Iraq while 3 Million Americans are Homeless.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are planning to protest President Bush's inauguration on January 20, 2005 in Washington, DC along Pennsylvania Avenue and Constitution Avenue.
The planning committee of A.N.S.W.E.R presented its program for the "Anti-Inauguration" on December 18.

More than 50% of Americans oppose America's foreign policy. Many of them are young and fiery opponents of President Bush. The movement is led by Ramsey Clark who has called for the impeachment of Bush for violation of the U.S. Constitution and for war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.

The A.N.S.W.E.R. representative said that one out of every eight Americans are homeless while the U.S. is spending $270 million EVERY DAY on the war in Iraq. Even one day's expense in Iraq would provide housing for 4 million people.

The attorney for A.N.S.W.E.R gave a detailed survey of the government's attempts to stop the anti-Inauguration rallies without giving an open "No" which could result in a court case.

To join the rallies on January 20, go to: www.ANSWERCoalition.org

U.S. Muslims, Christians and Christmas: How to Respond? From the Easy to the tough issues.

"...And nearest among them in love to the believers will you find those who say, 'we are Christians' ...' [The Qur'an 5:82]

Muslims should not hate or reject anyone on the basis of religion. Islam is a very powerful religion and we don't have to be against anyone who follows a different way.

We Muslims have a special fellowship with Christians as we are the only people outside Christianity who accept Jesus [peace be on him] as part of our faith.

Muslims in America should realize that Christianity in America is based on FAITH and the acceptance of Jesus (p) as the Savior. So, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What do Jews Really Want? Ayn Rand's Brook Pulls no Punches.
"Destroy their homes, their economy, their mosques. Reduce their Cities to Dust."

By Buut Shikan [Idol Breaker]

On December 17, 2004 an educated Jew, Yaron Brook, a Ph.D from Austin, Texas, appeared on the O'Reilly Show on behalf of the Ayn Rand institute, a famous Jew who wrote a book titled Atlas Shrugged.

Yaron Brook was unhappy with the extent to which America has used its military power in Iraq. He thought more should be done. He wants the Muslims to be hit harder. We should destroy their homes, their economy, their mosques, reduce their cities to dust, Brook declared calmly.

He was exactly the picture of Nazi murderers whom the Jews have concocted in many movies.
The holocaust of the Muslims being enacted under Jewish direction has this element of banality in it: the idea that if their cities are reduced to dust, the armies of Islam will surrender and the green banners of Islam will be lowered. How stupid can Yaron Brook be?

He wants Fallujah to be reduced to dust. Poor fool does not know that Fallujah has already been reduced to dust with NO AFFECT ON THE SPIRIT of ISLAM.

Even O'Reilly, veteran Islam hater that he is, was appalled at the Ayn Rand vision of "what should be done." He tried to point out that such American violence might get the Muslims even more fired up! Brook, however, insisted and O'Reilly, very politely told him: "I disagree."

As honest observers point out, as long as the THUG ENTITY known as "Israel" remains planted illegally in the middle east, illegitimate child of superpower treachery, the hope for peace will remain a mirage.
Thought of the Day:

According to Lancet magazine, more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians, mostly women and children, have been killed in bombardment by the U.S. air force since March 2003. These figures do not include the uncounted thousands of civilians killed in Fallujah in the recent offensive.
Under the sanctions and embargo imposed on Iraq, more than a million Iraqis, mostly children, died a slow death of malnutrition, disease and lack of medicines.
To cover up this holocaust of the Muslims, the U.S. government, coached by the Zionists, is trying to deflect world attention by bringing up the alleged crimes of President Saddam Hussain from the time when he was being used by the U.S.


David Mindich, author of TUNED OUT: WHY AMERICANS UNDER 40 DON'T FOLLOW THE NEWS says that 75% of Americans who watch FOX TV, O'REILLY and the like and listen to Rush Limbaugh think that the U.S. military is doing the right thing in Iraq [in spite of Abu Ghraib and Gauantanamo Bay revelations.]. 80% of these misled Fox TV audiences actually believe that Saddam was involved in 9.11 and there is a connection between Saddam and Al-Qaida!

[O'Reilly justified even the video taped shooting of an old, unarmed, near-death Iraqi in a mosque by a U.S. marine.]

Why Blame Syria? Closest Possible Cooperation with the U.S.

[by our Media Monitor.]

Imad Moustapha, Syrian ambassador to the U.S., was on C-Span TV channel on November 26, 2004. He provided some information which many Muslims don't know:

* There is close cooperation between the U.S. intelligence services and Syria on the Iraqi border.

* The Syrian government has a close relationship with Iyad Allawi, the Sh'ite puppet installed in Baghdad by the U.S. military.

* Syria genuinely wants peace with Israel. In this connection Jewish American SENATORS have visited President Assad.

* Medeleine Albright, Secretary of State under Clinton, who is notorious for her comment that the death of a million Iraqi children under sanctions was "worth it" has visited Syria 100 times in the last 10 years.

* There are 500,000 Palestinian refugees in Syria but their representatives are only allowed to have offices. No action against Israel is permitted.

[So why all this propaganda against Syria? It's a way of creating new pressures on Assad. Like the Saudis he has to work harder to remain in power.]

NEW TREND NOTE: In about 30 years, Syrian forces have not fired EVEN ONE SHOT at Israel.]
AFGHANISTAN [Special report from Pakistan, except for item 1.]


On December 13, the U.S. TV outlets reported that Taliban Ameer Mullah Omar's security chief Mullah Naqeeb, had been captured, and had led his captors, working for the U.S., to arrest other Taliban leaders, such as Mullah Abdul Qayyum.

The story began to unravel when a Pakistani newspaper, Ummat, pointed out that Abdul Qayyum is actually a supporter of Prof. Rabbani's Jamiate Islami. He has been living peacefully in Kandahar for several years and his arrest must have been a mistake.

A couple of days later, Lt. Gen. Lance Smith, Deputy Commander of the U.S. Central Command, admitted during a Pentagon hearing that the report of the arrests of Taliban leaders "cannot be confirmed."


December 16. A U.S. aircraft which took off from Shindand airport in Farah province was brought down by the Taliban. Seven U.S. troops were reported killed. Taliban spokesman Haleemi claimed that a SAM 7 missile was used to bring it down.

The U.S. admitted the loss but attributed it to "technical reasons."

Two weeks earlier, the U.S. had reported the crash of a small CASA-212 plane over Bamiyan province in which 6 U.S. forces were killed, including 3 officers. It was attributed to technical reasons, but now sources close to the airport outside Kabul have called Pakistani newspapers to say that the plane was shot down by a "rocket."
[It appears that the Taliban are bringing out some weapons hidden away from the era of the war against the Soviets.]


On December 16, in Zabul province, Taliban ambushed 4 vehicles carrying Afghan troops armed by the U.S. Two of the vehicles were destroyed, 10 troops and 2 Taliban were killed in the fighting.

In another ambush, in Khost province, the Taliban killed 6 policemen working for Kabul and wounded the police commander.

Earlier the Taliban carried out a night raid on a U.S. base in Paktika province, killing 2 Afghan troops working for the U.S. and wounding 8.
Received from Senator Khurshid Ahmad's Press Secretary Rao Muhammad Akhtar

Musharraf Regime Ignoring Indian Water Grab in Chenab River

Islamabad (December 15, 2004) Senator Prof. Khurshid Ahmad has expressed his dismay over Pakistan Government's apathy on construction of 450 Megawatt Baglihar Power Project on Chenab River. According to Prof. Khurshid Ahmad "The Indian intransigence in not accepting Pakistan's repeated requests to stop the gross violation of the Indus Water Treaty. The work on this project would affect the water flow to Pakistan and aggravate the water crisis in the country. This construction began more than four years ago and is expected to be completed around March 2005".

He further stated "Pakistan has totally failed to have any meaningful dialogue with India on this issue and has shown unpardonable weakness by not invoking the Treaty Provisions relating to seeking international and neutral intervention to get it stopped. The latest meeting expected between India and Pakistan scheduled for early December has also been postponed".

The learned Senator asked the Government to answer: "Why has Pakistan fallen into Indian trap of dillay-dallying and not acted firmly and swiftly to seek international intervention? Are we waiting for the project to be completed? According to Prof. Khurshid Ahmad this represents a case of total failure of our Foreign Policy." He concluded by saying that "This failure is criminal and the President and his team must be made accountable for it, as they have pinned all hopes on friendship and normalization with India."

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