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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 23,1429/ March 31, 2008, #20

Jamia Hafsa students protest outside National Asembly of Pakistan: Re-Emergence of Islamic Women's Movement after Military Strikes by Mush-Bush

March 29, 2008:ISLAMABAD: A group of some 30-40 burqa-clad female students from Jamia Hafsa protested in front of the National Assembly while the session was in progress. They demanded immediate release of Maulana Abdul Aziz Ghazi and reconstruction of Jamia Hafsa.

The demonstrating students were holding placards and banners with anti-government slogans on them. They said that the purpose of their coming there was to voice their demands and grievances to the members of the newly-elected assembly.

The students tried to enter the assembly building but police kept them away. The students dispersed peacefully after some time.

"Makkah Learning Center" Attempts to Defame African-American Sister: Interview Reveals a Genuine Muslimah Working to Help Women at the Grassroots Level
by Kaukab Siddique

The Internet communities of Muslims in Baltimore have been wracked by a campaign of abuse and character assassination aimed at a Muslim woman named Nadia. I watched in horror, wondering at this shameless activity of slander and abuse. The last straw was when a group calling itself by the grand title of "Makkah Learning Center" [MLC] joined the attack and published a notice urging Muslims not to help Sis. Nadia's organization titled al-Mumtahinah, which helps homeless women, calling her a fake and claiming that the real al-Mumtahinah is run by two individuals in ISB [Islamic Society of Baltimore].

I was intrigued that MLC was attacking and slandering a Muslim woman without asking for her viewpoint. [Notice that New Trend gives all who are criticized in its columns, the right of reply.]
I have read that MLC leaders [emanating from the Islamic Society of Annapolis] are a bunch of bootlickers of Zionists. During the so-called Annapolis Summit organized by Bush and the Israelis, these people, led by their "imam" went and prayed with Rabbis. What kind of trash these people are, praying for the success of an Israeli venture!

When we held the demonstration against Rushdie, MLC refused to join. Even standing up for the honor of the Prophet, pbuh, is too much for these people. Why would these shameless cowards be attacking an African-American Muslimah?
Suffice it to say that the attacks on Sis. Nadia didn't sound right although MLC presented them with complete and aggressive confidence but with no proof.

So, following my journalistic instinct, on March 28, I interviewed Sis. Nadia, along with her husband Abdul Haqq [who it turned out knew me from way back] and her two daughters. It's a solidly Islamic family. I was expecting a wishy washy semi-westernized woman out to make a buck, if the smear campaign was to be believed. Sis. Nadia turned out to be a niqabi with complete hijab! Her husband is one of the rare men in Baltimore who wears Sunnah-type flowing clothes with a small turban. The two girls wear headcoverings.

I interviewed her for about two hours. She gave me copies of all her documents. She has a track record of service, helping homeless women. It started when, on embracing Islam, she herself became homeless. Muslims had no homeless shelters for women, so she went to the Salvation Army. They would keep her only on condition that she join Bible class. She refused, picked up her things and left.

The incident became public and was picked up by the media, so there is a record of it. More recently, her work for homeless \ Muslim women was published in the Washington Post.
The so-called MLC should apologize to Sis. Nadia. Their racism and unIslamic behavior stands uncovered. They did not notice that the woman who has been distributing emails against Sis. Nadia calls herself JoAnne but does not give her full name. Thus MLC slandered Sis. Nadia without the slightest evidence.

Readers who know more about the persons involved in the campaign of slander against Sis. Nadia should write to New Trend. If readers want copies of her documents, I can send them with her permission.

Forthcoming Research on Islamic Groups working with imperialists will appear in New Trend, inshallah:
Muslim Brotherhood [Ikhwan]. What happened to them?
Fethullah Gulen in Turkey.

The Decline and Fall of the Muslim Brotherhood movement by Imam Badi Ali


The Ikhwan al-Muslimoon [the Brotherhood movement] is helping the U.S. construct a new "Islam" which will be acceptable to the West. The original Muslim Brotherhood movement was the most important Islamic movement in the Middle East; thus many Muslims are easily misled by this one using the old name. Hasan al-Banna, shaheed, its founder, was the pride of the Muslim world. The Ikhwan went through terrible suffering at the hands of Gamal 'Abdel Nasser.

Today, only the facade of Islam remains in the Brotherhood movement: Those who were serious about the original Islamic message of the movement left decades back and organized new groups.

A sign of the times is that the Brotherhood movement [BM hereinafter] disowned Syed Qutb, the greatest intellect and the most famous martyr of the Ikhwan. He was telling his people that the Qur'an does not accept the "Islam" of those who do not rule according to Islam. He provided a study of Islam as a complete way of life and rejected any cooperation with the Pharoahs who rule Egypt. That was too much for the breakaway "Ikhwan" who continue to use the name.

Then the BM went a step further. When the Egyptian dictator Anwar Sadat betrayed his nation [and Islam] and flew to "Israel" to give legitimacy to the terrorist entity, the Egyptian people, though unarmed, resisted. Finally Khalid al-Islambouli [shaheed] killed the Pharoah. In response, BM condemned Khalid as a "terrorist." Since then the BM has been in steady decline and has become nothing more than a social welfare and charity group.

The most recent retreat from its original message was when BM decided to run for elections under the blood drenched regime of Hosni Mubarak. It won [or was allowed to win] a number of seats and proclaimed this as its great victory. Increasingly the BM has been working hand-in-glove with the White House as can be seen in the activities of BM in America where this group controls a number of mosques owing to its financial clout.

The BM is involved in the creation of a new "Islam." Its new generation includes people like Amr Khalid who is seen physically with the dictator Hosni Mubarak. Throughout these years, 2001-2008, when the U.S. has been attacking Iraq and Afghanistan, BM has been very quiet and has spent its energies in condemning the 9.11 attacks, thus accepting the anti-Islam pattern of thought. BM in America has come up with new definitions of Jihad, including the claim that getting up for fajr prayers is jihad. Thus BM has been extremely useful for the Bush administration and has been used in a variety of ways. [to be continued, inshallah]

Fethullah Gulen: Bringing A new "Islam" in which all religions are, more or less, the same

The Turkish Study Group has sent New Trend the text of a paper presented at Marquette University [Milwaukee, Wisconsin] by Rev. Thomas Mitchel which discusses Islam in Turkey. The paper provides a glowing account of the movement led by Fethullah Gulen in Turkey and gives some idea of the tremendous support Gulen is getting from westernized Muslim circles in Turkey and America.
Gulen's technique is that he tries to give the impression that he has inherited the values and teachings of the Turkish teacher and leader of resurgent Islam, Imam Badiuzzaman Nursi. Gulen, however, is not opposing the power structure but is supporting all its programs including the invention of a "moderate" Islam meant to divide and mislead the Muslims.
Gulen's line is that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all "Abrahamic" religions and thus differ from each other only in details. He is a great admirer of the Pope. One could be fooled into thinking that he is a peacemaker who wants to be friendly with Christians. Unfortunately, he is using this line of thinking to attack Muslims who oppose America's hegemonic designs. Resistance by Islamic forces is seen by Gulen as "terrorism" and thus he fits easily into America's new "Islam."
Gulen is spreading his tentacles into Muslim communities in America with total U.S. support. His views are of direct relevance to us because Dr. Ingrid Mattson, the woman who was appointed head of ISNA [the Islamic Society of North America], so called] was the editor of the missionary magazine coming out of Hartford, Connecticut which published a whole special issue on Gulen and presented him to U.S. Muslims as the bringer of an "acceptable" Islam. [Acceptable that is to the rulers of U.S. of A.].
[To be continued, inshallah.]

LATEST NEWS from Somalia
Islamic forces are now in control of most of Somalia. In the capital, Mogadishu, itself, Ethiopian tank columns and Somali "government" troops funded by the U.S. have failed to evict Islamic resistance groups owing to the support of the population. According to latest reports, the Islamic fighters beat back the U.S.-backed troops who were looting, inflicted heavy losses on them and forced them to retreat all the way to the presidential palace.
Here is the lead into the story as presented by the New York Times of March 29, 2008:

"Mogadishu, Somalia - The trouble started when government soldiers went to the market and, at gunpoint, began to help themselves to sacks of grain last week.

Islamist insurgents poured into the streets to defend the merchants. The government troops took heavy casualties and retreated all the way back to the presidential palace, supposedly the most secure place in the city. It, too, came under fire."

Must Reading for Understanding World War II: This was the Real Holocaust. This is why the Auschwitz Story was Necessary

Friedrich's Look at the Air War Against Germany
Stanley Hoffman - Foreign Affairs

This horrific and fascinating study of the Anglo-American air assaults on German cities during World War II, which was published a few years ago in Germany, requires a very strong stomach: Reader beware. It is about as thorough and methodical as a history book can be. Jörg Friedrich [in The Fire: The Bombing of Germany] examines the weapons used; the firestorms that engulfed many German cities; the crews that carried out the bombing missions; Winston Churchill's determination -- until the winter of 1945 -- to destroy German cities; the Allies' strategy; the fate of the populations in their shelters ... all this in a matter-of-fact, dispassionate style.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [news] [2 items only]
P.O. Box 10881
baltimore, MD 21234

What did Rev. Wright really say? Here is the Complete Sermon [Almost like a Muslim speaking]

From Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz
With thanks to Dr. Farid Muhammad and others

For those of you who have been wondering like I was, just how badly the media had hacked up Rev. Wright's sermons: 360 has an audio of the ENTIRE sermons that have been featured. Both are approximately 35min long. If you have the time and the interest, listen to them.

I found them to be "TYPICAL" fieryy sermons that make you think. If you find them racist, well face it...racism is alive and well on all sides of the American experience. | the "911 sermon" | the "God damn, America" sermon

The Healing Hour Coming out of Atlanta, Georgia

Click on the player or the link below to listen to the Healing Hour show

Letter: Re: Radical Self Criticism

Our main problems are traitors like Jordanian King Abdullah, Egyptian president Mubarak, Bosnian President Siljadzci etc. etc.


Letter: Strategies Used against Muslims Post 9.11 were first Used Against Native Americans ["Indians"]

As-Salaam Elekum Brother!
(1) Thanks for your list of items about our "Revolutionary Prophet." My suggestion is that you consider this discussion / article/statement /list of ideas ---- as an on-going one and add to them over several attempts from more than one angle (theme/topic), and through "experiencing" the Qur'an.
(2) Another suggestion: Perhaps it would be beneficial for Muslims to be made aware of the fact that strategies that h ave been used against Muslims since 9/11 have been taken from and experienced by Native Americans / Indians in the Americas in past centuries, such as: Interfering with Native American cultures by: Demeaning/creating a negative attitude about their culture, attempting to destroy their way of life, their belief system and religion by -------- (i) breaking up the families (taking children from families/parents and putting them in Christian/White Man's schools and brainwashing them, (ii) killing/wiping out the buffaloes--the staple diet and means of food (and economy) survival, having a disrespectful attitude towards their belief system (such as carving busts of American Presidents on Mount Rushmore that was considered sacred ground for the Natives of the land around it), (iii) taking away their natural resources/their land which the Natives considered as belonging to only the Creator and not possessions of any man or military or civil power, (iv) Destroying their languages with devastating consequences on their societies, and (v) imposing/thrusting down their throats their own religious beliefs via Christianity, and by (vi) "demonizing" them as people who were not God's creation, as "barbaric" "primitive" and dangerous.

They demonized Muslims at the global level after 9/11. Now if we trace back all the things done by the west to Muslims around the world by recalling all the facts/events/recent history/actions against the Muslim Ummah---you will come up with effective strategies to counteract the impact of the evils that we face ---- in order to (a) survive, (b) stop "Evil" and cruelties on both sides that is spiraling and destroying the world's people, and, hopefully, help bring about Justice and Peace on Earth for all of Humanity. That is the responsibility of the Muslim Ummah ------placed upon our shoulders by the Almighty. That is what it means to be a "Muslim" / believer in the Modern World.
In conclusion: Muslims need to read the history of the Native Americans in the USA and Canada.

And also, at a secondary level perhaps also look at the history of the Mexicans and natives of South and Central Americans and the "White Man's" attack on these cultures because there are may similar events there also.

As-Salaam Elekum!
Sister Sofia

The Hand of International Jewry emerges thru Zionism-Imperialism
The Pope, Denmark, Holland, Germany Launch Attacks on Islam and the beloved Prophet, pbuh: Cultural Holocaust Planned.
Osama bin Laden & Muslims Worldwide Respond to Attacks

by New Trend's Media Monitor The Jewish-Zionists seem to be ready to inflict a cultural Holocaust against the Muslim world in the name of "freedom of expression."

The response to these attacks has come from the heaviest hitter in the Muslim world, Osama bin Laden himself. It appears that Osama knows more about the Pope than most Muslims. He pre-empted the Pope's fake ceremony baptizing a fake Muslim. Osama, in spite of all the rumors of his death, sent out an audio message in which he holds the Pope responsible for the attacks on Islam. The Islamic leader also warned the European countries publishing cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, that they are playing with fire.

In Pakistan the situation is so serious that for the first time the corrupt secularized government in Islamabad called in the Dutch ambassador and protested. Hundreds of rallies, some of them huge, have been held against Denmark.
Indonesia, Iran, Sudan have protested both against the Danish cartoons and the Dutch movie.
Most surprisingly, the people of Afghanistan came out in the streets against the cartoons although they live under NATO occupation and face intense poverty.
Osama bin Laden is not the only one who has spoken out. Top Pakistani Islamic leaders have also warned that these blasphemous attacks on Islam will lead to a worldwide Islamic response [though they have not threatened an armed response as Osama has done.] Among them are Qazi Hussain Ahmad of Jamaate Islami, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed of Jamat ad-Da'wa and Maulana Abdul Ghaffar of the Red Mosque along with numerous grassroots leaders of Ahle Sunnah and Ahle-Shi'a.
Saudi Arabia's organization Rabitat al-Alam al-Islami was the most creative: It published articles titled: "The Messenger, peace be on him, Mercy for the Whole World" in the 12 Danish newspapers which had published the cartoons.

Editorial comment: The best way to stop the attacks against Islam is to carry out a big time analytical study of the Holocaust stories circulated by International Jewry. The Zionist-Jews are behind the Pope. Remember that the Pope is from Germany and one of his first actions was to make a "pilgrimage" to Auschwitz. The Vatican sneakily recognized the terrorist entity known as Israel and now pretends to be a friend of Muslims.
The entire edifice of Zionism can be brought down through the popularization of great analytical works undermining the holocaust story. Muslims should call for the release of Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel and hundreds of others held in German prisons because they questioned the holocaust story.
In World War II, Germans suffered tremendously. All their cities were wiped out and hundreds of thousands of Germans, men, women, children were burned alive.
With thorough research, without hatred but with attention to the documents made available by revisionist scholars, the Zionist enterprise can be undermined. Jews suffered often because they supported the Soviet Union. Latvians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Poles hated the Jews because of the Jewish support for Stalin's massacres. History is much too complex to be put under the label of "What Hitler and the Nazis did." No British or American air force commander has ever been brought to court for killing civilians, be it in Germany then or Iraq now.
Notice that Denmark, Holland, the Pope, and Germany dare not say a word critical of the holocaust story. They apply "freedom of expression" only to attacks on Muhammad, pbuh, his family, r.a., and the Qur'an. The Pope has not even condemned the bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan.

A Profile of the Scoundrel whom the Pope Honored

An Excerpt from: Pope Benedict's fresh assault on Islam By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

"..the pontiff chose to baptize at St Peter's Basilica a pro-Israeli Muslim, Magdi Allam, 55, who received first communion at the age of 14.

Who is Allam? An Italian citizen, Egyptian-born Allam is a deputy editor of Corriere della Sera newspaper. He has built his career attacking what he calls the "inherent" violence in Islam and support of Israeli violence against Palestinians while denouncing Palestinian resistance. Tellingly, two years ago, Allam co-shared the Tel Aviv University-based Dan David Prize worth one million dollars. He recently published a book under a provocative name: Long Live Israel - From the Ideology of Death to the Civilization of Life: My Story. Allam, who often indulges in fear mongering by raising the specter of "Islamization" of the Italian society, supports a ban on building mosques in Italy."

Keith Ellison is no representative of the Muslims of America. His trip to Afghanistan Marks him as a Warmonger.

Ellison wants the U.S. to focus on Afghanistan to make Karzai a success. This is how it was reported by the Associated Press.
Associated Press Writer.

March 27: The war in Afghanistan is not a top issue in the U.S. presidential race because of a lack of interest among the American public and the media, a U.S. congressman said during a visit to the Afghan capital Wednesday.
Keith Ellison, a Democrat from the U.S. state of Minnesota, said he believes America's three leading presidential candidates are paying attention to the conflict in Afghanistan but the issue is not garnering wider interest.
"Either because of the public interest or the press, it's not a hot debate item, but I think it should be," Ellison said. "It's clear the focus in the presidential debate is on Iraq policy, but I wish the press would ask more questions about Afghanistan, what could or should be done to make sure Afghanistan's future is secure."
Ellison said he thinks that after the U.S. election in November any of the three top candidates _ Republican John McCain or Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will pay more attention to Afghanistan than the Bush administration has.
Ellison is one of six U.S. congressional members who wrapped up a two-day visit to Afghanistan on Wednesday. The group met with President Hamid Karzai and U.S. Gen. Dan McNeill, the top NATO general in charge of the international military mission here.
Karzai told the group that terrorism continues to be a problem and that Afghanistan was in need of economic development, Ellison said. Karzai also said he supported elevating the status of women in Afghanistan. Most women still wear the all-encompassing burqa and have far fewer rights and opportunities than men.
Ellison is one of two Muslim members of the U.S. Congress. Ellison said religion did not play a role in the trip to the Muslim country.

The Forgotten Nation
22,597 women widowed, 9765 Women molested in Occupied Kashmir by Hindu India

Islamabad, March 08 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, women have been the worst victims of Indian state terrorism during the past 19 years.

This has been stated in a report released by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service on International Women`s Day.

The report reveals that 92,239 civilians have been martyred by Indian troops since January 1989 till March 2008 including thousands of women. 431 women were killed by the troops during the period, January 2002 till March 08 2008 alone. Since January 1989 the state terrorism rendered 22,597 women widowed and 9765 were molested by the occupation troops.

The All Parties Hurriyet Conference leader Yasmeen Raja addressing a gathering of women in Srinagar today, condemned in strong terms the atrocities meted out to Kashmiri women by the occupation authorities. She maintained that Indian troops were using Kashmiri women as weapon to terrorize the people of Kashmir.

Thousands of women suffered the loss of their sons, husbands and brothers in the occupied territory who got disappeared in the custody of occupation forces. As per the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons, more than ten thousand Kashmiris have gone missing during the past nineteen years. Majority of the Kashmiris suffering from multiple psychic problems are women.
[Kashmir Media Service]

Historic United Move by Pakistani Islamic Scholars to Defend the Honor of the Prophet, pbuh: Sudan's Boycott Call Hailed: Silence of Pope Benedict XVI Condemned.

Lahore, March 30, 2008
A one day convention of religious leaders and prominent Islamic scholars from all over Pakistan, titled 'Hurmat-e-Rasool [Hpnor of the Prophet, pbuh] Convention' organized by Jamat-ud-Dawah Pakistan was held at Markaz al-Qadsia, Chowburji, Lahore, to discuss the republication of disrespectful and insulting caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, in Danish newspapers, as well as the release of a highly offensive anti-Islam film by a member of the Dutch parliament and to chart a strategy for an initial response to this issue.

The convention was chaired by Ameer Jamat-ud-Dawah Pakistan Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. Some of the prominent Islamic scholars and religious leaders who participated in the convention were Ex-President of Pakistan Muhammad Rafique Tarrar, head of JUI(S) Moulana Sameeul Haqq, head of Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith Senator Prof. Sajid Meer, deputy Ameer Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan Moulana Aslam Saleemi, Secretary Information JUI(F) Moulana Amjad Khan, head of Khaksar Tehreek engneer Hameedud Deen al Mashraqi, head of Shia Political Party Nowbahar Shah, head of JUP(NF) engineer Saleemullah Khan, head of Itihad-ul-Ulama (a body representing Ulamas from all over Pakistan) Moulana Abdul Malik Mujadid, Central leader of Jamat-ud-Dawah Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki, Moulana Ameer Hamza, deputy head of Jamiah Ashrafia Moulana Fazal-e-Raheem and others. This was a representative convention of all the four sects of Islam and the efforts of Jamat-ud-Dawah to bring leaders of different sects together were highly appreciated.
The following resolution was unanimously adopted and announced at the conclusion of the convention:

• Safeguarding of the Prophet's, sallallahu alaihi wasallam's, sanctity is an integral part of every Muslim's faith, and every possible sacrifice can, and will, be made for upholding it. (in'shaa'Allah)

• Ambassadors of Denmark and Holland should be expelled from all Muslim countries; imports from both these countries should be banned; Muslims, all over the world, must boycott all Danish and Dutch products, and Muslim traders should play their role to make this global boycott campaign a success.

• The United Nations should take practical measures to stop the re-publication of the insulting caricatures and the dissemination of the offensive film; otherwise Muslim nations will form their own 'United States of Islam' and will leave membership of the United Nations.

• The boycott by Sudan's president Omar al-Bashir is a glowing example for Muslim nations to follow. This convention assures of its full support to the government of Sudan and condemns ongoing conspiracies against Sudan's integrity by the West, especially by the U.S.

• Saudi Arabia's efforts, whereby it is endeavoring to have defamation of the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, recognized as a crime from the platform of the United Nations, are lauded. Other Muslim nations should follow Saudi Arabia's example. Moreover, this convention endorses the letter written by 35 prominent Islamic scholars of Karachi to the Secretary General of the United Nations in this regard.
• Publication of advertisements titled 'Know Your Prophet', sallallahu alaihi wasallam, by Rabita Aalam al-Islami in Danish newspapers is a commendable act. Such admirable actions should be further promoted.

• The OIC should not depend solely on issuing statements and passing resolutions, but instead, should represent the true emotions of 1.5 billion Muslims of the world, and take practical steps to end the disrespect of the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wasallam.

• Muslims consider the inviolability of the sanctity of all Prophets as an integral part of their faith, yet the criminal silence of Pope Benedict XVI, as well as other prominent Christian clergy and leaders, makes their role highly questionable and suspect. They must clarify their position; otherwise Muslims will be forced to believe that the Pope's anti-Islam remarks are a part of this organized campaign which the West has begun against Islam.

• The Hurmat-e-Rasool campaign will be further organized and augmented. The pace of familiarizing the Muslim Ummah with the Seerah (life and character) of the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, will be further increased (in'shaa'Allah).

• It is necessary for a robust response to the disrespect of the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, that Muslims instill a Muhammadan, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, spirit in themselves, rather than espousing Western culture.

• A special session of the National Assembly should be convened to address the issue of the sanctity of the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, solely, and in which the government should be bound, through a resolution, that it will immediately sever diplomatic and economic relations with Denmark and Holland.

• National hero, Dr. Abd-ul-Qadeer Khan, should be freed immediately, and he should also be recompensed for all injustices committed against him.

• All misunderstandings and ambiguities which had arisen during Musharraf's era should be removed, and a Kashmir policy which reflects the aspirations of the nation should be formulated.

• This convention assures the Kashmiri people that the whole Pakistani nation is prepared to stand shoulder to shoulder with them and offer any sort of sacrifice in their just struggle.

• This convention announces its wholehearted support of the just struggles for independence of the Muslims of Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Somalia, and the Philippines. Moreover, it congratulates Muslims of Kosovo on achieving independence.

• India, Israel, and the U.S. are involved in the subversive and terrorist activities in Pakistan. Pakistan's rulers should inform the people about the facts, instead of trying to conceal the role the agencies of these countries in these subversive acts. Moreover, the custom of blaming Islamic organizations for every bomb blast and terrorist activity should be ended.
• Pakistan has been turned into a war zone because of Pervez Musharraf's policies; these policies must be discontinued immediately.

• The U.S. does not want peace to prevail in Pakistan, and its efforts to influence the new government are highly condemnable. The rulers should slam the promised $300 million in U.S. aid, back onto its face, and not enter into any negotiations which will compromise the nation's pride. Furthermore, the practice of using of Pakistan's armed forces for American interests should be ended forthwith.

• Freeing of judges is a commendable act, yet urgent efforts must be made for the reinstatement of all judges, including the Chief Justice, Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry.

• The government of Pakistan should take solid steps for the repatriation of Pakistanis incarcerated in India. Moreover, an effective system for the rehabilitation of these prisoners should be sketched out. Whereas, India should called to account for the cold blooded murder of Pakistani citizen, Khalid Mehmood, who was martyred in an Indian jail.

Abdullah Muntazir

Jama't-ud-Da'wah Pakistan

2008-04-02 Wed 08:32:27 cst