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November 21.
Iraqis with a cruel sense of humor used donkey driven carts to fire rockets into U.S. civil and military headquarters in Baghdad.

The resistance led by Saddam Hussain is going after collaborators. TWO POLICE HEADQUARTERS WERE HIT ON NOVEMBER 22, one in Baqubah, 40 miles north of Baghdad, and in one B. Saad with casualties, at least 12 policemen dead.

A U.S. airliner was hit by a missile near Baghdad airport but landed safely though damaged.

The U.S. has MOVED FROM 500 pound bombs to 2000 pound bombs to hit back at the resistance. Till now very few results. At least 14 Iraqi civilians have been killed in the bombing.
Numerous incidents took place in the month of Ramadan. In almost all of these, the TALIBAN had the initiative and the U.S. was on the defensive. U.S. air power is stopping a countrywide TAKEOVER BY THE TALIBAN.

A cultural war is also going on in Afghanistan. CHRISTIAN MISSIONARIES are tempted by the denuded infrastructure and see the opportunity to lure the people living at the edge of existence into the western way of life. The TALIBAN seem very sensitive to this cultural invasion and are strongly opposed to western "charitable" and "educational" ventures.
[The U.S. effort to ban Muslim charities and blame them for helping "terrorism" seems linked to the effort to create a vacuum in which non-Muslim charities can work.]


The Turkish government has identified the two young men who carried out the martyrdom attack on the synagogues as well as the four who attacked the British Consulate and the British Bank in Istanbul. ALL WERE TURKS.

Attacks on places of worship like Synagogues are not permitted in Islam. So why the attack on the synagogues? Incomplete research which could provide a clue indicates that the synagogues were sources of fund raising for Israel. After the bombing, Israeli intelligence started working with the Turkish government to uncover the attack structure.

Other research indicates that ISRAEL HAS DESTROYED 135 MOSQUES in PALESTINE in the last 25 years. NOT ONE OF THESE MOSQUES HAS EVER RECEIVED THE WESTERN MEDIA'S COVERAGE and not one of the Israeli attacks has ever been condemned in the western media. These observers say, however abhorrent, it's only 2 versus 135. All such attacks should be condemned otherwise it's very lopsided.

In addition Israel, which was connected to the two synagogues, has repeatedly DESECRATED MASJID al-AQSA, the third holiest mosque of Islam without the slightest response from Turkey's government or US/UK. Israel also desecrated the CHURCH of the NATIVITY in BETHLEHEM and yet escaped condemnation.

Why the violence in Turkey? For most Americans it is difficult to understand. Here are a few facts which provide perspective:

In 1948, Turkey was the first Muslim country to recognize Israel. Turkey's rulers oppress and subjugate the vast majority of Turkey's people who are Muslims. The power in Turkey is in the hands of a large military establishment, well-funded, heavily armed and in an integral relationship with the U.S. and Israel. The military permits a fašade of democracy but the slightest expression of Islamic sentiment leads to exclusion and punishment. A few years back, a woman who was elected to the fašade parliament was removed when she wore her Islamic headcover. Even her citizenship was suspended! Mustafa Kemal "Ataturk", founder of modern Turkey, used his military forces to carry out the decimation of the Islamic identity of Turkey. He went to the extent of banning the Adhan (call to prayer) in Arabic. He imposed western dress and had numerous people executed because they would not wear the European hat! Islamic expression in Turkey, which is the voice of the poor and the downtrodden, has no legal outlet. The boot of the military is well-heeled and is back by 100% American support. TORTURE and ABUSE of the most horrific kinds is endemic in Turkey's prison and is aimed at all opponents, be they Islamic, Kurdish or Socialist.
[New Trend will publish more on Turkey as information becomes available.]

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