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David Irving at the Height of his Power: Greatest Historian of World War II
No Evidence that Hitler Endorsed Jewish ‘Holocaust'
Sharon is a Holocaust Denier: We should mourn ALL innocent victims

"Seek knowledge even if it be in China." {Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, Hadith}

David Irving, British historian, spoke at a dinner gathering in Arlington, Virginia on April 28, 2002. He talked about his latest book, an updated edition of his massive HITLER'S WAR. Mr. Irving is unique among historians because he spends most of his life reading the original documents related to his research and in particular the diaries of people involved in the life of Hitler. He knows German, some say, even better than English and this has helped him.

HITLER'S WAR is an impressive book in hard cover with numerous photographs and pictures of documents which throw stunning new light on the events of World War II.

When Mr. Irving first wrote his books on the War, about Hitler and Rommel and the bombing of Dresden, he was hailed as a brilliant new star among the greatest historians of the 1933-1945 years. His publisher, however, noticed that he had not written anything about the Jewish "holocaust." Mr. Irving responded that he writes about issues and events for which he can find documentation. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE AVAILABLE THAT HITLER PLANNED OR ORDERED THE WHOLESALE DECIMATION OF JEWS. The Jewish narratives of the gassing of six million Jews too cannot be substantiated.

David Irving does not deny that the Jews suffered tremendously at the hands of Nazi Germany. Particularly on the eastern front, several thousand Jews were gunned down by rogue commanders. The war saw the deaths of millions of innocent people on both sides. Mr. Irving prefers the word "innocenticide" rather than "genocide" when referring to these deaths. The point he makes is that the deaths not only of Jews but of all innocent people should be condemned (and thus people of all races, not the Jews alone, should receive compensation).

One of the stunning aspects of Irving's research is the translation of SS (Hitler's special forces) messages which were intercepted by the British during the war and have now been released. These clearly show that Hitler wanted to put off the issue of the Jewish people to AFTER the war.

An amazing aspect of Irving's research is his ability to interact with the survivors of Hitler's inner circle, including his secretary. Thus he is able to help people see the REAL Hitler rather than the devil incarnate the victors have made him out to be.

[The Zionist media cannot stand Irving because HE IS NOT A NAZI OR A RACIST. His scholarship, tenacious honesty and scrupulous care for facts is evident to anyone who reads his works. He cannot be dismissed as a propagandist. Many on the other side don't like him either because his meticulous documentation brings out the hard core evil of Nazi leaders like Goebbels and Himmler.]

Mr. Irving is famous for his ‘asides.' In this gathering, he brought the house down with his reference to Sharon as the "holocaust denier" of Jenin.

(In response to a question by Dr. Siddique about the bombing of German cities during World War II, Mr. Irving said that the British public were told that strictly military targets were being hit! [Sounds familiar?]

The Zionists have worked very hard to defeat Irving, banning him from visits to Germany, France and Australia, but he is winning because of the internet and his invincible scholarship. The reception in Arlington was packed with eager scholars and students of the War. He got a standing ovation at the conclusion of the meeting.
[David Irving's books belong in every library. The new edition of HITLER'S WAR (more than 800 pages, hard cover with photos, is $50). We also have his NUREMBURG: THE LAST BATTLE 377 pages, hard cover with photos for $25 and APOCALYPSE 1945: THE DESTRUCTION OF DRESDEN, 315 pages, hard cover with photos, for $20. Much of this information is not available in ‘mainstream' libraries. It is authentic, thoroughly researched and documented, and an OPEN CHALLENGE TO THE JEWISH VERSION OF WORLD WAR II.
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