Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

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Imam Jamil al-Amin Sentenced to Life without Parole
Jamaat al-Muslimeen Offers New Strategy to Free America's Imam
Imam Warithuddin 'Umar's Comment on Court's Absurd Verdict

[Local News: AMANA, American Muslim Association of North America, located in Florida, urges that on Friday, March 15, prayers be offered for the thousands of victims of Hindu frenzy in Gujarat, India. The Hindu KKK is trying to rebuild its temple on the site of Babri masjid starting March 15.]

[Local news: A rally for Br. Sulayman, John Walker, will be held, inshallah, in Alexandria, Virginia, starting from 520 King street, from 4 to 6 pm, Friday, March 29.Please confirm if you can volunteer.]

[NPR narrated on March 13 that the Afghan "general" helping U.S. forces near Gardez has admitted that the caves are empty and only 8 bodies have been found, not the 500 the U.S. claimed. On March 14, (11 pm) even the extreme right wind Fox TV admitted that almost all al-Qaida slipped through the U.S. "encirclement" near Gardez and the bombing was ineffective.]
"And Pharoah proclaimed among his people, saying:'O my people! Does not the dominion of Egypt belong to me, (witness) these streams flowing underneath my (palace)? What! See ye not then? Am I not better than this (Moses), who is a contemptible wretch and can scarcely express himself clearly?" (The Qur'an 43:51-52)
Dear Muslims: Pharoah has given his message to the Muslims and the oppressed people of America. He says: Your Imam is guilty as charged on all 13 points, and now Pharoah has rushed forward to sentence our Imam to be shut away in prison for ever and ever. Such is the arrogance of Pharoah that he dreams of "incarcerating" the voice of Truth.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges the people to struggle unitedly, with wisdom and proper organization, for the unconditional release of Imam Jamil al-Amin. Whatever legal remedies need to be followed, but the bigger issues are much more important:
1. Imam Jamil al-Amin is a political prisoner, not a criminal. He has been railroaded because he is seen by the U.S. power structure as one of the very few, almost non-existent, independent, unbought leaders of the Muslims and oppressed people of America.
2. The rush to judgement was so swift because the U.S. is waging a war against Islam. His trial was put off to January because the judge admitted that justice is not possible for Muslims in the current situation.
3. THE CAUSE OF IMAM JAMIL must be taken up by the Muslim world. Every U.S. embassy in the world should receive this message: Free IMAM JAMIL NOW!
4. AFRICAN COUNTRIES IN PARTICULAR can play a role in ending the enslavement of African Americans whom Imam Jamil symbolizes.
5. MUSLIMS IN AMERICA, immigrant and indigenous, should unite to demand Imam Jamil's release. WE WILL NEED TO FOLLOW THE MASS APPROACH because both groups have leaders who want to hold back their followers from a struggle which will displease the Pharoah. Go directly to the Muslims. The "leaders" have failed and may actually be working with the oppressors.
6. Students and young people should be encouraged to join the struggle to free Imam Jamil.
7. MOBILIZE THE PEOPLE. Is there any sincere Muslim or African-American who does not support the freedom of Imam Jamil?
8. In the long run, ECONOMIC BOYCOTTS OF GEORGIA should be organized to put pressure on the oppressive state power there.
9. BUILD THE POWER OF ALTERNATIVE MEDIA. The whole world should know that the U.S. is OPPRESSING AMERICA'S IMAM.
10. We urge independent or relatively independent governments to pay attention to the grim injustice imposed on Imam Jamil, particularly the governments of Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Somalia and Venezuala.
11. We call on all Islamic movements, particularly those in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Bangladesh, Egypt, Afghanistan and the Philippines to pay attention to the plight of the Imam being imprisoned for life.
12. We urge Muslims in U.K., Australia and France who have some access to the media to challenge the U.S. in the case of Imam Jamil.
Free Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin, Free Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, Free Mumia Jamal, Free Leonard Peltier, Free Ahmad Ajaj, free ALL political prisoners.
IMAM WARITHUDDIN UMAR writes from Albany, New York:

1." as salaamu alaikum to you and the believers in Baltimore. You are continuing to provide insight and information on the vitals of the US-British-Israeli war against Al-Islam. Of course the enemies of Allah will lose in the end. However between now and the end, there will be great loss.

Ma sha'llah. I'm sorry but not surprised to hear so little about Imam Jamil in the national news and among the Muslims. He received a nominal hand of support from the major Muslim leadership, African-American and immigrant. Now that the government stamp of approval of guilt by an American jury is on our brother there is little hope of real support from the Muslim community. The police/political structure must now decide if his death as a martyr by the hands of the government will be less of a threat than his containment for life as a prison leader. My opinion is they will be more afraid to keep him alive to influence the thousands of inmates he will encounter during his stay in prison. We need to develop a listing of the Captured Martyr Brigade. May Allah manifest our victory in our losses."
2. " We must convey the word to the captive believers (Muslim prisoners) in Georgia to protect Imam Jamil or he may be placed in the position of George Jackson, the revolutionary prisoner who was killed by guards in the California prison system in the 70's. The system may find it more convenient for an outright murder of the Imam after setting up a false pretext to carry it out than to give the death sentence that will initiate constant attention and automatic appeals that will take years and years to take effect. The death penalty for Jamil al-Amin would produce a circus like atmosphere of protesters who will dog the system and call for his death sentence to be averted. The death sentences cost the state millions of dollars and brings varied supporters who will join the protest though they may not be supportive of Islam and the Islamic causes. The state and it's hand picked jurors know exactly how to fight what they consider a growing menace. They quickly decided his fate. They plan and Allah Plans and Allah is the Best of Planners. The state is efficient and counter revolutionary. Of course we should go forth with aid for this Imam and call for his freedom. However, we should keep in mind the counter-revolutionary knows how to exhaust the energies and resources of the masses and have them follow a path of rallies and writing, e-mails and faxes and exerting anger and efforts and donating money and time, when they know the result will be no release, no court reversals, no change in government policies, unreal expectations, no success for their adversaries. All of this is designed and directed to destroy the morale, depress the spirit with perceived failures and convey what may come to appear to our brothers and sisters as the overwhelming power of the enemies. This is part of psychological warfare. We must not fall into any of these traps. Keep up the good work my brother and may Allah t'ala, aza wa jallahu, make us truly successful in this ongoing struggle."

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