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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 1, 1428/ July 16, 2007 #55

URGENT HELP NEEDED: Jamaat al-Muslimeen is sending out cards to important personalities calling for the release of Imam Jamil al-Amin, America's leading Imam.

Also, efforts are on to commemorate the birth anniversary of Abeer al-Janabi, a 14-year old Iraqi girl who was gang raped by U.S. troops. A very handy flyer is being distributed for vigils on August 19 by Br. Khuram, Br. Luqman, Br. Bilal and Sis. Nadrat.

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Germar Rudolf: German Scientist Imprisoned for "Thought Crimes"

The author of a massive research work Dissecting the Holocaust, [612 pages] Max Planck scientist Germar Rudolf is in a German prison. Please send him letters of concern but do not mention the "holocaust" otherwise he won't get the letter. Enclose a couple of dollars so he can buy essentials for person hygiene from the prison commissary. His address:

Germar Rudolf, Herzogenriedstr. 111, D-68169 Mannheim, Germany

The Voices of Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid: New Trend was First to Interview Them

In view of intense propaganda by Musharraf's Regime and Pakistani secularists, here are links to the interviews on New Trend's website. Not many people will believe Musharraf after reading these:

April 10 Edition:
Why Did Islamic Women Decide to Risk their Lives to Defy General Musharraf in his Stronghold? (Interview with Umm Hasan Principal of Jamia Hafsa, Islamabad , Pakistan )

April 18 Edition:
General Musharraf's Helicopters Drop Tear Gas on Islamic Women's University; Woman Leader Says: We Will Resist and Give our Lives if the General Attacks: We have the right to differ with Ulema who want Women's Action to Stop (Interview with Umm Hasan)

April 27 Edition:
Censored Information: Why the women of Jamia Hafsa rose Up; Mosques Demolished in Islamabad , Pakistan by General Musharraf

May 5 Edition:
Lal Masjid [ Islamabad ] Leader Puts Life on Line to Support Hafsa Women's Struggle; 1% Elites Own & buy-sell Pakistan : Shariah Must be Implemented for Change (Interview with Abdur Rasheed Ghazi)

May 9 Edition:
Hardline Pakistani Generals Planning Martial Law on Excuse of "Islamic Militancy" of Jamia Hafsa-Lal Masjid (Interview with Abdur Rashid Gazi)

May 25 Edition:
Musharraf's troops Ready to Attack Young Islamic Women; Heavy Troop Movement: Roads Blocked: Waiting for Martyrdom (Interview with Umm Hasan and Abdur Rashid Ghazi)

June 30 Edition:
Musharraf Ready to Attack Jamia Hafsa & Lal Masjid: Worries about Female Dead Bodies' Photos

July 3 Edition:
Musharraf Launches Attack on Jamia Hafsa-Lal Masjid: First Wave Beaten Back by Students: 25 youths Killed, 68 wounded

July 5 Edition:
Islamabad : 10,000 Pakistani Troops Besiege Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid.
Massive Propaganda Blitz by Musharraf after Curfew & Electricity/Water Cut off.

July 7 Edition:
Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid Defy General Musharraf's 10,000 Pakistani Troops; Loud Explosions: Pak Mortars Hits Mosque at Close Range: Numerous Casualties
Preliminary List of Young Islamic Women Martyrs in Jamia Hafsa killed by General Musharraf's Forces: Incomplete, as published in Pakistan 's Urdu Media

July 10 Edition:
Poorly Armed Islamic Teachers, Students, Faced Pakistan 's U.S. Trained Commandos. 100 explosions; 15 Hour Resistance Ruined Musharraf's Plan for a Quick Victory: Women Fought Back.
How Musharraf's top Gun was Killed: Broke into Women's University
Abdul Rashid Ghazi was a Man of Peace but would not Bow before Humans.

July 13 Edition:
Martyr of Lal Masjid Focused on Islam & Allah Even When Musharraf Killed his Mother (youtube videos links)
With the Assault on Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid , Pakistan Enters a New Era. Its Own Army has Conquered Pakistan: Peaceful Islamic Movements are Redundant (Analysis by Kaukab Siddique)

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News}
Peaceful but Uncompromising
P.O. Box 10881
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Outreach [1]: Philadelphia: Literature on U.S.-Musharraf Massacre in Red Mosque-Women's University

July 13, 2007: The Bush administration supported Pakistani General's attack on a women's university and a beautiful mosque in Islamabad. The suffering of the Pakistani Islamic women and men led by Abdul Rashid Ghazi was brought to the Muslims of America in factual, non-rhetorical language. The literature was given to 150 worshippers after Juma' prayers at a mosque located behind the University of Pennsylvania. Very positive response.
[Jamaat in Philadelphia is being organized by Br. Aqueel. Would you like to join?]

Outreach [2]: Arab-Americans and Pakistani-Americans Unite: Greensboro, NC. Salatul Janaza for Jamia Hafsa, Pakistan

July 13, 2007: The large Arab gathering at the Islamic Center of the Triad, Greensboro, performed funeral prayers in absentia for the victims of General Musharraf's army in Lal-Masjid-Jamia Hafsa, Islamabad. The prayers were led by Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader, Imam Badi Ali, who gave a brief synopsis of the tragedy.

This is the first time in America's history that Americans of Arab descent have stood up for the rights of Pakistani Muslims. Islam considers the Muslims a GLOBAL UMMAH.

Outreach [3]: Breaking the Silence: Factual Info on the Slaughter of Innocents by Gen. Musharraf's U.S. Armed Commandos

July 13, 2007: Jamaat went back to the Muslim Community Center, Silver Spring, Maryland, on learning that a SECOND Juma' salat is held there which is attended mostly by Pakistanis. New Trend's reports on the horrible crimes committed in Islamabad by Musharraf's military forces were distributed. Included were the names of 23 young Muslim women killed in the Islamic School [Hafsa U.] by Musharraf's mortar fire.

The literature was given to 100 Pakistanis who accepted it in stunned silence. This time no one tried to defend the Pakistani general.

Outreach [4] Stand up for the Deen: Speak out Against Zionist Jews who have Invited Rushdie and Madeleine Albright

Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' khutba at a small mosque on the west side of Baltimore.

Text: "The Prophet is closer to the believers than their own selves, and his wives are as their mothers..." [The Qur'an 33:6.]

[Summary follows.]

Owing to the prayers of the pious, the mujahideen are winning across the Muslim world, be it in Gaza, or Iraq or Afghanistan. Inshallah, they will win in Pakistan, Sudan and Somalia too. We should peacefully do our duty right here in America to stand up, using all methods of communication, for justice and truth. We have the right and the duty to speak out. We must stand up for the deen, for the honor of Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh, and for the sake of our families, children and future as Muslims.

The Jews of Baltimore have invited Salman Rushdie and Madeleine Albright to speak at the Meyerhoff. This means that the big mosques in Baltimore have failed to gain respect from the non-Muslims. The Jews think they can invite the worst enemies of decency and humanity and Muslims will not say a word. Muslims are so busy in collecting money and squabbling that they do not see the Jew insulting and dishonoring all that is dear to us.

Love of Muhammad, pbuh, is second only to tawheed in Islam. Here comes a dirty little man named Rushdie who insults the Prophet, pbuh, who ridicules the greatest of all women, Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a., and who abuses the Qur'an. What does this say about the Muslims of Baltimore? With all those million dollar masjids, we have no honor or respect. Our self-appointed leaders have failed miserably. Albright who is responsible for a MILLION Iraqi deaths is being honored by the Jews right here in Baltimore.

We must use peaceful means to defeat the Jews. We have done them no harm, but they hate us beyond measure. We have never invited a warrior of the SS or an admirer of Hitler yet these Jews have invited a man who has hurt us the most. What will our children think of us?

Take these books of Zikr and recite the du'as the Prophet, pbuh, used to recite. Strengthen yourself spiritually so that fear of humans in your hearts may be replaced by fear of Allah.

[Some of the worshippers were crying. A number of people pledged after the prayers to protest the invitees of Meyerhoff, NPR and Villa Julie College.]

[Zikr books mentioned above are in memory of Dr. Siddique's nephew whose death anniversary was July 13 and are available on request.]

Trinidad Muslims Issue Newsletter to Rebut JFK Terror Plot Story
The following is from the Trinidad & Tobago Express
from Br. Abu Talib, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Brooklyn

Supporters: Terror suspects innocent...newsletter claims entrapment

-Kristy Ramnarine

Sunday, July 15th 2007

spokesperson: Huda Ibrahiim

The Abdul Kareem Ibrahiim support committee has printed a newsletter "aimed at educating and sensitising the public about the plight of the JFK terror plot suspects".

On Friday the commit tee distributed the newsletter to members of the public on the Brian Lara Promenade, Port of Spain.

Committee member, Daud Abdu-Salaam told the Sunday Express yesterday the aim of the newsletter was to sensitise the public on "the unjust incarceration" of Trinidadian Abdul Kareem Ibrahiim and Abdul Kadir and Abdul Nur of Guyana.

"This is not an isolated issue. It is happening all over the world," Abdu-Salaam said.

The committee is made up of ten persons including Huda Ibrahiim the daughter of Kareem Ibrahiim who is the committee's spokesperson.

"The Islamic organisation of which Abdul Kareem is the Imam issued a public statement saying that the brothers were entrapped in activities they know nothing about, never agreed to and did not participate in," Huda wrote in the newsletter.

"We stand firmly by the mottos: No extradition by entrapment. No unjust sacrifice of Caribbean people and, last but not least, my father's favorite saying: Service to humanity is worship of God.

"In this newsletter we introduce you to Abdul Kareem and Abdul Kadir and as well the US informant who is a career criminal that was paid by the US Government to seek out and entrap innocent persons in an alleged terror plot, to serve the illegal aims of the Bush administration in the United States."

The four-page newsletter features articles on the JFK terror plot, the three terror suspects, the US informant and the Bush administration.

Committee members have already distributed the newsletter in Port of Spain, Chaguanas and Arouca.

The committee plans to distribute the newsletter in other areas of Trinidad, Tobago, Guyana and other Caribbean countries. The committee will also be launching a website shortly.

War News with Comments: Pakistan: Musharraf Praises Commandos who Blasted Masjid: Qazi Hussain says: Line of Blood Separates People from Army

Three days after the massacre of young students in Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid, Musharraf's forces invited the media to the bullet ridden buildings. CNN noticed that Musharraf's commandos were strutting around in the prayer area of the masjid in full battle gear. A good cleaning job had been done and stacks of bodies were buried in mass graves. At least ONE THOUSAND young women are feared to have been killed.

Musharraf appeared on national TV in an expensive-looking suit, commending the fighting abilities of his commandos and threatening to crush "extremists" and "terrorists." Observers say that Musharraf's script seemed to have been written in Washington, DC. No Muslim could have been so shameless. Worse things have happened in Iraq but this horror, the slaughter of Islamic students, was carried out in the capital of a country founded in the name of Islam. Bush's National Security Advisor, Stephen Hadley, praised Musharraf's actions.

On June 13, throughout Pakistan, masses of people mourned the slaughter of innocents in Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid. For the first time, people openly cursed the army and burned effigies of Musharraf. In Karachi, rallies were held at 200 mosques condemning the army's actions. Jamaat-e-Islami leader Syed Munawar Hasan, speaking at Masjid Nauman in Lasbella Chowk, taunted the army for its cowardice. The general negotiates with India, he said, but could not talk to Abdul Rashid Ghazi. In Islamabad, JI's top leader Qazi Hussain Ahmed visited the injured students in hospital and found that they were chained to their beds by army guards. Speaking to mourners, the JI leader said, a LINE of BLOOD now separates the people of Pakistan from the army.

Even Hafiz Said, leader of Jamaat ad Dawa, who strictly refrains from speaking against the army, asked Musharraf to note that America will never be happy with his actions. Hardly had Lal Masjid been "conquered," he said, when America demanded that now Musharraf move against the "extremists" in the tribal areas. Hafiz Said wept as he led 10,000 people in the funeral prayers in absentia for the martyrs of Jamia Hafsa.

The regime took Abdul Rashid Ghazi's body to his tiny Baluch village in the Dera Ghazi Khan area to bury him without publicity but thousands of people turned up for the funeral. Umm Hasan made the victory sign by the graveside. Maulana Abdul Aziz, Ghazi's brother, brought in at the intervention of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, led the funeral prayer and said: The Islamic revolution, the uprising of the poor and the oppressed, will come from Ghazi's blood, inshallah.

Strangely, like a sign from Allah, at the exact time when Ghazi was martyred, his wife gave birth to a son who has also been named Abdul Rashid Ghazi.

Massive Pak Military Build up: Convoys hit by Martyrdom Operators

July 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. There have been demonstrations by big crowds of people in the northwestern areas of Pakistan calling for INTIQAM [revenge] against Musharraf and Pakistan's security forces for their attack on Jamia Hafsa. Many of the demonstrators were armed.

Al-Qaida's second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, called on the Pakistani people to rise in Jihad against Musharraf. A video tape containing a brief statement from Osama bin Laden has appeared in which he emphasized the centrality of martyrdom in Islam. He said that in Sahih Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, prayed for martyrdom. The U.S. government played down the importance of the Osama tape, saying it was probably an old tape.

June 12: A Pakistani military brigade entered the town of Tunk, just outside Waziristan, where people are in open rebellion. Many of the Islamic women in Jamia Hafsa were from the Pashtun tribes which are intensely Islamic.

June 13, 14: Most of Swat, just outside the tribal belt, has been sealed off by Pakistani military forces after the people rose up in defiance of the regime, some with arms in their hands.

July 13: In Miramshah, north Waziristan, gunmen killed 3 tribal leaders whom the regime had won over with large gifts of money.

July 14, 2007: A Pakistani military convoy traveling from Razmak to Miramshah in north Waziristan was hit by a martyrdom operator in a small car. It was a direct hit and the martyr's explosion killed 24 Pakistani troops and wounded 29.

July 15, 2007: In the Matta area of Swat, a huge Pakistani military convoy of 40 vehicles was hit by two martyrdom operators after it slowed down owing to a mine explosion. Three of the vehicles were destroyed leading to the death of 12 Pakistani troops. Another 39 Pakistani troops were seriously wounded and might die. Tragically, the explosions were so powerful that they caused several houses to collapse killing three civilians.

Pakistani helicopters are carrying out attacks in the Swat area and gunfire from the resistance could be heard for several hours.

July 15: In Dera Ismail Khan city, center of the district where Abdul Rashid Ghazi's little village is located, a martyrdom operator entered the police headquarters where new recruits were being checked. In the explosion which followed, 20 policemen were killed and 50 wounded.

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