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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 15, 1428/ June 30, 2007 #49

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release + NY Report
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Imam Badi Ali Urges Palestinian Parliament to Impeach Abbas

The disclosure that President Mahmoud Abbas and various members of his administration had secret links with Israeli intelligence has shocked but not surprised the Muslim world. Imam Badi Ali, Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader from North Carolina urges the elected body of the Palestinian people to impeach Mahmoud Abbas and all those members of his administration who were linked to and working with Israeli, U.S. and other intelligence services working against the Palestinian and Arab peoples.

The Palestinian legislative assembly was elected in free and open elections by the Palestinian people. The Islamic content of the Palestinian struggle was clearly emphasized in the elections because 95% of those elected are from the Islamic Resistance movement Hamas, Imam Badi Ali pointed out.

Imam Ali said that the elected body has the right to impeach Abbas and to put all those officials on trial who have betrayed Palestine by carrying on secret relationships with the Israelis, the U.S. The evidence collected from the offices of Fatah and Abbas indicates that the Palestinian people are in great danger owing to these secret links with the enemies of the people.

Many of the Israeli murders of Palestinian resistance leaders were probably carried out through these linkages with Abbas, Dahlan and other treacherous elements in Fatah, Imam Ali concluded.

Outstanding Muslim Attorney & his Activist Wife Released Owing to Powerful Protests by New York Communities

From Abu Talib, Jamaat al-Muslimeen Brooklyn & Lynne Stewart

"Round about midnight"
People's Attorneys MICHAEL TARIF WARREN and his wife EVELYN WARREN
were released to a cheering crowd of supporters who had come from near and far to stand vigil demanding their immediate release.
JC, MXG, FIERCE, CAAAV, DECEMBER 12TH MOVEMENT, INTERNATIONAL ACTION CENTER, The MUMIA Coalition, CEMOTAP, Jericho, The Safiya/Nuh Foundation were present. WBAI was on the scene with Rosa making sure the news got to the airwaves. The Muslim community was also well represented and countless other community groups and individuals also represented and came out strong for our Sister and Brother lawyers.

TARIF has defended many of our political prisoners, done countless police brutality cases, unpopular cases like Larry Davis and El Sayyid A. Nosair - the accused killer of right wing anti-Arab extremist Meir Kahane, and countless others. Tarif and Evelyn have always stood on solid principles of people power and it was a wonderful sight to see the response of the people. All Power To the people!

In the final analysis it was THE PEOPLE who secured the release of these two fighters. And of course the people's politician, Brooklyn City Councilmember, Charles Barron, was there and never left their side. 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement lent their support and called the Borough Commander to the 77th Precinct - by then already swelling to capacity and beyond with The People...and they kept arriving. It soon became clear to the Precinct personnel and NYPD top brass that no one intended to leave until Michael and Evelyn were released. Evelyn was released first. Stoic as she was and remained, it was obvious the experience had taken an extreme toll and her face was bruised where the police reportedly hit her. Within the hour after that, word filtered out that they were considering/ planning to release Tarif with a "DAT".

Still no one moved - and more people arrived outside. Then one officer came outside to the vehicle where Evelyn was sitting saying she could go inside and sit with her husband. Twenty minutes later both walked out surrounded by Charles Barron, Attorney Roger Wareham and other attorneys and an elated crowd shouting "Freedom Fighters" and "Allah Akbar" and cheering their release.

Shortly before 6PM Thursday evening Evelyn and Tarif were in their vehicle stopped at a traffic light on Vanderbilt and Atlantic Avenue's in Brooklyn when they saw a young man running with a lot of police apparently chasing him. When they catch him and throw him to the ground with his hands behind him the Warrens see police encircle him and begin to kick him. When they get out of their vehicle and begin to approach the scene verbally questioning why the police order them to get back in their vehicle.

After they got back in the vehicle police aggressively approached them. When they announce that they are lawyers the officer reportedly became irate and began an assault on TARIF, When EVELYN asked "why are you doing that?" the cop reportedly hit her in the jaw, pulled TARIF out of the vehicle, cuffed him and arrested him. A huge crowd had apparently gathered so Evelyn went to speak to witnesses. When she tried to take her vehicle and drive off she too was arrested.

I can say for certain that both TARIF and EVELYN were bruised in the face and TARIF'S clothing appeared torn. EVELYN was charged with disorderly conduct and MICHAEL TARIF WARREN is charged with resisting arrest, obstruction of governmental administration and disorderly conduct...
While misdemeanors, if convicted this people's attorney could be disbarred!

Da'wa Announcement
Free copies of the Qur'an translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali are available ONLY for activists eager to give the message of Islam to non-Muslims. Paperback, 466 pages, English only, beautiful cover design.

Order from: Jamaat al-Muslimeen, P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234

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Why are NATO forces in Afghanistan? Dr. Kaukab Siddique interviewed by Dr. Wilmer Leon on XM Radio. June 2007.
Content: Drug trade by U.S. allies, pipeline to benefit multinationals, the coming victory of the Taliban.
Plus the emergence of Jamia-Hafsa and Lal Masjid as a force against Musharraf in his backyard.

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Basic Principles of the Islamic Worldview by Sayyid Qutb translated by Rami David with a preface by Hamid Algar, pp. 230. $24.95. First published 2006.

Order from: Islamic Publications International, 5 Sicomac Road, suite 302, North Haledon, NJ 07508

Superb classic of Islam! A must read for people interested in the global Islamic revolution which is taking on and defeating a superpower.
The preface by Dr. Algar is a brilliant, though brief, expose of the prejudices of Stephen Schwartz and others who have tried to trivialize Sayyid Qutb as a narrow minded "wahhabi." Algar himself has a problem understanding Osama bin Laden and "wahhabis" but his medicine is a suitable antidote for the poison of Stephen Schwartz.

With Iqbal and Maudoodi, Syed Qutb symbolized the 20 century vanguard of Islamic revival which has made Islam into a global power even without a government. In one incisive passage, Qutb explains the indivisibility of Islam in these words:

"When we examine the places in the Qur'an where the acts designated by the jurists as 'acts of worship' are mentioned, an inescapable truth confronts us: they are never isolated from other types of activity, precisely those designated by the jurists as 'transactions.' They occur in one and the same context of Qur'anic guidance, each of them constituting one half of the path of worship that is the purpose of human existence.
"The division between the two categories led some people to imagine that they could be Muslim simply if they performed the 'acts of worship' in accordance with the ordinances of Islam, while they conduct their 'transactions' in accordance with some other criterion, derived from other than God - a 'god' who permits them to do what God has not permitted them.
" This is a great illusion. Islam is an indivisible unity. Whoever separates it into halves in this way has abandoned the unity and abandoned religion. This must be borne in mind by every Muslim who seeks to make a reality of his Islam and at the same time the purpose of his existence." [pp.114-115]

Our America

The New Qadiani Sect!
Desecration of a Masjid: President Bush Visits Islamic Center DC, Speaks from Pulpit, accompanied by CAIR's Hooper and Other Bootlickers

New Trend Report

June 27, 2007: The President of the U.S., George Bush, visited the Islamic Center on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, DC. He was welcomed by a person named Khouj, "Imam" of the Center, Ibrahim Hooper, Director of CAIR, officials from various embassies, etc.

President Bush desecrated the mosque by speaking from the Mimbar and by trying to teach Islam to Muslims. He claimed that Islam has been hijacked by extremists but Bush's friends represent the true Islam which is moderate. He announced that he is going to appoint an American Muslim as "ambassador" to the Muslim world. [He did not name his nominee but hardly had the program ended when CAIR hailed the "appointment " on its web site.]

President Bush tried to divide the Muslim world by making this weird proclamation:

"The greatest challenge facing people of conscience is to help the forces of moderation win the great struggle against extremism that is now playing out across the broader Middle East. We've seen the expansion of the concept of religious freedom and individual rights in every region of the world -- except one. In the Middle East, we have seen instead the rise of a group of extremists who seek to use religion as a path to power and a means of domination."

He added: "These self-appointed vanguard -- this self-appointed vanguard presumes to speak for Muslims. They do not. They call all Muslims who do not believe in their harsh and hateful ideology "infidels" and "betrayers" of the true Muslim faith. This enemy falsely claims that America is at war with Muslims and the Muslim faith, when in fact it is these radicals who are Islam's true enemy."

Who advises Mr. Bush? He seems to be totally cut off from reality, living, as one publication noted, "in a bubble." Muslims will laugh at these words of Mr. Bush. If Mr. Bush really believes that America is not at war with Islam, let him point out EVEN ONE independent Islamic Movement which he does not consider "extremist" and "terrorist." Be it Hamas or Hezbollah, Al-Qaida or the Taliban, Gama'a al-Islamiya [Egypt] or Jamaah al-Islamiyah [Indonesia], Jamaat ad-Da'wa [Pakistan] or Lashkare Taiba [Kashmir], he has condemned them all.

Israel, the Arab dictators, the corrupt ruler of Pakistan and Karzai of Kabul along with the Shias of Iraq are Bush's friends. No wonder people laugh when he makes these weird statements about extremists. Unfortunately, he wields deadly force and from his ignorance comes endless war, death and destruction.

One of New Trend's readers has sent a poem, an irreverent jingle about Bush and Hooper, written after CAIR welcomed the June 27 desecration of the DC Islamic Center. Hooper is the Director of CAIR along with the sorry creature known as Nihad Awad:
Bush and Hooper!
Super, Duper? No! No!
Bush and Hooper!
Shit and Goober!
Bush and Hooper!
Pit and Pooper!
Bush and Hooper!
Spit and looper!
Bush and Hooper!
Skit and Scooter!
Bush and Hooper!
Skip and drooper!
Long Live America!

Belgian activist Verbeke Challenges Authenticity of the Diary of Anne Frank as well the "Holocaust" myth. He is censored & sentenced repeatedly but persists.

Belgian Publisher in Prison for 'Thought Crimes'

For years Siegfried Verbeke has been an important European revisionist publisher ... In early August 2005, he was again arrested, this time at an Amsterdam, Netherlands, airport, on the basis of an international arrest warrant issued a year earlier in Germany. After being held for three months in the Netherlands, he was transferred to Germany. After being held for six months in an isolation cell in a Heidelberg jail, he was suddenly released on bail. In November 2006 Verbeke was arrested again in his home town of Kortrijk, on the basis of an earlier Belgian court sentence, and thereafter was held in prison in Belgium. He anticipates being released in July 2007


U.S. Affirms Bombing of Pakistani Villages with Musharraf's Support

June 24, 2007. NATO's spokesman affirmed that the recent air attacks on Pakistani soil [like previous ones] were carried out with the full cooperation of the Pakistan army. He said that the Pak. army not only supported the attack process but also helped in the investigation which followed to sort out "ordinary citizens" from "extremists" among the dead. NATO's statement flatly contradicted General Musharraf's internal propaganda that U.S./NATO forces are not permitted to attack inside Pakistan.

The NATO spokesman, Major John Thomas, told AFP that in addition to the bombing, NATO also crossed into Pakistan to pursue the "extremists" who were preparing to attack. SIXTY Pakistanis were killed in the NATO attack. NATO expressed regrets that one of its bombs had hit civilian structures [perhaps a hotel, he said] killing "civilians." Villagers say that 20 of those killed belonged to one family in the Gungi Khel, a sub-tribe of the Ahmedzai Wazir. NATO says the Pakistanis fired their rifles at NATO jets flying overhead; hence the attack.

Musharraf Ready to Attack Jamia Hafsa & Lal Masjid: Worries about Female Dead Bodies' Photos

June 29, 2007: Speaking at the National Defense establishment in Islamabad, General Musharraf said that he is not a coward and is preparing to attack the Islamic university for women [supported by Lal Masjid]. He justified his statement by saying that "suicide bombers" from Jaish Muhammad were hiding in Lal Masjid. He said he would attack without hesitation but is concerned that the women of Jamia Hafsa will resist and media will show their dead bodies on TV to embarrass him.

Earlier Jamia Hafsa again embarrassed Musharraf when the Islamic women arrested 9 Chinese women who were operating a massage parlor and were allegedly providing sexual favors to Musharraf's officials. They were later released by the Islamic women on their pledge to stop their activities and as a gesture of friendship with China.

In his Juma khutbas, Maulana Abdul Aziz, the fiery khateeb of Lal Masjid, has been exposing the exploitation of women under Musharraf's regime.

In another khutba the Maulana urged Pakistanis to wage jihad to stop American attacks on Pakistani villages in the border with Afghanistan. [The big Friday prayer crowd in Lal Masjid chanted: Sabiluna: Al-Jihad, al-Jihad. Translation: Our Way, Jihad, Jihad.]

Maulana Abdul Aziz challenged Musharraf that if exploitation of women is not stopped and if adultery and fornication continues to proliferate in so-called Islamabad, he will institute deterrent Islamic punishments against the offenders. Corruption in Pakistani elite societies is very deep, says Maulana Abdul Aziz, and only decisive Islamic surgery can solve the problem. He cites a minister who had the wife of a man living with him. She later was found dead and the minister is being investigated for murder. He also cites cases of sexual crimes against female children.

Masses of people support him and his deputy Abdur Rashid Ghazi whom New Trend interviewed earlier. As Abdul Aziz speaks, the crowd chants, right in the masjid: Sabiluna, Sabiluna, al-jihad, al-jihad.

800,000 Homeless in Baluchistan: Civil Breakdown in Karachi, Flood near Peshawar

After a month of hellish heat in Pakistan which led to breakdown of electric and water supplies, specially in Karachi, storms and torrential rains have flooded vast areas. Pakistan is not able to help the masses of its poor population while the elites live in luxury and splendor.

Jamaat ad-Da'wa, led by Hafiz Saeed, was the first organization to help the people of Karachi, Baluchistan and Khyber [near Peshawar]. Hundreds of its long bearded volunteers were activated to go into the devastated areas and provide food supplies, meals and hope. [According to the Bush administration, Jamaat ad-Da'wa is a terrorist organization!]

IRAQ: Biggest U.S. Offensive in Baqubah Fizzled out: U.S. TV Media Stopped Coverage

After two days of heavy fighting in which the U.S. made headway, the biggest U.S. offensive, with 10,000 troops appears to have fizzled out. Looks like the "Islamic State in Iraq" led by Al-Qaida has scored a military victory. The U.S. TV media completely stopped coverage of the fighting and devoted itself to gossip about a call girl named Paris Hilton and various murder stories including one where a police officer killed his pregnant girlfriend.

The U.S. death toll in Iraq has risen to 3577 plus 800 "contractors" killed, 26,000 plus troops wounded. Iraqi losses are much heavier. The city of Baqubah has been destroyed.

Meanwhile Al-Qaida struck a serious blow when one of its martyrdom operators entered a prestigious Baghdad hotel and detonated, killing 6 "Shaikhs" [Sunnis] who had come to Baghdad from Anbar province to collaborate with the U.S. In its explanation for the attack [which made its way to the Washington Post] Al-Qaida said that the attack occurred because the "Shaikhs" had instituted a new police force which had raped a Muslim woman.

Shi'ite support for U.S. occupation continued during the assault on Baqubah. Three segments of Shi'ite military forces went into the battle to clear the way for the U.S. troops. These were: Interior Ministry troops [Nuri al-Maliki], Badr brigades [trained by al-Hakim in Iran] and Sadr's Mahdi army. All three were savagely beaten back by the Islamic resistance, forcing the U.S. to go in. However, in the interim, the elite Al-Qaida force leaders had slipped away. The U.S. forces could not advance owing to heavy ambushes. The people refused to help the U.S. and had their houses broken into.

CNN showed clips of one battle on June 28. For three hours, U.S. and Shi'ite troops tried to dislodge an al-Qaida unit from one house south of Baghdad. Finally, the U.S. withdrew the Shi'ites and dropped a 2,000 pound bomb on the position killing the five Islamic fighters in it.

Some idea of the fighting in the north has come out. On June 23 the U.S. killed a Turkish Islamic leader of Al-Qaida, Mehmet Yilmaz, and his assistant. [FOX TV June 27] It appears that Turkish Islamic fighters are working with Kurdish Islamic fighters of Ansar al-Sunnah, etc, who have been attacking Kurds linked to the U.S. and Israel in Sulaimaniya and Kirkuk. [3 U.S. troops were killed and one wounded in an Islamic attack in Kirkuk. CNN June 14.]

AFGHANISTAN: New Taliban Tactics: Plus Another Attack in Kabul

Taliban appear to have changed their tactics following massacres of civilians by the U.S. air force. Instead of massing their troops in strategic areas to deliver quick blows, like DadAllah used to do, the new commander is delivering numerous pin prick attacks by small Taliban units ACROSS Afghanistan. The attacks are so many that New Trend cannot report them adequately.

June 27: Four American troops and 2 Karzais were killed in a hit-and-run Taliban attack in the Karanjal area of Kunar province.

June 28: In a dare devil martyrdom attack on a U.S. convoy in Kabul, a Taliban assailant killed 2 American and one Nepalese armed "contractors" and wounded 2 American and 3 Karzai troops.

June 25: In Nangarhar province, Taliban shot down two unmanned American spy planes. NATO kept quiet about it but local police confirmed the destruction of the two planes. In Zeri district of Kandahar, three policemen hired by Karzai were killed in a Taliban attack. The U.S. air force attacked the Taliban and killed at least some of the small unit. In Farah province [northwestern Afghanistan] a police vehicle was blown up by remote control killing its occupants.

June 22: In the Kandahar area, Taliban hijacked 6 lorries carrying supplies for American forces fighting the Taliban in Helmand province. The lorries were burned and their drivers beheaded. A note left near the bodies warned transporters not to supply the Americans. Transporters in the area have gone on strike after the horrific discovery.

June 24: After a Taliban ambush in Helmand province in which a British soldier was killed and 4 Karzais wounded, the British troops panicked and started firing at random killing one civilian and wounding scores.

June 21: In Qala Musa, the armed son of the Karzai police chief who was involved in torture was kidnapped and executed by the Taliban.

June 18: In the northwestern city of Maymana, A Norwegian soldier was wounded when his patrol came under fire. Earlier, 3 Norwegian troops were wounded in a bomb attack. In another Taliban attack two LATVIAN troops were killed. [Latvia is part of NATO]

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