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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 28, 1428/ July 13, 2007 #54

July 12, 2007: President Bush's press conference was full of contradictions. He claimed that the "surge" of American troops in the Baghdad area had reached its maximum only "a month" back and wanted more time for success. He claimed that America was winning against al-Qaida yet expressed the fear that there could be an upsurge of Al-Qaida attacks in September. If America is winning, how can there be an increase in Al-Qaida attacks 3 months after "maximum surge." In modern warfare, one month is a long time. Against Saddam, the U.S. conquered in three weeks.
A new intelligence summary given to Bush is troubling him. It indicates that Al-Qaida is as strong today as it was at 9.11. This is probably true because the resistance in Iraq shows that Islamic forces led by al-Qaida are able to wear out America's best in guerrilla warfare. An Islamic State has been established in Iraq, led by Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, with the backing of Abu Ayyub al-Masri, which is inflicting steady losses on both the U.S. and its Shi'ite allies.
Where Bush's intelligence becomes propaganda is the claim that Al-Qaida is planning to attack America, so "if we don't hit them there, they'll hit us here."
If Al-Qaida had any special weapons to hit America with, it would have used them on the American forces in Iraq. Instead we see that Al-Qaida uses martyrdom operators with truck bombs while the Islamized Ba'athists use IEDs. So what is that great harm Al-Qaida could inflict on America?
Surely 9.11 cannot be repeated where 19 men got away with a strike which took American security by surprise.
Although Al-Qaida has emerged as the only force which stands up to America in battle to stop the implementation of American democracy in Muslim lands, it is far fetched to believe that the American mainland could be threatened by a guerrilla force however fearsome it might be.

The Israelis have cunningly inserted into U.S. media the idea of a nuclear threat to America from terrorists . No serious military strategist takes it seriously but it is constantly fed to the American people through CNN.
The new intelligence report indicates that the U.S. is planning major military operations inside Pakistan in areas where Osama, Ayman al-Zawahir, Mullah Omar and other Islamic leaders have allegedly taken cover. Musharraf's rampage in the Red Mosque is a sign that he is ready to help the U.S. to attempt an "Operation Silence" against the ENTIRE Islamic movement in Pakistan.

Martyr of Lal Masjid focused on Islam & Allah Even when Musharraf killed his Mother

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Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News], P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234

Quick Response by Support Group Restores Imam Jamil's Daily Rights

As-Salaamu Alaikum,

Yesterday, after a letter to the Department of Corrections and calls to the prison on behalf of the Imam, Reidsville provided covered food to the Imam. In addition, this morning the warden met with the Imam and acknowledged that the assault on a prison guard allegation was false. The warden also requested that the Imam get the word out that future calls should be directed to the Department of Corrections in Atlanta concerning his conditions. The warden called the office of Imam Jamil's wife, with the Imam present this morning to provide the update.

Imam Jamil would like to thank everyone who called on his behalf. This is an indication that a swift outpouring of support and outrage can rectify these types of baseless charges and harassment. It clearly is a sign how important it is for us to respond quickly and never to forget our responsibility to assist the Imam and others who are incarcerated.
Shukran and please continue to keep the Imam and his family in your prayers

Jazaka' Allah Khairun

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release
Pakistani Ulema Urged to Declare Musharraf an Apostate and Stop Dealing with him.
Muslims Urged to Make Salatul Janaza for Martyrs of Jamia Hafsa-Lal Masjid

Jamaat al-Muslimeen condemns the shameful destruction of an Islamic women's university and an outstanding mosque in the capital of Pakistan by General Musharraf's U.S.-funded, U.S. armed commando forces. Pakistan was created for Islamic Law. The women of Jamia Hafsa, led by two Islamic scholars, demanded Islamic law. They were slaughtered en masse.
More and more bodies of students are being taken out of Jamia Hafsa. The death toll is rising towards ONE THOUSAND.
Dear Muslims, would you like your mosque to be subjected to artillery fire? Would you like your Islamic school to be dynamited? Can there be any excuse for this mass murder?
The Ulema of Pakistan should declare Musharraf an Apostate [Murtad] and have no more dealings with him. By no stretch of the imagination can he be considered a Muslim.
We urge the Muslims of America to hold Salatul Janaza ghaibana for the pure, innocent martyrs of Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid.

Censorship Imposed on Islamic Books in U.S. Prisons: Big Move to Stop Spread of Islam

by Br. Jihad Abdul Rashid [Bradford, Pennsylvania]
Jamaat al-Muslimeen Supporter

Federal prisons have started "purging" religious books for the Chapel and have prohibited prisoners from purchasing books from certain vendors.

The prison chaplains have destroyed thousands of books, audio/video tapes, holy Qur'ans, dictionaries, etc. Only those books which are on government approved listings will be allowed in the prison as donations!

Basically the Federal Government is now telling us what to believe and what not to believe!
Halalco Books [Virginia] used to carry Kaukab Siddique's books Islam and Revolution and Liberation of Women Thru Islam. However, their 2007 catalogue shows that these books have been PURGED! Have they too fallen to the pressure of Fuhrer Bush? [Shaikh Omar's books have been purged too.]

Analysis by Kaukab Siddique
With the Assault on Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid, Pakistan Enters a New Era.
Its Own Army has Conquered Pakistan: Peaceful Islamic Movements are Redundant.

New Trend Special Report

After the bloodbath of July 10, Islamic political parties are holding protest rallies across the country. One rally [July 11] was in Islamabad itself, only a few miles from the scene of the tragedy. Why was this rally not held on July 10?
In their own cynical way, the U.S. media are very realistic about Pakistan. They ignored the raw sense of sorrow and mourning which gripped Pakistan after Musharraf's commandos went into the mosque and the school. Instead the media briefly mentioned that Musharraf has sent fresh military units to Waziristan. [July 11]. That's the reality.
Peaceful Islamic movements have become redundant with the destruction of Jamia Hafsa-Lal-Masjid. MMA and other Islamic groups have failed to look critically at themselves and kept following futile illusions of democracy simply because they were drawing larger and larger numbers of people to their rallies. They have never paused to see the harsh realities of Pakistan. Here are a few, so obvious that one wonders how they could have been ignored:

Pakistani governments are military-based and are installed, approved and disapproved from Washington, DC.
The Pakistan military establishment is funded and armed by the U.S. Over the last three decades, the military has become impervious to Islamic and national aspirations. The surrender in Dhaka was the first sign of the corruption, but under Musharraf things have gone so far that the army dances to the minutest signals from Washington. Musharraf readily agreed to recognize Israel but was then advised by the Zionists themselves not to be in haste.
Democracy is not possible in a pre-revolutionary society. However decent, hard working and well-organized Islamic groups might be, voting is controlled by the military, feudal lords and industrialists. The gap between the rich and the poor is so huge that it is just about impossible for an ordinary Pakistani to ignore the wishes of the power structure and vote for an Islamic candidate.
The Islamic political parties are unable to understand that the military, as long as it is controlled by America, will not accept anyone not controlled by it. It only accepts the logic of force and at this time, the force potential is overwhelmingly in the hands of the military.


The emergence of an independent Islamic group, in particular a large number of Islamic women, right in Musharraf's backyard, was a major setback for the extremely corrupt government America is supporting. Musharraf could not strike at the Islamic leadership which was challenging him while the entire nation and the world was watching the situation. Musharraf knew that his support base in America would be eroded if he strikes blatantly at large numbers of women who were exposing the immorality and corruption of his regime.

Internally, Musharraf was not sure how the Islamic parties and groups would respond to an ACTUAL MILITARY ASSAULT on an outstanding symbol of Islam. One reason for his worry was the frequent use of the term "jihad" in the vocabulary of the Islamic movement. He knew that it was not meant seriously by the Islamic groups, yet he was worried. Jihad was mere rhetoric meant to gain public support, because the people do support Jihad. What would happen if Musharraf pushed things to the limit. It took his intelligence services a while to gather the information which showed:

The political parties will hold protest rallies and issue statements if Jamia Hafsa is attacked.
The rhetorically Jihad-oriented groups will point to the dangers inherent in such military action and will praise and hail the martyrs, but will take no direct action.
The only danger would come from the people of the Frontier province who take jihad seriously and are armed. Here Musharraf already has 78,000 troops and NATO forces are waiting on the other side of the border.


As usual, the political parties [including Islamic ones] were planning what they would do in the next "elections" and what they should do to stop Musharraf from getting "re-elected." They were planning to meet in London to arrange a deal between the "Islamic" and the "Muslim" parties. That's when [July 3] Musharraf started his assault on Jamia Hafsa. Instead of canceling their London trip and paying attention to the assault on Islam being enacted right in Islamabad, the politicians insisted on going abroad.

The funny side to the story is that the politicians were so fooled by Musharraf, they thought their conference in London was so important that the regime was trying to distract them by attacking Islam in Islamabad. Thus the villain was trying to rob their home but the "Islamists" were planning in London to win "elections." This is indeed Pakistan's shame, the political blindness of its leaders.

The real problem for America was that large numbers of Islamic women and two outstanding Islamic scholars were demanding the implementation of Islamic Law [Sharia] in the capital of Pakistan. Sharia is seen by the forces hostile to Pakistan as the crux of the problem. The demand for Sharia puts Pakistani Islamic movement in line with global Islam, from Nigeria to Iraq to Afghanistan and in direct confrontation with America's power structure,

The MMA and other political parties see "democracy" as the center of their program. If only we could win so many seats! they dream.

Let us see what happened to MMA's election victories in Frontier province and Baluchistan. The people voted for MMA in huge numbers because they were voting against America and for the Taliban. This was the time when Pakistani public opinion was aghast at the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan. But when MMA got elected, its leaders started saying that the Taliban are uncouth and they [MMA] know Islam better!

After those elections, Musharraf carried out military operations in Waziristan. He met heavy opposition from the mujahideen. MMA found that it had absolutely no influence on Musharraf although it had won by landslide election victories. They protested but Musharraf ignored them. He knew that they would not [perhaps could not] fight. MMA still kept dreaming of "democracy."

Finally, we urge Pakistanis to stop their pastime of conjuring up conspiracy theories when they are faced with harsh realities. Stop putting out these absurd stories that the military operation happened because so and so wanted such and such and could have been prevented if only ...

The plain fact is that America-Israel are out to PHYSICALLY destroy all independent, genuine, jihad-oriented Islamic opposition. America-Israel wants a tamed, defanged, de-clawed, "Islam," an Islam which would be like Christianity in America. For such an "American" Islam, America uses people like Musharraf, Mubarak, King Abdullah, Nuri al-Maliki, Karzai etc.

The answer to Musharraf will not come from Lahore or Karachi. It will come from the mountains, inshallah.

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