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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-thani 9, 1428/ April 27, 2007 #33

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Editorial: by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Can U.S. Jews be the Friends of Islam and Muslims? Latest Episode says "No!"

Historically, Muslims have befriended Jews. We have no religious reason for fighting them. We are not anti-semitic. [I am a semite myself, with my roots in Arabia.] They are, racially, our cousins. Islam does not teach that Jesus, peace be on him, was crucified. Hence we do not put any blood guilt on the Jews for killing the "son of God" [naoozubillah].

Our opposition to the Jews is based on their behavior, such as the military occupation of Palestine and their genocide of the Palestinian people. The Jewish hand is also visible behind the war on Iraq and Afghanistan and now the attempts to destroy Sudan and Somalia.

However, Muslims in America still want to be friends with Jewish Americans. Undoubtedly, there are good Jews who do not want war and who cringe at the crimes Israel commits almost on a daily basis. Unfortunately many of America's estimated 5 to 7 to 9 million Muslims do not realize that almost all U.S. Jews support Israel and hate Islam and Muslims. This hatred is indicated not only in obviously political aspects of American life but also in Jewish cultural formats meant for the general public where one would expect political neutrality.

The most important Jewish cultural center in Baltimore is the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra known popularly as the BSO which houses the Meyerhoff orchestra. Wouldn't one think that in the area of culture and music, which the BSO advertises as universal in its value, the hatred of Islam and Muslims would not figure prominently? But look at the two persons the Meyerhoff has invited as its most honored and publicized guests for the coming year:

Madeleine Albright
Salman Rushdie

Now, these BSO/Meyerhoff people are highly educated and know full well that:

Madeleine Albright implemented the sanctions regime on Iraq, leading to the slow death of more than a MILLION Iraqis, including many children and old people. The sanctions regime eroded Iraq's civilian support systems and destroyed the provision of clean water and medicine. Her comment on the million deaths: "It was worth it!"
Salman Rushdie in his book Satanic Verses attacked the Qur'an, insulted Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and fabricated indecent stories about 'Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a., and other female members of the Prophet's, pbuh, household. Very recently, as New Trend reported, Rushdie indicated that he has gone beyond any decent discourse about Islam.

For the premiere Jewish-American cultural organization to invite these two notorious enemies of Islam and Muslims reeks of a deep and insatiable hatred. The organization and publicity of the program indicates that the entire Jewish establishment in Baltimore is behind this move. The invitations were "coordinated" by Villa Julie College in Baltimore. The two invitees are being publicized by National Public Radio [NPR], the biggest lineup of Jews in the media. Much organization and money has gone into these programs. The PLANNING is truly amazing. The program is being publicized in April 2007 for January and February 2008.

The address and phone number is:

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Meyerhoff Symphony Hall
1212 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201-5545
(410) 783-8100 or 410-783-8131

[Phone calls and letters should be polite and non-violent but firm and clear.]

Hand-Written Confession: Exclusive to New Trend

Gang Leader in U.S. Prison Says he Shot the Policemen Imam Jamil is Accused For.

U.S. Government arrested Imam Jamil as Part of Conspiracy to "Get" the Islamic Leader

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

In the name of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation, I am as I come as I am I come Almighty Vice lord.

I greet you all in Peace. I'm the Spiritual son of the Honorable Dr. Yusuf Ali Bey founder of Your Black Muslim Bakery Inc. In Oakland, CA. My name is Farrakhan Malik Bey AKA Otis M. Jackson AKA James Santos. I'm the head of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation as well as the Chairman of the New Student National Coordinating Committee. It was this organization that sent me to the mosque and the general store of Imam Jamil Abdul Al-Amin. I went there to talk to him about me taking the Almighty Vice Lords from a street organization to a socially conscious, self-help, socially motivated organization

Now before going to Atlanta I had just gotten out of prison in NV for shooting a white man. As a kid I lived not far from the west end, so when I came back to Atlanta I went there but with the mind of a minister and a heart for revolution.

When I got to Oak street on 3-16-2000 at about 10.00 PM, as I was walking back to my car, a Sheriff's came up. One got out and ask me something. I could not understand but I did not want to understand it because Vice Lords don't talk to cops and I had guns on me and I was on parole. So when the other one got out and asked me to put my hands up, I pulled out and opened fire with my 9 mm hand gun. I then went to my car and got my M-14 and fired off some rounds. Deputy Kinchen shot me two times in the arm so I shot him. I shot Deputy English as well . I remember standing over him and him telling me about his family but I was upset and hurt and I hate cops so I shot him anyway. I got in my car, went to the home of Latina Moore. She along with Sheryl Watts removed the bullet. One went in and came out. The one that was in there, they got it out. I went home, on the 17th or 18th I found out that they were looking for Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin. So I called my parole officer and told her what I had done.

I was sent back to Vegas. I had to beg the FBI to investigate and I was told that I was not the one that they wanted. I was told that I should be honored that I had gotten away with killing a police. Truth can be said to symbolize divinity. Truth is the foundation of everything that is just. It is what man is constantly seeking. But truth is impossible to define. All of us look at everything differently. We are conditioned by our environment, associates and education. All of us look at life through restricted windows. No two people see exactly the same thing at the same time.

Deputy Aldranon English can free Jamil because he knows Jamil is not the an who shot him. Everything that he said Jamil had on is what I had on. I talked to him. I looked into his eyes. He cannot forget that. The department for whatever reason asked him to pick out Jamil and he did.

Look, I like living. I have nothing to gain from telling a lie and I don't even know Jamil. I'm doing this for myself and my Nation the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. I want them to know that when you end up in a situation, you should own up to what you do. Not one of Jamil's criminal defense lawyers have come to see me because they are a part of what is being done to him. Imam Warith Deen Muhammad, Minister Louis Farrakhan and Silis Muhammad all have their own paper. They are around the same age as Jamil. They remember him as H. Rap Brown but he has gotten no writing in their papers, yet they talk about Muslim unity: let's come together! All that is just talk. Here is a man that you know to be living the life of a Muslim telling you that he did not do something. Here is a man telling you that the man could not have done it because he did it. You should do everything in your power to help them fix this.

Judge Stephanie B. Manis should have called me in to court but she never did. I sent letters and I was declined the right, so now I feel that I have been used in a government conspiracy because I know that he was not even there that night. What is factual to one, won't be to another, so it is with symbolism each will see something different and rightly so. In the Masonic Lodge we say that we are seeking light. We are actually seeking truth. Therefore light symbolizes truth. I feel that it is my job to bring this truth to light.

The Persecution and Prosecution is mine, not Jamil's . I could never say that I am from the street and have the Vice Lords look up to me if I run from my Punishment and let an innocent man die in jail for something that I did. It's not right and the Vice Lords should never honor me if I don't stand up for what I do.

I would like to say to the family of Deputy Ricky Kinchen when he got out of bed that day, God had it set that he was not coming home that night. I only did what I had to do.

Deputy Aldranon English I have no respect for you because you fingered a man that had nothing to do with shooting you and you know that. You are part of the conspiracy. You worked with a man every day and he was killed because you made mistakes. Then you let the man who did it walk because you were told to. You are weak, less than a man. You were laying down begging for your life and I shot you. Had it been up to me, you would have died as well. I can't tell you to do the right thing. I say look at the situation. I ask all the Vice Lords to respect my wish to open this case. I ask that any and every one do what they can to help Jamil.

And to Mr. Al-Amin and his family, I'm sorry that I got you in this. I know that it's hard to be sitting in another man's seat. I'm so sorry!

Respectfully yours

Farrakhan Bey

[The address is a prison in Florida - editor]

LATEST WAR NEWS: Compiled by New Trend's Media Monitor

SAUDI ARABIA: 172 Islamic Opponents of Regime Arrested: Claim of Arms Cache

April 27, 2007. Saudi authorities announced that they have arrested 172 people who were planning to attack the regime's heads as well as oil installations. The international membership of those arrested, including Nigerians and Sudanese, indicates that the suspects are from al-Qaidah.

New Trend analysts say that the Saudis spend more than $3 billion a year on keeping the Arabian people under control. The arrest of so many people with caches of weapons indicates that the Saudi monarchy is facing a serious threat and could soon face a cataclysmic end.

"Saudi" Arabia's regime hides under the camouflage of Islam but it is a deeply anti-Islam regime. Monarchy is HARAM in Islam, say our analysts. The corrupt Saudi rulers have enriched America's banking system by depositing untold billions of dollars in Chase Manhattan, etc. The Saudi princes are opposed to all Islamic movements ranging from Hizbullah to al-Qaeda. Observers say that if free elections were held in Arabia, the Saudis wouldn't have a chance and Osama bin Laden would win hands down.


Censored Information: Why the women of Jamia Hafsa rose Up

Mosques Demolished in Islamabad, Pakistan by General Musharraf. The evil hand at work was that of Ejazul Haq [son of General Zia-ul-haq, ruler of Pakistan at one time]

The names of Masajid which are demolished by "CDA" in the name of "illegal construction" and "Security risk" :-
1. Masjid Ibne-Abbas,Archard Road,Islamabad.
2. Masjid Ameer Hamza,Murree Road,Islamabad.
3. Masjid Umar Bin Abdul Aziz,Police Colony,Islamabad
4. Masjid Aamna, ShakarParian,Islamabad
5. Masjid Syyedna Ali, Nai Kacherian, Islamabad
6. Masjid Umar Near Chaudhary Plaza,G-8 Markaz, Islamabad.
7. Masjid Ameer Hamza,F-10/3 Islamabad
[Source Lal Masjid, Islamabad, which is supporting Jamia Hafsa Islamic women's movement.]

MUSHARRAF FORCES GUN DOWN STUDENTS : Peaceful Rally Attacked in Khyber Agency

April 23, 2007. In the town of Bara, near the Afghan border, Pakistan paramilitary forces know as Mahsud Scouts opened mortar fire on a large rally of children and youths. Direct hits were scored killing 6 students and wounding 9. The Urdu daily Khabrain has published the names of the children killed and wounded.

According to various accounts of the attack, Musharraf was concerned that a local Islamic group known as Lashkare Islam has become very influential, so much so that it invited the local youths to assemble to show support for the forces of Islam. This was done on the Lashkar's own radio program.

The Musharraf regime says that it had warned parents not to let their children attend the rally.

At the funeral ceremony of the children, the entire adult population turned up. People wept and pledged to revenge the children. However the leader of Lashkare Islam, Misri Khan, urged the people to remain peaceful and to organize their movement so that it gradually takes over the entire Khyber Agency.

ALGERIA: Al-Qaidah Forces Strike Three Heavy Blows

It appears that Islamic resistance has re-emerged in Algeria. New Trend readers might remember that the Algerian military junta, backed by France and the U.S., crushed the duly elected Islamic groupings known as FIS. I the following years, Algeria's military launched a systematic "death squad" campaign against supporters of FIS. Thousands of Muslim men, women, children were murdered by trained killers. The regime cleverly blamed the Islamists for the killings. After a year, the truth came out. It was too late. The Islamic forces seemed to have been crushed. The World Bank gave a huge loan to the Algerian "government" as a note of thanks, analysts say.

The new Islamic resistance appears to be organized under the guidance of Osama bin Laden and is known as Al-Qaidah of the Maghrib. On April 11, 2007 it struck three terrible blows at the Algerian power structure.

The prime Minister's offices in the capital Algiers.
A police station in Dar al Baida said to be housing an office of Interpol.
Special police forces building in the same area.

Al-Qaidah took responsibility for the attacks in which it said, 700 kg, 700 kg and 500 kg explosives respectively were used. The targets were demolished with heavy government casualties, 45 dead in the first target alone, with scores killed in the other two.

The government admitted 30 killed 330 wounded but most observers say this is not correct.

The resistance named the three martyrdom operators: Muad al-Jabal, Zubair Abu Sajdah and Abu Dajanah which seem to be Jihad names relating to Companions of the Prophet, pbuh. The resistance message says that it pledges not to attack civilians and urges Algerians to disbelieve regime propaganda.

The government has arrested 80 suspects.

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Offensive Targets Karzai's Intelligence Agencies

It appears that Canadian and British military forces have been unable to dislodge the Taliban from Helmand and Uruzgan provinces. Latest news indicate Taliban moves in several other provinces aimed at Afghans seen as agents of America and paid employees of the Karzai "government."

April 23. For the first time in Laghman province, district Ali Nagar, the Taliban blew up an intelligence unit's vehicle killing 6 agents and wounding 3. In Ghazni, an intelligence agent of the U.S. was lured out and beheaded.

April 24. In a similar attack in Paktika province, 9 intelligence officers were killed and 7 wounded. Three Karzai troops were killed in a Taliban attack in Herat province. In Khost province, a martyrdom operator killed 11 police and wounded 40 related elements.

April 25: Taliban's chief field commander Mullah DadAllah, in an interview, told al-Jazeera TV that the attack at Baghram air base during U.S. VP Cheney's visit was planned by Osama bin Laden. DadAllah said that Osama is quite well and is advising the resistance.

[Only the day before, the U.S. had announced that Mullah DadAllah and his entire leadership group had been surrounded by NATO forces. Looks like the news was false. It appears that local Afghans who appear to be friendly to the U.S. play various tricks to mislead them.]

IRAN Working with Musharraf: "Anti-Iran Militants" Arrested by Pakistani Police on Iran Border

April 25, 2007: Pakistani police have arrested 100 persons on the Iran-Pakistan border. They are suspected of being supporters of Jundullah, an Islamic group which has been resisting Iranian suppression of non-Shi'ites in the Zahedan area.

Following recent conflict between Iranian forces and Jundullah, Iran claimed that the U.S. is behind Jundullah attacks. Our analysts say that the claim was a ploy to discredit Jundullah. Musharraf's action shows, the U.S. is helping Iran.

April 23: A large influx of Afghan refugees has started from Iran to Pakistani Baluchistan. The terrorized Afghans started flooding into Pakistan after Iranian agents murdered two Afghan children in the refugee camps and threw their bodies into a well. The streams of Afghan refugees, now doubly homeless, are entering Pakistan through Taftan.
[Source Urdu daily Jasarat, April 24]

Letter: Re: Cho: Va-Tech: Columbine shooters were Jews

I really don't know how the press ("U.S.A. Today" April 20, 2007) can compare the Virginia Tech massacre to the Columbine slaughter. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are Jewish cousins that entered the Columbine high school pointing guns at victims heads and asked "Are you a Christian?" If they answered yes, they were shot. In other words, it was an anti-Christian racist slaughter. Believe me, if the reverse has been true and Christians murdered Jews, it would be labeled anti-semitic. Isn't it funny how the news protects the Jews for fear that Christians might turn on them. Every atrocity they commit is swept under the carpet, i.e., Jews in Wolfowitz's office spying for Israel. ) You hear about it once and then you don't hear anything else.

Ms. Carolyn, Florida

Letter: From a Hindu Reader who is scared

Re: Cho: Iraq Link
This kind of news can be construed as conspiracy and propaganda against USA and therefore its publishers can be held liable and be hunted by FBI. So please do not forward these news in Vinnomot.

Biplabpal [Vinnomot Yahoogroups.]
[Ed. comment: The information we published is not classified. Our task is to keep readers informed. This is not illegal.]

[New Trend note: Canada allows an organization of Jewish gangsters to operate openly against human rights activists. Paul Fromm who stood up against the railroading of Ernst Zundel was physically roughed up in an attempt to silence him. The teachers organization of Canada is also involved in trying to strike at his livelihood. The "holocaust" people, quite unable to face criticism, have made a religion out of censorship. The following report is from David Irving's web site, the famous historian who was imprisoned by the Zionists in their attempts to silence him.]

Zionist Thugs Attack Paul Fromm
Focal Point Publications (Britain)

Canadian Free Speech activist Paul Fromm was attacked at the College of Teachers hearings in Toronto (Canada) on Thursday where the College is conducting hearings on the attempt to revoke his teacher's certificate on a series of politically motivated allegations. He showed up in the morning for the hearing, to find ten Jewish Defense League (JDL) thugs waiting with Israeli flags and placards ... Once the JDL thugs recognized Fromm ... [he] attempted to get onto the elevator, filled with office workers. Three of the thugs forced their way on, as did two police officers ... He attempted to choke and assault Fromm. The police immediately intervened and pulled a JDL thug off Fromm.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News, P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234

600 attended Anti-War Rally Addressed by Cindy Sheehan in Greensboro, NC. Jamaat leader Imam Badi Ali was central to the occasion. 10 year old Yaffe read a poem about Peace and the children of Palestine. Imam Badi had design of Masjid al-Aqsa on his sash.

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