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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 29, 1428/ April 18, 2007 #31

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"Go Hokeys" or "God Help Us?"

VA Tech Massacre Underlines Moral Collapse and Social Narcissism: Media Racists Try to Link Shooter to Korea: He Was as American as you get

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

My sociology professor gave me a valuable insight. "All behavior is learned behavior." We are not born with racial or genetic tendencies towards violence. If we are to understand the tragedy enacted at Virginia Tech [Blacksburg, Virginia] on April 16, the emphasis should be on the socioeconomic factors which shaped the behavior of the shooter Cho Seung-Hui.

Cho obviously knew how to use guns. He was a trained killer who could handle two guns and reload and fire at will. However, the impression that he wreaked havoc simply because he had guns is not correct. Millions of people own guns in the USA but they do not go out to commit mass murder. Here are the key point:

The shooter had no problem killing multiple numbers of people. Training and extensive practice with guns is required for one to be so adept at and insensitive about shooting down people almost at point blank range.
The desire to kill those whom one does not like emanates from the power drive connected to a materialistic view of life. The power driven American male sees himself as NUMBER ONE. Most of the time he does not kill because he gets what he wants: money, luxuries, women.
The situation becomes deadly when the power driven American male cannot get what he wants. He must have what he wants, otherwise he becomes destructive and self-destructive. In the young American male we have the ultimate in self-absorption: If I can't have it, no one else can either.
The media are ducking the issue by emphasizing the shooter's South Korean origin and name, Cho Seung-Hui. The first reference to the shooter on TV was that he is "Asiatic." Thus we see the relentless racism of the media: The attempt to link actions with race. Most media did not emphasize the fact that Cho has been in America for 14 years, since he was 9 in 1992. [Source: Associated Press]. His formative years were American. Who does not know that young immigrants are most eager to Americanize themselves and to assimilate as rapidly as possible.
Cho was probably not accepted as fully by his peers as he wished to be. Non acceptance can easily lead to resentment and then hate. A mass culture society does not tolerate people who are different. Thus Cho learned his values in the USA. He was not behaving as a Korean but as an American.
Materialism cannot solve problems. It creates problems. Cho had everything America has to offer. He lived in the upscale Centreville, Virginia suburb. The 9mm Glock he bought five weeks before the shootings cost $571. The price of his second gun, the 22 caliber Walther has not been given. Virginia Tech is an expensive university and he was majoring in English. His spiritual life was zero, though not very different from that of most people at VT.
Was Cho at some point working for the U.S. military or the CIA? His behavior resembles that of U.S. troops in Haditha, Iraq and the U.S. Special Forces who kicked an Afghan taxi driver to death after hanging him from the ceiling. The Afghan cried out "Allah! Allah!" in pain. They thought it was funny. Similar cold blooded violence was exhibited in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. Where did Cho learn to kill so ruthlessly? Video games? American movies? The spurts of blood, bowels, intestines did not turn him off? Is this the behavior of a civilian?
Virginia Tech is in mourning. However, their process of mourning has something fake about it. Instead of remembering God, they were chanting their school team's slogan "Go Hokeys." Reminds me of the movie about U.S. marines: Full Metal Jackets in which the soldiers chant Disney Land slogans "m-i-c-k-e-y, m-i-c-k-e-y.": Virginia Tech should examine its culture: It is conservative, inward looking, self-worshiping and pleasure oriented. The Almighty Dollar is god there.
The sexual culture is the root of many, perhaps most, problems in American society in general and universities in particular. Subservient and easily available sexual partners are essential for the young American male, otherwise one can become another Cho. Most men do not resort to violence, not because they are non-violent but because they have their girl[s] and have a steady sexual outlet.
The President of VT has been presented as a real leader. The students hailed him. This uncritical attitude towards authority speaks about the mass culture prevalent at VT and many other universities. Gone are the days when students were rebels and protestors. These are often as right wing as Bush.
Between the first brief shooting and the major shooting on April 16, there was a TWO HOUR gap. It appears that the VT authorities took no decisive action after the first shooting because they wanted to avoid publicity. Investigation may well lead to previous cover ups VT carried out. It is indeed amazing that the shooter was free for TWO HOURS after the first shooting and presumably walked around campus freely before carrying out the second, major, killing. How can the VT authorities claim to have done a good job of dealing with security. The swat teams did not dare to go in and kill the shooter till he killed himself. What kind of "heroes" do we have! [On April 18, NBC received a media package from the shooter. This was mailed, it appears, after he shot two people. He went to the post office!]

The entire tragedy of April 16 needs to be investigated. The people in authority have much to answer for. There was nothing to cheer about in this horrible, bloody mess. It's a shame that the media are using the tragedy to promote "holocaust" propaganda and "gay rights."

2nd Interview: Islamic Women's Uprising

General Musharraf's Helicopters Drop Tear Gas on Islamic Women's University

Woman Leader Says: We Will Resist and Give our Lives if the General Attacks: We have the right to differ with Ulema who want Women's Action to Stop

Exclusive Interview with New Trend

On April 18, 2007 New Trend carried out its second interview with Sis. Umm Hasan who heads Jamia Hafsa in Islamabad which serves 6,000 young women. The Islamic young women here rose in rebellion against the tyranny of General Musharraf when the Pakistani coup leader started demolishing mosques in Islamabad. The young women attracted countrywide support. The government pledged to rebuild the mosques. The young women then "captured" a "madam" who was working a prostitution den to supply girls to Musharraf's officials. The "madam" confessed and gave the Islamic women the list of her customers. As before, this interview has been translated from the Urdu language.

New Trend: Asalamu alaikum Sister! How is the situation now in Jamia Hafsa?

Umm Hasan: Walaikum asalam. Haven't you heard? General Musharraf's helicopters raided our school and dropped gas to terrorize our girls.

New Trend: When was this?

Umm Hasan: On Monday, April 16. There were four helicopters. Three of them were clearly Pakistani army but the marking on the fourth was not clear.

New Trend: You could see the markings on three?

Umm Hasan: They came down very low to drop the gas. Our girls wanted to hit them with their lathis [long bamboo sticks], but then the blinding gas came down. Scores of the girls were almost blinded and suffocated by the gas. I called the commissioner and protested this attack on a peaceful Islamic university.

NT: What was the government's response?

UH: The commissioner would not believe me. While I was on the phone, the helicopters were still there. I asked him, can't you hear the sound of the helicopters on the phone. He claimed he couldn't! Fortunately two Swiss journalists were visiting the school when the raid took place. They filmed the whole episode and we have presented it now as evidence of the regime's terrorism against Islamic women.

NT: Your movement to expose the extreme corruption in the capital city of Pakistan has brought forth tremendous support for you from Muslims as well as widespread resentment from the secularists. You must have heard that in Karachi a big demonstration was staged against you....

UH: Yes, it was organized by MQM which is led by Altaf Hussain from London, England. This man Altaf is a hard core criminal responsible for hundreds of murders in Karachi. The British government is protecting him in London. His group MQM is a bunch of thugs which have terrorized the people of Karachi. Opponents from within their own group would turn up tortured and dead, their bodies dumped in sacks by the roadside. When MQM was strong it created "no go" areas in Karachi which were strongholds of murderers, drug peddlers, thugs of many kinds. MQM is a blight on Karachi's fair name. How such low lifes could claim that they can preach to Islamic women about law and order defies all decency.

NT: I know that MQM is a racist-ethnic group which strikes at the Islamic unity of Pakistan by creating hatred against non-Urdu speaking people who have a narrow majority in Karachi but my question is: What is Musharraf's connection with MQM and Altaf who is in London?

UH: MQM and Musharraf are directly connected. Every now and then MQM pushes Musharraf to take military action against Islamic movements. Musharraf needs MQM because of MQM's constituency in Karachi. They get "elected" by terrorizing their opponents and Musharraf says that he has "democratic" support in Karachi because of MQM.

NT: My first interview with you has created quite a stir. It has largely exposed the propaganda campaign which was going on, on the Internet against Jamia Hafsa. The secularist Pakistanis on the Internet use a lot of conspiracy theories against you but they are in a difficult position now. One of these persons in Canada is disturbed by the open remarks you made against two top women supporters of Musharraf, Nilofar Bakhtiar and Zubaida Jalal.

UH: That information was provided by the procuress "auntie" Shamim. Nilofar and Zubaidah have not denied the charges. Note that when charges were made against me by BBC about our girls threatening to throw acid on the faces of westernized women, I immediately responded.

NT: Yes, that was in our first interview.

UH: I pointed out that the BBC has told a blatant lie. We can never think of disfiguring anyone because it would be a violation of the Islamic Law [Shariah] which we stand for. Then the secularists spread a rumor that we in Jamia Hafsa are not permitted to go out and we are not permitted to drive cars. Again I responded and pointed out in detail that we go out for all our needs and we drive cars. There is nothing in Islam against it. Similarly, if what we got from the "madam" about Nilofar and Zubaidah is incorrect, they should respond.

NT: What about the Islamic people? I have read that some of the 'ulema are also criticizing you. They are very conservative about the role of women in Islam. They say that you are too outgoing in your activities. What is your response?

UH: Honest differences in interpretation of Islamic texts are quite valid. Remember that 'Umar ibn al-Khattab, r.a., differed with the Prophet, pbuh, himself on three momentous occasions and each time the Qur'an came down in support of Umar, r.a. The three occasions were:
1. The issue of the captives taken by Muslims at the battle of Badr.
2. The Salatul Janaza for the hypocrite ibn Ubay.
3. The hijab for the household of the Prophet, pbuh.
At this time, we have neither the Prophet, pbuh, here nor the sahaba, r.a. None of the 'Ulema can dare to claim equality with either of these. So difference of interpretation is quite valid. Jihad is central to Islam. We do not agree with those who consider it secondary.

NT: What will happen if Musharraf's army actually attacks Jamia Hafsa?

UH: We will give our lives. We will defend ourselves to the best of our ability.

NT: May Allah keep you safe! May Allah keep you strong!

Q & A: On Women Leading Congregational Prayers and on Earnings from Interest

Dear Prof. Kaukab Siddique, Assalamu alaikum

Grateful, if you could answer the questions at your convenience.
1) Whether a Muslim woman can lead congregational prayer (Jama'ath Namaz) in a mosque attached to a women's college campus in our State Kerala and also deliver sermon (khutba speech) on Friday before juma namaz ? The orthodox Mullahs are against this practice and they sent an Imam (male) to the mosque. But women students refused to accept him. Eventually the college authorities closed the mosque.

2) My daughter, returned from the Gulf for vacation, approached the Bank to draw her cash and she was astonished to see the huge amount being added as interest to her deposited money. She drew her actual deposited money and left the interest with the Bank. Now she asks whether she can use this interest to give to any institution or sick persons as a help and NOT as charity, sadaqa. Allah accepts only halal money. So Please advise what to do with interest money.

Yours in Islam,
Kallada Hamza [Kerala, India]

Answer by Kaukab Siddique: There is clear evidence in the Islamic texts that women can lead women in prayers. Women can also give khutbas and lectures and fiqh classes and Dars-e Hadith and Qur'anic teachings. They can chant Takbirat loudly and participate in Jihad.

Ayesha' Siddiqa, r.a., gave khutbas and lectures to the people of Basra for 24 days after the murder of the Third Caliph, Usman, r.a. No one tried to say that there was any problem with her doing so. {see Ibn Kathir's history book al-Bidaya wun-Nihaya.]

Here are a couple of Hadith about women leading prayers:

"The Mother of the Believers 'Aisha, r.a., used to lead women in obligatory prayers." [Narrated by Reta Hanfiyya in the Hadith collections of Baihaqi, Darqutni and Abdur Razzaq.]

" 'Umm Salama, r.a., used to lead women in prayers during Ramadan and stood between the women." [Narrated by Qatada from Umm Hasan in the musnaf of Ibn Abi Shayba.]

"The Mother of the believers 'Aisha, r.a., used to give Adhan and make iqamah before leading prayers." [Hadith narrated by Tawoos in Abdur Razzaq's collection.]

There are many Hadith which give women the right to do these Islamic activities. Here let me give you one Hadith which covers ALL religious activities. This is from our archives where I answered a related question from a woman:


Question: I am studying Islam but can't find anything in the Koran or the Traditions to support the place of women outside the home. Is it not true that Islam wants to restrict women to having children and cooking food? [Usha, London, England]

ANSWER BY KAUKAB SIDDIQUE: Dear Usha, I have no idea why you can't find the relevant texts. There is no need for any argument or interpretation on this issue. Here is a clear text from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). I have put the Prophet's words in capitals:

"Ismail narrates from Ayyub who narrates from Hafsa: She said: We used to forbid our never married maidens from going out. A woman came and stayed at the mansion of the Bani Khalaf. She narrated that her sister was married to a companion of the messenger of Allah (peace be on him) who was with the messenger of Allah (pbuh) in 12 armed expeditions. Her sister was with him in six of these expeditions. She (the sister) said: We used to bandage the wounded and take care of the sick. She (the sister) asked the messenger of Allah (pbuh): Is there any harm if one of us does not go forth if she does not have an outer covering (jilbab)? He (the Prophet) said: "LET HER FEMALE FRIEND GIVE HER OF HER OUTER COVERINGS and SHE SHOULD TAKE PART IN THE GOOD WORKS and CALLS TO ALLAH (supplications) OF THE BELIEVERS." When Umm Atiyya (Allah be pleased with her) came, I (Hafsa) questioned her about it. Umm Attiya said: Let my father be sacrificed for him. (Whenever the Prophet's name was mentioned, she used to say so.) I asked: Have you heard the messenger of Allah (peace be on him) say so? She replied, Yes. By my father, he (the Prophet) told us: LET THE UNMARRIED MAIDENS AND THE YOUNG VIRGINS WHO STAY HIDDEN AND THE MENSTRUATING ONES GO FORTH TO TAKE PART IN THE GOOD DEEDS AND CALLS TO ALLAH (supplications) OF THE MUSLIMS. ONLY, THE MENSTRUATING ONES SHOULD NOT BE ON THE ACTUAL PRAYER AREA. I (Hafsa) asked (Umm Attiya): Even the menstruating women? She replied: Don't they (the menstruating women) go to Arafat and such and such places? [Hadith in Bukhari's Sahih, kitab al-Manasik.]

ANALYSIS by Kaukab Siddique: Muslims, by definition, are one nation and one community. However, for this community to become real, Muslims must learn to respect each other and to work together for good causes, starting at the basic level of man and woman. Decency and modesty are important in Islam but this virtue must not be a cloistered virtue. To achieve real virtue, one must practice virtue within the community.

The hadith (above) begins by mentioning Hafsa's mistaken notion that single women must not go out into community activities. Then along came a woman who talked about her sister who had participated in six armed expeditions (ghazwat) . Although she was part of the ambulance brigade, she did go forth to the battlefield. Hafsa got this narration confirmed by Umm Attiya (Allah be pleased with her) one of the greatest female companions of the Prophet (pbuh).

Note that the Prophet did not accept the excuse of lack of adequate clothing. Friends can always share dresses. The essential thing is to be part of the struggle. There is no indication whatever that the Prophet (pbuh) would want women to be secluded or separated from the men. Decent dress and modest attitude is all that is needed. TAQWA (God-conscious behavior) is the key.

The biggest surprise for Hafsa was the Prophet's urging that even menstruating women go forth. No mosque or gathering place is holier than the ground of Arafat, and menstruating women can [and do] go there. They should stay away from actual formal prayer. (Another aspect often forgotten is that in those days it was difficult to stop the blood flow and the place of prayer would be bloodied.)

Note also that this hadith in a number of ways contradicts the idea that reporting or witnessing by ONE MUSLIM WOMAN is not valid. Ismail accepted from Ayyub (both males) a narration from ONE WOMAN Hafsa and Imam Bukhari unhesitatingly placed it in his Sahih. The second part of the narration is again from one woman Umm Attiya (Allah be pleased with her).

CRITIQUE of DR. MUHSIN KHAN'S TRANSLATION: Dr. Khan's translation of Bukhari in 9 volumes has this hadith in volume 2 on page 418 and it is numbered 714. The translator has made a number of errors. Firstly he adds the words "On Ids" and "for Id prayer" at the beginning and end of the first sentence narrated by Hafsa. If any expert in Arabic can point out where these additions of Dr. Khan are available in the text, please let me know. Secondly, he mentions the "menstruating ones" only once, leaving out the first reference as given in my translation. Again see the Arabic. Thirdly, he DOES NOT KNOW THAT HAFSA HERE IS NOT THE DAUGHTER of Umar Ibn al-Khattab (r.a.) and the wife of the Prophet (pbuh). Dr. Khan mistakenly puts (radi Allahu unha) in front of her name. He should study the Tabqat of Ibn Saad to find out who was this narrator. If she had been the illustrious wife of the Prophet and custodian of the Qur'an, she would not have had to ask Umm Attiya (r.a.). Fourthly, Dr. Khan blunders by translating jilbab as "veil" and his translation comes out as "She should cover herself with the veil of her companion." (Is that physically possible?) Most early scholars of Islam agree that jilbab is the outer garment or covering.

Some close Saudi associates of Dr. Khan have issued a summary of Sahih Bukhari from which this hadith has been omitted.

Now we go to Br. Hamza's question about Interest:

Interest is HARAM in Islam. We must understand WHY it is Haram. There is no physical difference in the function between money which is coming from interest and one which is the result of productive effort. The difference is in the social system within which economic activity is carried out. As long as you are not charging interest or becoming part of the interest-based system, you cannot be blamed. The interest which accrues from the bank should be given as charity without thinking of getting a reward for it. Give it to the most needy and helpless. I think your daughter will get a great reward for giving the interest away. Don't leave it with the bank. Here I am opposed to the views of Ulema who think that it should be left with the bank and also those who think there is no reward in it because it is haram money. What money DOES to help people is not Haram. The process of interest based economics should be reversed but for that we need an Islamic revolution:

"What you invest at interest to increase on other people's wealth, does not find increase with Allah: yet what you give in alms and charity, seeking Allah, will be doubled." [The Qur'an 30:39]

We live in a world where the forces of capitalism control the economies of the world. About such conditions of helplessness, the Qur'an says:

"... if a person is forced by necessity, without willful disobedience nor transgressing due limits ---thy Lord is oft-forgiving, most merciful." [6:145.]

[Looks like they got the wrong man again and tortured him extensively.]

Alleged operative denies al-Qaeda ties


Associated Press

WASHINGTON - Abu Zubaydah, alleged to be a former senior al-Qaeda operative for Afghanistan, denied before a military hearing that he was a member of the terrorist organization or an associate of leader Osama bin Laden.

Mr. Zubaydah, captured in 2002, also told the hearing at Guantanamo Bay that he had been tortured in U.S. custody and confessed to things he did not do just to stop the abuse, according to a Pentagon transcript released Monday.

Mr. Zubaydah appeared before a Combatant Status Review Tribunal, an administrative hearing, at Guantanamo Bay on March 27, as one of 14 "high value" detainees transferred there last September after being held at secret CIA prisons abroad. The public and reporters are not permitted access to the hearings; of the 13 hearings held so far, the Defense Department has now released 12 transcripts.

Mr. Zubaydah, a Palestinian, said that from 1994 to about 2000 he was a facilitator at guest houses in Pakistan, where he helped Muslims get to the Afghanistan's Khalden training camp for "defensive jihad" - that is to fight against forces that invade Muslim lands anywhere. He then helped send the trained militants on to Bosnia, Chechnya and elsewhere, he said.

"The statement that I was an associate of Osama bin Laden is false," the transcript quotes Mr. Zubaydah as saying. "I'm not his partner and I'm not a member of al-Qaida."

"Bin Laden wanted al-Qaida to have control of Khalden, but we refused since we had different ideas," Mr. Zubaydah said.

He said he's happy to see others attack U.S. military targets such as the USS Cole - bombed by terrorists in 2000 as it refueled off Yemen - but believes it's against Islam to kill civilians.

"I disagreed with the al-Qaeda philosophy of targeting innocent civilians like those in the World Trade Center," he said, referring to the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on New York.

The Pentagon's redacted 27-page transcript included a statement read to the hearing by Mr. Zubaydah's appointed representative in addition to lengthy passages that were hard to understand because Mr. Zubaydah spoke in English, acknowledging at one point "I don't know grammar in English."

He said other groups were angry at al-Qaeda after the Sept. 11 attacks but that it was not a good time for disagreements among themselves.

"After eleven September, the big groups, they was angry from bin Laden - why you not tell us about this big operation? At least give us a chance to adjust ourself," Mr. Zubaydah was quoted as saying in the transcript.

"But we have idea ... that if the enemy came to attack us, it is not good to make different between us."

The purpose of the Guantanamo hearings is to determine whether the detainees should be classified as an "enemy combatant" eligible for a military trial for war crimes.

This is the second Rand plot: Our Turkish Group Uncovered the first in 2006.

The Rand Report: "Building Moderate Muslim Networks"

An Analysis by Waheeduddin Ahmed Ph.D.

Rand Corporation, which sponsors and funds conservative public policy studies, has recently (2007) published a report entitled "Building Moderate Muslim Networks". The authors are: Angel Rabaca, Cheryl Benard, Lowell H. Schwartz and Peter Sickle. It merits serious attention and careful evaluation by all Muslim activists, especially those who may be considered "modernists" as defined by the authors, for the report identifies such individuals and organizations worldwide, glorifies them and sets them up for falling into a pro-Zionist trap and eventual disgrace and destruction. I shall explain in the following how it can happen.

The outlines of the Report are that "extremism" in Islam is posing the gravest danger to the security of the West and that the West should respond by drawing on its experience of the Cold War. A parallel is drawn between the conflict of the past and the conflict today, where the perceived Islamic Fundamentalism replaces the communist enemy. It is thus obvious that we are already in the middle of the second Cold War (CW2). The West had won the CW1, they allege, by covertly and overtly supporting opposition groups within the communist bloc. The same strategy is deemed to be applicable in the CW2. The opposition group in this instance is Ĺmoderate Muslims". The report states:

"What is needed at this stage is to derive lessons from the experience of the Cold War, determine their applicability to the conditions of the Muslim World today, and develop a "road map" for the construction of moderate and liberal Muslim networks." --- "Since moderates lack the resources to create these networks themselves, their creation may require an external catalyst."

The authors go on to say:

"At the heart of the approach we propose is making the building of moderate Muslim networks an explicit goal of U.S. government programs."

The Report contemplates using even "da'wa" as a tool for accomplishing the goal.

"One idea, put forth by analysts such as Dennis Ross, is for the United States to identify committed reformers to initiate a "secular da'wa," by which forces of moderation would be associated with tangible improvements in living conditions. This concept was endorsed throughout the Cold War through the establishment of agencies such as USAID and the Peace Corps."
(USAID stands for U.S. Agency for International Development)

The report envisages a shift in the area of operation for the U.S. moderation effort from the Arab countries to Turkey and South and Southeast Asia.

"Our approach calls for fundamental changes to the current, symmetric strategy of engagement with the Muslim world. The current approach identifies the problem area as the Middle East and structures its programs accordingly. That area is much too large, too diverse, too opaque, and too much in the grip of non-moderate sectors to allow for much traction (as reflected in the experience of MEPI). It can absorb very large amount of resources with little or no impact. Instead, the United States should pursue a new policy that is asymmetric and selective. As in the Cold War, U.S. efforts should avoid the opponent's center of gravity and instead concentrate on the partners, and regions where U.S. support has the greatest likelihood of impacting the war of ideas."
(MEPI stands for Middle East Partnership Initiative.)

The authors provide a litmus test for distinguishing "true moderates from opportunists and from extremists camouflaged as moderate." The criteria exclude even the weakest of Islamists, leaving only the most ardent of secularists and atheists answering the call.

Particular emphasis is placed on Sufi Islam as being a natural ally in the implementation of the modernist agenda.

"They do not engage in the unmediated interpretation of the Qur'an and the hadith."

Example is given of the Turkish religious leader Fethullah Gulen who promotes, according to the authors, a form of moderate modern sufi Islam, branded as "Anatolian Islam".

Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand are mentioned with great gusto as fertile grounds for promoting "moderate" Islam. Euro-Islam has received detailed scrutiny, with a near exhaustive list of pros and contras. To a great extent North America is spared the investigative forage. Only the apostates and renegades, who have found sanctuary in North America, such as Salman Rushdie, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Homa Arjumand, Irshad Manji and Wafa Sultan are mentioned. For a list of worldwide potential collaborators, including organizations, mentioned in the Report, please see the appendix to my article.

Partners in the network building are sought from:

Liberal and secular Muslim academics
Young moderate clerics
Community activists
Women's groups
Journalists, writers and communicators

The Roadmap will be as laid down in the following:

"We propose to launch the initiative recommended in this report with a workshop, to be held in Washington or another appropriate venue, gathering a small, representative group of Muslim moderates. This workshop would serve to obtain their input and their support for their initiative and to prepare the agenda and list of participants for an international conference modeled on the Congress of Cultural Freedom."

"If this event were successful, we would then work with the core group to hold an international conference in a venue of symbolic significance for Muslims, for instance, Cordoba in Spain, to launch a standing organization to combat Salafi extremism."

Letter: Misled Christians Building Israel in Florida

My mother sent me a disturbing link to an article at the Journal of Religion and Society site. It is the 4th article down that states : "Next Year in Orlando" and it reeks of Christian and Jewish zionism.

Here is the link:

Sis. 'Aisha [New York City]

Letter: Regarding Islamic [Hafsa] Women

while I don't always agree with some of your points of view --- regarding Jamia Hafsa, I think you've made some good points --- I have a blog entry up regarding the issue, and have translated parts of a talk at Lal Masjid - have a look:


Letter: New Trend Gets Free Gift of the Qur'an


Attached please find the GIFT OF QURAAN, from me for you,
Ise Read karen aur mere liye bulke hum sub musalmano k liye dua karen.

Take Care of yourself and Be Happy

Thanks & Regards

Asif Shahzad
AlMaya Group (BORDERS)
Dubai UAE

2007-04-19 Thu 19:24:20 cdt