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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 20, 1428/ July 5, 2007 #51

Scroll all the way down for a letter from Islamabad, Pakistan. Very enlightening.

Islamabad: 10,000 Pakistani Troops Besiege Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid.
Massive Propaganda Blitz by Musharraf after Curfew & Electricity/Water Cut off.

by our Pakistan Observer with New Trend's analysis.

After the heavy fighting on July 3, Musharraf brought in massive reinforcements in the night before July 4 came in. The General blocked all approach roads and then hit the Islamic women's university and the mosque, Lal Masjid, supporting the women.
A stiff curfew was imposed on the entire area surrounding the Islamic targets of the U.S.-backed regime. Pakistan army snipers shot and killed 8 ordinary citizens who had mistakenly come out after curfew. This series of murders by the regime terrorized the population.

Water and electricity to the two facilities were cut off. Musharraf's troops kept firing automatic weapons and tear gas shells into the school injuring scores of young women and killing some of the young men defending the mosque.

In this situation, the leadership of the masjid decided to let the young women students call their families to come and pick them up. As the day progressed about 350 young women students came out after announcements by the military that they would not be harmed. Then the mosque administration decided to let the younger male students too go. More than a 100 of the male students came out of the mosque and were arrested by Musharraf's men.
As the female students were leaving, Maulana Abdul Aziz, the fiery khateeb of the mosque, came out to bid them farewell. He was grabbed by Musharraf's men and taken away to a secret interrogation center.
The arrest of Maulana Abdul Aziz was a bonanza for Musharraf's propaganda machine which claimed that Maulana Abdul Aziz had been arrested while trying to flee wearing a burqa. The entire secularist media machine, from Dawn to News International to Jang to Frontier Post, then chimed in and published the government's claim as if it was absolutely true . It appears that after arresting him, the intelligence branch of Musharraf put a burqa around the Maulana and took his photo. This photo is being distributed in the Pakistani media: No one is asking, where did the camera man come from in such a dramatic situation. Pakistanis are quite naive about psychological warfare.
After a while the more independent Urdu media, even Nawa-e-Waqt, got disheartened enough to say that Maulana Abdul Aziz had actually tried to flee in a burqa.
Meanwhile, the government smashed the walls of the Islamic school and kept firing into the mosque, leading to scores of casualties. The mosque then encouraged all the women and men who could not defend themselves, being unarmed, to leave. Thus the majority of the students left.
This coming out of unarmed students was trumpeted by Musharraf as a "surrender." Poor Nawa-e-Waqt [leading Pakistani newspaper]was so impressed that it published the statement that the militant deputy leader of the mosque, Abdur Rashid Ghazi, had also surrendered and that the Principal of Jamia Hafsa, Sis. Umm Hasan, had also been arrested.
A pause in the propaganda jubilee came with a rude shock early on July 5. Abdur Rashid Ghazi, the defiant number 2 leader of the mosque, was being interviewed LIVE by GEO TV, an independent Pakistani TV channel. He refuted point by point the claims of the government that he or anybody else was surrendering or that Jamia Hafsa had given up its moral, righteous stand against the government. Ghazi was still in the school-mosque complex willing to resist the Pakistani juggernaut with a few poorly armed men he has with him.

By the evening of July 5, AbdurG1 Rashid Ghazi was again interviewed by Geo TV. He objected to the government propaganda painting him as a "terrorist." Looks like he is facing overwhelming Pakistani military force. It is clear that Pakistani military will not mind entering the mosque by force. Looks like Ghazi has made his point. The regime is determined to crush Islamic education for women if the education is not controlled by the regime.

New Trend's analysis of the situation is as follows:

Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid represent the conscience and will of the poverty stricken masses of Pakistan.
This Islamic complex of Jamia Hafsa supports the education and rights of women.
It challenged the deep and limitless corruption which permeates Musharraf's regime and the military-bureaucratic power structure of Pakistan.
The young women interrupted Musharraf's destruction of small mosques in the Islamabad area. The women insisted that the mosques be rebuilt. They occupied a library to register their protest and wouldn't leave till the regime accepted the legitimacy of their complaint.
The young women of Hafsa kept urging the regime to stop the degradation of women. When the regime refused to listen, the Islamic women arrested a procuress who was indulging in illegal and immoral acts under Musharraf regime's protection.
The women went around preaching to video store owners not to display and sell pornographic movies. One store owner was so moved that he put the entire stock of his videos on the street and set them on fire.
Later still, the women then raided a massage parlor and arrested 9 Chinese women for providing sexual favors to Musharraf's officials. All were soon released after a lot of preaching.
The U.S. and Pakistani secularists claimed that the activities of the women would support a "Taliban" view of Pakistan. For them, the immorality of General Musharraf's administration in fact means that Pakistan is becoming "progressive" like America.
The Musharraf regime took military action because it saw that the moral appeal of the women and the khutbas of Maulana Abdul Aziz were steadily gaining support all over Pakistan. Musharraf was under heavy U.S. pressure.
Musharraf could not accept the fact that Islamabad might actually become the city of Islam. Right in his stronghold, his dreams of turning Pakistan into a poor copy of America were beginning to crumble.
He hesitated for a while because he knew that the women of Jamia Hafsa and the men of Lal Masjid, THOUGH DEFENSELESS, would not give in under threat of military action. He would have to take them out by force and this could ignite Islamic resistance in Pakistan.
Musharraf decided to attack when his intelligence agencies found out two facts: The Lal Masjid people were VERY POORLY ARMED, and only about 50 of them had real weapons, all small arms. Secondly that other Islamic groups would issue critical statements and perhaps demonstrate in the streets but would not dare to fight the army.
The only risk to Musharraf's naked use of military force comes from the Taliban in the tribal areas. Blood has already flowed there and probably more will come as a result of the tragedy in Islamabad.
This is a turning point in Pakistan's history: The military regime decided to use military force against a women's Islamic university and a mosque located right in the heart of Pakistan's capital. The people of Pakistan watched in agony as the army humiliated and crushed an Islamic group whose defiance of the regime was based on the Islamic spirit which is the raison d' etre of Pakistan's existence. It was 10,000 Pakistani troops against 100 Islamic resisters. Guess who won?

Jamaat al-Muslimen News, P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234

Rally for Mumia Jamal in Philadelphia: Jamaat Calls for Unity Against Oppression

July 4, 2007: On behalf of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Nadrat Siddique addressed a protest rally in support of Mumia Jamal. Scores of activists from a variety of groups attended the rally. Siddique said that the Islamic movement stands against oppression and calls for the release of Mumia Jamal as well as Islamic political prisoners like Imam Jamil al-Amin, Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar and others.

Passionate speeches of support for Mumia were made by the children of the Africa family who survived the police operation which destroyed the MOVE house in Philadelphia years back.

Brochures prepared by the Jamaat calling for the boycott of businesses which support Israel were distributed during the rally and the march which followed. Among those boycotted is STARBUCKS, a company which exploits both Muslims and non-Muslims and supports the terrorist entity known as Israel. The brochures were given to 50 people and were well received.
[Starbucks exploits producers in Ethiopia and Rwanda.]

Passing of the Imam who led funeral prayers for Malcolm X [El Hajj Malik Shabazz]

by Bilal Sunni Ali, Atlanta, Georgia

Asalamu alaikum. Inna lillahe wa inna alaihi rajeun. We come from Allah and unto Allah is our return.

We got news on Monday, July 2, That our Islamic family's first Imam, Sheikh Hesham Jabbar, passed away. The Salatul-Janaza was Tuesday at 10:00 AM. At Dar Islam, 602-612 Salem Avenue, Elizabeth , New Jersey.

The Sheikh was the National Imam of the "Addeynu Allahu" - Universal Arabic Association, Inc. at the time of the martyrdom of El Hajj Malik Shabazz and is the one who lead salatul janaza for our martyred shahid Hajj Malik.

The sheik recently authored a book entitled:

The Final Chapter. I buried Malcolm (El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz)

which brilliantly and Islamically uncovers the many ideological arguments under which others have attempted to bury Malcolm. Published by
NEW MIND PRODUCTIONS, Inc., P.O BOX 5185 Jersey City, NJ 07305

Br. Bilal is a famous Islamic activist and media man organizing protests against the imprisonment of Imam Jamil al-Amin. We are honored to receive this from him.

Letter: Re: Bush, Hooper and Dajjal

It is true that Dajjal has enveloped the whole world. In Uganda, our "Mufti" has sold two mosques to the government functionaries, including Masjid Noor where we used to sell New Trend and New Trend books. Three other plots in the district business of Kampala have been sold to the Kuffar. Muslims have demand for his resignation but the Government is backing him and he a regular visitor to the Interreligious Council funded by USAID where Muslims are not represented.

I am distributing Bush & Hooper to the Muslims in Uganda who do not support Dajjal.

Mahmoud Sserunjogi
Kampala, Uganda

Iraqi Viewpoint:

Not a sectarian Conflict but U.S. Occupation-Israel-Iran Working Together

by Husayn Al-Kurdi

In the late 1940s, there was a cave at Samara. When my father visited it, they had a horse waiting to take the Hidden Imam out! I may even have a picture of this somewhere in the family archives, and will try to locate it when I go to where they are in December.

Different versions of Islam have to co-exist, and often have for long periods. Maraboutism, Wahhabi'ism, Sufi schools, the Major Schools of Jurisprudence (Usul al-Fiqh) and a wide variety of other doctrines have proliferated within (and some out of) Islam. This is only to be expected from the religion which prioritizes learning, respects science and is an avid seeker of knowledge from all sources. The ancestors of Shi'i and Sunni (the latter in a more figurative sense) started out as the closest of fighting comrades in Muhammad's original army. The Prophet always enjoined Unity as a divine principle and a moral imperative. That is the mandate which Muslims have inherited, the imperative which re-appears today in Iraq. The problem is essentially politico-religious and not a matter of religious doctrine or a subject for sectarian wrangling.

The Iraqi Resistance and the Ba'ath Party have both condemned the bombings of the Samara mosque and other Shi'ite places of worship. It is most assuredly the Occupation Forces and elements working in collaboration with them who are behind those atrocities. The Resistance, the Ba'ath Party and Al-Shaheed Mujahid President Saddam Hussein have all denounced the sectarian violence, urged national unity and a concentration of effort on the essence of Jihad in Iraq, which consists of the removal of the Occupation and its collaborators and those who have participated in the destruction and spoliation of that land, sacred to Islam and the Arab Nation alike.

The Resistance itself consists of scores of groups and parties of a wide variety of ideological inclinations and political backgrounds. It includes Shiites, Sunnis, Sufis, Kurds, Christians and non-believers, all of whose rights and contributions to the cause are respected and noted. Shi'ites, along with Sunnis, Christians and all others in Iraq have a choice to make: betray Iraq to its historical enemies the Jews/Bankers and the USA/UK Crusader Imperialists who wish it nothing but harm OR participate in the definitive defeat of the Occupation forces and restore Iraq to the dignity and prosperity it was on the path to enjoying before they launched four wars of aggression whose strategic aim, proclaimed repeatedly by Jewish pundits and their American imitators, is the reduction and desolation and division of that ancient land.

I count the four wars as follows: Iran-Iraq 1980-1988 with some million or so killed; 1991 Desert Storm which directly massacred tens of thousands and broke most of the phony Geneva Convention rules of warfare, including the release of massive amounts of deadly depleted uranium which will be killing people and producing dead and deformed babies for centuries to come; The Sanctions regime of 1991-2003, accompanied by a variety of military assaults, subversions, crop destruction and livestock poisonings, whose direct results were at least a million Iraqi dead between 1991 and 2003; and the 2003 Invasion and subsequent Occupation.

The problem with the Persians is not Shi'ism as such: it is the ancient treachery of the Persians towards the Arabs, re-ignited by a corrupt and reactionary sectarian clergy seeking to impose itself in an unseemly manner on the congregation of believers in the Iranian mosques. Persian imperialism is still alive, including the idea that they have some right to rule Iraq! They have repeatedly jumped into the Devil's Bed: the War against Iraq which Khomeini fanatically pursued; the Iran-Contra affair in the 1980s during which the Jewish state acted as a broker to keep that war going; and the present role of fomenting sectarian violence in Iraq in hopes of realizing its hegemonic ambition. The backdoor cooperation between Iran and the Jewish Entity is a longstanding and ancient one. We all await the imminent publication and release of Jeff Archer's one-of-a-kind (i.e. TRUTHFUL) book which will cover Iraq's recent history as no other single source possibly could!

Sincerely, Yours for the liberation of the oppressed, Husayn Faraj Allah Al-Kurdi

Urgent Action Alert: Guantanamo Prisoner At Risk of Transfer by US to Torture in Libya

Help Prevent Libyan Guantanamo Detainee Abdul Ra'ouf Al Qassim from Being Sent to Torture; Tell U.S. to Send Him Home to His Family in Afghanistan
Abdul Ra'ouf Al Qassim is a Libyan who has been imprisoned by the U.S. government in Guantanamo Bay for more than five years. He is now in imminent danger of being transferred by the U.S. government to Libya, a country which the United States has identified as a state sponsor of terrorism and which the U.S. government, international institutions and independent human rights organizations have all criticized for its brutal treatment of prisoners. Because of Abdul Ra'ouf's status as a former Guantanamo detainee – and the U.S. government's false and unsubstantiated allegations that he was associated with a group hostile to Libya's dictatorial leader – he is at grave risk of indefinite detention, torture and death if forcibly returned to Libya.

In December 2006, and again in February 2007, the U.S. government publicly declared its intention to transfer Abdul Ra'ouf to Libya, notwithstanding his fears of severe persecution if he were forcibly returned. Legal action by his lawyers at the Center for Constitutional Rights delayed his transfer initially. However, in May 2007 the U.S. Supreme Court refused to intervene in Abdul Ra'ouf's case and prevent the U.S. government from transferring him from Guantanamo to Libya – regardless of the indisputable risk of persecution he would face in his home country. By refusing to intervene in his case, the courts have effectively left Abdul Ra'ouf's life an! d safety entirely in the hands of President Bush.

There is another option for Abdul Ra'ouf. He is married to an Afghan citizen with whom he has an Afghan citizen daughter. He is therefore legally eligible for Afghan citizenship, and his family has expressed their strong desire for him to return home to Afghanistan to live with them in safety.

Abdul Ra'ouf indisputably would be at grave risk if returned to Libya, but the Bush administration has refused to reconsider its decision to hand him over to the brutal regime of Colonel Muammar Qadhafi. The U.S. government must immediately and unequivocally commit not to send Abdul Ra'ouf to Libya. His forcible transfer there would violate domestic and international law, and everything that the United States claims to stand for in upholding human rights.

Background on Abdul Ra'ouf Al Qassim

Abdul Ra'ouf was conscripted into the Libyan Army when he was about 18 years old. He deserted because he began to experience psychiatric problems that made it difficult for him to be in groups of people. After leaving the army, Abdul Ra'ouf fled Libya for fear of persecution because he was an observant Muslim and knew that men were persecuted by the Qadhafi government for wearing long beards and practicing their religion.

During the next ten years, Abdul Ra'ouf lived abroad as a refugee to avoid being returned to Libya. He survived on the charity and generosity of those who offered him places to stay. In 2000, he married an Afghan woman and settled in the Afghan capital of Kabul before the U.S. bombardment began in October 2001. Abdul Ra'ouf fled with his pregnant wife to seek refuge in Pakistan. They now have a daughter who is also an Afghan citizen.

Soon after the family arrived in Pakistan, however, Abdul Ra'ouf fell victim to the chaos of the war in Afghanistan. At the time, the U.S. military offered large sums of money – $5,000 or more – to anyone who handed over alleged "terrorists. " The United States blanketed Afghanistan and Pakistan with leaflets promising "wealth and power beyond your dreams" or "enough money to take care of your family, your village, your tribe for the rest of your life." Abdul Ra'ouf was living with his wife and young daughter in Pakistan when he was turned over to military authorities, likely for a sizable bounty. He was later brought to Guantanamo, where he has been detained for more than five years without charge or trial.

Since he has been imprisoned in Guantanamo, the U.S. government has claimed that Abdul Ra'ouf is associated with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a group opposed to the Qadhafi regime. Abdul Ra'ouf's only tenuous link with the group is that some of the men in one of the houses at which he stayed in Pakistan were accused of being LIFG members. Though he has no connection with this group, the mere allegation of his association with LIFG virtually guarantees that he will be severely persecuted if forcibly returned to Libya. Suspected political opponents of the Qadhafi regime face brutal repression by Libyan authorities; the LIFG is one of the Libyan government's most detested foes.

The Qadhafi Regime's Abuse of Political Prisoners

Libya is a modern-day authoritarian regime governed by Qadhafi's fierce and unchallenged authority. Since assuming control in a 1969 military coup, the Qadhafi dictatorship has maintained power through severe repression of any political dissent, using methods that include routine torture, arbitrary arrest and detention, and extrajudicial killings. The rule of law in Libya is nonexistent in any meaningful sense, and independent human rights monitoring entities are flatly prohibited by the government.

Political prisoners are particularly vulnerable to torture and abuse during their imprisonment. According to a 2006 U.S. State Department report, "security personnel routinely tortured prisoners during interrogation or as punishment," including through "chaining prisoners to a wall for hours, clubbing, applying electric shock, applying corkscrews to the back, pouring lemon juice in open wounds, breaking fingers and allowing the joints to heal without medical care, suffocating with plastic bags, prolonged deprivation of sleep, food and water, hanging by the wrists, suspension from a pole inserted between the knees and elbows, cigarette burns, threats of dog attacks, and beatings on the soles of the feet."

In a recent hearing in the United Kingdom, the British government sought to return two men to Libya after receiving diplomatic assurances from Colonel Qadhafi's son that they would not be mistreated. The British official who negotiated the agreement with the Libyan government acknowledged that the individuals to be returned would be at grave risk of persecution.

The U.S. government has not shown the same respect for the law. The United States has instead relied on patently unreliable diplomatic assurances to transfer people to countries with notorious human rights records. Notably, in December 2006 the U.S. military returned another Guantanamo detainee to Libya against his will. He is the only Libyan citizen that the United States has transferred to the Qadhafi regime; and he was transferred despite his urgent protests to officials at Guantanamo that he would be subjected to torture or worse if forcibly returned. According to one unclassified account, this man was reportedly interviewed by Libyan officials in Guantanamo who threatened to torture and perhaps kill him. As with Abdul Ra'ouf, the U.S. government alleged that this man was associated with the LIFG, despite his repeated denials. This man is currently imprisoned in Libya, despite public statements that the Libyan government had no interest in imprisoning him. Because there is no independent monitoring mechanism within Libya and human rights organizations are outlawed by the government, little is known about his current situation except that he is currently detained. It is feared that he has been subjected to torture and abuse.

Abdul Ra'ouf Al Qassim Needs Immediate Protection: The United States Must Not Send Him to Be Tortured or Killed

Abdul Ra'ouf Al Qassim has repeatedly and unambiguously expressed his strong fear of torture and persecution to his lawyers, the Red Cross, his interrogators and other military officials. When he told officials about his fear of returning to Libya and his need for asylum in a third country, they essentially ignored him or told him they didn't know how he! could get help. Abdul Ra'ouf's fears are undoubtedly warranted. The military's own statement on February 20, 2007 regarding its intent to transfer him to Libya underscores his vulnerability:

"[Abdul Ra'ouf] will be transferred to the control of his home government for continued detention, investigation, and/or prosecution as that country deems appropriate..."

The United States must not condemn another man to torture – or worse – at the hands of the Libyan authorities. The United States must instead work to facilitate his transfer to Afghanistan, the country in which his wife and daughter reside.

Contact U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

urge her not to send Abdul Ra'ouf Al Qassim to Libya where he is likely to face persecution.
urge her to arrange for his safe transfer to his family in Afghanistan.
Email her now by using this form: http://contact- us.state. gov/cgi-bin/ state! .cfg/php /enduser/std_ alp.php
Or contact the State Department at 202-647-4000 or by mail: U.S. Department of State, 2201 C Street NW, Washington DC 20520.

Letter from Islamabad

Is Pervaiz Lord Mountbatten?

Anwar Ul Haque, MD

The Rangers fired upon Lal Masjid frequently and killed several people by firing on their foreheads. This included one insane person who was wandering aimlessly with no shoes. Instead of firing on their feet, the brave soldiers hit their forehead instantly killing these people who have no arms and ammunition. Who has given them this right This reminds us of the ruthless colonial rulers! Certainly anyone who kills an innocent Muslim will remain in hell forever. We are sure that inshallah all those responsible will be severely punished one day.
Pakistan's military dictator, who came in power with help of CIA, is acting as Lord Mountbatten. He thinks that Pakistanis are his subjects upon whom he can rule the way he wants. His clan of extremely corrupt and incompetent ministers, advisors and Qadyani and allied mafia feel that they are the genuine heirs of British colonists.
Instead of serving people of Pakistan, Pervaizi clan is acting as the most obedient dogs for their foreign masters. Not surprisingly Washington Times cartoonist depicted Pervaiz as dog with chains of Zionism around his neck. Pervaiz did not mind the cartoon and perhaps felt a bit elated.

But certainly this is not the case with a good number of high character and conscience Pakistanis. Each and every move of Pervaizi clan makes them stronger and more determined in their resolve to topple him and his clan and all those who support him.

Today's actions will start a new chapter inshallah in the history of Islamabad. Already today Miran Shah and Swat had seen two so called suicide attacks which determined people consider Shahadah attacks as they are not depressed and are looking forward to better life in the Hereafter. It is quite certain that Pervaizi clan will spend all their remaining life in utmost fear and anxiety and so are their families. No minister, no secretary, no hotel, no picnic place and no bureaucrat office will feel safe as Pakistan is drifting towards becoming another Iraq and another Afghanistan!..

Listening to the ladies who came out Hafsah Madrisa, it was very clear that even the ladies in these Madrasah etc. are determined and looking forward for Shahadah. Some even claimed that the Prophet (PBUH) came in their dreams and supported them and praised their efforts.

The lines are now clearly visible between the International Terrorists i.e. Bush, Brown, Ohlmert, Puttin, Singh and their puppets on one side and the determined Mujahideen on the other side. As the latter are not afraid of death and are greater than life itself, it is obvious that these will be ultimately victorious.

The most stupid and idiotic action of today which coincides with Independence day of USA (Another independence day of a slave country!!!!) will start a new chapter in the history inshallah and this chapter will have very bad message for all the global terrorists. Islam and Jihad are the most efficient remedy of terrorism, the chapter will show. The hypothesis described in this article is based on very close observation of the history and knowing their faith and determination.

Pakistani people will NOT tolerate any colonial army with black and brown rulers. They want to see it a truly Islamic army. No Ayoub Khan, No Yahya Khan, No Zia, No Pervaiz will be accepted and those who are making deals and affairs with military dictators will soon be kicked on their buttocks and crushed under shoes.

(Dr. Anwar Ul Haque, is a medical specialist with high training in USA. He has deep interest in international affairs. His motto is "Truth is the sweetest thing though it may taste a little bitter at times")

Postal Address; 116, F 11/ 3 Islamabad 44000
Phone 2294099

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