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JOY of Islam. An anthology of Praise by Hadayai Majeed, published by Author House, 2004. $5.

An excellent collection of poetry by Muslim girls and women. Very well produced. A good holiday season gift for young people. Beautiful cover design from a 7th grade student's drawing.

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Important books, difficult to obtain in the open market:

LUCASVILLE. THE UNTOLD STORY OF A PRISON UPRISING by Staughton Lynd. , Temple University Press, 2004. $16.

Powerful account of the inner workings of America's prison system. Includes the story of Siddique Abdullah Hasan who rose from the ranks of the oppressed, America's victims, to educate himself in Islam and become an Imam.

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HITLER'S WAR by David Irving. 985 Pages, numerous rare photographs. $50

A blockbuster of a book. In World War II, there were no angels on either side. This book is a must for those who want to understand what is going on in the world today because today's world is linked to the World War. A painful lesson in the meaning of modern Germany's ongoing support for Israel. This is a must for every good library. Although it is the only war book on based on original documents and not on secondary sources, it is being kept out of public libraries.

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Peaceful Response to Protest Desecration of Mosques in Iraq & Ban on Muslim Charities in USA

Asalamu alaikum. As citizens of America, we Muslims have the right to oppose acts of war against Islamic places of worship. Also we have the right to donate to charities of our choice to help the hungry, the destitute, the orphans, the widows, to provide schools, health facilities and social support to Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnia and Sudan. Unfortunately the media are not letting us protest against desecration and the government has closed down major Muslim charities.

The U.S. military systematically desecrated mosques in the city of Fallujah in Iraq during Ramadan and lailatul qadr. Initially the government said that it had to attack these mosques because gunmen were firing at U.S. troops from the mosques. However now it is very clear that the mosques are being desecrated as a matter of military policy, a form of terrorism against Muslims.

Go to www.newtrendmag.org and click on PICTURES. You will see U.S. troops in full military gear lounging in an Iraqi mosque, using a place of worship as a rest stop.

ZAKAT [charity] is a central obligation in Islam, one of the pillars of Islam according to authentic Hadith. The U.S. regime is trying to topple this pillar of Islam. The U.S. has closed all major Muslim charities in the U.S. on bogus charges of connections to "terrorism." None of the charges have been proven in any clear way beyond a reasonable doubt.

By contrast, American JEWS are steadily sending HUGE FUNDS to Israel which is in occupation of a Muslim land. The entire Israeli military and intelligence apparatus involved in daily terrorism against the Palestinian people is funded from America. The funds for the construction and maintenance of settlements on Palestnian land are funded by American Jews. Organizations in America have permanent half-hour to hour long TV advertisements going asking for funds to bring RUSSIAN JEWS to Palestine.

Recently American government's own pet Muslim groups, known as the "lick spittle" Muslims, begged the U.S. government to list Muslim charities which could be considered "risk free"
[thus hoping that their charities would get an exemption].
The government refused to endorse even the "lick spittle" Muslims.


This is the Holiday Season. American Muslims donate millions of dollars to non-Muslim charities every year. These non-Muslims, including international organizations which are infiltrating Muslim countries, reach out to American Muslims to get their dollars. Some of these sound very good, like UNICEF and Save the Children and Salvation Army and Seventh Day Adventists, as as well health related charities asking for cancer and other kinds of research.

When you receive such a request, send it back with a note saying: "As a protest against the desecration of mosques in Iraq, and the ban on Muslim charities, I have decided not to donate to you."

The American people should realize that our rights as citizens of this great country have been violated.

If you would rather not write notes, SIMPLY WITHHOLD YOUR DONATION to non-Muslim charities.

Instead think of all the charitable acts you have ignored for years within the U.S. Here are a few:
  1. Muslims in U.S. prisons. Send them Qur'ans, Hadith books, Islamic prayer books and Islamic calendars.
  2. Donate to your local, small, neighborhood mosque, especially those in the inner city.
  3. Donate to the families of political prisoners. Did you donate to the family of any political prisoner? It is risk free. There is no law against it.
  4. Urge your mosque to set up a fund to hire good attorneys for Muslims who are harassed by the oppressors.
  5. Donate to Muslim funds to help oppressed women and women in transition within the U.S.
BUY FROM MUSLIM BUSINESSES. Do you eat meat from the super market? You should be eating Halal meat. There are now Muslim halal meat stores in just about every city. Give them a boost. Buy from them. It's a little more expensive, but remember you don't have to donate for any Christmas related charity. You have money on hand. Spend it on Halal. THERE IS NO LAW WHICH STOPS YOU FROM SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON HALAL. Also try their lentils and rice and spices "very good for cooking.

"Imam" W.D. Muhammad's Claim that Muhammad (pbuh) is not last messenger puzzles two readers

Assalamu Alaikum

Dear Editor New Trend:

I am writing to you regarding the news about Imam W. D. Muhammad (pasted at the bottom), which was published in your e-newsletter dated November 24, 2004.

These are some serious allegations. I immediately thought of calling Imam Muhammad's office but then I realized that Justice requires that first I should request you to disclose your 'sources', so that we, who are shocked by this news, could call them and ask them some details about the program and Imam W. D. Muhammad's speech.

Naeem Baig
As-Salaamu Alaikum, Dr. Siddique!

I encourage you to take time to read, at your earliest convenience, the following interview with Imam W.D. Mohammed. I don't know what those Muslim students heard at Lincoln University; however, I am convinced there is serious miscommunication and misunderstanding regarding Imam Mohammed.

I appeal to you to not believe and/or accept anything negative regarding him. Personally, I do not want to believe that you have hatred in your heart for Imam Mohammed.

May Allah bless you to remain strong in faith and on the Straight Path!

Your sister in faith,

Shafeeqah I. Abdullah
WAR NEWS: [Compiled by New Trend's Media Monitor]



November 26, 2004. The fighting in Fallujah went off the TV screens on November 21. However, wire services have reported fighting every day on Nov. 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26 inside Fallujah. The U.S. is reporting its losses as 55 killed 425 wounded in Fallujah. Two more U.S. marines and three mujahideen were killed in Fallujah on Nov. 26, and this was reported by CNN.

[CNN says 109 U.S. troops were killed in Iraq during November so far, including the 55 in Fallujah. Arab sources say the U.S. losses, especially the numbers wounded, are very high but New Trend has no way of verifying these. ]


TALIBAN and U.S. Forces Clash:

November 24: U.S. military spokesman reports two incidents. In Nangarhar province, U.S. aircraft bombed a Taliban group killing three and wounding 5 mujahideen. In Uruzgan province, at Derawud, 3 U.S. troops were killed and one wounded in a Taliban ambush. A security chief and his two guards working for the Kabul "government" were killed in another Taliban ambush in the same area.

Uzbek Islamic Leader Tahir Yaldashev is in Area Surrounded by Pakistani Troops

November 24: PESHAWAR. Pakistani Lt. General Safdar Hussain held a press conference to sum up the massive Pakistani military campaign against Islamic Pakistanis harboring Islamic refugees from Afghanistan. The General said, there is no sign of Osama bin Laden in the area, although he has reports that Uzbek Islamic leader Tahir Yaldashev is there and is fighting back The General gave the following summing up: ---------------------------------------------

November 25. Pakistani police tried to arrest three Afghans in the Kot Lakhpat area. A clash ensued in which one of the Afghans was killed and two arrested. Two Pakistani police were also killed.

ISLAMIC PARTIES to Launch Peaceful Movement Against Musharraf

November 25: Syed Munawwar Hasan, Secretary General of Jamaate Islami told a standing room only audience of lawyers that General Musharraf is violating Pakistan's Constitution by keeping his military post and has broken his pledge to divest himself of his military uniform. He said a people's movement will be launched against Musharraf starting November 28 to correct the General's violations of law and Constitution.

Syed Hasan said that the military operation in the tribal areas has been carried out at a signal from the U.S. It is a clear violation of Pakistanis' rights but we have restrained ourselves from clashing with the army.

About Karachi, he said this leading Pakistani metropolis has been handed over to terrorists, murderers and money mafias by the government.

[The situation in Karachi has deteriorated. Charitable organization leader Edhi has received death threats and his hospital booths have been vandalized. Jamaate Islami leader Qazi Hussain Ahmad visited the elderly Edhi to assure him of support. It seems that thugs related to a pro-India group which has been appointed to power by Musharraf in Karachi is behind the deterioration.]

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