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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulq'idah 29, 1426/December 31, 2005 #96

Happy New Year to our non-Muslim readers.

Latest News:

Egypt Dictator's troops Kills 10 Sudanese. Earlier, he killed 8 Muslim would-be-voters.

December 29: In Egypt, dictator Hosni Mubarak's police killed 10 Sudanese refugees and wounded at least 50 others. Hundreds of refugees had been kept in an enclosure the size of a tennis court for more than 2 months. The refugees demanded that they be moved by the UN to another country. The Egyptian police came to send them to another, unknown, corner of Egypt. The refugees resisted and the police barged in. The dead include women and children.

[Earlier Hosni Mubarak held fraud elections in Egypt which were orchestrated to create the impression that most Egyptians support Hosni but a few support the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood were fooled into taking part in the elections. Hundreds were arrested to keep things under control. Once when Islamic voters surged forward, police opened fire killing 8.

Taliban Offensive Over Christmas:

Islamic web sites, like Kavkaz, are claiming that over Christmas, the Taliban launched an offensive against U.S. forces in Paktia province, near the Pakistan frontier. Dozens of U.S. troops and Afghan mercenaries are reported killed along with some Taliban. However U.S. media have maintained complete silence about the attacks. Independent verification is not possible.

On December 30, U.S. agencies reported one U.S. soldier killed and 2 wounded in a Taliban ambush, without giving any details.

Setback for Musharraf:

General Musharraf's government had announced that it would deport ALL Islamic students from overseas who are in Pakistani Medressas, with December 30 as the deadline. After countrywide protests, on December 30, the regime backed off.
[The policy of deportation was being carried out at orders from the U.S. government. The Jewish lobby in America considers Medressas the source of "terrorism." The Islamic coalition MMA and an 'Ulema Convention told Musharraf that the deportation order would be resisted, physically if necessary.]

[Meanwhile, December 29, AFP reports a burst of fighting in Miranshah, North Waziristan, in which mujahideen killed one Pakistani trooper. Also, a Pakistani collaborator was killed and his body left in the town center with the note: "He spied for the U.S."]

"Saudi" Arabia:

Mujahid Fights Saudi forces for 6 Hours

December 27, 2005. An Islamic opponent of the Saudi regime, Abdur-Rahman as-Sulaim, fought Saudi security for 6 hours in and around the city of Buraida. Finally he was fatally wounded and captured. He died of his wounds the next day. A companion of his was found in the desert by the Saudis and executed without trial.

The mujahid killed 5 security troopers in the fighting during which he broke through two security barriers.

Meanwhile in Jeddah, Saudi security forces arrested 1500 Muslims as "illegals." Of these 1388 are men, 108 women and 15 children.

Special New Trend Report

Israeli Genocide in Palestine: No Jew Punished: Sharon is Honored Guest in White House.
Contrast: Demjanjuk, ordinary Prison Guard Under German Rule to be Deported at Age 85: Saga of Ukrainian Demjanjuk Indicates Zionist Control of U.S.

On December 28, 2005 the U.S. ordered John Demjanjuk [pronounced "dimanuook"] deported to his orginal land of birth, Ukraine. He is "suspected" of having been a guard at one of Hitler's concentration camps, though nothing was ever proven against him. The persecution of this ordinary person began in 1975 and in the process he was TWICE stripped of his U.S. citizenship under Jewish pressure. Study of his case shows how much power the Jews have in America and how it works.

By contrast, a known terrorist, Sharon, leader of Israel, is the most welcome visitor at the White House. Israelis took Palestine by force. In the process, they expelled 4,000,000 Palestinians from their homes, killing thousands in the process. That is GENOCIDE according to international law. How horrendous was the Jewish genocide of the Palestinian people can be understood from a central fact:

* More than 1,000 mosques in Palestine were completely destroyed by the Jews.

* More than 100 Muslim cemeteries were wiped out by the Jews.

{These figures have been compiled and published by the Al Aqsa Association of Islamic Consecrated Property. The Palestine Times of London, UK published these statistics in its October 2005 issue.}
Palestinian Christians are few in numbers but their places of worship too were not spared desecration and heavy gunfire by the Israelis.

Now look at the case of Demjanjuk. His saga shows how unforgiving and hate filled the Jews are, in spite of getting billions of dollars in reparations from Germany, and though the war ended 60 years back. By contrast, they destroy 1000 mosques, expel 4 million Palestinians, continue their war against Islam , and through people like General Musharraf and Hosni Mubarak, they want Muslims to accept Israel as a legitimate entity.

Fortunately, the case of Demjanjuk has been documented with great care in a chapter of Dissecting the Holocaust, a 612-page study edited by Germar Rudolf . Here are the facts of the case as documented in this book:

Context: Many Ukrainians joined German forces when war erupted between the USSR and Germany in June 1941. Ukrainians had suffered heavy losses at the hands of Stalin's regime, including massacres, torture and open-ended imprisonment carried out by Jewish Communists working for Stalin's police apparatus. Demjanjuk was one of the Ukrainians who took refuge with the Germans. After the downfall of Germany in 1945, he fled to the U.S. and obtained U.S. citizenship.

* His suffering began in 1975 when a Communist sympathiser from Ukraine living in the U.S. claimed in a paper called News from Ukraine that Demjanjuk, who was now an auto mechanic in Cleveland, was a "Nazi" who had worked in German-organized concentration camps in Poland.

* The story was picked up in ISRAEL where alleged "witnesses" looked at the picture of Demjanjuk and claimed that he was "Ivan the Terrible" who had worked at the Treblinka concentration camp and allegedly committed terrible atrocities against Jews. Their stories gained credibility when News from Ukraine published an alleged ID card issued by the Germans, readers were told, to Demjanjuk. This card became the SOLE evidence in the case.

* Under the pressure of U.S. Jews, President Carter had set up a "Nazi hunting" ofiice called the OSI. In 1979 this office decided to take up the Demjanjuk case.

* Experts from the Demjanjuk defense exposed the ID card as a fabrication. It was also independently verified as a fabrication by German police, but the Israeli court suppressed the information.

* In 1981 the U.S. stripped him of his citizenship when five "survivors of Treblinka" claimed in court that he was "Ivan the Terrible." in 1984, Israel requested that he be deported to Israel. This was a violation of international law because Israel did not exist when the alleged crimes took place. He was deported in 1986 to Israel and tried there in 1987.

* The Israeli court used the prisoner to conjure up all kinds of horrors allegedly perpetrated on the Jews in Treblinka. Finally the Israeli court was delighted to sentence Demjanjuk to DEATH by hanging. There were celebrations in Israel. Soon however these were dampened by a Jewish writer's book which pointed out that people who have heard stories of horror can be induced to claim that they were "eyewitnesses."

* The death sentence was appealed. Meanwhile, the defense received a comprehensive report that the ID card, the sole evidence was FABRICATED. The defense attorney then "fell down" from the 15th floor of his hotel and died! [1988]

* After the death verdict, a big reactiion took place in the USA. People in the American mainstream questioned the possibility of the horrors alleged to have taken place in Treblinka. The Israelis had claimed that "Ivan the Terrible" used diesel engines to kill prisoners by carbon monoxide. Here is the response from a former U.S. presidential candidate, John Buchanan:

"The problem is: Diesel engines do not emit enough carbon monoxide to kill anybody. The Environmental Protection Agency never requires emission inspections of Diesel cars or trucks. In 1988, ninety-seven youths, trapped 400 feet underground in a D.C. tunnel, while two locomotives spewed exhaust into the car, emerged unharmed after forty-five minutes. Demjanjuk's weapon of mass murder cannot kill."
[The Washington Times, March 19, 1990.]

* When the Israelis realized that their story of 800,000 deaths by diesel engine exhausts was unravelling in mainstream American society, Israel changed its tune. In 1993, the Appeals court acquitted Demjanjuk for "lack of evidence." The Zionist media presented this as a triumph of Israeli justice, while hiding the fact that there had been no evidence to begin with.

* In 1998 Demjanjuk got his U.S. citizenship back. However, the Jews do not let go of their victims easily. His citizenship was REVOKED AGAIN in 2002. The OSI claimed that though he may not have been a guard at Treblinka, but he was a guard at other camps. None of these charges have been proven.

* In 2005, with the U.S. under complete Zionist control, Demjanjuk has again been ordered deported , this time to his original land Ukraine. His life has been destroyed so that the Zionists can propagandize their "holocaust" story.

* The rest of the chapter on Treblinka provides detailed, documented and convincing evidence that the 800,000 deaths claimed by Jewish survivors in Treblinka could not possibly have taken place.

New Trend urges readers to study the other side of the story about World War II. We know that Hitler was bad, but are the Jews truthful in their stories? Notice that they call the poorly armed, mostly defenseless, people who resist them in Palestine "terrorists." Is it improbable that they would lie about Hitler who really hated them and persecuted them?
This sensitive issue of the "holocaust" must be studied in a scholarly way. Look at the opposing evidence. It can't be refuted and faces systematic censorship. That's why 'holocaust deniers' who are distinguished citizens, like David Irving, Germar Rudolf and Ernest Zundel are in prison, while Spielberg and his buddies make millions.
This is MUST READ: Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of 'Truth' and 'Memory." edited by Germar Rudolf, 612 pp, available for $30.
New Trend will obtain copies for interested readers.

Persons of the Year 2005: Sis Safiya Bukhari

As Salaam u Alaikum

Not to discount the works of Sis. Nadrat Siddique, but I thought it would be important to point out the works and contributions of Safiya Bukhari, Co-Founder of the Jericho Movement to free ALL political prisinoers in the US. She was a member of the Black Panther Party, followed by being a member of the Black Liberation, due to which she herself served more than nine years as a political prisoner. She also co-founded the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition in 1992. She was also a member, and for some time Vice-President, of the Republic of New Afrika. The sister returned to Allah (swt) in 2003.

Please note not to forget her works and contributions of over 30 years.

rab rakha,

Editor's comment: Sis. Safiya was a great fighter for the rights of the Black community. We wrote about her in New Trend when she was alive and after she passed away. She attended Jamaat al-Muslimeen's International Conference in Baltimore. She was moving towards Islam as a political force and read my books on women in Islam. However, the Black movement finds it very difficult to endorse Islamic political prisoners. It ignored Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman and has done little for Imam Jamil al-Amin, though a start has been made. In fact Nadrat Siddique is a valuable link between the Black movement and the Islamic movement as she endorses both. She started working for the cause of Leonard Peltier at the age of 12. Our Shoora focused on her as the first human rights activist for Islamic political prisoners.

Letter: Re: Islam in America after 9.11

Dr. Siddique,
Do you ever worry about your safety with all of the new laws? Your newsletter, I'm sure, is being monitored, don't you think? Is it worth it to be singled out by our government? I worry about being singled out with all that I write and send. I don't know. We are losing our freedoms so fast it makes my head spin.

Ms. Carolyn [A Christian activist in Florida.]

Editor's note: At this time in the U.S. , anything can happen to anybody at any time, especially to Muslims. We have a choice between taking risks and keeping quiet. Our rule is not to break any rule.

A Quiz for the Aware Muslim: Which Country is this?

-Nadrat Siddique

Q: Which country fits this description?

1. In the past two years, the President of the country, and his entire cabinet was removed by force by outsiders. Many of the cabinet members were imprisoned.

2. A puppet government was installed in the country, and remains in place with U.S. backing.

3. House-to-house searches are carried out, to uproot "militants."

4. Particular cities and towns are identified as resistance strongholds, and subjected to massive assault by the occupying force, resulting in large numbers of civilian casualties.

5. The reporting of such massive assaults and the concomitant suffering of civilians was almost completely censored by corporate media.

6. Prior to the events described in #1-5 above, the country refused to succumb to the designs of the imperialists and their allies, and was placed under embargo, aimed at starving the country into submission.

A: Iraq? No, the description is that of Haiti. The similarities to Iraq are astounding:

Forced removal of the President of an Independent, Sovereign Nation
• Iraqi President Saddam Hussain was removed by force after he refused to succumb to U.S. and Israeli designs.
• Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide was effectively kidnapped by the U.S. military, and taken from Haiti to the Central African Republic on a U.S. military plane accompanied by U.S. soldiers, after he refused to comply with U.S. demands.

Initial Imposition of Puppet Government
• In Iraq, Iyad Allawi—who'd lived for decades in the U.K, and was a British citizen--was named interim Prime Minister by the U.S. after the invasion.
• In Haiti, Gerard Latortue was appointed interim head of the new puppet government, while still living in the U.S.

House-to-House Searches by the Military
• In Iraq, U.S. troops search homes and terrorize inhabitants on a daily basis.
• In Haiti, Haitian puppet government, their death squads, and U.N. troops carry out house-to-house searches primarily in the slums, where the resistance is based.

Destruction of Major Centers of Resistance
• In Iraq, Fallujah and other cities, labeled as resistance strongholds, were brutally assaulted and destroyed.

• In Haiti, Cite Soleil and other impoverished townships, known for resistance to the imposed regime, were targeted for ferocious military assault. Cite Soleil is Haiti's Fallujah.

Criminal Censorship by the Corporate Media
• In Iraq, the destruction of Fallujah was censored for days by corporate media.
• In Haiti, the assault on Cite Soleil went almost completely unreported. In fact, the media blackout of the Cite Soleil assault may be seen as more complete than that of Fallujah, because Haiti has no Al-Jazeera.

Embargo: the Policy of Starve, then Kill
• After President Saddam Hussain refused to bow to U.S./Israeli pressure, Iraq was placed under U.N./U.S. sanctions resulting in the deaths of millions of Iraqis.
• After the Haitians threw off the chains of slavery around 1804--in the first successful slave uprising in the Americas--the U.S. launched an embargo against Haiti, to starve the Haitians into submission and to punish them for daring to resist.

And countless other similarities.

Muslims must wake up and see that the modus operandi of the Oppressor is the same whether against Black people in Haiti, or against Arab people in Iraq. Qur'an kareem commands us to resist oppression, in all its forms. Just as Muslims must support the struggle of the Iraqi people to eject the occupying force, we must support the Haitian resistance, carried out by Fanmi Lavalas (party of President Jean Bertrand Aristide)!

This horrifying report describes a search by the Haitian military. It reads as if it could have been in Iraq.

[Thanks to Sr. Malaika Kambon for this report.]

By Lyn Duff
Police use rape to terrorize women and girls in Haiti

Since the Feb. 29, 2004, coup overthrowing the democratic government of Jean Bertrand Aristide, reports have surfaced of a growing problem: politically motivated mass rape. Women in the popular neighborhoods – which are known for their support of Aristide and the democratic movement – have accused members of the police force and U.N. soldiers, as well as members of the demobilized Haitian army, of targeting them for sexual attacks.

Bay View reporter Lyn Duff spoke this week with Estelle, a resident of Port-au-Prince's Bel Air neighborhood about the attack on her family by police:

When they came banging on my door in the middle of the night, I didn't know who it was. I wasn't expecting anyone, so I wasn't going to open the door. My husband said to me, "Who do you think it is? We should not open the door."

But the noise woke up my baby, and she began to cry. Outside the door, we heard voices and a man said, "Police! Open up!"

When the police come to our zone, it's always bad news. They say they are after the criminals, but they are bigger criminals than any of the bandits in our neighborhood. Before this night I didn't trust the police at all and today, if it's possible, I trust them even less.

My husband opened the door because he felt like: what choice do I have? Immediately, the police entered our house. There was no electricity at the time, so our whole area was dark, but I could hear my neighbors getting up and talking, wondering what all the noise was about.

Our room is so small that the police, seven or eight of them, filled the entire space. My daughter who is four years old was sleeping on a mat on the floor. They kicked her out of the way. My other daughter is nine years old. She was so scared she didn't even cry.

The police took my husband away because they said he was a chimère. They shackled him and beat him on his head. Then they took him out of the house.

One had his police identification out and said, "See what this is? It means that I can do with you whatever I want." But it was too dark for us to see the name on the card, even though we recognized it as a policeman's identification card.

Four police officers stayed behind after the others took my husband away. The way they were looking at me, I knew I was in trouble, so I told them, "I am breastfeeding my baby. Don't hurt me, or she won't have anything to eat." I thought they were going to beat me, and I was afraid if they beat my chest that my breasts wouldn't make any more milk, and we don't have money to buy formula for the baby.

But one police officer said to me, "Don't worry, you'll enjoy it." I think you can imagine what happened next. All of the police officers raped me, both in the natural place for having sex and also in the unnatural way, in my rear.

The whole time my children were there watching. When the police officers finished with me, they went for my oldest girl, the one who is here with me today. They wanted to violate her as well but she is too small. One police officer put his fingers up inside of her and she bled.

Today we are here at the clinic to see the doctor because my daughter is in a lot of pain since the attack.

She has pain in her body and pain in her heart.

Lyn Duff ( is a reporter currently based in Port-au-Prince. She first traveled to Haiti in 1995 to help establish a children's radio station and has since covered Haiti extensively for the Bay View, Pacifica Radio's Flashpoints, heard on KPFA weekdays at 5 p.m., and other local and national media.


A reliable African-American Muslimah who lives in Bahrain reports that famous American pop star Michael Jackson embraced Islam in Bahrain at the start of December.

She has also enclosed clippings from the Khaleej Times and other Gulf media which indicate that Jackson had been studying Islamic books which had been given to him by his brother Jermaine Jackson. Also, Michael has bought land and palatial buildings in Bahrain and has started a magnificent mosque to go along with his property.

Jermaine Jackson came into Islam by way of the Nation of Islam by way of the Nation of Islam (NOI) in the 1990s. He now lives in Dubai.

Michael Jackson told reporters that he was tired of being hassled in America. He felt there was no more freedom in America, and in Bahrain he can be free to be himself. He said he loathed the Jews for their ways of building up a person and then tearing him down. They almost ruined his life with their accusations and he was happy to be away from the legal entanglements which he fought and was acquitted of.

He thinks Islam is near to his way of thinking.

2005-12-31 Sat 04:52:35 cst