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(New Trend is ahead of the curve: We reported the NA defeat and Taliban counterattack at Mazare Sharif 2 days before the NA admitted it.)

Taliban Victorious on Internal and External Fronts: U.S. Admits Setbacks
Rising Tide of Islam in Pakistan: Musharraf Under Unprecedented Security
Israel/USA: Good cop-Bad cop routine in Palestine
Iraq: the only free Arab Country Is Next on Target List

"The rejectors are protectors, one of another: Unless ye believers do this (protect each other), there would be tumult and oppression on earth, and great mischief." (8:73)

AFGHANISTAN MONITOR: Heavy bombing of Afghanistan continued into the 21st day. Al jazeerah TV reported that the Red Cross supply center was hit once again. The last time it was hit, the U.S. declared it a mistake but the Red Cross representative pointed out that:
1. The Red Cross center was clearly marked.
2. There were no military facilities anywhere near it.
{More than 1000 civilians have been killed in Afghanistan along with about 150 Taliban troops.}
KABUL FRONT: After heavy fighting 20 miles north east of Kabul, following waves of bombing raids by the U.S., the northern alliance has failed to advance. Instead the Taliban have made small advances, pushing the NA back.
There was a whole day of confusion about what happened to Abdul Haq, a prominent Afghan warlord who fought against the Soviets. It's now clear that Abdul Haq crossed over into Afghanistan from Pakistan with 500 armed followers and a supply of U.S. dollars. He was supposed to meet 'moderate' Taliban and induce them to help overthrow the Taliban. It appears that villagers loyal to the jihad informed the Islamic government of Abdul Haq's secret meeting place. Very rapidly the Taliban surrounded his group and captured him with a few others.He called Washington for help but it didn't work. Under Islamic law, an ARMED ATTEMPT TO OVERTHROW AN ISLAMIC GOVERNMENT, DURING WARTIME, IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH. (Ref: The Hadith on the Prophet's destruction of the Jews in Madina who hooked up with the Ahzab.) Abdul Haq and 5 of his men were tried and executed.
Thus it appears that the Taliban have not been shaken by 20 days of ferocious bombing. Secondly, Afghanistan is united under the Taliban.
Massive demonstrations were held throughout Pakistan in just about every city after juma' on Oct.26. (Demonstrations were held even in Islamabad where Musharraf is hiding.) These were the biggest demonstrations yet. Observers say, Musharraf's 15% "extremists" have become a flood in which the Pakistani people are united against him. U.S. media are trying hard to minimize the demonstrations but today one African-American commentator for MSNBC let the cat out of the bag. Speaking from Pakistan, he said: "More than 50,000 demonstrated in Karachi." It was kinda funny because his station's screen was showing 40,000 when he was saying 50,000.
Observers say that Musharraf may be removed without bloodshed if the Islamic unity of JUI and Jamaate Islami and a hundred other groups continues to develop. (As one mimic of Musharraf said: "MAIN KIYA KARUN: IN DAHSHAT PASANDON NAY HAMARAY MULK PUR QABZA KAR LIYA HAY." What can I do: These terrorists have taken over our country.") {As if the country is this puppet's property.}
THE THEME OF THE DEMOSTRATIONS: Mujahid Osama is the hero of all Muslims. 100% support for Islamic resistance led by Taliban. USA's moves are rejected. {Funny side: Many jokes about Tony and Bush are floating around. Dr. Anwarul Haque of Islamabad compares the duo to a disease: TB}
{One observer says: Tony the dog Blair is sending 200 British commandos to Afghanistan. It looks like the gora sahib (White Man) has been so sleepy, he still doesn't know that the sun has set on the British empire. Another observer wants us to look at the BBC's footage of the British parliament:
Rows upon rows of identically dressed white men, suit and tie, each one with one leg curving over the other (like women), sitting there discussing the future of Afghanistan.}
USA ADMITS SETBACK: Rumsfield and General Stufflebeem (what a name) have admitted that Taliban are much tougher than the U.S. had realized. Also that the chances of "getting" Usama are very low. Thus the promise of a three-day victory over the Taliban is now stretching out into what should be done in Ramadan or in Spring 2002. Meanwhile the bombing is creating a humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan.
It's becoming a macabre routine in Palestine. Israel goes in with tanks, creates terror in peaceful homes, teaching Arafat that he is nothing without Israeli support. The USA comes in and says: You naughty boy, what are you doing. Withdraw now. It's now up to Arafat to do his duty to CATCH THE FIGHTERS.
{Read our famous posting: IF SHARON IS NOT A TERRORIST, WHO IS?}
Observers say that the pathetic Palestinian belief that America can be their friend if they plead and beg enough is unrelated to the strategic facts. These facts, observers say, led Osama to decide that unless the U.S. is forced to withdraw, the Israeli game will continue.
The U.S. is quite disturbed by its failure in Afghanistan. The entire CIA-FBI-PENTAGON structure is looking like dumbos. Hence there is need to do something more spectacular.
The U.S. media linked to government moves are bringing up the story that top hijacker Muhammad Atta met an Iraqi agent, not once but twice.
Iraq is irritating the U.S. because it is the only government outside Afghanistan which showed defiance of the U.S. after 9/11 Saddam Hussain stands defiant with the full support of the Iraqi people. If the Muslim world is victorious, Iraqi oil could pour much needed resources into the rebuilding of Africa, Afghanistan, Palestine, Bangladesh, etc. Iraq's flag with Allahu Akbar emblazoned on it signals a new Iraq which supports Islam.
DID YOU KNOW THAT 9/11 WAS PREDICTED IN THE QUR'AN? We can send you the reference.

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