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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 14, 1428/ July 29, 2007 #59

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News] [3 items only]

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TV Trying to Smear History of Imam Jamil al-Amin

from Jamaat al-Muslimeen, New York City

Last night, I saw a program on the Biography network called 'Notorious'. This program, usually, showcases the most vile crimes and the people accused. This episode, "Shots in the Dark", featured Imam Jamil Al-Amin.

Of course, U.S. Marshal English stuttered his way through the interview and the trial with the conspirators' account of what happened. The show interviewed his defense attorney Jack Martin. It looked like Michael Warren was also on Imam Jamil's defense team.

There were some questions raised about a rogue FBI agent and the two guns found in the forest where Imam Jamil was arrested. It was suggested that this rogue agent may have planted them. I believe that after reading the real shooter's confession.

A second man being there was never mentioned. The show did bring up the fact that U.S. Marshal English stated that he shot someone and that person had gray eyes. Yet, Imam Jamil hadn't any wounds and his eyes are brown. However, it showed testimony of English stating that he could've been wrong.

This show was created for 2007. It was a repeat, however. So, none of the newer developments were included in this episode. The show still leaves you guessing but still leaning towards the notion that he might have done it. It was not a factual account of the events that happened that fateful night.

I pray for Imam Jamil and his family every day. I pray that the whole truth comes out about that night and that he is released, soon.

Sis. 'Aisha

With the Exception of New Trend

First Honest Report in USA on Red Mosque Tragedy in Pakistan

In its July 24, 2007 issue, America's most widely circulated African-American magazine The Final Call published an extensive report on the Pakistani regime's attack on Jamia Hafsa and the Red Mosque in Islamabad. The report by Ashahed M. Muhammad quoted at length from an interview with Dr. Kaukab Siddique.

The report has a good photo of the martyr of the Red Mosque, Abdul Rashid Ghazi, as an inset with a remarkable photo of the huge crowd which appeared at his funeral although the regime had tried to bury him in his far away village.

It is a clear comment on the state of the Muslim media in USA [other than New Trend] that none of them dared to contradict the version of the tragedy put out by Musharraf and publicized by the U.S. media.

The Final Call is distributed in hard copy in Black communities across America and this particular issue is now available at:

We thank the Final Call and Minister Farrakhan and hopefully this will create links between Pakistanis and African-Americans

Trinidad and Guyana Muslims Unite to Rebut JFK Terrorism Story: Informant was at Siraj Wahhaj's Mosque

Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Brooklyn, New York is distributing literature put out by Shia Muslims in Guyana united with Sunni Muslims in Trinidad to rebut the conspiracy theory concocted by the U.S. regime to support a story about terrorism and JFK airport.

Jamaat representative in Brooklyn, Br. Abu Talib, says that the government informant in this story, who helped the regime to oppress Muslims, used to go to Siraj Wahhaj's Masjid Taqwa in Brooklyn. Siraj Wahhaj is a notorious ISNA leader who helped the government put Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman in prison and then boasted about his exploit to the Wall Street Journal.

Readers might remember that after Imam Warith Deen Umar gave a juma khutba at Siraj's mosque, Imam Umar was arrested and he found that the FBI had the tape of the khutba he had given. It looks like Siraj's mosque has informants in it and is helping the regime oppress Muslims

Native Deen or Native Deal?

Joshua Salaam's Native Deen Embedded with Bush Administration's Worldwide Infiltration of Muslims

New Trend Investigates

In the previous issue of New Trend [July 25], it was noted that the Bush administration has been sending out the Native Deen trio [led by Joshua Salaam] to tour the Muslim world and to present a heterodox version of Islam in which struggle against oppression has no place. The Bush State Department's own web site notes that Native Deen was sent out by the government. Similar coverage is given by the U.S. Embassy's web site in Tanzania to Native Deen's Africa trip. We gave links for both sources. The embassy's web site gives the breakdown of the funding for the Africa infiltration.

Native Deen and Joshua Salaam were not able to deny that their trips have been sponsored by the Bush Administration. However, with the support of "Imam Magid" and Mahdi Bray [of MAS], Native Deen continued its linkup with the efforts to suck the Muslim community's funds into innocuous new projects. What does Joshua Salaam think of the rights of Muslim women? What kind of a role has he played with innocent Muslim women in the community? Without answering these questions, "imam" Magid and Bray [what a name] got Native Deen help raising funds for a Muslim women's program [like asking the wolf to guard the sheep].

Muslims in America often do not realize that the Bush Administration is using people like Joshua Salaam to shape a new version of Islam which was figured out by the Rand Corporation.

Let us go to Joshua Salaam's own Native Deen blog to bring evidence of his being embedded with the Bush administration. Most of his blog is gossip and self glorification. He gives the impression that he a tourist going to various Muslim sites and singing and swinging about Allah and Islam and making good money in the process. Sometimes however, the information about the organizers of his trips slips out. Often what he does not tell us is as important as what he tells us.


Joshua Salaam tells us that he visited Jerusalem, Jericho and "Hebron." He does not tell us that to go to these cities, one travels with the permission and agreement of the terrorist entity known as "Israel." The innocent reader will not notice, and he won't tell his fans, that the State Department web site was correct. He first went to Israel and then to occupied Palestine. He does not use the word "occupied" for any of the places he visited, not even Jerusalem. In fact there is NOT ONE WORD openly critical of Israel in his blog. He uses the word "Hebron" for El Khalil, a word used by the Jewish settlers. Either Joshua and Native Deen are totally ignorant of the tragedy of Palestine or are willing to be used as a tools of the Bush administration.

After talking of the beauty of the mosques, he lets slip this vital information:

"We want to thank the U.S. Consulate for working with the Palestinian people and helping to bring positive programs to them."

Thus only indirectly Joshua Salaam refers to the organizing force behind his trip: "the U.S. Consulate." They got him through the Israeli check posts where numerous Palestinian tragedies have happened. Then they also got him his audience by "working with the Palestinian people." "Working with?" What clever terminology for manipulation and control. Evidently all the Islamic segments of the people were left out because they wouldn't be "working" with the U.S. Consulate. The U.S. considers them "terrorists."

How close is Joshua Salaam's "Native Deen" to the elite Jews? How come he does not criticize Israel. Here is why. The Jews love him and he is proud of their words of praise for Native Deen. In his own words:

"Anyway, there was a Christian band and a Jewish band that performed as well. One of the guys from the Jewish band came to check us out when we were practicing. He was bobbin' his head and grooving with the Native Deen sound. After we practiced "For the Prophets", he told us how much he liked the message and style. It was nice to hear his feedback."


In England, Native Deen's Joshua Salaam was so integral to the Bush administration that his program was held INSIDE the U.S. embassy. Here again his own words:

"So we do the next show at the U.S. Embassy in England. They helped the Muslims organize and pay for the whole trip so, hey."

Notice the "at." Here again the terminology seems to have been borrowed from the U.S. psychological warfare unit. The Embassy "helped the Muslims organize." Amazing! Joshua Salaam is quite clever in the low key use of language.

His efforts are much appreciated by the Bush Administration. Not only the embassy in England but the American consular representation for all of Europe is well pleased and posted an article praising Native Deen. Here is the link:

USEU : Article
"When we perform in Western countries, people see a positive image of Islam," said Native Deen member Joshua Salaam in a USINFO webchat February 1. ... -


Joshua Salaam is quite aware that Native Deen is being used to project the image of America as a friend of Islam to big Muslim populations in Malaysia and Indonesia. Voice of America is using Native Deen to say what Bush says: America is a friend of Islam and Muslims are happy in America. Joshua Salaam is thrilled to note Native Deen being projected by the Voice of America. Again his own words on his blog:

"go to 'In the News' and click on the interview with Voice of America for Indonesia and Malaysia. I didn't understand a word of it except for when they said '…Native Deen…' "

Popular with Christians and Jews: Why?

NATIVE DEEN has a dumbed down version of Islam which leaves out all the issues and presents a "feel good" sing along kind of "opium of the people." Any singing group which cares for issues would not be so bland. For instance, in Baltimore a smooth jazz trio has only one Muslim in it, but this group is singing against the violence in the streets which is plaguing the community.

Here is what Native Deen does, again in the words of Joshua Salaam:

"So here comes Native Deen. We have our drummer in the back warming it up with some hot beats. I get on the congas and add some spice to the sound. Abdul-Malik kicks a nice chant about Allah and the mood is set. We rocked it!! I mean the young church children and the old church ladies were all clapping and standing up. The choir section was rocking back and forth with their hands in the air. And I am like, hey, this stuff works. They really didn't care that we were a Muslim group rapping and singing about Allah."

Of course they don't care if you don't have an Islamic message.

There are not too many Muslims, or aware non-Muslims, who would want to work with the Bush administration. One reason for Joshua Salaam's lack of conscience is the fact that he used to be in the U.S. army. He jokes about it without making tawba for such anti-Islam activity. Again his words:

"I'm a military veteran and sometimes I just get pumped up to do crazy stuff."

Islamic Texts on the issue of Native Deen

Compiled by Kaukab Siddique

Can there be an Islam in which there is no STRUGGLE against oppression? The answer is a clear NO: Here is what the Qur'an says:

"Do people think that they will be left alone on saying ‘we believe' and that they will not be tested? We did test those before them, and Allah will know those who are true from those who are false. Do those who practice evil think that they will escape Us? Evil is their judgment. [Qur'an 29: 2-4]

Some good people in Bray's group or in "Imam" Magid's masjid might think that cozying up to people in the power structure reflects the desire to be peaceful. This is a serious error resultant from a lack of thought. Tolerance has to do with affirmation of a separate identity, not with assimilation. We don't ask Christians and Jews to become like Muslims to be tolerant of them. Islam is very strict about peaceful tolerance: Islam must be accepted as a SEPARATE, DISTINCT and DIFFERENT way of life for tolerance to be workable. The Qur'an is very clear on this peaceful SEPARATION:

"Say [O Prophet], Disbelievers: I do not worship what you worship, you do not worship what I worship, I will never worship what you worship, you will never worship what I worship: you have your religion and I have mine." [The Qur'an 109: 1-6. Translation by M.A. S. Abdel Haleem.]

Abdel Haleem, a learned Egyptian scholar, gives this comment on "you will never worship what I worship" from Zamakhshari's classical tafseer al-Kashshaf, Vol IV, "if you keep to your present gods." He also points out that the unbelievers had suggested a compromise by which their gods would be worshiped one year and the God of Muhammad, pbuh, one year!

MUSLIMS of AMERICA should be concerned about bringing singing groups into mosques and Islamic activities as ISNA's FBI-connected group has been doing. The history of Christianity shows how the retreating religion starting permitting entertainment in the churches. Islam wants us to be thinking of the Hereafter. Entertainment, even if it seemingly Islamic, is the nose of the proverbial camel. If it is allowed into the mosque, the deluge of entertainment which has overwhelmed this country, inevitably follows. Already clapping and laughing has become a common response in our Islamic centers, sometimes right in the prayer area. The Qur'an sees the entertainment response to the teachings about the Hereafter as KUFR. Think about it and ask: Who is misleading our people and why. It's not just about "imam" Magid and Bray and "Native Deal" and their money making activities. The target of Shaitan is the entire Ummah:

"The Hour ever approaching draws near: No one but Allah can disclose it. Do you then wonder at this recitation? And will you laugh and not weep, - wasting your time in vanities? Fall down in prostration to Allah and worship [Allah]!" [The Qur'an 53: 57-62] [Please do sujood after reading these verses.]

Hadith and Islamic scholars, like Ibn Abbas, r.a., point out that the Arabic original for "vanities" includes singing, clapping, laughing and other forms of levity as well as arrogant behavior which is typical of the rich and the powerful. Think of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jamia Hafsa, the Red Mosque, Babri Masjid, Kashmir, Somalia, Sudan, Malcolm X, Imam Jamil, 90 years for Masaud Khan, a blind Hafiz-e-Qur'an in prison year after year, and you won't be singing along and cheering and clapping and wasting your money on "white elephant" million dollar projects.

Letter: Critical of New Trend's report on Native Deen

I was referring to your article concerning Native Deen and what seemed to be quite a bit of misinformation. Did you interview the brothers directly or have occasion to speak with them directly? If not, where did you collect your data?
If you are going to publish an Islamic publication, it is of UTMOST importance that you have your information right and true as Muslims. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

~sahra Nadir

Letter: Reader thinks New Trend Fabricated Native Deen Story:

I am highly disappointed that you posted this article because its complete fabrication, I guess I use to like to read your stuff because non Muslims always say the worst about Muslims even if you know it wasn't true, but now it seems your publication does the same towards Muslims as well, writing stuff about Imam Majid and Joshua Salaam is uncalled for especially since you know it is not true. Please review facts and don't let anyone with hidden agendas post garbage and ruin your reputation as a worthy news source. These people are public people who have dedicated their lives for Islam the least you can do is contacted them for comment.

JazakAllah Khair for your time

Dina Hawa


Re: Critical of "Slightest Cooperation with Oppressors is Haram"


Sy. Wfy.

Letter: Reader Angry about Native Deen Report

Stop spreading scandalous propaganda based slander.

Nia Dixon

Letter: Re: Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid

aslaam o alikum...............thanks for providing me such useful information and i hope in the future we will cooperate with each other.

Mehboob Ahmed [U.K.]

Day of Revolution and Retribution in Islamabad from New Trend's Urdu publications monitor

July 27: The Musharraf regime had imposed a curfew on the area surrounding the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa. It used the "shoot-to-kill" curfew to demolish Jamia Hafsa [biggest Islamic women's university] and the children's library building which the Islamic women had occupied.

For the red mosque itself, Musharraf had a clever plan. The entire mosque was refurbished till, with chandeliers and new carpets, it looked like a king's private mosque. All the bullet holes and bomb blast craters were gone. Then Ijazul Haq, Musharraf's Minister of Religion, known for his conspiracies against Muslims, persuaded a Maulana Ashfaq to give the Juma khutba at the "brand new" Red Mosque on July 27.

It really looked different. It was repainted by the government - BLUE instead of RED. Its name was changed. New signs were put in place, referring to it, oddly, as the "Central Mosque." After the mosque was prettied up, and all signs of the massacre removed, Musharraf rescinded the curfew, although police forces stood by for any hint of "trouble."

To the surprise of Musharraf and Ejazul Haq, the people from the surrounding areas poured into the masjid in thousands. First they seized "Maulana" Ashfaq and bundled him out. Then they smashed all the boards with the new name "Central Mosque."
"Maulana" Ashfaq pledged that he will never again do this kind of activity.
Two sisters of the martyr, Abdul Rashid Ghazi, came to the masjid. They were surrounded by hundreds of people, crying, many weeping openly, asking for the family's forgiveness for not having given their lives to save the masjid. [Ghazis's mother and son were burnt alive in the mosque by Musharraf's commandos.]
Groups of students emerged with rollers and started re-painting the masjid back to RED. Others climbed the front and re-wrote its original name: LAL MASJID.

The surprised police forces were soon mobilized and started throwing tear gas on the crowds and started beating people up with staves. The people went into the mosque, but the police rushed into the mosque, boots and all, and beat them up. [Police are considered kafirs in Pakistan owing to non-Islamic attitudes towards the Red Mosque.]
After several hours of chasing students and the public to and fro, the police called in reinforcements and expelled most of the protestors [who referred to Musharraf as "kutta"—or "dog" in Urdu.]

MARTYRDOM OPERATION: Satisfied that they had done a good job, the police withdrew to a nearby restaurant and started drinking tea. This was about a little after 5 PM. A martyrdom operator walked into the crowd of policemen and detonated. It was a chaotic scene. At least 12 policemen were killed and 71 wounded. Several civilians were also wounded. News reporters say that police caps, shoes, uniforms, batons lay all over the place as the rest of the policemen fled for their lives.

60 Civilians Killed in New NATO MASSACRE

July 27: Following a clash between NATO forces and Taliban in the Grishek district of Helmand province, NATO called in the U.S. Air Force. In the waves of bombing raids which followed, several civilian areas were hit, resulting in the death of 60 civilians, mostly women and children. The U.S. claimed that the dead were "suspected Taliban" but Karzai's administrator in the area, Wali Jan Sabri, supposedly member of a [non-existent] provincial assembly, affirmed the tragic fact that the dead were civilians. The report was backed by the district police chief Manaf Khan.

The Taliban harassed a British military foray into Nooristan province. In the hit and run attacks, 2 British troops were killed and 3 wounded.

South Korea is refusing to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan after the Taliban kidnapped 23 south Koreans who had come to Ghazni province to spread Christianity. There is great danger to their lives because the Taliban see South Korean troops arrival in their country as an act of war and the attempt to spread Christianity to poor people as a grave provocation. The Taliban are demanding release of their captives.

2007-07-30 Mon 19:21:36 cdt