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Islamic volunteers are entering Iraq. The U.S. is stuck. The Iraqi people oppose the U.S. This is not liberation: never was. Let's bring the troops home. Let the Islamic people have their way of life and let us safeguard America's freedoms from Bush's and Ashcroft's power drive.
Imam Jamil Al-Amin, GDC1104651
GA State Prison
2164 GA Hwy 147
Reidsville, GA 30499
Administrative Office:
GA State Prison
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ON WITH LEON Show: WOL Radio, Washington DC: 1450 AM. Baltimore 10.10 AM

1:00 - 2:00 Dr. Sekou Franklin, Professor of Political Science will join the program to discuss the recall election in California and the national implications of this effort.

2:00 - 3:00 Mrs. Kadiatou Diallo, the mother of Amadou Diallo will join the program to discuss her book My Heart Will Cross This Ocean: My Story, My Son, Amadou.

Amadou Diallo, a young African man was only twenty-three years old when he was gunned down in New York City by four undercover policeman. On February 4, 1999, four New York City policemen searching for a rape suspect knocked on Amadou Diallo's door to question him. When he came to the door he reached inside his jacket, at which point the officers shot at him 41 times, hitting him with 19 bullets. The object Diallo was reaching for turned out to be his wallet.

My Heart Will Cross This Ocean is a powerful memoir. It is Kadiatou Diallo's story, a girl's story of desire and innocence, a wife's story of defiance, a mother's story of unbearable loss, and a woman's story of unshakable strength and love.

You will want to listen to both hours of this program!!!!!!!
OUR POLITICAL LEADERS and ACTIVISTS ARE IN AMERICAN PRISONS. RAISE YOUR VOICE ON THEIR BEHALF. Join Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Human Rights cadre to monitor and help the prisoners. To volunteer, call: 410-435-5000

PERSECUTION OF MUSLIMS IN AMERICA is so widespread that even listing the names of the prisoners is not easy. Here are some top political prisoners:

1. IMAM JAMIL Al-AMIN. America's Imam, railroaded on trumped up charges of murder. A man of peace, family life and community. Sentenced to life.

2. Dr. Omar ĎAbdel Rahman. Top Egyptian spiritual leader, scholar, orator, teacher. Took refuge in America to avoid the murderous regime of Hosni Mubarak but was put away for ever on ridiculous conspiracy charges. Sentenced to life and 65.

3. ĎAhmed ĎAbdel Sattar. U.S. citizen of Egyptian descent. Opponent of Hosni Mubarak, defended Shaikh Omar. Major charges dropped. Facing frivolous charges.

4. Prof. Sami Al-Arian, University Professor, defended the cause of Palestine. Arrested on absurd charges of being an operative of Islamic Jihad.

5. Siddique Abdullah Hasan, African-American Muslim who led a prison uprising in Ohio. Sentenced to death though there is no proof that he killed anyone.
[See link on our web site.]

6. Sis. Haila Gabr, the Yemeni teenager who killed her rapist. Held in prison for three years WITHOUT TRIAL; finally plea bargained.

7. Victor Alvarez, Puerto Rican Muslim, co-defendant in the case of Shaikh Omar. He was sentenced to a long term owing to guilt by association. He says he is undergoing some kind of psychological torture in prison.

8. 600-800 people in Guantanamo Bay. Probably all innocent. Held without trial, without attorney support, without charges. Sold by "northern alliance" and Pakistan's Musharraf to the CIA

9. Yemeni Muslims, U.S. citizens, of Buffalo, New York. Convicted after plea bargaining.

10. African-American Muslims (including a sister) in Portland, Oregon. In the process of plea bargaining.

11. An African-America brother in Colorado who has plea bargained to help convict a Muslim leader in UK.

12. Nine Muslims in Virginia, Br. Hammad Abdur-Raheem, Br. Caliph, Br. Ismail Royer and others being charged with links to LASHKARE TAIBA in Pakistan. The government seems interested in pressuring them to work against other Muslims or to pleas bargain.

13. Jose Padilla, facing fantasy claims of preparing a "dirty bomb" [Attorney General Ashcroft's tall claim]. Being held on a brig, denied his rights as a U.S. citizen to due process of law.

14. John Walker Lindh. ["American Taliban"] Plea bargained. Sentenced to 20 years.

[FOR PAKISTANI READERS: "Plea bargain" means that the U.S. government pressures the prisoners into admitting some of the charges against them. The prisoners are cut off from Muslim communities {who are also frightened.) Then they are told: We have evidence against you to sentence you to life in prison or death. No one is going to help you. You don't have a chance. Accept some of the lesser charges, work against other Muslims and we will give you 20, or 15, or 10 or 5 years instead of life. PRISON BEFORE TRIAL CAN GO ON for months, sometimes years, to let the government pressure the prisoners. Thus a lot of INNOCENT PEOPLE have plea bargained. It also helps the government to say: See! Didn't we tell you that they are guilty?]
Our Senegal sources tell New Trend that during Bush's visit, just about all of Dakar city was shut down. There was intense security. Bush was NOT INTERESTED AT ALL in the Senegalese people. He was only looking for a military base on the West African coast.

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