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20 Million Dying of Aids in African Genocide
Islamic Sharia is Last Chance to Save the People

"The adulterer and the adulteress - flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a party of the believers witness their punishment." (The Qur'an 24:2)

(From Abu Huraira): Allah has not created any disease for which He has not created a cure. (Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith, Bukhari's Sahih)

The confabulation on the AIDS tragedy in Africa ended as U.N.-related activities usually do. Secretary General Kofi Enan spoke. The South African leaders spoke, and on and on. European money has been promised.


In any tragedy, the basic issue always is: How did it happen? What was the primary cause? Twenty five years back, AIDS was unknown in Africa. Today Africa is the major victim of this disease. HOW DID IT GET INTRODUCED INTO AFRICA when it is well-known that it was a white man's disease in the homosexual upper classes of America? Many Africanists insist that the disease was INTRODUCED into Africa with purposes of GENOCIDE. The conference on AIDS in Africa made no serious effort to look into this basic issue.

1. Once AIDS had been introduced, Africa could still have been saved if proper medical facilities had been available. (As the Hadith quoted above indicates, Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, himself of African origin, predicted a cure for EVERY disease.) However Africa's wealth has been stolen from it and deposited in European and American banks and cannot be used to help the people.
IMAGINE WHAT ALARM BELLS WOULD HAVE RUNG, AND HOW LOUD, IF 20 MILLION PEOPLE WERE DYING IN EUROPE. A new version of the Marshall Plan would have been put into effect. Instead, in Africa's case, we have TALK and MORE TALK after genocide of 20 million is already underway. ENTIRE COUNTRIES LIKE UGANDA, KENYA and SOUTH AFRICA COULD BE DEPOPULATED.
1a. WHY IS THERE A LACK OF MEDICAL FACILITIES IN AFRICA? Because no one cares for the good of the common people, the masses. Corruption is widespread. It's a common phenomenon that at a hospital, the administrators will sell just about all new needles, and use ONE needle on the general population of patients. Anecdotal evidence is easily available. Scientific studies need to be carried out.
1b. Why is the wealth not being spent on the needs of the people?
i. European agents have ignited wars across the continent. Hence vast resources are spent on weaponry.
ii. Corrupt rulers have been installed and they regularly transfer hard currency resources to Euro-American banks.
iii. The revolution which did not come in South Africa. Mandela is respected as a great leader but he seems to have made a strategic blunder in shutting off the revolution of the people of South Africa and opting for reform. Apartheid has been removed but the OWNERSHIP OF SOUTH AFRICA'S WEALTH, particularly of gold and diamonds, remains in European hands. DIAMONDS ARE SPECIFICALLY MONOPOLIZED BY JEWS sitting in London who in turn finance Israel's war machine. South Africa could have rebuilt all of Africa!
iv. Mandela is praised because a bloody revolution could have taken the lives of 25,000 South Africans but now we see 20 million people dying because there are no resources to take care of their basic health needs. The revolution was the solution.

2. CULTURAL IMPERIALISM and destruction of morals and values by Europe. In the beautiful countryside of Ghana (Kofi Enan's country), one spots huge billboards of Rothman's cigarettes and Guinness liquor around every curve in the road. American and European values are being piped into every upper class African home through CNN, BBC, French, German and other channels and trickle down into the roots of nations. The shamelessness and institutionalized prostitution of White culture is being sold to the defenseless African masses.

Hence the family is under growing stress and a truck driver moving across Africa can have a woman in every town, can get drunk and spread the AIDS virus. (A big delegation of South African youths came to visit USA a couple of years back. They spouted marxist rhetoric but in their lifestyle, clothing, attitudes towards women, they were like Americans.)

Africa has been "opened up" to western ways of life by the multinational corporations for commercial reasons. AIDS is one of the "goods" coming down this conduit.
NOW LOOK AT THE ISLAMIC MAJORITY COUNTRIES IN AFRICA. The fault line of AIDS stops where Islam begins. Although there is some spillover into westernized enclaves, such as in Egypt and Tunisia, AIDS is resisted by the ISLAMICITY of African nations. It's no coincidence. AIDS ENDs WHERE ISLAM BEGINS. Even in the demoralized conditions of our times, Islam has produced strong resistance to conditions which produce aids.
IN THIS CONTEXT, the best examples are of three of Africa's biggest countries which are Muslim: SUDAN (which has implemented Sharia), Northern Nigeria, where nine states have adopted Sharia, and Egypt where the Gamaa al-Islamiyya, led by Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman among the masses, and the Ikhwan among the elites have resisted the West.
EGYPT has a special significance because the dictator here, the brutal friend of the White House, Hosni Mubarak, patronizes the western life style. Night clubs, prostitution with a polite facade, liquor, pre-Islamic slavery cults of the Pharoah's era are protected by the westernizing regime. However the thrust of the Islamic movement is so strong that even the corruption of Hosni Mubarak has been "enclavized", that is limited to small segments of society. Thus even state power cannot defeat Islam if it is an organized movement.
DO NOT BE AFRAID of ISLAMIC SHARIA. It provides a tool and a concept which is the only alternative to the worldwide hegemony of Euro-America. The concept is as follows:
1. The State must regulate morality
2. Regulation of morality does not mean going into peoples homes, which is forbidden by the Qur'an.
Thus public propaganda related to "use" of women, liquor, cigarettes, consumer goods related to the "sexy" life style, can be stopped by the State. Marriage, rather than condoms and dating, can have state support.

The westernizing current creates the impression that it is bringing freedom. Thus westernized Africans are FREE to drink, dance, fornicate with as many people as they want to. In the process they have to buy western goods, late model cars, nikes, color tvs, to impress the opposite sex.
However, the individual who believes he/she is free is actually quite helpless because the manipulative power of the multinational corporations, working through peer pressure and sibling rivalry, cannot be matched by individual resistance.

The State must interfere in morality. Draconian punishments, like 100 stripes for each fornicator or stoning to death for a married adulterer, are the only methods with enough shock waves to preserve the values of Africa which are being swept away by the torrent of hollywood-bollywood institutionalized prostitution which is turning women into commodities.
IN THE FACE OF GENOCIDE, Africa must look for drastic solutions. As history as shown, nothing is more effective in preserving morality and decency than Islam.
In the meantime, massive resources should be made available to provide the basic health needs of the people. These funds should come from Europe and America as REPARATIONS for SLAVERY and for the ECONOMIC "undevelopment of Africa." After 400 years of slavery, which provided America with a free resource for its economic base, it is time for reparations to flow to Africa and to African-Americans.
THE ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE, especially the Jews, sense this danger of the possibility of the reparations demand; hence they have brought up the "slavery in Sudan" story to deflect the issue. The Jews, who played a key role in the slave trade, want African-Americans to believe that the issue is not 400 years of slavery but "slavery in Sudan" concocted by the SPLA and a missionary group led by Baronness Cox.
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