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{A little more information about the FBI raid, with dogs, on Masjid Khizra, New York: Kausar Chishti, Chairman of the Board of Trustees said that "The FBI raid on Masjid Khizra desecrated the mosque and hurt the feelings of the Muslims, and whoever gave incorrect and baseless information to the FBI did a great wrong to Islam, and Allah will surely punish that enemy of Islam." It appears that charitable funds were being collected at the mosque and someone told the FBI that it was supporting "terrorism."}
Pakistan's First Answer to Musharref: 10,000 rally in Peshawar
FBI and Pakistani Police Raid Pilgrims Leaving for Makka
A Look at India's Game: Two Pakistanis Murdered and Blamed for Attack
Six Injured, Sick Al-Qaeda murdered in Kandahar Hospital
Another U.S. helicopter down in Khost: 15 troops Injured
First LAUGH A LITTLE: Karzai, the man imposed on Afghanistan by Bush, is visiting his master in the White House. The poor fellow claims to be LEADER of Afghanistan but cannot drive outside Kabul even with the British troops propping him up.
1. January 27. More than 10,000 Pakistanis rallied in Peshawar, near the Afghan border, in defiance of Gen. Musharref's orders. Addressed by Syed Munawar Hasan, interim leader of Jamaate Islami, and Maulana Samiul Haq of the Pak-Afghan-Defense Council, the gathering gave a clear answer to America's client Gen. Musharraf as follows:
i. Jihad is the right of the Muslims against oppression and it will continue in Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir and Afghanistan.
ii. We condemn American barbarism against Al-Qaeda and Taliban prisoners and demand an end to it.
iii. The restrictions imposed on mosques and Islamic schools (medressas) will be resisted.
{MSNBC gave the number of demonstrators as 5000. CNN refused to report the rally except in a running line below the screen. The secularist pro-government Pakistani paper DAWN claimed that the number was 2000.}
THE SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN HAS DECLARED GEN. MUSHARRAF's IMPRISONMENT OF JI LEADER QAZI HUSSAIN AHMED illegal, but when the freed leader travelled from Peshawar to Lahore, he was again arrested.
2. January 28.THE FBI and its PAKISTANI EQUIVALENT FIA teamed up to raid air flights ready to leave Pakistan for Saudi Arabia carrying pilgrims for Hajj. The raids occurred when the Americans expressed fears that Al-Qaeda and Taliban might be going to Saudi Arabia under cover of Hajj. The raid was lead by Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Deputy Director of immigration. No suspects were found but the pilgrims who were searched have expressed sense of anger and insult at the humiliation imposed on them. {Observers say: Raids on pilgrims simply show that this is a war on Islam.}
INDIAN POLICE has killed two PAKISTANIS in the Calcutta area and claims that they were responsible for the attack on the U.S. cultural center. {Dead people tell no tales!} Earlier India had blamed Bangladeshis for the attack. GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION led by Dr. Anwarul Haque in Islamabad has brought out an important aspect of this situation. It appears that some Pakistanis captured in Mazare Sharif were transferred to India by the Northern Alliance. Two of these have now been killed in a fake "encounter" and claims about their terrorism are being made. {Transfers of prisoners to third countries are violations of international law. AFGHAN AMBASSADOR ABDUS SALAM ZAEEF WAS SIMILARLY TRANSFERRED TO U.S. custody.}
In ANOTHER OPERATION, American special forces and their Afghan mercenaries have killed SIX al-Qaeda Islamists who had taken refuge in Kandahar hospital for six weeks. They were injured and starving. As they closed themselves in, fearing American mistreatment of POWS, their fame for piety and bravery spread through Kandahar. Even a CNN reporter mentioned that they had become folk heroes and Afghan women sent them food which was smuggled to them by children.
On January 26, the heroic American forces and their mercenary Afghan troops stormed the hospital. The injured, weak, starving men resisted for 9 hours and finally were killed by a score of grenades thrown into the hospital ward by the heroes.
An AMERICAN CHINOOK HELICOPTER WENT DOWN near Khost, Afghanistan on January 28. Fifteen troops of the crack 101st air borne were injured. This is the 4th U.S. aircraft to be brought down in 4 weeks.
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