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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulhijjah 27,1426/January 28, 2006 #7

Unbelievably Funny but True:

For the last year and a half [total 18 months], the CIA has been listing a terrorist with his photo as "Abu Khabab," supposedly number three after Osama and Ayman. After the bombing of the Pakistani village, Damadola, to counter Pakistani protests, the U.S. announced that it had killed a terrorist in that attack, and that his name is Abu Khabab, and his photo from the list of terrorists was flashed on TV screens around the world.

On January 27, 2006, MSNBC disclosed that the photo which was being flashed as that of Abu Khabab was not that of Abu Khabab at all but that of the British Islamist Abu Hamzah al-Masri who is now on trial in Britain. The photo was from an interview with Abu Hamzah, and MSNBC showed in slow motion the exact resemblance between the two photos, the one from the interview and the one from the CIA list of terrorists.

No wonder the U.S. can't win. For 18 months, the CIA has been flashing the wrong man's picture. What will our conspiracy theorists do now? They are in the habit of thinking that the U.S. controls everything in the world!


Fighting continues, mujahideen are active and the number of U.S. military fatalities has risen to 2236. Americans do not go outside the green zone without armored escort.
Trouble between British agents in southern Iraq and nearby Iran is brewing. On January 25, [British-backed?] terrorists exploded two bombs in the Iranian city of Ahvaz, killing 8 Iranians.

In about a minute which CNN gave to RAMSEY CLARK on January 24, 2006, the famous fighter for justice made the following points about the trial of President Saddam Hussain: It is impossible to have justice in this case because:
1. The court is not independent.
2. There are no Sunnis in the court.
3. The prosecutors are the President's avowed enemies.
4. The court itself is "dysfunctional."


January 24, 2006. TEN Taliban prisoners escaped from a high security prison in Kabul. [FOX TV] Indications are that the Taliban have infiltrated Kabul, the capital.

{Ms. Benazir Bhutto is wrong about the Taliban surviving with Pakistani support. The Taliban control areas in Oruzgan, Helmand, Ghazni and other provinces which are nowhere near Pakistan.}
[See Bhutto's comments below.]


Snow has blanketed the earthquake stricken areas of northern Pakistan and Kashmir. Reports of deaths of children are coming in.

Jamaat ad-Da'wa is leading the rescue, relief and reconstruction efforts in the stricken areas. Al-Khidmat, Jamaate Islami's relief wing, is a distant second, followed by numerous smaller groups.

On January 26, Ms. Benazir Bhutto complained to a Pakistani-American audience in the U.S. that Gen. Musharraf has failed to stop the re-emergence of the Taliban. She pointed out that the Taliban are openly operating in Nothern Waziristan. She sees the old ISI hand in the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan She is seen as General Musharraf's competition with USA. She, every now and then, urges America that she can bring "democracy" where Musharraf has failed to do so.

New Book Recognizes New Trend's Importance in America's Islamic Process.

A few years back Yvonne Haddad published a book on Islam in America which pretended that New Trend and Jamaat al-Muslimeen do not exist. However, the latest book on Islam in America is quite different. ISLAM and the Search for African-American Nationhood by Dennis Walker, December 2005, pp.596, $24.95, has ELEVEN PAGES of information on New Trend as well as several direct references to Dr. Kaukab Siddique [referred to in arabicized style as "Kawkab"]. This is the first book to note, sometimes with sarcastic commentary, Dr. Siddique's strategy to bring together anti-imperialist groups in America.

Most of the book is about Elijah Muhammad, W.D. Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan. It criticizes them but and notes their positive contributions. The style is analytical and will probably make many people unhappy. Some of the contents are common knowledge but there are some real gems of information which only a researcher could have found out.

It's amazing that a man sitting in Australia could do such high quality research on the growth of Islam in America.
[Interested readers can order the book from: New Trend, P.O. Box 356, Kingsville, MD 21087, for $24.95]


New Trend Report

Hamas has won the elections in Palestine. Fatah is in disarray. On January 27, Hamas held a huge victory rally in East Jerusalem. The green banners of Islam, in their thousands, waved in the breeze as masses of people proclaimed that Allah Alone is Supreme.

The Fatah people also held a rally, to besiege and smoke out their "leader" Mahmoud Abbas, but he was nowhere to be found.

Hamas predominance in Palestine was clear to our observers for the last five years. The massive protests which followed the martyrdom of Shaikh Yasin and Shaikh Rantisi at the hands of Israeli terrorists left no doubt that Islam is the guiding force of Palestine.

For the Bush administration, Hamas is a terrorist organization, though Hamas has never attacked America. Such is Jewish control in America, that those fighting Israel are presented to the American public as enemies of America. What will America do, now that the Palestinian people have left no doubt that Hamas and Islam are identical with Palestine. Poor President Bush was almost apoplectic when questioned about the Hamas victory.

If Hamas leaders are true to their word, the Israeli murderers of Shaikh Yasin and the Jews who killed hundreds of Palestinian children must be brought to justice.

The main interest of the Islamic world is that Israel should be dismantled and the Jews sent back, peacefully if possible, to their water holes in Russia, Hungary, Australia and the good ol' U.S. of A. Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people and certainly not to the Jews. The writing is on the wall.

Strategically Speaking: Analysis by Badi Ali

Palestinian Expert Warns of Impending Weaknesses Within Hamas

While New Trend joins the worldwide celebration of the Hamas victory, our Palestine expert, Imam Badi Ali, from North Carolina, presents a sobering analysis of the strategic situation. In an interview with New Trend, Ali made the following points.

There can be no doubt that the Palestinian people want a just society based on Islam which will stand up to Israel. Unfortunately, Hamas leadership does include a number of "Muslim Brotherhood" types who do not want revolution or any drastic change. They are not very different from the Brotherhood people in Egypt who cooperate with Hosni Mubarak, or the Brotherhood people in Jordan who allowed themselves to be used by king Hussain and King Abdullah to form a puppet parliament. They are similar to CAIR's Nihad Awad and ISNA's Jamal Badawi.

These "Brotherhood" types will at a certain point come up with a permanent peace project with Israel in exchange for American and Saudi recognition. In fact, Ali says, the Americans allowed the elections to go through because of an important strategic consideration: If elections had not been held, the process of radicalization would have led large numbers of Palestinians to join organizations who are considered really 'bad' [such as Islamic Jihad and even al-Qaidah] and which would never consider peace with Israel.

Ali says that the more aware leaders of Hamas had urged non-participation in the elections. We can rejoice at the Islamic election victory but we urge Palestinians to keep a sharp eye on their leaders so that an Islamic "recognition of Israel" is not manufactured or imposed, Ali concluded.

we should speak up for those of the BPP old guard, such as this brother, who is still rotting in jail after decades of incarceration.
-Nadrat Siddique

US Political Prisoner/Former Black Panther, Kamau Sadiki, Gravely ill

Dear Friends,

As many of you know my father Kamau Sadiki -Former Black Panther, a.ka. Fred Hilton #115 06 88 is seriously ill and incarcerated in Augusta State Medical Prison. Apparently there has been a change where inmates are not allowed to sleep at least 8 hours on weekends or holidays.

This has a negative impact on his and other prisoners health. He has written to let me know that he is taking a stand against this injustice. He has sent out an urgent call that all of us notify the administration to voice our indignation and concern. I urge you to please pass this on to our friends and comrades.

Below is the prison address:

Augusta State Medical Prison Administration
3001 Gordon Highway
Grovetown, G.A 30813

Ksisay Torres
Daughter of Kamau Sadiki

Siraj Wahhaj: Treachery Under Islamic Guise

Mauri Saalakhan Trivializing The Great Injustice Done by Siraj Wahhaj to Shaikh 'Omar 'Abdel Rahman : Siraj Helped the Jews Twice. What's his Income Source?

[Mauri Saalakhan is a self-styled human rights activist with unclear sources of income who travels from mosque to mosque collecting money, selling his books and urging people to donate money for his next "masterpiece." He is beginning to draw New Trend's attention by the games he is playing.]

Siraj Wahhaj, a central leader of the pro-government Muslim organization ISNA, has a vocal supporter in a man named Mauri Saalakhan. Instead of facing the obvious fact that Siraj Wahhaj helped a zionist-Jewish judge to put Shaikh Omar in prison FOR LIFE, Saalakhan tries to insult the editor of New Trend in an attempt to create a diversion.

Instead of responding to New Trend, Saalakhan has written a sneaky letter to his friends to defend "Imam" Siraj Wahhaj. Unfortunately for him, some of his readers, outraged by his lies, passed on the letter to New Trend. Saalakhan begins by insulting the editor of New Trend and then claims that Siraj Wahhaj's testimony against Shaikh Omar was not a big deal because Siraj did say words of praise for the Shaikh too! Thus treachery, if wrapped in Islamic rhetoric, is okay for Saalakhan.

Saalakhan's technique is that of a shyster. He ignores the facts and tries to claim that Siraj's treachery did not matter much. Let us remind him that the most damning testimony against Siraj Wahhaj comes not from New Trend but from Shaikh Nabeel al-Masri, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman's only legal representative, who was IN THE COURT and heard and saw Siraj Wahhaj laughing and telling the court that Shaikh Omar taught the legitimacy of BANK ROBBERIES. Siraj laughed but he gave the Zionist judge the club with which to beat the great Islamic scholar.

Saalakhan conveniently forgets that Siraj has kept up his LIES and CHARACTER ASSASSINATION against Shaikh Omar long after the trial ended. We have placed on New Trend's web site, Siraj Wahhaj's statement to the ZIONIST Wall Street Journal in which he repeated his calumny against the Shaikh.

Thus Saalakhan is completely off base in claiming that New Trend's editor has gone crazy and is unnecessarily attacking "Imam" Siraj Wahhaj. After serving the Zionists, Siraj thought his crime against the blind Shaikh would be forgotten and swept under the rug. New Trend has messed up his successful treachery.

Saalakhan ignored Imam Warith Deen Umar's letter in which the Imam wanted to know why Siraj Wahhaj would want to help the Kuffar even if the blind Shaikh did actually say anything so absurd? Siraj actively helped the Zionists TWICE, first the Zionist Judge and then the Zionist newspaper. The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, has taught that a true believer is never bitten from the same snake pit TWICE. If Siraj were a true believer, he would not go to the Jewish snake pit a second time. Siraj Wahhaj was not making a mistake. This is part of his game: to help the oppressors and to fool the Muslims with his pious speeches.

It's common sense, that if Siraj Wahhaj is loyal to Islam, and found that his statement had helped to put away the Shaikh for LIFE, he would have apologized to the Muslim Ummah and would have given up strutting around on ISNA Conventions trying to help the rich grow richer.

ISNA, Siraj Wahhaj's organization of choice, is fully involved with America's intelligence agencies. Siraj must be held responsible for all the central decisions made by ISNA's shoora in which he is a prominent figure. In fact his photo is constantly used by ISNA to create the impression that it is an Islamic organization. ISNA supported the BLOC VOTE for Bush, kept silent over the bombing of Afghanistan and Iraq, and leaped into action to produce the "One Eyed Fatwa" against one kind of terrorism while ignoring the terrorism of its masters.

Siraj Wahhaj laughed in court and insulted the Shaikh: Result: the blind Shaikh is in prison for life. He is buried alive while Siraj Wahhaj goes around living off the fat of the land, helping the million dollar mosques to collect millions more to control Islam in America.

What is Siraj Wahhaj's source of income?
[What is Saalakhan's source of income? Don't the Muslims have a right to know how much he collects friom mosques?]

In spite of the abuse Saalakhan has levelled against the editor of New Trend, our columns are still open for his response. Saalakhan and Siraj are both good speakers but do they have the right to enter the ranks of the Muslims and collect funds without giving any accounts? Do write to us and let us know how much you two have made off the innocent believers.

Strangely enough Saalakhan was also a devotee of Abdur Rahman al-Amoudi who later confessed to being an agent of the State Department.
What's the connection of Siraj, Saalakhan and Al-Amoudi? New Trend's early audiences might remember that Al-Amoudi actively worked with a Jewish organization to stop the Jewish Judge in the blind Shaikh's case from recusing himself.

Saalakhan should come clean and apologize to the Muslims of America.

NOTE: Interested readers can receive the following from New Trend:
  1. Shaikh Nabeel al-Masri's letter which states that he WINESSED, in court, Siraj's betrayal of Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman and has no doubt that Siraj betrayed the blind Shaikh.
  2. Siraj Wahhaj's statement to the Wall Street Journal in which he repeated his abuse against the great scholar.
  3. Imam Warith Deen Umar's letter admonishing Siraj about why he had to help the kuffar even if the Shaikh had actually made a mistaken statement.

Dr. Kifah Jayyousi

U.S. Citizen Being Persecuted for 10 Years old writing in Support of Bosnia, Chechnia
[New Trend Exclusive]

Ten years ago, before September 11 brought attention to the Muslim community; there was little discussion of events in the Muslim world. It was hard for Muslims to learn about what was going on in our world unless we subscribed to a dozen or more newsletters.

Ten years ago, Dr. Kifah Jayyousi felt that frustration and decided to do something about it. He founded ISLAM REPORT to help Muslims learn about all the events happening in our homelands, and the struggles of our people against undemocratic and oppressing forces.

Ten years ago, Dr. Kifah Jayyousi rejected violence as a method for changing the world. He recognized that violence against innocent women and children is forbidden under Islamic Law and custom. He said that those who engaged in such practices violated fundamental Islamic principles.

Ten years ago, Kifah Jayyousi called Muslims to help our brothers and sisters who were the victims of oppression and violence overseas. He called upon us to send medicine and clothes to refugees in the Muslim world. He found people and organizations willing to carry those lifelines to our people.

Ten years ago, Kifah Jayyousi, A loyal American citizen , a father of 3 daughters, and 2 sons, who holds a PhD in civil engineering, and a former teacher at Wayne State University, exercised his right as an American citizen, to openly question and criticize the American governments foreign policies, and ask whether it was treating Muslims accused of crimes fairly. As the American Constitution teaches, he presumed accused men innocent until proven guilty, and treated them with respect and dignity.

Now the United States government, seeking to justify its policies at home and abroad, they have arrested Kifah Jayyousi accused him of supporting terrorism. It says that his words calling for Muslims to speak out against the slaughter in Bosnia and to assist those who suffered, encouraged terrorism. It says his words seeking to provide assistance for the refugees in Chechnya, were a call to support terrorism. It says his publication which gave voice to those who oppose undemocratic governments in the Middle East and North Africa were a call to join the armed struggle and therefore supported terrorism. Judge that reviewed the case said that Dr. Kifah Jayyousi was practicing his right as an American citizen to exercise freedom of speech.

The United States government has confused the message with the messenger. It is trying to stop loyal Americans from speaking out by accusing a loyal American of being a criminal for speaking out. While proclaiming the need for democracy throughout the world, it is engaged in the most undemocratic form of repression, seeking to silence speech.

Make no mistake. The government does not accuse Kifah Jayyousi of being a terrorist. The government does not accuse Kifah Jayyousi of being violent. It does not say that he tried to cause harm to anyone. It only says that he spoke out. And it does not like what Kifah Jayyousi said. Kifah Jayyousi is being charged with a crime because he is a Muslim, and he spoke out.

We need your help. Kifah Jayyousi must be defended. If Kifah Jayyousi is not defended, we will all be at risk. His family has borrowed and sold all that they own to provide for his defense. People of good will have already helped where they could, by providing assistance to the family. Unfortunately there is still much more to be done.

The government has already spent more than a million dollars, and will be able to spend much more. We need every dollar we can raise. We need to hire experts, produce exhibits and tell the true story. We need to review over 50,000 telephone conversations from 10 years ago.

This is a time of year when we give most to those in need. Kifah Jayyousi is your brother, and he is in need. Kifah Jayyousi is every Muslim in America. If he can be prosecuted for what he said and wrote 10 years ago, no Muslim in America is safe from prosecution.

Please Send Contributions to:

Kifah Jayyousi trust account
C/o William W. Swor, attorney
3060 Penobscot Building
645 Griswold St.
Detroit, Michigan 48226

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