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"There will be no cease fire until the Indian army leaves Kashmir." [Syed Salahuddin, leader of Hizbul Mujahideen.]

"The Pakistani people should be aware that America has started the process to 'solve' the Kashmir problem according to its will." [Jihad leader Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, head of Jamaat ad-Da'wa.]


Gunmen attacked a truckload of police trainees on the main street in Quetta city on June 7 with machine gun fire. First reports say 11 police officers were killed and 19 wounded. The assailants escaped.

As usual there are "theories" about the attack. Some say that the attack was launched by supporters of the Taliban because Musharref's mercenary forces armed by the U.S. have been hunting the Taliban. Earlier a police superintendent in the city was killed by a sniper.

One report says that the police killed were Hazaras from Afghanistan, which indicates that Musharraf is recruiting the most deadly enemies of the Taliban. The recruitment of non-Pakistani citizens in Pakistani police looks like a CIA project to divide and rule.
Failure of Musharraf Regime to Help Masses Cited

The corrupt military regime has so neglected the needs of the Pakistani people that hospitals are poorly provided and mistreat the people.

Most of the country's funds are spent on funding a fat military establishment which has shamelessly neglected its duties as a military force which could have reduced the suffering of Kashmiris, Afghans and Palestinians.

With the neglect of health facilities by the egime, more and more Euro-American NGO's are coming in to lure the Pakistani people to the western way of life.

In that situation, Jamaat ad-Da'wa, a movement for pure Islam, has started medical facilities in various cities. Recently a blood bank was set up in Medressa Maaz ibn Jabal, attached to Masjid Ummul Qurra in Gujranwala city, where a FREE dispensary is already functioning. More than 1500 people benefit from the dispensary every month.
[Courtesy Afghan List ASL]
Musharraf Kept Pakistani doctor in Prison for SIX MONTHS Owing To Case Fabricated by FBI

June 04 2003

ISLAMABAD: A doctor released after six months in jail on terrorism charges on Tuesday said his alleged links to al-Qaeda had been fabricated under pressure from the FBI.

"I have no links to al-Qaeda, police recovered nothing from my house," Ahmed Javed Khawaja told AFP by telephone from his home in Lahore after being released on Monday night. "I am happy and I thank Almighty Allah that the period of my trial is over."

Khawaja, 59, and his accountant brother Ahmad Naveed were released from Lahore's Kot Lakhpat jail after the Supreme Court upheld a high-powered judicial review board's call for their release. "It appears the FBI had some doubts because I had been visiting Afghanistan during the anti-Soviet war for treatment of mujahedin," Khawaja said. "My mission was to train Afghan doctors in handling the casualties. I used to give medical lectures in Afghan hospitals. But they (FBI) gave wrong colour to my links with Mujahideen. "The case was totally false and fabricated and the claim of recovery of passports from us was absolutely untrue."

Nonetheless, Khawaja said he would not sue the FBI. "I don't want to sue them. I leave it to God." Khawaja said he had not been treated badly while in custody. "I was intensely interrogated but there was no torture. They did not misbehave with me."
[From National Council for Pakistani Americans.]

13,000 Arabs to go, 15,000 Pakistanis gone: Bush's Republican America for Zionists Only

WASHINGTON, June 6 - More than 13,000 of the Arab and Muslim men who came forward earlier this year to register with immigration authorities - roughly 16 percent of the total - may now face deportation, government officials say........ The Pakistani Embassy in Washington said that since Sept. 11, more than 15,000 Pakistanis in this country illegally are believed to have left for Canada, Europe and Pakistan.

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