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(Analysis by Butt Shikan (Idol Breaker). Views not necessarily shared by editorial committee.)

Sharon and Bush: Failures in War against “Terrorism”
News Media Pander to Government Stories, Denying Facts to the Public

Sharon led his juggernaut against the defenseless people of Palestine. He claimed victory and the media trotted out pictures of victorious Israeli tanks patrolling Palestinian towns and montages of young Palestinians with their hands tied behind their backs. The media prattled of “battles” and heavy fighting and gave the impression that the Jews had done something heroic and had actually squelched the hotbeds of Palestinian terrorism.

CNN, MSNBC, FOX tirelessly trotted out Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, Emerson and an entire bevy of Israeli government staffers to spin stories about Palestinian “terrorism.” Finally, having crushed the “dirty Arabs”, Sharon rushed to Washington to get his pat on the back and to collect many more millions from America’s Jews and right wing Christians.

And then it happened: Another martyrdom operation, near Tel Aviv. Once more the Islamic resistance struck back showing that occupation of Palestine will be resisted.

All that billion dollar propaganda drive went down the drain with one martyr’s self-sacrifice.

[Observers say that the Israelis met the Islamists in battle only once in Jenin and were defeated with a loss of 23 dead and 40 wounded. In revenge, the Jews destroyed the entire Jenin refugee camp, firing ONE HUNDRED MISSILES into it in one day. With the media in their control, the Jews then successfully stopped a fact finding mission from being sent to Jenin.] As historian David Irving so aptly put it, Sharon is a “holocaust denier.”

DENIAL OF ACCURATE REPORTING TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC has taken on unprecedented proportions, outdoing even the sanitized war against Iraq where the future of an entire generation was destroyed while U.S. TV pundits chirped of the “evils of Saddam.”
LAST WEEK, for a full 7 DAYS, British troops, equipped with the latest weaponry, searched the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in search of Al-Qaeda’s Islamic cadres. THEY DIDN’T FIND EVEN ONE PERSON. This must be a record in FAILURE for any military force. Looks like the wily Afghans did with the British what they have done so often with the Americans: led them on a wild goose chase. “Hey, gimme ten dollars and I’ll show you the way to an al-Qaida cave.” The game goes on and with it the saying that a FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED.
But now something really serious has happened (March 8): An explosion in Karachi has wiped out an entire French group helping Musharref build bases for submarine units probably to be used jointly by the U.S. and Pakistan. As a candid Pakistan police chief pointed out immediately after the explosion, this will seriously hamper investment in Pakistan . Musharref needs such investment to stabilize his weak regime struggling to spin itself out of a failed referendum which was boycotted by most of the nation.

The explosion was very severe and damaged an area of Karachi which is prime for western tourists and investors. Probably this is also the first time that a “suicide” bomber has struck an economic target in Pakistan.

What does this say about Bush’s war on “terrorism?” After the FBI’s raids in the Pakistani city of Faisalabad, which netted Abu Zubayda, a top Al-Qaida organizer, the U.S. opined that a serious blow had been struck at terrorism. (Pakistan denied to its public that the FBI was operating inside Pakistan!)

The attack in Karachi gives the impression that America’s most wanted is not only free but free to act and has struck a deadly blow at western interests in Pakistan.

In Afghanistan too, the Karzai government is unable to rule outside Kabul and inside Kabul too only under the protection of British troops. April saw heavy fighting in the Mazare Sharif area between Dostum’s thugs known as Jumbishe Milli and Professor Rabbani’s Jamiate Islami which for the time being has been prevented from becoming a general conflagration.

WASHINGTON TIMES has reported an interview with a Taliban leader who had slipped into Peshawar, Pakistan from Afghanistan. The Taliban, he said, are in good fighting spirit and are waiting for the Karzai clique to be fully discredited before they emerge. The forces of Islam are far from defeated. They are just starting to fight.
It appears from this analysis that Bush’s spin doctors, in a close alliance with Zionists in the media, have denied accurate information to the American public. The war against “terrorism” has not gone well at all. In fact it may be summed up in one word:

If Mujahid Osama, al-Zawahiri and Mullah Omar are not caught soon, the Bush campaign may be facing another descriptive word. [The experience of the Soviets should have taught the U.S. this lesson: just because one side has B-52s and the other has Kalashnikovs, it does not mean that the B-52s will win. It takes years but the Islamic guerrilla forces seem determined to score a double]
The word is:

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