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(Name of writer withheld on request)
The sniper story really is fishy. Even though many of the arguments offered in the article have believable countering responses, survivors of cointelpro and witnesses to 15 year old coverups and frameups like the Central Park Case know that conspiracy is alive and well in the United States.


If you believed the headlines and alleged evidence presented on every channel and in every newspaper regarding the Central Park Case you would never believe the true story which has now emerged.

I must admit that 911 is too big a conspiracy for even a conspiracies witness like myself to easily imagine. However, when I consider that Bush's father was the head of the CIA and an ex pilot who showed his predilection for air strategies in Desert Storm--And when I consider how GWB got into office by stealing the election in a state controlled by another CIA son, both the 911 conspiracy and this too convenient and quite anomalous case of the NOI sniper, (Thats really what the press would like to say) become slightly more believable.


I can't just automatically rule out anything just because it seems far fetched and bizarre. It's just too strange a time and too high a stake. With the advantage of hindsight we can now see that. If Minister Farrakhan hadn't made the seeming adjustments in his statements (as every other world leader is now being forced to do during this fascist onslaught, he and his followers would be in an even more defensless position than that which the government has tried to put them.

From 1994 Minister Farrakhan made moves calling for a cease to violence that were incomprehensible to some and traitorous to others, e.g. playing the violin, etc. However, these moves put he and his followers out of the line of (justifiable) fire by 9-11-2001 and are providing some buffer to the government's onslaught even now. Without having done so he could not so effectively argue against this war to the overall Black community and the nations of the world as he does now. You can believe that the Zionist/ U.S. Government spin doctors, if not conspirators are at work trying to shore up this NOI connection right now. It was also smart of Minister Farrakhan to acknowledge both the snipers past relationship as well as Ken Bridges relationship to the Nation to prevent the government from dropping these things one by one as footsteps to their conspiracy.

2002-10-31 Thu 15:39ct