Zulhijja 9, 1424/January 31, 2004 #14
REMEMBER TO WALK IN THE PATH OF Muhammad (pbuh) and 'Ayesha (r.a.), in the line of IBRAHIM, HAJAR and ISMAIL, (peace be on them) as narrated to us by the Sahaba (the Companions of the Prophet, r.a.), and the two generations who followed them, the Taba'in and the Tabba Taba'in.
On EID, REMEMBER OUR POLITICAL PRISONERS: Islamic leaders, activists, innocents scattered across the country in the American Gulag:

Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman [Colorado]
Imam Jamil al-Amin [Georgia]
Ahmad 'Abdel Rahman [New York]
Sami Al-Arian [Florida]
Jose Padilla [South Carolina]
Sis. Haila Gabr [New Jersey]
Siddique Abdullah Hasan [Ohio]and many others.
Their families, relatives and friends are suffering too.

HITLER BOYS IN AMERICA by Hans Schmidt, hardcover 319 pages, $25, published December 2003.

The book is about two men who were very young men when Germany was conquered by the allies. One of them (the author) left Germany after the war while the other stayed there and underwent the brainwashing which was imposed on the entire German nation by the victors.

Although one might not agree with the writer on many matters, but the book provides a rare and unusual insight into the "re-education" of Germany which was carried out by the conquerors. A "new" Germany had to be created which would be ashamed of itself. Its children had to be taught not to be proud of Germany but to be proud of the conquerors because they had "liberated" Germany. One is reminded of the Washington Post story that the Afghans are not resentful of having their children killed in U.S. bombing because the bombing "liberated" Afghanistan.

Compare this quote from the book to events in Iraq after Iraq was "liberated" by the U.S. and "Great" Britain:

"By 1947 ther hadn't been a bank vault, a safe deposit box or a warehouse in the entire German nation that had not been been broken into and robbed of its contents by the alleged liberators."

The "new" Germany honored traitors and named streets after them while it refused to recognize the suffering of millions of German CIVILIANS who were killed or left to die in the cold by the "liberators."

[To be continued]
[Most people think of CIA agent Musharraf and his army generals as people in charge of Pakistan and "running" the country. Here is a different view right from the area where the generals live.]

by Khawaja Ikram Ul Haq
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

In what is being seen as increasing signs of fright amongst the top echelons of the pakistan army.. immediate orders have been issued to start constructing a new GHQ in Islamabad...with the musharaf group under increasing threat from the terrorists a scenario similar to the one in which Zia Ul haq died in a C-130 crash is causing nervousness amongst the generals as well as the PMLq...The PMLq which is based on military planning and funding has no alternative in that case many suggest to fall back on what many suggest as the Khalida Zia scenario...in which the military will quickly align themselves with the grieving widow...Attempts are going on to make the grieving widow look prettier thru regular beautician visits and creating an aura of leadership in which the wife can immediately provide solace to the grieving nation...

many are suggesting that the scenario is being increasingly thought about after the KRL scientists investigation boomeranged into a defeat for the PMLq and the military...The KRL has been closely associated with the countries leadership as well as the military and pictures are being printed in the press of musharaf's photographs with some of the arrested scientists...On top of that come the claims that pakistan has never sold its nuclear technology and that the whole rigmarole of arresting and investigating scientists was a political ploy designed to make musharaf look like a US collaborator rather than the president of an independent state...It is now becoming even more apparent that the musharaf government is literally being ordered around by the USA...The scenario is becoming even more real after weekend reports from the US that the US army is threatening raids into pakistan territory...They suggest that the al qaeda leadership is hiding amongst the hills which could be on any side of the border...

On top of that comes the news that the army is so frightened that its future army chiefs will now reside in Islamabad and the GHQ will also be shifted to Islamabad with the possibility of a very VIP airport being built somewhere deep in the hills of Islamabad...The city of rawalpindi will heave a sigh of relief when that happens as it is literally being shutdown whenever Musharaf/Jamali venture to the airport...

Usually pakistan heaves a sigh of relief when the military takes over as the general is usually less security/protocol natured than the primeministers...However this general and primeminister are already frightened to death and the people probably want a civilian government which thinks of the people and is not frightened of being around ordinary people... The general was already quiet security conscious..never visiting any place until security clearance was received..however he is now grating on the edges of public tolerance...The US too agrees and they have issued a security warning to anyone visiting pakistan...However the pakistan ministry of information has started to place news items in the governmental press showing US approval of its policies...The people however do not approve and many suggest that zafarullah may quickly move to appoint a new COAS who does not need such extensive security...The national security council bill they say might signal the end of musharaf's personal power and the appointment of a new COAS who might take some time to become a US stooge...

From Fatima AlNoor
[After she read our web site.]
Dear Editor!


Thanks for your great site.

Please be more clear, Re: Jews, Talmud, Zionism.

The real religious Jews are NOT Zionists, 99.99% of ultra religious Jews do NOT serve in Israeli army.
Sharon & it's majority government is not only secular but ANTI RELIGIOUS.
(I'm not talking about settlers, but about the very ultra religious Jews).
These same ultra religious Jews are not Zionists just because of the Talmud that INTERPRETS the Torah.
All the new/old silly lies on the Talmud, taking phrases out of contest & inventing sentences that just DO NOT exist, are already rebuked, and bringing them up is only creating venomous hate, that we seek to reject in Islamic US.
Please do not get caught in other's ugly methods.
Make it REALLY a NEW trend.


I'm enthralled by the information on Maulana Maudoodi. I had no idea he'd originally been sentenced to death. I wish I can speak to you more about him in person.


RAMADAN 13 and 14, 1424

Part of the vision of Iqbal can be seen in his recognition of the genius of the young Maudoodi. The Iqbal-Maudoodi connection soon took on tangible form when one of the associates of Iqbal, Choudhury Niaz Ali Khan, a supporter of Muslim League, provided the land and facilities to Maulana Maudoodi to move into in 1943. Although the facility provided housing, a hostel and a meeting hall, living conditions were primitive. Only dedicated and hardy Muslims like Maudoodi's associates could have lived there. Mian Tufail Muhammad writes in his MUSHAHIDAT [compiled by Salim Mansur Khalid]: "It was pure rustic life. For cooking fire, wood had to be brought from three kilometers." Such a start meant that Maudoodi would never give in to oppression and pressure.

These secularist rulers of Pakistan saw Abul 'Ala Maudoodi and Jamaate Islami as the only organized force which could stop them from continuing their loot and exploitation of the new state. Maudoodi and his associates now faced persecution by the new Muslim government. In turn Maudoodi ...

The rulers went on the rampage and persistently persecuted Maudoodi and Jamaate Islami. Finally, Maudoodi was SENTENCED TO DEATH! The learned Maulana, ON DEATH ROW, refused to plead for mercy. The rest is history.

2004-02-08 Sun 15:34ct