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Pakistan: Musharref too Unscrupulous and Cunning for Electioneering Politicians
National Humiliation and Anti- Islam Intrigues in Full Gear
Pakistanis Cry out as FBI swoops into Pakistani cities to Kidnap Islamic Activists

Chances of peaceful change in Pakistan have receded as the people gradually realize that Pakistani coup leader Pervez Musharref has once again carried out American- Zionist plans.


Events in December 2001 and May 2002 were synchronized by the U.S. to use both Pakistan and India to distract attention from the war the U.S. has been waging against the Islamic movement. Indian and Pakistani troops in large numbers faced each other in a fake but dangerous game of "war." The purpose was to line up Pakistanis behind Musharref and to distract attention from the U.S. assault on Islamic fighters in Afghanistan.

Both Vajpayee and Musharref have achieved their goals under American guidance. Vajpayee had the audacity to hold "elections" in occupied Kashmir after Musharref had squeezed off most of the mujahideen movement across the Kashmir "line of control." The Kashmiris fought back with all they had but India was still able to declare that "elections" had been held.

In Pakistan, Musharref used the patriotic motif of "danger from India" to entrench himself in power. He held a "referendum" with himself the only "candidate" and declared massive support for himself in spite of obvious low percentages of votes cast.

Musharref, evidently tutored by the U.S., declared "free" elections. The political parties took the bait and by mere participation in this game legitimized Musharref. The voting was very light and a good number of Musharref supporters won owing to heavy rigging.

There were upsets in Frontier Province and Baluchistan where Islamic parties united to win against long established secularist vested interests. The big pro-Osama and pro-Taliban vote made the Islamic election victories possible in these two provinces. However, it remains to be seen what games Musharref will play to make the Islamic coalition ineffective. Already the Islamists seem to be on the retreat and have agreed to let Vajpayee come to Islamabad for the so-called SAARC summit.

While the Islamic coalition is patting itself on the back for its election successes, Musharref is singlemindedly carrying out the Bush agenda against the Islamic movement. Even the day before the election, Pakistani police was chasing "Al-Qaida" in Karachi under the supervision of the American FBI.

After the elections, while Pakistanis were thinking, democracy might be achieved, there was the shocking news that the FBI had raided a house in Lahore, the stronghold of Islam, and arrested a Pakistani physician whom the Americans claim had treated Osama bin Laden and had visited Afghanistan to help alleviate the suffering caused by U.S. bombing. [There were numerous demonstrations against this humiliation of Pakistan's national honor and now the Musharref regime is saying that the physician is still in Pakistan and is being interrogated and has not been taken away by the FBI.]

Musharref is actively participating in America's war against Islam. Like the Israeli Jews, he has demolished the homes of Pakistanis who gave refuge to Chechen refugees. Hundreds of mujahideen have been handed over to the FBI's tender mercies by Musharref without any process of law.

On October 30, the Pakistani government arrested the son-in-law of Afghan mujahideen leader Hekmatyar who has called for jihad against the U.S. occupation forces in Afghanistan.
After Vajpayee and Musharref had fulfilled their agendas, recently both of them announced that they are starting withdrawal of their forces from the borders.
Jamaate Islami and other Islamic groupings are peaceful movements which have an underpinning of middle class genteel leadership. Inspite of events in Turkey and Algeria, these groupings continue to think that a military system backed by the U.S. can be removed by peaceful means. The vast Pakistani military establishment continues to fatten itself at the expense of the masses of Pakistanis who live in poverty and are denied the basic requirements of health and education. The Pakistani army since 1971 has failed to win any victories except against the people of Pakistan.
One of the most despicable acts of the Musharref regime was that it handed over the Afghan ambassador, Abdus Salam Zaeef, to the U.S. Such a crime, the handing over of an Islamic ambassador to the kuffar, is unique in Islamic history. Reports indicated that Zaeef, an outstanding man of great piety and courage, has been tortured to death in U.S. custody. The reports could not be confirmed.

After such a horrendous crime, the Islamic groupings were so naive that they believed Musharref's word that he cared for Pakistan and even for Islam.

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