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THOUGHT OF THE DAY [Ref. Zionist media on Darfur, Sudan and North Ossetia, Russia.]

"O ye who believe! If a corrupt person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest you harm people unwittingly and afterwards become full of repentance for what you have done." [The Qur'an 49:6]
Chechnia vs Russia

CALL for International Pact to End War on Children.
After Murders of 42,000 Chechen Children by Russian Troops,
Chechens Took Hostages in North Ossetia School with Tragic Consequences

By Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

The suffering of children during war was highlighted by the tragic end to the hostage situation in North Ossetia when Russian troops rushed the hostage takers on September 5. Russian reports indicate that 355 people were killed, including dozens of children. It would appear that the Russian assault was the cause of the death of the majority of hostages.

Although the school was located in an area which is known as a model of Russian expansionism and colonialism in the Caucuses region, there should be no acceptable excuse for the takeover of a school and the human suffering which ensued. Why would anyone take such drastic measures to highlight a cause and bring it to world attention? Surely the death or trauma of even one child is one too many.

We get some clue to the desperation of the hostage takers from the fact that they included WOMEN out to highlight the murders of their children, sons, daughters, husbands at the hands of Russian occupation forces in Chechnia-Ingushetia. The Chechen and Ingush people, Muslims, have undergone mass atrocities of genocidal dimensions at the hands of Russian military forces.

An inkling of Chechen suffering can be seen in the figure which one researcher gave out in passing during National Public Radio's coverage of the school tragedy, on September 2. According to this report, MORE THAN 42,000 CHECHEN and INGUSH CHILDREN HAVE BEEN KILLED BY RUSSIAN OCCUPATION FORCES since the SECOND RUSSIAN WAR OF AGGRESSION against Chechnia began. The actual numbers of Chechen children killed by the occupiers may be much higher.

During the FIRST Russian war of aggression against Chechnia (1994), tens of thousands of Chechen children were killed along with other Chechen civilians. The Russian bombing of Grozny itself (Chechnia's capital) was so indiscriminate that hundreds of Russian civilians (including children) were also killed in the slaughter.

Stalin DEPORTED the ENTIRE population of Chechnia during 1944, resulting in the deaths of more than a million Chechen and Ingush Muslims, with hundreds of thousands of children the first to die from the privations of the journey.

The crimes of the Russian occupiers are all the more reprehensible in that these horrors are NOT being identified or even reported in the world's media, led by America's establishment opinion makers. It would appear that the lives of Chechen children have no value whatsoever: They can be murdered in huge numbers and the very statistics of their deaths are not available except through research.

Remember that Chechnia and Ingushetia are tiny as compared to mighty Russia, which is relatively a world power, a military colossus. The Russians have destroyed Chechnia city by city, village by village. Only owing to Chechen desperation, and the self-sacrifice of veiled Chechen women ('Black widows'), Chechen resistance continues.


Not only have the Russians used bomber aircraft, jet fighters, tanks, missiles and artillery against poorly armed Chechens, they have mined the countryside in Chechnia. As a result, the most innocent and unsuspecting of the Chechens, the CHILDREN OF CHECHNIA, continue to be killed on a daily basis even in areas where fighting has ended.


Russia has pursued a policy of GENOCIDE against Muslim peoples, be it in Afghanistan or in Chechnia. The RUSSIANS MINE ENTIRE REGIONS where they carry out occupation activities. In AFGHANISTAN, 16 years after the Russians withdrew, Afghan children are being dismembered by Russian mines ALL OVER AFGHANISTAN. We should thank American and other organizations which got involved in de-mining activity in Afghanistan. However, neither the U.S. nor the world community has taken the trouble to hold Russia accountable for the mines which still strew the Afghan countryside, taking the limbs and eyes of innocent and unsuspecting Afghan children.

Not only has Russia NOT been held accountable for these crimes against humanity [blatant violations of international law), Putin is a favorite of President Bush and received a tour of the Crawford ranch when he visited. The U.S. government's silence on the Russian genocide in Chechnia (as well as in Afghanistan) needs to be probed. Why is America silent about one of the greatest horrors of recent times and continues to reward Russia with close cooperation in both the areas of economics and military force?

Humanitarian organizations should call for a worldwide agreement to ban all attacks on children. ALL CHILDREN SHOULD BE DECLARED INNOCENT AND PROTECTED. Our media provide one sided reporting which leaves out the suffering of Chechen, Palestinian, Iraqi, Afghan and Kashmiri children, but indulge in a propaganda blitz when Muslim desperadoes bungle an attack and kill civilians. ALL terrorism should be condemned, starting with state terrorism against those who do not have a state.

British Political Prisoner Babar Ahmad Writes
"Your British passport will not help you. Depend on Allah alone."

The following is a letter received from Babar Ahmad who was unjustly imprisoned under the UK government’s ‘terror’ legislation. We request all New Trend readers to write to him giving him your support in this testing time.

{Sis. Yvonne Ridley, London, England}

18 days since detained...

Bismillahir rahman ir-raheem

To all those who have written to me:

Dear brothers, sisters, friends and well-wishers,

Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

I want to begin be thanking you all for the many, many (over 150) letters that I have received since the beginning of my political imprisonment. I have received letters, cards, encouraging words and articles and hand-made cards by children. Every single one of the letters has made a difference in its own way and I regularly go through and re-read some of the letters and share parts of them with other Muslim political prisoners here. It has been especially encouraging to receive letters from people I do not know or who have never seen me. This, insha-Allah, is a good sign that recent events have had a positive impact on the community.

Allah says in Surah al-Anfal (8:30), "And they plot and plan. And Allah too plots and plans. But the best of planners is Allah."

I was imprisoned in order to be made an example, to strike terror and fear into the hearts of the docile, sleeping Muslim community. However, as it appears, the following good has already arisen from my imprisonment, which is conclusive proof that Allah is the Best of planners:
The Muslim community has been jolted, shocked and awoken from its slumber into a state of action, protesting, complaining, campaigning, writing, telephoning and praying.

The previously isolated Muslim community has joined stronger ties with sympathetic non-Muslim pressure groups, activists and well-wishers

Ordinary, non-practising Muslims have been woken up and are now becoming stronger and better Muslims, in huge numbers.

People who previously could never have been imagined to campaign, have started to become active and have realised that if they fail to act now, then tomorrow it will be their houses that are raided, their sons assaulted, abused and arrested, and their livelihoods damaged.

The Muslim community has closed ranks, united and told the authorities that we have stopped cooperating with you until you put an end to your terror, violence and abuse of laws and human rights against Muslims

Finally, the "British Muslim" myth has been destroyed as the Muslims with British passports have realised that their passport and citizenship is useless, like it was useless to me, and that only Allah is on their side to help and protect them, like He, insha-Allah, is on my side to help and protect me. The British passport does not mean anything as long as you are a practising Muslim. Even if you are a white, English, revert/convert to Islam, you are a foreigner in this country as long as you remain a practising Muslim.

Therefore, in a matter of a few weeks, Allah has caused a change that no amount of study circles, talks, lectures, camps and conferences could have achieved, even over a few years. As one political prisoner here said:

"The time has arrived to forget your differences, overlook each others mistakes and unite to confront the common terror threat facing us all.

"At the same time, do not let the authorities provoke you into carrying out hasty, rash actions. Muslim communities uniting and becoming better and stronger Muslims will deal a bigger blow to the oppressors than a hundred "terror" attacks. Leave the authorities to do all the terrorising of Muslims as this will only serve to benefit the Muslim communities, in both short and long terms.

"Every Muslim that is unjustly imprisoned by the proponents of democracy, freedom and human rights will remain a thorn in the sides of hypocrites and political cretins until they are released.

"The choice you have now is to either stand up and speak now, to ensure your survival; or to wait until your own doors are kicked in, your Qurans are thrown on the floor, you are put onto the floor into prostration position and your religion mocked and your womenfolk arrested as well as the men."

I would like to thank again everyone that who has given support to my family and continues to do so, displaying the true spirit of brotherhood and unity. Moral and emotional support is more important than many people realise, it does and has made a difference to my family.

Finally I would like to say that I have found the Promise of my Lord to be true. Have you also found the Promise of your Lord to be true? The promise that I have found to be true is the one in the Quran 33:22. What promise have you found to be true?

May Allah unite the believers and protect them from the evil plots of the mischievous and devious two-faced devils. May He hasten the release of the Muslim Political Prisoners, wherever they may be. Ameen

Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
British Political Prisoner Babar Ahmad MX5383
HMP Woodhill,
Tattenhoe Street,
Milton Keynes, 
Bucks MK4 4DA
'Many a big deed becomes small due to its intention, & many a small deed becomes big due to its intention......' (Abdullah ibn Mubarak)

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