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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 8,1427/March 8, 2006 #17

Latest on Imam Warith Deen Umar, Dr. Ali al-Timimi, Ahmed Abdel Sattar, Lynne Stewart, Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi, Masoud Khan, with notes on CAIR's dastardly activities. Please scroll down.

Slaughter in Pakistan. General Musharraf's forces attack mosques, Islamic schools, homes, kill hundreds of civilians. Exclusive New Trend interview with Syed Munawar Hasan, Secretary General Jamaate Islami Pakistan. Please scroll down.

QUOTE of the Month: On Muslim participation in American elections: "You cannot change a corrupt system by becoming a part of it."
[Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin.]

Have you read this?: The Jewish group ADL is raising a stink about a small but powerful book which was highly publicized at Minister Farrakhan's program in Chicago on February 25. Jews worldwide have become experts in censorship. The book titled The Synagogue of Satan by Ashahed M. Muhammad is available from:

The Truth Establishment Institute [TEI]
P.O. Box 308
Chicago, IL 60690-0308

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
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Islamic Women's Impressive Summit in Atlanta, Georgia: March 3 and 4.

A Muslim Women's Leadership Summit was addressed by speakers from various universities and groups supporting women's causes. The program was linked to the work of Baitul Salaam which helps battered women and women in transition, as well as women's sanctuaries for South Asian women. Sis. Hadayai Majeed, a veteran organizer of resources and support for oppressed women, presided over the two day panels and the open session.

The program began with an 90 minute presentation by Imam Khalil Abdullah who described the examples of the female companions of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, as role models for today's women as detailed in Hadith narrations. After that Dr. Kaukab Siddique spoke on the Qur'an's standards for superiority and inferiority which make sexism irrelevant. Sis. Betty Hassan then coordinated a program in which a young and dynamic African-American sister, Latifah Muhammad, recited powerful Islamic poetry and her brother Ameer Muhammad used rap to explain the conditions of the people. It was standing room only.

On March 4, there was extensive analysis of the conditions of women with Islamic solutions by Dr. Adriene Sabir Hudson, an African American intellectual and psychologist. An eye-opening presentation was made by Sis. Sonali Sadaaque [from Bangladesh] on the conditions of South Asian women in America.

In the afternoon, Dr. Najma Adam [a Pakistani professor] from Northeastern University in Chicago discussed the underpinnings of the oppression of Muslim women.

Dr. Kaukab Siddique spoke again, in the concluding session, this time on the issues of Rape and Resistance. The final interactive group [for women only] was led by Sis. Saffiyah Abdul-Khaliq.

A book titled Poetic Parenting by D. Hamima Shabazz was given as a gift to the participants.
Observers say that this was the most successful gathering of Muslim women in recent years.

Islamic Women Live by a Distinct Code of Conduct, Jamaat Masjid leader says.

In February 2006, Goucher University in Baltimore, Maryland, invited people of various faiths to speak about their understanding of the conditions of women. Islam was represented by Sis. Ashira, the Administrator of Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

Sis. Ashira said that Islam is not a new religion. It began with Adam and Hawwa and all the messengers of Allah, be it Noah, or Abraham, or Moses or Jesus, or Muhammad [peace be on them all] are messegers of the same ONE GOD [Allah]. The Ka'aba in Makka is the oldest place of worship of Allah. One Hadith narration says that it was first built by Adam himself.

Muslim women do not date or have pre-marital sex, she said. Young people can meet each other but should be chaperoned. Early marriage is strongly recommended in Islam, she said, and the community is supposed to help young people get married.

Islam has given women rights which are sanctioned by Allah Almighty Himself, Sis. Ashira said. No other religion specifies the rights of women, she added. In Islam, the rights and obligations are stated clearly in the Qur'an and the Hadith, she concluded, and as soon as women become aware of this fact, the sooner they can achieve stability, dignity and respect in their lives. Unfortunately many women do not study Islam and this allows men to exploit them, she noted.

Jamaat leader Protests Caricatures of Prophet, pbuh: Gains Support of non-Muslims
[Imam Badi Ali has successfully carried out a boycott of a North Carolina tabloid. He gained widespread suipport from Non-Muslims. Here is the report from the Winston-Salem Chronicle.]

Local paper prints touchy Islam cartoons
By Sandra Isley
The Chronicle March- 2 -2006

A Triad Muslim leader is calling for a boycott of a Greensboro-based newspaper after the paper published cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Badi Ali, president of Muslims for a better North Carolina, called for the boycott after The Rhinoceros Times published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. According to the Islamic faith, depictions of any prophets of God are unacceptable.

"In Islam, it's prohibited to actually create images of any prophet, not just Mohammed, but Jesus, Moses, Joseph, all the prophets. It's forbidden," said Ali.

A Danish newspaper's publication of cartoons depicting Mohammed have led to protests by Muslims throughout the world. The protests, often violent, have resulted in many deaths and damage to buildings and other properties.

The Rhinoceros Times, known for its conservative views and quirkiness, published the cartoons knowing that their publication had caused violence around the world.

William Hammer, publisher of The Rhinoceros Times, said he printed the cartoons because he has a First Amendment right to do so. Hammer also said that Mohammed has been depicted in other forms of the arts.

"What most of the Muslims I've spoken to say they object to is the depiction of Mohammed, although he is depicted in art, literature and even in the encyclopedia we have in our office," said Hammer.

The Rhino, whose journalistic motto is, "All the rumors fit to print," published two of the controversial cartoons two weeks ago. But the cartoons are not just plain depictions of the prophet. One, for example, shows Mohammed wearing a head piece shaped like a bomb.

Ali said that without question, the cartoons were created to offend.

"I am certain that our neighbors here, for example, wouldn't want to see someone claiming that Martin Luther King Jr. was for terrorism. They don't want to see someone claiming that the Virgin Mary was a terrorist," said Ali. "I'm sure people wouldn't like it. The Muslims wouldn't even like it."

Initially Hammer said that he would run more cartoons from the series. He changed his mind, though. The paper's Web site states that the paper did not see a need to run more cartoons. It is the one thing that Ali is happy about, but he still feels that Hammer hasn't fully apologized for his actions yet. Ali wants a written apology in the Rhino.

He said, "I am pleased that he did not run any more of the cartoons. What we want now is respect for our faith, respect for our community and respect for our prophet."

Hammer says the Muslim community is overreacting. He doesn't think that the cartoons portrayed local Muslims in a negative light.

"It's not an actual comment on the local Muslim community," he said.

The Rhino is a free tabloid that relies on restaurants and other businesses to make the publication available to its customers. Since the publication of the cartoon, some sites have pulled the newspaper from their racks. Ali said some Rhino advertisers are also pulling out.

Originally, protests aimed at the Rhino had been planned. But Greensboro Mayor Keith Holliday urged Ali to resolve the situation through other means. Instead, silent vigils and small gatherings to discuss the issue have been planned.

Hammer did offer a verbal apology when asked to address the Muslim community. He said: "I'm sorry that I offended the Muslim community. I really don't think that the cartoons comment on the American Muslim community, at all."

American Muslims and their Supporters Face Severe Oppression from Bush-Zionist-Neo-Cons.
[With notes on the dastardly inactivity of CAIR in genuine causes.]

We look briefly at the following cases:

1. Imam Warith Deen Umar, Albany, New York. [African-American Muslim.]

2. Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, Staten Island, New York. [Egyptian-American Muslim.]

3. Ms. Lynne Stewart, Brooklyn, New York. [White American, famous attorney.]

4. Dr. Ali Al-Tamimi, Falls Church, Virginia. [Iraqi-American.]

5. Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi, Detroit, Michigan. [Palestinian-American.]

6. Masoud Khan, Rockville, Maryland. [Pakistani-American.]

The American power structure has been lashing out at the innocent Muslims of America. Unable to find any of the "bad guys," revenge has been taken from those who have never done anything against the United States. The entire family of Islamic America is under attack. Anyone can be arrested or abused or terrorized by the U.S. if one is a devout Muslim.

This terrible oppression comes in the name of "LAW" and is organized, orchestrated and directed by the U.S. government at the behest of the Zionist lobby, Israel, the Christian Neo-Cons and the oppressive rulers overseas who are subjugating the Muslim masses worldwide.

The threat to Muslims is NOT from the American people. Funded Muslim groups, like CAIR, pick out a few cases of misbehavior, rowdiness, some arson, from a population of 260 million and claim that Muslims are the targets of "islamophobia" emanating from the American masses. Nothing could be further from the truth. CAIR's publicity machine serves the disinformation campaign of the U.S. government which rushes in to support CAIR in these minor cases of harrassment.

When it comes to the major cases of oppression of Muslims in America by the government, CAIR is either silent or sides with the government. [As the sage has said, NEUTRALITY in the FACE of AGGRESSION is in effect SUPPORT for OPPRESSION.]

1. IMAM WARITH DEEN UMAR, one of the very few truly Islamic Imams left in this country, was attacked in his apartment in the Bronx, arrested, his rooms ransacked, his Qur'an desecrated by government agents. Then the police and the FBI invaded his home with dogs in Albany, NY and terrorized his family. This outstanding Imam refused both to be intimadated and to be provoked. So now, in the most frivolous way possible, the oppressors have brougt a charge from 1967 to try to criminalize him. The following report is self-explanatory:

Beach Head News

Re: United States v. Warith Deen Umar

This is to announce that the United States Grand Jury returned an indictment against the above named defendant on Monday, March 6, 2006. The defendant's case is assigned to the Honorable Robert P. Patterson and the arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday, March 8, at 4:oo Pm in courtroom 24A, 500 Pearl Street New York City.

The indictment charges ONE COUNT for possession of a dangerous weapon after having been convicted in a court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year, to wit a May 13, 1967 conviction for possession of a dangerous weapon in New York County Supreme Court. Defendant, in this case did unlawfully, willfully and knowingly possess firearms and ammunition, to wit, a Winchester 12 gauge shotgun, a Ruger .22 rifle, and four shotgun shells which the defendant possessed in the Bronx, New York, and which had previously been shipped and transported in interstate commerce. (Title 18, United States Code, Section 922 (g) (1).

*Editor's Note*
Imam Umar considers this a harrassment case of judicial injustice, illegal search and seizure, and pleads NOT GUILTY against this ONE CHARGE..

That, dear readers, is America under Zionist control

2. AHMED 'ABDEL SATTAR, a devout Muslim who never broke the law, has been convicted of association with terrorists and o ther ridiculous charges. His REAL "crime" is that he is opposed to the Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. Ahmed wanted to talk to people who want to overthrow Hosni. He did not realize that Hosni, up to his neck in torture, rape, murder and mass imprisonment without trial, is a bosom buddy of the White House and of Israel. In February 2006, Ahmed was placed under SAMS, a security order which more or less buries the prisoner alive. He is now forced to remain 24 hours in a cell [his one hour out of the cell is taken away]. His radio has been taken away. His mail has been stopped. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO VISIT HIM. Even his wfe and children have not been allowed to visit him now for 5 weeks. He is facing a sentence of LIFE in PRISON. This is indeed America under Zionist control.

3. Ms. LYNNE STEWART, probably the greatest woman in America, a top level attorney, who fought for decades in defense of African-American and other victims of oppression, has been convicted as a TERRORIST associate! Can you believe it? What's her "crime?" She defended the blind Shaikh, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman pro bono [free of charge], and continued to visit him after he was put under SAMS. She told the press what the Shaikh said to her. Result: She was tried as an associate of terrorists. She is about to be sentenced to 30 years! That is America under Zionist control.

Now this grandmother, aged 65, finds that she has breast cancer. Please pray for her recovery. At least she should be healthy to face Bush's justice, 30 years in prison for defending an Islamic scholar! [Compare with Muslims like Siraj Wahhaj who helped to put the great scholar in prison and struts around as an Islamic man.]

4. Dr. ALI TIMIMI's case is so ridiculous that only a government which hates Islam with great intensity could have carried out this charade. He is an outstanding Islamic scholar. He has NEVER BEEN VIOLENT. He has never hurt anyone or did anything against America. He preached in a little mosque about many aspects of Islam, including Jihad, in a scholarly way. Unfortunately for him, several Muslims whom the U.S. government framed under the Neutrality Act [to please its new friend INDIA] were used against him. Three of them plea bargained [made a deal with the government] and gave blatant self-serving testimony against Dr. Al-Timimi. This totally non-violent person, for giving Islamic sermons, has been sentenced to LIFE in prison. Can you believe it! That is America under Zionist control.

5. DR. KIFAH al-JAYYOUSI has NEVER harmed America, EVER, in even the slightest way. What's his crime? He used to publish a magazine urging Muslim to help the Muslims of Chechnia and Bosnia [at a time when the U.S. also supported them]. Also, he opposed the imprisonment of the blind Shaikh. The government wants him to speak against other Muslims. He is now "terrorist connected" for what was not "terrorist connected" at the time he wrote. He refused to 'snitch' on other Muslims and ended up in prison himself. Much later, he was brought to the court. Even the judge was shocked at the absurdity of the charges and ordered him released on bail. However, the BAIL is so high that after 9 weeks, his support [in the form of property] is still short by $50,000. Can you imagine a good citizen, who served in the U.S. navy, forced into prison? That is America under Zionist control.

6. MASOUD KHAN comes from a middle class family, very religious but non-violent and polite, has never harmed anyone and NEVER done anything against America. He had property in Pakistan and went there to settle a property dispute. The government "broke" three young Muslims [see Al-Tmimi's case above] who, to avoid the threat of long sentences, agreed to speak against Masoud Khan. On that basis, the government claimed that Masoud visited a Lashkare Taiba camp in Pakistan and fired a gun. That is terrorism in the eyes of the government, and, now read this: HE WAS SENTENCED TO LIFE IN PRISON! Can you believe it? That is America under Zionist-Jewish control.

Dear readers: If you would like to help the family of any of these innocents, Jamaat al-Muslimeen will provide you the addresses. Remember, that Muslims are NONE OTHER THAN ONE BROTHERHOOD/SISTERHOOD. If one of us is under attack, we are all under attack. Write to: if you want to help.

CAIR, in its dastardly slick way, has ignored and/or insulted all these dear and devout Muslims. When Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi's wife asked CAIR for help, CAIR's reply was, according to his wife: we do not take criminal cases. The deeply offended, hijabi, sister replied: My husband is not a criminal.

Dear Muslims, do you not hear that CAIR has been collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from Muslims, while the Muslims under attack by CAIR's friends do not have funds even to pay for bail?
Is it not time to stop funding a spiritually dead group like CAIR? Think about it. Don't waste your funds on this "meet you in the Hilton" group of bootlickers and lick spittles of the slave master.

New Trend Exclusive
PAKISTAN ARMY Slaughters Civilians, hits Mosques, Islamic Schools, Homes

On March 8, 2006 [8 AM Pakistan time.] New Trend interviewed Syed Munawar Hasan, Secretary General of Jamaate Islami and key organizer of the Islamic coalition MMA.

New Trend: What happened in North Waziristan on March 3, 4 and 5.

Syed Munawar Hasan [SMH hereafter]: Musharraf's troops slaughtered hundreds of unarmed Muslims, including many women and children. His army is using the area as a free fire zone to terrorize the people. His troops destroyed mosques, Islamic schools, hundreds of homes by artillery fire.

New Trend: How can the Pakistani army attack mosques? Do you think Musharraf has recruited Shias or other alienated sects to attack the Muslims.

SMH: It's not a Shia-Sunni issue. These mercenary soldiers can be Sunni and kill people. They will do anything when ordered. Faith is not important for them.

New Trend: Wasn't it a mistake to direct people towards Denmark's cartoons? Did you get so diverted that Musharraf was able to bring Bush to Islamabad? Isn't that a victory for the anti-Islam forces?

SMH: I don't agree. The cartoons are not an issue of Denmark. They are an attack on our faith and life. Bush did come but the whole country was protesting. If he is not blind, he will know that he was only Musharraf's guest. Pakistanis do not want him. We are carrying out mass protests against him.

New Trend: But still, how come he was able to come to this country of Muslims?

SMH: You know that 60 to 80% of British people opposed the invasion of Iraq but Blair was still able to carry it out. Peaceful movements like ours express the conscience of the people and create moral isolation of those working against Islam. We do not use physical force.

New Trend: The people of North Waziristan are great fighters. Do you think Musharraf will be able to crush them?

SMH: I doubt it. Musharraf has been trying for several years and has killed many and lost a good number of his too. The resistance is spreading, not going down.

New Trend: Do you know that Imam Jamil is still in prison in America? Numerous good Muslims have been imprisoned after ridiculous trials. Any Muslim in America can be arrested for any reason at any time. Lynne Stewart, the attorney of Shaikh Omar, a grandmother, has been "convicted" of terrorism- related offenses!

SMH: I would like to know more. Send me a list of the innocent victims of American "justice."

AFTER the interview, New Trend double checked the available information on Musharraf's blitzkrieg in Northern Waziristan. The Musharraf regime claims that it has killed 140 "terrorists" including 5 "foreigners" between March 3 and 6. However even pro-government papers like DAWN indicate that Syed Munawar Hasan's account is accurate. For instance, DAWN notes that "security forces" "targeted" a mosque and an Islamic academy known as Darul Uloom Faredia. It also notes reports from residents that four villages were attacked and names the villages. Musharraf's representative admits that his troops "blew up a hotel" in the "main bazar" of MiranShah city killing 19 people who are claimed as "militants."

New Trend's analysis shows that the masses of Pakistanis in the area supported the Pakistani version of the Taliban. The armed Islamic resistance seems to have withdrawn into the mountains in good order. The people are also voting with their feet. Thousands of people have become refugees from their homes after Musharraf's army let loose a reign of terror.

Musharraf has imposed an INDEFINITE CURFEW in the area.

2006-03-08 Wed 20:51:56 cst