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Attempts to Divide Muslims: Encourage the Bootlickers, Isolate the Fighters
Imam ‘Umar Comments on CNN's Attempt to Use the term "Islamists" as Pejorative
[Excellent Publication on Zionism and Missionary Activity Received from Sri Lanka]

[Book received: THE ELECTION OF CALIPH/KHALIFAH AND WORLD PEACE by Khondakar G. Mowla, 358 pages. Chock full of information about the requirement of Islam that Muslims set up the Caliphate. The book contains valuable listings of Islamic issues, historical facts, chronologies of events and expounds on the sufferings of Muslims worldwide owing to lack of Caliphate. No price or address given.]
[New books already listed: PALESTINIANS SPEAK edited by Alijah Gordon. Saga of Palestinian suffering in refugee camps including the horrors of Sabra-Shatila masterminded by President Bush's "man of peace", Sharon. 161 pages. $10]
[DAJJAL: SUPERPOWER USA by Kaukab Siddique. Understanding our time and age in the light of the prophecies of Muhammad (pbuh). While explaining the relevance of Hadith about Dajjal, the author notes the weaknesses of the narrations about the return of Jesus (pbuh). Muslims must not wait for a Messiah. Islam is a "do it yourself" project. 50 pages, $4]
{All books can be ordered from: New Trend, P.O. Box 356, Kingsville, MD 21087.}

SUPERB MAGAZINE FROM SRI LANKA: THE CHOICE Vol. 1. No. 9. Published by Outreach MSA, 154/1, Dharmarama Road, Off Hevelock Road, Colombo 6, Sri Lanka (South Asia)

The last page of THE CHOICE would be enough to make it very valuable. It juxtaposes photographs of Nazi crimes against Jews with photos of Jews committing crimes against Palestinians. For every picture of a Nazi crime, there is a picture of a Jewish crime, with Swastikas on the Nazi crime pictures and the Star of David on the Jewish crime picture. At the top there is Hitler at the left, Sharon on the right with a whole galaxy of Jewish criminals in between (Netanyahoo etc). SUPERB, WELL DONE, SRI LANKA.

On pages 2 and 3, THE CHOICE has reproduced Christian Missionary propaganda. This is brazen bigotry in the form of comic strips. The comic frames show a Muslim who performs hajj, prays and fasts all the time. When he dies, he finds that Allah is not God but Jesus is God (astaghfirullah) and because he did not accept Jesus, he will go to hell regardless of his praying and fasting. Christian missionaries are spending millions to enter and destroy Muslim communities which are under stress of war (such as Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan).

Under the heading THE SAFFRON TERROR, our Sri Lankan brothers have given a whole page of photos in color of the Hindu genocide of Muslims in Ahmedabad, India. [Do readers know that Arab countries are totally ignorant of the suffering of Muslims in India. Tens of thousands of Hindus work in Arab countries. Isn't it time to send them home? ]

WE URGE READERS TO BUY A HUNDRED COPIES OF The Choice and distribute it in your community. WAKE UP MUSLIMS. SRI LANKA is taking the lead in good works.

[NEW TREND MAGAZINE is again appearing in print. The latest issue is Volume 21 Number 3. Its distribution began on June 14 when it was given to 235 people at an Islamic Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you would like to distribute it in your area, send $3.50 postage for 22 copies or $10 for 100 copies.]
IMAM WARITHUDDIN 'UMAR (Albany, New York), comments on the new moves by CNN to make the terms "Islamist" and "terrorist" synonymous. The writer emerged as a powerful voice of Islam in America when just about all the "leaders" were silent or waiting to see which way the wind would blow.

"The present War On Terror has always been America's War against Islam. However, America and the West do not want to go to war against Islam openly. The effort is to separate the Muslims into categories of safety and danger. This is not hard to do because of the confusion and misguidance in the Muslim world. America and the West wants to keep the moderate Muslims who are willing to abandon jihad and abandon Qur'an, in the category of Acceptable Muslims and they will be declared safe from the wrath of America. The other group of Muslims are declared hostile and are targeted for danger and destruction.

Those who are committed to support Deen over Dunya are given a new label. They are called Islamists. This is confusing at best because there is no such definition in Islam. This is like the terms "Mohammedan" and "Mohammedism" to define one who follows the religion of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This is ignorance. One who embraces Islam is a Muslim, not an Islamist. The Mu'mineen (believers) are the growing number of Muslims who understand this to be the time of the manifestation of defects in men and who see the battle as the war between Islam and Kufr as it was in the days of Prophet Muhammad. Islam will WIN AS PROMISED BY ALLAH. There is no doubt about it. The Muslims who will suffer defeat are not the Mu'mineen (believers).

The Muslims who will lose are the losers who have faith in America and Western ideas. The Muslim losers are the Muslims who have abandoned Tawheed. The CNN Lou Dobbs (Money Line) and Chris Matthews (HardBall) declaration of "War Against Islamists" is a desperate act of frightened men who are good at gathering information, thinking they are gathering intelligence. We as thinking Muslims are really not against them. We should guide them but they must submit. We can save America but first America must WAKE UP and be willing to pay the Jizyah tax."

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