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LOCAL NEWS: At an elaborate ceremony in Baltimore, organized by a cooperative known as TAUHID INSTITUTE, Christians and Muslims from a number of organizations came together on March 16 to honor community workers. Among those honored, Sis. Ashira Na'im, administrator of Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen, received a special award to recognize her community work to help the needy in the city, often by way of counselling and social work.
MASJID JAMAAT al-MUSLIMEEN is an inner city masjid which deserves your support. Donations for da'wah work and masjid development should be sent to : Jamaat al-Muslimeen, POB 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234
[Israel has committed a horrible crime against a heroic American woman. Rachel was murdered by an Israeli wrecker as she tried to save a Palestinian home from demolition. There are millions of wonderful Americans who never make it to the TV screen because they do not fit into the Zionist program. In one of her last photos, Rachel was wearing a hijab. We wonder if she embraced Islam? .....]
[Did you notice how much publicity the ELIZABETH SMART story is getting on TV, day after day, probably because her kidnapper allegedly forced her to wear hijab-type clothes and a face veil. By contrast, RACHEL CORRIE has hardly received any coverage. One Zionist channel even claimed that she fell in the way of the Israeli bulldozer!]

The IAP has issued the following statement on Rachel Corrie's martyrdom. [Martyrdom is the word New Trend is using, because of her spirit of compassion and selflessness and the ruthless crime committed against her.]

IAP Statement On Rachel Corrie's Murder "RACHEL: OUR BLOOD IS UNITED"
Chicago, March 17, 2003 (IAP Statement) - The Islamic Association For Palestine (IAP) is very saddened to hear of yesterday's murder of American peace activist Rachel Corrie at the hands of the Israelis.

Corrie, 23, from the town of Olympia, in Washington State, was murdered while she was trying to prevent an Israeli army bulldozer from illegally destroying a Palestinian home. Photos provided by the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) (see: ) show that she was clearly visible to the bulldozer driver, but that he ignored her pleas to stop and with the bulldozer pushed her to the ground where he proceeded to drive over her twice, fracturing both of her arms, legs and skull. She was transferred to the hospital, where she later died.

Corrie had been bravely working with the ISM for seven weeks at the time of her death in order to prevent the demolition of Palestinian homes and property by the occupation regime in the Hi Salaam area of Rafah. According to her friends Corrie was a dedicated peace activist, and that going to protect the Palestinians with her physical presence "was something she had to do."

The murder of this young lady is a very grave tragedy, and we at IAP would like to express our sorrow, anger and disgust at this cold blooded murder. We also express our condolences to her grieving parents.

We echo the words of Palestinian journalist Ramzy Baroud who wrote: "Today, Rachel our blood is united; you stood and fell defending what is just and honorable. Maybe we will not be able to give you the honor and gratitude that you deserve, but Rachel, I promise you, that every Palestinian, but every human being of conscience is paying tribute to you. Rest in peace."

Indeed, Corrie was indeed an inspiration for those who strive for the cause of peace.

Ms. Corrie's parents, whose names are Craig and Cindy Corrie, have agreed to broadcast an internet address to which people may send their condolences over their daughter's death. They can be reached at:
IAP calls on the international community to condemn this tragic event and, in addition, speak out against the ongoing Israeli policy of indiscriminate killings of Palestinians and internationals. According to a recent report by The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue & Democracy (Miftah) : "The total number of deaths amongst Palestinians in the conflict since September 2000 has reached 2183. 1656, more than 75%, of those killed by Israeli forces, are innocent civilians: 429 of them children and 114 women. 300 armed Palestinian fighters and 119 suicide bombers make up 19% of the dead. 57 Palestinians died as a result of being burnt or denied medical attention. 51 were killed in unclear circumstances to make up 5% of total deaths in Palestine."

This demonstrates a blatant disregard for human life by the zionist occupiers, and now even American peace activists are targets.

We call on our elected officials to demand an inquiry into Ms. Corrie's death and, in addition, call on our government to issue a strongly worded condemnation of Israel's killing of a fellow American. Additionally, we insist that our US tax dollars must not be used to kill American or Palestinians and their must be an immediate withholding of a US planned aid package to Israel.

In the meantime, we applaud all those courageous peace activists who risk their lives to protect the Palestinian people from the destructive forces of the Israeli occupiers and stand up for what they believe in. To them we express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.
Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) 10661 South Roberts Rd, Suite 202 Palos Hills, IL 60465 Tel: 708 974 3380 / Fax: 708 974 3389 /Pager: 1 800 481 4306 E-mails:
(Editorial Continued from previous issue)

ISRAEL IS THE REAL ISSUE. This terrorist state planted by the U.S. in the heartland of Islam is the root cause of the war on Iraq. The American people have nothing to gain by this war while the Zionist Jews have everything to gain. Today (March 17) the JEWS IN ISRAEL killed seven Palestinians, including two INFANTS. Every Iraqi whom Bush will kill will be a victim of Israel.

1. Remain dignified and calm. If you cannot cope with psychological warfare on TV, turn off the TV. Remember, TV is under Zionist control and is the voice of war.
2. Do not try to please the Bush administration by issuing statements against Saddam Hussain. Like it or not, Saddam today is the hero of the Muslim world (if he does not surrender).
3. Remember how ISNA, CAIR, AMC and W.D. Muhammad were used post 9.11 by the Bush administration? After the devastation of Afghanistan, they are no more to be seen on TV. They were USED by Bush to "prove" that he was not against Islam. He cleaned his shoes with them and discarded them.
4. The pro-Iran elements who claim to be SHIAS are now playing the same role as ISNA, AMC, etc. did. We have "hojjat al-Islam" Qazvini supporting the war; bearded people with turbans playing Bush's game. We urge these people not to insult the name of Husain (r.a.) and Hassan (r.a.) by playing the game of Bush. Even non-Muslims are opposing the war: Are you not ashamed of supporting the kuffar's war against a Muslim nation? These are not real Shias otherwise they would stand against Bush, the Yazid of our times.
5. If visited by the FBI, give the basic information about yourself and tell them to talk to your attorney. Unless you have broken a law, the FBI has no business investigating you. Do not cringe or beg. If they are going to arrest you, they will do it in spite of your begging. Remember, Prof. Sami al-Arian was a Bush supporter and the Zionist dogs who now run this country got him.
6. DO NOT LET YOUR MOSQUE INVITE JEWS OR AMERICAN POLITICIANS. Invite non-Muslims from the masses of America, the people, not the bosses.
7. STOP BUILDING THOSE MILLION DOLLAR MOSQUES! Islam does not permit such mosques when the Ummah is being traumatized by oppression and war. There is no excuse under Islam for these vast expenditures on communities of 500 (like Masjid Rahmah, Baltimore, or DarusSalam, College Park, or that flag waving multi-million dollar shame in Adams area of Reston/Virginia.) Give your money to the needy and to free the slaves, otherwise may Allah punish you and bring you low. You are indeed despicable that you live as if America is paradise.


The whole world, Muslim and non-Muslim, is against the Bush-Blair-Azner war. If Iraq is attacked, the Muslim world will get the energizing beating it needs to get up and fight. IF SADDAM FIGHTS and goes down fighting, he will be a martyr and his sins will be washed away. The movement against American-Israeli imperialism will receive a tremendous boost from a Saddam fight back. Muslims are now so used to the model of Usama/Mullah ‘Umar who defied the greatest odds that many Muslims do not expect Saddam to fight. If he does fight, America will be in serious trouble. If Saddam's "Allahu Akbar" call on the Iraqi flag is honest, he will fight.

[In our next issue, we discuss the role of France and the UN. Iraq was in fact humiliated by the UN. Those inspectors should have been in Israel, not in Iraq.]

Most observers agree that if America attacks, Saddam will be toppled, but even if even if Saddam is easily toppled, an American attack will bring overwhelming Islamic outrage and, consequently, support for the international Islamic jihad led by Usama and Mullah Umar. Muslims have no one left to fight for them except for the jihad movements which do not control any state. As demonstrations in Sudan, Somalia, Indonesia and Pakistan have shown, even now Usama has tremendous support among the Muslim masses, more as a symbol than as a practical organizer. A war on Iraq will lead Muslims to believe that Jihad is the only option for them.

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