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[Courtesy Al-Ahram, Cairo, Egypt.]

[Sent by Ms. Dallenbach, California.]

In early June, the respected Pew Research Centre in the United States released the latest of its global opinion surveys, which polled more than 15,000 people in 21 countries in the wake of the invasion and conquest of Iraq. The results attracted considerable attention in the American press. A primary focus of press reports was the surge of anti-American sentiment in the Muslim world. In traditionally pro-American Jordan, 97 per cent of those polled opposed America's "war on terror", while, in NATO-member Turkey, 83 per cent expressed an unfavourable opinion of the United States. The selection of Osama Bin Laden by the publics of five of the eight Muslim countries surveyed (Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan and Palestine) as one of the three political leaders they would most trust to "do the right thing" in world affairs did not go unnoticed.

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