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AFGHANS BOMBED ON EID by U.S.: 17 civilians killed

According to a report distributed by Reuters, U.S. and Danish planes bombed an Afghan village on Feb. 11, killing 17 civilians, mostly women and children. The strikes were called in after reports that 25 Taliban (carrying Kalshnikovs) had been sighted. The U.S. dropped 19 DJAMs while the Danes dropped a 500 pounder.

[Reports say, Afghanistan is providing war experience to Europeans. In earlier fighting Norwegian F-16s were used. Danish jets were used in December. German troops are there too. Australian troops were withdrawn after 108 Australians were ruthlessly blown up in the attack on Bali.]
Our media monitor writes:

Our media monitor says: On February 11, there was a Town Meeting in Alexandria. An army General and a woman [who usually helps Rumsfeld] answered questions from a standing room only crowd. The crowd was almost 100% anti-war. The General and the woman looked and sounded ridiculous as questioner after questioner, mostly White, came to the mike and denounced U.S. propaganda in favor of war.

The program was chaired by representative Moran, democrat from Virginia. He was honestly trying to be fair while seeming to say that he too was against war. SUDDENLY, a person from the audience denounced Israeli (Sharon's) terrorism and Bush's support for ISRAEL.

This is where we got a shock. The MC, MORAN, DECLARED bluntly: "I AM A ZIONIST AND I SUPPORT ISRAEL." He even tried to justify the massive billions going to Israel, including EIGHT BILLION newly demanded by ISRAEL. The only concession he wanted to make was that Israel should not use the money on settlements and that settlements create problems in setting up a Palestinian state.
[Any reader who heard MORAN's amazing confession is urged to write us.]

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