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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 14, 1428/ May 31, 2007 #41

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CAMPAIGN to FREE IMAM JAMIL Abdullah al-AMIN: After the Confession by Gang Leader

The confession of Farrakhan Bey that he committed the shootings for which Imam Jamil was convicted gives the Muslim community a chance to press for the release of Imam Jamil.

If you haven't seen the confession go to New Trend's web site.

A big push is needed to free the Imam. We are organizing a stream of post cards to be sent out to the leadership level people interested in justice for the Imam.

Muslims should know that Imam Jamil stands for the Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh. He is a genuine Muslim. No "American Islam" sectarianism in him. Globally, the Muslim nations should demand his release.

African-Americans and Black Power groups should remember that Imam Jamil is the famous activist they new as H.Rap Brown. Don't forget your brother now.

To cooperate in this countrywide effort, email: or write to the Jamaat address above.

Why 90 Years for Masaud Khan? Victim of U.S. Support for India

Why should a Pakistani-American be sentenced to prison for 90 years? Do you think he committed a crime against America? No! Masaud never did anything against the U.S.

His alleged crime is that he is said to have gone to an Islamic camp set up by Jamaat ad-Da'wah and showed emotional, verbal support for the freedom struggle of the Kashmiri people.

How was he to know that the U.S. would become any ally of India? How was he to know that the U.S. would agree with India that those who are fighting for the freedom of Kashmir are "terrorists?"

The U.S. government dug up the Neutrality Act from its archives to convict Masaud.

The question arises: When will Pakistani Americans raise their voice in support of Masaud.

When will people in Pakistan call for an end to this shameful injustice? NINETY YEARS for what? Visiting an Islamic pro-Kashmir camp?

When will KASHMIRIS and KASHMIRI-AMERICANS call for Masaud's release. Is it a crime to show support for Kashmir?
Wake up Muslims! Don't let the oppressors get away with this huge injustice against an innocent man.

How to Join Jamaat al-Muslimeen? Here is the Process
If you believe in the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith as the final word in all issues, you can apply to join the Jamaat.
If you believe that Muslim men and women are equals, you are welcome.
If you think Israel is a legitimate state, you need not apply.
You must agree to follow peaceful, non-violent means to spread the message.
You must be uncompromising against the oppressors. No deals with the U.S. government or any of its oppressive agencies.

There are three categories of participation in the Jamaat:

1. Members

2. Supporters.

3. Sympathizers.

The National Shoora of the Jamaat organizes activities through proper study and analysis.

Write to us at the Jamaat address above. Send full information about yourself with photograph. Any false information will disqualify you.

SUDANESE CHILDREN ADOPTED + Ugandan Student in Khartoum

Jamaat al-Muslimeen has adopted the three children of a water carrier and his wife in Sudan. In addition, a Ugandan student in Khartoum has been accepted.

No effort will be made to take them from their families. The adoption is only for purposes of support and care.

Earlier a child in northern Nigeria was adopted. Inshallah, the child will start getting help on a regular basis from June onwards.

Thinking Outside the Box
Destruction of German Cities and Populations in World War II: Cold Blooded Mass Murder: Censorship of a Major Publication
by Kaukab Siddique

The Fire: The Bombing of Germany, 1940-1945 by Jorg Friedrich translated by Allison Brown, Columbia University Press, 2006. Original in German published 2002.

Friedrich spent his life condemning Hitler and the crimes of the Nazis. The victors were convinced that he could be trusted, particularly when he took the line that whatever Germany suffered, it was deserved because it supported Hitler. As a result of his [seeming?] subservience, Friedrich was permitted to research the documents related to the bombing of German cities.

The book is heavily documented, comparable to the style David Irving uses. Friedrich lets the facts speak for themselves. There are few books which can leave a reader so sickened by the suffering of German civilians as this one days. The destruction of of German cities goes beyond anything the Jews suffered in the alleged "holocaust." Every German city became what the Jews say Auschwitz was.

Here is the pattern the British and the Americans created step by step:

First the British claimed they were simply retaliating for German attacks on British cities.
Then the British said, we are bombing German munition and armament facilities.
Then they said, we are bombing German cities to help the Russians in the counteroffensive against Hitler.
Then they, with the Americans, started AREA BOMBING, the destruction of entire cities, block by block.
The French, Dutch, Romanian, Hungarian, Belgian populations cooperating with the Germans were also bombed and killed by the thousands.
The FIRE refers to the technique the British developed to set entire German cities on fire. This was a systematic attempt to carry out the MASS MURDER of German civilians. The pretense of hitting military targets was not even given lip service.
Finally, the German air force and anti-aircraft artillery were defeated and more or less wiped out. the German cities were defenseless. This only whetted the appetite of the British and U.S. air fleets.
EVERY GERMAN CITY was destroyed.
Churches were destroyed.
Museums were destroyed.
Libraries were destroyed.
Schools were destroyed.
Refugee camps were destroyed.
The most beautiful cultural artifacts, specially those of great historic value, were specially and specifically targeted and destroyed.

Dear reader, next time you hear stories about Hitler and the Nazis and the "holocaust" remember that the victors have to hide the enormity of the crimes they committed against civilian populations.

As David Irving has pointed out, Churchill's Jewish friend and adviser, the "Prof." was behind the Churchill plan of mass murder. This was the real Holocaust. Friedrich mentions the views of the "Prof." but dares not dwell on them.

Not surprisingly, America has largely ignored The Fire. Censorship is well honed by the American media.

"American Islam:" The New Qadianism

Zaid Shakir: Beloved of the Zionist Media and ISNA Claimed Worldwide Muslim Protests against Cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, were terroristic!

By Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Sis. Balquis [Alabama], an African-American sister who has spent her life serving the cause of Allah, has brought to my attention that Zaid Shakir's abusive and cheap shot attack on President Saddam Hussein [shaheed] was only the tip of the iceberg. No Muslim worth the name would approve of the murder of even an ordinary Muslim on his religious holiday, Eid al-Adha. Here we had Zaid Shakir, of Zaytuna Institute, sidekick of Hamza Yusuf, attacking the martyred President of a Muslim nation and leader of the resistance. Shakir showed that he is merciless against Muslims and loves his masters.

Now our sister Balquis has sent information which indicates that Zaid Shakir is in in much deeper: even in the case of the cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, distributed worldwide by the enemies of Islam, Shakir blamed not the oppressors and worldwide Zionism but the Muslims who protested against the outrage!

What happened to such a seemingly nice young man as Zaid Shakir used to be, many years back pretending to be "Malcolm X!" How low Allah has brought him in his drive to be popular in Bush's America. Looks like he believes the Zionist media's accounts of Muslim protests. These are Shakir's words about the protests:

"I do not mean to imply that Muslims are not justifiably angry over the caricatures. However, I would agree with those who argue that responses that involve wild outbreaks of frenzied violence are inappropriate, and they only affirm what the cartoonist is trying to imply. Namely, that Islam is a religion that encourages obscurantist violence and terrorism."

"Outbreaks of frenzied violence!," "obscurantist violence and terrorism!" These are the words Shakir has taken from the vocabulary of George Bush and the Zionists about Muslims. All over the world, millions of Muslims protested peacefully and in a very disciplined manner. The nearest they came to "violence" was the burning of the flags of countries which published the cartoons. The real violence occurred when despotic regimes, as in Libya, gunned down Muslims protesting against the cartoons.

So influenced is Shakir by enemy propaganda that he takes a high and mighty stance. His words again:

" is all too easy to get swept up into the mob hysteria generated by the crowd, and then engage in outrageous actions that only affirm the offensive claims of the transgressing cartoonist."

Shakir is a true flag waver and loves his masters as against the entire ummah of Islam. This is how he describes the motivation [niyya] of the protestors against the cartoons:

"superficial shows of piety, and counterproductive one-upmanship militancy."

Thus for Shakir, the Islam of the Muslim masses is "superficial" and those who put their lives on the line are involved in "one-upmanship miltancy." Does Zaid Shakir give any evidence for his condemnation of the Muslim ummah? No. Of course not. His behavior is not very very different from that of the Qadianis who used to claim that uprising against the British is futile.

Shakir gives a weak argument from the suffering of the Prophet, pbuh, at Taif. The Prophet, pbuh, forgave those who tormented him at Taif, so we should forgive those who are making cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh. What a twisted and weak argument. If Zaid Shakir is under attack by a non-Muslim or someone is making cartoons of Shakir, perhaps Shakir should forgive him. [Shakir is living comfortably in Zaytuna Institute. The unbelievers love hm because he opposes the Ummah.]

From a false premise, Shakir argues against the Muslims protesting the cartoons. He does not realize that the attack on the Prophet, pbuh, is an attack on Islam, on the entire Islamic world. It is an act of war. It's not a personal matter. Shakir is misusing Islam. The Prophet, pbuh, forgave when he was under personal abuse by misled people but surely Shakir knows that when the oppressors attacked Islam, the Prophet, pbuh, fought back.

Acting as a true representative of "American Islam," Shakir refers to a strategy he has [or perhaps Zaytuna has?] which the Muslim world is ignoring. What strategy? Come on, Zaid Shakir, we too live in the US of A! You can't fool us. What strategy? Shakir and Hamza Yusuf have no strategy, other than assimilation, kow-towing to the people in power, trying to please the slave masters. [Hamza Yusuf et al do not teach the authentic Islam of the Qur'an and the Hadith. Instead, their emphasis is on Maliki Fiqh, thus adding to the fragmentation in the Muslim community.]

Shakir's punch line comes out after his moralizing about Taif and forgiving the enemies. His real purpose is to provide support for "American Islam." He says it straight out:

"Whatever we do, as Muslims in the West, we may be approaching the day when we will have to go it alone. If our coreligionists in the East cannot respect the fact that we are trying to accomplish things here in the West, and that their oftentimes ill-considered actions undermines that work in many instances, then it will be hard for us to consider them allies. How can one be an ally when he fails to consult you concerning actions whose negative consequences you will suffer? No one from the Muslim east consults us before launching these campaigns."

The Muslim world should consult with the champion of "American Islam?" Not with Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin, not with Imam Musa, not with Imam Badi Ali, not with Imam Warith Deen Umar, not with Imam Muhammad al-'Asi, not with Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, not with Prof. Sami al-Arian, not with Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, not with Br. Hodari Ali, not with Imam Khalil Abdur-Rahman, not with Dr. Waheeduddin Ahmed, not with Sis. Karen English, not with Sis. Ashira Na'im, not with Sis. Aisha Shaheed, not even with Imam Ali Siddiqui or Br. Sulayman Kurter but with "Imam" Zaid Shakir!

There is a funny side to Shakir. At the conclusion of the article, we read the following, probably from his own pen. Note the biblical "amongst":

"Imam Zaid Shakir is amongst the most respected and influential Muslim scholars in the West."

For Shakir's text: 2/21/2006 - Political Religious - Article Ref: ic0602-2920By: Imam Zaid Shakir IslamiCity* -

For the Islamic position on the cartoons, go to:

This is a link to [click on News, select links in the search engine.] It was set up by Muslims students from various countries.

Rally Against Israeli Aggression and Occupation: Six Day "War" Memorial: June 10


Reply To:

June 2007 marks the 40th anniversary of Israelis illegal occupation of the Palestinian Territories, including East Jerusalem taken in the 'Six Day War.' (But Palestinian suffering dates back further to 1948, when the state of Israel was created and 750,000 Palestinians were driven or fled from their homes.)

Occupation means daily injustice meted out to the Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories. Roadblocks and checkpoints have made everyday activities like traveling to school, hospital or visiting friends & relatives into chores lasting several hours. Not to mention the crippling effect this has had on the Palestinian economy.

Islamic Political Party of America ( IPPA ) in coalition with United for Peace & Justice (UFPJ) a coalition comprised of more than 1,400 peace and justice organizations across the US is commemorating the 40th anniversary of Israeli Occupation with a massive national march on Washington DC.

Settlements which are in fact illegal colonies are being continuously expanded throughout the West Bank and linked with highways that only Jewish residents can use: 21st Century Apartheid. Colonies are also strategically sited near aquifers ensuring that control of precious water resources stays with Israel thus increasing Palestinian dependence on Israel. The colonies and the highway network has had the effect of carving up the West Bank and making any potential Palestinian State a patchwork of 'Bantustans' rather than a viable, free state.

Such actions call into question whether the Israeli Government is actually committed to abiding by International law or indeed to a two state solution.

The Israeli Government calls Jerusalem its "Eternal Capital" yet this very statement contravenes United Nations and International Law. The legal status of Jerusalem is very clear and leaves no room for ambiguity;

East Jerusalem is considered by the international community to be illegally occupied by Israel, in contravention of several binding UN Security Council Resolutions. In these resolutions, the United Nations Security Council has also called for no measures to be taken to change the status of Jerusalem until a final settlement is reached between the sides: declaring Jerusalem as Israel's capital is an attempt to change this status, and is thus a violation of these Security Council resolutions.

Yet despite this Israel continues to defy the UN and the international community with almost no challenge from the democratic nations who have traditionally championed the moral high ground and respect for the rule of law. The silence of the US Government in holding Israel to account and standing up for the rights of the Palestinian people, especially during the premeditated Israeli attack on Lebanon, has been especially disappointing. Along with many EU countries, the US government is today involved in a close military, economic and political relationship with Israel. IPPA call upon the US government to stand up for international law and human rights.

The American media has an important role to play in highlighting this important and tragic milestone to the public. IPPA is hopeful that the media will fulfill its moral obligations and tell the story of the Palestinian plight on this important anniversary.

Join the Call to End Israeli Occupation
Participate in the National March in Washington DC June 10th, 2007.

Incident at Masjid al-Islam, Washington, DC
By Bilal Siraj ul-Diin

May 25, 2007 Jumu'ah. This was Imam Abdul-Alim Musa's first khutbah at Masjid Al-Islam after about a month of traveling throughout the Southern United States to various masajid. Everybody was happy and eagerly anticipating the words of wisdom and experience of the Imam; however, one thing was glaringly evident to the regular congregants of Masjid al-Islam. In the back row of the Masjid sat a heavyset man with a white beard and a tan hat. No one had ever seen him in the Masjid, though many recognized him as the same individual who has caused disruptions during Imam Muhammad al-Asi's khutbahs on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, D.C. Others recognized him as the bicyclist who disrupted last year's al-Quds demonstration near Embassy Row. So, his appearance triggered the suspicions of many in the congregation. In the past his questionable actions have lead some to wonder if this person is majnoon or if he is an agent playing the part of one who has lost their wit.

Imam Musa ascended the mimbar and gave a wonderful talk, telling those in the jamaat about his time in the South and the wonderful progression he saw in just about all the Masajid. The "storefront" mosques of two decades ago had grown into "cathedral-sized" centers of Islam with large congregations, the jamaat of their maghrib and isha prayers rivaling the size of a Jumu'ah jamaat in the DC area. With the exception of two Masajid, all were eager to help the Imam in his fundraising. Imam Musa's comments on his travels drew smiles and even chuckles from the congregation. However, when the Imam began to talk about the political issues facing the ummah and the attempts made by an imperialist, vehemently anti-Islamic government to stifle the growth of Islam in the West, the 6'0" tall, heavy set, white bearded individual with vest and tan hat stood up and began to yell at the imam.

Through his largely incoherent spiel, one could make out the words sirat al-mustaqiin and sunnah. Here this individual was, talking about the "right path" and about "following the sunnah," while his rude and unprovoked outburst during the khutbah destroyed any rewards he may have received for Jumu'ah. His act was brazen but obviously rash, because the attention of the congregation he garnered with his outburst checked him at least momentarily.

Not missing a beat, Imam Musa quickly responded:

"Hey, wait a minute, just be quiet. No, no, we're here, just look, look here, just a minute, just a minute. This is our day to sell wolf tickets, not yours. You know what I mean? Do you think that we dumb enough to know that if we start, we gonna have a program on selling wolf tickets, that the ole Euro ain't gonna send some jackass around here to try and play with us? You can't outsell no wolf ticket with me sucka! You a amateur. No, no, what we do, we don't wanna throw you out but we talked about it before. You can go over there to Northwest. You can either sit down and shut up, like you supposed to do in jumu'ah or we gonna bump your behind out of here all Islamically. Cuz you're violating the sunnah, remember? When you come to prayer? Nobody gonna hurt you, don't y'all all start looking at the brother. We knew when he come in here where he come from. He ain't never come in here before..."

This incident occurred just as Masjid Al-Islam and Imam Musa prepared for a program scheduled for June 2, dealing with the FBI and how Muslims can protect themselves from harassment and false cases. Is it a coincidence that this individual, who has never previously set foot into Masjid Al-Islam, came to the Masjid just as this topic was being discussed? Is he majnoon or is he an agent playing the part? Perhaps the phrase I heard in my childhood, "there is no such thing as a coincidence," is true. We'll have to watch how this issue plays out in the coming days. As Allah says in Surah al-Imran: "The unbelievers plot and plan and Allah too plots and plans and Allah is the BEST of all planners."

Letter: Hizbullah could have hurt Israel but didn't......

Your questions against the performance of Hizbullah during Israel's last year attack on Lebanon are quite pertinent and meaningful. Was it a "Noora Kushti" to leave the power of Israel intact, as you said, and the biting teeth of Hizbullah remain unbroken?.

It is my sixth sense that tells me that both Israel and Iran are the flocks of the same feather - fighting outwardly but "friendly" inside. Their history, growth and close cooperation in the past confirms it. In the last ten year's Iraq -Iran War during eighties, Israel helped Iran in many ways. That is why I am sure that Israel will never attack Iran's nuclear installations as she did in Iraq and Iran knows it. Her obstinacy against Euro-American's mounting pressure tells the same story. The war of words will continue unabated. The USA cannot dare to attack Iran and gets her overall interests in the ME sabotaged and hence it would keep itself connivingly only agitated. In the meanwhile, Iran will get ample time to complete its natural desire to become a nuclear power on its own merit.

Shamim Siddiqi

Letter: Re: Comment on the Anniversary of Malcolm: Use his correct name

Malcolm's name was Malik Shabazz. Some called him Al Hajj Malik Shabazz, but it was not Malcolm X. The X identified us with the Nation of Islam. He was not longer a member of the NOI. The X symbolized the family name we lost when we were kidnapped from Africa. The enemies if truth want us to remember him as X the unknown...

Dr. Mulazimuddin Rasool, Massachusetts


AFGHANISTAN: MAY 31, 2007: In Helmand province, a Taliban unit shot down a U.S. Chinook helicopter using an rpg. Five U.S. troops, one Canadian and one British were killed. When a military relief column was sent by the U.S. to the helicopter, it was attacked by the Taliban and had to call in air support to avoid being wiped out.

May 30: In Nimroz province, in the Ghori area, Taliban set on a fire the offices of an Indian construction company which was working under the security of an Indian army unit in support of the U.S. In the night attack, Taliban burnt the entire construction equipment and its supplies which the Indians had brought in. The Indian company has announced that it is suspending its work.

May 29: Norine MacDonald, of the Senlis Council think tank, testified before the Canadian Parliament that the majority of 17,000 Afghans it surveyed in April said that they think the Taliban will triumph against NATO. More than 80% said that NATO does not care for the suffering of the Afghan people. The conclusion of the Senlis Group survey is that "western policy is creating poverty in Afghanistan and is pushing the population to seek help from the Taliban."

2007-06-01 Fri 19:03:27 cdt