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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-thani 24, 1428/ May 12, 2007 #37

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LATEST NEWS: 33 Killed, 127 wounded by First Day's Count
Karachi, Pakistan in Turmoil as Ethnic Group Allied to Musharraf Blocks Chief Justice

May 12, 2007: Eight areas of Pakistan's biggest city, Karachi, witnessed scenes of systematic armed assault on General Musharraf's opponents by an ethnic terrorist group known as MQM. The political parties in Karachi had prepared a big welcome for Iftikhar Choudhury, Chief Justice of Pakistan [CJP]. However, reportedly at a signal from Musharraf, the ethnic group MQM, decided to block the CJP's visit and hold a rally of its own. The local government is also controlled by MQM. Government resources were used to block the highway from the airport into the city. The local government arrested more than 800 organizers of the Islamic Coalition MMA and 400 of the Peoples Party to stop the welcome program.

The People's Party [whose leader is Ms. Bhutto] tried to counter the MQM by attempting to bring its own crowd to face the MQM rally. The face off resulted in heavy fighting between the two groups. Scores of gunmen used automatic weapons as street battles erupted. PP lost 18 killed.

Buses were hijacked and/or set on fire. As the conflict spread, petrol pumps were set on fire. Peoples Party suffered more because MQM was attacking with a specific program.

Gunfire and explosions rocked the city and the fighting was shown on TV alarming the entire population. Hundreds of cars were abandoned on the streets as drivers panicked and ran for their lives. The police stood by and allowed MQM to have its way.

The CJP could not enter the city. A crowd of attorneys awaiting to welcome him in the High Court were unable to go home as their travel routes were cut off by MQM.

Jamaat-e Islami also suffered casualties as it tried to face MQM. Overall, MQM won this day of open violation of law and order by the local government and its supporters. The MQM rally was addressed by its leader, Altaf Hussain, living under British protection in London, by phone. He claimed that he wants peace and that the mayhem was the fault of the CJP.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

May 19: National Shoora: Theme: Unite to Save Masjid al-Aqsa from Zionist Plots

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora will meet in Greensboro, North Carolina. 5.19

Host: Imam Badi Ali
Secretary General: Sis. Karen English
Ameer: Dr. Kaukab Siddique

A thumbnail sketch of the agenda is as follows:

1. Evaluation of our program.
2. Support for major political prisoners.
3. Zionist plots against Masjid al-Aqsa. U.S. Muslim response.
4. Small new masjid on the Mexico-Texas border.
5. Race and gender in America: Shaping the Islamic response.
6. Boycott of pro-Israel businesses: How to get the word out on a big scale.
7. New Jamaat in Philadelphia and Jamaats in other cities

from Imam Badi Ali

Jamaat al-Muslimeen has initiated a new campaign to free Imam Jamil on the basis of the confession written by Otis Jackson. Readers can print out the text below and send it to one or all of the 5 addresses listed below. Imam Jamil himself is on the list because we want him to know that he has support.

If you prefer to send out the Jamaat's cards with the same message, write to:

Cards or letters should have these addresses:

1. Jamil al-Amin #110 4651
2164 Georgia Hwy 147, Reidsville, GA 30499

2. Rep John Conyers, Jr/House of Representatives, 2426 Rayburn Bldg, Washington D.C.

3. Ms Connie Rice, Advancement Projects, 1541 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 508, Los Angeles Ca 90017

4. Julian Bond--Chairman, NAACP, 4805 Mt Hope Drive, Baltimore, MD 21215.

5. Danny Glover c/o TransAfrica, 1629 K Street, NW Ste 1100. Washington, DC 20006

We urge the U.S. government to free Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin incarcerated in Reidsville, Georgia.
He was accused of shooting two policemen, one of whom died.
Now, however, the real shooter, Farrakhan Malik Bey aka Otis M. Jackson aka James Santos, has confessed to the murder and the injury. His confession, in his own handwriting, has been published on

Imam Jamil has consistently insisted on his innocence. His statements were backed by the facts that the dying policeman identified the shooter quite differently from the personality of Imam Jamil.

Otis, a gang leader, now in a prison in Florida, has insisted right from the beginning of the case, that he, not Imam Jamil was the shooter.

It is time to right a great wrong. Please release Imam Jamil so that he can go back to his family.

Address: [optional]
phone: [optional]

One in a series of revolutionary khutbas

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Re: Mother's Day: Two Extremes+Imam Jamil+Baltimore's Jews+How to know Allah

On May 11, 2006, at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave his latest juma' khutba. The following are its main points, after the texts for the khutba:

Text #1: "We have commanded people to be good to their parents. Their mothers carried them, with strain upon strain, and it takes two years to wean them. Give thanks to Me and to your parents. - all will return to Me. But if they strive to make you associate with Me anything about which you have no knowledge, then do not obey them. . Yet keep their company in this life according to what is right, and follow the path of those who turn to Me. You will all return to Me in the end, and I will tell you everything that you have done." [The Qur'an 31:14-15.] {Translation by M.A. S.Abdel Haleem.}

Text #2: "The Messenger of Allah, pbuh, used to carry his baby niece, Umamah, r.a., during prayer. He would put her down while going into ruk'u and sajda and then pick her up again when he stood up." [Hadith in Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan of Abu Dawud, Sunan of Nasa'i, Muwatta of Malik and Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal.]

We can know Allah [the One God] by studying the heavens and through rational inquiry, as Abraham [pbuh] did.
We can also know Allah by studying our own physical being, the entire system through which we live, breathe, think, feel, digest and sleep. The perfect balance of these systems can help us to know the Creator [or the Great Spirit as the Indians call it].
In every nation human beings known for their integrity and truthfulness proclaimed that they received a special kind of knowledge from the Creator, Allah, known as wahy or Revelation. Among them were Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad [peace be on them].
Muhammad [pbuh] was distinguished among all others because his way of life, the Sunnah, has been meticulously preserved in the Hadith.
Islam is different from all other religions because the Hadith presents Muhammad [pbuh] as a human being credible enough to be an example and a role model for us in our daily lives. It's not a religion of miracles and "above human" activity only to be admired and awaited. It is a religion of daily action and direction.
The Hadith I have selected shows Muhammad, pbuh, as a loving human being. He carried his little niece, he loved her so much, even during the sacred ritual of formal prayer. We are meant to emulate him, not merely to venerate him.
MOTHER'S DAY is coming up. We see the world divided in its treatment of mothers. We have two extremes and both have strayed from the beautiful norm Islam presents.
In the West, MOTHER'S DAY is essential because this is often the only day on which most Americans try to get in touch with mothers and express their love for them. By and large, motherhood has been trivialized, even denigrated here.
The other extreme is the Muslim world, including Africa, the Arab nations, Pakistan-Bangladesh-India, where mothers are venerated so much as to be almost a cult. We Muslims often forget that Islam also gives a very high place of honor and respect and love to the wife, the daughter, the sister, the aunt, the niece, the foster-mother, the and WOMEN in GENERAL.
By focusing too much on the mother, we often deny the rights of other women to whom we are related and thus violate the teachings of Islam. In the text I have selected, 31:14-15, Allah specifically commands us not to obey our parents if they strive to lead us astray by associating others with the Law [Shari'a] which has come from Allah.
In Muslim countries, women are often married on the basis of family needs and the wishes of their parents. The woman's right to choose is often ignored although this is SPECIFICALLY commanded in the authentic Hadith of the Prophet, pbuh.


We Muslims are one community, whether we are in Baltimore, or Maryland or USA or the world. We are required by Islam to be aware of and participants in the greater good of the Muslim community.
One of the most important issues facing us in America is the fate of IMAM JAMIL al-AMIN. This top leader of our ummah in America is in prison on the false claim that he shot two policemen, of whom one died.
Imam Jamil insisted from DAY ONE that this is a conspiracy against him. The leader of a Muslim community, with his mosque, his family, his business does not go around shooting policemen on Eid Day.
The man who actually did the shooting has been insisting from day one that he did it. He is a gang leader and the honor of his gang requires that he not not let someone else go to prison in his stead. The government has been refusing to listen to him because it wants Imam Jamil to be in prison.
Finally the shooter, Farrakhan Bey, has written his confession, in his own hand writing, in detail, from a prison where he is being held, and sent it to me. We have published it in New Trend magazine.
I urge all Muslims to call for the RELEASE OF IMAM JAMIL NOW.
Secondly, I want to bring your attention to the anti-Islam activities of the Jewish community of Baltimore. We want to be friends with the Jewish people because Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] wanted peace with them.
A leading Jewish organization, the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, backed by Villa Julie College and National Public Radio, is bringing Salman Rushdie and Madeleine Albright as guests of honor to Baltimore.
Remember who is Rushdie. He insulted the Prophet, pbuh, he maligned the Qur'an, he denigrated the family of the Prophet, pbuh. On MOTHER'S DAY, remember that Rushdie insulted the Mother of the Believers, Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a.
Now some of the Jews of Baltimore ar bringing this Islam-hater as a guest of honor. How can the Jews claim that they want peace and a multicultural society with peace and justice for all when they ar honoring a man who insulted our MOTHER. Can you insult my mother and still claim that you want peace and amity with me?
On top of that, these Jews are bringing Madeleine Albright. She was part of the Clinton regime which inflicted the deadly SANCTIONS regime on Iraq. In a decade of suffering, more than a million Iraqis, many of them children and old people, died a slow death owing to lack of clean water and shortage of medicines caused by the sanctions. When Albright was asked if it was worth it to cause a million deaths, she said, yes it was worth it. Now these Jews are bringing her as a special guest speaker.
These activities of the Jews show that the 10,000 or so Muslims who live in the Baltimore area have utterly failed to win recognition as a community and a people. We have not done the da'wah work which is our duty as Muslims. There are big mosques in this city, involved in constant and large scale fund raising . Now we see that Muslims are not respected or even considered as a people here, otherwise who would dare to carry out such abusive activities against us.
Wake up Muslims! Islam has its own requirements which cannot be ignored. I know that Muslim leaders, in Baltimore and outside, are working with the State Department. This kind of activity is undermining the honor of the Muslim community. We must pay attention to the hostility of those who want to abuse and insult Islam and Muslims.

Letter & Article: Re: Zaid Shakir's Abusive attack on Saddam Hussain [Shaheed]

Dear Dr. Siddique,

Recently, I have been receiving your e-mail messages. I went to your home page to further check out your website. I am encouraged and pleased that you allow various opinions to be addressed.

I find one myth, however, that permeates some of the letters sent by your readers: that President Saddam Hussein was captured in a hole. This is untrue. At the time, it sounded suspicious to me, primarily because the U.S. stated there was a can of Spam in the hole. Spam was never for sale in Iraq and is made from pork. A few months later, I found out the truth. He was caught at a friend's house, and, unlike some of your readers who said he was a coward, he fought it out with this kidnappers. In addition, I recently discovered that he fought at the battle for the airport in Baghdad in April 2003 and also fought in several street battles against the invaders. I have included an article I wrote shortly after his first court appearance in which I republished my original article of his capture. I hope you find it informative and also it will dispel the rumors some of your readers have believed that are U.S. fabrications.


Jeff Archer (Malcom Lagauche)

The writer's article on the myth of Saddam's capture in the hole follows:


Saddam Hussein's court appearance piqued the emotions of many Iraqis. Some were upset that he is still alive and, with no regard to any kind of law, chastised the court for not executing him on the spot.

On the other hand, millions of Iraqis who watched the proceedings on television had another take on what they saw. When the judge told Saddam that he would look into the Americans fixing a faulty elevator, Saddam gave a lecture. He said the judge should "order" U.S. personnel to fix it. Then he stated, "You are an Iraqi."

Those four words speak volumes. Today, Iraqis are being depicted as Sunni, Shi'ite, Chaldean, Assyrian, Turkmen, etc. Those Iraqis who have succumbed to the new nomenclature are playing into the hands of a disastrous U.S. policy to fragment Iraq. Saddam Hussein had to remind the judge and his country people of their nationality.

When Saddam uttered those words, many Iraqis were thrilled. Even some of his former adversaries admired his pride in Iraq: a pride that is seldom seen today.

It is coming upon the two-year mark that Saddam Hussein was captured by U.S. personnel. The media are laden with stories of his kidnapping in the context of their articles about the trial. They still portray the capture as occurring in a "spider hole." They still mention that Saddam was unkempt and in bad shape.

Again, we see virtually no journalistic endeavor to discover the truth. Saddam Hussein was not captured in a spider hole. After his apprehension, he was beaten and drugged. The pictures the world saw of a disheveled Saddam Hussein were taken after the torture and drug administration, but the U.S. portrayed them as being taken at the time of capture. On March 11, 2005, I ran the following article. It is very relevant today as it shows Saddam's fortitude then. He still exudes the same steadfastness and integrity today.


We all saw the photos in December 2003 of a disheveled Saddam Hussein after he was pulled out of a "spider hole" in a town near Tikrit. The administration laughed and the U.S. public made jokes about him and his hiding place.

The room was dirty. There was an empty Spam can. The story was that he was holed up here and was totally irrelevant to Iraq. His day was done and he was now in the hands of the liberators.

Guess what? Nothing of this scenario was true.

On March 8, 2005, United Press International (UPI) ran a small press release titled "Public Version of Saddam Capture Fiction." Don't think you are remiss because you have not yet read this, but it received scant publicity in the U.S. Prior to my writing this article, I have found only one U.S. news outlet that carried the story: WHAM Channel 13 of Rochester, New York.

The U.P.I. press release consisted of quotes from ex-U.S. Marine Nadim Rabeh, of Lebanese descent. In addition to the U.S. version of the capture date being off by one day, during an interview in Lebanon, he stated:

I was among the 20-man unit, including eight of Arab descent, who searched for Saddam for three days in the area of Dour near Tikrit, and we found him in a modest home in a small village and not in a hole as announced.

We captured him after fierce resistance during which a Marine of Sudanese origin was killed.

Rabeh recounted how Saddam fired at them with a gun from the window of a room on the second floor. Then, the Marines shouted at him in Arabic, "You have to surrender. There is no point in resisting."

How did we come to see the pictures of the hole and a scruffy-looking Saddam? According to Rabeh, "Later on, a military production team fabricated the film of Saddam's capture in a hole, which was in fact a deserted well."

The former Marine's account mixes with the rendition Saddam Hussein gave his lawyer when they had their only meeting. Saddam told him that he was captured in a friend's house and that he was drugged and tortured for two days. Hence, the pictures of Saddam looking bedraggled.

I went to and searched for images of Saddam's capture. All the major news networks and publications showed pictures of the hole and a beleaguered Saddam: Time Magazine, CNN News, magazines, daily newspapers, etc. You name it and they published it.

But, they were all wrong. Not one publication took the time to research the story. Not one. They just took pictures given by the U.S. military and parroted the lines they were given.

This is not the first time something similar has occurred. After the 1989 invasion of Panama, the U.S. allowed the press to enter Manuel Noriega's office. He was portrayed as a sexual pervert. In the office were pictures of young boys, a picture of Hitler, red underpants and pornographic magazines. The dirty bastard.

A few months later, the first Marine to enter Noriega's office was released from the Corps. He eventually talked to a reporter and said that he was the absolute first to enter the office after the U.S. kidnapped the former Panamanian president and all that was inside were a desk, a telephone, a chair and a typewriter.

Let's go back 16 years from Noriega's demise. In 1973, Salvador Allende, the president of Chile, was assassinated. When the press was allowed to enter his office, they saw a pair of red underpants, pictures of young boys, a picture of Hitler and pornographic magazines. The CIA did not have the decency to change props. They used the same for both offices, thinking that 16 years was a long time and no one would figure out the ruse. A reporter who covered the 1973 event was also in Panama in 1989 and happened to see both made-up scenarios.

With Saddam, they changed props because the previously-mentioned ones probably would not go down in Iraq. And, I always wondered how he obtained a can of Spam, since no such product was offered in Iraq.

It seems no one asks questions, such as how a can of Spam was in the hole. About a year ago, there was a picture on the Internet that gained much publicity of a bunch of U.S. soldiers standing next to an Iraqi building on which was depicted the blowing up of the World Trade Center. The inference was that Iraqis took glee in the acts of 9-11.

However, I noticed the soldiers were standing on a base path of a baseball field. There were no baseball fields in Iraq. Then, I looked at the trees and saw they were typical southeastern U.S. types that I had never seen in any pictures of Iraq.

The photo was bogus, but the harm had been done. Even mainstream media picked up and ran with the picture. I wrote to a few agencies that used it, but received no reply. They were embarrassed.

Now, let's get back to Saddam and his spider hole and other aspects of his life after April 9, 2003.

When he was captured, U.S. authorities said he was a spent force and had no say in the ever-growing resistance. Hogwash. Subsequent information shows that he was heading the resistance and called many shots. For instance, on Wolfowitz' first visit to Baghdad, he stayed at the Hotel Al-Rashid. A rocket was fired at the building and killed a U.S. colonel on the floor just above Wolfowitz'. Saddam Hussein personally ordered that strike and, for the sake of about four meters, history may have been changed.

I have heard anecdotal tales of Saddam Hussein taking part in street battles against U.S. troops. Various sources have told me this. So, I wrote to my Iraqi contact in Baghdad (a retired colonel) and asked him. Today, I received a response about that as well as Saddam's capture. Here are a few items he mentioned.

Saddam's inside wear was very clean, which gives the impression he was not in a hole.
At the time they said they captured him, no dates were available, but the trees they showed in the films had fresh dates on the palm trees and this was not possible.
My house is in the Adhamiya and I can say that I saw Saddam after they announced the fall of Baghdad. I saw him myself. He was standing on a bonnet of a car. He was giving smiles to the people around him who were encouraging him by their loyalty, which they always had.
As I know, Saddam was on top of the battle at the airport.
What I heard was that he was on top of many assaults against the Americans.

From various sources, we now have a totally different story than the one force-fed to us by the U.S. administration. Instead of Saddam Hussein being a coward who fled and was caught in a hole in the ground, he now is the president, who, under siege, met publicly with his people on April 9, 2003 (we saw video of this on U.S. TV), after personally being involved with several battles against the invaders, and who created a network of resistance while tens of thousands of U.S. military people were looking for him.

One thing is sure. Most 65-year-old men are contemplating retirement. However, Saddam Hussein lived off his wits, the land, and with comrades for nine months, all the time coordinating a resistance against illegal invaders. Most men half his age would not be able to take the physical challenges of such a routine. This in itself is a remarkable feat.

Let's look at Saddam's U.S. counterpart, George W. Bush. About the only military achievement he ever performed was evading drug tests while in the U.S. National Guard. There, he succeeded magnificently.

Unfortunately, the U.S. government is in possession of all of Iraq's records prior to April 2003. Not one word will be mentioned that will contradict the U.S. rewriting of Iraq's history. At best, we will have to rely on anecdotal accounts and eye witnesses. It is neither the best nor the most accurate form of history, but it's all we have now.


May 12: A Taliban attack in Kandahar killed at least 9 Karzai police officers. [Fox News.]

May 11: A NATO bombing raid killed 40 Afghan villagers in Helmand province. This is the third massacre in three weeks. Karzai said after the first massacre in Herat that if the U.S. keeps bombing civilians, he will be helpless to stop Afghans from opposing the U.S.

Four Karzai policemen were killed in a Taliban attack in Helmand. A senior Karzai police office was killed by a gunman in Kandahar.

May 8: A U.S. air force attack on the village of Sawru, district Singin, Helmand province, killed 38 Afghan women and children, 26 were wounded. They had taken refuge in 5 houses which were demolished in the U.S. attack. Villagers took their bodies to the U.S. air base which has been set up in the area.

May 6: An Afghan soldier trained by the U.S. turned around and killed 2 U.S. military trainers and wounded 2 others at Pul-e-Charkhi prison, 32 km east of Kabul. [Reported in Toronto Star but not in the U.S.] He was killed by the other Karzai troops.

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