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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 11,1430/ February 7, 2009, # 9.

Exclusive interview with Imam Jamil, below.

Action alert for Prophet Muhammad, pbuh: Third item under Jamaat al-Muslimeen News. Scroll down urgently.

Sent by Lynne Stewart: An Important Appeal for Native American leader Leonard Peltier. Please call President Obama. Scroll all the way down: It's a 2 minute call only.

Shocking letter from Hungary: From editor of Hungarian translation of Hitler's Mein Kampf. Guess what is NOT in it? Please scroll down to end.

Thought of the Day: It's very simple: Israel MUST be punished.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges U.S. Muslims and Christian friends to BOYCOTT all Jews who consider Israel a legitimate entity. Don't let "moderate" Jews fool you. They condemn Israeli atrocities but they support the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Israel itself is a crime.
We urge Islamic Law experts to put Israelis on trial for the mass murder of 1500+ civilians, including 400+ children. Israel's leaders, generals, tank officers and pilots, as well as the entire IDF are war criminals. A time will come when the mujahideen will hit the Israelis, inshallah. In the meantime, we urge Islamic courts to bring to trial and at least symbolically hang 1500 Israelis for their crimes against humanity. Don't let the mass murder of children be forgotten.

We thank Sis. Labeebah, Saudi Arabia, for a collection of of photos titled "I want to tell the world." It gives a good overview of Israel's rape of humanity in Gaza. It's on our web site now.. Worth looking at but does not include the most horrifying ones which other readers sent us. Those were too much for us, including a baby burnt alive by the Jews. Check out "I want to tell the world" by going to:

We thank Dr. Ismail Zayid [Nova Scotia, Canada] for a whole library of reports, 211 of them, on Gaza. Very comprehensive!

Amazing facts on a well-laid plan to bypass Khartoum and exploit Southern Sudan. Please scroll to end.

Were Zoo Animals firing rockets at Israel? The Zionist terrorist army shot animals in the Gaza Zoo POINT BLANK. Please scroll down for report.

This is how the Enemies of Islam think. In their own words:

"Israel didn't violate the laws of war and made impressive improvements in its fighting capability in the recent Hamas clash in Gaza, a U.S. study says.
The analysis of the 22-day conflict in Gaza by Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies finds "marked improvements in the readiness and capability" of the Israeli military since the war against Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006.
It said further, that Israel didn't violate the laws of war despite the large number of civilian casualties among the Palestinians, the Jerusalem Post reported."

Letter: Saudi Students Reading New Trend. Re: Editor's Diary: Incident in a Baltimore Masjid

Assalamo Aleikum Dr. Siddique,

Thank you very much for for posting the diary. It makes me aware of what's going on in some Masjids in USA. By the way, Here's good news for you; alhamdolillah many Saudis here in the univ am teaching in have got to know your magazine and keep reading the latest issues.. WE all, Muslims, are inspired by you..

salam Aleikum

Letter: Re: Incident in a Baltimore Masjid, Obama 1,2,3, etc [full issue of New Trend]

It is full of amazing stories of Zulm, torture, American fraudulent deceptions and the evasive discussion of the president of Masjid Noor of BM. Do you think that this kind of Muslim leadership is of any use in reconstructing its fate. I don't think so. May thanks for giving the background introduction of Holbrook.

Shamim [New York city]
[The writer is a leading da'ee of Islam in America - Editor]

Letter: Re: Al-Arabiyya and Obama, Ibn Hanbal, etc: Caliphate is the Solution

Solution of all present problems depend on Arabs and Muslims under Caliphate. Rest is in below books. =

M.G. Mowla [Maryland]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News] [3 items only]
P.O Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Imam Jamil al-Amin, America's Imam, Spreaks out from Prison: [Exclusive to New Trend] [January 31, 2009]

Br. Imam Khalil Abdur Rahman from North Carolina met Imam Jamil al-Amin at the maximum security prison in Florence, Colorado. It's a long trip by air to Denver and then from there by road to Florence. We congratulate Br. Khalil that he was able to make the trip. He spoke to the imam through a glass partition. These are Imam Khalil's impressions of the Imam. [Br. Khalil is Imam Jamil's international representative.]

He appeared to be in good health although he is being held underground. The cell where he is being held lacks heating and he was wearing three layers of clothing under his jump suit. He seems to have been moved from his original location in the prison. He has his beard and was wearing his kufi and looking very alert and upbeat.

He wanted to talk and he did most of the talking from 9.30 AM to 2.45 PM. Looks like he is allowed to watch TV and had incisive commentary to make on the new political situation in America. His understanding is that the measures the Obama administration is trying to implement will not work. Things are nor going to change much in America, he said. The measures being taken are half hearted and do not go to the root of the horrific situation which has developed in America.

He said, if America wants economic health, it should learn from the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and CANCEL ALL INTEREST based and interested related debt. Otherwise, the situation will continue to fester.

Imam Jamil urged Muslims in America to understand that this country is going through a transitional stage. This is the time for Muslims to distinguish themselves by taking leadership roles to help the people out of the disaster facing them. This is NOT the time for assmilation and trying to become part of the corrupt power structure.

The Imam sent out his greetings to all those who are striving in Allah's Way without fear or hesitation.

Outreach in Tennessee: "Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, was humble, sat on the ground, often went Hungry."

On January 30, Jamaat al-Muslimeen representative Br. Yusuf [of Irish origin], gave the Juma khutba in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The topic was about strict adherence to Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him) in ALL matters, which we severely neglect in this time of "ease" in the wilderness of north america and the west...

Some lines were taken from the sayings of Asadullah Ali ibn Abi Talib, r.a., one of the most eloquent Companions of the Prophet, pbuh, and most fierce mujahid.

"Certainly, in the Prophet of Allah (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his progeny) was sufficient example for you and a proof concerning the vices of the world, its defects, the multitude of its disgraces and its evils, because its sides had been constrained for him, while its flanks had been spread for others; he was deprived of its milk and turned away from its adornments."

"When he knew that Allah, the Glorified, hated a thing, he too hated it; that Allah held a thing low, he too held it low; that Allah held a thing small, he too held it small. If we love what Allah and His Prophet hate and hold great what Allah and His prophet hold small that would be enough separation from transgression of Allah's commands. "

"The Prophet used to eat on the ground, and sat like a slave...he remained hungry along with his chief companions (and thus they had to tie rocks to their stomachs) - Nowadays when was the last time a Muslim here has tied a rock to his stomach due to severe hunger?! We've been so drunk of the western ease that all we do is pay lip service to Quds and Ghaza and mothers over there are offering their children as sacrifice for us - namdi qitaalan! namdi rijaalin!" [trans.

Action Alert: Help Remove Shameful Cartoon Abusing the Best of Men, Peace be on him
From Sis. Aqila [Washington, DC]

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, ya ustad,

I am bringing to your attention a very serious matter involving disgraceful cartoons posted at a hack website called The website contains a putrid cartoon depicting Rasulullah (saws) being served WINE by a black SLAVE to whom he is demanding wine to drink and saying , "nigger, where's your little sister?" This is an outrageous afront to even the most docile muslim when the Holy Prophet and Messenger of Allah (swt) is insulted in this way.

Of course, I reported the matter to CAIR and got only silence (which I did expect). I have done all I can to alert as many Muslims as possible to write in to the web host provider, Ubiquity Hosting Solutions in Bloomington, Ill, to request the offensive content be removed. The website also contains other cartoon caricitures, including one of women wearing Muslim attire pushing strollers with children that have armed bombs strapped to thier chests. This simply is not funny. We should not allow ourselves to be mocked this way and it is not islamic to allow such ridicule of the Muslims by kuffar. The link to the offensive cartoon is below. The address of the web host provider is So far they have refused to request the offensive material be removed by saying it is protected by "free speech": of course hate speech is not protected speech, which is exactly what this is. Other domain-specific information about this website can be found by doing a "whois" search through the domain provider, Network Solutions. Wa shukran wa shukran gazeelan. -

Africa: 2 items [Also see report on Sudan at the end of this New Trend issue.
Somalia: Al-Shabab fighters [seen below] have rejected the new President's efforts to seek help from western powers. They want all foreign troops to leave.

South African Boycott of Israel-related Companies [started by Cape Town Muslims] Spreads to Durban Activists

In a historic development for South Africa, South African dock workers have announced their determination not to offload a ship from Israel that is scheduled to dock in Durban on Sunday, 8 February 2009. This follows the decision by COSATU to strengthen the campaign in South Africa for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Apartheid Israel.
January 27, 2009: academics and activists in Durban started a process they hoped would see boycotts and pressure similar to that which helped end apartheid, force an end to Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Their plan included: boycotting companies that supported Israel; withdrawing from competitions that included Israeli sports teams; and engaging with progressive academics from Israel.

Academics agreed to push for a national conference on the boycott of Israel and Patrick Bond, head of the Centre for Civil Society, which organised the gathering of activists, said he would discuss these ideas at an internal staff meeting later this week.

At the seminar on Jan. 27, activist Dennis Brutus said an anti-Israel boycott would be similar to the anti-apartheid boycott from the 60s, which he said produced the desired results.

Our America
A different view of Obama's Inauguration
Slaves Waving American Flags! What we can learn from American History
by Sis. 'Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York City]

As-Salaamu-'Alaikum Bro. Siddique!

I am so happy to read that you spoke up at that Mosque. Those khutbas can be so annoying that you want to scream out just to wake everyone else up. Then, you realize that you are not alone.

I saw the Inauguaration of President Obama on January 20th and I have never seen so many African-Americans waving the American flag. I suspect these flags were free since I saw so many people waving 4 or 5 of them. I liken the jubilation expressed that day to that of African slaves when they witnessed the choosing of the first Black overseer on the plantation. They probably thought the same thing that many African-Americans think now, that the oppressive situations will decrease or end entirely. But, as anyone who has ever studied American History knows, this jubilation ended once the Black overseer was ordered to whip a fellow Black slave until that slave fell unconscious, covered in a pool of his own blood to the horror of other slave onlookers. This was done to send a message to the other slaves foolish enough to think that this Black overseer was a "brother."

That's when the person really pulling the strings, the White plantation owner, steps forward to remind these Black slaves that he is really the one in charge! The only difference between Barack Obama and the Black overseers is that the Black slaves did not have a choice. According to Islam they did. They could have chosen to die by torture rather than oppress another soul but, most people would rather live. I am not saying it was an easy decision to make because it wasn't. However, Barack has made a choice and his choice is to continue the American Way.

I remember Imam Jamil Al-Amin, when he was H.Rap Brown, questioning the American Way. The American Way is the philosphy that might (and White) is right, in my opinion.

Barack Obama claimed he wanted to be like Pres. Abraham Lincoln. The same Pres. Lincoln who stated that if he could win the war without freeing the African slaves he would. Many people do not know that Lincoln was not at all the spiritual being who could not bear to live as a free man while others were still being kept as slaves. This image is a White Hope fallacy. He was the complete opposite! The Union Army was losing to the Confederates badly and the Union needed more men; hence, the release of African slaves to fight for the Union. Many Southern military officials were already promising freedom to their own slaves if they fought for the Confederates. Lincoln had to find a way to counteract that. Also, knowing that the Union was for the Nothern states, where did all of these African slaves come from? The Northern slave owners! Many people are taught that slavery existed only in the Southern states.

Anyway, who would've benefited the most from White men killing each other but, the very people the White man stole this land from and kept as his slaves - Native Americans and African slaves.

Many people keep saying that Barack Obama hasn't any African slave ties to America and therefore, cannot fully relate to the Black exerperience here. But, what about Michele Obama, his wife? She is an African-American descendant from slaves. I am glad to read that most African nations are very cautious about Mr. Obama. They, of all people, should sleep with both eyes open with Obama in office.

[All those criticized in New Trend have the right of reply - Editor]
On the Zogby Brothers, here is the low down: Is there a CIA Past in the Family?
by Husayn al-Kurdi [Chicago]

James born 1945, John 1948

Grew up in Utica, NY, which contains a rat's nest of Lebanese Christian emigrant families, coming down the Rat Lines since the late 19th Century.

James has been all over the map since the late 1970s: a founder of the "Palestine Human Rights Campaign", Executive Director of ADC, a co-founder of "Save Lebanon, Inc." in 1982 (after destruction of that country by the Jewish state invaders), co-President of "Builders for Peace", described as "a private sector committee to promote US business investment in the West Bank and Gaza", working with and through AID, US State Department etc., active in the informant-spy Jesse Jackson's Presidential campaigns and now writing a column and hosting a TV show, both widely-spread by the usual enemy.

He is active in the ACLU, "Human Rights Watch", the Democrat Party, heads the Arab American Institute and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Long-time CIA Beirut station chief Ghosn "Clarence" Zogby (now long retired and probably dead) is surely a part of the Maronite Zogby clan, but not in the immediate family of the "Arab-American" Zogby Brothers. Some Zogbys stayed behind in Lebanon to do their dirty work, while others, including the brothers' forebears, emigrated to America and set up shop here.

He received his doctorate from Temple University in 1975, "studying" under the late unlamented Ismail Faruqi, avid promoter of the traitor-to-Zionism "moderate" brand of "Islam" which has been assiduously merchandised by Islam's inveterate enemies with accelerating frequency and intensity over the last three decades and more.

Faruqi is one of the "pioneers" in the "American Muslim" government asset milieu which pervades the Masjids and nominally "Muslim" organizations in America. My file in this regard is getting incredibly thick, so I think I will be breaking it down into organizations, groupings and individuals and releasing them one article or note at a time.

GHOSH ZOGBY: Important CIA Operative

Notes from "Ropes of Sand: America's Failure in the Middle East" by Wilbur Crane Eveland (CIA) (WW Norton 1980)

Ghosn Zogby is referenced 20 times in the Index, his wife Helen once (she gave CIA listening post cocktail parties for honored guests, some of whom were themselves CIA operatives).

Some of the references with Page#s in parentheses:

(119) IDs Zogby as CIA chief of station in Beirut

(121) "carried by the American embassy as a first secretary, political."

(165) mentions TIME reporter Mohamed Khalil Abu Rish "generally known as Abu Said" as a CIA agent/asset originally recruited by Archie Roosevelt, "First Chief of the Beirut station." Zogby referred to Abu Rish as one of the CIA's most capable agents.
Zogby comes off as a self-promoting braggart throughout the book, making inflated claims to bolster his prestige. Of course, the author does the very same for himself throughout the book, this being an occupational commonplace in their profession.

(245) Zogby was in charge of running 2 critical operations: WAPPEN, which meddled in Syrian politics to insure that pro-American politicians stayed in power and SIPONY, which was directed towards Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, whose CIA cryptonym was "SIBLING".

The book goes into some detail on Zogby's subversive activities in the Middle East, and its basic points are corroborated elsewhere.

Feb. 5, 2009: "From Gaza to Srinagar: One struggle" says one banner. Islamic women at a huge rally in Lahore, Pakistan in support of the Kashmiri struggle for freedom. The demonstrators said that Kashmir and Palestine are part of the worldwide struggle against oppression and occupation. Rallies in support of Kashmir, mostly by men but often with women too, were held in EVERY Pakistani city at the call of Jamaate Islami and were addressed by Jamaate Islami leaders and activists from numerous other organizations. Jamaate Islami is attracting impressive support from women, more than any other group. Many of the women cover their faces as a symbolic rejection of the western way of life.

Israeli Troops Shot and Killed Zoo Animals
Gulf News (Dubai, UAE)

The Gaza Zoo reeks of death ... Around every corner, inside almost every cage are dead animals, who have been lying in their cages since the Israeli incursion. Qasim doesn't understand why they chose to destroy his zoo. And it's difficult to disagree with him. Most of them have been shot at point blank range. "The first thing the Israelis did was shoot at the lions - the animals ran out of their cage and into the office building. Actually they hid there."

Guantanamo: Inside the Wire

Journalist Yvonne Ridley and film-maker David Miller recently spent four days in Guantanamo Bay, one of the few media crews allowed inside the world's most notorious prison. US President Barack Obama may have stopped the military tribunals and ordered the closure of the infamous site, but this thought-provoking two-part documentary raises some uncomfortable issues about the long-term legacy of Guantanamo.

The experience also makes Ridley confront some personal issues following her own arrest and imprisonment at the hands of the Taliban in September 2001.

The documentary includes personal accounts from some ex-Guantanamo detainees who've never gone on record before to talk ab out their experiences including Tarek Dergoul, Feroz Abassi and Omar Deghayes.

The first part of the documentary went out at 01.32am and 9.35am and 17.35pm (GMT) on Monday, February 1 on Press TV (Sky 515 as well as several other satellites including Hotbird) : you can download live on

Part went out the next day, Tuesday February 3 at 01.32am and 09.32am and 17.32pm

Montreal Perspectives
By Jalaluddin S. Hussain
Police Atrocity against Moroccan Immigrant Uncovered+Constant Propaganda to Portray Hamas as "terrorist."

After listening to an interview of the 39th. President of USA, Mr. Jimmy Carter, on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio station, on January 29, 2009, I was amazed at the word-twisting and concoction, which goes on all the time in the Western press (both print and electronic), regarding what was actually said and what was printed or presented, in the media.

What Hamas, within the Palestinian movement stands for, is one thing and what Zionist-dominated media reflects is something quite different. The Zionist-dominated and big Corporation-biased media of Montreal, always paints Hamas as a terrorist organization, out to wipe Israel from the face of the earth!

However, what has actually happened in the 22-days David-versus-Goliath war between Israel and Hamas, in the Gaza Strip, is there for everybody to see. It is just the opposite of general perception. In fact in this case Israel wanted to wipe out Hamas from the Gaza Strip but miserably failed in this nefarious attempt!

The very sight of dead children and civilians of the Gaza Strip, hit by Israli bombs and bomblets, makes one tremble with anger! Why should the Zionist even attempt to recreate the Holocaust? Have they not learnt any lesson from the cruelties perpertrated on them by the Europeans? How long will they punish the innocent Palestinians for the crimes of the Europeans, partricularly of the Nazi Germans, Imperialist British and Fascist Italians?

Daily, The Gazette, an Israel Asper Canwest Global newspaper of Montreal, in its january 29, 2009 issue, gives a highly biased and slanted version of how the death of an Israeli soldier provided an excuse to the Israeli soldiers, to enter Gaza once again! What a pretext! One wonders for how long the international community will continue to be a silent spectator of this atrocity venture jointly perpetrated by USA and Israel? The pertinent question is whether Canada also played an active accomplice role in the Gaza massacre?

The "Justice for Anas Coalition" organized an impressive rally in front of the "Palais de Justice" building at noon time on January 29, 2009. The demonstrators who numbered more than 50, braved the extemely cold weather, and called for speedy and transparent justice in this case. It may be mentioned that as far back as December 1, 2005, Mohamed Anas Bennis, a 25-year old Canadian of Moroccan origin was shot at close range by a police officer, while Anas was returning from a mosque, after offering his morning prayers.

The "Justice for Anas Coalition" demanded:

- the immediate release of all reports, evidence and information concerning the death of Anas Bennis, to the Bennis family and to the public;

- a full public inquiry, independently held, into the death of the young Muslim man; and

- an end to police brutality and impunity.

Readers of New Trend can keep themselves uptodate on this case by visiting: .

Letter from India

Washington Post's Knee Jerk Response to Turkish PM's Criticism of Israel
ghulammuhammed3 wrote:
It is something like a twiggle switch. The moment you criticize Israel or its lobby in the US, the whole system of interconnected friendly relationship goes down. This is absurd. Except for a few scared rabbits, who did not want to risk antagonizing their Jewish relationship, within or without their countries, the whole world, on humanitarian grounds was appalled at Israeli atrocities against civilian population. It was a replay of the supposedly Nazi atrocities on Jews in Germany. The line of armaments was so formidable; it is surprising that Gaza still exists as a human territory. And the way Israeli President humiliated Turkish Prime Minister, sitting next to him on the dais, in Davos, fully aware of his sensitive constituency back home in Turkey, it is impossible for any self-respecting person not to react. And next day we see an article in Washington Post, instantly declaring that Turkey has turned away from the West. How fickle and how sinister is this demand on allies to conform to Israeli order of things. It is more like a slavery than a relationship.
2/3/2009 10:04:00 AM

A Deep, Well-laid Plan to Exploit Sudan: bypassing Khartoum


by William Reed [Washington, DC]

Illinois State Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins was the legislator that caused her state to become the first in the nation to divest taxpayers' funds from Sudan. In order to "save" people in eastern Sudan's Darfur region Collins' bill sought to starve Sudan into submission to U.S. policy views. It's becoming clear that these foreign policy practices aren't working. Nowadays, as Americans are confronted by a spiraling domestic crisis brought on by a lack of investments and credit many are starting to rethink policies that destroy entire economies and populations.

In contrast to Ms. Collins, an investor previously with the American International Group (AIG) insurance firm is leading a deal with investment and development in Southern Sudan leasing a substantial amount of farm land there. Philippe Heilberg, chairman and CEO of New York-based investment firm Jarch Capital, expects high returns from approximately 400,000 hectares of land in Mayom County which he anticipates being involved with "for decades". It is post-colonial Africa's biggest private land deal. With the picture Collins and her people paint of Sudan's situation, of all places to be investing Sudan should not be on anyone's list. The massive deal would drive Senator Collins and the Darfur Disinvestment movement into the streets had not an Illinois District Court already thrown the punitive policy out in 2007.

Heilberg has a majority stake in a company controlled by the son of Paulino Matip. Mr. Heilberg is gambling on the warlord's continuing control of a region where his militia operated in Sudan's civil war. The area is about 70 times the size of the island of Manhattan. Heilberg plans to grow crops and has also taken a stake in a Sudanese farming company with the Matip clan. Heilberg says "The land is rich in oil and minerals and it is the largest area of organic farmland in the world". Ironically, Heilberg is backed in the deal for the vast track of fertile land along the Nile River by former CIA and state department officials. While Collins and colleagues would deprive all Sudanese of investments, Heilberg says "local people will benefit" from his deal. The deal will acquire billions in investments over the next decade and Heilberg's company will need to put in significant infrastructure for the agriculture sector and for transportation.

Collins and the Sudan Divestment Task Force promote campaigns to divest from Sudan throughout America and Europe. The National Foreign Trade Council business group differs and opposes unilateral sanctions. It successfully sued Illinois in 2007 over its broad Sudan divestment measure. The group says: "we believe that nuance serves U.S. values and foreign policy objectives far better than blunt economic instruments". They condemn the emotional rush to action on Darfur.

While broad sanctions still apply to much of Sudan, the U.S. Treasury Department has begun a practice of narrower sanctions. New US policies incorporate carve-outs for Southern Sudan's government in support of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement. With Collins' people sitting on the sidelines, the Bank of Juba in Southern Sudan has received its own international banking code for international wire transfers. The disinvestment crowd can gain comfort from American and foreign investors insistence that they are doing business in Southern Sudan and do not go through Khartoum.

In recent years, Southern Sudan has been benefiting from capital and investments. A significant amount of foreign-based oil drilling has begun in the South where about 85 percent of the Sudan's oil flow is. Southern Sudan's lack of infrastructure is an opportunity for investors from banking to agriculture to construction and telecommunications. While it's hoped that much of Southern Sudan's development will be undertaken by local companies and individuals, the carve-outs in U.S. regulations create opportunities for American companies to contribute to rebuilding Southern Sudan and help the regional government shape a long-term, post-conflict approach to foreign investment.

Do you support divest or invest? Disinvestment practices are counterproductive to sane capitalistic practices. Furthermore, with Darfur increasingly on the brink, foreign investment in Southern Sudan, and increasing economic initiatives throughout the country, can stabilize Darfur and the entire region.
(William Reed -

War News: Brief but Important
Pakistan: A Bridge too far!

Feb. 1: Pakistan army units launched a three pronged offensive in Swat to push back Islamic militias who have taken over the area. Three districts [known as tehsils] were put under military curfew. In the artillery and mortar bombardment launcheds by the army, numerous civilians were killed, including 21 women and 19 children. The resistance evaded the attacks.

Feb. 4. Maulvi Fazlullah's mujahideen cut off a force of 30 Pakistani security forces in the rugged Shamzoi area of Swat. After daylong fighting, the 30 were captured. The next day, they were set free after signing a pledge to leave the armed forces.

Feb. 4. Pakistani forces launched a new offensive but this time they were attacked in the capital of Swat, Mingora itself. The army is firing in panic and has killed another 11 civilians. Large sections of the population, including 40,000 new ones, have been rendered homeless by Pakistan army attacks.

February 3: Islamic fighters blew up a 100 ft long bridge near the Afghan border [Sultan Khel area] over which Pakistan sends supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan. [Photo above shows traffic jam at the border because there is no bridge.]

February 4: Taliban set on fire 12 NATO supply trucks which were returning from Afghanistan and were stuck at the downed bridge.

Supporters from a group known as Lashkare Islam tried to enter Peshawar. Ten of them were killed in day long gun fight with the Pak. army.

February 6: Pakistan launched a powerful offensive to gain control of the area around the Khyber Pass to help-re-start the supply line to NATO. The offensive seems to have been a success. The army is claiming to have killed 50 "militants" which is becoming a term to describe anyone opposing NATO and supporting the Taliban.

Small photo is that of General Ashfaq Kayani who spent a day in the tribal border zones trying to drum up tribal support against the Taliban. He was under heavy security and looks worried in the photo. Kayani is known as America's agent in charge of Pakistan.

Feb. 7: The bridge is still down and now the Taliban are attacking a secondary route used by NATO.

Hungarian Translation of Mein Kampf Just Published

Please open my home page below, see my books: click on the title "könyveim"! You find there Adolf Hitler's book too entitled Mein Kampf (Harcom). I have translated to Hungarian the Führer's book and have written an epilogue to it. Adolf Hitler never intended a holocaust against the Jews. On the other hand the Jews are just now carrying out the holocaust against the Palestinians. Convince yourself of the fact that the word holocaust does not even occur in Adolf Hitler's book! Please read the book published in my translation entitled Mein Kampf (Harcom) to which I have written an epilogue! This is the first complete Hungarian edition of Adolf Hitler's book.)

Following the denunciation done by the Alliance of the Jewish Religious Associations of Hungary (MAZSIHISZ), because of the epilogue that I have written to Mein Kampf, since its publication in Hungary in October 1996 the Police, the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Supreme Court's Hebrew female Judge attempted again and again to prohibit the Mein Kampf (Harcom) that I have edited.

Hódmezovásárhely, 2009. január 25. (the 25th of January, 2009).
Üdvözlettel: (Yours sincerely:)
Mónus Áron, 6800 Hódmezovásárhely, Zrínyi utca 27., Hungary
Tel.: (36)(62) 242 270; Mobil: (36)(30) 963 01 85;

--- Leiratkozáshoz kérem, küldjön választ a fenti címre, REMOVE tárgyú üzenetként.

From: Peltier Central Texas Branch Support Group
Date: Jan 25, 2009 9:58 AM

Feb. 6 marks 33 years of imprisonment for our brother Leonard Peltier.

We ask that everyone make a call to the White House comment line and ask for Executive Clemency for Leonard.
This will coincide with other actions around the country.

Tell your friends and family. Make notes and carry with you and pass out to friends with the phone number on it and ask them simply that that they take 2 min out of their lives to make this call. Many are not able to travel for events but can reach out for Leonard in unison this way . Let the president hear through the comment line thousands of comments for Leonard in one short time frame.

White House Comment Line


Free All Political Prisoners! .

2009-02-08 Sun 10:31:51 cst