Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

(This khutba was inspired by a khutba by Imam Ali of California.)

Open your hearts to Children of Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Chechnya ...
Impassioned Plea for Shaikh Omar ĎAbdel Rahman in Shadow of WTC
Preparation for Struggle to Free Imam Jamil al-Amin

"We have not sent you except as a mercy to all the worlds." (The Qur'an)
"I stand for prayer and want to pray for a long time, but then I hear a child crying and I shorten my prayer to avoid the anxiety of the mother for her child." (Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, hadith narrated by Abu Qatada, collected by Imam Bukhari.)

Manhattan, New York: Nearly 700 people jam packed into the downtown masjid at Warren street and overflowing into its corridors and entrance listened to a khutba by Dr. Kaukab Siddique on August 3, 2001.

After the khutba, Br. Kaukab led the prayers. Following the prayers, he made a three sentence appeal to the audience to donate for JAM's children's funds. Nearly one thousand dollars were donated.

Some of the points made by Br. Kaukab were as follows:
1. We must soften our hearts so that the light of Allah can enter. We should not be like those about whom the Qur'an says that their hearts have a covering on them.
2. Faith is not enough. We must move on to compassion and caring for humanity.
3. We must love Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) and his wives and family more than we love ourselves and our families. Allama Iqbal used to weep when the name of Muhammad (pbuh) was mentioned in front of him.
4. We must bring our families into the mosque and create unity at the nuclear level and between nationalities.

HISTORIC ASPECT OF KHUTBA: The U.S. has used the World Trade Center bombing to carry out hate propaganda against Muslims and for long Muslims have been scared of persecution owing to the WTC bombing story. The Warren street mosque is in the shadow of the WTC. Br. Kaukab turned the tables on the government with a powerful plea against the unjust treatment of Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman. It was an inspiring scene when hundreds of voices answered AMEEN when he called for prayers for the end of injustice against the Shaikh.

UNITY FOR THE RELEASE OF IMAM JAMIL: Br. Kaukab compared the persecution of Imam Jamil al-Amin with the FBI's conspiracy against Malcolm X (al-Hajj Malik Shabazz). He urged America's Muslims to forget all differences to built an impenetrable wall of defense around Imam Jamil.

(During the prayers, which were so crowded that the imam was part of the first row, Br. Kaukab recited verses from sura Tauba and sura Teen.)

After the prayers, numerous people, African-Americans, Bangladeshis, Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs came to Br. Kaukab to express their thanks for the khutba and to offer their support.

The latest issue of New Trend was being distributed outside the masjid as the worshippers left.
(Some of the money collected is available for oppressed women in America, especially those who have children.)
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