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First two news tems:
1. President Bush has issued a Ramadan greeting to the Muslims. It's not clear yet whether Sharon has issued a greeting too. Owing to the existence of such falsehood, the kalima of Islam begins with a negation of falsehood:
LA ILLAHA ILL ALLAH MUHAMMADUR RUSOOL ALLAH (There is no god but the ONE GOD ALLAH and Muhammad is His messenger.)
Affirmation is meaningful only AFTER falsehood has been rejected.
2. A FIRST for America, a Pakistani Muslim prisoner of war, Aimal Kasi, is facing execution in Greensville Correctional Center, Jarret, Virginia on November 14. An execution in Ramadan is a serious desecration of this blessed month. Can you give a little time to protest to Governor Warrren of Virginia? Even non-Muslims are protesting against the death penalty. Here is a message posted on the Baltimore Activist Alert by a non-Muslim:

PAKISTANI FACING EXECUTION ON NOVEMBER 14. Send a letter of protest to the Governor of Virginia to stop the execution of Aimal Kasi (also known as Kansi). He would be the first Pakistani to be executed in the US. He was the alleged shooter at the CIA.
Governor Mark R. Warner
State Capitol, 3rd Floor
Richmond, Virginia 23219
RAMADAN MESSAGE FROM SIS. MOTISOLA M. ABDALLAH, Secretary-General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen (from Atlanta Georgia)
"Never think thou That the Unbelievers are going to frustrate Allah's Plan on earth; their abode is the Fire--And it is indeed an evil refuge." Qur'an 24:57

On Saturday, November 2, 2002 the Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper reported on its front page of Faith and Values section an article written by Gayle White entitled "A Somber Tone for Ramadan." The opening paragraph read, "As Muslims begin their month long daylight fast for Ramadan next week, they have little to celebrate, says a Muslim brother who is an associate professor of Middle Eastern studies at Emory University." The writer and the Muslim who supposedly gave this interview are sadly misguided about our blessed month. We must not allow the unbelievers to predicate to us our thought patterns and behavior about our deen. The actions of the infidels have not and never will lessen or strengthen our belief system nor alter Allah's plan. While many of our fellow Muslims are being unfairly persecuted and targeted, we must always remember that the power belongs to Allah only.

Ramadan is a blessed month of fasting, dhikr (remembrance of Allah), discipline, paying zakat, prayers, and helping those who are really in need. To help counter the blatant and subliminal negative messages we are being barraged with this Ramadan, try along with extra prayers and reading of Qur'an to emerge yourselves in doing for others. Work on developing the kind of heart that is open and dedicated to spreading love and compassion to the people who really need help. Identify and assist women and children who are domestic refugees (homeless) right in your own neighborhoods. However, not everyone who is in need is homeless.

Be alert to families who are not asking for food or money but need it. There have been many layoffs and people are barely making ends meet. You may discreetly or indiscreetly give a few dollars from your own pocket and or purchase groceries and halal meats and take it to them.

Muslim prisoners of conscience (political prisoners) are worried about the needs of their family members during Ramadan. Speak with Prison Chaplains or Imams and ask them to identify at least one prisoner and family you can adopt (assistance only) during Ramadan (and possibly beyond) to help. For those of you who are in prision, keep up prayer and advise our youths during Ramadan. Get out of self during Ramadan.

Please seek out the sick and shut-in by asking others, or calling the hospitals or asking your Imams to make you aware of fellow Muslims who are sick. Ask about Muslims you have not seen in the Masjid in awhile. Most of us have many supportive family members and are never alone in crisis situations; however, there are many who need a friend, a gift, a call, a visit and someone to talk to. Try doing something out of the ordinary this Ramadan. Go into and visit another Masjid in another area of town. Make salat and enjoy iftars with Muslims you do not know.

There are many aspects of Ramadan that make it blessed and happy for Muslims. One of the most obvious is that Allah has granted us one more Ramadan. There is no room to feel or be depressed, somber or hopeless during Ramadan. If your life is not what you hoped or prayed for, volunteer to help others and see how quickly you forget about your own situations. If Islam is practiced in the ways of our Prophet, his family and the Sahabas we are promised the victory. Being a practicing Muslims is a glorious life.

Sister Motisola Malikha Abdallah

Pakistan Medical Organization (PMO) has strongly condemned the persistent captivity of Dr. Amir Aziz. Prof. Anwar Ul Haque noted that there is continuous shameless violation of basic human rights by Musharraf Administration. He said that instead of guarding integrity, sovereignty, honor and respect of Pakistan and Muslim Ummah, Pervaiz Musharraf had done exactly the opposite. Pakistanis are not safe even within their own country. Prof. Anwar Ul Haque said that Musharraf has inflicted gross psychological trauma to the entire family of Dr. Aziz as well as to all Pakistanis. He said that if Dr. Amir Aziz is not released shortly, PMO will Insha Allah take concrete steps including the following:

* Launching of country and world wide movement for protection of Drs. Human Rights
* Raising the issue at several international medical bodies.
* Asking all doctors Pakistan wide to wear black arm bands in protest
* Asking all doctors to not to grant VIP treatment to the high ups in the Governments and their relatives.
* Displaying appropriate banners in all clinics and at laboratories
* Launching mass public movement against the agents of enemies of Pakistan and Islam.

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